'The World's Best' Magician Justin Flom's iPhone Card Trick

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • James Corden welcomes magician Justin Flom, competing on The World's Best, to perform some insane card tricks that leave Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Rebel Wilson and The Late Late Show audience stunned. You might want to grab a friend and a deck of cards to try one of the tricks yourself.
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Comments • 3 205

  • HeLLRaiser
    HeLLRaiser 3 hours ago

    Priyanka ruined his closure tho

  • 12 any
    12 any 5 hours ago

    James: SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!! 😆

  • Gé -
    Gé - 10 hours ago

    All bout not ripping their own cards but ignoring that this dude made the card appear in the wallet in the video😮

  • X -Why- Z
    X -Why- Z Day ago

    I missed the whole thing as I kept looking at Priyankas pins.

  • Abdul Hoque
    Abdul Hoque Day ago


  • Swu Sema
    Swu Sema Day ago

    Wow i did at home and it worked... Amazing

  • Sblinger
    Sblinger 2 days ago


  • Ravindu Karunakalage

    It worked for me lol

  • petrsson
    petrsson 2 days ago

    Try it with plastic cards...😅👌

  • fun guy
    fun guy 2 days ago

    Why priyanka laughed 🤣🤣

  • kenversusryu
    kenversusryu 3 days ago

    You have four cards. You rip them in half so now u have 2 8 half cards. Doesn’t matter which half goes on top. fourth and eight/last card are the same halves. He said to take that top three cards and hide the fourth and shuffle them in the middle. If u hid the cards on the bottom the trick would not work. The last card remains the same as long as u don’t replace it. So at the end of all that as long as u have the eight card still in the order of eighth then it would match. Magic.

  • The Joe Sankovich
    The Joe Sankovich 3 days ago +1

    Nice! Think my vlogs are better though. Js

  • mega man
    mega man 5 days ago

    That last trick was stupid

  • Vanessa Cortes
    Vanessa Cortes 5 days ago

    I know that wasn't the video

  • Jerry Wong
    Jerry Wong 5 days ago

    the last trick, the card you sit on is the 4th card(since you already moved the first three into the middle), the corresponding card is the 8th, which has never been moved, an with 7 cards love me love me not, the one card left will always be one at the bottom, simple logic. :)

  • Manveen Dhaliwal
    Manveen Dhaliwal 5 days ago +2

    That’s a cool variety ❤️

  • Gamer 3120
    Gamer 3120 5 days ago +2

    I thought the greatest magician is dynamo?

  • Kat
    Kat 6 days ago

    It's maths

  • danny smith
    danny smith 6 days ago

    It's so funny how lost the fat chick is when ANYTHING happens. Get your mind of McDonalds boo.

  • Arman Ghaznavi
    Arman Ghaznavi 6 days ago

    Can we please don’t call these kids MAGICIANS!??
    No fucking on in whole history did any kind of magic so stop it.

  • Joaquin Fernandez
    Joaquin Fernandez 7 days ago

    amigo que locuronnnnnnn

  • мя Яоρλ χδ Δнмεδ

    Its impossible

  • zefSF
    zefSF 7 days ago

    What a weird way to hold the deck to count 9 cards. This way he can take the card from the top or from the bottom, we cannot see the difference. I suspect the 9th card comes from the bottom and is already torn up. He is just hiding the corner with his hand and he just pretends to tear it apart.

  • Tarun Jain
    Tarun Jain 8 days ago

    Is that p.c

    SUPER HERO 8 days ago


  • xkyl3x
    xkyl3x 8 days ago

    Fake and prerecorded. If you watch the video on the phone it started with the crowd if you watch first start recording hes recording James then the crowd.

  • Valentino
    Valentino 9 days ago +13

    Wow, I sacrificed 4 cards but it was totally worth it!

  • Darkord 092
    Darkord 092 9 days ago +11

    Title:World's best magician Justin Flom
    David Blaine:Hold my *Frogs*

  • Sachin Bhati
    Sachin Bhati 9 days ago

    I almost didn't noticed priyanka until he gives cards to her.....

  • Pulomas Jaktim
    Pulomas Jaktim 9 days ago

    At first i thought who is this beautiful lady.. then after a few minutes that's when i realized that she is Priyanka Chopra.. Wow...!!

  • Vivek Mehle
    Vivek Mehle 9 days ago

    Luv you Justin flom

  • Kimber Bearly
    Kimber Bearly 10 days ago

    this is simple

  • エイー!Sir
    エイー!Sir 10 days ago

    Last trick was not that hard unless you got juked by the misdirection, half of the 4th card you sneak under your butt coz you remove three cards then the other half of the 4th card was always at the bottom never really moving coz he always asks to put it in the middle. Its just a matter of removing the irrelevant cards, He really did a great job of executing the trick tho fooled some of ya.

