KOREAN McDonald's VS. Burger King in Seoul South Korea

  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
  • Many of you guys asked me to try out the McDonald's in South Korea and I was super excited as well. With burgers such as the Shanghai burger, I was expecting great things. After eating at McDonald's I also stopped at Burger King in Seoul and tried out some of the interesting items there.
    So here is my review and comparison of Korean McDonald's and Burger King in South Korea.
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Comments • 2 672

  • Jay Chen
    Jay Chen 8 hours ago

    This makes me feel sad. I'm always disappointed in my mcdonalds experience in Canada. But I still love it!

  • Butter finger
    Butter finger 8 hours ago

    these days thigh burger (MOM'S TOUCH) is huge in korea

  • Jimin Tae Yoongi Hui IM B.I Young K Woosung Jongup

    18:05 is he smoking inside of burger king?

  • JayJamBAM
    JayJamBAM 17 hours ago

    he really reminds u of jackie chan doesnt he

  • WHRobert
    WHRobert 18 hours ago

    How do they have such nice looking beef in their burgers? In Ireland we produce a lot of the world's beef and the McDonald's beef still tastes like cardboard

  • Lady Typhon
    Lady Typhon 19 hours ago

    Burger king looks way more interesting menu items.

  • Poncho 400
    Poncho 400 22 hours ago

    Thumbs up if you saw the Monster X burger and thought "Oh! A McGangbang!"

  • amie dalah
    amie dalah 22 hours ago

    My heart cried with the $5 whopper story and the mom eating only one burger 😭😭😭 lemme give you a hug...

  • Heriberto Cruz
    Heriberto Cruz 23 hours ago

    Next time bring me one back to Florida or take me to Burger King

  • Ross Phillips
    Ross Phillips Day ago

    I love a good whopper too

  • hopefulockey
    hopefulockey Day ago

    That Cony fan was so cute! I love the LINE characters! ☺️

  • porschetr
    porschetr Day ago

    LOL at you thinking Korea had burgers in 1955. The Korean war ended in 1953, they probably barely had rice for everyone. McD opened in Korea in 1988, the same year they hosted Olympics games for the first time.

  • Shawn Okitkun
    Shawn Okitkun Day ago

    I gained 10 lbs by watching this

  • Hannah Adams
    Hannah Adams Day ago

    Good lawd I’m hungry

  • Cameron Wallace
    Cameron Wallace Day ago

    legends say that to actually make him full he would have to consume a planet, but there is never enough hot sauce to do it

  • david falduto
    david falduto Day ago

    yuk at the corn pie

  • That wasn’t Very cash money of you

    The 1955 burger is probably the best Korean McDonald item in my opinion

  • Mikho Prabowo
    Mikho Prabowo Day ago

    mike, after u choose the menu, there is line friends fan, LINE is a chatting app that most of asians use it, and its made from korea.

  • Gregory Verba
    Gregory Verba Day ago

    Team Burger King! 🍔 👑

  • jadakiss228
    jadakiss228 Day ago

    Awwww your Mom 💓💓💓

  • Green Plant
    Green Plant Day ago

    I love the shrimp burger best! Burger king more expensive then mac Donald

  • Eric Meland
    Eric Meland Day ago

    You need to go to London England and compare McDonald's and burger King

  • Gabriella Moore
    Gabriella Moore 2 days ago

    I got so hungry! You eat so much, I just eat one normal sized burger and I'm full and you can eat so many that's so cool! :D Burger King wins, I also prefer burger king lol

  • Mitchel Chapin
    Mitchel Chapin 2 days ago

    USA sucks. Burger King in Seoul South Korea! Awesome looking! Would love too try!

  • Mr. Murphy
    Mr. Murphy 2 days ago

    Someone please franchise a Korean BK here in the Bay Area!

  • Lee Hyuk
    Lee Hyuk 2 days ago

    Burger King always been better lol

  • Shannon Luciano
    Shannon Luciano 2 days ago

    dude after watching your videos man you can eat loool

  • shorty low
    shorty low 2 days ago

    I like the video it made me feel like eating

  • Ruaimaa Hasan
    Ruaimaa Hasan 2 days ago

    pie-ping hot oml

  • griddles grills and smokers tv

    Dude where u put it all

  • M Sanchez
    M Sanchez 2 days ago

    Arrrrright Mcdonald's.. Dad Cutting through Mcdonald's Just to skip the red light.

  • Fulcrum 300
    Fulcrum 300 3 days ago

    Hello weight gain and health problems. Stick to traditional Korean food.

