Tomi Lahren - Giving a Voice to Conservative America on "Tomi": The Daily Show


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  • Airwipe
    Airwipe 6 hours ago


  • Jenni Boo
    Jenni Boo 6 hours ago

    Wow... he started out being super aggressive and shitty to her. He clearly had no intention of having any kind of actual conversation, so what was even the point of this?

  • Icy Pancho
    Icy Pancho 6 hours ago +1

    She got verbally fuckt💀

  • dumatician
    dumatician 6 hours ago

    "He was touching people"..."Hilary could use some of that, Bill's a little busy"
    Wow, just insulted her whole gender

  • Braxton Gary
    Braxton Gary 6 hours ago

    Plus he made bank he just seen green that’s why he’s so disgraceful

  • Cynthia Navarro
    Cynthia Navarro 7 hours ago

    Maybe I've been living under a rock cause I don't know who the hell this man is 😂 But I'm so happy I stumbled upon this video lol he is awesome !! And funny putting this nut in her place 😁😁😁..

  • Braxton Gary
    Braxton Gary 7 hours ago

    Poor guy its just funny it’s just funny I bet it is conservatives laughing left n right facts not feelings butt hurt

  • Cyn Rod
    Cyn Rod 7 hours ago

    Trevor you are so intelligent I love your wit!!! You are amazing ♥️

  • Dedrick Johnson
    Dedrick Johnson 7 hours ago

    Until Francis Scott Key comes back from the dead and tells us himself that the star spangled banner means something new, I don't understand why black people are expected to stand for the song anyway. Here's some of the original lyrics written by the raciest song writer. Should Germans expect Jews to stand for the Nazi anthem too? And where is that band who so vauntingly swore,
    That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
    A home and a Country should leave us no more?
    Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.
    No refuge could save the hireling and slave
    From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  • Travis Williams
    Travis Williams 7 hours ago

    He’s a pos liberal that makes no sense. Keep doing what you’re paid by Soros to do Trevor. 🙄

  • Edward
    Edward 8 hours ago

    He knows exactly what she's saying , that's why he keeps moving on when he can't perform the answer .

  • Eugenia Washington
    Eugenia Washington 9 hours ago

    The reason this person can’t understand because her race has never been enslaved nor raped by their owner nor beaten nor spit on & disgraced because of the color of her beautiful black skin! She’s as dumb as they comes or she’s just love to here herself talk, being uneducated in history!

  • Mohammed Mohammedersen

    I hope this guy dies a horrible death

  • Tahsin Raul
    Tahsin Raul 9 hours ago

    I finally found the question that cannot be answered. Ask any question with a "HOW" to Tomi Lahren

  • Rickey Bobby
    Rickey Bobby 10 hours ago +1

    The prison system was set up to punish the black people. STFU

  • Andrew ama
    Andrew ama 10 hours ago

    He was so angry and disrespectful... typical leftist...

  • Charlyn Garcia
    Charlyn Garcia 10 hours ago

    Yeah, what is the right way to protest?

  • Debbie Parrish
    Debbie Parrish 11 hours ago

    Tomi kick his butt yes,

  • fitchk07
    fitchk07 12 hours ago

    I can’t believe how many people think so highly of Trevor. He’s pretty obsessed with race in color.

  • Anonymous One1
    Anonymous One1 12 hours ago

    so if a black guy goes to jail for selling cocaine it's the penal system fault?

  • FO Squad K-POP
    FO Squad K-POP 15 hours ago

    She kept avoiding the 'how' 😂

  • Boris Bornakiss
    Boris Bornakiss 15 hours ago

    what if all of a sudden they fucked in front of national TV? that would have beem awesome and would probably heal our nation's scars and racial divide! 😀

  • Chase
    Chase 15 hours ago

    She is not a patriot, you can bet she would do anything to get out of a draft

  • Chase
    Chase 15 hours ago

    I do not like Tomi

  • Julius Gil Yap
    Julius Gil Yap 16 hours ago


  • Moditja Thema
    Moditja Thema 16 hours ago

    Straight outta Soweto✊✊✊

  • Julius Gil Yap
    Julius Gil Yap 16 hours ago

    Yo trevor go back to fucking UK where its almost conquered by sharia law you whining BITCH YOUR NOT FUNNY AT ALL

  • poppacapinya
    poppacapinya 16 hours ago

    i love how the left is always the victim man the fuck up pussies.

