Gia Gunn *EXPOSES* Her Confrontation with Rupaul on All Stars 4

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  • Thomas Naughton
    Thomas Naughton Month ago

    For someone who apparently doesn't like drag race or doesn't need the opportunity as a queen, Willam sure spends a lot of time talking about it.

  • Fontana
    Fontana 2 months ago

    Gia and Carmen want attention . They are talentless people. So talking shi..t about the show that made them “famous”. Tired of these 2. Annoying.

  • F. Michauex Terry
    F. Michauex Terry 2 months ago

    I wanted to hear the tea but couldn't get past all the smacking in my ear. So oh well this is tea I won't hear smdh

  • Kenny S
    Kenny S 2 months ago

    Contriving a storyline about snatchgame lewks is stupid, and I'm kinda disappointed that Trinity participated in that tomfoolery. Be your authentic selves.. that's what we love, and that's where success always comes from, anyway.

  • Omar Hudson
    Omar Hudson 2 months ago

    I think it is sad that ppl actually think that equality and inclusion is even a possible thing in the world. You are fooling yourself if think so. In order for Everyone of EVERY group to be included someone's rights will have to be impeded. And who decides who is included and who is not?

  • sotoxicandsorude
    sotoxicandsorude 2 months ago

    I think it’s really shitty and annoying that you get to collect ad money from stealing Alaska and Willam’s content and splicing the most dramatic bits into a video and they get nothing from you or for this.

    GRA-EME D 2 months ago

    I don’t know what gia is bitching about. I don’t see how she did anything for trans people on the show. She just bitched and stirred the pot and then bitches about not being given a chance to represent trans people.

  • Jordan Kelemen
    Jordan Kelemen 2 months ago

    This is exhausting

  • Gabby Boyd
    Gabby Boyd 2 months ago

    Gia should’ve shantay sorry To the stick model...

  • Nanna Asynjorna
    Nanna Asynjorna 2 months ago

    None of this bitches were famous before Rupaul.

  • Anastasia Rose
    Anastasia Rose 2 months ago

    the inequality & ignorance among the so called “lgbt” community in these comments is sad.

  • Tamra Lashay
    Tamra Lashay 3 months ago

    Trans women are women I’m a natural born woman so do I finally have a chance at drag race??

  • Tim N
    Tim N 3 months ago

    Im so torn on this subject. I really dislike Gia, but I can sympathize with her personal trials so much.

  • Pablo Cáceres
    Pablo Cáceres 3 months ago

    Stretch that 15 minutes of fame, Gia. Next!

  • Erin levere
    Erin levere 3 months ago

    I don't know why Trans people even want to be on that show. We are women 24 7 it's not a performance for us it's reality.

    DIVINE TRUTH 3 months ago +1


  • Cath Ed
    Cath Ed 3 months ago

    Gia is upset b/c she wasn't getting told she is beautiful? LOL She thinks she's beautiful; we don't have to agree.

  • Cath Ed
    Cath Ed 3 months ago

    Women in drag dress as men. If Gia is a transgender woman, then why is she doing female drag? I wish they'd dump her from all Ru's shows. Sounds like Gia is making excuses for being not good enough.

  • don1982A
    don1982A 3 months ago

    Bye gurl... why wait until she gets eliminated to start talking ?
    Right at the moment when you were made feel uncomfortable or had the confrontation, you quit!! And not continue recording. That would’ve been you making a statement and you would’ve been believed and everything you’re saying now would be more relevant. But guess what, You still wanted tv time ...that’s all! You love the drama and that’s why you weren’t wanted on all star and same reason you didn’t win the reality tv in Chile either.

  • Thomas III Eirween Davis

    obvious rants from a loser... i consider her performance to be the poorest i've seen specially during snatch game... she' so insensitive to latrice

  • Lorde Fan
    Lorde Fan 3 months ago

    Gia only stood out in one episode within the three episodes. She stayed three episodes because she deserved to be in those three episodes. She didn't excel enough to convince anyone other than herself that she should've gone further.

