Film Theory: Is Suicide Squad's Joker ACTUALLY Batman's Boy Wonder?

  • Published on Jun 1, 2017
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    With Wonder Woman coming out in theaters this week, I felt it was time to take a look back at some of DC's other movies from the past few years. Specifically, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad. Back before Suicide Squad and Batman v. Superman hit theaters, there was a theory kicking around that Jared Leto's Joker was secretly Batman's sidekick, Robin. But the Director of Suicide Squad, David Ayer, seemed to dismiss this saying that Jason Todd, former Robin #2 was NOT the Joker. However, the proof we cover today shows that Suicide Squad's Joker can still be Robin...just not the Robin that everyone thought.
    If you think you've heard this Batman v Superman/Suicide Squad theory before, you ain't seen NOTHING yet!
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  • Galaxy Paradox
    Galaxy Paradox 7 hours ago

    3:25 he said that the joker IS Jason Todd soooo you maybe heard him wrong the first time..

  • Alexandra Cabrera
    Alexandra Cabrera 7 hours ago


  • JDIZZ 05
    JDIZZ 05 15 hours ago

    Tim Drake is the most forgettable Robin. Everybody knows Dick Grayson- he was the first and he was in the LEGO Batman movie. Jason Todd was the second and has the most memorable story in Under the Red Hood. Damien Wayne is in Injustice which is a big property for DC and is also Batman’s son. Tim Drake didn’t really do anything memorable to my knowledge
    Edit) Dick Grayson is also in the Teen Titans

  • jack stigall
    jack stigall 16 hours ago

    I hate the suicide squad joker because he didn't need to act insane but he tried to and it made it worse

  • Yosh Splatz
    Yosh Splatz 17 hours ago

    You mean five robins. That girl one.

  • Nim Jae
    Nim Jae 20 hours ago

    Their not billy clubs their batons and they can go into a staff

  • Natashah Ibraheem
    Natashah Ibraheem 23 hours ago

    i love you

  • Dood
    Dood Day ago

    OMG broooo I wish I hadn't watched this video this guy spoils soo much like Bruce Wayne's parents died like fr... ;-;

  • VN 75
    VN 75 Day ago

    My favorite Robin was Jason Todd...

  • Samuel Garvey
    Samuel Garvey Day ago

    The Jared Leto Joker has to be Dick Grayson. I bet Harley Quinn actually wrote the spray paint on the Robin suit to confuse Batman that a previous Joker did it, Bruce held a fake funeral for Dick Grayson as not to implicate himself being Batman, and Harley subjected Dick Grayson to electroshock therapy so he didn't remember his time as Robin. Also, I bet Batfleck kills because his first kill was on the original Joker, giving Harley Quinn the motive to brainwash Robin and create a new Joker in her image.

  • ironken 799
    ironken 799 Day ago

    Robin is A DICK!? Dick Grason

  • Jean Thomas
    Jean Thomas Day ago

    Bat van

  • R6 PLAT Dead island god

    The Arkham knight is a no duh Sherlock he was tortured and joker did that to prove that Jason is HIS not Batman’s

  • D Manuel
    D Manuel Day ago

    \_(?_?)_/ this is a type a video that triggers people

  • Jd K
    Jd K 2 days ago

    There are more clones of joker watch the time that Harley got turcher on the comics he was caged in a room with a lot of skeletons and joker said 'that the skeletons are my clones' CASE CLOSED!!!!!!

  • Crystal Dravenstott
    Crystal Dravenstott 2 days ago


  • sherrelle swartbooi
    sherrelle swartbooi 3 days ago

    Uh no . The joker is just the joker.

  • [SN] Erythrite
    [SN] Erythrite 3 days ago

    Batman is more of an abusive father than Marvin
    (Like if you get it!)

  • Jerry Huffman
    Jerry Huffman 3 days ago

    Remember the dark Knight? remember at the end Batman said you die a hero or live long enough to become a villain.well put that in this video and then keep thinking about it...and then you'll understand what I said.

  • Clyde Jasper Ricahuerta

    Dude you lie

  • Dahyehliazni
    Dahyehliazni 4 days ago

    Anyone else watching in 2032

  • Ethan Trimble
    Ethan Trimble 4 days ago

    So then what happened to the original joker

  • Kenny Sanspariel
    Kenny Sanspariel 4 days ago

    vrv isn't in Canada

  • MrAwesome_10 Twitch
    MrAwesome_10 Twitch 4 days ago

    He's just throwing things at us at this point

  • Turtle Noon
    Turtle Noon 4 days ago

    Every Batman movies show his parent dies

    RYAN ROBIN 4 days ago

    isnt it wierd that Ben Aflek looks like bruce wayne?

  • New phone, Who dis?
    New phone, Who dis? 4 days ago

    I don't even know who is who anymore.....