  • dimitrilevampire
    dimitrilevampire 10 days ago

    The world best? ... I'm not a magician but after watching some penn and teller videos i can tell right away how to do that trick...

  • Liiyi Nyodu
    Liiyi Nyodu 10 days ago +1

    It actually works....
    TRY IT GUYS...

    • Liiyi Nyodu
      Liiyi Nyodu 10 days ago

      It work even with simple paper....
      Try it... Take 5 paper... Use the 5th paperbfor trading purpose....
      Its probably a.... Mathematical tricks....

  • Samuel Lalhriatpuia
    Samuel Lalhriatpuia 11 days ago

    Nice trick

  • dario rodriguez
    dario rodriguez 11 days ago

    That'd dudes a demon that's the only explanation

  • paresh parmar
    paresh parmar 11 days ago

    Obe Priyanka Chopra yaha kya kare Rahi hai India me show Kam pad Gaye thai kya

  • Soleh Gowhar
    Soleh Gowhar 12 days ago +1

    Is justin an illuminati

  • Jophiel
    Jophiel 12 days ago

    That first trick had to be staged or else it’s supernatural....just saying, I mean it is tv

  • Evan Bastian
    Evan Bastian 12 days ago

    me as rebel.. hahhaaaa "what?!"

  • Montoya Man
    Montoya Man 12 days ago

    Iz he using a special.deck of cards or just a regular deal of cards and
    I'm not ripping up my cards it's either unless I've got a sack of cards that's not a full deck

  • Lieven Vanderfeesten
    Lieven Vanderfeesten 12 days ago

    These tricks are so easy to see how it is done, but the the second one no idea🤔

    • attk177
      attk177 10 days ago

      he put the 3 of diamonds on top and let her draw it at first to then throw her off and tell her she could shuffle and do whatever. Didnt matter anymore, the 3 of diamonds was already down at number 1. At the the end she cut it in half and put the stack with the 3 at the bottom on top of the other stack. The wallet has some kind of reflective plastic that shows the 3 of diamonds when shined on with flashlight (which he unnecessarely used inside a tv studio)

  • Andrej Stojanoski
    Andrej Stojanoski 12 days ago

    The 9th card he took was from the back and if you watch close it isn't even A as it is show the first but he ends up picking the jack

  • vïsHñü plãyër
    vïsHñü plãyër 12 days ago +1

    Any body watching the video becoz you saw Priyanka on the thumbnail

  • London Thiladeth
    London Thiladeth 12 days ago

    Justin Flom is crazy!!!

  • Hainas Muhammed
    Hainas Muhammed 12 days ago

    That last truck was pure math

  • David Finlay
    David Finlay 12 days ago

    Anyone who self titles themselves as the best, isn’t. A good but not great magician.

  • Tashu M
    Tashu M 13 days ago

    Priyanka Chopra is so overrated and I don't know why she unnecessary overreact...🤣🤣

  • Sudhir sharan Kumar
    Sudhir sharan Kumar 13 days ago

    Want to see the reveal

  • Salim Feisal
    Salim Feisal 13 days ago

    Fuck I tried it and it worked

  • Ha ha Kid
    Ha ha Kid 13 days ago

    Humanity is not real

  • Kai Sutton
    Kai Sutton 13 days ago

    I saw a black card in his wallet

  • John K
    John K 14 days ago

    The tricks are fun. I spent 20 minutes and figured out the second and last tricks. But only because I kept watching the video over and over. I would never figure out if live! Good entertainment.

  • Jens Goossens
    Jens Goossens 14 days ago +8

    07:26 Rebel's card has no print...

  • Paul Ik
    Paul Ik 14 days ago

    that trick on last part is old school

  • lucky frank
    lucky frank 14 days ago

    Look that priyanka legs😛😛😛

  • Freddy Vasquez
    Freddy Vasquez 14 days ago

    “The devil’s a liar !!!!!” Haha

  • king absolut
    king absolut 15 days ago



    He forced the card and the wallet was a magic wallet where a film only shows up on camera


    Did anyone notice he put his license into his back pocket.

  • Amber Lynn
    Amber Lynn 15 days ago

    I did it and it worked. Wow! Lol now I have torn up cards hahaa

    • saphire que
      saphire que 12 days ago

      Amber Lynn stickem back together with tape

  • Josh Derber
    Josh Derber 15 days ago

    Know exactly how he did the second trick.. If you pay close attention you will see it's just a clever trick but easy to figure out..

    • gavin lewis
      gavin lewis 11 days ago

      They are all eas tricks . you didnt prove you knew had to solve it by saying " its just an easy trick " fucking duhh.

