Jojo Siwa: The Real Story Of 15 Year Old Megastar From Dance Moms To Youtube

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • Jojo Siwa: Dance, Singer, Actress, and USclip Personality.
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    JoJo Siwa is the teen USclip sensation that started out of Lifetime's dance reality shows such as “Dance Moms” and “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.” But now, she is so much more than that, she’s signed to Nickelodeon, going on her very own “D.R.E.A.M. Tour, has a line of her own bows, and still continues her vlog. But what was the teen like before fame? We barely got any time with her then. From growing up in Nebraska to dancing at multiple studios, this girl just always loved the limelight and her quick rise to fame sure shows that. She may have had a little controversy over her bows, or over Twitter with Danielle Bregoli, AKA Bhad Barbie, but that’s just about the only gossipy news about this colorful down loving lady. Her music videos, “Boomerang,” and “Kid in A Candy Store” blew up, which garnered her some awards. With all these accolades, let’s discover how JoJo Siwa got to where she is today, from her humble beginnings to how she started out on USclip! From us here at TheTalko, let’s dive into the story Joelle Joanie Siwa.
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Comments • 323

  • Heather Fisher
    Heather Fisher 12 days ago +56

    I LOVE Jojo

  • Lyrics4life
    Lyrics4life 5 hours ago


  • Hannah Shutt
    Hannah Shutt 8 hours ago +1

    How does jojo have brown hair ..... no wayyyy

  • masakazu hiruko
    masakazu hiruko 2 days ago

    Am i the only who hated her mom? she is setting a bad example for jojo, like legit

  • Melanie 11/9/06
    Melanie 11/9/06 2 days ago

    14:08 she is not mature she wears baby clothes

  • DIY ME
    DIY ME 2 days ago


  • Malin Dyrvold
    Malin Dyrvold 2 days ago

    She is 16

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse 3 days ago

    2:22 why is a child wearing dat....

  • Tamara Malak
    Tamara Malak 5 days ago

    *Hairline has left the chat...*

  • Tracy mac
    Tracy mac 5 days ago +1

    That thumbnail though

  • Katie Dickson
    Katie Dickson 6 days ago

    It's actually Bhad Bhabie, not Barbie. 😉

  • Lars Larsen
    Lars Larsen 7 days ago

    You can hear her from a long ways away. She is Loud!

  • awesome blogs 200
    awesome blogs 200 8 days ago


  • Anne Shields
    Anne Shields 8 days ago

    My little niece loves Jojo

  • SquishyMain
    SquishyMain 8 days ago

    When is she going to lose all her hair tho?
    she is 15? 16? right now.
    Maybe when she is like....late 20s?

  • rachel rodriguez
    rachel rodriguez 8 days ago

    i love jojo but you were sooo wrong about the dance moms aspect lol. she an entertainer not so much a great dancer

  • hilarious muffin
    hilarious muffin 8 days ago

    Jojo was more mature when she was little

  • Niamh Bolger
    Niamh Bolger 9 days ago

    Jojo siwa is the best

  • Jaymar Cisneros
    Jaymar Cisneros 9 days ago

    Hi Jojo siwa

  • Kay M
    Kay M 9 days ago

    C'mon have almost 7 million subscribers and you keep getting people's names wrong. It's bhad bhabie (bad baby) not bad Barbie.

  • Dee Palin
    Dee Palin 9 days ago

    yes jojo

  • Morelia TWD
    Morelia TWD 9 days ago

    Jojo so annoying and ugly

  • TjornSTELLAR
    TjornSTELLAR 10 days ago

    All those mothers are fat AF

  • Berlis Medina
    Berlis Medina 10 days ago

    Drink everytime she says jojo

  • benji hidalgo
    benji hidalgo 10 days ago

    Jojo:im a princess duh
    God:on your dreams you brat

  • Daley Harnett
    Daley Harnett 10 days ago +1

    Jojo is annoying and loud

  • Lana
    Lana 10 days ago

    She has Brown hair, her mother dyed it since she was really young

  • Juan44444 Gomez4444
    Juan44444 Gomez4444 10 days ago

    0:09 the JoJo Bizarre Adventure

  • Juan44444 Gomez4444
    Juan44444 Gomez4444 10 days ago

    JoJo reference did this is

  • AlexMaker Jr.
    AlexMaker Jr. 10 days ago

    Did they really just say "Bad Barbie?"

  • Storm Stormie
    Storm Stormie 10 days ago

    ITS NOT catch me outside, she says Cash me outside. Argh

  • Storm Stormie
    Storm Stormie 10 days ago

    It’s not Bad Barbie it’s Bad Bhabie.

  • sxd.everyday
    sxd.everyday 11 days ago

    it's bhad bhabie not bhad barbie

  • EnchantressVlogs
    EnchantressVlogs 11 days ago

    Jojo is the worst she lied about her dad deth and thought it was funny I almost cried and she looks like a ten year old

  • Random Fanart
    Random Fanart 11 days ago

    This is why i hate JoJo siwa. She shouted out Logan Paul. I hate him too. And shes bratty.

