Wacky Trivia Questions with Tamago2474


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  • Tracey Pickering

    Nice sea rabbit shirt james

  • Lil Pigeon
    Lil Pigeon 2 days ago

    who else was only paying attention to the cute tiny dog on the beanbag chair in the background

  • Juan Proano
    Juan Proano 2 days ago


  • tea
    tea 2 days ago


  • Adam Rab
    Adam Rab 3 days ago +1

    There are actually five The Atlantic, The Pacific, The Southern, The Indian, and The Artic.

  • The Bearded Dragon Warrior

    2:56 Rip the dogs ears

  • TheHolyBone
    TheHolyBone 3 days ago

    TheSweaty1sOut 3:00

  • Pug Man
    Pug Man 3 days ago

    An odd1out video that doesn’t have a million views? Impossible.

  • SilverStone XAdvanced

    Tamago Twenty-four seven four -Tamago2474

  • Marko Bogović
    Marko Bogović 4 days ago

    (what is it that you have you will want to share question) i thought the answer was time

  • TheCheeseHorse Returns

    There have been some trees that scientists believe to be 5000 years old.

  • Joe Joe
    Joe Joe 4 days ago +1

    Did anyone see the dog on the bean bag chair

  • Cpr Games
    Cpr Games 4 days ago


  • starburst 696969
    starburst 696969 4 days ago

    Artic Atlantic Pacific Southern Indian those are all oceans

  • Nathan Borjas
    Nathan Borjas 4 days ago

    Install your windo wipers

  • X_Fang_ X
    X_Fang_ X 5 days ago

    9:20 *MEMES*

  • Arctic Edge
    Arctic Edge 5 days ago +1

    I used to live in New Mexico and listening to the grass thing made me think of goat heads that were all over.

    (Not literally, they aren’t actually goat heads. They were little splinter type things that had 2 spikes on them. It hurt so bad and they were inside your house too so you had to wear shoes everywhere.)

  • Kingslay989
    Kingslay989 5 days ago

    3:32 Doggo on the bean bag

  • bogdan95
    bogdan95 5 days ago

    8:40 I thought it was a girlfriend

  • AdrianAtGaming
    AdrianAtGaming 5 days ago

    i think any negative number's square root is i

  • Mika Williams
    Mika Williams 6 days ago

    13:04 cAcTi

  • Julie Walsh
    Julie Walsh 6 days ago

    They dont burry..

  • Sophie Geal
    Sophie Geal 7 days ago +1

    My friend has 4 fingers on one hand, and 5 on the other. The last time I asked her she wasen't called "4 finger Joe!"

  • Ethan Macdonald
    Ethan Macdonald 7 days ago

    Yup there is definitely only 2 oceans

  • Kim Jazmin Babasa
    Kim Jazmin Babasa 7 days ago

    Wait is that a doggo sleeping on the bean bag at the back?

  • Mason Canali
    Mason Canali 7 days ago

    who else noticed the dog in the background

  • Cupcake Shugar
    Cupcake Shugar 8 days ago

    My g.t teacher told me that secret one so I was rolling my eyes

  • Sarah Frank
    Sarah Frank 9 days ago

    I see your pupper in the background. Have you ever introduced it?

  • Benjamin Sedlacek
    Benjamin Sedlacek 10 days ago

    There are four oceans: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Arctic. And Giant Redwood trees have a lifespan of a couple thousand years.

  • Noer Tails
    Noer Tails 10 days ago


  • Dasher Playz
    Dasher Playz 10 days ago

    I won one hundred bucks form my grandpa and bet him a flock of crows was called a murder and said it wasn’t and he looked it up and i was right

  • Fords’ Farm TV
    Fords’ Farm TV 11 days ago

    It should actually be tamago247412101001000.

    Here’s the explanation, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week 4 weeks a month 12 months a year 10 years a decade, 100 years a century, and 1000 years a mellenuim. (But I know that the 4 doesn’t mean 4 weeks a month)

  • ElitePlayz :3
    ElitePlayz :3 13 days ago


  • Invisible Thing
    Invisible Thing 14 days ago +2

    Australia have cacti

  • WE 2021 Sophie M
    WE 2021 Sophie M 14 days ago


  • ElChicoReacts
    ElChicoReacts 14 days ago

    On the ocean question I had said "Specific Ocean" and I'd corrected myself saying "Pacific Ocean" and then he'd did the same thing as me lmao

  • Super _Cx
    Super _Cx 15 days ago

    Is this loss

  • A_Person
    A_Person 15 days ago

    Felony more like Featherally

  • kdpopup
    kdpopup 15 days ago +2

    I didn’t have time to watch this but I still liked it

  • Milky Steroids
    Milky Steroids 17 days ago

    Nice sea rabbit shirt.

    FISHQUEEN 27 17 days ago

    What happened to club penguin?

  • Jamie Boyce for convince


  • Cheezey Kitten
    Cheezey Kitten 19 days ago

    Do u have a dog?!?! Look in the bean bag chair thing!

