$1,700 Apartment Vs. $40,000 Apartment

  • Published on Sep 17, 2017
  • "Babe. I got this spot."
    In Worth It: Lifestyle Season 2, a spin off of BuzzFeed’s hit series Worth It, host Steven Lim and his buddies embark on a new adventure, setting out to try different experiences at three different price points: affordable, middle tier, and luxury--from airplane seats to cars to videos games. At the end of the episode, the gang decides which experience is the most “worth it” at its given price.
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  • Moesha
    Moesha 4 hours ago

    $900 is pushing it for me

  • Sarah Wang
    Sarah Wang Day ago

    Does Ben know all the real estate agents in New York?

  • Sebby
    Sebby Day ago

    I was literally in West Chelsea yesterday and I looked exactly at the same apartment you guys were in.

  • BL Tv
    BL Tv Day ago

    $1,700 gets you a 4 bedroom house in North Carolina lol

  • Yvonne L
    Yvonne L Day ago

    Ben is hot

  • Ahgase_ 4Life
    Ahgase_ 4Life Day ago +3

    11:13 wtf what did they censored ?😂

  • King Wizard
    King Wizard 2 days ago

    "Ben's father is my brother" So you are Ben's uncle.

  • Willie Hardiman
    Willie Hardiman 2 days ago

    Paying $897/month for my 1,013sq ft apartment with garage.

  • Abra Morgan
    Abra Morgan 3 days ago

    Dude... I hate when guys say something creepy and then they're like, "I didn't say something creepy." Yes, you really did. Joking or not, you did. Own it.

  • maplaneterouge
    maplaneterouge 3 days ago

    1700$ for a studio apartment 😱

  • Jannis 23 06
    Jannis 23 06 4 days ago

    Its free real estate

  • Atlas E
    Atlas E 5 days ago

    now THATS annoying!

  • Douglas Martin
    Douglas Martin 5 days ago +1

    Now that's furfreshing

  • Shaun Scott
    Shaun Scott 5 days ago

    I find it weird that people can’t drink tap water ? Like in Scotland all water sources are sparkling clean but in America it’s disgusting/not good to drink in like nearly 90% of places ? Why is this

  • google e
    google e 6 days ago

    it costs that much just for a studio!

  • Amanda Taylor
    Amanda Taylor 6 days ago

    a fellow Murderino!!!

  • Nonni Fermani Ayulia

    Thats why we making money

  • who martez
    who martez 7 days ago

    1700 in Michigan you can get a 1200 sq foot apartment

  • Sean Thurman
    Sean Thurman 7 days ago

    Look at the view lol its just a view of buildings lol

  • moonlily1
    moonlily1 7 days ago

    I hate the expensive apartments. They're pretentious and have no character. I'd prefer a bigger version of the "cheap" apartment. Go times 3 on square footage and it's perfect.

  • epyGOD
    epyGOD 7 days ago +1

    wait... it's rare to drink tap water in US ? or am I missing something ?

    • I think we should use Glyph.
      I think we should use Glyph. 5 days ago

      It depends where you are and what the person prefers.
      The US doesn't collectively drink or don't drink tap water. My mom hates the tap water here but her boyfriend constantly mixes his Gatorade with tap water. Some cities have water with more lime in it.

  • drshoexu
    drshoexu 7 days ago

    that 1700 a month apartment is actually a steal in new york

  • Jude likes food
    Jude likes food 8 days ago

    Best burrito

  • Smiles King
    Smiles King 8 days ago

    Like swoozie say now or never

  • kittykat132
    kittykat132 8 days ago


  • Thomas H.L.
    Thomas H.L. 8 days ago

    40k condo looks like white St.

  • Ezekiel Karabayinga
    Ezekiel Karabayinga 8 days ago +2

    @12:39 they blur the portrait next to the window. I'm thinking it's some copyright reason. 6 seconds later they show the portrait. Huh?? 🤔

    • Loli Nod
      Loli Nod 5 days ago

      Ezekiel Karabayinga, lmao you’re right wtf

  • Jasminka Tanner
    Jasminka Tanner 9 days ago +1

    Many people make LESS than 40k in a whole year. To pay that much PER MONTH for an apartment is just insane

  • Sten Prostyle
    Sten Prostyle 9 days ago

    all i need to live with my family is 2 bedrooms a living room with the kitchen and a private mancave (preferrably in a dark spot)

  • Jose Bonilla
    Jose Bonilla 10 days ago

    Wtf anybody else think that uncle looks ridiculously young for an uncle? Did that dude's dad have him at 12 years old or something?

  • Jade Nicewaner
    Jade Nicewaner 11 days ago +2

    I can hardly afford 400/mo

  • Степа Борисов

    Russian fact: an average month income in Russia is about 196 dollars. 196. Think about it.

