The Try Guys 400 Dumpling Mukbang ft. Strictly Dumpling

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • Will the guys be able to make it through 400 piping hot soup dumplings? Don't try this at home!
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Comments • 16 977

  • Joe Bee
    Joe Bee 6 minutes ago

    Old boy is proud of you guys!

  • Jood Mohamed
    Jood Mohamed 13 minutes ago

    I wanna try dumplings so bad

  • hindi af somali
    hindi af somali 16 minutes ago

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  • shesaprototype shesaprototype

    High blood pressure and clogged toilets from all that Flour and soy sauce 😂😂😂

  • Yasmine Waleed
    Yasmine Waleed 54 minutes ago

    Is Eugene bad at anything? 😂

  • Shadow Bonfire
    Shadow Bonfire 59 minutes ago

    A Year ago (Ordered entire mcdonalds menu):
    Keith:60 bites of anything is too much food!
    Also Keith:*eats 75 soup dumplings*

  • cene
    cene Hour ago

    They actually didn't go over 384 dumplings! 3:52 Mike left 2 in the basket

  • Hey it's Hannah
    Hey it's Hannah Hour ago +1

    Zach is literally my mood- Have fun eating and watch other people suffer while eating 😆

  • Tedious person
    Tedious person Hour ago

    I would do this

  • CrazedSuspicion
    CrazedSuspicion Hour ago

    I just got done eating gyoza they're so good!

  • ajscreeks
    ajscreeks Hour ago

    I was surprised Strictly Dumpling wasn’t in the lead ☺️😃

  • sunny phawithida
    sunny phawithida Hour ago

    If I were u I would just not eat for two days

  • Mrmusikman 82
    Mrmusikman 82 Hour ago

    Holly crap! Mikey has 8 channels? that's insane. I couldn't even imagine editing 1 channel, let alone 8 channels. I haven't started a channel because i don't know how to edit. Mikey is a beast!!!

  • Mrmusikman 82
    Mrmusikman 82 2 hours ago

    Mikey finished his first tray but on the second tray he left 2 dumplings in it, so he only ate 48 dumplings.

  • Jasmine Miller
    Jasmine Miller 2 hours ago

    The woman falling in the field at 8:15 is the epitome of my life.

  • Minely Uriostegui
    Minely Uriostegui 2 hours ago


  • Erica Butler
    Erica Butler 2 hours ago

    I've never had a dumpling

  • kyra t
    kyra t 2 hours ago

    as soon as i saw this thumbnail and title i thought of din tai fung... literally my fav place

  • LunarWiseGirl
    LunarWiseGirl 3 hours ago

    AWH Eugene is such a good asian for doing math lmao.

  • planetwasabi
    planetwasabi 3 hours ago

    the asian challenge ended up being like an asian pride and honour thing LOL

  • Sloth King
    Sloth King 3 hours ago

    I’m new hear but I have a question
    Does that guy on the far right have a eating disorder

  • Sebastian Cheese
    Sebastian Cheese 3 hours ago

    Zack barely ate shit smh

  • Maurizio  Silva Mingotti

    Should do pizza version

  • Bad Man
    Bad Man 4 hours ago

    I know dude perfect too!!

  • Rainbow Geek
    Rainbow Geek 4 hours ago

    Yes cool runnings reference

  • GamingGirl 71
    GamingGirl 71 4 hours ago

    OMG THE BEST COLLABORATION EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Yesss try guys and Mike from strictly dumpling yessss

  • Pastel.Emo.411
    Pastel.Emo.411 4 hours ago

    Eugene the Dumpling Queen

  • Alexis Pickel
    Alexis Pickel 4 hours ago

    I could totally do this. I could live off of dumplings

  • Kim Recella
    Kim Recella 4 hours ago

    all that and dim sum. i like i like

  • Gamer Haven
    Gamer Haven 4 hours ago

    Eugene always so competitive lol

  • Nerd Person
    Nerd Person 4 hours ago

    Mikey Chen isn’t full until he starts sneezing

  • Jim Palkhivala
    Jim Palkhivala 4 hours ago

    Me: I’m gonna eat healthier this is year!
    Me ten minutes later:

  • RID483
    RID483 4 hours ago

    I lost my shit when the chick running through the flowers toppled

  • son Goku Uzumaki
    son Goku Uzumaki 4 hours ago +1

    Cool, Matt stonie

  • Mckenzie Zhu
    Mckenzie Zhu 4 hours ago

    Not dumplings soup buns but ok

  • 1337azaltuth
    1337azaltuth 5 hours ago

    why you gotta be so best at EVERYTHING!?!

