Childbirth vs Getting Kicked in the Balls

  • Published on Apr 26, 2013
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    In the battle of the sexes, who suffers more pain? A scientific breakdown of which hurts more - Childbirth or Getting Kicked in the Balls!
    Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).
    Mitchell Moffit
    Gregory Brown
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  • soph1e _215
    soph1e _215 Hour ago

    It’s obviously childbirth

  • Alex B
    Alex B 5 hours ago

    What about kidney stones?

  • Zelda fan
    Zelda fan 6 hours ago +1

    I have no experience but my mom told me stories when she was giving birth to my sis and i. You take this numbing medicine but it didn't work for my mom when's she was giving birth to me. She could feel her ribs separating and the feel if her ..... ripping open.
    Pretty sure getting kicked in the balls does hurt tho cuz boys have 2 testicals and I herd it's pretty painful if you get kicked there. Cuz 1 of them can get stuck in something. This is just from stories shows movies and youtube. I say birth is worse tho cuz YOUR BODY IS RIPPING. YOUR .... IS RIPPING OPEN!!!! Probly a 60% (for women) and 40% (for men). Hope this didn't gross you if you didn't know any of this happend.

  • Ruby B
    Ruby B 7 hours ago +1

    Men we have boobs when we get hit in the boobs it hurts like crap but here we are not dead and pushing babies out of our vaginas. I would also like to add that I see a lot of comments about how well we didn't ask to be kicked in the nuts women don't ask to have a baby because they want the pain they as to have a baby because they want the baby and if going threw tremendous amounts of pain to have this child is what it takes they will.

  • Olivia Raymond
    Olivia Raymond 8 hours ago +1

    3:11 I read a book about a girl with phantom pain and she described it vividly

  • jimmy herron
    jimmy herron 10 hours ago +1

    Women want another child after a year or man will say this about getting hit in balls....balls hurt worse

    • Zelda fan
      Zelda fan 6 hours ago +1

      jimmy herron You are a guy right? Well I am a girl who is 12 but women want to have another child cuz they love giving a life into the world the love the child. The reason they want to have another child is LOVE!

    APPLEYKING 10 hours ago +1

    Imagine giving birth while getting hit in the ball
    Dam that would hurt

  • Fernando Valdez
    Fernando Valdez 11 hours ago +1

    Whenever I punch my balls it tickles.

    • Zelda fan
      Zelda fan 6 hours ago +1

      Fernando Valdez Braaaa you are a perv. YOU TOUCH YOURSELF!?!?

  • Peanut Crunch
    Peanut Crunch 11 hours ago

    Getting hit in the balls- getting shot by a bullet really fast and quickly dying for a few moments you feel misery
    Going through labour- going through misery for up to 8 hrs-72 hrs and slowly dying like you are sick
    This is not comparing to dying, I'm just making an example!

  • Audion Fuzion
    Audion Fuzion 13 hours ago +1

    “Lets have another baby”
    “Go on, boot my balls again”

  • KawaiiKitten
    KawaiiKitten 21 hour ago +1

    Honey have you ever gave birth before

  • Cody Jinn
    Cody Jinn Day ago

    All these people here are like "If men felt the pain of child birth"
    Yeah, you can choose to birth a child. Men can't choose to live in a world without angry feminists
    Despite the fact, woman have evolved for millions of years to give birth. Men haven't evolved to not get hit in the balls. The sight is enough to cause pain.

    Plus, that's all childish shit...
    Living in a mostly far left/SJW area is the most pain anyone has to go through.

  • Supremesoul
    Supremesoul Day ago +1

    They both hurt like a motherfucker I'm and a male and I know child birth can be very painful. So does getting hit in the balls in 1st grade I was climbing up bars and fell on balls it hurt badly.

