iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing!

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
  • First iPhone 11 clone unboxing! Up close with the triple lens camera, two months before release! How bad can a $100 iPhone 11 be?
    iPhone 11 latest leaks.
    iOS 13 latest features.
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  • Triệu Vân
    Triệu Vân 12 hours ago

    Oh shit verry bad fuck apple

  • Christian Lee
    Christian Lee 12 hours ago

    On 2:10 on the Sim Card slot remover example, they used an iPhone 8 instead of the iPhone 11 clone in the picture.

  • Can Erdem
    Can Erdem 13 hours ago

    Vay amk

  • Taewoong yoon
    Taewoong yoon 13 hours ago

    무슨 멍자국 이냐 ㅋ

  • Weekends with Erin
    Weekends with Erin 14 hours ago

    wait does he even know what the real one looks like?? 😂

  • 20 000 subs without any videos

    Look at my name

    SUPER GØD 15 hours ago +1

    Quem e br da like

  • *ARMY* *CARAT*
    *ARMY* *CARAT* 15 hours ago +1

    The ugliest phone in the world. Ugh apple sorry but this sucks

    MISSED RNG 16 hours ago +1

    EWWW who agrees with me

  • *Topster *
    *Topster * 16 hours ago +1

    Eu olhei a capa do vídeo e pensei:
    - Eita porra

  • Hira Capar
    Hira Capar 16 hours ago

    Kim bilir nekadardır amk

  • Juste Este
    Juste Este 16 hours ago

    The new iPhone its :🤮

  • White Tea
    White Tea 18 hours ago

    Изуродовали как могли..

  • ephoraa
    ephoraa 18 hours ago +1

    what the HECK

  • Princee Erick
    Princee Erick 20 hours ago

    The IPhone XS Max Camera Looks Ugly On Snapchat
    Hopefully The IPhone 11 And Up Looks Way Better

    ÒOF OOF 21 hour ago

    Not cool camera.i prefer s10 with 5 cameras.SAMSUNG.

  • Abram Islam
    Abram Islam 21 hour ago

    Evry i phone looking good but i phon 11 back side very ugly

  • Lusty gamer
    Lusty gamer 21 hour ago

    You will be putting apple products in your ass for your whole life.

  • Aom Supa
    Aom Supa 22 hours ago

    iPhone mate 20 oops!

  • Mariah Cãrey
    Mariah Cãrey 23 hours ago

    Fuck Jonathan Ive

  • miguel egla
    miguel egla 23 hours ago

    Je sais pas ce qui cest mais cest moche pour un iphone

  • Claire N
    Claire N 23 hours ago

    The iPhone 11 is ugly

  • Azər Piyano
    Azər Piyano Day ago


  • Juliana Bongiolo

    Não eh original né??


    agr kisi ko iphone 11 clone lena h to whatsapp par aao 6397516329
    all India cod available

  • Saad Haseeb
    Saad Haseeb Day ago

    Kind of good

  • Krishna Sharma
    Krishna Sharma Day ago

    Hate the bezzel

  • Cayde Rose
    Cayde Rose Day ago

    Is iOS 13 out

  • ___lord_ Juli___
    ___lord_ Juli___ Day ago +1

    That cameras looks like💩💩💩

  • 퐁리PONGLI tube

    한국인분들! 아이폰11은 아직 출시되지도 않아서 저건 짝퉁으로보이네요.

  • Toufik Meliani
    Toufik Meliani Day ago

    ايفوان٨ بلس

  • 郭欣穎
    郭欣穎 Day ago

    Look not real one

  • Reni Re
    Reni Re Day ago

    Better iphone xr xs

  • Vasudha Dighole
    Vasudha Dighole Day ago

    There is no phone like iPhone 11 yet

  • Abdulkhadar Tamboli

    How to buy !

  • Amaya Dnae
    Amaya Dnae Day ago +1

    I think Apple might end very soon they're running out of ideas

  • evandro ribeiro
    evandro ribeiro Day ago


  • You 699877760
    You 699877760 Day ago

    Hi can i have iPhone please i need iphone x but I have iPhone 4 I am so sad

  • Yến SaRa
    Yến SaRa Day ago

    Có ai việt Nam ko

  • XoXAmelia
    XoXAmelia Day ago


  • Lider Oyuncu YT
    Lider Oyuncu YT Day ago

    Türk varmı

  • Natasha L-S
    Natasha L-S Day ago

    Lier it’s fake it’s going to be released

  • demi c
    demi c Day ago

    Oh no, that ain't it

  • Dimas Mahardika
    Dimas Mahardika Day ago

    Apakah di sini ada yang menonton dari indonesia:v?

  • يحيى عامري

    شكله بايخ😒

  • redgel deleon
    redgel deleon Day ago

    I loved iphone. But i dont havent ughhhhh

  • redgel deleon
    redgel deleon Day ago

    I loved iphone. But i dont havent ughhhhh

  • варпатч варпатч

    Америкосы салам алейкум

  • Mikaela Tiarite
    Mikaela Tiarite Day ago

    No offense, but it looks......

  • Jonny Wilson
    Jonny Wilson Day ago

    📱📲 wow!!!

