Tomi Lahren - Giving a Voice to Conservative America on "Tomi": The Daily Show

  • Published on Dec 1, 2016
  • "Tomi" host Tomi Lahren gives her take on the Black Lives Matter movement and explains why she lashed out against Colin Kaepernick for his national anthem protest.
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  • Md S Haque
    Md S Haque Hour ago

    She is Trump's bhugt like modi's bhagt in india. They both opposes who criticize modi and Trump.

  • Winston Groovy
    Winston Groovy 4 hours ago

    How did Tevs get his own show? The dude is horrible. Not even a hot blonde could make this watchable.

  • Jacquan Clark
    Jacquan Clark 5 hours ago

    "Perceived oppression of black people" Stoooooop

  • Edgar Rios
    Edgar Rios 5 hours ago

    Tomi Lahren aka cum slut swallower needs her ass kicked.

  • Sassy Green
    Sassy Green 7 hours ago

    Shes a DICK.

  • Wesley Smith
    Wesley Smith 7 hours ago

    Trevor is s sell out.

  • Michael Sasscer
    Michael Sasscer 7 hours ago

    The composure both showed while discussing these issues cannot be highlighted enough. This needs to be the way politics are debated from now on. Absolutly cannot over stress the importance of this.

  • Kati Woods
    Kati Woods 8 hours ago

    Umm... did she just say that Hilary could use some of Trump’s unsolicited “touching”? What in the actual fuck?

  • Natnael Kahsay
    Natnael Kahsay 8 hours ago

    u r sad little bitch

  • Brett Frost
    Brett Frost 8 hours ago

    People are to pc whenever she said anything involving race they went apeshit

  • Brett Frost
    Brett Frost 8 hours ago

    He isn’t a politician he is just asking shitty questions to a conservative that he hates and called her a racist

  • Noelia Naranjo
    Noelia Naranjo 9 hours ago

    I love Trevor for having her on the show, as I honestly believe that BOTH sides should always be represented and argued in favor of....but wow someone needs offer Tomi some freaking guidance.

  • Mario pichi
    Mario pichi 10 hours ago

    Trevor makes her look stupid as fuck.. #fucktomi

  • Mimi Speike
    Mimi Speike 11 hours ago +1

    Note to Tomi Laren, re liberal indoctrination in elementary school. I am a lifelong liberal. I grew up in the fifties and early sixties in Florida, in a conservative climate. There was no liberal indoctrination. I never knew a schoolmate who I felt was liberal. I hid my views.
    What turned me liberal? The injustice I saw, and my father's hate-filled comments about the civil rights activists, the anti-Viet Nam protestors, the beginnings of the women's movement. (He forbid Ms magazine in the house, calling it pornography.) I see the hate and ignorance in you also. You are, hopefully, teaching another generation the way not to go.

  • Aditya Zope
    Aditya Zope 13 hours ago

    America needs education .
    But there lies a big Burger mountain midway.
    Is it possible now ?

  • Nima Lykkeberg
    Nima Lykkeberg 13 hours ago

    Lahren that prick got killed by trevor

  • Alex Campbell
    Alex Campbell 13 hours ago

    I’m a big fan of Tomi. She’s smart has her head on how everyone should have there head on. I don’t agree that black people are crazy and are all about violence? But he is no angel and also, whoever watches his show he’s an ass!

  • 380374
    380374 14 hours ago

    Dumb blonde never answered his question!

  • jaimie ren
    jaimie ren 14 hours ago

    Is she always this tan?

  • wenz Reb
    wenz Reb 14 hours ago +2

    It would have been nice if she just answered the question how?...

  • Hispanic Chris
    Hispanic Chris 14 hours ago

    The saying, "I don't see color," is rooted in a famous saying to, "NOT judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Who said that? Martin Luther King Jr!
    So when someone says they don't SEE color, it's in an agreement of the philosophy given by Martin Luther King Jr and they are trying to move forward towards that DREAM of equality.
    It does not mean, what the far left want you to believe, a lack of respect or acknowledgement.
    PEOPLE! Keep MLK's dream alive and continue saying "I Don't See Color!"

