25 Twisted Gravity Falls Facts That Will Surprise Longtime Fans

  • Published on Apr 16, 2019
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    Gravity Falls is unlike any other cartoon to ever premiere on the Disney Channel and for good reason. The show was serialized, characters changed outfits, and there were layers beneath every single episode Years later and people are STILL discovering things they never noticed before. Whether you were hooked on episode one or binge-watched after the series finale, we’re here to showcase some surprising facts, hidden trivia, and things you may have never known about the series!
    Watch to see some crazy connections to Rick and Morty, learn exactly why the show ended, and find out some secrets behind the character voices. Did you know Gravity Falls has MULTIPLE connections to the world of Spider-Man?! We pull back the mysterious curtain and dive deep into a portal of fun and discovery as we unleash these secrets for you today! Now, let’s dive right in and rediscover one of the greatest summer adventures ever!
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  • Naomi McIlvaine
    Naomi McIlvaine Hour ago

    Um I think there was just the one P&F movie...

  • Yusuf Fatturrahman
    Yusuf Fatturrahman 3 hours ago

    Is that is illuminati

  • immortal shika
    immortal shika 5 hours ago

    So we just gonna ignore the fact that...

    They were the first to predict doki doki literature club..

  • Maguire Hohman
    Maguire Hohman 7 hours ago


  • Yosef Ampaya
    Yosef Ampaya 8 hours ago

    In 4:03 you can see stan looking in at the men in black

  • XplosiveRythm 77
    XplosiveRythm 77 9 hours ago

    Bill cipher playing the piano reminds me of soul eater

  • Douglas Rosser
    Douglas Rosser 10 hours ago

    The Paul Bunyan statue is actually in the Kenton neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Not too far from a "gentlemen's club".

  • TheLegit TUBER
    TheLegit TUBER 10 hours ago

    Leminno video were better

  • Kayla Landin
    Kayla Landin 11 hours ago +1

    There's still hope!

  • Little Toad
    Little Toad 11 hours ago

    gravity falls is real just saying

  • False Shepherd
    False Shepherd 12 hours ago

    Hey, wanna hear a joke?

    See you next summer

  • Ian Pasaporte
    Ian Pasaporte 20 hours ago

    Where the HELL do I buy the book ?????

  • Vaske bjørn
    Vaske bjørn 21 hour ago

    June the 18th is my birthday to LOL

  • Ellis Edwards
    Ellis Edwards 22 hours ago

    Devil show

  • Endo The One
    Endo The One Day ago

    Never even heard of this but will take a look

  • showdown art
    showdown art Day ago

    If I seen bill I'm gone

  • keemy brzee
    keemy brzee Day ago

    Wait...how old is Pokémon

  • Nexum 25
    Nexum 25 Day ago

    You sound different are you feeling okay ?

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick Day ago

    They need a movie

  • 金木健金木健

    Ik why its called gravity falls gravity falls always falls

  • Cyborg Gemerx
    Cyborg Gemerx Day ago

    I’m I the only one who knew all of these

  • King Marco
    King Marco 2 days ago

    Dipper and mable have had a long school year dang

  • mia thenightguard
    mia thenightguard 2 days ago

    If you look up gravity falls Oregon there is an actual place that pops up

  • clare Austin
    clare Austin 2 days ago

    You now what i now im to old to wuch my litte ponny but i rimeder the trip thay are simler

  • xiaomi lover
    xiaomi lover 2 days ago

    Please make a return

  • Tony Stark
    Tony Stark 2 days ago +1

    İ belive season 3 will come Gravity Falls he still lives in my heart im still watching it

  • Littlebugboy Minecraft lover

    That eluminati I feel like I saw it in real life...

