Wearing $5 Clothes From Wish For A Week


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +36785

    THE NEW INTRO SONG it's aliiiiive! haha u guys wanted me to use it, so i did! maybe i'll keep using it for these internet hauls, eh? Tune in for one last post-vidcon collab this weekend :). Much love, Saf

  • assassin boy
    assassin boy Day ago

    Great vid!

  • assassin boy
    assassin boy Day ago


  • Nelley Knight
    Nelley Knight Day ago

    Safiya! Since idk where my comment went on your post 🤔 Can you please do a Video on Cat toys, towers & other Cat stuff from the WISH site Please!!!! TY 🤗

  • Maxine Jordan
    Maxine Jordan Day ago

    I so appreciate your review of Wish. I have been tempted to buy something from them. I think I will. I’m not tiny like you so I might not have as much luck. But I’m going in and will order a huge size. I like your videos very much. Very informative. Thanks.

  • Areesha Farooq
    Areesha Farooq 2 days ago

    Use a hair dryer to lose the wrinkles....

  • Lori Rodriguez
    Lori Rodriguez 2 days ago

    Phones from wish are amazing for the $$. Be sure to read comments. But china tech is much better.

  • Aurorna Bornealis
    Aurorna Bornealis 3 days ago +1

    Do Aliexpress haul!!!

  • S Ross
    S Ross 3 days ago


  • justarandom person
    justarandom person 3 days ago

    Why do you wear makeup you look the same

  • Chelsea Moore
    Chelsea Moore 3 days ago

    I've never bought clothes from wish but I have bought a few pairs of shoes and I love them. I've also bought a lot of little nerdy trinkets some jewelry and little gifts. For the most part they met or exceeded my expectations.

  • Iamreallytwiggy TV
    Iamreallytwiggy TV 3 days ago

    People don’t look at the size chart and then complain when it doesn’t fit lol

  • Melinda R
    Melinda R 4 days ago

    I have had bad luck with wish in that my orders never arrived, or arrived to an old address that absolutely did NOT enter into the wish. It is clear the wish is pulling info from other internet activity (maybe from Google). The first order was for a top, which didn't arrive to my address but fortunately, the postal clerk recognized my name and called me. It had been delivered to my previous address. The second order just didn't arrive (or maybe it was sent to the old address again) and the third order arrived waaayyyy later than it was supposed to, and when it arrived the package was mangled. Literally. Mangled. Fortunately, the contents of the package were more or less intact. I should have taken a photo and I will never play craps or order from wish again!

  • Kassie
    Kassie 4 days ago

    Where did you get the bat bag?!?!?!

  • Samantha Maselli-Jackman

    The rule of thumb on wish is if it doesn't have a picture in the comments do not get it

  • great spacecoaster
    great spacecoaster 4 days ago

    I’ve always wondered about wish clothing. Ty much for this vid. U r fun to watch!

  • Bath House Becky
    Bath House Becky 4 days ago

    I think they named the website “wish” because when you get your items, you wish they were better 😂

  • Lisa Palmer
    Lisa Palmer 4 days ago

    I order from wish all the time I've never ordered clothes but some jewelry makeup I can send pics of what all I have ordered if you like... I've only had negative comments about the lip gloss

  • Daniellerella
    Daniellerella 4 days ago

    "it also looks like you're hosting TRL" 😂😂😂

  • Ciubiin Cisu
    Ciubiin Cisu 4 days ago

    You're obviously a noob at buying on wish. That's not how you buy on there. You need to check the prices of the delivery, and you need to check if the same item is not repeated somewhere for a different price. It's so frustrating to watch you lose all that money!

  • roselynn perez
    roselynn perez 5 days ago

    Ive ordered a few things from wish, mostly jewelry but I ordred a shirt from there and it fit okay.
    Like you said, its mostly hit or miss

  • Milly Murphy
    Milly Murphy 5 days ago


  • Alexis Harrison
    Alexis Harrison 5 days ago

    the add before was a wish add

  • megan white
    megan white 5 days ago

    Throwing things in the dryer is a good way to wrinkles out. But I also recommend always washing new clothes before you wear them.
    *please support **usclip.net/video/nbd38j-0ylk/video.html** Thank you*

  • Orchid Girl
    Orchid Girl 5 days ago

    You're right, Wish is a crapshoot, but I'm addicted. I've never bought the clothes because I'm too afraid to go that far, but I do love their rings, and I have bought tons of them. They all look just as expensive as rings you would buy at the jewelry store, but I take extra care to take them off when I wash my hands.

