Jurassic World (2015) KILL COUNT


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  • Dead Meat
    Dead Meat  6 months ago +998

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    • Astray Noir
      Astray Noir 5 days ago

      Dead Meat that person who was taken up into the trees and makes a literal blood shower by the I-Rex was a woman just a bit of a heads up

    • Jun hee Bae
      Jun hee Bae 7 days ago

      I do not hear a period in your commentary

    • Kevin Dong
      Kevin Dong 29 days ago

      i love that even the links he puts in the description aren't affiliate links

    • Lesta Barksda
      Lesta Barksda Month ago

      You acualy did this wow

    • Auden Newnan
      Auden Newnan Month ago

      She British

    SUPERSTAN777 28 minutes ago

    It should be called Cretaceous park/world
    I men’s look the T. rex, Spinos, vilociraptor,Carnotaurus,gallimimus,baryonyx,utahraptor, are all in the Cretaceous period
    The only thing that’s in the Jurassic period that in Jurassic park are the
    I prob missed some but still! The MASKOT is a rex but the rex is in the Cretaceous._.

  • Atomicflounder42
    Atomicflounder42 10 hours ago

    Chris pratt and the director didnt tell that lady about the kiss she was a part of? Im glad it turned out fine, but if she wanted to, she could have easily filed for sexual assualt. Actors need to be more careful

  • Dino Lover
    Dino Lover 17 hours ago

    4:44 PAUSE HOLD UP look at that face

  • modernorpheus
    modernorpheus 20 hours ago

    Zara's death wouldn't have felt so bad if they had:
    1) Made her character hateable, like Vic
    2) Made the kill less elaborate (and less fun)
    3) Made the kill funnier ("I'm okay!" >chomp

  • Janet Wasp
    Janet Wasp 22 hours ago

    Tremors series please.

  • Infinite Shadow Kun

    22:45 It Can CAMOUFLAGE!

  • poodook
    poodook Day ago

    That Happy Gilmore reference 😭😭😭😭

    BACONB0YZ Day ago

    The waterfall the kids jumped over looks like the same one that Arnold fell off in predator 1

  • Anthony Holfinger

    They should have given indominous a shoulder cannon
    Infrared vision

  • Anthony Holfinger

    Without seeing the newest one here is my list.
    1. JP 1
    2. JW
    3. JP 2
    4. JP 3

  • Dylan Hamilton
    Dylan Hamilton Day ago

    Why did he flip the camera on Hamida's death at 10:14 .In the film the Indomanas rex came from the left side of the screen not the right

  • YO YO
    YO YO 2 days ago

    man wish you'd just get on with the kill count

  • I_am A_Lizard
    I_am A_Lizard 2 days ago

    I'm really happy that james actually took the time to research each of these dinosaurs/Pterosaurs/marine reptiles and learned to pronounce all of them correctly. Good job, James.

  • ThatNekoTrap
    ThatNekoTrap 2 days ago

    all the mososaur wanted were some quiet

  • Bricks and World Building

    20:40 delta 4th

  • Bricks and World Building

    18:36 Charlie 3rd in command

  • Bricks and World Building

    12:00 it was da alpha protecting its herd. Wait if all of them attacked they could of won.

  • Deivy Dominguez
    Deivy Dominguez 3 days ago


  • Brooke Picasso
    Brooke Picasso 3 days ago

    That’s just like me in the morning with my alarm like SHUT THE HECK UP

  • 106.7 the detroit fox

    On april 12 can you make a kill count about titanic cuz people died on the ship? Am i right

  • Engsunglee's Channel


  • ItsLopeta Martinez-Himenez

    This was uploaded the day after my birthday

  • Lance 2eZ
    Lance 2eZ 4 days ago

    I didn’t know Peter Quill was in the movie

  • Lance 2eZ
    Lance 2eZ 4 days ago

    I love your humor is just on point not too much and not too little. And plus you remind me of Gordon Hayward.

