100 Single Parents Describe the First Time They Saw Their Child | Keep it 100 | Cut

  • Published on Jan 9, 2019
  • Golden Globe® nominated comedy series SMILF returns, continuing to redefine what it means to be a young single mom. This season finds Bridgette Bird, a 20-something from South Boston, striving to learn from her messy past and focus on the future. Check out a new season of SMILF, Sundays beginning January 20, Only on #Showtime. usclip.net/video/IDJWpjh7-Ms/video.html
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    100 Single Parents Describe the First Time They Saw Their Child | Keep it 100 | Cut
    #Cut #KeepIt100 #Challenge
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Comments • 2 198

  • momma tri23
    momma tri23 2 hours ago

    Video suggestion- ask 100 women of their miscarriage experience. Going through one right now. It is so very tough. I'm tired of crying.

  • kaci bennn
    kaci bennn 6 hours ago +1

    “ She look like wrinkly ball sack but it was the cutest thing “

  • XIIxMysticxIIX
    XIIxMysticxIIX Day ago

    mr.robot's girlfriend!

  • Bianca Ortega
    Bianca Ortega Day ago

    So no one is talking about 0:39 🤣🤣😭😭

  • MajerNetwork
    MajerNetwork 2 days ago

    1:42 BMS! BMS! BMS!

  • It’s Emily
    It’s Emily 2 days ago

    If I had a boy I would want to name him Alexander (Xavier for short) Uriah Demitri but I feel like others don’t like that name I love it tho

  • odey lefevre
    odey lefevre 2 days ago

    Is the first person Rosie O'Donnell

  • Dan 2
    Dan 2 3 days ago

    yellow rat 🤣🤣

  • malu vikca
    malu vikca 3 days ago +1

    I wanna know about the second time you gave birth to your child

  • Amund Svestad
    Amund Svestad 4 days ago +1

    isnt that girl in the rainbow cardigan from blue mountain state?

  • ReijiNakashi
    ReijiNakashi 6 days ago

    Pro-choice ppl, please take notes

  • Aliyah Johnson
    Aliyah Johnson 8 days ago

    the first lady kinda looks like rosie odonnell

  • Iris Chillin
    Iris Chillin 8 days ago

    “The pre-mies are a little undercooked, so you know he looked like a little chicken”

  • Elisa Martinez
    Elisa Martinez 10 days ago

    When I saw my son I immediately told his dad to run to him and make sure he was safe because I was on alot of medicine ! Still cant believe how it turned out

  • Olivia Durham
    Olivia Durham 10 days ago

    Im 38 weeks and having a c section in a week with ny first kid i cant wait to meet him and have this feeling 💙💙💙

  • Shanice Weaver
    Shanice Weaver 10 days ago +2

    2:58 I hope he got an actual DNA test to prove that the baby was actually his, cos looks alone can’t prove that👀🤔

  • john harry
    john harry 11 days ago

    2:39 is that girl from Blue Mountain State!

  • Erin Whipple
    Erin Whipple 11 days ago

    Was that rosie o’donnell...

  • CuteAdreanna
    CuteAdreanna 11 days ago

    That first lady gives me Rosie ODonnell vibes

  • BootyHole Sniffer
    BootyHole Sniffer 11 days ago

    The girl at 1:38 in the pink is the main character on SMILF on HBO ..crazy

  • Eztliz
    Eztliz 11 days ago

    No one will ever love you as much as your parents.

  • ronny lopez
    ronny lopez 12 days ago

    Lol rosie o'Donnell

  • VOLËNA Love
    VOLËNA Love 15 days ago

    0:27. TreeTRUNKS

  • Don Rickles
    Don Rickles 15 days ago

    0:20 is that Mary Jo from blue mountain state ?? Did she get knocked up by Alex Moran?

  • Madman0001
    Madman0001 16 days ago

    "because she was cheating" damn

  • Dipshikha Kandel
    Dipshikha Kandel 17 days ago

    is that rosie o'donnell ?!

  • Mikala Hawkins
    Mikala Hawkins 17 days ago

    balls! balls! balls!

  • Mikala Hawkins
    Mikala Hawkins 17 days ago

    aww i was a premature (5 weeks early)

  • Redfoxx Vampette
    Redfoxx Vampette 18 days ago

    I remembered crying and saying " Oh my god! "You have your fathers CHIN!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭👍🤟😘❤ My sons are some good looking CREATURES! 😝😜👍👽👽👽👽👽 I swear it.

