Malaysia's Mahathir wins historic election


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  • Gray Gray
    Gray Gray 8 months ago

    Gabungan Tun dan DSAI mmng menanglah jwbnya.

  • Yanto Marzuki
    Yanto Marzuki 9 months ago +8

    Congratulations Tun DR Mahathir,
    You always be one of my Favorite ASEAN Leaders.
    Wish you all the Best.

  • Ganeson Vellu
    Ganeson Vellu 9 months ago +3

    Never have I thought his comeback will make great impact throughout the world!He has inspired me to excel in all endeavours at the golden age of 93.Gods angels are with him to save this country from tyranny and corruption!Thank you Tun M.Youre our savior similar to Moses who parted the Red Sea!!

  • MarHazK Spica
    MarHazK Spica 9 months ago +11

    the legend is back... the savior is backk... salute