Out in the Grapes - GTA V: Action Figures: 81-100 | Let's Play

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • In this GTA5: Online gameplay, we're collecting figures 81-100 out in the grapes.
    More Action Figures ► usclip.net/video/liwmRfLGjsE/video.html
    Link to Guide: kotaku.com/there-are-now-100-hidden-action-figures-to-find-and-col-1837308720
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Comments • 622

  • manofwarandmusic501

    out in the grapes AH animated roughly starts here: 27:38

  • Travis Paquin
    Travis Paquin Day ago

    30:38 those laughs

  • mrSoloporminombre
    mrSoloporminombre 2 days ago

    In 37:42, Trevor jokes about that room being Gavin's secret room. In that same frame you can see 5 boxes stacked forming a tower, the bottom one being black and the rest being yellow, just like a tower of pimps! There is no way that's a reference to Gavin's secret room in Minecraft where he had towers for each time he won, right?

  • The Superjacob Show
    The Superjacob Show 4 days ago

    Meh. I hated Jack before it was cool.

  • M C17
    M C17 5 days ago

    27:40 is where AH Animated srarts for anybody here for it

  • Adam Baum2.0
    Adam Baum2.0 5 days ago

    Ryan committed a hate crime...

  • Adam Baum2.0
    Adam Baum2.0 5 days ago

    That propane tank lasted longer than I thought....

  • Alex Lewis
    Alex Lewis 5 days ago

    27:30 is where out in the grapes starts

  • Cwilliam
    Cwilliam 5 days ago +1

    AH animated starts at 27:40
    Don't believe me check the grapes

  • Ritvik Kanuparti
    Ritvik Kanuparti 5 days ago

    the only thing that killed matt was the fire, he was stright up invincible till he burned

  • Chris Marcotte
    Chris Marcotte 5 days ago

    26:49 Quality callback to Offense Defense.

  • Domo Man
    Domo Man 5 days ago +2

    27:46 for the animation

  • Eric Ainsworth
    Eric Ainsworth 5 days ago

    true fact - the cargobob use to float in the water back in the 360 days.

  • Arthur Drew
    Arthur Drew 6 days ago

    This video is 🍇

  • Nitin Suryadevara
    Nitin Suryadevara 6 days ago +8

    27:43 for AH Animated - Out In The Grapes

  • Bailey T
    Bailey T 9 days ago

    22:05 Trevor bringing back an old joke

  • Ben Wiseman
    Ben Wiseman 10 days ago

    Thanks Trevor at 55:55. Nice reminder of loosing my job at said airline 😂😭 And I think I’m a slightly better pilot than Ryan haha

  • Pup314
    Pup314 11 days ago

    You want plows that plow through things, demand a GTA: Boston in Winter!

  • Cjmaret
    Cjmaret 17 days ago

    Te recordamos: We remember you

  • Caid Demor
    Caid Demor 18 days ago

    Tbh the only reason I still watch achievement hunter is to pretend I have friends to play games with as an adult ;w;

  • BoyHowD
    BoyHowD 21 day ago

    15:11 Geoff you’ve earned my respect with that LAMB reference

  • Steve00007
    Steve00007 21 day ago

    Shoutout to RATM!

  • Rhas 'Churol
    Rhas 'Churol 23 days ago +1

    These episodes make me miss Michael's AH mobile that could hold 6 people.

    DJBERTIE BOOSTER 24 days ago

    By god jack is a moaning face cunt, funny if he does it, moans like a bitch if hes the victim

  • Jessie Rose
    Jessie Rose 25 days ago

    Where has Geoff been

  • Jessie Rose
    Jessie Rose 25 days ago

    There he is!

  • Egor Sosnin
    Egor Sosnin 25 days ago +1

    Geoff: "I got killed by a dude with his dick out!"
    Jack (who plays as a woman, singing): "I kill a guy with my dick out." xD

  • MedievalMaestro
    MedievalMaestro 25 days ago

    Did Gavin get mugged by Shaggy?

  • Knomilee
    Knomilee 25 days ago

    The rami malek joke at 33:01 was one of the funniest underrated jokes in the video

  • Pax Callow
    Pax Callow 25 days ago

    i loved this series. i hope they do the playing cards!

  • Matts Utube
    Matts Utube 26 days ago

    I figured out why I like like let’s plays like this. They’re like a podcast with characters you’re really familiar with, except instead of having something to talk about (or in off topics case, having nothing to talk about), they just talk about nothing. It’s very chill

  • Specter US ARMY
    Specter US ARMY 26 days ago

    11:55 love the pilots response as Ryan aims then shoots her.

