Your smartphone is blinding you, here's what to do.


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  6 months ago +4171


    • Mr ツ
      Mr ツ Month ago +2


    • Nancy Dolman
      Nancy Dolman 3 months ago

      I don't like the yellow either, but if you leave it on all the time you adjust to it and don't notice the difference after a short time.

    • Ken Fletcher Castro
      Ken Fletcher Castro 3 months ago

      Unbox therapy pls reply, i got a vivoY53 (android)and its on eye protection mode, am i good???(safe)

    DANK8MEMES Day ago +2

    Watching this with blue light filter

    • Salim el
      Salim el 6 hours ago

      Eye comfort activated all time.

  • Subash Karthik
    Subash Karthik 2 days ago

    Any solutions

  • Ryan Uribe
    Ryan Uribe 5 days ago

    Blue is my favorite color ;-(

  • Daves World
    Daves World 5 days ago

    That explains why I need glasses!

  • Uchiha Madara
    Uchiha Madara 7 days ago

    This is really scary.
    In fact 1 minute into this video and I immediately turned down my screen brightness level and turned on my *NIGHT LIGHT MODE* in my display settings.

  • I BennyBoii I
    I BennyBoii I 10 days ago

    Watches 1 min into vid, *checks time - 11:59pm* OH WELL NO


  • Steven Senjaya
    Steven Senjaya 12 days ago +1

    I am using anti blue-light glasses and also activating reading/eye-comfort mode on my smartphone. So yeah.. double protection :3

  • Hassan Khan
    Hassan Khan 16 days ago

    Yes this is absolutely true. I have eye problems now. Now i have brown shades and clouds in my eyes. If you seeing this comment don't ignore, because maybe the next is you... I also consult to 4 different doctors and hospitals but they said *these shades cannot remove for the lifetime there is no cure!*

  • F J
    F J 16 days ago

    Well I’m fucked

  • Đăng Quang
    Đăng Quang 16 days ago +1

    When you get used to the night light mode on your phone and turn it off, you will see the screen really blue. *Trust me*

    • Salim el
      Salim el 6 hours ago

      Yeah... It felt like a knife stabbing your eyes...

  • Vaibhav Chopra
    Vaibhav Chopra 17 days ago +1

    You saved a lot of eyes.

  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV 21 day ago

    SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!Install Twilight app or use the blue light filter on your phone!!!!!!!!!!

  • Theodd partner
    Theodd partner 23 days ago

    My phone has eye protection
    It deletes Blue light

  • Michael Santos
    Michael Santos 23 days ago

    My blue light is color yellow.Its okay to turn that on?

  • Gibbie Jallow
    Gibbie Jallow 23 days ago +1

    I pity those who work in clubs at night

  • ConservativeMedia
    ConservativeMedia 28 days ago

    hat if you use night shift

  • Kaleb Davis
    Kaleb Davis Month ago

    Turn night mood on to turn the blue light off

  • i Phone
    i Phone Month ago

    Paused the video and turned night shift on half way through 😂

  • Jelly Jamez
    Jelly Jamez Month ago +2

    Thats why i wear glasses with a blue light filter 👍

  • Apollo Smile
    Apollo Smile Month ago

    People millions of years ago would have been blind from the sky being blue considering the lumens for the sky compared to a smartphone.

  • 3 Trees Photography

    Maybe people should stop wearing blue in videos and movies.

  • namus 3947
    namus 3947 Month ago

    Once I tried I felt un easy I never switch it on again,Ancient technic

  • Sunata Dayag
    Sunata Dayag Month ago

    My boyfriend dont want to believe me

  • Emmanuel Paz
    Emmanuel Paz Month ago

    I just activated blue light filter for 1 centimeter in the dial from the left.

  • The Chaser
    The Chaser Month ago

    Nah I use mobile for less than a hour

    I play fortnite all day

  • Emerald Epics
    Emerald Epics Month ago

    I gotta remember to turn what on apple calls night mode I’m using it tonight after seeing this

  • WhatChills
    WhatChills Month ago

    I’m goin to sleep now

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy Month ago

    *immediately activates blue light filter*

  • Jacob Warren
    Jacob Warren Month ago

    I've noticed some accelerated blindness in my vision. Mostly blurring and focus loss.

  • Alexander Ivanov
    Alexander Ivanov Month ago

    Oled screens are even worse. Noone is gonna notice my comment.

  • Naif Mohammad Sharif

    So my mother was right about tv turnimg me to blind...

  • CuteKitty xox
    CuteKitty xox Month ago

    I literally turned my light on and blue light filter while watching this

  • Ahmad Hasan
    Ahmad Hasan Month ago

    Thanks Lew you saved my eyes 👀

  • Duncan
    Duncan Month ago

    Laying in bed watching this video. DAMMIT!

