I KNEW this buff was a bad idea... (abuse before it gets nerfed)


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  • wesley lim
    wesley lim 19 hours ago

    777 stacks

  • Dishwasher
    Dishwasher Day ago

    biggest pussy early, stopped watching because you are boring, shoulda killed elise and annie

  • machinadefuego1
    machinadefuego1 2 days ago

    Who let the dog out? Loved your barking lol

  • omari revazishvili
    omari revazishvili 4 days ago

    you are copy paster? i think ye

  • James
    James 5 days ago

    This shit is awful. Time to permaban so I don't have to deal with this bollocks.

  • yam
    yam 6 days ago


    NOT SO PRO GAMING 6 days ago

    perma ban that shit

  • allin4one
    allin4one 6 days ago

    xD the barking haha

  • Fuffy Baig
    Fuffy Baig 7 days ago

    *flex* nasus jungle xD

  • Misterzen87
    Misterzen87 7 days ago

    ye more stacks are nice but nasus jgl is still absolute trash, u need items to be useful and u dont get enough gold to get them.

  • Techy Plays
    Techy Plays 7 days ago

    just got a new keyboard as well which is mechanical with mx browns. after using it for a while I went to use a membrane keyboard and it felt horrible

  • Black Swordsman
    Black Swordsman 7 days ago

    This is what "high" elo is. Find what is broken and exploit it till it gets patched

    • Lemon Tleeyh
      Lemon Tleeyh 2 days ago

      actually thats bronze... high elo , on the other hand (challanger-master-diamond 1) is 70% one tricks; 20% proplayers and 10 young mechanically skilled players which eventually get picked by teams or get bored with the game/ start university and such

  • jan mcdonald
    jan mcdonald 7 days ago

    I am so glad foxy had got about 40k views on his video!!

  • Josh Green
    Josh Green 7 days ago

    If you are doing an ad one shot build or bruiser overcapping cdr is defiatelt worth it especially when you can have essence reaver and black cleaver, deaths dance, etc, but is good with the cdr rune component

  • Orthanderis
    Orthanderis 7 days ago

    100 stacks every 5 minutes? Jesus christ how horrifying.

  • Peter Loran
    Peter Loran 7 days ago

    When you have a control ward for 20 min, and then sell it later. When you have an oracle sweeper and only using it once. So triggering lol! Btw keep up the good content. I know it must be hard to commentating and work on macro on the same time.

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G 7 days ago

    At 20:00 I started laughing so hard. Also great play and video..let's keep watching

  • HEY! Listen
    HEY! Listen 7 days ago

    the only buff this game need is "Teamwork".
    no matter how op nasus stack is you can't just 1v9 every game.

  • Zerende
    Zerende 7 days ago

    Dark souls? I'm def watching that.

  • Lulu Lulu
    Lulu Lulu 8 days ago +1

    Wont get nerfed because jungle nasud is trash. Yes you get awesomes stacks (up to 700 at 20 min) but your vlear takes for ever, you lack lvls, you lack gold, your item path sucks, your ganks suck/ no ganks at all because of 24/7 stacking and worst case: you simply get invaded by lee, camille and so on

  • King Rengar
    King Rengar 8 days ago

    I got a minute in and I've already got to say, you should've used your q to auto reset when you were fighting wolves the first time around. I don't know if you start doing it but just yea...

  • Karsh
    Karsh 8 days ago

    I'd honor Kai'sa for that 1:55 message

  • ugur kinali
    ugur kinali 8 days ago

    Stop fucking say its overpowered we all know its op your highering the chance of nerf. Your video titles are %30 nerf nasus nerf this champ, im a nasus main and i dont want this to get nerfed and they already released the 9.1 patch on their site and this buff was on the page.

  • Zakhir Hassain
    Zakhir Hassain 8 days ago

    essence reaver with triforce..... would that work??? the CDR in ulti form is almost constant q available...

  • Alex Hart
    Alex Hart 8 days ago

    I don't think its to bad... played against it twice yesterday... easy invade

  • RPGMasterShadow
    RPGMasterShadow 8 days ago

    He's balanced now instead of being horrifically underpowered.

  • Grevgy
    Grevgy 8 days ago

    You get staks from wards btw

  • Gormiticazzo
    Gormiticazzo 8 days ago

    Nasus just needs a rework...