  • Jillian Dumaw
    Jillian Dumaw 5 days ago

    That white bracelet shown in the beginning. I have the exact same one but in blue instead of white!!! Ahhhh! Im screaming internally

  • Elaine Campbell
    Elaine Campbell 6 days ago

    You look gorgeous in everything!

  • Mayla Eastwood
    Mayla Eastwood 6 days ago +1

    I ordered from wish but nothing came.😡 fuck wish

  • Viva la Diva
    Viva la Diva 6 days ago

    I tried wish. I took the biggest size and everything is still too short. But I am also 180 cm tall. I bought earrings instead and craft material. I had fun with all my craft materials.

  • Nelia Stone
    Nelia Stone 6 days ago

    Use JHHKKWT I got 50% off!

  • Kay Middleton
    Kay Middleton 6 days ago

    spray with cool water to get wrinkles out

  • La Yera
    La Yera 6 days ago

    I don't understand why the tittle is in spanish

  • Anabel R
    Anabel R 6 days ago

    I love that black t

  • NoFunn
    NoFunn 7 days ago

    Where did you get you winged backpack? I love it.

  • scarlett Wolf
    scarlett Wolf 7 days ago


  • Dawn StalightMoonSims4ever

    Tip, Wish is like EBAY! There are seller's and all have stores, so if you want things to come in around the same time order from the same seller, the stuff on there has different prices for the SAME item when you saw one for 11 that seller sold out and showed you another, most clothes stink lol, my friend bought clothes was supposed to be plus size and she coudlnt wear it, those were cute just made cheap, the jewelery is cool and some nice for cheap prices, sun glasses are too cheap lol..Loved your reviews the outfit NOT cute. Their bed spreads are home goods pretty good, makeup NOT full just samples..

  • Jennifer Eller
    Jennifer Eller 7 days ago


  • Devin Pendergast
    Devin Pendergast 8 days ago

    This is amazing- go Saf!

  • DonKe32
    DonKe32 8 days ago

    I subscribed last night and cannot stop watching lol

  • Aleesya Meliki
    Aleesya Meliki 8 days ago

    her fifth outfit is like Jihyo from Twice 'Likey' MV

  • Batman
    Batman 8 days ago

    The choker definitely helped the 2000s vibe

  • Lisa Longo
    Lisa Longo 8 days ago

    I bought a lot of stuff from WISH and I have to say that I am surprised at the quality of what I got. So far I am happy

  • jolinamartin
    jolinamartin 8 days ago

    I buy stuff from wish a lot but I agree with the clothes. Its hit or miss.

  • rose viblla
    rose viblla 9 days ago

    Yes I have bought things off of wish. Love my buys.

  • Alma morse
    Alma morse 9 days ago

    I love wish just can't wear clothes too small and too cheap but other stuff love it

  • I'm You
    I'm You 9 days ago

    why didnt you just put it in a dryer for 10 minutes lol

  • Lisa Apodaca
    Lisa Apodaca 9 days ago

    I bought my wedding dress on WISH it's Beautiful

  • cjs homemade chan
    cjs homemade chan 9 days ago

    I purchased jewelry not the real expensive stuff but more like the personalized stuff. It came as described.

  • Scaredy Cat
    Scaredy Cat 9 days ago

    The balloon jumpsuit thing is super cute on you!

  • khalaycia irshad
    khalaycia irshad 9 days ago

    Bought a feelin girl waist trainet it was exactly like the pic , i dont know if its making a difference to my tummy as yet

  • Yanira Becerra
    Yanira Becerra 10 days ago

    I've seen just the half of this review and it's already cracking me up! You're so funny! 😂

  • invokeamelioration
    invokeamelioration 10 days ago

    Wait how can you love black and not know all the different shades of black?! 😆🖤

  • Jessie MacDonald
    Jessie MacDonald 10 days ago

    This was a great challenge

  • John Smitty
    John Smitty 10 days ago

    You're sexy

  • J.J. Day
    J.J. Day 11 days ago

    I was introduced to Wish about 2 or 3 years ago... it was dangerous for me! I ended up using my mom's credit card (because I did not have one at the time) and this was a BAAAD idea, because whenever I saw something I loved... which was pretty consistently... I'd buy it. I racked up almost $1000 worth of product, to which only half of those were wearable for me. I'm a plus-sized, extremely short girl (under 5ft) and rarely got the sizing right for my body type. But, I still love Wish. The items are usually extremely cheap, so it makes you feel more like taking the chance. Just make sure to do it when it is YOUR money haha... mom's hate Wish! :)

  • Shawna Del Real
    Shawna Del Real 11 days ago

    OMG I wore that same shirt in 1993!!!