  • Kristopher Speakman
    Kristopher Speakman 3 months ago

    Ru is not their friend and doesn't have to constantly provide support. It is not Ru's job to help the queens feel acknowledged, listened to and made to feel special and loved. They're all adults and if they're struggling, seek professional help. Ru has always said we all need to go out there and fight for something we want as we won't always be supported. We all need to ask for help sometimes but at end of the day, Ru is an entertainer, not a social worker.

  • Jasmine Allen
    Jasmine Allen 3 months ago +1

    Awww Gia is sooo goood sooo talented!! Miss that flame in her

  • artistNexile
    artistNexile 3 months ago

    Gia and Carmen are 2 queens that are talentless so this is expected of both of them. They wait for opportunities to bring negativity to something that people enjoy and try to sh!t on Ru every chance they get. It must suck when the only talent you have is being a shady messy queen. They wanted to use the show for fame and possibly win the money rewards but in the future they will express their displeasure with being associated with RPDR since they are trans women. I can already predict it.

  • Antonio Garcia
    Antonio Garcia 3 months ago

    Not to be rude but i called it. I told my boyfriend that gia is going to have her trans moment for the brand and then get the boot.

  • uknowsalome1
    uknowsalome1 3 months ago

    Gia doesn't know anything about trans visibility. She didn't go to the show for that, she went into the show to bully Farrah and the other queens for being men in dresses. RuPaul doesn't owe her or any other transgender anything. The show 1st aired as "RuPaul's drag race " not "RuPaul's drag, transgender, club kid, butch race"

  • A P
    A P 3 months ago

    Ya’ll gonna miss “problematic” Ru the day she finally up and says “fuck ya’ll hoes this show is done” and drag stars become irrelevant again on tv because you are all always looking for a reason to jump on a hatewagon from equally “problematic” contestants. Notice how it is always queens seeking validation who have an issue with Ru. You don’t hear 120+ successful drag race contestants ever say’s always the same 3/4 children.

  • Dillon Locke
    Dillon Locke 3 months ago

    I guess as long as the show is called RuPauls Drag Race, then RuPaul can do as he pleases.
    All of them are so butt hurt and how horrible Ru is when they are there, yet here they are discussing Ru and all dying to get on Drag Race and have acceptance by Ru.
    How boring.

  • Xcuze
    Xcuze 3 months ago

    Gia is full of shit. She is using the Transition thing to get goodwill and distract from her awful behaviour as a person. NO you dnt get a free pass just cause you are transitioning. Thats not an excuse to be a bitch. You were a bitch first season and you are still a bitch. Conclusion: you are a bitch. Male or female. The gay community loves nasty bitches though so you will still have your little fans cheering for you. Thats the good news.

  • Scottie Aubrey
    Scottie Aubrey 3 months ago

    Tea sis 😂😂😂🏳️‍🌈

  • Zaden
    Zaden 3 months ago

    Reposting someone else's entire podcast isn't content.

  • SIREN27
    SIREN27 3 months ago

    Ru can do the shadiest shit and I’ll still love her

  • Versacejp Pcj
    Versacejp Pcj 3 months ago

    Gia is a mess . Period . Stir the pot and then act like the victim!!

  • Sean Santos
    Sean Santos 3 months ago

    Has anyone else noticed that drag race changed after season 6 or 8

  • Elihu Mansell
    Elihu Mansell 3 months ago


  • Emanoel Solano
    Emanoel Solano 3 months ago

    want respect and acceptance from everyone, but dont say anything positive about other queens and consider everyone that is not her, not talented. no one is forced to accept or respect you gia, same goes for you against others. grown up

  • mm261703
    mm261703 3 months ago

    Gia is a hypocrite, RuPaul invites you to be on the show, and instead of actually given transgender individuals a good image, she makes it all about her self, how fucking confused she still is, how she uses her so-called transitions as a facade for the empty, shallow, racist and hateful bitch that she is. She was a bitch in season 6, she was a bitch in the Switch 2 and now she has crowned herself as the grandest bitch of them all. Gia and the Vixen, go play dungeons and dragon in Tyra Sanchez's basement and leave the world of drag, like Gia said in S6 --- It's not everyone...definitely not for her. She needs to be a human first, and then learn how to be a clear communicator and then maybe perhaps she'll be able to redeem her sorry ass.