  • Cris Lloyd
    Cris Lloyd 2 days ago

    I really miss gravity falls

  • Amaraya Sims
    Amaraya Sims 2 days ago

    I have the same birthday as Alex hersh

  • Cyclops
    Cyclops 3 days ago

    Some people move on but we dont

  • Frank Alvira
    Frank Alvira 3 days ago

    Mables sweaters is the best part of the show it's like the kid of sweaters in a great cartoon

  • Frank Alvira
    Frank Alvira 3 days ago

    Bill cypher rocks greatest cartoon ever right next to SpongeBob

  • Idk Man
    Idk Man 3 days ago


  • Cezil Gannaban
    Cezil Gannaban 3 days ago

    I miss gravity falls T-T

  • WTF no
    WTF no 3 days ago +1

    Gravity Falls is the perfect show
    C H A N G E M Y M I N D

  • Infinite Wolf
    Infinite Wolf 3 days ago

    Press this button if you love Bill Cipher

  • snivy brought me here

    There yt i watched it ok?

  • TheRealFlyingMonkey
    TheRealFlyingMonkey 4 days ago

    I literally just finished watching this show for the first time and wow... amazing stuff

  • Clayton Fabrizio
    Clayton Fabrizio 4 days ago

    i'd want a movie set 200 years after the show

  • Supreme Kid
    Supreme Kid 4 days ago

    I miss gravity falls good show brings back memories

  • Sans the skeleton
    Sans the skeleton 4 days ago +1

    the guy that you showed before louwie ck is a guy from call of duty modern warfare

  • BaccaDragon64
    BaccaDragon64 4 days ago +1

    The mug even had the same question mark

  • the big dog
    the big dog 4 days ago

    road acid trip

  • Videoclipuri cu Stefania Gabriela

    like = one more episode in Gravity Falls

  • - Petra -
    - Petra - 5 days ago +1

    Alex’s birthday is the the day before mine!

  • Ramqa Zaq
    Ramqa Zaq 6 days ago +1

    I really love it...even my nephew and my nieces like it..when i miss 1 series they will told me about it..

  • x x x
    x x x 7 days ago

    forgot how amazing Gravity Falls was man gah damn 🐐

  • Tristan/GG
    Tristan/GG 7 days ago +1

    Others Move On

    But Not Us

    NOT US

  • Shantav
    Shantav 7 days ago

    I am the biggest fan of this animation nerds!

  • Eueueueugh *
    Eueueueugh * 8 days ago

    I have a copy of journal 3😂

  • King T'chaka
    King T'chaka 8 days ago

    Too dark for Disney. Can Netflix take this like Lucifer.

  • Sopiya Ramos
    Sopiya Ramos 8 days ago +1

    see you next summer.

  • Laudika Hifikwa
    Laudika Hifikwa 8 days ago +1

    All I see is a lot of illuminati signs in this cartoon.

  • Margot DeLoche
    Margot DeLoche 8 days ago +2

    Fun fact last summer we n filbert days in Mexico during a summer vacation I found gravity falls on Netflix now my password is gravity falls I have a nickname Mabel not my USclip password though why did I say that

  • IsKyto _
    IsKyto _ 8 days ago

    1:58 that was only one episode cause Mable Dipper kept dropping stuff while time traveling

  • JB money gotta get it
    JB money gotta get it 8 days ago +1

    Also Dipper (I wish Mabel talked last) said that Gravity Falls was in Oregon

  • Let’s get it Bruh
    Let’s get it Bruh 8 days ago

    This show is half of my child hood since I used to watch it with my oldest brother before he left to the navy and star universe and Jesse

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer 8 days ago

    I got the book

  • Nathaniel Nath
    Nathaniel Nath 8 days ago

    Will there be a new season?

  • Michael Stear
    Michael Stear 8 days ago

    Evil af and yall love this

  • Lizeth Santos
    Lizeth Santos 8 days ago

    What it say when it do the whispering in the intro??

  • Hayden Baap
    Hayden Baap 9 days ago

    I need them to continue the show this summer!! Honestly, it would just make sense!