  • Tammy TamTam
    Tammy TamTam 3 days ago

    I love your videos. You probably won’t see this but I sometimes wonder what makes you happy, Besides food.

  • Kath Llame
    Kath Llame 3 days ago

    He is eating all that and i cant even manage to finish a big mac wowwww

  • SuperSuper-Z-Man
    SuperSuper-Z-Man 3 days ago

    "...a sad little piece of bacon" XD

  • common fact
    common fact 3 days ago

    Dude you need to start a channel sharing your secret to staying fit and trim, are you part snake or whale?😀 but seriously great videos

  • micglou
    micglou 3 days ago

    Somebody got the review the current burgers they sell in The Netherlands... the burgers are from the 'Dutch cheese plank' special. One of the burgers is made with brie... which is alright. The other one is made with aged Gouda cheese and red onion compote... it's F-in delicious!

  • Waheeda Farouk
    Waheeda Farouk 3 days ago

    this guy always makes me hungry

  • UkiyoLifestyle
    UkiyoLifestyle 3 days ago

    This is so cheap compared to Norway oml

  • Dharamjit Rihal
    Dharamjit Rihal 3 days ago

    They're so far ahead of us in burger technology. :O

  • nightingale
    nightingale 3 days ago

    Didn't know you could read Korean! :) Now I'm gonna go get some Burger King

  • Alexander Fang
    Alexander Fang 3 days ago

    mikey when do you go to Denmark we have the worlds best restaurants must try!!

  • ando1135
    ando1135 3 days ago

    the only meat i want is the one between your legs, mike!

  • phonerize
    phonerize 3 days ago

    what happened to the bulgogi burger?

  • collin huey
    collin huey 3 days ago

    good job

  • Meigane Sensei
    Meigane Sensei 3 days ago

    now i want bugers :(

  • Jihoony
    Jihoony 3 days ago

    U should definitely go to Mom's Touch and Isaac's Toast

  • Jonathan Martinez
    Jonathan Martinez 3 days ago

    To me it looks like Jackie Chan son or probably his younger brother.

  • 김용후
    김용후 3 days ago

    Next time you visit Korea, you have to go 'Mom's Touch'. It's a Korean brand and you can taste a huge chicken-fried burger. Many Koreans love it.

  • TheHujnik
    TheHujnik 3 days ago

    i will not buy this month in mcdonalds and buger king they have enough money

    MUSIC IS LIFE 3 days ago

    I am wondering how he finished it?

  • Sarah Louis
    Sarah Louis 3 days ago

    That toy was a line and friends product. I have the duck plush from NYC 😅

  • Ennovy Enna Anibru
    Ennovy Enna Anibru 3 days ago

    That truffle burger is amazing. 😍😱 I’m drooling

  • Neri E.E.
    Neri E.E. 4 days ago

    The Shanghai burger is called that because as soon as you bought it you got Shanghaid. A basic chicken sandwich at a premium price!

  • Cristina Zoida
    Cristina Zoida 4 days ago

    I LOVE your American fast food reviews in other countries! Makes me wanna be there with you (so bad).!Keep it up!

  • fred
    fred 4 days ago

    That corn pie looked nasty

  • Alex Hazelwood
    Alex Hazelwood 4 days ago

    And they don't spit on it? Def moving to South Korea!

  • Ambreen K
    Ambreen K 4 days ago

    How do you avoid bloating after eating soo much. I eat 1 burger and my stomach turns into a tyre. 😭

    • fred
      fred 4 days ago

      He works out ALOT

  • LazyStray
    LazyStray 4 days ago

    I both marvel and fear the amount of food you can put away when you want to.

  • Sarkazz Vlogs
    Sarkazz Vlogs 4 days ago +1


  • Forever Awake
    Forever Awake 4 days ago


  • Tae P
    Tae P 4 days ago

    When you eat, where tf does it go?!!! TELL. ME.

  • Jea H
    Jea H 4 days ago

    I have never ever craved Mcdonald's foods or any fast foods before but I do now!

  • Holly Mooren
    Holly Mooren 4 days ago

    Brb...going to Burger King to try out those truffle fries~ The shrimp burger at BK is so good!! They sometimes have a burger with a crab patty too! And pro tip: only unwrap the paper wrapper halfway and you can use it to catch all the sauce and things that fall out ;)

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor 4 days ago

    Mikey!!!! you're da man!!

  • PaKou Lee
    PaKou Lee 4 days ago

    Wish the US adopted these menu items...! Food quality there is better than in the US!

