Wacky Trivia Questions with Tamago2474


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  • SlinkCaribou 207

    7:05 i just realized the way they described rick and morty kinda sounds similar to futurerama

  • kevin masis
    kevin masis Day ago

    I see the puppy in jame's background :D

  • Jurassic park World

    Did anyone else see the dog in the background

  • Baby Jo101
    Baby Jo101 2 days ago

    12:50 noticed that dog sleeping on the beanbag

  • Linnea Sirensjö
    Linnea Sirensjö 3 days ago

    What a cute dog in the background

  • hey it's stephanie
    hey it's stephanie 3 days ago

    What is on your beanbag james?
    Edit: nvm its a doggo

  • Sleeping Aimee
    Sleeping Aimee 4 days ago

    tf… my Y is in the 3rd row

  • Wiggle Piggy
    Wiggle Piggy 4 days ago

    Is there a dog in the backround

  • alanslife1
    alanslife1 5 days ago

    the editing is genius in this !

  • Shirley A
    Shirley A 5 days ago

    .... that moment when James erases the Arctic, Indian & Southern Oceans out of existence...

  • Nonstop Potatoes
    Nonstop Potatoes 6 days ago

    james vs bargain hunt man

  • kirby warrior
    kirby warrior 6 days ago +1

    i'm eat sooupway

  • Aidan Diamond
    Aidan Diamond 8 days ago

    i thought on the secret question was blood because you give blood to people and you lose it.

  • random person
    random person 10 days ago

    During the question about the "want to share it, but once you share it you no longer have it" since they where talking about emotions I thought it was going to be sadness.

  • caboose potato
    caboose potato 10 days ago

    Arizona is h*ckin great

  • Mig the Animator Sed
    Mig the Animator Sed 10 days ago


  • Such An Outcast
    Such An Outcast 10 days ago

    0:02 0:03 0:04 0:05 lights camera action

  • Samurai Puppy
    Samurai Puppy 11 days ago

    doggie cute

  • Zackザック
    Zackザック 12 days ago

    I think I just saw the manslater...

  • Zx 143
    Zx 143 12 days ago

    TheSeaRabbit shirt

  • Cookie Huong
    Cookie Huong 12 days ago

    You're wearing the Sea Rabbit merch!!

  • Ivan14XYU
    Ivan14XYU 13 days ago +1

    This was posted the day It was my Birthday And i Didnt know.... *Im DisSapOinTeD AnD My dAy iS RuINeD*

  • jerry
    jerry 13 days ago

    Texas is even more wild wild west than Arizona also theres a tree that lives around 4000 years

  • Double G
    Double G 14 days ago

    Why does he sound like the TheOdd1sOut?

  • Panda Man
    Panda Man 14 days ago +1

    The bears name in club penguin is Herbert

  • H_yper
    H_yper 15 days ago

    T y p e w r i t e r p o o p q w e r t y

  • jamesiebears gaming and adventures

    Sea rabbit merch

  • Bjas 60
    Bjas 60 17 days ago

    That was my birthday date when you posted this video

  • Felix Boccella
    Felix Boccella 17 days ago

    James has a dog

  • Prox76321
    Prox76321 17 days ago

    I said Rick and Morty before he asked the question boi

  • Prox76321
    Prox76321 17 days ago

    Qwertyuiop poiuytrewQ

  • Random Fandom
    Random Fandom 18 days ago

    Waddle on my friends!

  • SiMpLe LuCk
    SiMpLe LuCk 18 days ago

    anyone else notice the sea rabbit merch

  • Kakeli Kuukeli
    Kakeli Kuukeli 19 days ago +1

    Cool sea rabbit shirt

  • Whatismylife ?
    Whatismylife ? 19 days ago

    Pit stains :)

  • Teason Mortimer
    Teason Mortimer 19 days ago

    at 5:10 i guessed the answer before he said it and i was right lol and im to young to know all the answers!!

  • DPlayzZ
    DPlayzZ 20 days ago

    Tamago2474 Has a Vexx print in his background! Did anyone noticed this..

  • Kelly Do
    Kelly Do 20 days ago +1

    Look in the background of his vid!!

  • Laila Archer
    Laila Archer 20 days ago

    3:00. The pit stains tho

  • Eleanor Neumann
    Eleanor Neumann 20 days ago

    James is wearing a sea rabbit t shirt omg

  • EvilKnowsMe
    EvilKnowsMe 20 days ago

    12:23 cactuses:)

  • A Random Account
    A Random Account 21 day ago

    8:35 i see a little sausage in the back
    Mr sausage liked his chair

  • Feanor of Sunspear
    Feanor of Sunspear 22 days ago

    my keyboard starts with qwertz

  • Sam stefanits
    Sam stefanits 22 days ago

    frick heck frick

  • tenkoto
    tenkoto 23 days ago

    i love tiny dog on big bean bag

  • MagicPanda 1
    MagicPanda 1 24 days ago

    USclip’s on drugs. You’re missing 8 million subs. (It’s a joke, I know this is his second channel. This joke means that James should only have the same amount of subs on both channels, I mean he has the same quality on both channels.)

