Wacky Trivia Questions with Tamago2474

  • Published on Apr 14, 2018
  • Welcome to a fun trivia show with Tamago2474. The winner gets a million dollars.
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  • LNL Productions
    LNL Productions 8 hours ago +1

    There is a typo in one of the questions, can you find it?

  • Cooper Covington
    Cooper Covington 12 hours ago

    That is a sea rabbit shirt (btw great. Channel)

  • Dredwalker
    Dredwalker 13 hours ago

    *In Arizona we have hard water...*
    Oh yeah johnson utilities

  • hedgehoggamer0916

    Doggo in background

  • RetroGamer R
    RetroGamer R 2 days ago

    Typewriter typewriter are you fat yes am i sesuwan sous

  • HaHa LolLol
    HaHa LolLol 2 days ago


  • Brandon Liew
    Brandon Liew 3 days ago

    A 14 sided poligon is a tetradecagon (tetra=tetris=4)

  • PRONITE 108
    PRONITE 108 6 days ago

    If multiple flocks of crows is called a massacre

  • Rita Strong
    Rita Strong 7 days ago

    A cactis takes 90 years to grow an arm

  • Calypso Goudas
    Calypso Goudas 8 days ago


  • komodoking175
    komodoking175 8 days ago

    There are no penguins in the northern hemisphere

  • Crystal Lizard
    Crystal Lizard 8 days ago

    Rip club pinguin. U are dead, and no one remembers you

  • YoloMasterBoss OnXbox
    YoloMasterBoss OnXbox 10 days ago

    3:01 You good bro?

  • LlamaFlop
    LlamaFlop 11 days ago

    *james:* yeah we have grass
    **looks out the window**

  • Max Killas
    Max Killas 12 days ago +1


  • Dougless Doge
    Dougless Doge 16 days ago

    Tamago can draw better than you

  • tiny human asmar
    tiny human asmar 18 days ago

    3:00 he has really sweaty arm pits

  • Amanda Campbell
    Amanda Campbell 19 days ago

    There are 17 types of penguins not all are in Antarctica, but all are in the southern hemisphere.

  • Demonheart 543
    Demonheart 543 19 days ago

    I just realized that James is wearing a Sea Rabbit shirt

  • Asmr Screaming terrors of thanos and children

    Yes we can all share aids

  • NotJustHenry
    NotJustHenry 21 day ago


  • Tiffany Hancock
    Tiffany Hancock 23 days ago

    The dog in the background is so frestirated on were to sleep 😑😆

  • Corn Doggo
    Corn Doggo 23 days ago

    The sea rabbit

  • Sir Binkle
    Sir Binkle 24 days ago

    lobters are immortal

  • AndreasPlayer1
    AndreasPlayer1 26 days ago

    you already know this video was Legen (wait 3 eyes for it) dary

  • Dan Seaton
    Dan Seaton 26 days ago


  • Rajlakshmi Debi
    Rajlakshmi Debi 26 days ago


  • idk cuber
    idk cuber 27 days ago

    I like tamago

    It tastes good

  • Rosie 114
    Rosie 114 27 days ago

    There's like 5 oceans:
    Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, and Southern, and arctic.
    So geography lesson (kind of)
    Also polar bears are not in the north pole because its located in the middle of the arctic ocean.
    Polar bears name is herbert.
    However I didn't know anything about cacti :)

  • The Other side
    The Other side 27 days ago

    8:38 lol hahaha

  • Dedas
    Dedas 29 days ago

    James is this you is this your second channel

  • ChickenNuggetGame GD

    I love u odd boi and tamago

  • nate golden
    nate golden Month ago

    And texas

  • Calla Animations
    Calla Animations Month ago

    I thought the secret one was money

  • Lemon Time
    Lemon Time Month ago +1

    Dog behind James on the beanbag

  • H.S.G. gaming
    H.S.G. gaming Month ago +1

    Well I live in Australia, so there is a lot murder around the place.

  • Your_Father
    Your_Father Month ago

    Nice sea rabbit murch

  • WalrusKing123
    WalrusKing123 Month ago

    Its cactuses look it up also why is English weird

  • joshied 123
    joshied 123 Month ago

    Australians have hashtag on the number 3

  • Hank Frank
    Hank Frank Month ago

    What is it that if have , you will want to share, and if you share you do not have?
    James: AIDS
    By the way little side story, I didn’t know what AIDS was but one day in geography the textbook said something about AIDS and some people also didn’t know what it was so my class started having a discussion about it.🤣

  • Myname Myname
    Myname Myname Month ago

    7:50 that was my guess

  • Dollop Dallap Animations

    Both my favourite UScliprs come together.... I predicted this after I saw James liked your 100k special video

  • EyE wAtCh
    EyE wAtCh Month ago

    Wanna know what a group of peacock's called?

    A party -maybe-

  • King D - Mind
    King D - Mind Month ago

    Thanks for supporting the Sea Rabbit!

  • The Wall Is Yellow
    The Wall Is Yellow Month ago

    Well of course there’s 2 oceans definitely not 5 oceans absolute genius

  • Dexi_ the_diabetic7

    Has any oun nodisd the puper on the bing bag???