  • DlPhia L
    DlPhia L 11 days ago +1

    I want to get 20 of my classmates and rent this apt

  • saybanana
    saybanana 11 days ago +2

    People who rent at $40K dont care how much the rent is. Money like that is trivial to them. It is like people who get Starbucks everyday twice a day while someone complains coffee is expensive and thinks $1 McDs coffee is a once a monthly splurge. People like that already own a huge mansion with acres of land somewhere else. and multiple homes around the world and lots of fancy cars. I look at it and think oh cool. I dont care about the price cuz I cant afford it. I know there are cheap places everywhere and youll always find someone who will say I can get a house for $1000/month in Dallas and then find someone who say I can find a $600 house in New Orleans and then someone says I can get a $200 house in Yuma. and then someone says I can get a $49.99 a month house in Flint with free water.

  • Elli loves pizza
    Elli loves pizza 12 days ago +1

    who has that much money?!?!?

  • Megan Ellen Johnson
    Megan Ellen Johnson 13 days ago +2

    1700 for a studio with issues!!??I'm grateful to live in MT. Two bedrooms for $625 and $100 of utilities and everything works well.

  • Gyan Jambalos
    Gyan Jambalos 13 days ago


  • Harshil Malik
    Harshil Malik 14 days ago

    @12:35 I'd surely lift the seat up while peeing in this toilet

  • Simon McVitty Östborg

    Subscribe to me!

  • Lucifer Lampmuffin
    Lucifer Lampmuffin 17 days ago

    "Can I take a poop in this toilet?!" - me pretty much anywhere

  • Mikaila Isaac
    Mikaila Isaac 17 days ago

    The My Favorite Murder sign was the best thing i’ve ever seen

  • Lil Joe
    Lil Joe 19 days ago

    How u paying $1,700 a month for a studio meanwhile I can go anywhere else and get a 2 bedroom apartment for way less than that in New York

  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha 19 days ago +1

    when I saw expensive rents I immediately thought of New York😂

  • VALERIO HD Bucci
    VALERIO HD Bucci 19 days ago

    My man was bare exited when he heard there was a cat😂😂 suddenly got hungry

  • Money Snipezz
    Money Snipezz 20 days ago +1

    Lul I live in queens and I have a regular apartment plus I’m 14 and have 2 sibling and we have a lot of space

  • Matthew Martinico
    Matthew Martinico 20 days ago

    11:13 wtf is that face

  • Danielle's Gaming Channel

    Our house was like... $7,200 and it's almost as big as the last expensive one...Just decorate it and... BOOM! It's now the house that you designed yourself and It's Permanently yours

  • Rob Bob
    Rob Bob 21 day ago

    All apartments are great.

  • Joey Riehle
    Joey Riehle 22 days ago +2

    Honestly, who wants to move to New York with me and have 10 roommates and have the most expensive apartment?

  • HockeyHoodack
    HockeyHoodack 23 days ago

    Tribecca is where Casey neistat office is

  • Ky Queen
    Ky Queen 24 days ago

    Apartment #3 is the worth it winner. Here’s why.

    Bring your entire family. And maybe some cousins. Have like 10 of you in there. Some sleep on the couch some share a bed.

  • Wahed Amini
    Wahed Amini 24 days ago

    Kara mohr
    Human being

  • shoty di
    shoty di 24 days ago

    I don’t get it, if NY is that expensive? How come that hispanic migrants or other migrants from europe or asia that are not rich, can afford housing in NY?

  • TheGodKira
    TheGodKira 25 days ago

    Instead of renting buy the entire apartment smh

  • Maleah’s N
    Maleah’s N 26 days ago


  • MewmaxM Team
    MewmaxM Team 26 days ago

    1.700$ a month my apartment is bigger and cost RM 200 I live in Malaysia and that is like 50$ but u need to pay RM 100 000 and turn into dollar is 25000$

  • benyy 205
    benyy 205 26 days ago

    "Now that's refreshing"

  • godsamir nawrozada
    godsamir nawrozada 26 days ago

    How can a apartment be 2-3 times bigger than a regular house

  • BLOODSHOT 1337
    BLOODSHOT 1337 26 days ago

    Ben is a poor guy both of bis uncles sell luxury buildings/Apartments and He works for buzzfeed...

  • Danny
    Danny 26 days ago

    1700 for a studio ?!?! I can rent a house in Vegas for that price

  • bloodybuttercreamm
    bloodybuttercreamm 27 days ago

    Reason to stay in Texas nice 2 bedroom for 500 a month lmaooooo

  • Samir plays roblox
    Samir plays roblox 27 days ago

    Yea i live in broklyn and my rent is 2,800

  • Zavid Al Rasyid
    Zavid Al Rasyid 28 days ago +1

    This even better than my Sims life

  • 100 subs without videos?
    100 subs without videos? 29 days ago +1

    Hey... *its free real estate*

  • crushcastles23
    crushcastles23 29 days ago

    $1700 a month will buy you a house here.