  • Redfoxx Vampette
    Redfoxx Vampette 18 days ago

    Ok is it me or does the first woman they interviewed reminds you of Rosie o'donnell?!?!?!?🌞😀😁😉🤟👍👍👍👍😂😘😚🤞❤❤

  • Alphonse James
    Alphonse James 18 days ago +1

    He looked kinda mad!!
    That really got me..

  • Compte google
    Compte google 19 days ago

    Fuck Rosie Hodonald is not a beacon in the night for me. If she's behind all this, that would explain the sheer amount of wabos who were sent my way.

  • amberdaniels25
    amberdaniels25 20 days ago

    This is pretty random, but, if you have time to look, please do: www.gofundme.com/precollege-program-assistance-needed&rcid=r01-15596325624-9199de5bfd2348f3&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w

  • Kitty Kha Lynx
    Kitty Kha Lynx 20 days ago

    OMG! The first mother describing their experience like the colour transition in the Wizard of Oz - my mom's been saying the EXACT same thing since I was a toddler!

  • Helios uwu
    Helios uwu 20 days ago

    5:16 "And he.. sHiTs On iT"

  • Assleblud
    Assleblud 21 day ago

    I'm the youngest of three children. When my mom saw me for the first time she looked at me and said "Aww shit here we go again" 😆

  • E Joseph
    E Joseph 22 days ago +13

    “You know the preemies are undercooked, so she looked like a chicken.”

  • Going2Dye
    Going2Dye 23 days ago

    Blue Mountain State!!!

  • Beautiful Life
    Beautiful Life 25 days ago +2

    The wizard of oz description of the world going into colour is so beautiful!!
    Like if you agree, yes I’m trying out my first ever basic USclip comment . ❤️❤️

  • Michaela Ariana Grande Fan

    *4:41* was so heartwarming to me lol

  • Malaika
    Malaika 28 days ago

    She looked like a little yellow rat💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Malaika
    Malaika 28 days ago +4

    "I was like, wait a minute I thought my baby was gonna be chocolate but apparently not" sksksksksks😭😭😭😭😭💀💀💀💀

  • Nahshon Devose
    Nahshon Devose Month ago

    1:05 no when she came home for the first time🙄

  • Kristy Estrada
    Kristy Estrada Month ago

    I did not know that was Rosie odonnell until she started talking.

  • criminallyvulgar
    criminallyvulgar Month ago

    The guy counting the fingers and toes would be me afff lmaoo

  • Latrell Perry Perry

    Literally watched 1 minute and I’m already gettin teary eyed

  • Courtney Robinson
    Courtney Robinson Month ago

    Is that Frankie Shaw or am I tripping?

  • Jackie
    Jackie Month ago

    Single dads need more recognition! My mom died when I was 13 and my dad has been raising a teenage girl by himself and he’s been doing a damn good job

  • Madison DeCambra
    Madison DeCambra Month ago

    This is precious.

  • kyleericharvey2012
    kyleericharvey2012 Month ago +1

    Thumbnail girl is from Blue Mountain State 🙌🏽

  • Best Of The Worst At Being Best

    The lady in the thumbnail is Sammy's sister from BMS

  • Yura Graterol
    Yura Graterol Month ago

    The first lady on the video looks like Rosie O'Donell!

  • Sheila Smith
    Sheila Smith Month ago

    Was the first lady?

  • Allen Wayne
    Allen Wayne Month ago

    She is a mom?
    You gotta be Fucking kidding me

  • filoboy88
    filoboy88 Month ago

    The actress from Smilf and Mr Robot haha and had no idea that was Rosie O’Donnell lol

  • dakota 305
    dakota 305 Month ago

    all baby’s look the same u get around 5 when u start to develop as urself

  • Agent piggles
    Agent piggles Month ago

    1:02 for the longest time i thought that was Tom Kenny I’m so dumb

  • Robert Hush
    Robert Hush Month ago

    1:38 Blue Mountain State yea bet

  • idk idc
    idk idc Month ago

    Is that the actor from BMS!?!?

  • Rhianna Lachhman - Churchville PS (1436)

    Oooooooooh mmamamam gawwwwd cewl!

