Tomi Lahren - Giving a Voice to Conservative America on "Tomi": The Daily Show


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  • H. Anthony Ribadeneira
    H. Anthony Ribadeneira 19 minutes ago

    ...there are some ugly, nasty people in this world.

  • christopher constantin
    christopher constantin 21 minute ago

    Trevor Noah is just as retarded as Don Lemon. They are not reporters they are racists that keep adding fuel to the race issues going on. She owned him, couldn’t even look her in the eye at the end!

  • Moderate Rebel
    Moderate Rebel 42 minutes ago

    Trevor talks too fucking much and constantly interrupts and purposely skews her answers . Tomi is annoying because she police worships, inconsistent in much of her logic.

  • earthling2007
    earthling2007 46 minutes ago

    Jesus Christ. He couldn’t even look at her.

  • Jacob Glenman
    Jacob Glenman 49 minutes ago +1

    Tomi DESTROYED travor on his own show 😳 this is amazing lol 😂

  • hope blue
    hope blue 3 hours ago

    I love how he asks her why is she angry and she is like I AM NOT ANGRY!!!!

  • TaggsR85
    TaggsR85 4 hours ago

    Trevor Noah and most other late night comedians are no longer funny since becoming political hacks.

  • Eddie Booker
    Eddie Booker 5 hours ago +2

    Very politely and respectfully destroyed her

  • Bob T. Builder
    Bob T. Builder 5 hours ago

    Clearly Trevor Noah is an idiot and feeds in to the idiocracy of these groups of uneducated morons

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor 6 hours ago

    Tomi is a brilliant women Don Lemon is a fuckin idiot and you all buy the BS. Sad

    VUTHISA 6 hours ago

    Go Tomi! He got owned so bad hahaha

  • Jazmyne Fabre
    Jazmyne Fabre 6 hours ago

    she deadass never answered the "how" question

  • wonsomany
    wonsomany 7 hours ago

    This whole interview was a waste of time. This wasn't a conversation at all, this was yet again the media pushing an agenda through Trevor in order to create a false narrative about an opposing political viewpoint. This was no better than the shit the comes on Fox News or MSNBC. I think both commentators had a couple decent points, but nothing was expounded on. Nothing intellectual was said which is sad because they're both very intelligent individuals. If they didn't have both of their producers pushing an extremist agenda then maybe we could actually get some decent dialogue, realistic thoughts and ideas. Sadly the way America is heading I don't think that will ever happen, not because it can't, because they don't want it to. It's easier to control people when they're separate than when they're together

  • Ramon Gomide
    Ramon Gomide 8 hours ago

    This was just funny
    This was just funny
    This was just funny
    Let’s move on before I give up on this conversation

  • ohh shit
    ohh shit 8 hours ago

    this guy is so full of sh__, i mean really

  • Leslie D.
    Leslie D. 9 hours ago

    When people pretend not to be what they are, their words always fail them.. "For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks."... Matt 12:34

    KHETHA ZWANE 12 hours ago

    he literally killed her

  • Robert Evers
    Robert Evers 15 hours ago

    What a Dumbass bitch,

  • Ahmad Bilal
    Ahmad Bilal 16 hours ago

    I fucking love Trevor Noah

  • Stop reading my name and get to the point. Damn.

    Most of comments are clearly not listening to her. Trevor Makes fun of her like a child while a political discussion. And I get it's a comedical show but why bring politics to comedy when the comedy is giving wrong info. Tomi seems like the adult. Why. Jesus Christ this country I swear.

  • Ruff House
    Ruff House 17 hours ago

    HOW? smh, there is no answer that's what we've been saying

  • Ruff House
    Ruff House 17 hours ago

    HOW? smh, there is no answer that's what we've been saying

  • Patrick Magyar
    Patrick Magyar 17 hours ago

    The South was democratic. The then the north won republicans. And the democrats lie look at Lincoln's letters

  • Patrick Magyar
    Patrick Magyar 17 hours ago

    Kkk was democrats and still are

  • Tommy Capps
    Tommy Capps 18 hours ago

    I have never watched this show and now I know why. She didn’t say she wasn’t mean, you continued to ask her why she was so mad. This was just stupid. So I guess you could be in the KKK and still not be a white supremacist. So Trevor what do you do at a red light.

  • TheVolFan1
    TheVolFan1 19 hours ago

    God bless you Tomi!

  • Ta Kessl
    Ta Kessl 20 hours ago

    This guy is a cancer. How can someone be so closed minded and manipulative of someone else's dialogue? He literally acts like a bitch. This dude is a nutless, mindless shell of a man.

