Childbirth vs Getting Kicked in the Balls

  • Published on Apr 26, 2013
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    In the battle of the sexes, who suffers more pain? A scientific breakdown of which hurts more - Childbirth or Getting Kicked in the Balls!
    Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).
    Mitchell Moffit
    Gregory Brown
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Comments • 43 537

  • Zak
    Zak Hour ago

    Tbh I feel like a kick to the nuts hurts more in that single moment. However 9 months carrying a watermelon and 8 hours of giving birth... naaaaahhh kick me in the balls any day over that.

  • Jaylan Hatchett
    Jaylan Hatchett 7 hours ago +1

    Whats 9+10

  • Wesley Haynes
    Wesley Haynes 9 hours ago

    Child birth hurts about twice as much as getting kicked in the ball, let's just say that okay? And then let's say a woman gives birth three times, still with me? Okay, if childbirth hurts twice was much as getting kicked in the balls and go give birth three times, that's equal to six kicks in the balls, now tell me what man gets kicked in the balls only six times in their life? None. Let's say its three times four times five times ten times even. That is only 30 kicks. So it hurts more but you less pain overall. Note this is not taking account for getting punched in the nuts, landing on your nuts or anything like that. This is also not taking into account periods. Thank for your times.

  • trigger rydir
    trigger rydir 10 hours ago

    Theres no pain like ball pain

  • Once upon a Time
    Once upon a Time 11 hours ago

    Now I dont want a kid

  • EchoFlame Gaming
    EchoFlame Gaming 12 hours ago

    Already seen this in a book before

  • The Irving show Trio
    The Irving show Trio 12 hours ago

    Why did I watch this

  • mr. steal ur meme
    mr. steal ur meme 14 hours ago

    Mt balls hurt watching the first part

  • MarcusofMenace
    MarcusofMenace 15 hours ago

    What is pain? Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me. No more

  • moo man
    moo man 15 hours ago

    I was riding my bicycle when suddenly, I had to slam the brakes, I slipper off my saddle and could't stand UP for 5 minutes

  • 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    If you get kicked in the balls that means no child birth boom!

  • Gimmo Lv
    Gimmo Lv 15 hours ago +1

    I think getting kicked to the balls is more painful!Because which man asks to kick his balls anothertime?But womens wants to get more childrens!:)

  • J-kun
    J-kun 16 hours ago

    Yo you ever sat on your own balls during a hot summer.

  • idonthaveagoodname lol
    idonthaveagoodname lol 16 hours ago

    For everyone saying there’s no difference or whatever first of all getting kicked in the balls won’t benefit anything but having a baby and being pregnant will actually get something out of it (a baby)

  • Omega
    Omega 17 hours ago +9

    What's harder to do?
    - Childbirth
    - Peeing while having a erection.

  • Mr. Butterfingers2
    Mr. Butterfingers2 18 hours ago

    Huh pain cells are called Nociceptors, when I first watched this, I didn’t have any attention to detail. Gj!

  • Patrick Davis
    Patrick Davis 21 hour ago

    I knew it i knew it i knew it getting kicked in the balls is the worst

  • 10,000 subs no vids challenge

    Kicking the kids or pushing out the kid(s) lmao. Nah but all jokes aside im a dude but i got to go with childbirth being more painful

    • Xelsoice
      Xelsoice 11 hours ago

      +10,000 subs no vids challenge You don't understand, people have been shot and stabbed and still walk, so pushing a watermelon shouldn't be as painful as what i just mentioned. So how does getting hit in the nuts cause a man to instantly fall while any girl can still be conscious while having birth? Its worse for women because they have to endure pain for a long time, but in a single second, getting hit in the balls is technically more "painful"

    • 10,000 subs no vids challenge
      10,000 subs no vids challenge 12 hours ago

      +Xelsoice pushing a watermelon hurts more than taking a hit to the balls tbh common sense

    • Xelsoice
      Xelsoice 12 hours ago

      Getting hit in the balls hurts more at once. All the symptoms of childbirth happen over time, but getting a ball hit makes all the symptoms listed in this video happen AT ONCE.

  • Rhianna Bieber
    Rhianna Bieber Day ago

    .....anyways, im going to target ya’ll want anything ?

  • Misty Chan
    Misty Chan Day ago

    Women also have the pain of dealing with sexist men who won’t take this video into consideration and cry over their little sacks.