  • Chris_Minecraft5
    Chris_Minecraft5 19 days ago


  • Alice Clarke
    Alice Clarke 21 day ago

    Isnt eleven a nonagon

  • 선인장Chie Ling_EHC

    White and black can also be friends / bros ✊

  • Pumpkins_rule
    Pumpkins_rule 22 days ago

    7:53 aww I said back to the future which could easily have been the answer

  • GG Heart
    GG Heart 23 days ago

    My solution to that one riddle
    You don't bury survivors

    Unless you want to ☠️😈

  • saltyturtle
    saltyturtle 23 days ago


  • GuyFromSomeWorld
    GuyFromSomeWorld 24 days ago

    "Why would you want to share AIDS?"
    I don't know, but I've heard of a forum full of people who have AIDS and trick people into having sex with them.

  • Ethan Vo
    Ethan Vo 24 days ago


  • Davidson Timathy
    Davidson Timathy 25 days ago

    Rick and morty

  • I am confusion
    I am confusion 26 days ago

    Tamago: What is it that if you have, you will want to share, and if you share, you don't have?
    Me: C H O C O L A T E

  • Cassie Plays
    Cassie Plays 26 days ago

    13:14 my trypophobia is starting to kick in 😖

    CONNER TIMBROOK 28 days ago

    your dog in the back is so freakin cute

  • Ethanagor S-D
    Ethanagor S-D 29 days ago

    camera camera camera camera *bass drops* I GOT BROADS IN ATLANTA

  • lil Marshmellow
    lil Marshmellow 29 days ago

    Actually cacti live in Arizona,Mexico ,new Mexico,and Texas

  • TwoSide Gamer
    TwoSide Gamer 29 days ago


  • Diamond Lynx
    Diamond Lynx Month ago


  • Brendan Kennedy
    Brendan Kennedy Month ago

    did nobody notice the super mario stickers in the background?

  • Cherry Mashmallow
    Cherry Mashmallow Month ago

    artice oceon lol

  • Citty Kat
    Citty Kat Month ago

    It’s a featherny

  • Shavenky
    Shavenky Month ago

    3:00 *armpit sweat*

  • Derpo McRandom
    Derpo McRandom Month ago +1

    I thought the answer to the riddle was money, because if you have it, most people want to be generous and share it, but once they do, that don’t have any money. :/

  • Isabelle AnimalCrazy

    Who wants to share aids?

  • Nathan Zotov
    Nathan Zotov Month ago

    Ask tamago to do a face reveal plzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Enderdragonboy7
    Enderdragonboy7 Month ago

    Its a flock of sheep actually

  • GeekCollector 43
    GeekCollector 43 Month ago

    Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Southern ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean

  • Evil Kanto
    Evil Kanto Month ago


  • f dawer
    f dawer Month ago

    "Even the aidience knew that one" so youre saying were not smart huh?.... i know he didn't mean it.

  • big  shagger
    big shagger Month ago

    plural of “cactus” is “cacti” 😤😤😤

  • Evan Stresser
    Evan Stresser Month ago

    This penguin is not sure weather or not you can eat a secret

  • John Pham
    John Pham Month ago

    3:00 sweaty armpits

  • Trang o'connor
    Trang o'connor Month ago

    I’m so stupid

  • ᴅᴏɴᴛ ᴋɴᴏᴡ


  • ᴅᴏɴᴛ ᴋɴᴏᴡ

    Arm pit sweat

  • George Hands
    George Hands Month ago

    Hes wearing the sea rabbit shirt

  • SCR3AM BO1
    SCR3AM BO1 Month ago

    2:45 Arct ICE

  • Fizer
    Fizer Month ago

    9:27 doge

  • DroidDOES
    DroidDOES Month ago

    What is that vile creature in the beanbag?!

  • tojota 30
    tojota 30 Month ago

    Did you intentionally or accidentally spell misadventures wrong

  • X-Calibre Crew
    X-Calibre Crew Month ago

    What is tamagos real name

  • X-Calibre Crew
    X-Calibre Crew Month ago


  • Mavel Casey
    Mavel Casey Month ago

    12:00 oof the last one didn't work :(

  • Mavel Casey
    Mavel Casey Month ago

    1200 wow I'm ded

  • Glitter Sprinkles
    Glitter Sprinkles Month ago +2

    What is racecar spelt backwards


  • NM Changer
    NM Changer Month ago

    *James's wet underarms at **3:00**! Thank me NOW*

  • Jennifer Yang
    Jennifer Yang Month ago


  • Tezacat
    Tezacat Month ago

    10:30 i thought the answer was going to be time

  • cutest bun bun
    cutest bun bun Month ago

    The thumbnail is gold.

  • Syntax Glass
    Syntax Glass Month ago

    Also throughout the whole vid I was geeking out over the tiny dog asleep in the giant bean chair

  • Syntax Glass
    Syntax Glass Month ago

    *me screaming from **8:41**-**10:34*

  • edrian arcangel Correo

    "i don't have a catchphrase for my second channel yet" is the catchphrase

  • kaiden_tarango tarango

    Does any1 notice the dog on bean bag chair in james's background

  • Max Madly Vids
    Max Madly Vids Month ago

    The sea rabbit

  • Sigurd Edvang
    Sigurd Edvang Month ago


  • Gidget156
    Gidget156 Month ago

    I just noticed what shirt you are wearing 😂

  • Teng0
    Teng0 Month ago

    No u

  • JustTypicall
    JustTypicall Month ago

    3:00 those sweat stains though.