• Published on May 17, 2019
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    This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on USclip since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

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  • ruben demelo
    ruben demelo 8 hours ago

    Keep it up Roman !!! What resort is that ? Think I missed it .... I have to try and take my kids there

  • Lil’ Finkyy
    Lil’ Finkyy 16 hours ago

    what is that place called

  • Jordan Edits
    Jordan Edits 18 hours ago

    Who remembers when Roman first got flash and flash met Zeus

  • Kyan Cunningham
    Kyan Cunningham Day ago

    Cora is like my baby cozin

  • Yohan Gamer
    Yohan Gamer 2 days ago +1

    sad that romans parents died

  • jovany hall
    jovany hall 2 days ago

    He is correct they are borin grey but turn pink on a food they eat I forgot what it was but Noah is correct

  • JamTheIdol
    JamTheIdol 2 days ago

    What resort?

  • Jacob Montreal
    Jacob Montreal 2 days ago

    Were a 🧢no🧢

  • unfortunate
    unfortunate 4 days ago

    How can they just say piece out to a tank full of turtles inside of a cavern?! I wouldn’t want too leave.

  • Rhi Boyle
    Rhi Boyle 4 days ago

    Why are flamingos pink?-because of the diet

  • faarax cumar
    faarax cumar 4 days ago +1

    First family in my life ho love this family like it now and subscribe and comment down below thank you you beautiful you one of the kind smile more love roman and his family by

  • 8PeX Sicon
    8PeX Sicon 4 days ago

    You didn't touch the outside of the plane for good luck

  • Naia Bako
    Naia Bako 5 days ago

    They are born gray then it depends on how much pink things they eat for there color and if its very pink it means it ate a lot of pink food and also I love you guys you probly won't notice me but you me the world to me and helped me tysm

  • Jacob Baron
    Jacob Baron 5 days ago

    dont say yah yeet ever again please

  • Cordarius Hinton
    Cordarius Hinton 5 days ago

    Me and progect zorgo will take USclip down

  • Cordarius Hinton
    Cordarius Hinton 5 days ago

    Me and pogect zorgo

  • bc 412002
    bc 412002 6 days ago

    It is the pink dye in the shrimp.

  • Eve Jimenez
    Eve Jimenez 7 days ago

    I still remember zeus and when Noah wasn’t aloud in the vlogs it was sad but hey he’s here now :)

  • Eddy B
    Eddy B 7 days ago

    Only people who remember romans grandma can like this

  • XxFr3ezeRaYxX 1605
    XxFr3ezeRaYxX 1605 7 days ago

    Who else thought that was a picture of slender man 😂

  • Sarah Parker
    Sarah Parker 7 days ago +4

    You make me love myself, thank you ( love your vids )

  • Trevor Johnson
    Trevor Johnson 7 days ago

    Noah is becoming a man

  • Connor Briese
    Connor Briese 8 days ago

    when they are born there gray the they eat pink shrip and thats how they are pink.

  • Mahoot Expressway
    Mahoot Expressway 8 days ago +1

    Can somebody please find where this is so I can convince my dad to take me and me siblings here lmao

    • Mahoot Expressway
      Mahoot Expressway 3 days ago

      Ah ok, thank you!

    • Allison Kim
      Allison Kim 3 days ago

      Mahoot Expressway i was staying at this same hotel in February. It’s the Grant Hyatt Baha Mar in Nassau, Bahamas!

  • Bj masao
    Bj masao 8 days ago

    I’m so sorry

  • Jessie & Tillie vlogs

    How old is Noah?

  • Billybob22 Menenen
    Billybob22 Menenen 8 days ago

    Not trying to be mean but ur not showing any attention to the other son

  • Janessa Chavez
    Janessa Chavez 8 days ago

    Flamingos are pink because of what they eat

  • Toby Crosthwaite
    Toby Crosthwaite 8 days ago

    He has braces lol

  • Mixhy
    Mixhy 9 days ago

    Sorry to hear the news about your mum/mom all of my prayers go to your family 🤛

  • Bandit Killz
    Bandit Killz 9 days ago +3

    I started watching you in 2014 i lovved you soo much then stopped watching you for some odd reason then i started tou watching you again in 2016