  • shay A
    shay A 22 hours ago

    Is she playing dumb? or is she dumb?

  • 000metalmilitia
    000metalmilitia 22 hours ago

    Trump 2020. Its gonna happen. 😉

  • 000metalmilitia
    000metalmilitia 22 hours ago

    That dude is nothing but a liberal tool. Fucking slave to the kkk, democrats.

  • Samkelo Mwale
    Samkelo Mwale 22 hours ago

    She’s a racist (.)

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson 23 hours ago

    Lol I love all these comments of so called loving liberals bashing her for having a different beliefs instead of having a civil discussion. Like adults

  • Sarang Bugti
    Sarang Bugti 23 hours ago

    Trevor Noah is a scum , the only points he has is oohhh racist.. fuck outta here with that race shit , it's getting boring

  • bob smith
    bob smith 23 hours ago

    if you can't see he's the racist you need your head examined!

  • Khhhaan1
    Khhhaan1 Day ago

    At 7:45 , when she says that Black Lives Matter is targeting police, burning buildings and targeting white people and says "what did the KKK do?", my understanding is that she was saying that the KKK did similar things. Trever pulls a slick (and dishonest) move by making it seem like she was saying that the KKK never did anything wrong.

  • Keith Norris
    Keith Norris Day ago

    She got the right one, this dude is razor sharp and intelligent not that you'd have to be with her she's not that smart to begin with.

  • Johnny H-E
    Johnny H-E Day ago

    A sad case of bimbo ignoramus

  • Lucky Fawker
    Lucky Fawker Day ago

    She Destroyed your libitard ass Crow. You ask her unfair questions. She said how he shouldn't protest not up to her to say how he should protest you race baiting once was..

  • daku
    daku Day ago

    Very good question....what is the right way to protest....

  • LosAngulos
    LosAngulos Day ago

    The audience was not enjoying her presence and neither was i 👎🏼 people like her divide our country

  • old pump
    old pump Day ago

    So genius!!

  • Gildmirth0
    Gildmirth0 Day ago

    I haven't watched much Trevor Noah before; I'm a little surprised by what a disingenuous buffoon he is. But he's a leftist, it goes with the territory.

  • Tre Green
    Tre Green Day ago +1

    Hey you ignorant the second verse of the anthem

  • tonym50195
    tonym50195 Day ago

    Tomi schooled him. All he could do is deny and change the subject.

  • Tre Green
    Tre Green Day ago +1

    Porn stars are more intelligent than this hoe

  • Rita Hughes
    Rita Hughes Day ago +1

    She's a racist

  • Lucie Pospichal
    Lucie Pospichal Day ago

    I would just kick the audience members in the ass. Let the woman speak her bullshit. Trevor wanted to give her a voice and the audience was like "ummm nope! I'll laugh at her and applause your every word"
    You need to listen to a person before you disagree with them, if you don't then you're just an ignorant.

  • Paul Mood
    Paul Mood Day ago

    Wow, he truly cannot make the connection. When a group of people come together for a common cause and chant “fuck the police” and “fry them like bacon” then members of that “group” kill white police officers, they are racist. It’s not hard to connect those dots. The only difference between the KKK and BLM is one used ropes while the other uses guns.

  • Bruce Kim
    Bruce Kim Day ago

    How should black people protest? The same way white yellow, and brown people protest!! Do you guys seriously need an answer to that rediculous question? Or is Pampernick so oppressed with his multi millions that he has no other outlet and means because the man is holding him down?

  • Jesus Carrillo
    Jesus Carrillo Day ago

    How? How about marching without destroying property amd threating how about protesting and kneeling at an event that your fans didnt pay hundreds of dollars to see...when i pay 200 for a jersey i dont care what your politics are i just want you to make your damn catches and or throws...i dont know why tomi is struggling to amswer trevor...hes such a tool

  • Jesus Carrillo
    Jesus Carrillo Day ago

    Its funny how both sides are correct yet they argue as if the other is wrong...but Trevor does ridicule her using word play and turning her comments into a cheap joke...shame on him

  • Keylen Segura
    Keylen Segura Day ago

    Looking back at this, Trevor Noah didn't destory tomi lahren. Tomi lahren exposed Trevor's hypocrisy and the logical fallacies of the black LIES matter. If you are still not convinced, I'd recommend you watch Sargon deconstruct and dismantle Trevor Noah.