  • yarmichon muinao
    yarmichon muinao 5 hours ago

    Donate the food u can't eat to the Philippines and Indians

  • Ayliah X
    Ayliah X 6 hours ago

    If only it wasn’t pork 😖🤢🐷

  • Don't Wanna Expose
    Don't Wanna Expose 6 hours ago

    “You’re going to be so fat” 😂 accurate

  • kamali saravanan
    kamali saravanan 6 hours ago

    I totally prefer fried dumplings over steamed dumplings.

  • Monkey Dover
    Monkey Dover 6 hours ago


  • C sllv
    C sllv 6 hours ago

    9:48 ned is me the wholeday

  • Fefaamour
    Fefaamour 6 hours ago

    Asians are known for being big eaters 😋

  • Iseline Rodriguez
    Iseline Rodriguez 6 hours ago

    I want dumplings😥

  • Hi I'm Niangfries
    Hi I'm Niangfries 7 hours ago

    Asian parents are like.. "Bok Choy, eat your food na!? You knu there are peoples with no food naw?! I wunt Silence right Naw!"

  • Karina Kallie
    Karina Kallie 7 hours ago

    I'm hungry in my bed and 1am in the morning

  • Phuong Linh An
    Phuong Linh An 7 hours ago

    7:57 TAWOG Richard flashback

  • Jamie Tomlin
    Jamie Tomlin 7 hours ago

    These videos arent very fun anymore. We know what's gonna happen. Its gonna be all about Eugene.

  • Amber Fillman
    Amber Fillman 7 hours ago

    My favorite collab

  • Hodgelett
    Hodgelett 7 hours ago

    "We're doing a speed challenge." Me: "Aren't those soup dumplings? And I'm pretty sure those are from Shanghai not Korea. Those are burning hot straight from the kitchen."
    15 seconds later....
    TGs: "So hot!"

  • Hannah
    Hannah 7 hours ago

    I would have to throw up after eating only 30.

  • Perin Ayhan
    Perin Ayhan 7 hours ago

    kinoshita yuka actually ate 400 not in 10 mins but she did it

  • Josh S
    Josh S 7 hours ago

    That song was beautiful

  • Life's not fair
    Life's not fair 7 hours ago

    Zach was so cute

  • Lucy Jahns
    Lucy Jahns 8 hours ago

    8:15 is single handedly the best part

  • eVa NaH
    eVa NaH 8 hours ago

    OMG..all of u guys are so funny!🤣🤣🤣🤣and 1 actually burp and fart at the same time. OMG..LOL

  • Tiffany Martadinata
    Tiffany Martadinata 8 hours ago

    Dude... I can eat like 50 minimum

  • ๑ Puddingbällchen ๑

    I feel like after 5 dumplings I’d be completely filled.. after 10 I’d probably really be in pain and after 15 I wouldn’t leave the bathroom anymore for safety reasons..

  • Knife Grader
    Knife Grader 8 hours ago

    doublelift and bjersen in thumbnail

  • Aysan
    Aysan 9 hours ago

    8:15 LMAO WTF

  • Yezkel Miranda
    Yezkel Miranda 9 hours ago

    Didn't even read the title of the video but I recognized Mike from Beyond Science. I completely forgot he had the dumpling channel!
    I was so confused why I thought I knew him until he started speaking and it suddenly made sense lol

  • Angie LuvsAnime
    Angie LuvsAnime 9 hours ago

    I want someeee 🙁

  • Nina April
    Nina April 9 hours ago

    Omg amazing 😂

  • president kim junmyeon

    this reminds me of a motto that my friend swears to be true. "someone who's full is worse than someone who's drunk"

  • KasperVirklund
    KasperVirklund 9 hours ago

    No wonder the asians are superior in this field of cuisines

  • minieyke
    minieyke 9 hours ago

    There was some bad peer pressure in this vid y’all need to cool it

  • AznRyda001
    AznRyda001 10 hours ago

    lol dumpling pussies

  • Shelby McKeen
    Shelby McKeen 10 hours ago

    Omg Ned 😂😂

  • SadlyBest
    SadlyBest 10 hours ago

    11 more

  • sisnege licayan
    sisnege licayan 10 hours ago

    I can eat all of that

  • Jazzy Fizzle
    Jazzy Fizzle 11 hours ago

    Eugene’s just a superior human....