  • Mohamad A
    Mohamad A 17 hours ago

    damn shes sexy

    MINDY FREUD 18 hours ago

    Trevor Noah is another biased liberal low low class bulling a woman in a sly way

    • Devin Manning
      Devin Manning 17 hours ago

      Guess you've never seen any of her rants

  • Danado
    Danado 18 hours ago

    Use your second amendment right and SHOOT YOURSELF are white trash

  • Louie
    Louie 18 hours ago

    this guy's a liberal idiot! he needs to go back to africa and fight against the racism in his own country.

    • Louie
      Louie 11 hours ago

      success is not measured by your standards.

    • Devin Manning
      Devin Manning 17 hours ago

      Wise words from a person less successful than him throwing childish insults behind a keyboard. Sure showed him

  • Kelly Chee
    Kelly Chee 19 hours ago

    Did that Bitch just said perceived perceived oppression......PERCEIVED... PERCEIVED.... she IS A FUCKING RACISTS...what oppression in specific is he protesting. Bye racist just bye

  • D Stew
    D Stew 19 hours ago

    He is so weird. Could not even look her in the eyes in the beginning. What a racist he is... he is the angry one. He cannot except her period. She wants dialogue ..he just wants to argue

  • right On Forsure
    right On Forsure 20 hours ago

    The look of ignorant was bold on her face.Tomi is very stupid and racist

  • Jaems J
    Jaems J 20 hours ago

    I realize this is an old video in terms of the internet and availability of information in modern times in this country.........with that said, watch the video muted with a focus on body language, and see who presents the most honest

  • Jonathan Montez
    Jonathan Montez 20 hours ago

    It's crazy how you liberals see things.

  • Rochelle Ann
    Rochelle Ann 22 hours ago

    She’s a dumbass. Period.

  • Mohit Sharma
    Mohit Sharma 22 hours ago

    And that’s how ignorant ppl get owned #stupidbimbo 😂😂😂

  • Lucifer666
    Lucifer666 23 hours ago

    These SJW'S don't have a brain cell between them 🤪

  • netta holmes
    netta holmes Day ago

    I don't even know why she come on this show listen to this dumbass that makes no sense

  • Squamous 1984
    Squamous 1984 Day ago

    Fucking liberal scum, don’t even bother trying to reason with them, they will never listen or change their ways.

    • Devin Manning
      Devin Manning 17 hours ago

      Who would listen to someone that starts off a sentence by "Fucking liberal scum" it just oozes I am an intolerant idiot.

  • Tommy Jones
    Tommy Jones Day ago

    Tomi slap that stupid dump ass

    • Devin Manning
      Devin Manning 17 hours ago

      Its ironic that you call someone else stupid and you can't even craft a basic sentence.

  • Aubrey Barcelata

    He can’t even bring himself to look at her for most of their conversation... I have so much respect from Trevor ❤️

    • Gabriel Strasser
      Gabriel Strasser Day ago

      Trevor is the second stupidest person on television right after Don Lemon. In fact it's a dead heat. Tomi ate him for lunch.... All dumb fuck leftists can go to a Gulag

  • Shane Bee
    Shane Bee Day ago

    This black guy is just like the all the other MSM dickheads !he is the biggest racist I’ve ever USclipd.and yes BLM did say to go kill cops you fucking moron hundreds of them said it! What do you do at traffic lights? and the moron Democrats cheers and claps.I see red I see red I see red🎼

    • Devin Manning
      Devin Manning 17 hours ago

      Clearly you didn't listen to anything that the dude said...but hey! he is just a black guy right. What a stupid comment

  • robert bohorquez

    trevor is so biased

  • m c
    m c Day ago

    trevor noah sucks

  • seben trees
    seben trees Day ago

    He is ignorant

  • Big AL
    Big AL Day ago

    another fox news bleach blonde idiot

  • roystonjohn lourdes

    What about white lives matter in South Africa?????