  • Legendhiomg Gt
    Legendhiomg Gt 25 days ago


  • xd SirFiskies
    xd SirFiskies 25 days ago +1

    10:32 also wealth works too

  • Joey Ponce
    Joey Ponce 25 days ago

    5:59 kind of weird to listen to when you're old enough to know that 'hashtag' used to also be called 'pound sign'

  • Ms.Gaming Fox
    Ms.Gaming Fox 25 days ago

    This channel's subscribed to like 32 channels names jake paul

  • Arya Satwika
    Arya Satwika 26 days ago

    3:00 nice armpits bro

  • Star Lily
    Star Lily 26 days ago


  • Cullen Dillistone
    Cullen Dillistone 27 days ago


  • Siya Saraswat
    Siya Saraswat 28 days ago +1

    Ur catch phrase can be “ i dont have a catchphrase for my second one so bye”

  • Fabi Rosales
    Fabi Rosales 28 days ago +1

    James is wearing The Sea Rabbit shirt

  • SingerBoy
    SingerBoy 29 days ago

    Tamago2474 won against James including the other vid on tamago’s channel

  • An Zook
    An Zook 29 days ago


  • Daz Tyson
    Daz Tyson Month ago

    Doggo take nappo

  • Keyra Vazquez
    Keyra Vazquez Month ago

    Club Penguin Rest in spaghetti never Forghetti *sings a sad song*

  • Th3 G0a7
    Th3 G0a7 Month ago

    I love the animal on the beanbag

  • PinAnims
    PinAnims Month ago

    Does anyone see james chihuahua on the bean bag thing?

  • SilentThunder5
    SilentThunder5 Month ago

    8:42 "What is it that if you have you want to share, and if you share you don't have?"

    Me: *dies*

  • Juliette DeLong
    Juliette DeLong Month ago

    James: yeah it starts off as a shaft and gets more *erect*
    Me: *chokes*

  • FoxyPirateFox9054
    FoxyPirateFox9054 Month ago

    Secret is a ABSTRACT NOUN

  • Lucas Lexmond
    Lucas Lexmond Month ago


  • MrSlikrthanu
    MrSlikrthanu Month ago

    You literally can buy it the sauce at most grocery store lol

  • Neev Gulri
    Neev Gulri Month ago +1

    Bro the Doge in the back!!!!!!

  • Pippy
    Pippy Month ago


  • I_Throw_Rocks_At_Retarded_Kids \\

    There’s a dogger on your bean bag chair, sir

  • Lucas Chelcea
    Lucas Chelcea Month ago +1



  • CoolKoala 1
    CoolKoala 1 Month ago


  • Karon Pad
    Karon Pad Month ago

    Camera Nummbr 3
    Is in my butt😏

  • Draw At Roblox
    Draw At Roblox Month ago

    5 words THE DOG ON THE COUCH

  • danny
    danny Month ago

    tAmAnGo 2474

  • Coy Wagner
    Coy Wagner Month ago

    did anyone see that doggo in the back round

  • Lee HiCcupS
    Lee HiCcupS Month ago

    polar bears is in my country canada

  • Luca Fabri
    Luca Fabri Month ago

    Who's that doggo!!!!

  • Luca Fabri
    Luca Fabri Month ago

    There a doggy I'm the corner

  • Kawaii TV
    Kawaii TV Month ago

    u collabed with an egg!

  • Your Adviser
    Your Adviser Month ago

    The doggo in James background 😁

  • Extreme Roc
    Extreme Roc Month ago

    There also the Indian Ocean

  • Crappy Pants
    Crappy Pants Month ago

    On 5:04 james camera froze a bit

  • Ultra Blue Instintc


  • LIL' Xxx_69VKIN96_xxX
    LIL' Xxx_69VKIN96_xxX Month ago +1

    nice to see tamago is a fellow Brit also why am i commenting here and not on my bois channel

  • Man this
    Man this Month ago

    12:08 WTF

  • Slytherin Potato :3

    R.I.P Club Penguin
    We shall all relocate to animal jam....

    *yeah, no...*

  • Derpy Nerwhal
    Derpy Nerwhal Month ago

    James is wrong. You don't bury the survivors, unless you don't like them.

  • Lachlan Trotman
    Lachlan Trotman Month ago

    Love it how you can just make out james wearing a sea rabit t-shirt

  • Cody Erlanger
    Cody Erlanger Month ago

    We have grass
    We have water
    We have clouds
    Lol sounds like you are trying to be normal.

  • Jeremy Ibarra
    Jeremy Ibarra Month ago

    Pupper on beanbag behind you

  • Unbeatable_MrPleb
    Unbeatable_MrPleb Month ago


  • Demonheart 543
    Demonheart 543 Month ago

    Why is there a cinnamon roll in your bean bag

  • Just A 13 Year Old Watching YouTube

    *A I D S*
    ~James 2018

  • TreezareBreez
    TreezareBreez Month ago

    I learn't that in year 5.

  • TheInfinateSquad
    TheInfinateSquad Month ago

    The polerbear villain's name is Hector

  • Darius, the owl King


  • Kraken
    Kraken Month ago

    I was just watching the dog the whole time

  • ScrubSlayr
    ScrubSlayr Month ago


  • Banana Are Awesome
    Banana Are Awesome Month ago

    Its acctualy the world ocean as all the oceans are connected and there are like 5 oceans dude