  • Toi Dean
    Toi Dean 15 hours ago

    I never understood people who say "I don't see color" when clearly that's the 1st thing we see! I don't know any translucent people, I'm speaking of color not anything else

  • Rob Turner
    Rob Turner 15 hours ago

    This was a tremendous interview. Clearly Noah and Larhren do not see eye to eye but this debate was held in an atmosphere of respect. I'm sure for both of them it was a difficult 10 minutes and to me it is one of the (few) pure examples of debate that people can learn from. I sincerely wish that political debate could be so civilized.

  • Renee Martinez
    Renee Martinez 17 hours ago

    He was being a smarta** and not answering her with real comments. He's just trying to be funny.

  • Oswaldcobblepot
    Oswaldcobblepot 21 hour ago

    Respect to these two for a "conversation".

  • Panabo Dreamer
    Panabo Dreamer 23 hours ago

    I hate this girl and I wanted to fight for her with Trevor's, fasicle and simplistic arguments, with only his crowd to back him up.

  • isuru lakdeep samarasinghe

    Her Grandmother wouldnt agree🤣🤣🤣

  • Cindi Bruno
    Cindi Bruno 23 hours ago +1

    She never answered the issue. Just kept going around and around. This is the kind of person who will always criticize but never be part of the solution.

  • mugennsxrr
    mugennsxrr Day ago

    20 million dead after ww2 from america. RIP

  • K J A
    K J A Day ago

    It's really very difficult to see through Trevor's hypocrisy. This dude ryt here is extremely dangerous and I'm an African.

    • K J A
      K J A 22 hours ago

      +Frank Talk Yea, that's y he's dangerous. See how you insulted me for sharing my opinion about a very dangerous person. He's being used to program y'all. It's funny how well you can see when you step back and observe the full picture.
      I'm not asking you to believe me. I'm just warning you guys so when dooms day arrive, you won't say you weren't warned and you won't say you don't know the people they used to put you to sleep, close your eyes so you didn't see the annihilation coming.

    • Frank Talk
      Frank Talk 23 hours ago

      Out of all the bullshit happening in the world you had to pick a comedian as an "extremely dangerous" person! You really have a warped sense of reality pal. Btw, being African doesn't give you a pass to post drivel about another African. It exposes you as a deranged misfit we had a misfortune of sharing the same air with in the the continent.

  • yesenia zesati
    yesenia zesati Day ago

    13:41 Trevor is so cordial and well-mannered, it's hot!

  • benf mhembere
    benf mhembere Day ago

    Did trevor just say havening👀😂

  • angelia hart
    angelia hart Day ago

    #Love Trevor

  • Gunn Gunn
    Gunn Gunn Day ago +1

    Damn he destroyed this caucus Mountain monkey with respect and he used his brain my brother

    • Electric Sheep
      Electric Sheep 16 hours ago

      Come on! Not all of us are like this bitch! Do you have to be a SUPREMACIST, while making your point?
      She's a dumb, racist bitch, for sure, but you are JUST THE SAME if you believe that insane, Nation Of Islam bullshit. They killed Malcolm X. Didn't you see the movie, with Denzel?

  • Marco
    Marco Day ago

    Nothing useful came out I believe. People who agree with her are too thick to understand Trevor's points. Clear example is, she herself didn't get it in the first place... so yeah.... I would love to fuck her nevertheless

  • SADF Vanilla
    SADF Vanilla Day ago

    DUMB Tomi need to listen to what she is saying., which is nothing, she CAN'T even answer her own question

  • Danny
    Danny Day ago

    He needs to interview trump

  • a mess
    a mess Day ago

    Idk why Tomi even decided to waste her time with this fool. He's not listening to a word she's saying. As a person of color, I honestly don't see how it's a problem that she "doesn't see color." Like that's a bad thing?? I'd rather have people see my character and personality than what's on the outside, but I guess I'm old fashioned.