  • Anna. St ._.
    Anna. St ._. 11 days ago

    "What the heck is this thing?"
    Buys it still🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Emma Gustafsson
    Emma Gustafsson 11 days ago

    It's not difficult to buy good stuff from wish, they just need good reviews and store feedback, 80% and higher store feedback is great service if something were to happen during shipping process. Not all employees under wish are underpaid factory workers. There are young adults as well who make their own products and sell it on wish and charities selling items to help an organisation.

  • Julia Villa
    Julia Villa 11 days ago

    Do this again but only order free clothes

  • Emily Miller
    Emily Miller 11 days ago

    I have a few clothes from them and love them. Most of the items you do need to order a size up.

  • Rachel M
    Rachel M 11 days ago

    What height is she? I want an idea how much shorter those clothes would be on me at 5ft10 😂

  • Lydia Howard
    Lydia Howard 11 days ago


  • Carmancita James
    Carmancita James 12 days ago

    I really enjoyed this video. Love the whole video and vibe. favorite part..... The whole thing lol

  • Phoebe Graveyard
    Phoebe Graveyard 12 days ago

    Your vlog is very well done but you are buying slave produced clothing that will last three washings at most. I'd love to see you do an ethical clothing shop with vegan accessories and earth friendly duds.

  • j west
    j west 12 days ago

    Wish is hit or miss. I've had stuff from there which didn't arrive for a month and were absolutely awful and then i've had other stuff which people comment on and think it's really expensive but actually, it just cost the package and posting

  • Rebecca Alsbury
    Rebecca Alsbury 13 days ago

    I've actually bought quite a bit from Wish, and have noticed that some of it is hit or miss. I got some really cute shoes from there, but one pair of sandals I got smelled like gasoline. I'm a sort of big girl, so I have to order an XL or XXL in order to get my actual size in some clothes. Sometimes I don't even get my order and have been refunded really easily. If something comes broken, they will refund your money. They even refund if they sent the wrong size than what you ordered. In those cases, I will order another of the same item and give the original one to a friend who it will fit.

  • Newt Hawley
    Newt Hawley 13 days ago +1

    Who likes the old intro better??😐😑😐

  • Blade As a friend
    Blade As a friend 13 days ago

    I'm going to buy the bralette and the lace shirt😂

  • Gianna Blamer
    Gianna Blamer 13 days ago

    First time watching your vids never herd of you and u have over 7 million subs

  • Ariste Wright
    Ariste Wright 14 days ago

    Curious what the shipping charges were - I tried to buy from Wish but the shipping was ridiculous for everything I wanted to buy so I never went through with the purchase.

  • Ann Flores
    Ann Flores 14 days ago

    Why would you listen to or believe the comments and reviews on the actual website they're fake

  • Aleksandra Nylund
    Aleksandra Nylund 14 days ago


  • Lynn Jones
    Lynn Jones 14 days ago

    Yes I have ordered A LOT OF stuff from WISH and it is a hit and miss. Like I ordered 2 different boots one looks more like rubber boots you wear to garden or much stables (the USA boots) I also ordered the grey snake skin. A lot better but make sure you order up in size. These are made small feet. I ordered couple shirts was sent wrong size on 2 and third (actually 1st ordered) was right size ordered and fits great. The jewelry I ordered several pieces ( yes addicted to site lol) some was great others looked like 25 cent machine. I also ordered a finger nail Dremel it doesn't hold the pieces inside so totally useless. And cost more to send back then what I paid. Soo hit and miss. Still love site lol

  • Jagoda Basic
    Jagoda Basic 14 days ago

    Can you please check another fraudulent company Wakasia.

  • Delilah Kruse
    Delilah Kruse 14 days ago

    9:14 oof yeah. Never meeting her...

  • Kate Roark
    Kate Roark 14 days ago

    Demon pants!!

  • Death comes and goes and so do I

    I have the same jump suit same color lol

  • SDE
    SDE 15 days ago

    I like Wish but their shipping costs are ridiculous.