  • James Major Burns
    James Major Burns 3 months ago
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  • blacklacca
    blacklacca 3 months ago

    Just because you(Gia) decided to trans don't mean that the rules or the flavor of the show should change. Why should u be given all the attention because YOU decided to change your gender. The show is called DRAG RACE not Tranny Race. Drags is an art that some of use enjoy, i enjoy watching boys turn to girls then back to boys, Trans is a permanent effect....PLUS Gia sucked!!!!!! A cute face with an ugly soul

  • Ursa Minor
    Ursa Minor 3 months ago

    Gia’s either blowing the lid off the fakery of the show or making this all up and I can’t decide which is true. So it must be both.

  • Leon Darko
    Leon Darko 3 months ago

    Bitch let me just say this, all she did was bitch about how it took her to a dark place being there when she was trying to figure out who she was, well bitch if it made you so uncomfortable why the hell did you go back on the show. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

  • movie end
    movie end 3 months ago

    annoying intro sis

  • NANA Yonce
    NANA Yonce 3 months ago

    Can she shut the fuc* up ? She talk so much

  • Richard C
    Richard C 3 months ago

    Yawn! The sound of Gia’s voice makes me sleepy! Let me know when she finishes dropping that victim card!
    I guess she lost....

  • Linda Chestnut
    Linda Chestnut 3 months ago

    Get over yourself Gia you’re not beautiful Because beauty starts from the inside out And you girl Are full of bitterness Start to forgive So you can heal You’re not the one to stand up for the Trans community

  • Bella Jane
    Bella Jane 3 months ago

    This is so incorrect. Drag performance is the exaggeration of certain characteristics, whether it be femininity, masculinity or any other artistic expression. Drag queens aren’t necessarily men trying to impersonate a women, it is only seen as so because society ties femininity to the female gender. If we learn to disassociate the two constructs, femininity and female, then will we be able to truly understand why Ru’s take on it was so problematic and why drag performance goes beyond a man trying to be a woman.

  • Vikki DC
    Vikki DC 3 months ago

    Gia and Carmen love to play victim, but they are some of the main people that will discredit and invalidate other queens. It's hypocritical and I'm over it

  • Josh Brown
    Josh Brown 3 months ago

    Rupauls Trans Race

  • ColtonCream
    ColtonCream 3 months ago +1

    I gotta be honest - I'm completely over all these queens suddenly having so much negative shit to say about Drag Race, RuPaul or even each other for that matter. I know people LOVE Willam, which I never understood because her drag is basic (and not overly impressive in my opinion), her acting is garbage despite her numerous "credits" where she basically fades into the background, and her attitude and personality leave much to be desired. Willam is a brilliant business person (even Ru discusses how ahead of the game Willam is when he was on Hey Queen), but it seems her main goal is to constantly stir the pot or create drama with Ru. I remember clearly her obvious love for Ru when she was on the reunion of her own season so everything since then seems disingenuous, calculated, and attention seeking.
    As for Gia - she was a rude, nasty, catty bitch on her season and clearly she couldn't wait to get her ass on AS4, where she didn't "play" a villain, she WAS a villain. Self centered, delusional, constantly stirring the pot and totally underwhelming in every challenge. Editing can intensify how situations appear, but nobody forced her to do the things she did, say the things she said or act the way she acted and all of it was annoying. Every damn queen on the show mentions what a pain in the damn ass she is so maybe she needs to start looking inward as to why she is constantly being badmouthed.
    I'm old school and I don't believe in biting the hand that feeds you. Entertainment is a horrible business and people need to keep that in mind above all is - it's a business not RuPaul's Best Friend Race as LaShawn Beyond stated so many years ago. I don't think it's a coincidence that the most successful of the bunch don't have all these negative memories - including Alaska who tip toes through this whole podcast while Willam keeps attempting to stir the pot deeper. The reality is that most of us had no idea who any of these queens were until they made their mark on Drag Race and they should be thanking their lucky stars that they are able to make a living doing the amazing art of drag when there are so many incredibly talented queens who don't have that same luxury. And those who claim that Ru is using them as much as they are using him, you need to remember that he already made his mark in the world of drag and beyond and doesn't need the show to be the icon he has been. Gia, Willam, Pearl and a few others (including Carmen) need to google themselves some humility and appreciation rather than constantly trying to tear down the very platform that gave them such far reaching voices.

