The Incredible Moment Police Rescue a Texas 8-Year-Old

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Seven months after an 8-year-old girl was kidnapped while walking with her mom in their Texas neighborhood, police released heart-stopping video of the moment officers busted into the suspect's hotel room and rescued her. Michael Webb, 51, kidnapped the 8-year-old girl on May 18 as she was walking with her mom in Fort Worth. As the distraught mom tried to fight him off, he was able to get the girl in his car and take off. She called 911 and police immediately went searching for the girl.

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  • Rafael Gabriel Santos
    Rafael Gabriel Santos 3 hours ago

    Blackie. Vs whitie, seriously?

  • Frozen Actor
    Frozen Actor 4 hours ago

    FBI open up !

  • Lost opostv.
    Lost opostv. 4 hours ago

    Just shoot him.

  • Kallie Morton
    Kallie Morton 4 hours ago

    I just hope they got their in time before he did any lasting damage that poor little girl he had no clothes on

  • RazorBaller
    RazorBaller 4 hours ago

    🤬🤬🤬🤬 The real crime here is the ForestHill police leaving the car and that area with no effort.
    Maybe if they had put more effort into thier job the little girl wouldn't of been raped. They should be sued.
    ❤Thank God for the Fortworth police. They need to be praised

  • Sharon Derrico
    Sharon Derrico 4 hours ago

    Nasty peace of dog mess.

  • Sharon Derrico
    Sharon Derrico 4 hours ago

    So proud of the police for doing a awesome job. Bless them.

  • DO 87
    DO 87 4 hours ago

    That's why loli hentai is bad for you.

  • Ms O
    Ms O 4 hours ago

    I feel so sad for the little girl

  • Tony Valenzuela
    Tony Valenzuela 5 hours ago

    I don’t think he would’ve made it to prison . Just my opinion

  • النور علم
    النور علم 5 hours ago

    صحتي ضيعوها و جعلوني اعيش في جحيم منذ تسلطوا علية حمادة ز الفرنسي لا تصدقوهم لا اكدب اؤلاءك الرجال قتالة و شفارة و نصابة دمروني خاصة حمادة الهندي انقدني منهم و من تامراتهم كنت اريد ان الصق فيه السفاحين خطيرين و مجانين و منهم من سحر لي بالجن

  • ちゃんイクラ
    ちゃんイクラ 5 hours ago


  • ASMR touch
    ASMR touch 5 hours ago

    The first cops who left need to be fired. At the least.

  • Ignacoo Vazquez
    Ignacoo Vazquez 5 hours ago

    I wish we could have cops like this in México
    Almos every day see or hear about kids getting kidnapped, I havent heard a single case where the child makes it Home.. (because cop were involved the kipnapping)
    This really breaks My heart... I love My country México, but the judicial system it's rotten from head yo toes.

  • The Mountain Sage
    The Mountain Sage 5 hours ago

    Spiritual warfare out there people, demons in plain sight. Safeguard your own, and pray the defeat of satan and his armies comes soon!

  • The Mountain Sage
    The Mountain Sage 5 hours ago

    Finally Police doing something besides shooting citizens or snatching children from their parents on behalf of cps. Amen!

  • joegreene777
    joegreene777 5 hours ago

    Castration is the only answer for these demons.

  • Linda B.
    Linda B. 5 hours ago

    I hope life means life in Texas.

  • S MC
    S MC 5 hours ago

    God bless our law enforcement!

  • S-TheShooter
    S-TheShooter 5 hours ago

    Death sentence.

  • Savedbygracesoul
    Savedbygracesoul 5 hours ago

    I'm glad that he'll be on prision for life, in other countries they get just from 10 to 20 years.

  • Pizza Lasania
    Pizza Lasania 5 hours ago

    Oh little poor girl

  • Mighty Megatron
    Mighty Megatron 6 hours ago

    Burn him alive send a message out!
    For once i thank these cops.

  • Deb R
    Deb R 6 hours ago

    Bang bang

  • Marius Lauvik
    Marius Lauvik 6 hours ago

    like i am just saying, if anyone hurts my brother, i will not care about punisment before i have done what a brother had to do.

  • Louisa Martinez
    Louisa Martinez 6 hours ago

    Oh seeing the blood on that bed In one clip....that poor baby!! Sick animal, hope he gets the book thrown at him.

  • awesome Mexican
    awesome Mexican 7 hours ago

    So scarey

  • Maria Apple Marquez
    Maria Apple Marquez 7 hours ago

    Well done 911 and all the super cops👮‍♂️
    Thank you for Saving the life of this poor girl... I hope that guy, didn't touch her... 🙈☹️😔

  • Bödhi Zapha
    Bödhi Zapha 7 hours ago

    He deserved mob justice

  • GodConsciousness
    GodConsciousness 8 hours ago +1

    I hope that kidnapper gets shafted and shanked in the slammer. A truly disgusting creature of evil.

  • a believer
    a believer 8 hours ago

    good work

  • Todd Edwards
    Todd Edwards 8 hours ago

    We have to start torturing for crimes like this, you catch him naked, a robot that keeps him alive for 1000 years. Let these kind know what's going to happen to them. Only in 100 percent sure your guilty cases just in case. Scare them so much they will be to scared to attempt it. Including going after royalty, and female president runner ups. We can't stop them with law enforcement, it's too little too late every time.