    • Zelda fan
      Zelda fan 5 hours ago +1

      Supremesoul Yeah that is true

    • Supremesoul
      Supremesoul 5 hours ago +1

      Zelda fan They're usually the same
      but the first time of birth really hurts but it gets easier as you have more children

    • Zelda fan
      Zelda fan 6 hours ago +1

      Supremesoul I am 12. But my mom tells met sooooo much birth is worse

  • StickGhostMiner
    StickGhostMiner Day ago

    Vs broken femur

  • Elle Wazowski
    Elle Wazowski Day ago

    We all know who can answer which is worse. Transgenders

  • soph1e _215
    soph1e _215 Day ago +3

    Woman can literally die form giving birth

    • soph1e _215
      soph1e _215 Hour ago

      Zelda fan exactly

    • Zelda fan
      Zelda fan 6 hours ago +2

      You can't die from getting kicked in the balls

    • Zelda fan
      Zelda fan 6 hours ago +1

      soph1e _215 Yep

  • Animations 2.0
    Animations 2.0 Day ago


    GOOSE Day ago

    Well, medically speaking, men can die from being kicked in the balls due to the shock and the pain. Women do not die from pain alone of child-birth; rather mixture of complications.
    With that said, they are different kind of pains and debating who hurts more is, non-sense. It both hurts. And it doesn't make one gender "more stronger" than the other (or which pain is worse). It's comparing apples to oranges.

    • Zelda fan
      Zelda fan 6 hours ago +1

      GOOSE Women can die from child labor. It's really sad cuz the baby could die to.

  • I think Horses are gay

    Tbh I would think that giving birth is like getting kicked in the balls, but in the abdominal area.

  • The Dreaming Singer

    I read this title and think so kick someone in the balls 5 times and boom they basically just felt child birth

    • Zelda fan
      Zelda fan 6 hours ago

      The Dreaming Singer Yeah lol

  • Bryan Charles
    Bryan Charles Day ago

    @ 1:34 "And while some internal organs such as the liver feel no pain" Ever hear of the liver shot in boxing? That will drop even the burliest and masculine of Men.

  • Fortnite Movies
    Fortnite Movies Day ago

    Every time I get hit in the balls I feel sick after it sucks

  • Rap God
    Rap God Day ago +1


    • Lamees Mohamed
      Lamees Mohamed Day ago

      Rap God Rap God u don't even feel pain of childbirth, shut up plz.

  • xCheerios
    xCheerios 2 days ago +1

    The worst thing about child birth is the child itself.

  • Landen Schmidt
    Landen Schmidt 2 days ago

    If it hurts so damn much why don’t they all have surgery

  • Landen Schmidt
    Landen Schmidt 2 days ago

    You hear girls saying “let’s have another one” never heard a guy say “kick me in the balls again”

  • BlueKid2019 GAME!
    BlueKid2019 GAME! 2 days ago

    My balls are made of *STEEL* 😎👍👌

  • T H I C C B O I
    T H I C C B O I 2 days ago

    Which feels mire painful, child birth or getting hit in the nuts.
    btw i got hit in the nuts today, it was so painful i couldn’t move and my body just fell in to the ground, but damn it hurt.

  • ツ_DemonGP_
    ツ_DemonGP_ 2 days ago

    how did i get there

  • Maria Ghoshal
    Maria Ghoshal 3 days ago

    The picture of the boy was vegeta .wow,

  • Mr.Machees
    Mr.Machees 3 days ago

    So you say let’s have another baby but have you ever heard kick me there again makes you think right

  • shiyasai  __
    shiyasai __ 3 days ago

    All I know is that when I give birth, if I ever have kids that aren't adopted, I'm being put on all kinds of drugs

  • JigglyBanana
    JigglyBanana 3 days ago

    Stepping on a Lego is like birth and getting kicked in ya balls at the same time

  • yazzy50i5
    yazzy50i5 3 days ago

    One to one I don't think there's any good argument to prove that getting kicked in the balls is more painful than childbirth (I am a man who has never and obviously will never experience childbirth, but from where I stand, there's one clear winner here). But that being said, most women give birth maybe once or twice in their lifetime, but men will almost certainly be hit in the balls considerably more than that. Plus there is no reward from being hit in the balls. Only fear for your potential future children (or maybe lack there of). It is also almost always the choice of the mother to have children which entails the pain of childbirth. There is also the option for C-section (which is by no means painless but it's another option nonetheless). I can't see any situation in which getting kicked in the balls brings any sort of reward, unlike childbirth which has an amazing reward on the other side of the ordeal. Periods on the other hand I have more sympathy for. Many women have immense pain every month because of it and there is no way to avoid having them (besides birth control and things of the like but periods come periodically unlike getting kicked in the balls which is random and usually still more infrequent). Just for clarification I would like to reiterate my first point by saying that I do firmly believe that the pain of childbirth far surpasses that of getting kicked in the balls. I just think it is hard to compare an event that occurs maybe once or twice in a lifetime (for most people) and has an amazing result, to something that can happen significantly more often with absolutely no reward.