  • Breezy Phuntsok
    Breezy Phuntsok Day ago

    She is the reason y we are led to believe that Americans are dump

  • Freebird
    Freebird Day ago

    It's not okay to kneel on the national anthem but it's okay to put the flag flat like a pancake on the field which is against the flag code. Look it up blondie

  • Alicia Mccullough

    Trevor is fucking petty that piece of shit.

  • The Guy
    The Guy Day ago

    Tomi Lahren for President! #SmashingFakeNews

  • Alissa Zambelli
    Alissa Zambelli Day ago

    Wow she managed to say nothing and just give air to her mouth for 15 minutes

  • Double Douche
    Double Douche Day ago

    This English prick acts whiter than her.

  • Dave Cummings
    Dave Cummings Day ago

    She was a lousy representative for her causes. But frankly, she IS a walking contradiction. On one hand she claims to stand for the Conservative platform, but she then claims to be for abortion?? She is all over the place. Bring me on the show and I will bring an educated discussion on these positions.

  • Wa Te
    Wa Te Day ago

    You are my favorite.
    You’ve earned my trust.
    The truth will change my mind.
    At this moment I support you.

  • scott Kelley
    scott Kelley Day ago

    This video must be for the blind deuche bag liberals you cant even debate with a liberal if they had there way it would be legal to marry a tree and if a storm came and blew a branch off they try and sue god for being racist against trees!

    • Devin Manning
      Devin Manning 17 hours ago

      Based on that retarded example that you can up with, there must have been too many big words that were said that confused you.

  • J Cooper
    J Cooper Day ago

    I stand for the flag and kneel at the cross. We are ALL red white and blue. Stop arguing about shit that dems are pushing

  • ally 24o7
    ally 24o7 Day ago

    Us conservatives dont want this cunt or claim her. She's not a conservative she's pro baby murder.

  • أفكار رائدة

    Trevor : why you're so angry?
    Tomi>I'm not that angry.
    really! Maybe she thinks that being angry makes her look honest and right .
    Trevor knows how to handles someone like her.

  • Danielle Randle
    Danielle Randle Day ago

    I loved Trevor's composure and patience throughout the interview. Anytime I'm involved in a conversation where the other person does not agree with my viewpoint it is a real struggle to contain internal outrage and dismay. Thank you, Trevor, for showing over 10 million people how to remain calm and focused in such a situation. I truly think you're an inspiration.

  • Brandon Tube
    Brandon Tube Day ago

    This was on comedy central?????? Wow comedic standards have fallen drastically since Farley, Belushi, Sandler and Spade.

  • Commander #1
    Commander #1 Day ago

    Trever=NPC he sucks big black dick

  • MonaTecha Mon`a Wells

    Trevor is the best thing that happen to late night TV and America

  • Jamesha Charleston

    She just lie so much

  • Francis Glz
    Francis Glz Day ago

    For american natives the flag represents the opresión of their people and certainly not freedom in any way!

  • James Pena
    James Pena Day ago

    She's so full of it

  • ladysoulsinger
    ladysoulsinger Day ago

    She still didn’t answer the question

  • Jerome Kennedy
    Jerome Kennedy Day ago

    Things racist say, "I voted for Obama because he is black", "It's about time we had a black man in the White House", "This country owes me because of my skin color".... blah blah blah

  • Namjoon For president

    She’s dumb

  • Jerome Kennedy
    Jerome Kennedy Day ago

    I wouldn't call it patience, so much as calculating and conflating. He would mix two unrelated incidents, one being relatively true, the other being true for an unrelated circumstance. His questions could have been answered differently by Tomi. I agree with him calling her out on the seeing color thing.
    But, I've also watched and listened to him do precisely the things he calls her to task for.
    He's a race baiting, white hating hypocrite. He is of notable intellect, but not putting it to productive and good use.
    Tomi least to the right, Trevor is blinded by color, false narratives and color. He buys into the lies being spread by the main stream media. He then pushed those lies and narratives to the "victims" of imagined abuse.
    By the way, born and raised in Philly. I'm an American of the darker hue. I have never been a victim of any kind of "institutional racism". I'm sixty-one years old. Spent 15 years in the military service. An individual may use an institution to push their own agenda, but it doesn't make America or that specific institution for which they work, racist. As Trevor kept saying in his own hypocritical way. Blame the person not the color or the institution.

