Childbirth vs Getting Kicked in the Balls

  • Published on Apr 26, 2013
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    In the battle of the sexes, who suffers more pain? A scientific breakdown of which hurts more - Childbirth or Getting Kicked in the Balls!
    Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).
    Mitchell Moffit
    Gregory Brown
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Comments • 45 635

  • Kibo Park
    Kibo Park 49 minutes ago

    ur lying
    balls more hurt

    ESAD EROL 56 minutes ago

    I am a boy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mad Vlogs
    Mad Vlogs 6 hours ago

    Birth is worst I promis you👶🏾👉🏾👎🏿

  • John Sauls
    John Sauls 11 hours ago

    Just listening makes my balls hurt

  • Ralsie from Deltarune
    Ralsie from Deltarune 11 hours ago

    But what about Fortnite dancing in public.

  • MagpieWithACherryOnTop
    MagpieWithACherryOnTop 15 hours ago

    Also doesn’t childbirth last so much longer?

  • MagpieWithACherryOnTop
    MagpieWithACherryOnTop 15 hours ago

    Didn’t they just say that period cramps are as severe or more than a heart attack?
    Literally dying?

  • JosephWithThreeRedEyes
    JosephWithThreeRedEyes 22 hours ago

    What about writing a really long text and getting left on read

  • Garrett Sisneros

    Stepping on legos is the worst pain known to man

  • Nunchuck Truck
    Nunchuck Truck 2 days ago

    Why my peepee hurt

  • Manny King Money
    Manny King Money 2 days ago

    *The worst pain in the world one time I fell off a twirly slide and landed on the bottom part and directly on my balls I wanted to cry if I could I would die I would of rather died I laid there for a good 5 minutes and my dad had to carry me to the house cause I couldn't walk until the next day it feels terrible you lay there praying to God for the pain to go away it feels like your stomach just got punched by a professional boxer with all his power and your testicles feel like they've been squeezed very hard*

  • ThatOneKid
    ThatOneKid 2 days ago +1

    Women already have depression because their dicks fell off.

  • Alex w
    Alex w 3 days ago

    ITS OVER 9000!

  • David Higgins[faceit]

    vs moms belt

  • Mj West
    Mj West 3 days ago

    *feminist have entered the chat

  • Vigilante Silver
    Vigilante Silver 3 days ago

    I was satisfied with this knowledge as soon as Vegeta was in this video.

  • Heartwork by Kitty
    Heartwork by Kitty 3 days ago

    I am so glad this video exists hahah!

  • Not Original snake
    Not Original snake 3 days ago

    Nuts hurt more

  • No point Animations
    No point Animations 4 days ago

    but guess which one is played off for laughs.

  • Ninja
    Ninja 4 days ago

    I think birth, well unless if you were flexible

  • S.I.R. Rappss
    S.I.R. Rappss 4 days ago

    Many women who have both given birth and passed kidney stones have said that kidney stones were worse. Many men who have both been kicked in the balls and passed kidney stones have said that getting kicked in the balls hurt more.

  • S.I.R. Rappss
    S.I.R. Rappss 4 days ago

    Many women who have both given birth and passed kidney stones have said that kidney stones were worse. Many men who have both been kicked in the balls and passed kidney stones have said that getting kicked in the balls hurt more.

  • S.I.R. Rappss
    S.I.R. Rappss 4 days ago

    Many women who have both given birth and passed kidney stones have said that kidney stones were worse. Many men who have both been kicked in the balls and passed kidney stones have said that getting kicked in the balls hurt more.

  • S.I.R. Rappss
    S.I.R. Rappss 4 days ago

    Many women who have both given birth and passed kidney stones have said that kidney stones were worse. Many men who have both been kicked in the balls and passed kidney stones have said that getting kicked in the balls hurt more.

  • Mr Shenanigan
    Mr Shenanigan 4 days ago

    Bahahaha all these triggered women commenting trying to defend themselves. You know you're wrong when you have to desperately try to defend your opinion.

  • StrixGuy 135
    StrixGuy 135 4 days ago

    Yeah giving birth is worse than normal kick in the balls but belive me it would hurt more if someone kicked you like a pro footballer a ball...

  • Is ya boy Creatay
    Is ya boy Creatay 4 days ago

    What about grapes getting operated

    JDKOSEN 4 days ago

    Yea this may be true and all but how often are you gunna give birth and how often you gunna get a nut shot

  • Scarlet O'Hara
    Scarlet O'Hara 4 days ago +1

    Well scientists have proven that a human can only handle 48 units of pain and women experience 58 unit during childbirth

  • Jarden Tisson
    Jarden Tisson 4 days ago

    It is not kicked !! Its just getting hit

  • Ralph Pootawn
    Ralph Pootawn 5 days ago

    >coin-sized hole
    Is this study derived from nuns?