  • Kelly Wilson
    Kelly Wilson 3 days ago

    Oh shut it boys

  • Salmontres
    Salmontres 3 days ago +1

    what a good answer to a stupid af question

  • i’m slotherin
    i’m slotherin 3 days ago

    I think women do you know why

  • EllaTheDisco Kitty
    EllaTheDisco Kitty 3 days ago


    BRUTAL DRAGON 4 days ago

    It’s acually possible to die at child birth. Soooo, child birth is probably worse

  • nathalie’s planet
    nathalie’s planet 4 days ago

    how is this an argument

  • Millie Owens
    Millie Owens 4 days ago

    You mother trucker. WATCH A WOMAN GIVE BIRTH AND YOU WILL KNOW... what do you know... have you ever given birth? No. Didn’t think so.

    • Millie Owens
      Millie Owens 3 days ago

      I haven’t given birth either. But if you think about it, the average for childbirth is 8 long, painful hours. The average for balls is one or two minutes.

    • Jiminy Cricket
      Jiminy Cricket 3 days ago

      You ever been punched in the nuts? Honestly doubt it.

  • Greg Ameele
    Greg Ameele 4 days ago

    What about kidney stones

  • Tristan Vlogs
    Tristan Vlogs 4 days ago

    I think if it was based of a split second of childbirth getting kicked is worse but because child birth last so long got it overwhelmingly more excruciating

    HOME CARTOON Name 4 days ago

    I can break this lads if you get paintball in the balls it will feel like giving birth 10 times

  • Frans Frisk and sans fan girl undertale

    A women can have it worse if she is giving birth to twins pushing hard and more pain coming in instead of getting kicked in the balls
    But yet again I could be wrong

  • Lilac Cloud
    Lilac Cloud 4 days ago +1

    1. Men y’all don’t have periods
    2. Men y’all can’t give birth
    3. Women y’all don’t have balls
    4. Women y’all can’t get kicked in the balls
    Nobody can feel both pain just sayin’. Women have it worse tbh is that even a question cause I know some people have been in labour for a day. What guy says he’s felt pain from his private place for a day because he got kicked :/ Women push babies out of themselves so WTF do you know how painful it is? It’s like you’re burning and you’re screaming for the most part. Men if you get married and you see your wife giving birth you know how painful it fricking *looks*? I’ve seen 2 people get kicked in the balls but my grandma gave birth to 6 kids and my great grandma had 9. Yeah so this shouldn’t really need explaining

  • Jeanne Santillana
    Jeanne Santillana 4 days ago

    What's the point of asking this question? It's always women that start the debate too. Why should a man care that labor is painful? And how can you know that labor is more painful than nutcracking? All you know is that it lasts longer. Don't even bother replying with a butthurt (or should I say vaginahurt?) comment.

  • H Moox
    H Moox 5 days ago

    I’m a man and even I think birth is more painful

  • Fresh Memes
    Fresh Memes 5 days ago

    Gotta love all of the triggered women in the comments haha

  • Kawaii Land!!!! :3
    Kawaii Land!!!! :3 5 days ago

    Guys don’t listen to these people admin have it way worse

  • Kawaii Land!!!! :3
    Kawaii Land!!!! :3 5 days ago


  • Mankind Unlocked
    Mankind Unlocked 5 days ago

    So is anyone going to mention the numerous pain relief options available during childbirth? Regardless of which hurts more, the pain of childbirth is largely meditated by modern medical technology.

  • Mike Dell
    Mike Dell 5 days ago


  • Jade Floyd
    Jade Floyd 5 days ago +1

    I think periods are way more painful than getting kicked in the balls

  • Random Person
    Random Person 6 days ago +1

    child birth HAS to be wayyy more painful than getting kicked in the ball. It lasts for over 8 hours like stated plus if you are kicked in the balls it goes away in like 10 minutes. I've kicked someone in the balls once before XD

    • Random Person
      Random Person 6 days ago

      although if anyone here calls me a femminist then go f**k yourself because honestly, I would say the same thing for a man

    STARLIGHT ABUTEEN 6 days ago +1

    Ummm ok wat about being smacked in the boobs

    • Jiminy Cricket
      Jiminy Cricket 3 days ago

      Well, as someone who has moobs, I can tell you - Nowhere near comparable.