  • Amanda M
    Amanda M 3 months ago

    Gia's voice is the worst thing ever. Like god please kill it with fire

  • HappySlayer81
    HappySlayer81 3 months ago

    WTF I keep clicking on not interested but still this dumbass channel keeps popping up.

  • ben thomas
    ben thomas 3 months ago

    Gia sounds like a complete fool!! - good luck to her!

  • Rafiel Rosario
    Rafiel Rosario 3 months ago

    Gia thinks that all her problems are because she’s Trans and transphobia when it’s actually because she’s an ugly person inside and out, but specially on the inside. I Could never feel bad for her.

  • Mike Girard
    Mike Girard 3 months ago

    She's so fucking boring. She yaps and yaps and yaps and never gets below the surface. Why are so many public trans people so self-obsessed and nutty?

  • Chanel Caterina
    Chanel Caterina 3 months ago

    Damn 5 ads in a 16 minute video o.o I just got done watching a 40 minute video with just 2. This is why I use ad block 😭

  • Jessica ZED
    Jessica ZED 3 months ago

    Imagine what was edited out of their pre-recorded podcast

  • Shawn Jackson
    Shawn Jackson 3 months ago

    Havn't watched the video yet,
    BUT, I just wanted to say I thought it was reallly weirdly edited, the episode Gia was eliminated
    It felt very forced and publicized. Literally felt like Ru said "THANKS FOR BEING TRANS AND ON MY SHOW. SEE WORLD. I ACCEPT TRANS PEOPLE" :S
    I also feel bad for Gia cuz it almost feels like Ru wanted Gia to create drama and be uncomfortable

  • Daniel Stafford
    Daniel Stafford 3 months ago

    gia gunn isn't even transexual. she doesn't want the surgery. she doesn't take hormones; all she does is wear girl clothes. shes a fuckin transvestite. there's nothing wrong with it, but there is a fuckin difference. She needs to stop exploiting her gender identity for her benefit. she does nothing but give our community a bad name.

  • catbear305
    catbear305 3 months ago

    the transmisogyny in the comments?.... far too much

  • Lauren Stewart
    Lauren Stewart 3 months ago

    I don’t trust gia
    She’s a liar and isn’t afraid to create drama to put her in a better light
    I don’t like or believe her
    Also if you listen to the podcast you see that ru is such a lovely person and is a supporter of everyone, gia needs to get over herself

  • Kattya Mendieta
    Kattya Mendieta 3 months ago +1

    Dude 2019 makes me sick I'm so bored already with all this PC nonsense. Women cannot do drag. That is called an artist. Want to see a woman in drag? Go to a Rihanna concert, or any female singer I don't care. We tune in to watch men turn into fabulous female characters, to watch a female celebrity I have Vevo.

    • hickchicklori
      hickchicklori 3 months ago

      Right? I love seeing how men can manipulate their bodies to look like women. Some are lucky to have small frames, small jawline, feminine features that give that little extra advantage but they are still men. Being mad that someone taking hormones, augmenting their body into a more feminine shape, and getting their jaw and Adams apple shaved down surgically does not jive with the ILLUSION and ARTISTRY of drag. Jesus people have lost their damn minds

  • Mike Peretz
    Mike Peretz 3 months ago +2

    Can someone fill me in real quick please on what awful things Ru said about trans people? I think I was living under a rock when that happened. lol

    • Vikki DC
      Vikki DC 3 months ago

      +Mike Peretz that is was a few years ago, ru apologized and is taking the necessary steps to allow more trans women on the show soooo it's a dead issue for me

    • Mike Peretz
      Mike Peretz 3 months ago

      +Vikki DC is that it?
      Cuz that's ignorant and transphobic and deserves backlash, but people in the comments are talking like ru has a long history of saying that trans people should be lynched or smth lol.