  • Chas Young
    Chas Young 8 days ago

    Use fleet footwork as nasus jungle. Hands down the best keystone: more healing off the q, more damage, sticking power. It's perfect

  • Rodney Harris
    Rodney Harris 8 days ago

    so i saw a few months or so ago your views were suffering from your big lcs hiatus, but i think with picks like this it will go up again. its so therapeutic watching you play nasus jng. i was sick all night and woke up and watched this, perfect :) no cup a tea tho :(

    • Foxdrop
      Foxdrop  8 days ago

      Get well soon dude!

  • Randomsaucer
    Randomsaucer 8 days ago

    Hey, it seems odd that nasus jungle has such a low winrate even though it seems so good? Platinum+ winrate currently being 41.71% (source u.gg). Could you try to explain this?

  • Alexander Spratt
    Alexander Spratt 8 days ago

    Great content Foxy!

  • Elias Rizk
    Elias Rizk 8 days ago

    Dude there is no way she got 2 blues in the time u got ur red and wolfs she clearly starter at ur blue considering her team knew where u started.

  • Queto
    Queto 8 days ago

    Wouldn't cindehulk be a good item after trinity? It'll be the same as olaf getting bc before cinder

    • Queto
      Queto 7 days ago

      +Foxdrop That's true

    • Foxdrop
      Foxdrop  8 days ago

      Yea it's ok to do that. Downside is you get no CDR.

  • ☁AntiNebula☁
    ☁AntiNebula☁ 8 days ago

    they shoulda made it +9
    12 is ridic

  • William Hutton
    William Hutton 8 days ago

    After watching this video Meddler puts down his cigar, drink his shot, look at his trousers with jeez all over it, and wisper..
    "That's some good sht"

  • Jake Shields
    Jake Shields 8 days ago

    good work foxy, always watch your streams. really helpful and easy to listen to :)

  • stevie dunn
    stevie dunn 8 days ago

    Those cherry blue switches when you get used to them will seriously improve your games

  • Plasant
    Plasant 8 days ago

    "I KNEW this buff was a bad idea ..." yea... you knew,
    we knew,
    rito knew,

    still did it :D

  • MegaFregel
    MegaFregel 8 days ago +2

    Love it when Sivirs run at me thinking they can block nasus Q with their spellshield.

    • Lemon Tleeyh
      Lemon Tleeyh 2 days ago

      jax and nasus dont get blocked, but nidalee Q does...because "logic"...only basic attack enchantment in game that serves as spell when something blocks spells and as basic attack when there is a negative effect to be had; all other have it either blocked by spell shields or reduced by basic attack reductions(ninja tabi etc)/ blocked by jax Q, teemo dart etc, but never ever both

    • Foxdrop
      Foxdrop  8 days ago +1


  • William Ric-Hansen
    William Ric-Hansen 8 days ago

    I'm shit at Nasus and this worked for me...

  • MrVirrow
    MrVirrow 8 days ago

    I don't get the added value of the kitty thing. Can someone explain ?

  • Tomáš Ševčík
    Tomáš Ševčík 8 days ago

    777 stack in end :) nice

  • sev7n
    sev7n 8 days ago

    I always go cdr runes on nasus

  • Faizan Ansari
    Faizan Ansari 8 days ago

    I have seen few nasus jg but man you played a proper nasus jg. Other people just focus on farming. You farmed and help the team. Great stuff

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M 8 days ago

    His early jg game is so shit i could even die to raptors and if your laners feed midgame the game will be over before you even get decent stacks

    • Matthew M
      Matthew M 7 days ago

      +Foxdrop if anyone can figure out the most efficient way to farm for early game (i.e. the perfect runes, build, pathing) then he can actually be viable. Right now it feels too gimmicky

    • Foxdrop
      Foxdrop  8 days ago +1

      That is defo a weakness of Nasus jungle. His early is really not great

    MOLOKAIKOA11 8 days ago

    777 stacks

  • Oplawlz
    Oplawlz 8 days ago

    Should have let us see chat on the end screen there, I bet it was hilarious.