  • J nandez
    J nandez Day ago

    Bunch of sheeps in these comments

  • User Google
    User Google Day ago +1

    Trevor sounded like an obnoxious asshole. Tomi criticized the marches for the violence and killing and Trevor implied that blacks are not being allowed to march, like they cannot march without looting and killing.

    Cant believe how dumb Trevor sounded because he was so hostile. Millennial is not a label based on your belief but based on when you are born, much like Man or Woman. This is called a "fact". The political labels are based on your belief and she clearly implied that she does not believe in one absolute political extreme. Anyone who was "listening" would have got this. Trevor was so hostile that he did not "listen", he was just looking for trigger words to use as put-downs.

  • Julhi
    Julhi Day ago

    She’s literally a piece of shit

  • sam r
    sam r Day ago

    1:58 😂😂

  • hassan bassit
    hassan bassit Day ago +1

    I don’t see color but she has a fake tan

  • Joshua Hoerr
    Joshua Hoerr Day ago

    I never comment. But go Trevor!

  • Cam kowalski
    Cam kowalski Day ago +1

    He DEVOURED her 😂

  • Felipe Diaz
    Felipe Diaz Day ago

    This transgender blonde hoe is as stupid as she looks

  • d howard
    d howard Day ago

    Have gatekeepers gone out of fashion?

  • Edmund Merchant
    Edmund Merchant Day ago

    These two should run for presidency!!

  • Quentin Mancini
    Quentin Mancini Day ago

    I wonder if tami tanks shell look at this interview and be like “I shouldn’t have done this”

  • Niño Dano
    Niño Dano Day ago

    She almost had a good point but fucks it up in the end.

    TULARECOUNTYNsV 2 days ago

    This bitch is dumb as fuck !!!! The national anthem is racist as fuck !!!!

    UNIQUE HILL 2 days ago

    An 'ignorant millennium' 😂😂😢

  • theprima01
    theprima01 2 days ago

    I wished he would of asked her if she knew who wrote the national anthem and in what year or the history of the US flag, as an immigrant I did answer this questions. 😂

  • TooBeast_052
    TooBeast_052 2 days ago

    "I can't see color"😂

  • Andrew Scribner
    Andrew Scribner 2 days ago

    I'm a Conservative but I think she could have done a much better job getting her point across, but still she doesn't really get the point. "I don't protest because I'm not a victim".

  • Konata Edwards
    Konata Edwards 2 days ago

    She's trying her best to hide it but she i

  • Leah Hernandez
    Leah Hernandez 2 days ago +13

    I would usually get SUPER triggered at her, but Trevor Noah was so calm I was calm 😂

  • Zipho Mbeki
    Zipho Mbeki 2 days ago

    Trevor uyaxoka losisi she sees color 😂

  • MySkullSide Brandon
    MySkullSide Brandon 2 days ago

    I knew this bitch was Dumb asf . But I didn’t know she was Just Dumb Dumb omg

  • Chuy Roldan
    Chuy Roldan 2 days ago

    The label part is just gold.
    Well played Master Trevor

  • Christopher Alexander

    If her platform is simply to call people on their shyt, what happens when she's called on HER shyt?

  • leuk515
    leuk515 2 days ago

    I cant watch this it’s to painful Trevor dam I forgot how good you were in roasting!

  • TheClash122
    TheClash122 2 days ago

    “It’s like Ellen saying ‘I don’t like dancing.’ Haha!”

  • Siddhartha Sreenivas
    Siddhartha Sreenivas 2 days ago +1

    Wow, trevor actually got the worst of it here, unexpectedly. She managed to defend herself pretty intelligently.

  • Robert Mead
    Robert Mead 2 days ago

    I'd like to bust that fucking Trevor Noah right in the mouth

  • Savvy Niavi
    Savvy Niavi 2 days ago

    Anyone who tries to compare BLM TO THE KKK IS THE DEVIL . How can you even correlate those two groups together!!!? Seriously!!!!! That’s called PRIDE , FEAR , and COGNITIVE DISSONANCE!!!! BUT HEY THATS THE LAND OF THE HYPOCRITES HOME OF THE HYPOCRISY!! 🇺🇸

  • Savvy Niavi
    Savvy Niavi 2 days ago

    Look at the bitch face after Trevor said then what do u do at traffic lights . Lmao ! You know she was callin him all types of “SLURS” in her head. .... damn devil .