    • Keylen Segura
      Keylen Segura Day ago

      Thomas Buchovecky racist? How exactly is Sargon racist? Moronic simpleton who panders to the absolute stupidest people in America? Sargon may say some things that sound dumb from time to time but he is far from being a moronic simpleton. Plus, doesn't he destroy the stupidest people in America which consists of loony leftist like Trevor Noah?

    • Thomas Buchovecky
      Thomas Buchovecky Day ago

      Keylen Segura Sargon is a racist, moronic simpleton who panders to the absolute stupidest people in America. I watched his trash and it was horrendous. You should be embarrassed.

  • No U
    No U Day ago

    There are a lot of idiots in this comment section who believe Trevor was the better debatist. Really, does telling jokes and just completely ignoring facts make him better?

  • RafaelZeljka
    RafaelZeljka Day ago

    She is so ignorant !Dumb

  • b00mt0y
    b00mt0y Day ago

    Trevor, if you read this, i want you to know that you're stupid. You would get destroyed debating on a platform that isnt filled with your fans.

  • Deeksha Gopal
    Deeksha Gopal Day ago +1

    Trevor is like "Why on Earth did I invite Satan's daughter to my show?"

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson Day ago +1

    Good On Trevor for holdig it out for so long with this "Millenial"

  • 1BrotherMack
    1BrotherMack Day ago

    One day white people will need to explain to the creator of man why they think respecting the United States Flag is more important than protecting black lives from killer cops.

  • Shana Vanover
    Shana Vanover Day ago

    Omfg.. this dumb cunt.

  • Shana Vanover
    Shana Vanover Day ago

    Trevor Noah is like a God.. I am not patient, I get frustrated and can't form words and would have smashed her face in...

  • Left vs Right and more

    Trevor Noah is an idiot
    And has an idiot audience.
    Fact: Trevor Noah rejected to debate Ben Shapiro Live.
    Scared bitch

  • Alejandro Lopez
    Alejandro Lopez Day ago

    Tomi is awesome. 10/10 She is a very smart and strong person.

  • JunitoJun
    JunitoJun Day ago

    Trevor Noah is a racist dick

  • lzvagias
    lzvagias Day ago

    The penal system in America was designed to oppress black people?? Seriously?? What an ignorant, arrogant fuck Noah is.

  • me me
    me me Day ago

    You can only vote because woman marched for your rights in the past honey

  • primnprpr
    primnprpr Day ago

    Dear Trevor - I love you! You are an excellent speaker, you're mastery of language is impeccable and you're an excellent writer. I just finished Born a Crime and I love you 10 times more now. Cant wait to see you in real life one day. Keep forcing fairness and excellence.

  • Tanner Powers
    Tanner Powers Day ago +1

    The Democratic Party founded the kkk. And is he really defending black lives matter?!? Really??

    • Tanner Powers
      Tanner Powers Day ago

      Alukeny Neinda don’t worry I was taught the same thing.😔

    • Tanner Powers
      Tanner Powers Day ago

      Alukeny Neinda no... your wrong. It’s ok though. Your a liberal and believe whatever you hear. I forgive you.

    • Alukeny Neinda
      Alukeny Neinda Day ago

      Tanner Powers please educate yourself. I'm not even american but I know that Parties have swapt their views - the earlier democrat party is the current republican party, and vice-versa.

  • Tanner Powers
    Tanner Powers Day ago

    Tea party va black lives matter. That should have been her talking point

  • Chuck D
    Chuck D Day ago

    She NEVER answered the question as to how Colin should have peacefully protested......aka, "the slaves should just shut up about this country's injustices".

  • Hylian Warrior
    Hylian Warrior 2 days ago

    seems like she just needs a big black dick

  • Q Fluff
    Q Fluff 2 days ago

    There's no point. She is way too twisted. She cannot be helped.

  • Joe Crawford
    Joe Crawford 2 days ago

    Oh he managed to attribute racist intent to Tomi in under 4 seconds. Simply stunning.