  • James Howell
    James Howell Month ago +1

    Anyone know what job could get me the $40,000 place?😂😂

    • dinolaurasaurus
      dinolaurasaurus 19 days ago

      James Howell hmm.. Popstar.. Druglord.. A-list actor.. Mob boss.. yeah basically either big time criminal or big time talent... yikes imagine having so much money you can throw away half a million a year in rent 😖

  • prasanna wagle
    prasanna wagle Month ago

    Who tf pays 40k monthly for an apartment? 🤔🤦‍♂️

  • Mary Madsen
    Mary Madsen Month ago

    My favorite murder sayings!

  • CharlieBear
    CharlieBear Month ago

    432 tower u can see whole of New york 430m up

  • WideTubeVision4
    WideTubeVision4 Month ago

    I pay $250 a week for a large room in a boarding house in the Gold Coast area in Queensland. Australia. It is cheaper than living in Sydney.

  • Jennifer Ali
    Jennifer Ali Month ago +1

    $1,700 is so cheap. Some one bedroom apartments are $2,000. But it could be because I live in Queens, NYC

  • miske universo
    miske universo Month ago +1

    12:14 Šljivovica Badel

  • Dan Dascalescu
    Dan Dascalescu Month ago

    @8:18 You know when something just feels right immediately? This place is that

  • Kelly Chapman
    Kelly Chapman Month ago

    Currently in baltimore md, living in a one bed one bath and its like 850ish sqft i pay 1200 with my bf. Its also got a gym and pool and the kitchen has a dishwasher (which i LOVE) and a big balcony. While im not a fan of baltimore generally i do love the apartment, especially compared to my last place. Ugh

  • Critter's Roblox!
    Critter's Roblox! Month ago


  • Pilotmyles271
    Pilotmyles271 Month ago

    Now that’s refreshing!

  • Adzaa Nika
    Adzaa Nika Month ago

    Is it just me or did I just want to go to nyc to taste the water 😂

  • Curtis Boynton
    Curtis Boynton Month ago

    I prefer my $700/month, 1000 sq/ft., 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath, 2 floor apartment with hardwood floors and giant kitchen hahaha

    GADGET CENTRAL Month ago

    I live in India. You can bye your own land and built a studio house at 40k dollara


    0:55 human being🤣🤣

  • Kazuto Miyagi
    Kazuto Miyagi Month ago

    “Human being”

  • RaiDR
    RaiDR Month ago


    Thats refreshing

  • Jen Chough
    Jen Chough Month ago

    Can we have Ben on more often? He has such a warm and friendly personality!

  • dragonborns firstborn's secondborn

    Wait you guys are talking about rent

  • Cam Williams
    Cam Williams Month ago

    The idiot who lives in Manhattan for $1100 is......Grayson Altenberg

  • skylinexj100
    skylinexj100 Month ago

    love this show, but the jump from 1700 to 20000 was a little extreme

  • beautyfool
    beautyfool Month ago

    People want to live in New York so bad they would live in shoe boxes for so much.

  • Lily Shake Shack
    Lily Shake Shack Month ago

    Finishes video.
    “Now that’s refreshing.”

  • Wolfeydog
    Wolfeydog Month ago

    The $1,700 apartment costs $200 more than the 6 bed 2 bath house I am renting. Yikes.

  • Juan Orta
    Juan Orta Month ago

    Every time I want to leave the Midwest I watch this video

  • Arianna Ziller
    Arianna Ziller Month ago

    Oh, that last living room was the apartment?! I thought that was the lobby...

  • Angelica Miranda
    Angelica Miranda Month ago


  • Sam Cat
    Sam Cat Month ago

    My uncles name is uncle Matt

  • Leslie Owens
    Leslie Owens Month ago

    NoW thAt's ReFreSHinG

  • bipolar polarbear
    bipolar polarbear Month ago

    She's a friend of my favorite murders the money was stay sexy don't get murdered

  • C2.CaitoMXD
    C2.CaitoMXD Month ago

    Mine is $100/month now thats refreshing.

  • Not Ftuo YT
    Not Ftuo YT Month ago

    At 0:22 I think that the # 2 was better than the # 3
    *_Who Agrees?_*

  • KoalaBby JK
    KoalaBby JK Month ago

    Starting to think I might buy apartment in Manhattan rather then San Francisco. But then again thinking about moving to Seoul ,South Korea ,TrimageApartments in Sungsoo-dong.

  • Joe Topor
    Joe Topor Month ago

    good shot

    A.RIVAL Month ago +1

    I thought these were my dreams, but nevermind I'll dream of something else less expensive