'The World's Best' Magician Justin Flom's iPhone Card Trick

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
  • James Corden welcomes magician Justin Flom, competing on The World's Best, to perform some insane card tricks that leave Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Rebel Wilson and The Late Late Show audience stunned. You might want to grab a friend and a deck of cards to try one of the tricks yourself.
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Comments • 2 960

  • maychan
    maychan Hour ago

    the last trick smells like some sick matematics

  • Sumaita Ali
    Sumaita Ali Hour ago

    Rebel's cards were blank, did anyone else notice that? The camera shows her tearing up totally blank white cards.

  • Sumaita Ali
    Sumaita Ali Hour ago

    Rebel's cards were blank.

  • Mx.05 _
    Mx.05 _ 2 hours ago

    "Shut the front door" 😂

  • Bohemian Hardy
    Bohemian Hardy 2 hours ago


  • Blacky juk
    Blacky juk 3 hours ago

    over acting@priyanka chopra

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    Porn club official 3 hours ago

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  • Zidan Mabrur
    Zidan Mabrur 3 hours ago

    Fuck the devil worshipers

  • Zidan Mabrur
    Zidan Mabrur 3 hours ago

    This is surely black arts

  • NicoPlayz
    NicoPlayz 3 hours ago

    wtf i tried the last trick at home and it worked

  • JP D
    JP D 4 hours ago

    He looks like Mlep‎(clay‎‎)nos from B99 😂

  • Saroj Jha
    Saroj Jha 4 hours ago +2

    I'm here for Priyanka Chopra only

  • mama papa
    mama papa 5 hours ago

    the first trick: he told her to choose number 9 prior to the show. he also planted the torn off piece in james's jacket prior to the show. the king of hearts was already torn. he hides the corner with his fingers. the wallet trick was that the wallet is a reflective trick wallet and it was the first card that she placed on the table which is three of diamonds. placed at the weird angle so that he can pick it up. the last trick was a math trick. there are many videos on youtube that viewers can play together with.

  • Freedom Anything
    Freedom Anything 5 hours ago

    Wow that was so AMAZING!!

  • gaya karam 2
    gaya karam 2 5 hours ago

    it didnt work

    GOOD WORLD 7 hours ago

    He is blessed with god

  • BEYOND the Scenes
    BEYOND the Scenes 8 hours ago

    Holy shit

  • Vivien Madlen
    Vivien Madlen 9 hours ago

    Wow that wallet phone thing... Is kinda shin lims thing 🙄

  • Leticia Soto
    Leticia Soto 11 hours ago

    Any one else get scared watching magicians this good !

  • itsFIFFY N
    itsFIFFY N 11 hours ago

    mine didnt work ..not at all😂when he said everyone at home can also do this..i ran to my bedroom and open a box of new card..when he said rip them of..i was like OUH NO..MY CARD IS A PLASTIC CARD😂😂😂

  • Bongo cat
    Bongo cat 13 hours ago

    He had gone, “ZA WURLDO” at the time and put the 3 of diamonds into the wallet

  • kidink0djillwill
    kidink0djillwill 13 hours ago

    This guy is weak sauce

  • Texans 56
    Texans 56 14 hours ago

    Just saying someone could've photo shoped a card in it on the phone because they were messing with the phone

  • Bas Ti
    Bas Ti 14 hours ago

    You mean Shin Lim?

  • NathanRW
    NathanRW 15 hours ago

    The FORCE is strong with Justin int the first card trick.

  • Kurtis Oxley
    Kurtis Oxley 16 hours ago

    Well that was easy, at the start, he counted cards from the back, then on 'the number' he took it from the front, so doesnt matter what number she picked. Pen and Teller would pull this guy apart :P

  • Karen thomas
    Karen thomas 16 hours ago

    Holy cow how amazing he is wow interesting

  • daniel ibarra
    daniel ibarra 16 hours ago

    dont be fooled he touched you and you didnt even know lol his lit god bless you

    TECH FOR GENIUS 16 hours ago


  • Skip The way I should be Bayless

    That's easy... Jus deal with demons

  • Hisoka Merc
    Hisoka Merc 17 hours ago

    The worlds best Mathgician

  • john stevens
    john stevens 18 hours ago

    It worked

  • olee nick
    olee nick 18 hours ago


  • Matt Kerrigan
    Matt Kerrigan 19 hours ago

    God dam that bitch fat

  • Heather Lupin
    Heather Lupin 19 hours ago

    All these people getting so excited in the audience lol surely I’m not the only one who can easily see how the participation one is done??? Those first couple were frickin incredible but the last one...