  • Clacky/ DoomKillerPower

    A Lego block

  • hamGaming 905
    hamGaming 905 Day ago

    Minute earth is better

  • lil pudge
    lil pudge Day ago

    Neither, getting icy hot on your balls is the most painful thing actually ever

  • Bucky Boi
    Bucky Boi Day ago

    I’m excuse me I sexually identify as a Toucan

  • BMA N
    BMA N Day ago

    Ayeeee C section;)

  • Swift Umbra
    Swift Umbra Day ago

    Anyone else wanting to hide their balls now?

  • HF HF
    HF HF Day ago +2

    how often do women give birth tho? thats what i thought. Men are having a harder time than women

    • drawpetug
      drawpetug 4 hours ago

      +Goro everyday??

    • Goro
      Goro 12 hours ago

      +drawpetug i get kicked in my balls 3 in 24 hours i couldn't stand

    • drawpetug
      drawpetug 15 hours ago

      How often do men get kicked on their balls tho? Just wondering

  • Casper Haugan
    Casper Haugan Day ago +1

    Try kidney stones vs birth

  • David Senar
    David Senar Day ago +1

    Can’t women just get a c-section so they don’t go through the pain. 🤔

  • IIDestinyIII Roni

    What about getting hit in the boob ;(

  • Marijn Sopers
    Marijn Sopers 2 days ago +1

    But woman have 11 months to get ready for it

  • Mafi4n7
    Mafi4n7 2 days ago

    You get kicked in the balls like once a week you can only have birth every 9 months

  • Taylah Warren
    Taylah Warren 2 days ago

    But.... Once I broke my little toe and fainted.

  • Taylah Warren
    Taylah Warren 2 days ago +1

    Woman can mentally handle pain better. We are better at emotions, while men are normally judgemental when found in quite stressfull situations. We woman can recognise our emotions better. Before you say woman cry, we cry more because we have smaller tear sacks and men have larger, as well as the reasons above.
    Birth is scientifically marked to be the second most painful thing in the world before being burned alive.
    We also have hormones that makes us more emotional, and periods can cause stress. Also, we have hormones that can make things not so painful.
    Facts, peeps!

  • Kaitlin Miller
    Kaitlin Miller 2 days ago

    It should be my period cramps compared to getting kicked in the balls when you tell me my cramps aren’t even that bad....

  • WaTeVa
    WaTeVa 2 days ago +2

    Okay let’s put it this way Girl turn to a boy. She gets kicked in the balls she screaming wanting to die or won’t even survive the pain and A boy turns to a girl he gives birth he will want to die or won’t even survive the pain boys and girls are different so stop comparing the pain

    Don’t get mad at me it’s just a joke

  • Sylvie Morin
    Sylvie Morin 2 days ago

    Don't forget about CRAMPS!!

  • Blythe. Stylinson.Holland

    Women have to be in the hospital for days after they give birth yet a man can get kicked and get over it in about 30 mins to an hour. Men need to give birth and then say shit.

    • Xelsoice
      Xelsoice 12 hours ago

      But men experience all the symptoms listed in this video in a single moment which is why even the biggest dudes fall to the floor. For women it happens over time. Not all at once in a concentrated spot. Men experience more pain that woman in a single instant.

  • John Gallegos
    John Gallegos 2 days ago

    I Was In Sixth Grade And I Got Hit In The Balls VERY VERY HARD It Was Painfully Embarrassing And I Passed Out For An Hour The Kid Who Hit Me Which Unfortunately Was An 8th Grader And He Got Suspended Because He Teased Me And Kicked My Part Again The Very Next Day. (It Was Painful Don’t Let This Happen To You!)

  • Livy looloo 4357
    Livy looloo 4357 2 days ago

    Women have it WAY worse

  • mini monster
    mini monster 2 days ago

    It hurts women more when ther kiked u now wear because it is a hollow bone

  • T.L
    T.L 2 days ago

    Getting kicked in the balls doesn't really hurt *that* much.