  • ꧁Temak ovskiy꧂
    ꧁Temak ovskiy꧂ 8 hours ago

    Xoxli amerikanskie arestovali pedofila xoxlyatskogo

  • juice box
    juice box 8 hours ago

    Oh come on guys a bullet to the head is bit to much dont you think?, have some humanity...torture him first then let him bleed to death then toss the body to some alligators

  • Dave Sabino
    Dave Sabino 8 hours ago

    I wish we have these kinds of police here in the philippines

  • The Wide Awake Club
    The Wide Awake Club 8 hours ago

    I hope they interrogated him. For all anyone knows he might be in a child trafficking organisation. This child is so bloody lucky she got found. Many don’t And end up either sacrificed, or trafficked.
    There’s- mother in Arizona being threatened by the police, courts, sheriff, CIA, CSA,SS everyone because she knows her child is going to be trafficked or in a paedophile ring. They have had her daughter for a year. She needs help. This happens every day. With the royals, judges, police, teachers, priests, presidents, Rich, pop stars, film stars, footballers. If they sell their souls to the devil they get in the club. The condition for that is they have to kidnap and murder/sacrifice children. Look at epstein, ponce Andrew, ponce charles, the queen lizard and jim savile.

  • 博文赵
    博文赵 9 hours ago


  • Madhavendra Singh
    Madhavendra Singh 10 hours ago

    Why was he naked 😶

  • ehdgjskkk
    ehdgjskkk 10 hours ago

    Did he just ran outta room naked....? Wow..... his new boyfriends in the prison will absolutely like him

  • Alex Freetime
    Alex Freetime 10 hours ago

    I can't even imagine how the mother felt as her daughter got taken from her, I'm glad the police found her, what kind of twisted person you have to be in oder to do that to a little girl? The world is a crazy place.

  • i dunno
    i dunno 11 hours ago

    Is she ok ?

  • Xyz Zyx
    Xyz Zyx 11 hours ago

    And what with epstein and the mossad agent gisline Maxwell? Epstein didn't kill himself.

  • MarkThisWayAfter
    MarkThisWayAfter 11 hours ago

    So a black man kidnaps a girl, exemplifies true evil in human form and yet somehow he shouldn’t go to prison in the eyes of these socialist liberals because “the system is racist against blacks”? How about ppl get put in jail because they’re criminals. Having daddy issues is not a get out of jail free card.

  • Bin Jin
    Bin Jin 11 hours ago

    this is THE most maddening news ever seen. how could a man do this and hide the girl in a laundry box.

  • gstbad
    gstbad 11 hours ago

    Black guy.

  • obicapa
    obicapa 11 hours ago +1

    Hang this trash and then sell his kidneys and pay the victim.

  • Grant Shepherd
    Grant Shepherd 12 hours ago

    Police try to kick the door in, Ummm, you could have just used one of the Motel Master keys?

  • JohnnieJonkie
    JohnnieJonkie 12 hours ago

    Put him on the chair

  • Thirteenth Tribe
    Thirteenth Tribe 12 hours ago

    Jesus is going to kill that man.

  • vmbo
    vmbo 12 hours ago

    Lol, you get life in prison for that?

    • vmbo
      vmbo 9 hours ago

      @R W He didn't kill her. She'll get over it.

    • R W
      R W 11 hours ago

      vmbo you should he kidnapped a little girl

  • a c
    a c 12 hours ago

    They should have turned off their body cams 😉

  • ariane artates
    ariane artates 12 hours ago

    Shout out to the police. 👏👏

  • Vaiterius
    Vaiterius 13 hours ago

    Good riddance

  • Peter Piper
    Peter Piper 13 hours ago

    Please be black..please be black... YES!

  • Matheus Lacerda
    Matheus Lacerda 14 hours ago

    Wish they had come up with an Alibi to shoot the guy dead on the spot

  • Ill Product
    Ill Product 14 hours ago

    Kidnaps child.
    Gets life in prison.
    3 hots and a cot.
    You gave a bad man a lifetime of being taken care of by taxpayers, that doesnt deter crime. Publicly executing is something I think would deter crime. It would stop future crimes because people would assume that they would meet the same fate

    • Ill Product
      Ill Product 11 hours ago

      @R W read this then tell me your stance. I'm saying heinous acts like this need a death penalty if you rob someone sure 180 days in jail with rehabilitation would be justice. When it come to guys like this who prey on weak people, he was naked plus his her in a laundry basket, this girl was bot going to be found alive therefore it is reasonable to assume that he was going to murder her. Death penalty in my book. I'm sure a lot of America agrees too.

    • R W
      R W 11 hours ago

      Ill Product you do know the government profits from prisoners right

  • Unit 1211
    Unit 1211 14 hours ago

    OMG that’s terrifying!😱 Thank goodness they found her.

  • Louis Reyna
    Louis Reyna 14 hours ago

    Like the bible says, they bear the mark of CAIN!

  • Bepizz
    Bepizz 15 hours ago

    The dude in jail is probably getting raped by other inmates

  • Smudglee
    Smudglee 15 hours ago

    And people try to make cops out to be the bad guys.