  • Quaking *
    Quaking * 9 days ago

    I wish they can bring it back

  • Smol Marshmallow
    Smol Marshmallow 9 days ago

    Og viewers of gravity falls already knew this

  • Lorhaine Kang
    Lorhaine Kang 9 days ago

    Now i want to watch it again.

  • kawaii artz
    kawaii artz 9 days ago


  • Button Pan
    Button Pan 9 days ago

    This makes me depressed. ;-;

  • Alvin Rodriguez
    Alvin Rodriguez 9 days ago

    I think you know but bill is the illuminati

  • Mac Kenzie
    Mac Kenzie 10 days ago

    *just give us the season 3 that we deserve.*

  • BIG K3LL3N
    BIG K3LL3N 10 days ago

    I watched every episode

  • Dean Maalam
    Dean Maalam 10 days ago

    I just finish watching gravity fall.

  • Daniella Rudzani Masindi

    Bill cipher aka illuminati

  • Edith Gutierrez-Mejia
    Edith Gutierrez-Mejia 11 days ago

    I remember gravity falls but it finished in seasons 2

  • Kakaro Dordas
    Kakaro Dordas 12 days ago +1

    I’m not a fan but I’m interested in this video.

  • UnicornPlays Angie
    UnicornPlays Angie 12 days ago

    Bill is a evil nacho now im going eat him

  • Ivey Brown
    Ivey Brown 12 days ago

    i will be awaiting season 3!!!!!

  • sae molato
    sae molato 13 days ago

    Stop it luminati

  • Kim C
    Kim C 13 days ago

    My birthday is june8

  • The girls Walker
    The girls Walker 13 days ago

    Did you know that Stan is being controlled by Bill because one he wears a hat sometime it shows a triangle with the point in it that's representing Bill's shape and his eye but sometimes it's just like a little round Moon Crescent so he's being controlled by Bill sometimes and that's why he does all the bad things he does.

  • Bailee Bombard
    Bailee Bombard 13 days ago


  • Kaitlyn Jay Yamat
    Kaitlyn Jay Yamat 13 days ago

    I reallt miss gravity falls😭😭😭

  • scotts vloges
    scotts vloges 14 days ago

    Comment F to pay respect

  • Polengski _Meh
    Polengski _Meh 14 days ago

    I watched that because i love mystery

  • Vivian Keefe
    Vivian Keefe 14 days ago

    You forgot the planet people of planet planet show

  • mischa ashley
    mischa ashley 14 days ago

    I miss gravity falls😓

  • Simonbenedict Hervera
    Simonbenedict Hervera 15 days ago

    What if soos father is stan

  • stop me остановои меня

    Rick and morty

  • Amanda Lee
    Amanda Lee 15 days ago +2

    Mission: watch all the Gravity falls episodes again and look for these Easter eggs...
    Also I have a copy of journal three! (You get to discover a whole new dimension that Ford was in!!!!!!)

  • Johny INK.
    Johny INK. 15 days ago

    How are these twisted facts

  • ella._. walko
    ella._. walko 16 days ago

    What a great summer :)

  • Angel Santiago
    Angel Santiago 16 days ago

    Yo yes a full movie I wish they have a gravity fall movie

  • Dan Sutton
    Dan Sutton 16 days ago

    The creators of gravity falls know the creators of Rick and Morty.

  • Bibi
    Bibi 16 days ago

    It's on Netflix.

  • pumpkinman3211
    pumpkinman3211 16 days ago +2

    Someone told me there is gonna be a gravity falls season 4

  • Nastyy
    Nastyy 16 days ago

    I miss this show

  • JDEE
    JDEE 16 days ago

    You know i always thought that they should make a live action tv show.

  • AnimeKing #1999
    AnimeKing #1999 16 days ago

    Its just an H

  • wanna one's shit
    wanna one's shit 16 days ago


  • xadden
    xadden 16 days ago

    I cried at the last episode of Gravity Falls

  • PROBABLYwhyNot YT:3
    PROBABLYwhyNot YT:3 17 days ago

    I will never say this ever i dont like disney
    This is only why i like it