  • Roxana Flores
    Roxana Flores 11 hours ago

    I’m here for Mike Chen ❤️. He’s a beast when he eats food. He looks like Jackie chan lol (strictly dumpling fans will get the joke). I’m surprised he didn’t have hot oil with him lol.

  • あや吉にゃんこ
    あや吉にゃんこ 11 hours ago

    so danger guys!!
    these are too much hot to eat quickly

  • Sarah Vengeance
    Sarah Vengeance 11 hours ago

    I would be so ready for this challenge lol

  • Daniel Dieni
    Daniel Dieni 11 hours ago

    time to drown my sorrows of watching all these delicious dumplings with some cheap cup noodles XD!

  • Daniel Dieni
    Daniel Dieni 11 hours ago

    here in australia there is this place called box hill in victoria, it's filled with chinese, to japanese to korean barbecue and all asian type food xD like a china town sorta, the best dumpling place there is called dumpling king! lucky to walk in to find a seat or wait 30 mins for one XD my best record is about 50 dumplings hahaha :D and unlimited free chinese tea!

  • tina anasta
    tina anasta 11 hours ago

    Ned: Tell us more Mike! The ears and frosbite! (lol)

  • prplvr
    prplvr 12 hours ago

    Now I’m craving for dumplings 🥟 😫🤤

  • Icee_Lemon _
    Icee_Lemon _ 12 hours ago

    Eugene at the end: You’re going to be so fat-

  • Faith Alvarez
    Faith Alvarez 12 hours ago

    If you watch the video with Matt Stonie eating the dumplings he at 377

  • ella93 f
    ella93 f 12 hours ago

    Jetzt hab ich Hunger

  • I like Potatoes
    I like Potatoes 12 hours ago

    This video:Me and my brains cells trying to absorb knowledge at the back of the class

  • Simi822
    Simi822 12 hours ago

    Mike you are a Chad, why are you hanging out with these Betas?

  • Angelina Perdomo
    Angelina Perdomo 12 hours ago

    Where like dude perfect but where eating all the time- Ned

  • Maria Herrera
    Maria Herrera 13 hours ago

    How are they not far?! Me here be like not eat much but as fat as a potat🤣

  • Luna Blackwood
    Luna Blackwood 13 hours ago

    I want to go get soup dumplings again, i would to this, the beginning of this video made my mouth water, i'm so hungry

  • Mr GreenGeko
    Mr GreenGeko 13 hours ago

    This was on the side recommendation from one of Matt’s videos

  • Blah Smith
    Blah Smith 14 hours ago

    Asian eating power

  • Stormix Gaming
    Stormix Gaming 14 hours ago


  • Stormix Gaming
    Stormix Gaming 14 hours ago


  • Stormix Gaming
    Stormix Gaming 14 hours ago


  • GoblinSlayer 9996
    GoblinSlayer 9996 14 hours ago

    joke alert!!! his favorite age numbers are also 15 and 19 one is legal one is not :3 dont mind me just looking for attention because im a dumbass and stupid

  • Heartless Dark
    Heartless Dark 14 hours ago

    Eating way too much = the feeling you want vomit, feeling high, constipation and IBS.

  • Mina Mass
    Mina Mass 14 hours ago +1

    Everyone be competitive, then there's Zach.

  • Crystal Diamond
    Crystal Diamond 14 hours ago

    Why is Eugene so competitive

  • Preemptive Strike
    Preemptive Strike 14 hours ago

    OMG, I love dumplings. If I could have that many dumplings... I would definitely not finish them all... But I sure as hell would try! Damn, now I'm craving dumplings...

  • 置于 杨
    置于 杨 15 hours ago


  • Jordan Allen
    Jordan Allen 15 hours ago


  • Aysha Rafieque
    Aysha Rafieque 15 hours ago

    Please do another one

  • the star gazers Gonzalez

    Yay Eugene