  • Abby Haffary
    Abby Haffary 8 days ago +1

    I Love you Foxy

  • DaedricSheep
    DaedricSheep 8 days ago

    ngl i'm a fan of fleet footwork on nas, helps more than i thought it would (and i'm too much of a scrub to ever take advantage of phage rush)

  • YeBoy
    YeBoy 8 days ago

    Насик будет разрывать все

  • Peasant Squad
    Peasant Squad 8 days ago

    ಠ_ಠ 600+ stacks at 25 mins......./ff

  • Caleb Carrier
    Caleb Carrier 8 days ago

    Hey Foxy can we see a video of the new Hail of Blades on Xin?

  • Chance Holley
    Chance Holley 8 days ago +2

    liking another video because i respect the sellout

  • Paul Wagner
    Paul Wagner 8 days ago

    Why not take predator?

    • Paul Wagner
      Paul Wagner 8 days ago

      +Foxdrop played around with it last night, took that plus cheap shot. (And demolish)
      Was a one shot nightmare.

    • Foxdrop
      Foxdrop  8 days ago +1

      You defo could do if you wanted.

  • Dasty-Tosty
    Dasty-Tosty 8 days ago

    20:00 -Woof

  • Speed
    Speed 8 days ago

    Ap Sejuani vid?

  • The Jaff
    The Jaff 8 days ago

    I get that all the time. It says I'm in silver but I'm definitely in Diamond. Kappa

  • hurgel gurgel
    hurgel gurgel 8 days ago

    gotta love that he says it's op when he plays on a smurf or pbe I dont really know

    • Foxdrop
      Foxdrop  8 days ago

      FWIW I played with it on my main in diamond and it was really good there too

  • naitn
    naitn 8 days ago

    Dan the man. Nice video, will definetely try this out.

  • Paul Ford
    Paul Ford 8 days ago

    JG nasus main now (not cause this vid, but cause the buff passed)

  • towelforty2
    towelforty2 8 days ago

    Enemy blue, gwomp, scuttle is how i start counter jungling with WW i didn't realize it wasn't standard.

  • Eddy The North
    Eddy The North 8 days ago

    Everyone knew this was a bad idea... But at least Riot finally allows something to be broken for once. Can be fun, only for a limited time tho.

  • Aaron White
    Aaron White 8 days ago +8

    Hey foxy just an FYI, you get stacks from destroying wards with your q.

  • Zhoumu Xiang
    Zhoumu Xiang 8 days ago

    Where is the ending music that has a fox rubbing its face? :(

  • Quid Disside
    Quid Disside 8 days ago

    Bronze 3lul

  • Martyn March-Cousins

    Good video, terrible keyboard noise.

  • AvidNarwhal829
    AvidNarwhal829 8 days ago

    Nasus is obviously a very mechanics intensive champion I 100% think this buff is fair and should stay implemented.

    • rtfgzhjf dtgfhj
      rtfgzhjf dtgfhj 8 days ago

      +AvidNarwhal829 ye anyone can have a pbe acc... also it is on live for days now

    • AvidNarwhal829
      AvidNarwhal829 8 days ago

      +rtfgzhjf dtgfhj just out of curiosity have you tested the buffs yet?

    • rtfgzhjf dtgfhj
      rtfgzhjf dtgfhj 8 days ago

      +AvidNarwhal829 idk feels like an eh whatever buff to him... just for youtube clickbait titles...

    • AvidNarwhal829
      AvidNarwhal829 8 days ago

      +rtfgzhjf dtgfhj excellent point! I agree he needed some help, and obviously his main role isn't suddenly going to become jungle. However the stacking does making a significant difference for a good nasus and a bad nasus. A good one now gets an absurd amount of stacks and solo Carrie's all of their games, where as a bad one is no longer punished for missing stacks. Overall I think a nasus buff was a good call , but i think it was done poorly in this case

    • rtfgzhjf dtgfhj
      rtfgzhjf dtgfhj 8 days ago +1

      he wont be a jungler... and it hardly makes any diference for toplane... if you are interested before this buff he had around a 49-49,5% winrate (reason why he is getting buffed in the first place)

  • madbeast15
    madbeast15 8 days ago

    Little wolves give 12 stacks, always make sure you guys Q all 3 wolves when it's up.