  • Painted Leopard
    Painted Leopard 5 days ago +1

    I could be wrong but have you ever seen a man or boy scream and yell and cry for hours because he got hit there? It doesn't go on for hours and hours, it might still hurt but I'm pretty sure not the same unbearable pain.

    • Shayne Cyan
      Shayne Cyan 18 hours ago +1

      You got a point
      I'd prefer being kicked for an hour then giving birth for two

  • reyes andrea
    reyes andrea 5 days ago

    We all know that the pain that a woman feels is the worst!!

  • Adam 22
    Adam 22 5 days ago

    Ok when was the last time a man asked to get kicked in the balls again? There it's settled.

  • Generic Rarity
    Generic Rarity 5 days ago

    let's throw male circumcision into the mix tbh. that shits just... my god wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  • Asdbalint0944
    Asdbalint0944 5 days ago

    Losing your roblox girlfriend is worse than any kind of pain in this world.

  • Tom Hopper
    Tom Hopper 5 days ago

    What hurts the most kicked in the balls, childbirth or taking an arrow in the knee and not being an adventurer like you.

  • rachel taylør
    rachel taylør 5 days ago +1


    • emma holubová
      emma holubová 4 days ago

      rachel taylør exactly what I was thinking!

  • C I R A D S
    C I R A D S 5 days ago +1

    If ur balls got hit, surely it will hurt
    But no matter how exetremely fatal
    the pain is nor strong impact to ur kokonut nut, it will not cause death,
    But u can never have a child again,
    Don't worry just let ur partner come cum mmm to me, I'll give her a nice big, long, juicy steak.. And I'll make sure I make it Deeeep fry cook it for her, pick her up in 4:20pm 😉😇

  • KillerSpadow
    KillerSpadow 6 days ago

    You wanna know what hurts? Getting a tennis ball at full force right on your balls. And then another one after five minutes.

  • Abdullah Mohammed
    Abdullah Mohammed 6 days ago

    Who else just punched themselves ln the balls

    No, no one
    Ok just me

  • Dredknight06
    Dredknight06 6 days ago

    A girl walked up to me at a dance and kicked me in the balls for no reason.... I was on the ground paralyzed for about 5 minutes

  • Da Kurlzz J-Dog J3T Funny Man Charlie Scene Danny

    I feel birth is worse, kicked goes away after 10-15 minutes. Birth is for 9 months. And you get ripped for some moms.

  • Ava Jean
    Ava Jean 6 days ago +1

    Chandler bing?!?

  • Emtrovert •
    Emtrovert • 6 days ago

    The worst pain is when your Minecraft girlfriend breaks up with you


    What about accidentally erasing your 3 pages essay 🗿

  • Bell Sky
    Bell Sky 6 days ago

    But being a girl is harder than a being a guy

  • The Blue Fugi_
    The Blue Fugi_ 6 days ago

    Yeh but unless after child birth you lose the ability to have children getting kicked in the balls is worse

  • Sydoingthings Clarke

    It’s equal because they said pain is subjective. Men can’t experience the pain of giving birth and probably have a lower tolerance to pain. Since women are bread to have kids (most of the time) their pain tolerance and receptors are probably made to be able to handle pain. Guys never have to endure labour and will never be able to experience what that pain compares to so for them a kick in the balls is the only thing that compares to the pain of child birth .pain is relative to what you have experienced and because a kick is sharp and quick and child birth is long and fatiguing it’s like comparing apples and oranges there is really no way to compare

  • Skittles Smith
    Skittles Smith 6 days ago

    But when people have babies, they usually get given lots of medicine to have less pain.

  • MiniTuber Gameplays en videos

    Woman can control being pregnant men can't control being kicked in the balls

  • Walker Dixon
    Walker Dixon 7 days ago

    Try which one hurts the most:
    1. Stubbing your toe
    2. Stepping on a LEGO

  • Tms_dogz
    Tms_dogz 7 days ago +1

    #1 question
    Why is this in my recommended box

  • Scrawny Migit
    Scrawny Migit 7 days ago +1

    There are a lot of things to think about he said so all feminists trying argue a argument that no one cares about doesn’t matter. And the gents have less variables of pain but maybe more pain. OK

  • Slowly Dying
    Slowly Dying 7 days ago +4

    Females have it WAY worse. Men, try carrying a whole watermelon in a uterus (not saying you have one lol) for nine months and then pushing it out of a whole like he said, the size of a F'ING COIN!!
    Not shaming or anything just trying to prove a point lol.