  • Umbra The Raptor
    Umbra The Raptor 5 days ago

    I want to pet a gallimimus

  • Jack Fincham
    Jack Fincham 5 days ago

    I counted 26 kills

  • Ivan Jevtic
    Ivan Jevtic 5 days ago

    14:21 15 not 13 you only counted 1 guy

  • Rextimina
    Rextimina 5 days ago

    Technically if want to say anything the raptors didn't fully go against Owen if you realize some small things they did, all 4 looked at Owen more like they did to see what his order was and only attacked the people they saw as a threat from being shot at.

  • Jason
    Jason 5 days ago

    Henry Wong is the Henry Wong in bird box

  • Quagsire The boat killer

    Of courses the wife is Karren

  • Raven Demon
    Raven Demon 6 days ago +1

    3:51 wait isn’t she British James?😂😁

  • Sami Phelps ~BookwormforLife~


  • DGdiamond girl
    DGdiamond girl 6 days ago

    Dont dinos also count

  • Andrew Boyce
    Andrew Boyce 6 days ago

    Do you think that they would get sued for like billions and billions of dollars? But how can Claire have a job in the sequel?

  • Shotgun Gaming
    Shotgun Gaming 6 days ago +1

    The- they killed the raptors those monsters 😢

  • The Axolotl
    The Axolotl 6 days ago

    the children have escaped the orb of fun

  • Pickle Rick and Larry Kissing

    if it wasnt for the murderous invisible demon lizard id go here

  • V3NØM
    V3NØM 6 days ago


  • xxMIA METALxx
    xxMIA METALxx 6 days ago


  • Hendawg 414
    Hendawg 414 6 days ago

    that raptor that got blown up with the bazooka was actually delta.

  • Jack Tabery
    Jack Tabery 7 days ago


  • England Life234
    England Life234 7 days ago


  • Morgan Evans
    Morgan Evans 7 days ago

    The kill count was 24 but for the kill on average was 23

  • loki 1
    loki 1 7 days ago

    The indominus rex in in the egg at the start

  • Awesomeguy9202 Hoffman

    “And the mossasour has to ask for some more peace and god damn quiet” I started dying

  • Ryan Lu
    Ryan Lu 7 days ago

    Also if all dinosaurs have shocking trackers *USE THEM*

  • Ryan Lu
    Ryan Lu 7 days ago

    Why is Claire not putting her arms in the arm holes of her jacket

  • Queen susy
    Queen susy 7 days ago

    Lee got killed by a tree

  • Haldeman Kids
    Haldeman Kids 7 days ago +1


  • NeonDragon Playz
    NeonDragon Playz 7 days ago

    I bet the IRex was like "Guys we can talk about this...Fine we will talk sbout this with PAIN"

  • Roland simon Directo

    You should have given the diamond Dino to Owen riding his motorcycle and his raptors hunting the I rex

  • Edward White
    Edward White 8 days ago

    Dinosaur shriek = Waddup my boi

  • Hungry Films
    Hungry Films 8 days ago +2

    10:14 that whole jungle scene really reminds me of predator and aliens.

  • deadphishiy
    deadphishiy 8 days ago

    It was all satire, whether intentional or not. I thought it was really self aware as to what it was doing. Guess it went over everyone elses head. At least it wasn't Fallen Kingdom, there's no excuse for that shit.

  • Nolan Smailes
    Nolan Smailes 8 days ago

    Do the jaws series

  • Give Me an ACOG Ubi
    Give Me an ACOG Ubi 8 days ago

    Darude sandstorm

  • Raven Cake
    Raven Cake 8 days ago

    Hi Harley! Hi Simon!

  • Casper Lee
    Casper Lee 8 days ago

    My gay ass seeing Zach for the first time in the movie: 😍

  • Stop motion 21
    Stop motion 21 8 days ago

    Honestly, everyone one of the product placement jokes are boring since that is like saying when a kid has a jp toy is a walking billboard because it is a toy from Jurassic park

  • Trevor Marks
    Trevor Marks 8 days ago

    I love all the references

  • James Higgis
    James Higgis 8 days ago


  • Emily Blubb
    Emily Blubb 9 days ago

    zaras death upset me so much i disliked the movie

  • midnight taco
    midnight taco 10 days ago +4

    Please stop hating on Owen grady

  • TheShark 4
    TheShark 4 11 days ago

    Can you do the good son kill count

  • Lolikon Monopoly
    Lolikon Monopoly 11 days ago

    RIP Charlie. Best raptor

  • mr _chicken_man-ooo
    mr _chicken_man-ooo 11 days ago

    But y TF is there a DINOSAUR SIZED DOOR !?!?!?