  • Cherry Metha
    Cherry Metha 15 days ago

    Rubbish, old fashioned , cheap clothes that look like someone's binned them as they aren't even good enough to give to a charity shop !

  • Vale_Lena
    Vale_Lena 15 days ago

    No everything is 5$ i havent even seen any cloth at that price not even t-shirt. The t-shirt are 15$. Did you write 5$ cloth in tg search?

  • Wanda Statton
    Wanda Statton 15 days ago

    I’ve got many clothing from wish : your right about the tops are a good or ok : pants are a no. I’ve gotten many other things ,that were just ok .

  • Jonne
    Jonne 16 days ago

    hey guys, email me at adlerpremiaire@gmail.com as I getting into the fashion selling business; I currently have a small stock of items but I am also a broker, finding you the best and cheapest, taking a small commission. Thank you, Daniel

  • Gymnast Hope
    Gymnast Hope 16 days ago

    I bought a poster and It was missing half of the packaging, the poster was made out of almost a wrinkly cardboard material, for wish

  • Zama Msibi
    Zama Msibi 16 days ago

    I have some pretty solid buys from wish, though others are just terrible with always bigger than expected sizes, in which case they refund your money and you still get to keep the items. some items take about a year to arrive (literally), and some arrive a few months later, but rarely do they ever arrive on time. I buy all my watches at wish (I target the free items), they look pretty good but don't expect them to last very long, lol. Overall, if you're not in a hurry and willing to do some adjustments like adding lining on your dressed here and there, then you can buy at wish, you'll always get your money back if you're not happy.

  • rare fruit
    rare fruit 16 days ago

    2019?? New year new you hehe

  • Debi Langille
    Debi Langille 16 days ago

    I have purchased from brands from Zanzea and they are quality products and fit and wear well!!

  • Samantha Byrnes
    Samantha Byrnes 16 days ago

    This video made me embarrassed for you... review says it’s crap - buys it anyway - is surprised it’s crap 🙄

  • MakeLemonade
    MakeLemonade 16 days ago

    I am New to USclip and editing. but I just did my first wish review myself and I didn't think i would like what i bought that much but i actually loved both things I received plus I got them a week early!!

  • Miss Vii
    Miss Vii 16 days ago

    Definitely get the phone cases.

  • Caroline Mullan
    Caroline Mullan 17 days ago

    I bought a pair of boots with delivery was 30 euro. The color was correct and the type of boot i.e. biker style but they were too small , made of plastic not leather and a totally different boot. When I tried to return it they ask you to upload a pic. I wasn’t able to so , the site just wouldn’t upload my pic and so I can’t go any further in the returns process. What a waste of money.

  • Shantell Ogden
    Shantell Ogden 17 days ago

    Can I just say that their clothes are really off on sizes? XL is like a Small

  • Michayla Elcock
    Michayla Elcock 17 days ago

    She needs to just buy an iron

  • Владислав Петров

    12:47 Isn't it a Pinky and Brain intro?

  • Marshmellow lizard •

    I’ve actually had a great experience with wish, I get my pet supplies from there all the time

  • Nightshade
    Nightshade 17 days ago

    I bought a graphic t-shirt from wish for a friend for Christmas. It actually fit nicely when I sized up, but the fabric was very thin and required a layer to be worn underneath. Overall tho not to bad for something I only paid $3 for

  • Adriana Hogan
    Adriana Hogan 17 days ago

    1:27 DEMON PANTS 👿👿👿👿

  • Nala Hodjat
    Nala Hodjat 18 days ago

    The green jumpsuit thingy reminded me sooooo much of Rock Lee from Naruto

  • Linda Nichisti
    Linda Nichisti 18 days ago

    I've bought quite a few things on Wish. The clothing, you get what you pay for. As long as you aren't expecting this fabulous high quality piece, you wont be disappointed. The material is always either bathing suit type or really thin, cheap cotton. I bought a bathing suit and used my sewing skills to modify it to fit me better. The hair pieces (fake hair) I bought were awesome, decent quality for the price. I also bought some jewelry. The earrings and necklaces were super cute. The toe rings however, while they were cute, they broke off after about a week of normal wear. The purses I bought were surprisingly decent. I think overall, as long as your expextations aren't too high, Wish is a decent site to order from.

  • Bella Sherwin
    Bella Sherwin 18 days ago

    I was walking out with my frens and I saw a woman wearing that olive green balloon thing, and I had to take a double take when I saw her lol