The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003 Reboot) KILL COUNT

  • Published on May 10, 2019
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  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat  Month ago +1128

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    • The US Constitution
      The US Constitution 7 days ago

      I’m from the future
      RIP R. Lee Earmy

    • Jason Sherman
      Jason Sherman 14 days ago

      Loved the Dead By Daylight reference by the way.

    • Smooth Move
      Smooth Move 20 days ago

      That Dead By Daylight reference tho

    • Sergio Pereira
      Sergio Pereira 21 day ago

      Do kill count on silent hill 1 and 2

    • Caydin Koonce
      Caydin Koonce 22 days ago

      Hey dead meat
      Did you know the guy at the start of the movie who was showing you the crime scene was a real life murder it actually happened this movie was a true story its CRAZY

  • I.i I.8
    I.i I.8 3 minutes ago

    he must have barbecue and chilli since he can see everyone

  • Death Stalker
    Death Stalker 52 minutes ago +1

    Everyone thinks that this isn't based off a true story but every movie has a story behind it even if it hasn't been told the story is somewhere just gotta find it

  • ah mecorp
    ah mecorp 9 hours ago

    conclusion: Jessica Biel has a great ass.

  • Karla Straight
    Karla Straight 9 hours ago

    Oh the death of Octavia Spencer in RZ H2 , uncut was incredible!

  • Insany
    Insany 13 hours ago

    that end scream made me cringe so hard i fell off my chair

  • Crilchan
    Crilchan 17 hours ago


  • MJG jr
    MJG jr 17 hours ago +1

    Nice dead by daylight reference and it’s more for since almost all famous killers are in that game except for Jason they have Michael,Freddy,leatherface,ghostface,

  • DodoSandwich
    DodoSandwich 17 hours ago

    11:56 I was wondering when there was gonna be a nod to DBD

  • Taylor Ngoun
    Taylor Ngoun 19 hours ago

    Dead Meat

  • Mike Fiell
    Mike Fiell Day ago

    awesome, well done sir!

  • Fight Me
    Fight Me Day ago

    I never realised it until recently, but there is a kids TV show called Camp Lakebottom and one of it's characters is a zombie. His name is Soyer and he has a chainsaw for a hand. I never realised he was a nod to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series until now. :)

  • Sukellusvene
    Sukellusvene Day ago +4

    "Locker camping strategy"
    Lol is that another Dead by Daylight reference🤔?

  • Tom Brown
    Tom Brown Day ago

    Oh shit
    Thomas Brown Hewitt

  • Dahecc MC
    Dahecc MC Day ago

    Why do good girls like bad guys?

  • ThE FuRy
    ThE FuRy Day ago +3

    I love the dead by daylight reference!

  • Zachary Johnson
    Zachary Johnson Day ago

    8:19 excited laugh

  • Marinenukem
    Marinenukem Day ago

    Omg that CGI was just the worst...really funny though!

  • Blaze Modz
    Blaze Modz Day ago +1

    "making a sacrifice to the entity" ayy, nice lol

  • Arabelle Poll
    Arabelle Poll Day ago

    Can you do a Kill Bill one? I don't really know what Kill Bill is but I like the little whistle thing from the movie and it has to have kills if it's called Kill Bill

  • Alicia Kimani
    Alicia Kimani Day ago

    Kemper, as in Edmund Kemper?

  • Ludocrius YT
    Ludocrius YT Day ago

    I heard the dead by daylight ref

  • doge of omen
    doge of omen Day ago

    New lucifer lore: Chloe kills herself

  • Osvaldo Rodriguez


  • Katie Maloney
    Katie Maloney Day ago +2

    7:52 ,Voldemort is that you?

  • Trevor Sherring
    Trevor Sherring Day ago

    Your commentary ruined what this video could be

    • Haz zard
      Haz zard Day ago

      Trevor Sherring commentary ruined a commentary video? That makes sense

  • Blaze Trap
    Blaze Trap 2 days ago +5

    That possum is so adorable. It's like "ok take one"
    Possum: *looks cute* am I doing it right

    • Ziku Productions
      Ziku Productions 14 hours ago

      Nah it probably said
      ... Shit i did it wrong again

  • Chicken Draws Dogs
    Chicken Draws Dogs 2 days ago +1

    Gunny Ermey was already scary enough as it is.