  • Inept x Python
    Inept x Python Month ago

    How comes no one has mentioned that the first two are in a tv show about a broke mom looking after her child, its called SMILF maybe that is her actual story?

  • Andrea Davies
    Andrea Davies Month ago

    "Like an undercooked chicken"

  • InTheShallow
    InTheShallow Month ago +1

    4:16 "She looked like a little yellow rat" (And her face when she just said that) OMG Hahahahahaha That sounded so much like my mother, I can't ... hahahahaha

  • Nosaj
    Nosaj Month ago


  • L a u r y n
    L a u r y n Month ago +1

    “She looked like a little yellow rat”
    “She looked like a little porcelain doll”

  • Nereida
    Nereida Month ago

    Well now I want a baby

  • Samantha Breede
    Samantha Breede Month ago

    2:58 “i was like oh thank god, because she was cheatin” lmao

  • Benjamin Oliver
    Benjamin Oliver Month ago


  • Jocelyn
    Jocelyn Month ago

    "covered in nasty shit" dead

  • Grace H
    Grace H Month ago +1

    omg the first lady -- RITA!!!!! only fosters fans would know

  • Anna Blake
    Anna Blake Month ago

    “that’s a part of me forever” awe

  • Global Free Beats
    Global Free Beats Month ago

    3:46 my feelings exactly.

  • Enziety
    Enziety Month ago

    hold on, she was in blue mountain state

  • Victor Cyber Security

    2:43 OMG SHAYLA!


    She's mixed not just black 🙄

  • GabbyC.123
    GabbyC.123 Month ago

    awe this made me cryy this episode is so beautiful

  • Josie Knott
    Josie Knott Month ago +1

    ‘Wait a minute I thought I was having a chocolate baby??’ 😂

  • Layla Daphne
    Layla Daphne Month ago

    Is that Rita from the fosters??

  • white nibber with small yellow eyes

    0:54 her eyes are so beautiful said asian chick hahaha more like ''too small''

    BLACK PINK 2 months ago

    She be like "wait a minute, I thought my baby going to be chocolate" lol 😂

  • HopeAndGames
    HopeAndGames 2 months ago

    Wait is that Rosie???

  • Lyxavier Rydell
    Lyxavier Rydell 2 months ago

    2:25 her face is symmetrical

  • Leona Bingula
    Leona Bingula 2 months ago

    "Its okay daddys here"

  • Keiralmaooo
    Keiralmaooo 2 months ago

    Other: “he was just so .. beautiful”
    Her: “she looked like a wrinkly ball sack but it was the CUTEST thing”
    Me as a parent thooouuhgghhh.

  • Nick Ers
    Nick Ers 2 months ago

    1:44 is she from Blue Mountain State

  • Hettie Petra
    Hettie Petra 2 months ago

    A teen mum I know said when she first held her baby she felt as though she would never let her go and helped her depression. Babies are magic.

  • Lil Tino
    Lil Tino 2 months ago

    Everybody else: he/she was so beautiful
    That one lady: looked like a gray ballsack

  • siri sophie
    siri sophie 2 months ago +1

    "He looked like my father."
    Imagine squeezing a baby out and it looks at you with this proud father look.

  • Hessa Ah
    Hessa Ah 2 months ago

    The first one is rosie o'donnell?????

  • imagine2C
    imagine2C 2 months ago

    Watch their show y’all!! Smilf!
    It’s great

    RISCHER TYLER 2 months ago

    0:20 is she that girl from bms?

  • Kae Natsuki
    Kae Natsuki 2 months ago

    "covered with nasty shit"

  • Ricky Castillo
    Ricky Castillo 2 months ago

    The girl from blue mountain state!

  • licy texts
    licy texts 2 months ago +2

    “He was so beautiful” “the most beautiful thing I ever seen”
    Ilah: “She looked like a wrinkly ballsack”

  • A person On the internet

    I am beyond surprised that they didn’t say “Ugly as hell”

  • Jaime Carvalho
    Jaime Carvalho 2 months ago

    Mr. Robot ?anyone?

  • Saeef
    Saeef 2 months ago

    Err that's Shayla from Mr Robot right?

  • Jacob Larding
    Jacob Larding 2 months ago

    This one made me madddd deep in my feels 😭

  • Archer
    Archer 2 months ago

    3:10 a lizard on an orgasm

  • tyler gnosis
    tyler gnosis 2 months ago

    I love this channel but this was in those useless episode