  • Pwoot Mc scoot
    Pwoot Mc scoot 2 days ago

    I already have cracked eggs

  • Amy Me
    Amy Me 2 days ago

    Hold up so u acc gonna try to compare that shit 🙄 birth can last around 28 hours plus 9 uncomfortable months. I’ve seen boys get punched in the balls and get up 2 mins later

  • Kadomex
    Kadomex 2 days ago +1

    Getting kicked in the balls is swift, over in a moment and the pain doesn't last nearly as long. Childbirth lasts way longer, more often than not tears the vagina and takes a couple months to heal. Are we just gonna ignore the pool of blood as well? Maybe that surge of pain in the initial moment of being kicked hurts as much but it's so brief I don't see how we could compare the two.

  • Blupon
    Blupon 2 days ago

    Getting kicked in the balls is lethal, i've experienced testicles getting destroyed, and.. It was the worst experience I've ever felt

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman 3 days ago

    My friend throw an eraser directly on my testicle...i ended up throwing him in the ground and kicking him....

  • Terry
    Terry 3 days ago

    So nobody gets the chicken dinner...

  • Blade of Woe
    Blade of Woe 3 days ago +1

    The world shall know pain

  • Ts Magic
    Ts Magic 3 days ago

    I wish you were my teacher

  • Blue Mob
    Blue Mob 3 days ago

    Well at least when women give birth they get a baby a human being but when you’re kicked in the balls you don’t get anything out of that

  • mason heal
    mason heal 3 days ago

    Lol just wear a cricket box 24/7

  • Freddie Perez
    Freddie Perez 3 days ago

    Why they gotta do my man Vegeta like that😂😂😫

  • jared davis
    jared davis 3 days ago

    That's not a coin sized hole it dialtates

  • Bernardo Shnardo
    Bernardo Shnardo 3 days ago

    People react differently to pain so of ur a huge pussy and getting kicked in the balls will probably kill you than u could not survive giving birth and I respect women who in order to increase a family they will have to go through a huge amount of pain and in some cases change their body permanently.

  • BluestVane
    BluestVane 3 days ago

    One time I was fighting with my friend and he kicked my balls and I was laying on the floor for at least 15 minutes

  • Keefer Chapman
    Keefer Chapman 3 days ago

    My mom gave birth with and without anything to numb the pain she said it isn’t nearly as bad as people say it is

  • XtRa Toxic
    XtRa Toxic 3 days ago

    I just going to say this before watching the vid: getting kicked in the balls enough can lead to a heart attack

  • Winter Joice
    Winter Joice 3 days ago

    My balls hurt watching this

  • Galaxy_Kitten 43
    Galaxy_Kitten 43 3 days ago +1

    I think giving birth is painful because there is a 1% chance that you will die giving birth...

  • Lauren Batchelor
    Lauren Batchelor 3 days ago +2

    Can I just say that I haven’t watched the video yet but I need to say:
    No matter how high or low someone pain tolerance is, childbirth will be much more painful as you are pushing a human out of you.

    • Nononjaw
      Nononjaw 11 hours ago

      How would you know?? you are a woman right??

  • wolfy
    wolfy 3 days ago

    What about steping on lego

  • wolfy
    wolfy 3 days ago

    I say childbirth because a hit in the balls is for a day but childbirth is for 9 months

  • Edofers matlack
    Edofers matlack 3 days ago

    If you get kicked in the balls hard enough you can die

  • Ya Sure thing
    Ya Sure thing 3 days ago

    You kidding? Even tho I’m a dude I know child birth is probably the most painful thing one can experience.

  • Daliqe
    Daliqe 3 days ago

    Kidney Stones 👌

  • AndrewIsCool
    AndrewIsCool 3 days ago

    That's nothing. The real most painful thing is stepping on a lego

  • Commander Carl
    Commander Carl 3 days ago

    Too lazy to watch vid, someone tell me which hurts more.

  • iopa tiadra
    iopa tiadra 3 days ago

    Girls u have no idea how it feels getting kicked in the balls

  • Hazardous 088
    Hazardous 088 3 days ago

    Doesn't matter, passing a kidney stone is worse than both of these ...

  • Juan Chen Wu
    Juan Chen Wu 3 days ago

    im surprised that theres no lego stepping joke in the top

  • Kezza Love
    Kezza Love 3 days ago

    Women DIE from giving birth. What could possibly be worse than death. It is highly unlikely for men to die from a kick in the balls... Besides, women get periods and period cramps as well as childbirth.

  • Andrew Caraway
    Andrew Caraway 3 days ago

    What about Childbirth vs. a male passing a kidney stone?

