Radio 1 at E3 - The Electronic Entertainment Expo

  • Published on Jun 26, 2015
  • Steffan Powell and Julia Hardy go deep at E3, trying out the latest gaming releases from Street Fighter V to the new Batman game, trialling the latest gaming tech (VR that is no longer about as convincing as Lego) and asking that all important question, 'which game have you actually never completed?'.
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  • Twiglet
    Twiglet Year ago

    Love the Welsh blokes accent

  • milkerfish
    milkerfish 3 years ago

    So people who release broken games locked at 30fps are hero's.

  • Jessica Green
    Jessica Green 3 years ago

    I could easily beat Julia Hardy at Street Fighter, i'd lay her out naked on my lap with her legs spread and button mash her clit until I KO'd her clean shaven pussy.

  • Eva Cassidy
    Eva Cassidy 3 years ago


  • Isaac Timmins
    Isaac Timmins 3 years ago +1

    Let Steffan be himself He's a welshman he's ment to stick out.

  • jonnybravo160
    jonnybravo160 3 years ago

    Wish Julia was my gamer gf. She's hot!

  • musicguy20
    musicguy20 3 years ago

    That bloke said Halo 4. He's stuck in 2012. Mind you its Halo 5 this year!

  • Pixel Meme
    Pixel Meme 3 years ago

    more Julia Hardy

  • Tig
    Tig 3 years ago +1

    Let's not mention Batman PC port shall we? >> kappa

  • Megan Carter
    Megan Carter 3 years ago

    3:00 any one recognise the guy walking behind them?! GMM?!

  • DJ Jaybee
    DJ Jaybee 3 years ago +1

    Julia is a gamer goddess

  • Pommy192
    Pommy192 3 years ago +4

    Consoles have horse power? Next joke....

    • Pommy192
      Pommy192 3 years ago

      +netgem21 I don't know because I've never played any batman games. Theres more exclusives on PC than the consoles, so I rarely play mainstream games. Been playing banished quite a bit, and tried playing LA Noire but it's capped at 30FPS, a simple program sorted it though.

    • netgem21
      netgem21 3 years ago +2

      +pommy192 How's Batman working out for you?

    • Pommy192
      Pommy192 3 years ago

      "basically a PS4 for 40 pounds" pretty sure it is 280 quid

    • SomeDumbMei
      SomeDumbMei 3 years ago
      It includes a game which is worth about 40 pounds now cos its newly released so it's basically a PS4 for 40 pounds.

    • Pommy192
      Pommy192 3 years ago

      +Kasey.C KC Link to this super deal? You can't even buy a decent laptop for 240, it will have 4gb of RAM and some petty dual core

  • Aeron Evans
    Aeron Evans 3 years ago +1

    good vidieo

  • RobertPayne556
    RobertPayne556 3 years ago +1

    Bad@$$ Gamer tee. #want

  • RobertPayne556
    RobertPayne556 3 years ago +1

    Cammy 1337 vs Bison rekt. (Yes, rekt is now a number)

  • Tobias Dahlhaus
    Tobias Dahlhaus 3 years ago +3

    "guy behind the guy behind the guy.." aha.

  • Logan Harlow
    Logan Harlow 3 years ago +1

    πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ i

  • Vitor Yukio Ivasse
    Vitor Yukio Ivasse 3 years ago +1