  • charl X
    charl X 29 days ago

    Jack might be at the...pearly grapes
    Badumm tssss

  • ewport
    ewport 29 days ago

    also 15:45, hilarious accidental explosion

  • ewport
    ewport 29 days ago

    14:45 - 14:50 best 5 seconds of the video. you’re all welcome.

    • ewport
      ewport 29 days ago

      play at 0.5x speed. you’re double welcome.

  • bdiddi
    bdiddi 29 days ago

    27:47 and another great Achievement hunter saying was born

  • Chris Armour
    Chris Armour 29 days ago

    Holy hell, Jack knows what Stileproject was? I never run into anyone else who knows that one o.O

  • Mason Harris
    Mason Harris 29 days ago

    Gavin gave us the new "Wilhelm" scream 31:13

  • Random Account
    Random Account 29 days ago

    trevor that's a toyota ae86 coupe

  • s3dchr
    s3dchr Month ago

    44:51 Trevor does a Lil' J impression.

  • Mac Jr.
    Mac Jr. Month ago

    Anyone see the cop car just warp/slide sideways across the screen at 45:03?

  • HMiche93
    HMiche93 Month ago

    Is Betty Blackwell like the Austin version of Alexander Shunnarah?

  • Timothius Zamora
    Timothius Zamora Month ago

    As long as the tail pipe is above water...

  • William Davis
    William Davis Month ago

    As someone who was in aviation and worked with chinook mechanics, those are not pontoons, they are fuel cells.

    • William Davis
      William Davis Month ago

      As an added note, they can’t partially submerge in water but it’s not floating, more like hovering in water. If that makes sense.

  • S B
    S B Month ago

    does 39:06 always happen when women see Matt

  • patmcgroin4me
    patmcgroin4me Month ago

    People were mad about Jack saying no planes in episode one? He was totally right about not using planes and the funny car moments prove it.

  • Dwyane Mills
    Dwyane Mills Month ago

    I'm just gonna say this every time i get a Donald Trump ad

  • AllexJr1
    AllexJr1 Month ago +1

    47:25 Matt just broke his arse

  • Brooks Andrew
    Brooks Andrew Month ago

    OMG look at the car at 45:07

  • Brendon Fish
    Brendon Fish Month ago

    man, jack fuckin sucks.

  • Ethan Schoenheit
    Ethan Schoenheit Month ago +1

    soo. the gta v phone is an iphone?

    • Ethan Schoenheit
      Ethan Schoenheit 23 days ago

      @Rhas 'Churol ah fair enough

    • Rhas 'Churol
      Rhas 'Churol 23 days ago +1

      The multiplayer one, yeah. In Singplayer though, one of the characters has an Iphone, the other an Android, and the third a Windows phone.

  • Bthsr71
    Bthsr71 Month ago

    How did Matt get the smoke trail coming off his foot? That'st a real airshow thing if you didn't know.

  • Bthsr71
    Bthsr71 Month ago

    So when is Ryan going to add the guns to his pounder? And How long until he remembers it's for running specific shipments?

  • Conner Dunford
    Conner Dunford Month ago

    What was happening with that cop car at 45:06? It just slid off the road with nothing hitting it.

  • Oil Lamp Studio
    Oil Lamp Studio Month ago

    I love these collect-a-longs.

  • Lars Peterson
    Lars Peterson Month ago

    Don't worry, Jack, I heard your "special purpose" reference. XD

  • Omega Shadows
    Omega Shadows Month ago

    They didn't censor the dicks the last time they went to the cult area.