  • Jaimy Verheij
    Jaimy Verheij 15 days ago +8

    I just riped a few of my cards of my only deck of cards, but it worked tho😂

  • Anthoneil Gavin
    Anthoneil Gavin 16 days ago

    This worked😭

  • Talha Kumru
    Talha Kumru 16 days ago

    Last one can be found with some mathematical process because it's always true.

  • Brandy Jones
    Brandy Jones 17 days ago

    The last one was easy to figure out but it still was a cool trick

  • Al Tremendo
    Al Tremendo 17 days ago


  • Shimona A
    Shimona A 17 days ago +1

    If I've said this once, I've said it a thousand times- *justin is so cute* 😍

  • Asheley teale
    Asheley teale 18 days ago

    I was going to get cards but then I stopped to think what if this magic works and now I would have some kind of demon in my house so I said hell no got back in bed

  • Janna Dizon
    Janna Dizon 18 days ago

    @ 4:30 uh. Where's the cards that he put on the top of the other cards?

  • Assamese Poll
    Assamese Poll 19 days ago

    Last magic is only mathamatics

  • تالا وليد
    تالا وليد 20 days ago

    Ok, this sh*t is real, I took my cards and started doing it along with them, how does he do this? I am freaking out it’s the middle of the night

  • Thelazywire
    Thelazywire 21 day ago

    Priyanka Chopra is the definition of hot😶

  • Da D
    Da D 22 days ago

    “ shut the front door “ 😂😂

  • Meghan Carroll
    Meghan Carroll 26 days ago

    man I just wrote random cards on napkins and ripped those, still worked

  • DP Mowardun
    DP Mowardun 28 days ago

    Priyanka is playing teen patti👅🤪🤪🤪🤣

  • hifive
    hifive Month ago

    Every time these magician guys make something disappear, even an elephant, their hands looks in a very funny way, as if they were "hiding" something in the palm of their hands... (blink, blink).

  • Joselle Formaran
    Joselle Formaran Month ago

    Love how Priyanka hid the half of her card in her chest area.. Hahahhaha!! Queen..

  • feminime
    feminime Month ago

    Like i came here after watching lotsa vids of card tricks from agt (shin lim) dude you must have long lost brother here

  • Khalifa Al Suwaidi
    Khalifa Al Suwaidi Month ago

    Omg it actually works 😱 wow

  • mehdi ramezani
    mehdi ramezani Month ago

    First 2 tricks were so stupid..,
    The jack of hearts: he never showed the full card, it was ripped and put in James wallet already !!!
    The 2nd trick:
    There was 2 videos, the one James played back was filmed at an earlier time with 3 of diamonds in the wallet,
    You can see that in that little preview on his iPhone. !!!
    Plus, when they filmed it: the recording actually went on longer than just James holding the wallet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Haha stupid..,

  • PcFe Plays
    PcFe Plays Month ago +2

    “Shut the front door”
    I have tried the last trick and it always work and I am pissed because I can’t figure out how he have done it 😢

  • Emily
    Emily Month ago +1

    i did it and it worked i ripped up 7 cards for this but it was WORTH IT

  • Bruna Torrent
    Bruna Torrent Month ago

    am I the only one one who noticed that the video James showed to the camera wasn't the last video recorded? m: 5:31

    VIKRAM SINGH Month ago

    my friend had just one deck we rip them all
    😎😁 but it really works 🤘

  • Hrishikesh Kashyap
    Hrishikesh Kashyap Month ago

    This magician is an amateur... he tries soooo hard to prove his point... but I appreciate his hard work... at least, he's making a living... no matter, what the end result was, I was bored to death... if it wasn't for the fruitful outcome, I would threw my phone.

  • William Turner
    William Turner Month ago

    Yeah that card ripping trick was probably just staged and that phone trick

  • rochelle mendonca
    rochelle mendonca Month ago +1

    This was the magic of math....and logic.....nice trick...had done it when I was young...😂👍

  • Kade Kenobi
    Kade Kenobi Month ago

    Open up

  • Rovshan Zeynalov
    Rovshan Zeynalov Month ago

    0:50 he makes tear sound with his mouth..card was already teared..professional

  • koshin abdala
    koshin abdala Month ago +1

    I watched this trick an did to one of my friend and he get amazed haha

  • Life
    Life Month ago

    omg how did he do that?!?!?

  • Martins's Entertainment

    Loved the last trick

  • Akmal Imdad
    Akmal Imdad Month ago

    Screen grab ...seriously its screen shot

  • something weird
    something weird Month ago

    The last one isn't magic it is just a logical game

  • kookie pop
    kookie pop Month ago


  • TheKuldip604
    TheKuldip604 Month ago

    Math. Its that simply.

  • Zacharey Kidwell
    Zacharey Kidwell Month ago

    I did it and it works

  • Vunisei Toga
    Vunisei Toga Month ago

    My opinion it's a methametical tric