    • JPlaysYT
      JPlaysYT 6 days ago

      Slowly Dying also women can die from giving birth and so can men. How? If somebody squeezed it they would faint and die, there was a case backing me up furthermore.

    • JPlaysYT
      JPlaysYT 6 days ago

      Slowly Dying Just make sure to check on doctors and get pills and also get more recommended health/medical pills or condoms to reduce the likeliness. Most likely it’s the woman’s choice of having a baby so you can’t put it onto they didn’t want it unless they did accidentally but the chances are low so stop worrying. I’m a boy. Condoms for the men

    • Slowly Dying
      Slowly Dying 7 days ago

      +Happyhunterchen and for the people who do plan to have kids? Or don't plan to have kids but accidentally have kids? Not counting abortions, and those aren't just almost as painful at giving birth but also the pain of knowing you kinda just lost a chance of having that child, and in some cases not being able to have kids again.

    • Happyhunterchen
      Happyhunterchen 7 days ago

      Slowly Dying hey you wouldn’t have a watermelon I’m ur uterus if you don’t plan to have kids BOOOM

  • Lookfinder Gamelol
    Lookfinder Gamelol 7 days ago +1

    Nobody really had both pains to actually say it.
    Male trans do not have balls and female trans cannot give birth so

  • Alastex.
    Alastex. 7 days ago

    Kidney stones are way worse, any women that has experienced both child birth and this will tell you kidney stones hurt more, and men get them more often (Sort of quouting Dr Shaym in 36 questions feminists have for men)

  • agust tea
    agust tea 7 days ago +2

    I KNOW! Period pains VS Being kicked in the balls because technically it is the same thing!!!

  • agust tea
    agust tea 7 days ago +4

    Okay but, having your hips stretched and sometimes pop out of socket while a 'melon sized' baby tears through your vagina must hurt more lmao.

  • JabariFN
    JabariFN 7 days ago +1

    Bruh no one wants to get kicked in the balls again but girls wanna have more kids

  • mississippi bum bum bum

    I bet half of the women who are complaining in the comments haven't even been pregnant

  • All Might
    All Might 7 days ago +22

    The real question is...

    Why does everything have to be a competition?

    • SaulsaWith Chips
      SaulsaWith Chips 4 days ago

      All Might That’s true

    • C I R A D S
      C I R A D S 5 days ago

      *Were equal btw :D*

    • Painted Leopard
      Painted Leopard 6 days ago

      Clap clap clap
      Good job. Have all the gold stars

    • All Might
      All Might 7 days ago +1

      +HeyImGlitch I know, but everyone in the comments seems to be making it one 🤔

    • HeyImGlitch
      HeyImGlitch 7 days ago +1

      All Might it’s not a competition it’s a question

  • Joury .R
    Joury .R 7 days ago +1

    So?? Kick on the balls or birth?

  • I iz Mistake lol xd
    I iz Mistake lol xd 7 days ago +1

    But dem women can just have abortions but if UR A man there's no way of getting out of the pain and it takes u by surprise.

    • Roy Lord of Pherae
      Roy Lord of Pherae 5 days ago

      I iz Mistake lol xd that makes no sense lol just saying, it shouldn’t be an easy answer to what’s harder because abortions are so sickening and wrong I don’t know what’s wrong with this generation thinking murdering babies is okay lol
      But I personally hate being kicked in the balls man I think it’s worse

    • I iz Mistake lol xd
      I iz Mistake lol xd 5 days ago

      +Roy Lord of Pherae the lil buggers growing up inside of her and holding her down it's at her mercy

    • Roy Lord of Pherae
      Roy Lord of Pherae 7 days ago

      I iz Mistake lol xd abortions are so disgusting and should not be normalized. WOMAN SHOULD NOT BE GETTING ABORTIONS ITS MURDER LMFAO

    • DevoRevo
      DevoRevo 7 days ago

      That'd kill you, blood loss

    • mississippi bum bum bum
      mississippi bum bum bum 7 days ago

      Just take a knife and chop off your balls. BAM easy fix

  • Free Player
    Free Player 7 days ago +7

    What about steping on a lego?

    • DevoRevo
      DevoRevo 7 days ago

      Tops child birth and kicked in the balls combined

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith 8 days ago +1

    Child birth can last days. I would rather be in acute agony for a couple hours than in labor for a couple days.

  • Le Yeet
    Le Yeet 8 days ago +1

    Well as a man it’s unfair to compare it to child birth. It would be a period to a ball kick more realistically

  • toothless 123
    toothless 123 8 days ago

    3.14159 this is... not the place to be commenting this...