  • Elkxsy Shewas
    Elkxsy Shewas Month ago

    Color change actually is not really work, only need computer glasses!

  • o0 RECON 0o
    o0 RECON 0o Month ago

    So if blue light can kill all cells, can it can kill cancer cells?

  • deepak pundir
    deepak pundir Month ago

    So Nokia 3310 sounds like a good option. Lol

  • Aman Deep
    Aman Deep Month ago

    Now everyone turning on there nigh shift on and true tone ..... god i hope you do.....😶

  • Sanju Kumari
    Sanju Kumari 2 months ago

    Reading Mode

  • Arun Amarannavar
    Arun Amarannavar 2 months ago

    It's scaring me ...I can't watch movies in theatre with out glass nowadays.

  • joel gandia
    joel gandia 2 months ago

    Not surprised, I feel it. My eyeballs feel weaker ever since i started staring at this stupid thing everyday.

  • Dan Bridger
    Dan Bridger 2 months ago

    Unfortunately that me in the foto

  • DynamicS
    DynamicS 2 months ago

    Who else turned on night shift 😂😂😂

  • life of juan and stuff
    life of juan and stuff 2 months ago

    1:12 wht tf does he. Have a blue background if its cuasing people to be blind

  • Umar Ghani
    Umar Ghani 2 months ago

    Always turn on blue light filter at night

  • Yuri Ponte
    Yuri Ponte 2 months ago

    That is true im using like for 5 years in front of q computer and phone like 24/7 for the past 5 years this year i went to a doctor to check my eyes because i could not see anything around 5 feet's away form me and when i got there on the end of the exam my doctor said well 60% to 70% of your eye side are lost now i use like strong glasses for the eyes where 6 to 6 months i have to go see a doctor, and im only 24 years old i use the computer for games and some work and now and before my 22 was school work and games now i use blue filter on all my of my stuff.

    • Yuri Ponte
      Yuri Ponte 2 months ago

      People think its a joke or something I thought that to until now

  • Joel Jeong
    Joel Jeong 2 months ago

    The s7 edge has a blue light filter

  • Slime Sisters
    Slime Sisters 2 months ago

    Sounds like pathological blindness from smartphones my mum has retinal eye de attachment due to excess computer use

  • Journeyman
    Journeyman 2 months ago

    Wow I didn't know that! It's creepy! You need to install apps to change blue color to black.

  • Prank You
    Prank You 2 months ago

    Thnk god I am using Samsung J6 and I have always turned on blue light filter option on my screen🤗 hola Mudaaaa fukr...🤣🤣

  • Amelia Roque
    Amelia Roque 2 months ago

    You are weighing the options?

  • Shahrukh Ahmad
    Shahrukh Ahmad 3 months ago

    Thanks for this Lew! I've set this on and told most of my office mates, they're using this right now. Very helpful.

  • SunnyArcade
    SunnyArcade 3 months ago

    Use low brightness, 1000IQ😂

  • xndroo yuh
    xndroo yuh 3 months ago

    download f.lux , it’s perfect

    M N JISUN 3 months ago


  • Donutcomics
    Donutcomics 3 months ago

    That makes sense because I was always on my Xbox and coincidentally got glasses HMMMMMMM.....

  • Amy Delong
    Amy Delong 3 months ago

    Switched to "comfort mode" after watching this and I can already tell a difference in eye strain in less than 24 hours. 😬😳

  • Meno G
    Meno G 3 months ago

    Just turn it on !!!!! After a day or 2 you get used to it and cant even tell.

  • gaming pep
    gaming pep 3 months ago

    Then WTF am I going to do...


  • Ьеllе еlli Anni
    Ьеllе еlli Anni 3 months ago

    This is literally me right now: 0:22

  • Markus Antonious
    Markus Antonious 3 months ago

    For computer watching...simply use Swannicks' blue-blocking glasses. They're excellent. By the way, it's not just smart phones, computers etc, its also the new super bright headlights that, seemingly, no one is objecting to.

  • Buffy Geek
    Buffy Geek 3 months ago

    I leave my blue light filter on permanently.

  • clay jack
    clay jack 3 months ago

    While it’s better to be safe then sorry, you are more likely to damage you eyes by going outside too often without eye protection then stare at a screen for hours without protection. The blue light produced by the sun is much stronger than that of screens.

  • John Averill
    John Averill 3 months ago

    i have a labtop so im ok

  • Rajesh Bhai
    Rajesh Bhai 3 months ago

    My vision was great...but smartphones ruined it. But now I am using eyeglasses which block blue light. It helps a lot!
    Recommend all of you to use it.