  • Chris Anglin
    Chris Anglin 12 days ago

    This is so so so much trash

  • Quinn Birkenseer
    Quinn Birkenseer 12 days ago

    This isn’t a horror movie though.

  • Wh Claus
    Wh Claus 12 days ago

    You can sing really nice with the jurrasic world song

  • FearlessJolteon 101
    FearlessJolteon 101 12 days ago +1

    dead meat did you know they added you in Friday the 13th killer puzzle and you even have a dead meat shirt on?

  • Parker Kieswetter
    Parker Kieswetter 13 days ago


  • Ben Ferro
    Ben Ferro 13 days ago

    Wow i never knew that lion king a disney movie had more kills than all of the horror genre

  • ezio coking
    ezio coking 13 days ago

    You missed the pig

  • Riley Films2006
    Riley Films2006 13 days ago

    You should count dino deaths on the kill count. It would increase the kills quite a bit.

  • SWAG Louie
    SWAG Louie 13 days ago

    I like dinosaws too!

  • Static Raichu
    Static Raichu 13 days ago

    If there's anything to take from this video, it's that Owen Grady is a glorified B A D A S S

  • Legends Crafters
    Legends Crafters 13 days ago

    Baybey dinasaw

  • Bethany St Clair
    Bethany St Clair 13 days ago

    When he was talking about the motercicals an ad came on about motercicals

  • White Chocolate
    White Chocolate 13 days ago

    It was 24 kills not 23

  • mike GOLDSMITH
    mike GOLDSMITH 13 days ago

    Woah, a comedy bang bang reference when you mentioned lauren lapkus?
    There is no reason for a grown man to be this excited that james likes the same podcast as me, but like, I am.

  • Madeline Mcgee
    Madeline Mcgee 14 days ago

    Rip rappies

  • obese and asthmatic
    obese and asthmatic 14 days ago

    Little did you know that zara was shredded to bits by the the second teeth of the mosa so beautiful first lady death is the most grim

  • Ben Watkinson
    Ben Watkinson 14 days ago

    Congrats on 2 million subs James and any else involved in the production of Dead Meat a truly great Chanel

  • Cooper Hays
    Cooper Hays 15 days ago

    No no no delta was thrown off screen not echo

  • yadeeC
    yadeeC 15 days ago

    The Office hell ye Michael Scott is god

  • Richard Honaker
    Richard Honaker 15 days ago

    Poor Katie McGrath she really did get one of the worst deaths in the series I think

  • My Neck My Back
    My Neck My Back 15 days ago

    I love how he says dinosaurs

  • p o
    p o 16 days ago

    All of them:roooaar
    Mosasoarus: holy shit you guys are so loud

  • Reina Garza
    Reina Garza 16 days ago

    i got a jurassic world ad in the middle of this video

  • Reina Garza
    Reina Garza 16 days ago


  • JamesPlaysGames07
    JamesPlaysGames07 16 days ago

    One of the soldiers that were killed by the indominos was a girl

  • Wyatt Friend
    Wyatt Friend 16 days ago +1

    Dude 15+7 is 22 not 21

  • Jessica Juselius
    Jessica Juselius 17 days ago +1


  • Kim Crawford-Cottingham

    Yeah I REALLY think this movie did justice to the first two movies, I mean it was awesome! I personally loved it, probably just because Chris Pratt was the main character but you know.

    • Kim Crawford-Cottingham
      Kim Crawford-Cottingham 17 days ago

      I think what could have been awesome is instead of Jimmy Fallon doing the whole stupid scientist thing is they could have had Robert Downy Jr. do an actually GOOD scientist thing. I don't know I just thought it could have been a cool cameo.

  • DaGuy
    DaGuy 17 days ago


  • UnderSans
    UnderSans 18 days ago

    20:58 lol that voice

  • Burger Gaming
    Burger Gaming 19 days ago

    Its a DINOSAUR

  • Clayton Huffman
    Clayton Huffman 20 days ago

    I loved it when he song