  • Logan Preece
    Logan Preece 9 days ago

    Scobydo is my dogs name

  • Nitro Jonn
    Nitro Jonn 9 days ago +18

    Im so sorry for your loss i bet your mom was a very great person😔Much love bro

  • Tyler Waldner
    Tyler Waldner 9 days ago +1

    I’m so sorry about your mom she was a love woman and will be missed

  • Todd M  Clelland
    Todd M Clelland 9 days ago +2

    I’ve only been watching your videos for three years and I am sorry that you lost your mom just remember to smile more I will say a prayer for you all be safe Todd

  • Courtney Goodloe
    Courtney Goodloe 9 days ago

    Sorry bout your mom roman

  • Idaho_da_pony
    Idaho_da_pony 10 days ago

    "YA YEET!"

  • Canadian film and entertainment

    Omg bro I can't even imagine what you guys are going through right now I just wanted to say were sorry for your loss and were here for support I lost my dad a couple years back and I feel for you our hearts are with you and your family .

  • Andres Olivares
    Andres Olivares 10 days ago

    Yooo Kane’s eyes tho 🥵

  • Lucas Navarrrette
    Lucas Navarrrette 10 days ago

    They don’t give them shrimp they give them special made food and it has everything they need to make them it’s basically dog food how they have all the essential for a healthy dog I’m a zoo keeper 🤟

  • kovaXX
    kovaXX 10 days ago

    Does anyone know where this place is located it’s so nice

  • Crispyy Waffle
    Crispyy Waffle 10 days ago

    Noah is going through his emoji stage

  • Sunset Student
    Sunset Student 11 days ago

    romanatwood your the best can you come to portmcneill to haddion 2132 creassent

  • Mary Yaksich
    Mary Yaksich 11 days ago

    How are you?

  • Susan Gillespie
    Susan Gillespie 11 days ago +1

    Because the shrimp they eat have a pink chemical in them that tints there feathers pink.

  • FlushedCastle60 Mods
    FlushedCastle60 Mods 11 days ago

    I have been waiting smile more for 2 years or 3

  • Anthony S
    Anthony S 11 days ago +9

    17:06 I was laughing so hard I was crying like this if you laughed 😂

  • Devonta Daniels
    Devonta Daniels 12 days ago

    I love your Videos so Much

  • Phelan Anthony
    Phelan Anthony 12 days ago

    What is the name of that resort

  • Chronic Fishing
    Chronic Fishing 12 days ago

    Noah is a smart kid

  • Chronic Fishing
    Chronic Fishing 12 days ago +3

    Such a lucky man 😞

  • Marcus Steadham
    Marcus Steadham 13 days ago

    I miss Zeus I have been watching him for years and years

  • J.B.Gaming _
    J.B.Gaming _ 13 days ago

    I miss the rc video's

  • Karlric Lott
    Karlric Lott 13 days ago

    Pink placton

  • yoboi Jason
    yoboi Jason 13 days ago

    Sorry for the loss Roman we love u😉😊

  • Giovanni Medrano
    Giovanni Medrano 14 days ago

    Still waiting for American Airlines to throw you into a promotional commercial, you fly them all the time. Also looks fun!!

  • Hayden Schneider
    Hayden Schneider 14 days ago

    I love when Brian walks into the garage door lol

  • Jo Hodges
    Jo Hodges 14 days ago

    Aw poor Brian, still laughed hard tough haha xXx

  • Zoe Anthony
    Zoe Anthony 15 days ago +1

    Thoughts and prayers with use all

  • Ashton Walker
    Ashton Walker 15 days ago

    I love y’all I always Watch your video

  • Garrett B
    Garrett B 16 days ago

    New plans for the pond

  • fatima iniguez
    fatima iniguez 16 days ago

    Where’s Cora.

  • Hectikal
    Hectikal 16 days ago

    Noah looks like Noah from stranger things

  • Stephen Gomez
    Stephen Gomez 16 days ago

    Fucked up how you sold your soul to the elitist. Even more fucked up how you let em take your mom. You will rot in hell, sir.

  • Liked Videos
    Liked Videos 16 days ago

    8:37 Flamingos

    EXPIRED BLAZED 16 days ago

    Only true fans remember Miami mommy’s

  • Ashley Slater
    Ashley Slater 16 days ago

    How old is Noah now?