  • LightningSlash 5
    LightningSlash 5 8 days ago +2

    Which one do you think hurts more
    Women ask for more children but men never ask for a kick in the balls. Am i right?

    • emma holubová
      emma holubová 4 days ago

      Women want to get rid of periods

    • ZoomerKitty101
      ZoomerKitty101 4 days ago


    • happy skeleton
      happy skeleton 7 days ago +1

      Yeah but after giving birth you have a child. Woman go through pregnancy to get a baby, not for the pain.

  • Scoobes
    Scoobes 8 days ago +1

    Kicked in the ball hurts more because women usually want to have a second kid but no guy wants to get kicked in the ballls

  • Q5K
    Q5K 8 days ago

    Kidney stones hurts way worse

  • odsonic
    odsonic 8 days ago

    Foot gout vs bad menstrual cramp

  • Chlorox Rochee II
    Chlorox Rochee II 8 days ago

    She takes the kids: ok
    She frames you for sexual harassment: ok
    Cracks phone: *Commits suicide*

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who 8 days ago

    Kick in balls

  • stole ur man
    stole ur man 8 days ago

    The worst pain is realizing he doesn’t love you anymore..

  • TwentyOneChemicalDiscos

    I think everyone can agree that stepping on a lego is worse than BOTH of these.

  • Max Huncho
    Max Huncho 8 days ago +2

    1 thing
    2 say
    3 words
    4 you

    Stubbing your toe

  • Carter Man
    Carter Man 8 days ago

    Look, just give me the short answer

  • 6345 ツ
    6345 ツ 8 days ago

    What about getting banned on roblox for sexual harrasment

    • All Might
      All Might 7 days ago

      +6345 ツ you sir...or madam missed the joke haha

    • 6345 ツ
      6345 ツ 7 days ago

      +All Might r/wooosh

    • All Might
      All Might 7 days ago

      What happened? Did you reply to someone?

  • The Jack Of All Trades

    How about T-Series passing Pewdiepie

  • HaV0K Hades
    HaV0K Hades 8 days ago +1

    Woman always say LETS HAVE A NOTHER CHILD!!!

    And have you never have heard a man say KICK ME AGAIN!!!

  • Peshmerga 1234
    Peshmerga 1234 8 days ago

    But the worst feeling is when you get an erection when you poop

  • SkiddyBig man2
    SkiddyBig man2 8 days ago

    Can’t go through both so no one knows which is worse ITS A TIE

  • Jim Crowe
    Jim Crowe 8 days ago

    Its a tie???? Id have guessed child birth was way worse. Ive been dropped kicked in the balls and was fine after like an hour.

    • Juan Hernandez
      Juan Hernandez 8 days ago

      the pain that you get the moment you get kicked is what they are comparing i think

  • Paul Seethaler
    Paul Seethaler 8 days ago +2

    I'm really glad i'm male, cuz some girl in my class once forgot some sort of pill to numb her Period pain pr something(am no expert) and cried for 3 hours straight, but at least everybody helped her and tried to comfort her, while we just get laughed at (Mainly by girls) when we get kicked into our balls... I have never seen a man laughing at his pregnant wife while she was in pain......

  • Annika Roe
    Annika Roe 8 days ago

    woman can die much more frequently in child birth. It’s rare for a man to die from getting kicked in the balls

  • WhoAm I
    WhoAm I 8 days ago

    Why would anyone want to have more pain just to prove a stupid point. I rather be the one in less pain and then be like Haa you are in pain. Lol

  • Uranium Lizard636
    Uranium Lizard636 8 days ago


  • Vinod Rai
    Vinod Rai 9 days ago

    It pain harder when you die outside the playzone

  • kllledmyself
    kllledmyself 9 days ago


  • Vinod Rai
    Vinod Rai 9 days ago

    I'm Niket Rai
    My friend used to kick me on my testi(Ahum!)
    And now
    I can tolerate the pain

  • GENGAR Gaming1
    GENGAR Gaming1 9 days ago

    This came from Friends

  • Sierra and Deshawn’s Fun Channel

    Over all girl is much worse.

  • Grace Davis
    Grace Davis 9 days ago +1


  • Autis m
    Autis m 9 days ago

    My disappointment is immeasurable

  • kd withtheshot
    kd withtheshot 9 days ago

    Who else is a different GeNdEr and can't relate to this??

  • FasToni
    FasToni 9 days ago +3

    Mens that think giving birth is worst: a little
    Womens that think getting hit in the balls is worst: none

  • Brian Donner
    Brian Donner 9 days ago

    Childbirth: Once every few years
    Getting hit in the nuts: Once every few days

  • Sydnee Cho
    Sydnee Cho 9 days ago

    i dropped a hardcover on my braless chest once??