  • Melanie Willikams
    Melanie Willikams 11 days ago

    Grow up JoJo

  • Super Smartie
    Super Smartie 11 days ago

    Jayden not Jaden

  • Puppet xoxo
    Puppet xoxo 11 days ago

    Interviewer:Favourite collab ?
    Jojo: Zac Efron

  • Stacy lynn
    Stacy lynn 11 days ago

    Bad barbie lmfao!!! Sounds better than bad bhabie lol she should change it lol I do wonder what will happen to jojo in 3-5 years? She cant be a child role model and act and dress like that when shes 18-20!

  • Ren O' Brien
    Ren O' Brien 11 days ago +2

    God i hate her

  • Cindy RICHARDS
    Cindy RICHARDS 11 days ago

    you are talking fast i cant understand you

  • Kenna Rose
    Kenna Rose 11 days ago

    Hold up a second did she say she was Mature?

  • PepperLoad
    PepperLoad 11 days ago

    Spill dat tea sis! Love JoJo and TheTalko!

  • Evie Blakemore
    Evie Blakemore 11 days ago +1

    How long does it take you to edit your videos

  • n.o.m channel
    n.o.m channel 11 days ago

    You are nice

  • 세계다혜
    세계다혜 11 days ago +1


  • Mackenzie Siwa
    Mackenzie Siwa 11 days ago

    It's Jayden not Jaden sorry

  • Sweet Kitty 5
    Sweet Kitty 5 11 days ago

    Jojo is a QUEEN!!!!

  • Katherine Ebbs
    Katherine Ebbs 11 days ago +1

    I was probably 1 million of the views on boomerang

  • Sventhelena Cynthia
    Sventhelena Cynthia 11 days ago +4

    She enjoys being a kid and may end up forgetting being a teen
    But I still love her and I will still watch her USclip videos course they are fun

  • TobyK
    TobyK 11 days ago

    Haters gonna hate..but I wish I'm as rich as her...doesn't even need to be at 15

  • Queen S
    Queen S 11 days ago

    I love you TheTalko 💗💗💗

  • Sabrina1919
    Sabrina1919 11 days ago +1

    Why has it become so normalized to watch very young girls (practically babies!) dancing around in bikinis with come-hither expressions on their faces? I find this concerning. Ironic that she's dressed more appropriately as a teenager than as a toddler, but that's obviously not her fault. I never watched Dance Moms but she seems like a cute kid. It's nice to see someone being praised for their personality and positive attitude for once, instead of more superficial things. If I had a kid I'd definitely rather they look up to this girl than a lot of the other stars out there, so good on her.

  • Queen Rø
    Queen Rø 11 days ago

    It's Bhad Bhabie not "Bad Barbie"

  • Nicole Sotelo
    Nicole Sotelo 11 days ago +3

    I love JoJo Siwa, but I'm shocked to hear all the secrets that she had. Thank you for making the video about her!! 😍😍😱😱

  • alexis cat lover
    alexis cat lover 11 days ago

    Where is JoJo's hair line

  • alexis cat lover
    alexis cat lover 11 days ago

    Ugh I hate Jojo that's my opinion
    But sure good for her

  • Unicorn Lover
    Unicorn Lover 11 days ago

    *Not being mean or something, but the voice who is talking is reminding me of barbie...*

  • KoolAid ?
    KoolAid ? 11 days ago +1

    Ya know like that tingly feeling u get when ur foot falls asleep. Well that’s in my head rn idk what’s happening.

  • Lin Rueangsri
    Lin Rueangsri 11 days ago

    My daughter loves her

  • Faith Molina
    Faith Molina 11 days ago

    It’s bad. Baby 🙄

  • Ghost Girl 2.0
    Ghost Girl 2.0 11 days ago +1

    Jojo and I we both r positive and don’t like to be pushed around so we r some wut alike

  • lil mini gamer games
    lil mini gamer games 11 days ago

    WHO"S BAD BARBIE her name is Bhad bhabie

  • Kenneth Cole
    Kenneth Cole 11 days ago

    She's famous for being on you tube ! She dresses,acts ,dresses like a five year old ! She really doesn't sing ,she talks ! I'm sorry but she was the worst dancer ever on the team! How long can a 16 year old get fans by acting like a five year old ? By the time she is 18 you 20 this won't fly anymore! Only very young children up to age 10 like her ,and if your older than 10 and like her ,upgrade just as in mature as her! She said she could full Maddies shoes but she couldn't, they had to get Sara to do that ! She is the most overrated dancer on the show ! Time magazine voted Maddie was voted 1 of 10 richest teens and jojo or any of the other dance mom's girls were on the list ! Maddie is worth 9 million dollars and she just turned 16 like jojo! She how bad her Hair is receding, a hair dresser said if she doesn't stop wearing a pony tail so tight she is going to lose way more hair and it won't grow back ! The crap about staying a kid forever is a crock ! You gave to grow up ,she's sweet 16 she can't keep acting like this much longer so enjoy your 15 minutes of fame ! Abby named her jojo with the bow bow I not being a hater it's my opinion, I just don't like her or her mother ! Fame whore ! I believe Time magazine over a you tuber any day! Rachel Cole under my husbands screen name sorry!