  • Michael Vicks
    Michael Vicks Month ago

    Can u guys finish up the casino missions

  • Generic Lets Play Timestamper & Stupendium Fanboy

    54:00 still hate you from episode one 55:25 muggers stuck on the plane 56:00 howd you shoot a flare FROM INSIDE A PLANE , Infinity Flares 57:02 dive bombing jump out , hit by own plane.... fell through parachute 58:30 can see but cant get... damn invisible wall. good samaritan sir stop your ca- OHGAW 59:04 Up n Atom'd up! 59:50 my tshirt logo is still on me in costume.. *Mugged in cutscene* 1:01:03 the picture.... and explosion 1:01:32 trevor took the easy way out 1:02:34 final picture
    14:40 that death by cop omfg... 16:00 THAT A TANK *BOOM* 17:42 shot myself and tipped over 18:37 blown up to get "saved" I WAS OUT 19:40 *FINALLY DISCOVERED PLAYING CARDS* 21:11 oppressor launch 22:00 MANY not posted 360 videos , Meat soup 23:57 imagine being an NPC during this , make AH GTA collectibles 26:00 "bye matt!" "well yea, we'll see who says bye in a minute" 33:02 bye police 33:46 sat on gavins lap 35:10 *Ashley Judd double jeopardy?* 39:29 NPC double hit 40:35 boob for a second... lot more in the other thing , stripperella 42:30 things to do . black flag , maze thing 44:10 despite you clearly being alive , i forgave him guys 46:32 trapped.... slow hit 47:35 stunt mug spot 48:33 popped hydrant sprayed me off the flying back 51:33 yes lamar? ooh.... 52:20 ancient internet 53:32 slammed into one of these desync , ragdoll
    4:35 "Stunt jump" 4:50 "rolling into dick" , chilliad mystery shit 5:24 ritual is complete.... and geoff joins cuz fuck it 6:30 off the cliff... cage match 7:00 as someone else said *rwby vol 2 opening landing scene* and matts STILL ok in the truck... gav splat 7:30 it can drive on water? its going ITS GOING- oh its sunk 8:05 cargobob float? yes-no-yes- NO it doesnt - YES IT DOES 11:10 mugger... on this fucking island?!? 11:55 up n atomed into blades 13:40 up n atomed point blank
    0:20 gary glitter? and matt dancing keeping him is awesome 1:43 body flung out.... matts still safe 1:55 off the cliff , replay , matts STILL good 3:00 got him in BOTH nipples 3:20 im sorry ashley , editors nightmare "YUP" 31:04 jumped and slide under 35:58 oh yea the yacht , cop stole a NPC car 44:59 blamed for shit i didnt do all day
    Out in the grapes Action Figures 81 - 100 Lets Play (good bits at 2:20 , 6:14 , 7:36 (Pretty good) , 8:50 (Definitely!!!) , 14:40 (RTCS?) , 19:11 , 26:52 , 29:24 / 30:01 , 47:55 , 54:03 , 54:34 (pretty good) , 58:05 )
    intro (missed you guys , here comes jeffrey jones... uuuhhh) * * *
    1:25 (how much i DONT miss you) * *RTCS *
    3:44 ; 4:09 (gavins the ter-traitor ; look in natures cavity) RTCS*
    6:15 (...voices? dunno what to note) * ** * RTCS * *
    7:36 (turkey free willy callbacks) * * *RTCS * *
    8:50 (Call/cool callback) ** * * * RTCS * *
    14:09 (aw man couldnt be mugged... just a douche) ** RTCS * * *
    14:40 (COPS KILLED ME) * RTCS * * *
    17:07 (move that tank - no more tank!) RTCS *
    18:00 (Bragg water...) * * *RTCS * *
    19:11 (Wanna leiieveavee) * * * * RTCS * *
    22:00 (real mans jingle) * RTCS * *
    25:57 (see who says bye in a minute... see who says bye uh later) * * RTCS **
    26:52 (YYOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!) * * * *RTCS * *
    28:25 (sits ARROUUNNDD the hou- oh hereitis) * * RTCS *
    29:24 ; 30:02 (Hes in the grapes now... ; jacks in the heavenly grapes) * * * RTCS * *
    37:39 (Gavins bedroom?) * RTCS * *
    43:03 (out in the grapes huh...) * * RTCS
    47:55 (run before my idiot friends... i was right) * * ** RTCS *
    50:10 (psycho with a gun , more than one , wheres the next one) RTCS*
    54:00 (No PlAnEs!!!!) * * * RTCS * *
    54:35 (Dont broke! to dingle/dangleberry mugger) * * * *RTCS *
    58:05 (plane house) * * * RTCS **
    1:01:03 (taking the pictures ... car interruption .... in air finale) * * *RTCS * * * *
    K back to normal
    2:18 (DUDE WITH HIS DICK! singing , dick IN) ** *
    9:36 (fudgy buttholes, Gavins hypothetical , scat music) *
    12:55 (ryans a traitor!) * RTCS
    15:32 (ryan in chaps) *
    24:44 (like lady gaga , singing jeremy) * * RTCS *
    27:45 (out in the grapes) * RTCS **
    31:36 (jack em off... betty blackwell?) * *RTCS
    37:21 (who is emof?)
    40:00 (its a pounder.... dammit mackie!) * *RTCS
    58:44 (swing a punch) * RTCS **
    1:00:09 (Mugged in cutscene) * RTCS * **

  • Erubey Michel
    Erubey Michel Month ago +1

    Trevor; I like this car, it’s almost like uh baby driver
    Every car guy: no it’s the tofu delivery car

    • Jordan Harkema
      Jordan Harkema Month ago

      Erubey Michel I scrolled the comments for far too long to find this comment lol