  • Kai_ Chi
    Kai_ Chi 4 days ago

    Don't click read more.

    You are a savage.
    And I like you. :)

  • Matthew 830
    Matthew 830 4 days ago

    I'm only here because I watched a bear get hit in the nuts. Yeah, it was brutal.

  • game player
    game player 4 days ago

    One time a soccer ball hit me in the balls and I freaking collapsed... still think girls have it worse though the pains gone after a couple minuits NOT FREAKING 8 HOURS

  • Cakes Gaming
    Cakes Gaming 4 days ago

    Now I am more nervous for when I am older😢

  • Raptor crusader
    Raptor crusader 4 days ago

    Being friend zoned is the most painful

  • Connor Sweeney
    Connor Sweeney 4 days ago

    Woman birth is much worst! It last like 8 hours and you have to sit in a fricking hospital for ever. When kicked in the balls it hurts but doesn't last 8 hours. Plus people die from birth... Fo people die from pain to the balls... No...Do we jave it worst

  • CarbOnl y
    CarbOnl y 4 days ago

    dolor, dollar


  • Enza Denino
    Enza Denino 4 days ago

    This is why Men are superior

  • Kyndal Wirtz
    Kyndal Wirtz 4 days ago

    Depends how long you've been in labor and how hard the blow is so, itsn it a tie until we know that. Imbeciles. 😒

  • Tomato Gaming
    Tomato Gaming 4 days ago

    My hands went numb

  • Shark Man X bro!
    Shark Man X bro! 4 days ago

    I don't care what you say... Getting kicked in the balls is the worst thing ever. I would rather get all my limbs ripped off then kicked in the sack.

  • Shmoo
    Shmoo 4 days ago

    I’ve always wondered if you do get kicked in the balls how bad is it for producing sperm?

  • PandaBunny Games
    PandaBunny Games 4 days ago

    Girls have it worse, they did not include bras, periods, things for periods, cramps,etc.

  • Robert Blackburn
    Robert Blackburn 4 days ago

    Giving birth hurts more I'm assume but women don't give birth alot men get hit in the balls a lot more

  • Emma B
    Emma B 4 days ago

    I mean we all have a different pain tolerance also we can't tell for sure nobody has gone through both. It's basically impossible

  • Gxtorshot
    Gxtorshot 4 days ago

    What about the pain when you get your grades back?

  • Tristan Mathews
    Tristan Mathews 4 days ago

    If a cow eats a pickle will it explode? Please answer this is urgent!!!

  • Lucy lucy
    Lucy lucy 4 days ago

    Does it matter?

  • Kirby Brown
    Kirby Brown 4 days ago

    Depends how hard u kick the nuts and depends if you have an epidural I still think woman have more pain

  • Pokemon Go
    Pokemon Go 4 days ago

    Mental pain is way worse than physical pain say with a headache you have to lie down but with say a hurt arm you can still do stuff

  • Cosmic Salmon
    Cosmic Salmon 4 days ago

    My mate got kicked in the nuts so hard he collapsed on the floor and could not stand for a bit then could not walk. I personally think he has a wonky wang now.

  • Black rose Official
    Black rose Official 4 days ago

    The vagina is way smaller than a coin though...

  • BarbeQSauce
    BarbeQSauce 4 days ago

    I got kicked in the goonies ealier today at school. JESUS CHRIST IT HURT

  • bala ganga
    bala ganga 4 days ago

    Stepping on legos hurts more than both.

  • Roostar Head
    Roostar Head 4 days ago +3

    Child birth vs. getting kicked in the balls
    Is the same as saying Ni**er vs. Cracker

    Like if you know what I mean

  • davidmicheal
    davidmicheal 4 days ago

    I would say child birth is worse. But most mums will only have to go through it 1-3 in a lifetime...
    And as a kid you get kicked in the balls about 578 times a year...

    • davidmicheal
      davidmicheal 3 days ago

      +FencerDoesStuff Well no..... As an average kid it's probably 139 times
      But my two of my friends....Yeh....they raise the average.

    • FencerDoesStuff
      FencerDoesStuff 3 days ago


  • Aiden Howlin
    Aiden Howlin 4 days ago

    You hear Susan say oh yeah let’s have another baby but I’ve neither heard a man say go ahead Dave kick me in the balls again