  • Ryan Baxter
    Ryan Baxter 6 days ago +1

    I'm a dude but giving birth is probably way worse then getting hit in the peanuts

  • Jason
    Jason 6 days ago

    What is pain Somebody in Naruto

  • Felix Sun
    Felix Sun 7 days ago

    i choose getting kick in the ball cause its my nightmare lol

  • The Best OverWelmer
    The Best OverWelmer 7 days ago

    Im a triplet oh gawd the pain mom went through

  • Jocelyn Debritto
    Jocelyn Debritto 7 days ago +1

    It’s not a tie. I’m sorry but I extremely disagree with this. Women are in pain and discomfort for a average of 8 HOURS and pain killers can only do so much. When men get kicked in the balls yes it hurts for the few minutes after the initial kick and then also the lingering pain for another few minutes but they can get over pretty quickly. Yeah they can puke but women shit themselves while giving birth and then also a woman’s vagina, which is the size of a coin, is widening to the size of a watermelon or bigger to push out a HUMAN CHILD!! Yes everyone perceived pain differently but a woman is pushing another person out of them.

    • Jocelyn Debritto
      Jocelyn Debritto 3 days ago

      Jiminy Cricket it can but that doesn’t mean it will every single time I’ve watched guys get hit in the balls hard and they yes initially doubled over in pain. But then after a few minutes stand back up and be totally fine. I’m not saying that it’s the same for every man but that’s what happens with most people that I’ve seen.

    • Jiminy Cricket
      Jiminy Cricket 3 days ago

      Why does everyone think it hurts for a few minutes? It doesn't. It hurts whole lot longer than that. You can feel the effects up to a couple of hours after the initial punch. You can't move. You can't eat. You can't go to toilet. You literally can't do anything. And it can happen any day, at any given time.

    HOSIN SMAILI 7 days ago

    This is nonseones

  • Alex Wilkinson
    Alex Wilkinson 7 days ago

    My balls hurt just watching this

  • TheAwesome Stevo
    TheAwesome Stevo 7 days ago

    How much Dol/Del is being stomped on and taking a chair to the back?
    I hope that fucker stops being a bully.

  • Rusty Link
    Rusty Link 7 days ago

    Getting kicked in the balls is worse than child birth because after birth the women want and other one no guy wants to get kicked into the balls twice

  • Genesis Clark
    Genesis Clark 7 days ago

    Women definitely have it worse because of contractions

  • CoyoteCitron45
    CoyoteCitron45 7 days ago

    Lol stepping on a lego hurts way more than this shit😂

  • Kiwi Birb
    Kiwi Birb 7 days ago

    Favorite part of this vid is the appearance of vegeta😂😂😂

  • Jen TheMemeLord
    Jen TheMemeLord 7 days ago +1

    IS THIS EVEN A QUESTION?!?!?! A WOMAN IS LITTRALLY BEING RIPPED APART AND PEOPLE THINK THAT PAIN IN THE BALLS IS EQUAL TO THAT!?! Woman give birth for hours on end while a pain in the nuts last for maximum of 30-1h. Some women even give birth to twins! What would your mother think of this! I have completely lost hope in humanity. Guys think they have it all rough all the time, girls don't go through the same pain as guys, that's all a lie! Why is this even an argument!!!!!!

    • Jiminy Cricket
      Jiminy Cricket 3 days ago

      Length vs recurrence and duration vs intensity. Most women give birth two or three times in their life. Guys get nutpunched far more often. Women feel continuous pain of immense intensity. Guys feel instant pain that completely cripples them for a length of time that can vary depending on the punch. It's a really stupid debate, because two simply can't be measured, they are different categories. I can tell you that I'm not willing to feel any of the two.

  • Goaler _1
    Goaler _1 8 days ago

    Now, getting shot in the balls. That would truly suck. If shock doesn’t set in I’m pretty sure the pain would much surpass child birth.

  • diamon the chicken
    diamon the chicken 8 days ago

    The people in this comment section are just remarkable .-.

  • _Missle_ 07
    _Missle_ 07 8 days ago

    Getting hit in the balls hurts more than giving birth because after a few years women will say, "Let's have another one!!" I don't see men saying, "C'mon, kick in the balls again"

  • Istvan Mikola
    Istvan Mikola 8 days ago

    Well, a kick in the testicles would definitely hurt more then giving birth. *But* The heavy pain is for maximal 5 min, while a childbirth can take up to an hour. I'd say id rather get a kick in the testicles that giving birth.