  • Alanchettos
    Alanchettos 2 days ago +1

    I like the dead by daylight reference

  • Jamie Kosten
    Jamie Kosten 2 days ago

    I love the dead by daylight references

  • Mr Meanie
    Mr Meanie 2 days ago

    I appreciate the DBD references

  • Nictasaur
    Nictasaur 2 days ago

    Some of the stuff in these movies reminds me of Resident Evil 7

  • bella
    bella 2 days ago

    when i watched this movie the performance of the guy with glasses sent me into tears it was so intense

  • Fish
    Fish 2 days ago +3

    Thanks James for the dead by daylight reference , I hope you play :)

  • Kathryn Kyle
    Kathryn Kyle 2 days ago

    For a second there, I thought he was gonna say, 'I'm James a. Janisse and your watching disneychannel'

  • Ryan The Horror Movie King

    If this movie got rebooted shouldn't Leatherface be a robot

  • Kieran Englefield
    Kieran Englefield 2 days ago

    Oh fuck the Hewitts? I thought they did dairy! Was that human milk in my milkshake!

  • Nicole Larusch
    Nicole Larusch 2 days ago

    This should be called maetleface

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 2 days ago

    no one will buy the pig heads, but maybe someone in saw

  • Irfan2453
    Irfan2453 2 days ago

    But he doesn’t have a mori

  • Orchid Eclipse
    Orchid Eclipse 2 days ago +4

    The amount of Dead By Daylight References James makes is honestly amazing

  • toby campas
    toby campas 2 days ago

    Nice Dead By Daylight reference

  • toby campas
    toby campas 3 days ago

    I couldn’t tell if you were being sarcastic or not about that camera work scene

  • Priyansh Audichya
    Priyansh Audichya 3 days ago

    That basement must be toooooo stinky.

  • Frieza Lord
    Frieza Lord 3 days ago

    Pls do a hostel kill count

  • Save the Memes
    Save the Memes 3 days ago

    Meat you play dead by daylight?

  • Asher Campbell
    Asher Campbell 3 days ago

    He should have said to her aim for the har

  • Symbol Guy
    Symbol Guy 3 days ago

    I’m so glad that Erin saved the baby

  • Litboygames 221
    Litboygames 221 3 days ago

    Wait if the hitchhiker in the beginning killed herself with that gun doesn't that mean that she stuck what was in hew private part in her mouth kinda gross if you think about it

    But that is what you should expect in a Leatherface Movie

  • The OG Exploding Villager

    7:24 watching his head get bashed in was painful to watch

  • Zatsuki x
    Zatsuki x 3 days ago

    Dead by daylight references 🖤💜🖤

  • Beachbumsoul
    Beachbumsoul 3 days ago

    10:41 did anyone else hear "Eric & Andy" instead of Erin & Andy?

  • Beachbumsoul
    Beachbumsoul 3 days ago

    I need a ranking of this franchise, & the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise! Pleeaase!😁🤞🏼

  • Minecraft Gamer2017
    Minecraft Gamer2017 3 days ago

    If there is four kills on this it's dead by dalight

  • Ashley Piper
    Ashley Piper 4 days ago +2

    I love SAW so I shouldn't be scared of Texas Chainsaw

  • Ashley Piper
    Ashley Piper 4 days ago +2

    Did I just see pet Sematary as a horror classic hell yeah

  • Sleepy Army
    Sleepy Army 4 days ago

    Dude u literally need to make a zombie land kill count

  • Mason Conrow
    Mason Conrow 4 days ago

    Love the dead by daylight reference

  • Parker ._.
    Parker ._. 4 days ago

    Yeahhhhh Dead by Daylight reference!

  • Sevu Vidramus
    Sevu Vidramus 4 days ago

    This is to me the best reboot

  • Michael Frasca
    Michael Frasca 4 days ago

    I mean Andrew was pretty good portraying leatherface and idk why gunner choose to turn on him and no disrespect to the late great gunner Hanson

  • The Kempler
    The Kempler 4 days ago

    When I saw this video, I clicked on it, (obviously) then when your said "Kemper" I'm like "woah" cause Kemper is my legal name, and Erin is my mother's name, xD. It was awkward hearing you say Kemper.... So yeah.... Awesome vid!

  • David Pinkhasov
    David Pinkhasov 4 days ago


  • shellcats 1245
    shellcats 1245 4 days ago

    I can tell leatherface got top of his class

  • Ju-ju's Wardrobe
    Ju-ju's Wardrobe 5 days ago

    the hills have eyes!!