  • Ok Yes
    Ok Yes 4 days ago

    It’s pronounced boar-uto

  • Jesse Tube
    Jesse Tube 5 days ago

    What about damian wayne this theory can be completely wrong it could Damian Wayne and it isnt tim drake and what about the nightwing movie and the titans movie

  • GlowingNinja
    GlowingNinja 5 days ago

    In the future sex will be us putting our abs on the women or men

  • Marco Monarca
    Marco Monarca 5 days ago

    I just got VRV

  • Venture Klauk
    Venture Klauk 5 days ago

    This literally happened in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

  • April Aguilar-Hegarty
    April Aguilar-Hegarty 6 days ago +1

    Can you do a theory how did Thomas the tank engine get his face

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae 6 days ago

    I just watched suicide squad I'm about to go nd watch it again.

    TRIPLE UNIVERSE 6 days ago

    Who watching this in 2019?

  • TgvhujntgvyuhjbntgvbbyujhRandomNot

    Piano base banjo piano

  • FJ FireRider
    FJ FireRider 6 days ago

    Professor Farnsworth was at the bottom right of the vrv

  • winterstrike 387
    winterstrike 387 6 days ago

    Watch Batman beond return of the jocker

  • SCP Personnel Mobile Task Force

    this guy has a keen eye

  • otsukare
    otsukare 7 days ago

    I want it to be true SO bad but look at the DCEU team... let’s be real anyone who thinks sAvE mArThA is a good plot wont be thinking this up lol

  • ItsChief
    ItsChief 7 days ago

    Lol what about Damian Wayne

  • International ARMY
    International ARMY 7 days ago

    15:32 OH MY GOD! DETECTIVE CONAN!! 💜💜💜😍😍😍

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 7 days ago

    There are actually 5: Dick Greyson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, and Damian Wayne.

  • Alexandros Doane
    Alexandros Doane 8 days ago

    Mattpatt! Love when you talk about comics. Dont worry man, you got this. I've been collecting comics for a few years, and I watch a lot of comic streams like ComicStorian and ComicDrake. And I'm STILL lost about all the different batmen, jokers, Robin's. There are too damn many. Still a good video! And also, still hoping to see ComicTheory pop up on USclip one day!

  • Elijah Alston
    Elijah Alston 8 days ago

    The theory-moblie is the most rapeiest most suspect looking van known to man (rhyme and/or pun not intended)

  • Harry Tailford
    Harry Tailford 8 days ago

    Also theres spiolers dor batman forever 1995sorry .Sorry for being a party pooper but at 10:28 he says "Richard Grayson" that dick Graysons brother so there's still a chance that dick is the joker to get revenge on batman because in the 1995 movie batman forever dick loses his parents when batman wasn't able to save them in time and batman then takes dick under his wing during it dick wants to kill every villain in the city including the joker but like matpat says thats just a theory

  • Samuel Banks
    Samuel Banks 8 days ago


  • raping mac
    raping mac 9 days ago

    There is alot wrong with this Theory the fact that Joker's not only older did Robin but older than Batman weirdly enough he's not even older in Batman in The Suicide Squad

  • picklepowernow plays roblox

    Boruto? Do they mean borito?

  • Spider Man ish cute
    Spider Man ish cute 9 days ago

    Imma Marvel fan surrounded by dc fans ;-;

  • Jenny Havner
    Jenny Havner 9 days ago

    We se If U are right in November 2019

  • Aiden hughes
    Aiden hughes 9 days ago

    A series I would tell you to watch is bravest warriors. It is also like adventure time but in space and some swearing.

  • Lochlann Donaldson
    Lochlann Donaldson 9 days ago

    Stands for
    Destroyer of cinema

  • Armyisbest2 Official

    Yes please re explain it for me

  • Evan Tran99
    Evan Tran99 10 days ago +1

    And in batman and Harley Quinn. Harley likes night wing

  • Evan Tran99
    Evan Tran99 10 days ago +1

    What about the other robin Damien

  • Evan Tran99
    Evan Tran99 10 days ago +1

    I love Batman in Color in 1966 even know I’m a kid

  • helo ooferplayzzz
    helo ooferplayzzz 10 days ago


  • Mariyon Porter
    Mariyon Porter 10 days ago

    New theory , this is why Batman doesn’t kill the joker

  • Charmeleon Hockey Kid
    Charmeleon Hockey Kid 10 days ago +1

    Red Hood is *definitely* a knockoff of Red Skull!!!

  • Oumar Bagayoko
    Oumar Bagayoko 10 days ago

    I need to say that i doubt that robin actually fell into the chemical vat, otherwise, i completely agree

  • Swagteamj 23
    Swagteamj 23 10 days ago

    This isnt real but good theory
    Unless... Its in a different universe

  • guilian duran
    guilian duran 10 days ago +1

    Did not you pay attention when you were taught to count in elementary school?

    how many robin do you think there are!

