• Published on Jul 31, 2019
  • Using the Tesla Spy Gadget Device to Open Unbreakable Box and win all the $1 Million Prize Money!!
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    Last vlog Stephen Sharer posted “I BEAT LOGAN PAUL at the CHALLENGER GAMES RACE!! (Worlds Fastest USclipr)” and then after beating Logan Paul, Stephen and Grace Sharer came back top the Sharer Fam House to find John still working on attempting to break open the unbreakable box with $1Million inside. This time in the fan mail Stephen received a brand new Tesla made spy gadget device. This Tesla heat blaster would be the perfect spy gadget device to break open the $1 Million box box and is the same device that Carter Sharer has too. But before testing it on the money box Stephen and John tested it on 3 Marker Crayons and some awesome soda. The 3 Markers from the challenge melted like crazy and the Soda popped open! Knowing this Tesla spy gadget would work. Stephen melted the $1 Million #unbreakablebox and tried to get as much #money as possible. But to fully open this prize money we need all the Sharer Fam to comment your awesome ideas down below.
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