    • Vikki DC
      Vikki DC 3 months ago

      Ru said that she didn't feel like trans women should compete in drag race because it was "cheating" and that she recognizes them as actual women, not men dressed as women

  • Giselle Lian
    Giselle Lian 3 months ago +1

    Just because you transitioned in the public eye does NOT make you a representative of the community. You actually have to do something for the community that benefits others BESIDES yourself. Gia simply just transitioned while on the show and Ru gave her a platform to speak about being trans. It's not a given, you don't get special treatment or special status. Those who want special treatment simply want attention. I don't like when trans throw around the "Trans" badge as a defense mechanism for everything that happens to them. Honestly, Gia is a bad rep for trans, the negativity and creating's not who we are...and she's not the sharpest tool. She ain't no Bianca del Rio.

  • danna hernandez
    danna hernandez 3 months ago

    I really don’t like gia shes like obsessed with the whole trans thing and i feel like she wants to be treated differently just because shes trans

  • Alex Sandro
    Alex Sandro 3 months ago

    *you know*

  • Taylor Bean
    Taylor Bean 3 months ago

    🤔I just don't get it...if she's saying she's being an advocate on the show...then why is she playing a fake personality on the show?
    I think she's fierce af, but I also think trying to balance two, very different personalities is scary af. Then she mentioned that she can do it so well that she can just switch back and forth? Like a Jekyll and Hyde?
    I don't get it🤔

  • Necrosin 1984
    Necrosin 1984 3 months ago

    That intro lol!

  • Martie Gallego
    Martie Gallego 3 months ago +1

    I understand the drag thing being a part of Gia's life, but once one identifies as "trans" you are no longer doing drag.. I'm not going to go off and explain my comment, for the fact that the old school Tran's ladies know what I'm talking about !! When I transitioned many years ago, the girls left the drag scene alone!! It was all about " fitting in with society, in your chosen gender identity !!" The girls of my time, then toned down and softened the make-up, and dressed less flamboyantly !! We melded into society, this was very important !! In today's world I see the esthetics are less important!! You see all kinds of "women" ie. bearded, bald, etc... I'm just saying that maybe She needs to look into other ways to make a living besides " female impersonation" for the fact is if you are "trans" and identify as female , how are you impersonating a female !! ?? You all know what I mean !! Love and Peace for All !! It's perception, I guess !! Luv Ya !!!

    • hickchicklori
      hickchicklori 3 months ago

      I agree with you. She is good friends with Nikita Dragun who is trans and brags about being unloclockable. I think Via went on there for self serving reasons which is fine but let's be honest about it....I think she is salty and her mouth over rode her ass....she couldn't back up all the shade she threw around and now is looking for 3xcuses. She gained some post show momentum with all the bitching and she is gonna milk it for all she can get. She wants to be famous far above wanting to represent her community, herself, or Drag Race and she comes off being very desperate. I don't like her or the message she is sending. Have some grace and self respect for fucks sake.

  • Kathryn Davis
    Kathryn Davis 3 months ago

    I hope it was just editing which made you look like such an ugly person.

  • pumbaaj
    pumbaaj 3 months ago

    At one point (when Drag U was on the air) wasn't Ru saying straight women would be welcome to compete on Drag Race? That would be like a straight guy playing gay (using negative stereotypes ...magician Jeff Hobson comes to mind) just to gain fame and $$.