  • Dhruvi Parekh
    Dhruvi Parekh 3 months ago

    oh, useful information

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago

    Holy Fuck. We need eye transplants or robotic eyes to happen ASAP!

  • DomiTastyVideos
    DomiTastyVideos 3 months ago

    isnt VR the most dangerous gadget for ur eyes?

  • Bruce Villa
    Bruce Villa 3 months ago

    Buy blue light protection glasses

  • Gggggg
    Gggggg 4 months ago


  • Cyber Mind
    Cyber Mind 4 months ago

    *I am already aware of this and have a blue light blocking glasses*

  • Wandering Lightness
    Wandering Lightness 4 months ago

    Am I the only one whos so afraid of blindness

  • kop pop
    kop pop 4 months ago

    I love my balls all four, and my eyes so I'll listen

  • Zephyr Blackwood
    Zephyr Blackwood 4 months ago

    Honestly, F.lux did this for iPhone during the jailbreak and what it does is the yellow. But t also helps you sleep better . Wish f.lux would be on all phones

  • AlieZ92
    AlieZ92 4 months ago

    Ive been watching screens for a majority of my life since i was like 7. Im 26 now, still 10/10 vision.

  • Aaditya Marwah
    Aaditya Marwah 4 months ago

    Xiaomi phones has read mode

  • All in one chanal
    All in one chanal 4 months ago

    Your cap super

  • Zduz
    Zduz 4 months ago

    I have my brightness low and I got used to it

  • Abhishek Visen
    Abhishek Visen 4 months ago

    my god this is terrifyng....

  • Mmiselo Dlephu
    Mmiselo Dlephu 4 months ago

    Not a nice video to find when you can't sleep.

  • Pearly Gates
    Pearly Gates 4 months ago

    What about the day light?
    I would say ABUSE is PERILOUS,
    MODERATE rhymes with TOLERATE.
    Btw i’m a frustrated rapper. :(

  • Michal Ziobro
    Michal Ziobro 4 months ago

    I dont like this yellowish true ton blue filtera. My eyes are worse when im turning them on. I can watcg blue light all the they and read and this yellowish light make my eyse tired after several minutes

  • Michal Ziobro
    Michal Ziobro 4 months ago

    What about OLED TVs?

  • Rahul M. Prathap
    Rahul M. Prathap 4 months ago

    Thanks Lew. You care for us.. Love you 😘

  • Andrew Webber
    Andrew Webber 4 months ago

    Ive already damaged my retina. Not too sure what its from though. Im 22 years old and on my right eye all I see is 2 black small spots Doesnt blind me at all actually its just really annoying seeing black spots "floating" everywhere my eye goes(very visible when looking at tge blue sky or a white wall) Whats your guys opinions? Is this a damaged retina or is it something else?

  • ziyad hunter03
    ziyad hunter03 4 months ago

    I'm using an app called darker from playstore and it darken your phone screen so that you will not burn your eyeball if you are doing things such as scrolling your instagram at night. Instagram still doesn't have night mode so I think the white background of instagram could increase the damage to your eye if you using it at night.

  • Alexandros Goulas
    Alexandros Goulas 4 months ago

    Android has the option of turning the screen black and white, I think that could be a good way to avoid the problem

  • Korp Z.
    Korp Z. 4 months ago

    I knew it, blue is dangerous

  • table chat
    table chat 4 months ago

    it looks yellow... i dont like this thing but nothing else to do 🤔

  • B_StangF150
    B_StangF150 4 months ago

    S9+, i got that blue light filter on.

  • Uku Sibul
    Uku Sibul 4 months ago

    I've been using the blue light filter on my phone and monitor for months now

  • Ruiner Actual
    Ruiner Actual 4 months ago

    lol glad I've been wearing Gunnar Optiks for 5 years

  • Kaleb
    Kaleb 4 months ago

    Lmao when you've had this on 24/7 and F.lux on your PC for ages

  • Rin
    Rin 4 months ago

    My optician has been warning me for this for several years. My latest pair of glasses I added a bluelight reducing filter to the coating on the glasses.

  • Myles M
    Myles M 4 months ago

    Dark mode. Hmmm.... windows phone was way ahead of its time. Nice Microsoft.

  • Jack Wein
    Jack Wein 4 months ago

    Blue light filter gets rid of most blue light

  • Theseus
    Theseus 4 months ago


  • faris nazar
    faris nazar 4 months ago

    Really.!...I cannot sleep very much😿🙀

  • R Reach
    R Reach 4 months ago

    i just put on eye comfort lol