  • Strogie from Tumblr
    Strogie from Tumblr 8 days ago

    If anybody should be strong in that boring af game it should be Nasus. League of Legends is literally the worst. Easiest. Retarded game.
    I don't know why this video is in my recommended. Do yourself a favor and uninstall League.
    Also this dudes videos are all the fucking same. It's not like shit changes per game. He's literally replaying the same exact shit every game. Start in a lane / jungle and just stay there and farm mindlessly until you gank which lasts like 30 seconds to 2 minutes then guess what? Back to mindlessly farming. Such a terrible game.
    Leave Nasus buffed because that's literally the only good thing going for this game.

  • Brenton Hood
    Brenton Hood 8 days ago +1

    As always, just here to stroke that..... ego

  • Tdawgg 8
    Tdawgg 8 8 days ago

    Still makes me laugh riots reasoning behind the nasus buff XD

    • rtfgzhjf dtgfhj
      rtfgzhjf dtgfhj 8 days ago +1

      +Tdawgg 8 ?? who asked this?? They simply justified that this buff wont make silver nasus broken... while helping out good players... this buff was meant to help good players... so they made it in a way that wont affect low elo. Since low elo players miss cs dont know how to recall ect... it wont be broken... while in plat+ his winrate is 49-49,5% so they gave nasus a buff. Now its just the clickbait title youtubers who jumped on this and started milking it for views... like this guy had a title like: *This Nasus buff CANNOT make it to live servers... what was Riot thinking??* I mean .... they buffed a bad champion who will still stay bad... thats all... dont believe the clickbait titles...
      Probably that is the reason why they had to write it in the patchnotes... hey calm the fuck down its not going to be op... its not youtube with a clickbait title and a silver 4 pbe gameplay... xD

    • Tdawgg 8
      Tdawgg 8 8 days ago

      +rtfgzhjf dtgfhj when people asked riot why they buff nasus q they said it was because low elo players miss CS plus the rate of cannon minions you now get compared to previous seasons makes a difference. if you force nasus to miss a cannon before you had adv now it means nothing, plus you said it isn't buff for top lane when he gets a +12 from a cannon so therefore IT IS a buff to top lane nasus

    • rtfgzhjf dtgfhj
      rtfgzhjf dtgfhj 8 days ago +1

      +Tdawgg 8 dont get your point my friend... low elo players do miss cs... but how does this reward anyone for being bad at csing? ye u get it from cannons so what?

    • Tdawgg 8
      Tdawgg 8 8 days ago

      +rtfgzhjf dtgfhj that's not my issue the buff was justified by riot being low elo players miss CS which is actually a meme, rewarding players for being bad at a basic mechanic and actually it buffs lane nasus because it applies to cannon minions XD

    • rtfgzhjf dtgfhj
      rtfgzhjf dtgfhj 8 days ago +1

      Why? He wont be a jungler... and it hardly makes any diference for toplane... if you are interested before this buff he had around a 49-49,5% winrate (reason why he is getting buffed in the first place)

  • Junc Mayl
    Junc Mayl 8 days ago +1

    I'd love to flick your bell.

  • Tox Xeasz
    Tox Xeasz 8 days ago +2

    Fleet would be good aswell i feel like since it works on jng camps too

  • RomePlays N' Vlogs
    RomePlays N' Vlogs 8 days ago

    never popped randuins

  • Mihael Vulje
    Mihael Vulje 8 days ago

    im going to tell you what my teammates tell me everytime i pick nasus jungle. You have so many chromosomes you could feed children in africa with it , to everyone in this chat that is saying how broken this tactic is and everything...please... fk off , until popular youtuber slaps the video online how broken that sht it you will constantly blame your teammate for troll pick and actuly troll his games :D

  • Tyler Faminow
    Tyler Faminow 8 days ago

    I haven’t lost a game with nasus in jg since I’ve started and I’ve never played nasus before

    • rtfgzhjf dtgfhj
      rtfgzhjf dtgfhj 8 days ago

      you played 1 game and in silver i assume? play 100 game with him and get 80% winrate then we can talk

  • Tonyo lolzlolz
    Tonyo lolzlolz 8 days ago

    cancerous kid.

  • Nhoc Cool
    Nhoc Cool 8 days ago +1

    He muted them at the beginning of the game and expected them to reply to him, smh.

  • Agustin Berriel
    Agustin Berriel 8 days ago

    unsealed spellbook?