  • Lee Church
    Lee Church 16 days ago

    I fell sorry for you

  • SGK F4r0sty
    SGK F4r0sty 16 days ago

    Bro Noah use to be so small he growing up so fast it fells like it only been on day so sad

  • Jay Man
    Jay Man 17 days ago

    Noah, stop growing😭😭😭😭😭

  • The Curtinental Divide
    The Curtinental Divide 17 days ago +1

    So very sorry for your loss.....

  • eve munday
    eve munday 17 days ago +1

    😱 l cut my head open but l'm ok

  • matthew cunrod
    matthew cunrod 17 days ago +2

    happy birthday. the legacy continues

    EX-CAMPION 17 days ago

    Roman you should take a trip to the philippines dude great beaches and wildlife there!!! like so he sees

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose 17 days ago

    so sorry for your loss ❤️

  • Mini MiniCOUTkobane
    Mini MiniCOUTkobane 17 days ago

    Hay Roman hope u feel better for the lose of your mother feel better man stay strong I am crying right now

  • Alan Daniel
    Alan Daniel 17 days ago

    Sorry for your loss Roman

  • Ivan NoCap
    Ivan NoCap 17 days ago

    These comments are the cringest things

  • keely johnston
    keely johnston 17 days ago +21

    So sorry for your loss my heart breaks for you.

  • Stacie Allison
    Stacie Allison 17 days ago +14

    Thinking of y’all right now. You’re in my thoughts and prayers ♥️

  • Nybball17 17
    Nybball17 17 17 days ago

    Prayers to your mother ❤️

  • turtlesilike2much
    turtlesilike2much 17 days ago

    F for his mother :(

  • Luna Lau
    Luna Lau 18 days ago +1

    Sorry about your loss Roman! :'(

  • Sloppy
    Sloppy 18 days ago

    bahamas is fun just dont go to nassau

  • Truman Rodgers
    Truman Rodgers 18 days ago

    I used to play Rust with Noah.

  • charliekns
    charliekns 19 days ago +12

    Love how I didn’t even notice I was on the same plane as you man. It was sweet seeing you at customs though!

    BRYTON BROZAK 19 days ago

    I love your video

    RAGE MASTER 19 days ago

    Is Noah emo?

  • twadd8075 ov
    twadd8075 ov 19 days ago

    I love your vlogs

  • twadd8075 ov
    twadd8075 ov 19 days ago

    You guy are so blessed

  • Addison Jeanne
    Addison Jeanne 19 days ago

    Love you guys❤️

  • Skizzl Dizzl
    Skizzl Dizzl 19 days ago

    I was at bahamar the weekend before u

  • H2O_Dr.Pingu
    H2O_Dr.Pingu 20 days ago

    I’ve been watching since I was 7

  • Gavin Levi
    Gavin Levi 20 days ago +2

    Just take that aquarium and put it in. Your house lol

  • Gavin Levi
    Gavin Levi 20 days ago +4

    It’s beautiful there I wish I was the

  • SoCal DanK
    SoCal DanK 20 days ago

    Omg Fix ur sons teeth

  • Kristian Salgado
    Kristian Salgado 20 days ago +1

    Who comes to thumbs down videos like if you dont like it leave he a nice person and foesnt deserve hate but it ssd that there people like that in the world

  • Squeaky Pants
    Squeaky Pants 20 days ago +1

    Flamingos are pink because their blood vessels are being pressed on their skin. If you want to see what I mean, give your hand or arm a hickey.

  • Squeaky Pants
    Squeaky Pants 20 days ago +313

    Only people who remember when Roman had to pick up Noah from the side of the road by the bushes.

    • Nicolas Vargas
      Nicolas Vargas 3 days ago

      Last Drop. Who’s mom

    • 8PeX Sicon
      8PeX Sicon 4 days ago

      Yea but I remember when he didn't have to before that

    • Dame Dukes
      Dame Dukes 10 days ago

      Last Drop. Same bro🤦🏽‍♂️

    • alissa a.
      alissa a. 13 days ago +1

      i remember !!

  • Delaini Ecker
    Delaini Ecker 20 days ago +1

    Brian’s concussion has entered the chat.😂😂😂