  • Bogdan Jovanov
    Bogdan Jovanov 8 days ago

    so many feminists in the comments bullshitting that it is more painful to give birth then get hit in the balls I mean m8 if like 10000000000 people already gave birth and survived it it's not that fkn painful

  • Freddy Chuckbear
    Freddy Chuckbear 8 days ago

    It would be a fierce battle between getting burned or peeling off a hangnail

  • Bomb Power productions

    I Hear passing a kidney stone is more painful than childbirth

  • lol yolo
    lol yolo 10 days ago

    2:53 my way of pain when kicked in the balls is aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seannn Arden
    Seannn Arden 10 days ago

    I have heard that women who have given birth and who have also gotten kidney stones at some point in their life said that kidney stones hurt worse than child birth.

  • Warboi
    Warboi 10 days ago

    If childbirth is sooo painful then why do women ask for more children? You don't see guys asking to get kicked in the balls more

  • Spec DiViNiTY
    Spec DiViNiTY 10 days ago +1

    In sure getting kicked in our 2 little friends is more intense, but childbirth lasts wayyyyy longer. Getting kicked in the balls lasts 1 minute AT MOST. Giving birth takes HOURS.

  • Cooper U
    Cooper U 11 days ago

    Sometimes you here women say "we should have another baby" but I've never said to my mates "right come kick me in the balls once or twice more." Case. Closed.

  • Blue Ant
    Blue Ant 11 days ago

    No it worse for boys CUZ WE MIGHT NOT JAVE THEM ANYMORE

  • John Rose
    John Rose 11 days ago

    Well what I say is that men never say go on kick me in the balls again

  • FandomTrashGirl _
    FandomTrashGirl _ 11 days ago

    But childbirth as he said goes on for an average on 8 hours and being kicked in the balls wont hurt for nearly as long. And it an average of 8 hours of continuous discomfort and pain. In my eyes childbirth is clearly more painful on average

  • Thomas Harris
    Thomas Harris 11 days ago +1

    Hilter lost his left nut in war

  • Personu 2004
    Personu 2004 11 days ago

    Birth can kill you

  • MłkeBløx Tłme
    MłkeBløx Tłme 11 days ago

    My dude if a man gets kicked in the balls hard they will die 🤣

  • The Internet
    The Internet 12 days ago +1

    Heh heh.

  • Márk Szalontai
    Márk Szalontai 12 days ago

    Women have hormons which prevent the agony of childbirth. So maybe they feel less pain than men , but it does not change the fact that for women it lasts for a much longer peroid,so i respect that for them it is worse, but i think maybe the highest peak of the pain when we get kicked in the nuts can be worse because we can not really lower the pain 😅 peace🙏

  • Rainbow six siege God
    Rainbow six siege God 12 days ago

    My nuts feel weird watching this

  • Linda Sluka
    Linda Sluka 12 days ago

    Babies are like a big shit you can't get out.

  • M E M E Z O
    M E M E Z O 12 days ago

    Which is worse
    Getting hit in the balls by a cannon ball
    Giving birth to 10 watermelons
    Edit: Ikr giving birth to watermelons

  • Jonah Hetzler
    Jonah Hetzler 12 days ago

    kidney stones the size of a bibi pellet now that would be compareable and i think both pain expieriences would a 9/10

  • Петър Кирилов

    You ka hit bals a lot of times but virth is ones or twise on avrige

  • GamingAlexBoy
    GamingAlexBoy 12 days ago

    My friend kicked me in the balls 1 time when I was doing the Ronaldo celebration

  • LynxAttack
    LynxAttack 12 days ago

    Getting hit in the nuts is a lot more common.

  • Leemo81 GD
    Leemo81 GD 13 days ago

    It actually depends on how hard you HIT THE BALLS

  • Birbz
    Birbz 13 days ago +1

    Both genders can agree that the worst pain is trying to peel off dead skin on your foot but you peel off too much and it rips off real skin 😣😥

  • Emily Andrea
    Emily Andrea 13 days ago

    all i was thinking about was when Chandler was about to become a dad and he was talking to Elizabeth about if birth hurts more or getting kicked in the nuts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Gab Gab
    Gab Gab 13 days ago +1

    My brother kicked me in the balls, that’s why I’m here..