  • scrumbled tits
    scrumbled tits 8 days ago

    imagine a nasus main wearing a dog outfit and barking when he hit q spell

  • Michael Celestin
    Michael Celestin 8 days ago

    Killing wards with Q gives stacks as well

  • Nachtalb
    Nachtalb 8 days ago

    Boy use the active of your Randuins pls ^^

  • TheEphemeralEternity

    777 stacks at the end of the game. Jackpot.

  • Thomas Lay
    Thomas Lay 8 days ago

    Fox, “I would be surprised if she wasn’t doing my bot side a little bit” teehee

  • Luiz Fabiano Machado
    Luiz Fabiano Machado 8 days ago +52

    Use Q on wards, it's a +3.

  • Kelly Flesche
    Kelly Flesche 8 days ago +6

    You and your brother are the cutest thing on the internet. I could watch you play LOL all day.

  • Unseen Tempest
    Unseen Tempest 8 days ago

    You look young af

  • Imasin
    Imasin 9 days ago +12

    The problem with Nasus jungle is the early game and the transition to mid. Once Nasus gets around 100+ stacks then he can fight (most) junglers, early it's best to stay away from (most) junglers and lanes altogether. He gives no lane pressure from ganks early whatsoever. But he is a great split-pushing jungler with huge damage when he's stacked up and left alone in the jungle and when he comes to a lane to gank I usually just give him my canon to get him online even faster. To be fair, it's not a significant buff if people pressure and abuse Nasus early before he can stack it up through jungle minions and canons, but that also requires a well coordinated team to do so if he is jungle.

    • rtfgzhjf dtgfhj
      rtfgzhjf dtgfhj 6 days ago

      +Emile Salmon-Legagneur Like anyone can kite that... and every jungler do everything better than him.... the only place where nasus is strong is silver.... but not the actual silver but vs the missplaced players and new ones who still got silver beacuse of the system.

    • rtfgzhjf dtgfhj
      rtfgzhjf dtgfhj 6 days ago

      +Emile Salmon-Legagneur And my point is that he still has his basic fundamental issues that still wont allow him to work... what are we even talking about.

    • Emile Salmon-Legagneur
      Emile Salmon-Legagneur 6 days ago

      +rtfgzhjf dtgfhj My point is that Nasus late game is like a raid boss, and with these buffs, it's very easy to be the equivalent of a "late game nasus" at 20 minutes. Like, 600-700 stacks at 20 minutes is not that difficult, and I know because I've done it in high plat several times since the buff. Sure maybe in challenger it won't work but then again, almost nothing works in chall

    • rtfgzhjf dtgfhj
      rtfgzhjf dtgfhj 7 days ago

      +Emile Salmon-Legagneur What is your point that you wanna argue about? U probably wont answer beacuse u dont have one 1-0 to me. Take care.

    • Emile Salmon-Legagneur
      Emile Salmon-Legagneur 7 days ago

      +rtfgzhjf dtgfhj WAIT WHAT?! HE DOESN'T HAVE 100% WINRATE? OMG!

  • Dark Valoria
    Dark Valoria 9 days ago

    +9 would’ve been better

  • Brandon S
    Brandon S 9 days ago

    USclip didn’t notify me ur vid and I am subbed with bell on. Boycott youtube

  • Killed By Axes
    Killed By Axes 9 days ago

    Patch 37.9 nasus q gives him 200 stacks on small monsters and 350 on big monsters

  • Windowmaker
    Windowmaker 9 days ago


  • jin
    jin 9 days ago

    Do a full tenacity garen video with max E and sun fire Cape while building tanky. Legend tenacity, mercs, iron of will.
    Never even try to dodge cc, just run through it. Especially hilarious against a veigar or thresh

    • rtfgzhjf dtgfhj
      rtfgzhjf dtgfhj 8 days ago +1

      whats the point? you do nothing all game but run into cc? sounds like anyone in silver would do.... then lose cuz point 1 do nothing all game

  • afg best
    afg best 9 days ago

    Dude go for crit nasus

  • Edward Migliore
    Edward Migliore 9 days ago

    Fun Fact all: you can stack on wards.

  • Alex Blackmore
    Alex Blackmore 9 days ago

    always love your content foxy! keep up the good work ^^

  • jin
    jin 9 days ago +2

    9:46 that q on tibbers

  • FarCritical
    FarCritical 9 days ago

    D Cane!

  • Betotube81
    Betotube81 9 days ago

    You say so much shit about that buff. So much shit, dude.