  • Kiwi Jello
    Kiwi Jello 3 months ago +3

    I have seen Ru and I have seen Gia. It's CLEAR who the problem is. Gia has a chip on her shoulder about who and what she is. Maybe SHE needs to come to terms with it before she expects people to fall in line. She has an attitude problem and is NOT a nice person. You can attack anyone else you want but it doesn't change the fact that you are shady, mean, and entitled. Good luck in your career. I won't support you until you stop treating people like fodder for your life goals.
    TLDR: Sick of these "Queens" using RUPaul to get publicity and attention they could NEVER get on their own.

  • Jane
    Jane 3 months ago

    Tbh Gia can be very shady and kinda mean (for example when she victim shamed Jiggly) but I do have to admit that her honesty is very inspiring and when you follow her on social media etc she seems like a very real and honest person. That’s actually something I really love about Gia and it really warms my heart that she stands by the truth and actually told the people that she had that fake personality on the show to make it entertaining. I think Gia is way more than this shady woman that thinks she’s better than anybody else.

  • aryan
    aryan 3 months ago

    Farrah with that shade did gave us good TV. Girl bye

  • kyle nicholson
    kyle nicholson 3 months ago

    I hate how Gia describes herself as witty... She's not! She's Cunty. Not Witty.

  • Mr Pickles
    Mr Pickles 3 months ago

    Moan, Moan, Moan, Moan, Trans, Trans, Trans, Trans., Bitch, bitch, bitch, Bitch. NEXT!!!!!!!!

  • Ledetric Penn
    Ledetric Penn 3 months ago

    New Tea Channel.... I likey!!!! 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍

  • luna jack
    luna jack 3 months ago

    Oh here we go again with Gia trying to stay relevant after she got eliminated, even her massage is not reaching anybody with her attitude and the bitchiness and I was the victim mentality 😩

  • ebon ibex
    ebon ibex 3 months ago

    Gimme an effing break. Srsly.

  • Monica Foster
    Monica Foster 3 months ago

    As a black person, I NEVER expect any kind of support from the LGBT community in any activity. I suggest Gia adopts the same attitude.

  • Desotto1
    Desotto1 3 months ago

    She literally says in this video "i blind-sided farrah with burried drama that we got past because I'm good at making drama on TV" just after agreeing with Willam that Farrah was fake for NOT wanting to get into drama? Queen, NO, Bye. Gia is a two-faced child that uses her trans issues as a shield to be rude which detracts from people who genuinely suffer from gender dysphoria and AREN'T a nasty human beings

  • Deeone Buffalo
    Deeone Buffalo 3 months ago

    Team gia

  • Baby Firefly
    Baby Firefly 3 months ago

    Wow. How very easy (and racist) of eureka to say she “wishes she could be Black” as a white person who has never lived a day in a Black person’s shoes and has never experienced the oppression that Black PoC face every day. She puts on her fun (and when I say “fun” I mean truly vile) little act of what she perceives as “Black” using words and behaving in a way she shouldn’t, but unlike ACTUAL Black PoC, she can take that mask off and turn off the act and go right back to being a white person again without ever having to experience the oppression and bigotry that comes with actually being a Black person. She’s in my top 10 of white people I viciously cannot stand. Idk who the fuck she threatened to sue bc of her little knee accident in her season of Drag Race for her to get so far on season 10 but it was actually painful to watch. She is the living, breathing form of anal hemorrhoids.

  • jennifer decamps
    jennifer decamps 3 months ago

    Why is "I wish I was black" bad? Some people might wish they were black. Black don't crack.

    • jennifer decamps
      jennifer decamps 3 months ago

      +Princess of Wales So then isn't the racist people like you who think this? I am brown and I don't wish I was white.

    • Princess of Wales
      Princess of Wales 3 months ago

      jennifer decamps uh yeah no. Black is whack

  • Assata Shakur
    Assata Shakur 3 months ago

    Gio Gunn is an entitled and untalented brat. He does not REPRESENT trans woman . Ugh. I wish Rupaul would stop caving in to all these privileged self righteous hypocrites . Its okay to be racist and sexist but DON't EVER be "trans phobic"

  • Shamey Ames
    Shamey Ames 3 months ago

    Oh stfu Gia. Also, why are you there?, you ask? to do drag! and that's all. PERIODT.