  • なに?????じゃすちね

    create a theory is matpat robin?

  • Mxed Feelz
    Mxed Feelz 11 days ago

    Also the robin suit was Jason Todd’s, it’s in the bar cave in every comic and there is even a red hood and an empty robin suit in the trophy room in LEGO Batman for the ds

  • Mxed Feelz
    Mxed Feelz 11 days ago

    Ahht ahht ahht red hood was a anti hero, not a villain

  • Mxed Feelz
    Mxed Feelz 11 days ago

    Red hood is the best dc character don’t @ me

  • Roshan X
    Roshan X 11 days ago

    Killer croc won't eat joker. He tastes funny.

  • CCDelvo
    CCDelvo 11 days ago

    I've heard people say The Joker is Tomas Whane, maybe he's him.

  • Jayden Kaytso
    Jayden Kaytso 11 days ago

    I’m thinking Harley brained washed his mind and told him he was older than he really is. I’m just thinking that from what he said🧐🧐🧐

  • Ichigo Kurosaki
    Ichigo Kurosaki 11 days ago

    Who else came here becuse of the thumbnail?

  • Greg Latchaw
    Greg Latchaw 11 days ago

    He said “with the few memories I had.” Maybe he had some memories left but know he can’t remember them

  • Jackie Gabbert
    Jackie Gabbert 12 days ago

    There are 4 robin the forth is Damian Wayne

  • XGl1tch M1racl3
    XGl1tch M1racl3 12 days ago

    Vrv doesn't work in my country....Nooooo

  • Captain furkleburkleman aka Jesus

    What if joker is one of lex Luther’s jolly ranchers that Harley Quinn built a suit for, and sometime Batman will crush his head and the jolly rancher will be like “I guess I don’t bleed” and Batman eats him.

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine 12 days ago

    Wait then how did Harley Quinn brainwash him as a adult if she already did it when robin was a boy. She would be really old and still in love with the of me.j. So did she make another quin? I MUST BE ANSWERED! B

  • Insomniac Hart
    Insomniac Hart 12 days ago

    That would excuse him of being so stupid... Id tolerate that "Allee McBeal reveal... Also.... How come everything to Robin was Holy?

  • Zaiden Glover
    Zaiden Glover 12 days ago

    But I thought Tim drake is the robin that started teen titans

  • Man Cat animation dude

    0:29-0:44 what shaggy does to you when u eat his sandwich

  • Impossible Scorpion Gaming 89

    the theory begins at 1:51 and ends at 19:25

  • Thanos on drugs
    Thanos on drugs 13 days ago

    Child: Did why is my sister named rose
    Dad: because your mom loves roses
    Child: thanks dad
    Dad: no problem dick

  • tyry 789
    tyry 789 13 days ago


  • tyry 789
    tyry 789 13 days ago

    wate batmans a ass #DDM

  • Justin Krenzel
    Justin Krenzel 13 days ago

    Really good frase to represent your channel

  • Arnav Inampudi
    Arnav Inampudi 13 days ago

    I think joker is dick Grayson because he also used a bo staff as robin and in this universe he is already dead

  • PsychoEmo Bitch
    PsychoEmo Bitch 13 days ago

    He keeps saying "brain washed by Harley Quinn" but he was brain washed by Harleen Quinzel

  • Luke Mesco -get destroyyed-

    I had a strong though it would be Tim drake because he has the same hair when Tim is Joker and the OG Joker has a more messed up hairstyle

  • lil Rocky
    lil Rocky 13 days ago

    How do you get Dick from Richard

  • Flora Cortinas
    Flora Cortinas 13 days ago

    What about Batman: Assault on Arkham ma favorite movie

  • Vexzonix
    Vexzonix 13 days ago

    ok, from all the times ppl sponsored VRV, they never mentioned that it was free, thank you Mat Pat :p

  • Suha Khan
    Suha Khan 13 days ago

    The new Joker movie is the original Joker

  • godzilla :king of the monsters

    Though a lot of robins have a staff so wat u going to say about that

  • Archie Merren
    Archie Merren 13 days ago +1

    Ummmmm Damian Wayne

  • Rose Romain
    Rose Romain 14 days ago +1

    This is why I preferred Marvel

    PLANET RANDOM 14 days ago

    Matpat is my only trusted theorists 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Farrel 1
    Farrel 1 14 days ago +1


  • DoggoFlrJr
    DoggoFlrJr 14 days ago


  • Iron Gamer 53 Studios
    Iron Gamer 53 Studios 14 days ago

    You forgot Damien Wayne :o

  • Zachary Lee
    Zachary Lee 15 days ago

    That intro was beautifully executed

  • Isla Holdstock
    Isla Holdstock 15 days ago

    VRV is only available is the U.S. I was so excited for a minute ):