  • N- nani!?!?
    N- nani!?!? 4 days ago

    15:44 what is that hand

  • Melodii Thon Official

    Awesome eating and explanation, great post love your videos. best wishes

  • Barney Rubble
    Barney Rubble 4 days ago

    Dude is a burger eating machine!

  • Optional Opinion
    Optional Opinion 4 days ago

    Korea is a OP nation.

  • Pavlos alallalou
    Pavlos alallalou 4 days ago

    Is he a relative to jackie chan or somehting?

  • Mystic Gohan
    Mystic Gohan 4 days ago

    how do you eat so much are you a saiyan

  • Brue Dragon
    Brue Dragon 4 days ago +1

    I have always been a BK fan, The burgers taste 1 million percent better than McD's, Hell everything is better at BK's!!! Plus they have SURGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nevezla
    Nevezla 4 days ago

    are u fking kidding me is that fan toy what you get in happy meals over there?

  • Nevezla
    Nevezla 4 days ago

    holy dam! they make them so well! wayy better then they do on tv ads

  • Gキャット
    Gキャット 4 days ago

    The Shrimp Burger at McDs looks like the Ebi one you can get in Japan. I think I went to the McD's ONCE in Korea, maybe twice for the BK because it was a lot better. Plus I'd rather get a cheaper Korean food option like Jajangmyeon over Burgers. Unless you've been there a few months and getting tired of the local food, which within 3 months of the 4 months, I was.

    • Gキャット
      Gキャット 4 days ago

      BK always the best for burgers in Korea, but I'd put Lotteria in a similar ranking!

  • Jayden Wright
    Jayden Wright 4 days ago

    I wonder how McDonald's is in North Korea

  • Everest
    Everest 4 days ago

    Korea : Carmelized onions, wild mushrooms, truffle sauce, steak patty, dipped in gold, gold flakes encrusted in bun
    USA : *C H I C K E N B O R G E R*

    REDIXS GT 4 days ago

    watching u eat is torturing me ;-; mind if u share some of that?

  • tDestiny Otaku
    tDestiny Otaku 4 days ago

    Super Saiyanized

  • Nathan Sprague
    Nathan Sprague 4 days ago

    The streets are so clean!

  • George B
    George B 4 days ago

    How do you eat so much, in one seating?

  • uprrslo
    uprrslo 4 days ago

    I’m guessing you wasted a lot of food.

  • Ken Kruger
    Ken Kruger 4 days ago

    Whoa dude! I'm not a fast food guy, but I never saw a video that made me so hungry... or want to go to Seoul like never before. As a side note...what kind of person would give this a down vote??? You did such a good job that I think you have a future with the food channel and more. I would write more but I need to get something to eat now thanks to you...

  • anne florence berja
    anne florence berja 4 days ago

    Please try Jollibee... It so good your gonna love it...

  • Parrottz
    Parrottz 4 days ago

    try singapore's iconic McSpicy (so spicy some ppl claim to have the runs) no regrets though

  • Techdailyblog
    Techdailyblog 4 days ago +1

    Gross how he eats all of that in one sitting.

  • Tomsawyerspit
    Tomsawyerspit 4 days ago

    Oh wow man, that's the original pie crust that we don't get anymore. I guess it's supposed to be bad for us.

  • Justin Torres
    Justin Torres 4 days ago

    This guy can probably make a cockroach he picked up from the floor look good

  • Rob Dely
    Rob Dely 5 days ago

    That’s a lot of calories

  • Ambreen K
    Ambreen K 5 days ago

    I am trying to sleep but this video is killing me. 😫

  • Tony K
    Tony K 5 days ago +6

    If American fast food restaurants would rotate their menus with those varieties they would see a 50% increase in sales minimum !!!

    • fred
      fred 4 days ago

      Seems a bit optimistic

    ULTRA KWON 5 days ago

    Your whopper immigration story brought a tear to my eye.

  • Tony K
    Tony K 5 days ago +1

    I love how you get “orgasmic” eating and describing foods !!! Love your videos !!!

  • Jen T
    Jen T 5 days ago

    I just tried a monster x burger a couple weeks ago and I really loved it 😂😂 but fast food in Asia is always better than US for me

  • MH P
    MH P 5 days ago

    In Korea, first is obv Burger King and second is Mom’s Touch!

  • Eric Nelson
    Eric Nelson 5 days ago


  • shaukat alippbgj
    shaukat alippbgj 5 days ago

    Did you finish all those burgers in McDonald's and BK

  • Keith Anderson
    Keith Anderson 5 days ago

    That Burger King IS LIT!!!

  • jody market
    jody market 5 days ago

    How do you stay so thin doing this. I’m so jealous lol. Great vid as always. 😄