  • The Bubbinator
    The Bubbinator 5 days ago

    I thought that Kempners mask was Nicholas Cage

  • DarKKnightt07
    DarKKnightt07 5 days ago

    Jessica Biel was the best thing about this movie, she was so damn hot.

  • Razorshot5698
    Razorshot5698 5 days ago +1

    There is a 2019 childs play remake

  • KhingOfSwordz 43
    KhingOfSwordz 43 5 days ago

    The best Chainsaw damsel will always be Jordana lie America remember the old lady the matriarch of the sawyer family. Luda Mae I researched her and she was a beauty queen you know before she got old....i seen younger pic of mama Sawyer and she look way better than Marilyn Monroe & Jane Mansfield.

  • KhingOfSwordz 43
    KhingOfSwordz 43 5 days ago

    I always wanted to know what is that noise when they show the old photos it sounds like a camera spitting a picture out......its like a weird machine noise.........

  • Josivan Torres
    Josivan Torres 5 days ago +7

    “I guess nobody’s repaired any generators.”
    I love that you added a Dead By Daylight reference in this😂

  • Keeper of Peace
    Keeper of Peace 5 days ago +3

    The fact that this episode has multiple dead by daylight references it is now my favorite kill count

  • Dylan Bailey
    Dylan Bailey 5 days ago

    It’s funny there’s no explosions in the movie

  • Bailey Claus
    Bailey Claus 5 days ago

    Does Leatherface have an Ebony Mori?

  • Alvaro Aguilar
    Alvaro Aguilar 5 days ago

    Is that the house from Batman v Superman? 👀

  • gunzz HD
    gunzz HD 5 days ago

    11:57 Dead by daylight reference

  • LilyCanadian
    LilyCanadian 5 days ago

    the meat plant is called blair meat co.


  • tommy kelly
    tommy kelly 5 days ago

    i loved the dead by daylight references you made throughout the video😍🤪

  • Johnny L
    Johnny L 5 days ago

    Too much talking

  • Nelson Gaitán
    Nelson Gaitán 6 days ago

    I would like this guy to act more natural and less Ryan Seacrest-y

  • TheGaminRayquaza
    TheGaminRayquaza 6 days ago +4

    Oh god I just realized that it was in there, and then she put it in her mouth...


  • murderblitzboy
    murderblitzboy 6 days ago

    I like the dead by daylight reference

  • Trix Wentzle
    Trix Wentzle 6 days ago

    The possum said xP

  • Chad Tristan
    Chad Tristan 6 days ago

    did you say R. lee ermey?

  • jony jr
    jony jr 6 days ago

    Loved the dead by daylight refrence 😂

  • CrownFan
    CrownFan 6 days ago

    Someone plays a lot of dead by daylight lmao😂 so many refrances

  • AC 2545
    AC 2545 6 days ago

    James I heard that Dead by Daylight pun

  • Gamergirl4AyaBrea
    Gamergirl4AyaBrea 6 days ago

    I love Morgan's 70s look. Sad he died.

  • Lord Farquad
    Lord Farquad 6 days ago

    7:31 "Game over."

  • Dallaslucci 18
    Dallaslucci 18 6 days ago +3

    11:57 only dead by daylight players will understand this joke
    And 17:00
    And again in 18:41

  • Buqieveus The potato

    11:57 ayyyy dead by daylight reference

  • DaniBoii
    DaniBoii 6 days ago

    Bro none of this guys jokes were funny

  • Not So Toxic Meg
    Not So Toxic Meg 7 days ago

    11:56 Haha! A dbd reference! A man of culture!

  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee 7 days ago

    Sacrifice to the entity

  • AvRobert™
    AvRobert™ 7 days ago

    Sacrifice to the entity, ahahahhhaa I get it because I play Until Dawn.

  • Jamison Clifford
    Jamison Clifford 7 days ago

    The Dead by Daylight references are real, love the game

  • Janet Hernandez
    Janet Hernandez 7 days ago +1

    0:46 PETSEMATARY 2018 remake and 0:47 CHILD'S PLAY 2019 REMAKE do those kill count

  • Hurricane Parro
    Hurricane Parro 7 days ago

    Stop saying swapping spit. STOP IT‼️‼️‼️

  • Ninja Fan club
    Ninja Fan club 7 days ago

    Leatherface:plz take this pig head
    John Kramer: 100000000000000000$ for them all

  • Jaywalkrrr
    Jaywalkrrr 7 days ago

    “Makes a sacrifice to the entity on a meat hook” my prayers have been answered