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric Johnson 2 days ago

    OK so I'm super late on watching this video because at almost any cost I avoid Trevor Noah. What my question to everyone in this comment section screaming racism is, Why when Trevor says it's not right to lump in all BLM members with the ones calling for police deaths, does he not realize the irony of saying that? So can you use your own logic and tell me why you should lump all cops in with the few cops that actually are racist? Get out of your victim mentality, grow the fuck up, realize you reap was you sow and for the love of god, get out of your bubble and get new friends. The ones you are keeping now are not good company.

  • Savvy Niavi
    Savvy Niavi 2 days ago

    I can’t wait for Toni lahren to crash off the siderail and into the damn ocean

  • Dormammu Bargain
    Dormammu Bargain 2 days ago

    She came to fight, not talk.

  • Dormammu Bargain
    Dormammu Bargain 2 days ago

    I dont really get patriotism.l

  • Michael Robertson
    Michael Robertson 2 days ago

    When a white person says they don't see color they racist as FUCK....

  • Swagger Panda
    Swagger Panda 3 days ago +1


    Clap clap clap clap clap clap

  • Jeep Man
    Jeep Man 3 days ago


  • Jeep Man
    Jeep Man 3 days ago


  • Jeep Man
    Jeep Man 3 days ago


  • Teresa Duncan
    Teresa Duncan 3 days ago

    You’re a POS Trevor!!! Nothing but garbage!!!

  • Roberto Escamilla
    Roberto Escamilla 3 days ago +6

    Finally a politically charged video I can watch lol. "I don't see color"... His response was the best! Traffic lights😂😂😂

  • 360Cruzerman
    360Cruzerman 3 days ago

    The leftist care so much about race, wouldn't that make them a racists?

  • Emma Brown
    Emma Brown 3 days ago

    13:34 How the fuck did she get away with saying that????

    TN: "He was touching people"
    TL: "Yeah, he was. Hillary could use some of that every now and then, right? Bill's a little busyyy, Bill's a little busy."

  • Rin Rin
    Rin Rin 3 days ago

    Watching it again..

  • Maria Chavez
    Maria Chavez 3 days ago

    I like her she’s awesome you Unite that’s how you protest starting at en casa

  • joe lynn
    joe lynn 3 days ago

    He is such a cute little koala bear. Cute little ears, cute little nose, cute little button nose. Just one cute little dude.

  • Emilia Kastrup
    Emilia Kastrup 3 days ago

    13:35 r/woosh

  • Butt hole
    Butt hole 3 days ago

    Libtards need to watch this:

  • Make Money Online
    Make Money Online 3 days ago

    This argument can go on for hours... It has touched a very sensitive topic “Black lives Matter versus The KKK” But how does she expect blacks to protest? What do you guys think? Anyway, I’d appreciate anyone’s subscription to my USclip channel as I’m a new USclipr who is struggling to grow. Thanks 😘

  • Johnny
    Johnny 3 days ago

    Whichever side you are on, you cannot not respect Tomi Lahren for putting herself on a show that stands for the opposite political view. There are arguments I can agree/disagree with from both sides and thanks for putting this up.

    • zerbit
      zerbit 2 days ago

      Yeah...I can not respect her. She never answered the one question, but blathered on about she as a woman has been discriminated against-but she's not a victim or a crybaby. She also called herself a "millenial who doesn't like labels" wait, what? Just no.

  • Rhoda Nyakeruma
    Rhoda Nyakeruma 3 days ago

    “Perceived Oppression???”