  • Tae_Amo _
    Tae_Amo _ 19 hours ago

    Not the best magician... all those tricks are easy to solve

  • Pat Ray Dagapioso
    Pat Ray Dagapioso 21 hour ago

    He’s cute actually.

  • Aubree Aidyn
    Aubree Aidyn 22 hours ago

    Priyanka extra dramatic acting ruined the video for me. Thanks

  • Seren Dipidy
    Seren Dipidy 22 hours ago

    i ruined a perfectly awesome nice card deck. trick didn't work. can i claim the card set back from that dude :-)

  • hossain ajoy
    hossain ajoy 22 hours ago


  • Just a Living Girl
    Just a Living Girl 23 hours ago

    Wtf why did that work

  • Logan Taylor
    Logan Taylor Day ago

    It is so easy too do no 1 the first part is rigged

  • Randy Orton
    Randy Orton Day ago

    Did anyone notice that Priyanka put the piece of card in her breast.

  • Dhruv Malik
    Dhruv Malik Day ago

    He never tore the card

  • Niraj kumar
    Niraj kumar Day ago

    How !??

  • Azeem Ahmed
    Azeem Ahmed Day ago

    Mathematics left the chat...

  • FutureSailorKid
    FutureSailorKid Day ago

    He looks like the person that is the dickhead in a horror movie.

  • Asi Kim
    Asi Kim Day ago

    I actually took four cards and ripped them.. then he said trade it and I cried a little on the inside because I have nobody to trade it to.
    I can't believe I wasted four cards..

  • Crazy Nigga Gucci

    Omg its FAT AMY!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!

  • S.N.J
    S.N.J Day ago

    It was just mind blowing.I am super amazed.......

  • Jette Petermann
    Jette Petermann Day ago

    Everyone’s JungSHOOK

  • SaudOnMars
    SaudOnMars Day ago

    2nd trick is pure mathematics

  • junior senior
    junior senior Day ago

    Why are the playing blank and white?😕 7:25

  • Nigel Dias
    Nigel Dias Day ago

    Did you guys notice where priyanka kept the card 😂lol

  • Music Alley
    Music Alley Day ago

    that girl beside fat amy looks so delicious

  • _eric.t.l_
    _eric.t.l_ Day ago

    i got my superbees playing cards to participate in the magic trick... until he says tear them

  • Megan Gan
    Megan Gan Day ago

    Priyanka 😍😍

  • Yehuda G
    Yehuda G Day ago +1

    Answer to the first trick:
    If u watch carefully the first 8 cards are aces. When he pulls the 9th one it’s not the next card (u can see the ace) it’s in a spot that he pre placed. So it was automatically going to be the jack of hearts and he probably practiced ripping the card many times in the exact way he needed too. And he probably got the part of the card in Jame’s cost beforehand

  • Andromeda
    Andromeda Day ago

    The ending trick, although really good and well presented is just a clever use of maths and logic. On the same basis (but with a much better and cooler facade) of the primary school numbers thing. Where you tell someone to pick a number from 1-10 and then do a bunch of simple maths to it like “add 4 minus 3, double it etc And now minus your original number and you all end up with the same number. It’s beautiful maths and really well presented.

  • Nishant Bhardwaj

    A really fine trick of Mathematics

  • Znow
    Znow Day ago

    he stopped time

  • d[• •]b
    d[• •]b Day ago

    Wtf just happened? Everybody becomes a magician

  • snow white
    snow white Day ago

    It actually work omahgaddddddd

  • Nice0125
    Nice0125 Day ago

    Lol, I thought he was Brendon Urie for a second xD

  • lovelucy995
    lovelucy995 Day ago

    Omfg, I just followed along with the last trick and I understand how he did it, the fourth card down is the same as the bottom card and you never put any other cards on the bottom untill "he loves me he loves me not" and even then, with four cards that last card won't get thrown away because it is counted perfectly.