  • Stormysword3240 __gaming

    He sounds like a mix between a British and an African accent

  • Jayden Vina
    Jayden Vina Month ago

    I knew the crow question because of sultan

  • Morro
    Morro Month ago


  • Gacha- Galaxy321GO
    Gacha- Galaxy321GO Month ago

    Pewdiepie needs to pew-DIE-pie

  • RANDOM -
    RANDOM - Month ago +1


  • Well that’s all folks

    Did anyone else notice James amazing shirt?
    Press this if you did

  • Austin Ace
    Austin Ace Month ago

    I see you r wearing The Sea Rabbit merch

  • The_EzPz Noob
    The_EzPz Noob Month ago

    In Missouri the tap water is as clean as purified water

  • The Alkemst
    The Alkemst Month ago

    Hendecagon is Greek not Latin

    I’m greek

  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres Month ago

    People playing terraria in Arizona who want Cactus Armor: Awww

  • Kenneth Macasinag
    Kenneth Macasinag Month ago


  • Kenneth Macasinag
    Kenneth Macasinag Month ago


  • cartooncosmo
    cartooncosmo Month ago


  • Loup Garou Film
    Loup Garou Film Month ago

    Sweaty arm pits

  • Ben Fiedler
    Ben Fiedler Month ago

    I just realized you’re wearing Sea Rabbit merch.

  • GHOST Pro Gamer
    GHOST Pro Gamer Month ago +1

    My two favorite creators

  • Tj and Graysons Nature show

    James thiers a dog in the back downs

  • Nolmart Maridor Gimeno


  • Hetrosexual Man
    Hetrosexual Man Month ago

    3:00 look at them pit stains

  • Its me
    Its me Month ago


    • Its me
      Its me Month ago

      💯 Out of 💯

    • Its me
      Its me Month ago

      Great Comment!!!!!!

    • Its me
      Its me Month ago


  • me, myself and I
    me, myself and I Month ago

    did you see James armpit when he won 200,000 dollars

  • niemand speciaal
    niemand speciaal Month ago

    0:42 fef?

  • iceberg
    iceberg Month ago

    The Sea Rabbit merch hmmmmm....

  • EpicUstain
    EpicUstain Month ago +1

    Tamango has vexx art in the background

  • Kyah
    Kyah Month ago

    There is grass here, just no trees.

  • KingRonin
    KingRonin Month ago

    I thought the” A secret” answer was actually money

  • Holden Leathers
    Holden Leathers 2 months ago


  • 吳子佑 NG TSZ YAU 3C24

    Looks like...

  • Sumire Studios
    Sumire Studios 2 months ago

    I’m in 6th grade and I know a flock of crows is a murder :3

  • Zane Tur
    Zane Tur 2 months ago

    Yeah! I love this guyyyy

  • Nazik Adam
    Nazik Adam 2 months ago

    You should use this channel more I think Mr James.

  • Fox Girl 303
    Fox Girl 303 2 months ago

    Excuse me, good Sir? The longest word you can make with the top row of the keyboard is qwertyuiopoiuytrewq , a Swahili word meaning "gullible". (I hope I spelled that right.)

  • Lina Dusevičiutė
    Lina Dusevičiutė 2 months ago


  • prachi adapwar
    prachi adapwar 2 months ago +1

    "The only two oceans are pacific and Atlantic" Classic muricanssss...

  • Jack Cahill
    Jack Cahill 2 months ago

    He is wearing sea rabbit merch

  • MspLux
    MspLux 2 months ago


  • Zilly
    Zilly 2 months ago

    What is the longest word you can type with the top keys on the keyboard::: POOPY :::12345678910 ||||||||||||||||||| I dunno

  • Ghostly Knight
    Ghostly Knight 2 months ago +1

    Where is the april fools video???

  • Zara Asif
    Zara Asif 2 months ago

    i thought the sharing question's answer was blood ;-; XD

  • Thu The Human 1231233
    Thu The Human 1231233 2 months ago


  • Emma Feickert
    Emma Feickert 2 months ago

    He said that it's a factoid that all the vowels are in the top row except for a, but isn't a factoid NOT a fact?

  • im pinkk
    im pinkk 2 months ago

    3:00 sweaty ;)

  • Broham Hammer
    Broham Hammer 2 months ago

    Some of my two favorite USclip or is collaborating

  • Bookworm145
    Bookworm145 2 months ago

    Why is nobody commenting on the doggo in the bean bag chair?!?!?!

  • Lilza Paluza
    Lilza Paluza 2 months ago

    They may not have gotten 1,000,000 dollars

    But they can still save 15% or more on car insurance.

  • Toby Marshall
    Toby Marshall 2 months ago

    125 years

  • James Pandarakunnil
    James Pandarakunnil 2 months ago


  • Hey there, Emma!
    Hey there, Emma! 2 months ago

    Typewriter :D

  • Gabrielle Lincoln
    Gabrielle Lincoln 2 months ago

    Anyone else notice the doggo friend on the bean bag behind James

  • Jilly Jume
    Jilly Jume 2 months ago

    James: can I phone a friend?
    Tamago: uh sure lol
    James: *calls jaden*

  • Rikagaming
    Rikagaming 2 months ago


  • Frost_Glaceon
    Frost_Glaceon 2 months ago

    His dog is on the bean bag in the background

  • Ninjobot78.9 Jobob
    Ninjobot78.9 Jobob 2 months ago

    Your whereing the sea rabbit

  • songs
    songs 2 months ago

    Hard water is a sample of water which does not readly form lather with soap. Learn from a 8th grader