  • Sam Iyam
    Sam Iyam 3 months ago +1

    Oh please, Gia gurl, you can't go on one show and say you lovvvved it and you were playing a role and getting in everyone's head to stir up some drama because it's good tv AND THEN go on a completely different show and say you didn't feel welcome. Umm you were invited and yet you told the world you were not until the day they announced the cast ... then you back tracked. Then you left fairly early after making a fool of yourself and of course then you went on a promo tour and tried to trash Ru. excuse us? Ru is not there to hold your hand, Ru has a staff to do that. You are just sour that you didn't last and your "talent" didn't really shine through. This has NOTHING to do with you being trans, it's about your bad attitude, always has been. You are so ungrateful. Wasn't that long ago you had to run to another country to find a show to be on. NOw count your lucky stars that your name is out there for another fifteen minutes. Too bad you ruined your brand. Smelly Talapia is all that's left.

  • Stank Lemons
    Stank Lemons 3 months ago

    still love gia 💘

  • Makeysha Jamila
    Makeysha Jamila 3 months ago

    So Gia was like been shady since she enter the werkroom and then acting like the víctim just cause Ru didnt say anything about her transition 🙄

  • MJJlover95
    MJJlover95 3 months ago +1

    Unpopular opinion; I kinda agree With RuPaul. It's called Drag Race for a reason and it is a difference between being a drag Queen and transgender. A drag queen is a man who dresses up as a woman, but doesn't identify as one. A transgender is someone who identifies as a different sex than they were born as. My opinion doesn't mean that I don't like people who are transgender. You want me to think of you as a woman, then I will do so. But do not come crying and beg for special treatment just because of that. If you like it or not; There is a difference between a drag Queen and being transgender. Period. Sorry, not sorry.

  • Blood Moonbeam
    Blood Moonbeam 3 months ago

    If you’re not listening to Race Chaser, you’re not getting the whole story.

  • King Duchessswag
    King Duchessswag 3 months ago

    Gia gunn.u are clearly looking a hype...claps off to you...i am so no longer a fan

    EDER DAVILA 3 months ago

    Btw where is that show where Willam is looking for the next drag superstar?? What happend? Did i miss something??

  • Luke H
    Luke H 3 months ago

    Why do some of the queens get so offended when Rupaul doesn’t want to be their best friend? You’re there to make a fucking tv show! You think people go on the X Factor and expect to be friends with Simon Cowell? Or ANTM and be best girlfriends with Tyra Banks?! No! So why is Ru any different?

  • ericmtl
    ericmtl 3 months ago

    Tranny, please...

  • CreepVision
    CreepVision 3 months ago +1

    Ok but if Ru gave her a heartfelt conversation on camera, considering how scripted some of the other moments are, we would be having a conversation about it feeling fake and pushing a storyline so Ru can be forgiven before Gia is cut. This story would still read the same: Gia being used as a bandaid for the past.
    I'm not saying either is in the wrong for perceiving the situation the way they did. It just seems hard to believe a pat on the back for the cameras would have done it, really.

  • Christabel Agyapong
    Christabel Agyapong 3 months ago

    Even William is careful not to say anything mean about ru. 🙃 her and Alaska really watched their words

  • Nh.rth.f
    Nh.rth.f 3 months ago

    Can we please officially cancel her?!

  • yonasco14
    yonasco14 3 months ago

    can someone please tell me what transphobic comments has Ru said ?

  • Jenna Lakes
    Jenna Lakes 3 months ago

    I love Tea Spill and as a Stan of that channel I really enjoy yours AND i love that you gave Tea Spill created for your inspiration! That’s very big of you and makes me respect you a lot more!!!

  • Trevor Gitonga
    Trevor Gitonga 3 months ago

    Childdd...Willam is gonna get Alaska in troubleeeee