  • Paul Dias ferreira
    Paul Dias ferreira 2 days ago

    Trevor has got the wrong picture, I agree with her 💯 sad that he is getting involved in politics...... especially dumbass American politics

  • TigasFMS
    TigasFMS 2 days ago

    Serious questions here from a non american. Why do some americans believe black people are opressed in the US? I've heard about police brutality but there's no statistics proving that what BLM say it's true, in fact, from the statistics I've saw white people are more likely to get shot by police. Also, black on black crime is bigger than white on black crime (black on white crimes is bigger too). Why 13% of the population is responsible for 50% of the crimes? Why do blacks get into college with lower SAT scores than asians and whites? Why I always see videos on USclip mocking white people but if someone mocks black people it's racist? Also, if it's that bad in the US why don't black people go to countries in Africa since it's their roots? Why do people think being white makes your life easier or that only whites experience racism? At least in my country whites suffer lots of racism and assaults from black people specially if you're a white person living in a ghetto like me. I don't have a father, I had to work and study at the same time, my brother had to protect me from black guys wanting to rob me (even though I didn't have any money or barely any clothes) and I see black people with great cars and great lifes nowadays. I'm seriously asking. Do you really think black americans are opressed or it just makes you feel good fighting for a minority? Please, I want to learn, I mean no disrespect. I just find it very weird seeing blacks are such victims when I see they're getting lots of benefits asians and whites dont have. And to be honest I think the asian race as whole suffers alot more than blacks nowadays, especially in rural China. But please give me your thoughs. Sorry for my english mistakes.

  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis 2 days ago

    She is awesome! She handled that lion's den! Attack after attack on her, and she's just like, look guys, we're all the same, lets stop this segregation bullshit. say it girl!

  • Chilanta
    Chilanta 2 days ago

    I'd still **** the tan off her pretensios white

  • Chris Jordan
    Chris Jordan 2 days ago +1

    Besides my wife...this women is the hottest thing on this planet!

  • Zescaflowne
    Zescaflowne 2 days ago +1

    "there were people who rioted and looted when teams won in chicago years ago, it doesn't mean they are now bad people".....yes it does, you moron! If you are rioting and looting and committing crimes, you are a bad person! It's like saying "just because i committed a crime, doesn't mean i'm a criminal" you see the stupidity in your statement? Instead of saying "what", "how", "why" repeated like a retarded seal, how about you go read up on some facts instead? then again, I understand why you don't accept facts, because then you'd feel really stupid and would want to leave your masters on the left, the masters that "feed you".

  • Zescaflowne
    Zescaflowne 2 days ago +1

    i used to like trevor, now i don't. stick to what you know, which is being a comedian and doing funny impressions, and stay out of politics, because you know nothing about it. you are benefiting hugely from america, yet you want to trash it like south africa. why leave south africa if it's so awesome? oh that's right, it's not. they are killing white folks and taking their land. it's turning into zimbabwe 2.0. i hope it goes down the shitter.

  • Jessica Gocke
    Jessica Gocke 2 days ago

    Wow. Gotta give credit to trevor for holding it together.

  • Mike Loiselle
    Mike Loiselle 2 days ago +1

    I don't even care . I'd still blow her back out for sure my boy.

  • Archoss 223
    Archoss 223 2 days ago

    Look to the comments for people who don’t understand politics.

  • Doctor Swagerland
    Doctor Swagerland 2 days ago

    Great debate, always looks better on your own field though, crowd was annoying af tho

  • lisa's jam
    lisa's jam 2 days ago

    I commend you on this interview because I'd either cuss her ignorant ass out or walk away before i put myself in trouble

  • RauuS7
    RauuS7 2 days ago

    The affunilation is real Lawd, I truly hope that one day you wake up from this matrix sis.

  • RauuS7
    RauuS7 2 days ago

    "So what you do at a traffic light?"

  • Yo Boi
    Yo Boi 2 days ago

    You people are all snowflakes also

  • Yo Boi
    Yo Boi 2 days ago

    This guy is snowflake

  • Brenda Duarte
    Brenda Duarte 2 days ago +2

    Just as irrelevant as a kardouchian!

  • Brenda Duarte
    Brenda Duarte 2 days ago +1

    Another TRUMPTARD!!

  • Mr.meeseeks Martinez

    She is fucking smart. This guy. Trying to be a smart. he is #victom lol.

  • Robert Evers
    Robert Evers 2 days ago

    She is a ignorant bitch,

  • Steve Haynes
    Steve Haynes 3 days ago +1

    How stupid is this woman...???🙄

  • uDhAY Mystic
    uDhAY Mystic 3 days ago

    I m an Indian who doesn't want to get into American politics but tervor my man ... You nailed it, liking your shows !! Keep it up

  • gongshow20
    gongshow20 3 days ago


  • Curt Miller
    Curt Miller 3 days ago

    good job Tommy.

  • Sweet James Jones II

    Hoe built like tha cockroach aliens from Men In

  • Maxlazershark
    Maxlazershark 3 days ago

    Trevor is such an idiot

  • Saud Khan
    Saud Khan 3 days ago

    Trevor showed her who's the boss