  • Engla Forsberg
    Engla Forsberg 11 days ago

    It’s bhad bhabie, not bhad bharbie

  • Oreo 224
    Oreo 224 11 days ago +1

    So what Obstacle did she have? Oh right none!

  • Samqueen
    Samqueen 11 days ago

    Oh shit, I live in Omaha

  • polong99
    polong99 11 days ago

    Ora ora oraaaaa

  • Aari Dula
    Aari Dula 11 days ago +1


  • Gary Cornwell
    Gary Cornwell 11 days ago

    Didn’t JoJo have this British guy that picked her up from dance moms and gave her the help to fame

  • Sup Itsme
    Sup Itsme 11 days ago +1

    I was expecting “ there’s something strange happening to Jojo Siwa

  • dream works
    dream works 11 days ago

    Kids stuff

  • Tekaida P
    Tekaida P 11 days ago

    Bad Barbie 😭😭😭

  • TomCris /
    TomCris / 11 days ago +1

    I love JoJo
    Greetings from ecuador 🇪🇨

  • Cxacxtuss
    Cxacxtuss 11 days ago +4

    I highly respect Jojo, she's just a kid and doesn't deserve all this hate.

  • Laura Rule
    Laura Rule 11 days ago

    Her natural hair is brown? WOW I am surprised.

  • Crishawn Gamez
    Crishawn Gamez 11 days ago

    I’m just here to make the little red dot go away

  • Meeghan crazy
    Meeghan crazy 11 days ago

    Its Bhad Bhabie. Not Bad Barbie. Its baby.

  • Mind Rules
    Mind Rules 11 days ago

    we think Jojo is great we used to watch dance mom and we think she is a great youtuber ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Fatira Edao
    Fatira Edao 11 days ago

    You said bad Barbie it's bad baby but with h

  • Sara Star
    Sara Star 11 days ago +2

    I am also 15 years old and I also born at 2003/10/07

  • Victoria Fallon
    Victoria Fallon 12 days ago

    Bhad bhabie not bhad barbie

  • Sagapoalex
    Sagapoalex 12 days ago +13

    You can have ALL THE FAME or Money at this age...but ur Childhood is not going back for working at this young age since 5 years old...

    • Laís Sartori
      Laís Sartori 11 days ago

      And being a child star must be amazing too...

    • Laís Sartori
      Laís Sartori 11 days ago +1

      Yeah, but I believe it's so much fun working like her, she must have such an awesome and cool life

  • Godwin Clara
    Godwin Clara 12 days ago +4

    I am so inspired I mean for a girl of her age to achieve that much,really deserves a thumb's up.Gogirl

  • Jkbunny Markiepooh
    Jkbunny Markiepooh 12 days ago

    I watched this Bc I thought this was gunna talk shit. I was wrong 😭

  • Emily B
    Emily B 12 days ago +1

    11:13 it's lip sync battle shorties not lip sync shortie battles.

    • Angel —
      Angel — 11 days ago +1

      Emily B almost the same thing

  • Myra H
    Myra H 12 days ago +2

    1. It’s bad bhabie not Barbie. 2. She is the cash me outside girl not the bad girl.
    3. Jojo gets on my nerves so much, like if you agree.

  • marilene bazyomon
    marilene bazyomon 12 days ago

    How is doing her hairline?😩🤔😂

  • Joel Michel
    Joel Michel 12 days ago

    Bruh She’s 16 now

  • xxwolf at heartxx
    xxwolf at heartxx 12 days ago

    My cousin loves jojo, and had a bow on the other day.

  • Juni Northstorm
    Juni Northstorm 12 days ago

    I remember when she came to sso any sso players?

  • Tea Rex
    Tea Rex 12 days ago

    yare yare daze...

  • Juni Northstorm
    Juni Northstorm 12 days ago

    She’s really pretty with her hair down

  • Cookies n cream
    Cookies n cream 12 days ago

    I just came back from school

  • Sully TV
    Sully TV 12 days ago +4

    Jojo might be a little crazy but she has some self confidence

  • Sindet
    Sindet 12 days ago

    I came for this cuz i cant understand what word he say in his USclip channel

  • Vimier Ramlal
    Vimier Ramlal 12 days ago +4

    I have no interest in jojo but i love billie eilish. No shade jojo , but i kinda want billie to out fame u lol.

  • Lillypop Animations
    Lillypop Animations 12 days ago

    I cant see her with brown hair

  • Mine Games Studios
    Mine Games Studios 12 days ago +1

    this is boring

  • Lucas ***
    Lucas *** 12 days ago

    Who the frick is this mini lady gaga