  • Mary Ann M
    Mary Ann M Day ago

    Stupid girl. How about asking how many unarmed men of color shoot well armed cops? Zero. How many unarmed men are tazed by cops? Not just once but to the point of heart attacks etc?

  • Eleni Tampaka
    Eleni Tampaka Day ago

    They BOTH had some good points - they BOTH made good arguments ...and if the conversation between conservatives and the left was like that, America would be a much better place !

    KINEZELO TV Day ago

    Racist, mean, stupid, angry and brainless woman. I don't need to waist my time hatin' her.
    I looove Trevor's very intelligent humor

  • Alex Blicher
    Alex Blicher Day ago



    Trevor is a douche

  • Big Country
    Big Country Day ago

    Tomi Lahren is the KKK First Lady

  • rdmanone
    rdmanone Day ago

    Everyone on that show was against this lady. She did a very good job with these guys making fun of her.

  • lorraine d'souza

    This is what happens when youngsters are bored. Start reading, learn a new language! Do something otherwise you will become mad and mad people do mad stuff.

  • roronoa zoro
    roronoa zoro Day ago

    wow take easy bro you already destroy her in the first minutes

  • rdmanone
    rdmanone Day ago

    Democrats hat to admit when they are wrong.

  • Kavin Arnold
    Kavin Arnold Day ago

    Ask this child about the third stanza

  • Page
    Page Day ago +1

    Trevor don't know how ignorant he really is. He don't realize he like don lemon have their platforms because they are acceptable colored people by white leftist to spout their crap. They truly are guarding the plantation; believing master is rewarding them.

  • P R
    P R Day ago

    so close minded, and also stop saying Trevor!

  • Longbow Shooter
    Longbow Shooter Day ago

    "For someone that says their not racist, you spend a lot of time saying you're not racist".
    Well, when you have people like you always telling someone, to their faces, that they're racist, you spend a lot of time saying you're not. Sorry, that's the tactics you use - call the other person a name, demand they defend themselves against the name you called them, remark on how many times you deny being what they called you, but if you have to deny it so many times - it MUST be true.

  • J Bastidas
    J Bastidas Day ago

    This is the problem with this wave of "comedians" becoming political analysts, everytime they do not have an answer, they have to make a joke. Saying 'I don't see color' as a political and social statement, and then ask 'what do you do in a traffic light?" is dodging a comment and turning it into something different.
    Jon Oliver, Trevor Noah, Piers Morgan, Russel Brant... Like the US did not have enough clowns, now they import them, believeing than a commonwealth accent would make them sound clever.

  • Johnny Rodriquez

    Their both wrong af

  • Suzy Young
    Suzy Young Day ago

    Personally I feel Trevor was way to conciliatory and nice to this little wanna be pseudo “know it all” right winger bimbo...He should have crossed examined the hell out of her and let her have it!...she’s ad nauseam.

  • Jj Raia
    Jj Raia Day ago

    She's funny asf and entertaining than that Lauren Southern idiot ☑😂😂

  • groovy grover
    groovy grover Day ago

    You can’t have intelligent reasoning with unintelligent people...When they go low kick em.Take our country back

  • Brian Vaught
    Brian Vaught Day ago

    This guy didn’t listen to a word she had to say, he has a complete closed mind and this is mostly the issue and why we are so divided.

  • Genairo S
    Genairo S Day ago

    5:22 here we go again with these “statistics” smh

  • zoom evolution
    zoom evolution Day ago

    Does that bitch stand at home hand in heart when the anthem plays??

  • Zeke dee
    Zeke dee Day ago

    idk tomi is not the correct face of the Republican Party, I'd honestly love to see Ben Shapiro and Trevor Noah have a conversation with proper discourse

  • Al Hall
    Al Hall Day ago

    She mopped the floor with him. Can I give him a ride to the airport since it's so shitty here?

  • Marina Tait
    Marina Tait Day ago

    Such a arrogant sarcastic clown this guy is good in u girl for standing up to this bully

  • Marina Tait
    Marina Tait Day ago

    The clown who kneel instead of standing for the flag is now making plenty of money of Nike

    • Justin D
      Justin D Day ago

      Marina Tait Nike made the right choice

    • Justin D
      Justin D Day ago

      Marina Tait he’s brave for risking his career to shine light on an issue