  • oinam rohit
    oinam rohit Day ago

    Priyanka is here😍😍😍😍😘

  • Zoenne Guerrero
    Zoenne Guerrero Day ago

    Ohmygoooddd it workss 🤘😍

  • Karen Basilio
    Karen Basilio Day ago

    I think it will be hilarious if you invite Riana 😂

  • Annatto Meavale
    Annatto Meavale Day ago

    he picked that 9th card out like he controlled he deck coz that Jack already was ripped

  • Anjushree Verma
    Anjushree Verma Day ago

    1:16 "Do you mean emotionally" James 😂😂

  • RichKidTwan
    RichKidTwan Day ago

    Yo the last trick actually had me tweaking it actually worked😂😂😂

  • Akro medeo
    Akro medeo Day ago

    Priyanka looks soo black herr

  • Sean Sullivan
    Sean Sullivan Day ago

    Omg James fatass Cordman couldn’t be more annoying. Cordan? Who cares.

  • Mayweather Money

    I got a HUGE magical DICK every girl suck it without permission!

  • Eeveechu 007
    Eeveechu 007 Day ago +2

    Ripped my cards for nothing ;-;

    • Seren Dipidy
      Seren Dipidy 22 hours ago

      phew..and i thought i was the only one. shakes hands

  • Sierra Lewisss
    Sierra Lewisss Day ago

    I saw the first trick on America’s Got Talent

  • Olivia Manton
    Olivia Manton Day ago

    Omg I tried it and it actually worked he is the best magician in the world

  • Josue Portillo
    Josue Portillo Day ago

    Why does the flash on the iPhone flashlight look so fake?

  • Exploring friendly Friend

    Wtf I tried it and it fucking worked

  • prankster girl
    prankster girl Day ago

    I tried it and it worked like WHAT

  • Marrie Marrie
    Marrie Marrie Day ago

    I did the last magic trick and it really happened😮😮😮😮😮.....i feel like a magician already😂😂😂

  • Kevin Arias
    Kevin Arias Day ago

    Where is shin lim 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Zexalf
    Zexalf Day ago

    Who else saw that the bottom card was blank when one of them was tearing

  • Mikhail Verghese

    gonna be honest. he’s no lior suchard. not impressed.

  • Pakhtoon Nangyaal

    Priyanka were mixing a card like holding a big D**k as she proven she's a talented porno

  • sai charan
    sai charan 2 days ago +1

    I can't actually believe that people fall for the last trick , i mean it's like X+4-1+5-8 which is nothing but X

  • Pyromancer
    Pyromancer 2 days ago +3

    I only came for priyanka but she’s married now huh ig 🤒

  • Caroline Foley
    Caroline Foley 2 days ago

    It didn’t work

  • GERSIGaming
    GERSIGaming 2 days ago

    Am I the only one here that doesnt believe in magic

  • bepis
    bepis 2 days ago

    My last deck of card Why you did this to me

  • Shabeel HamNaf
    Shabeel HamNaf 2 days ago

    The last trick is plain stupid :-P

  • Ralph 101
    Ralph 101 2 days ago

    At 1:01 , did someone noticed that the video is slowed down?

  • Alamgir The Humble
    Alamgir The Humble 2 days ago

    Why this f******* subtitles? So annoying

  • Mohammed adnan sayeed

    it worked😇😇😇😇😇

  • Jeremiah Lane
    Jeremiah Lane 2 days ago

    i did the trick and it worked! amazing

  • Madhav goyal
    Madhav goyal 2 days ago

    He is nowhere near the great Shin Lim

  • Bekk kk
    Bekk kk 2 days ago

    well i'm really amazed by that trick. i may not be as good as him but here is his trick. first he makes us tear the card which gives us 4pairs. we took the first3 and put it in the middle. and then the 4th card is our magic card and we hid it. the pair of the 4th card will always be the last card (the card in the bottom). he made us shuffle the cards in different ways but the common thing that happened to all of us is that the bottom card did not move. and when we play the SHE LOVES ME. SHE LOVES ME NOT, we will always end up with the bottom card which is the pair of the card that we hid

  • aravind j
    aravind j 2 days ago

    But how?

  • maryomah Kayyali
    maryomah Kayyali 2 days ago

    omg it actaully worked with me omg

  • Vanshdeep Narang
    Vanshdeep Narang 2 days ago +2

    I actually ripped my cards....and Guess What???.....it worked...u all should actually try it