  • Jorge Luís
    Jorge Luís 3 days ago

    I love the way she talk
    Her teeths ohhh god gorgeous

  • Ken Parsons
    Ken Parsons 3 days ago

    The problem is that those who are black INSIST on being treated black. They get offended when someone says "I don't see color." Meaning they see a person.
    And black people continue to fall for it.
    It is a GENETIC difference.
    "How should black people protest" anyway you choose. The same way anyone else protests. Why do you think that is a relevant question? Are black people suppose to protest differently than white people?
    As for kneeling during the national anthem (please don't leave that part out, it is the ONLY reason anyone disparages his choice of protest).
    The history of the playing of the National Anthem before games goes back to just after WW1 when they played to National Anthem before games to honor the fallen soldiers.
    So how should a group of people who feel they need to protest do so?
    How about by not disrespecting those who gave their lives for this country?
    ANYTHING but making a visual refusal to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that the country that supports Million dollar salaries for these people with either very poor judgment, a total lack of respect for fallen soldiers or an entitled mentality that says "F*CK what the National Anthem played at the start of a game means to everyone else, I say it is the perfect time to bring attention to MY plight" (after all I was raised by white parents and make millions per year - so I KNOW the plight of the black man).
    Give me a break.
    So shall we have a Civil War again?
    Because threads like the one below seem to indicate that a Civil War is about the only way to solve this problem. Create a BIGGER problem. One side chooses to disrespect fallen soldiers... so to make their point, perhaps the other side will have to disrespect the lives of those who think that is okay... and whoever wins can write the history of this one.
    Either it was about eliminating racism or it was about eliminating racist whites (see the subtly there?).
    Every clever post below that is pre-orgasmic over their own clever post needs to read it again and see if what I posted above fits their post.
    Hell, if Obama was a black man, then I am almost certainly a black man. I SERIOUSLY doubt that NONE of my ancestors were black... so that would make me a black man.
    But sure... let's fight another war to make that point.
    I am tired of the bullshit.
    You guys want something, but you don't know what it is, because you are afraid it might end your "victim status." and that just won't do.

  • Kainzy TV
    Kainzy TV 3 days ago

    Trevor is too good

  • IndioholiX
    IndioholiX 4 days ago

    nobody talks about Mexican or Natives the true owners of the United states of America. because Media is racist and your all racist if you only defend black people but not Mexicans, Natives, Asians, or etc.. fuck you all so fuck black people and white people. once they notice all colors then unfuck you.

  • seven hunter oc
    seven hunter oc 4 days ago

    And all these days I thought the north indian people are most dumb and uneducated 😑

  • Elise Erickson
    Elise Erickson 4 days ago +1

    Are we gonna ignore what she said as a parting comment????? "Hillary could use some [touching] every now and then, right? Bill's a little busy." SorRY WHAT

    • Azizah S Mutik
      Azizah S Mutik 4 days ago

      finally, someone pointed that out, I thought I was the only one saying "oooohhh guurrlll WHAT A COMMENT to make abt another woman!"

  • John Austin
    John Austin 4 days ago +1

    This entitled bitch is ridiculous. And really just stupid.

  • Trin 1312
    Trin 1312 4 days ago

    Why should we have to stand for a flag that did not stand for us? I will not stand for a nation that was built on the backs of slaves.

  • Brianna Richter
    Brianna Richter 4 days ago

    Have to give it to Tomi she has really learned how to talk like a conservative. If you can't answer a question just pretend it was never asked.

  • NO La
    NO La 4 days ago

    **Trevor Noah is such a SPINELESS cucked piece of shit he cannot even look Tomi Lahren in the eyes as he asks his race baiting questions what a fucking COWARD**

  • Darreaunna Barnett
    Darreaunna Barnett 4 days ago

    Why u haven't said anything about white supremacists on your show? But you say something about BLM that because you only understand your race and not the culture that's different from you. I think we all do that cause we understand our race more then the other. Sometimes I ask myself would (WE AS BLACK PEOPLE BE THE SAME WAY BUT WE HAVE EXPERIENCE PAIN AND IT IS DEEP BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW WHOS FOR U OR AGAINST YOU.

  • 1 7
    1 7 4 days ago

    **Trevor Noah is such a cucked, pathetic coward he can’t even look Tomi Lahrrn in the face as he’s talking to her**
    What a SPINELESS, Race-baiting Piece of Shit, Trevor is. No wonder he had his (((own show)))