  • Serg TV
    Serg TV Day ago +1


  • Eero N.
    Eero N. Day ago

    Can u send me IPhone:8I broke my last phone then now i dont have phone:(

  • Aaliyana Carr
    Aaliyana Carr Day ago +1

    ik we all said the iphone x was originally ugly but this will forever be ugly.

  • jadelyn cush
    jadelyn cush Day ago


  • Sasongko Films
    Sasongko Films Day ago

    Why do people hate the back design so much? YOUR NOT ALWAYS GOING TO LOOK AT THE BACK OF THE IPHONE! #thinktwicebeforeyouspeak

    CRAZY BOYS. Day ago

    who dose not like this design???


    Its not beautifull

  • يزيد yazed
    يزيد yazed Day ago +1

    Mate 20 pro

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  • Narongwit Tanawat


  • Gaming With Aerial
    Gaming With Aerial Day ago +3

    Such an ugly model. Iphone 10s is much better

  • P PP
    P PP Day ago

    0:20 開け方がアメリカンで草

  • Island Bwoii
    Island Bwoii Day ago

    Can I have one iPhone,I'm currently on my IPod 6th gen

  • 최강동동이
    최강동동이 Day ago

    응 짝퉁

  • ajay panchal
    ajay panchal Day ago

    Mne b chaiye jakoe..kdte laaya

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer Day ago +1

    These devices are made for case makers

  • Alyaa Dianah
    Alyaa Dianah 2 days ago

    I phone 5c is better look more prettier

  • Mr Mohsin
    Mr Mohsin 2 days ago

    its fake china one😂😂😂😂😂 even touch not working goood you guys can seee

  • Frank Tian
    Frank Tian 2 days ago

    who designed this THING?

  • john molnar
    john molnar 2 days ago

    iPhones have become a joke. Even at the AT&T store where I got my S10... the salesman even told us that iphones have gone way downhill. He said in the beginning they were innovative and always was coming out with something new. Now they're just copying Samsung all the time. The iPhone doesn't change enough to justify spending money on the new model every time one comes out. I had the very 1st iPhone when it came out and I thought it was absolutely unbelievable. Now...you couldn't give me one for free. They have just become a gimmick. A lot of people that get them now as a status statement. They want to show off that they have the newest Apple phone on the market.

  • Andrea Soriano
    Andrea Soriano 2 days ago

    What date have for philipines

  • Bob Toronja
    Bob Toronja 2 days ago +1


  • 無影片挑戰1000訂閱

    Is that true?

  • Claude - Alain Wamba

    What the animal 😭,?????

  • Jasmine Miners
    Jasmine Miners 2 days ago

    Love this channel but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK APPLE

  • Hangem Paul Hangx
    Hangem Paul Hangx 2 days ago


  • Katie Figueroa
    Katie Figueroa 2 days ago

    they couldn’t just make new colors for the xr LMFAOOOO😭😭😭.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago

    I would rather wait for the 2020 iPhones instead

  • Jason Colorado
    Jason Colorado 2 days ago +3

    The iphone 8 plus camera is better than the 11

  • Bill A
    Bill A 2 days ago

    "The backs-wipe is what makes the iPhone and iPhone" baa-haa-haa I got a little back button at my thumb on my Android, guess that's what makes the Android and Android. xD

  • yolanda morgan
    yolanda morgan 2 days ago

    Oh jeez there’s about to be all types of weird celebrity photos coming out and you know they’re definitely going to get the Kardashian/Jenner’s with it and they’re so dramatic too Kim’s going to be like “oh mah gawd did you guys see the picture they took of my ass”
    And Kylie’s gonna be like “forget your ass bitch look at the shot they took of my lips”😂

  • Артём F1
    Артём F1 2 days ago

    Амерекосы додики

  • Sef Corrales
    Sef Corrales 2 days ago +1

    Next 25yrs

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee 2 days ago +2

    Still, people will use it.

  • User 101
    User 101 2 days ago

    It looks terrible😂

  • Desanimado X
    Desanimado X 2 days ago +6

    This iphone has a tumor on the camera LOL

  • Lorenzo Andrés Gastaldi

    Realmente es la copia del x y con una cama de mierda bro

  • Salubrious Succ
    Salubrious Succ 2 days ago

    I didnt even know there was 11

  • Didy's Site
    Didy's Site 2 days ago

    Someone has the link?

  • Kiah Odenbach
    Kiah Odenbach 2 days ago +1


  • Reemas Alabdullatef
    Reemas Alabdullatef 2 days ago


  • Semi Demi Excalibur
    Semi Demi Excalibur 2 days ago

    Sugar glider

  • preal brister
    preal brister 2 days ago

    I dont like there new phone

  • ko mo giril boy
    ko mo giril boy 2 days ago

    how much..

  • noe arriaga
    noe arriaga 2 days ago +1

    "with no tap to wake I have to physically press the button" Manuel labor

  • Tamang Keto
    Tamang Keto 2 days ago

    How many of you are complaining about camera even though you can't afford it😂😆

  • ë맑음
    ë맑음 2 days ago


  • Lilzi Lulz
    Lilzi Lulz 2 days ago +64

    Who else won’t buy it JUST BECAUSE OF THE CAMERA!