• Published on Aug 7, 2018
  • i received thousands of messages asking me to go to the heart attack grill while i was in las vegas. chilli cheese fries, chocolate shake with butter, hot dogs, burgers and more. i hope you enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe, thanks
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  • Kirk Llamas
    Kirk Llamas 9 hours ago

    This is messed up it kills obese people

  • Noora Huq
    Noora Huq 10 hours ago +1

    “An Onion Butthole” what does a onion butthole look like.

  • Piña Coladaz_x
    Piña Coladaz_x 16 hours ago +1

    Oh so that explains why my social studies teacher is as big as the god dang galaxy

    • Noora Huq
      Noora Huq 10 hours ago

      Piña Coladaz_x reading this made me crack up😂

  • kaitllin M
    kaitllin M 17 hours ago +3

    Someone actually had a heart attack at that place if your confused right now lemme explain . someone was going to heart attack grill so thier ride waas a bus so they got of the bus a right at that second they had a heart attack and also they were right infront of heart attack grill.

  • Oscar Pelaez
    Oscar Pelaez 19 hours ago +5

    When I heard the tittle I knew it was the heart attack grill

  • Steel Pug
    Steel Pug 19 hours ago +1

    I knew it was gonna be heart attack grill

  • Walküre Unruh
    Walküre Unruh 20 hours ago

    This is just weird porn

  • keni baby
    keni baby 21 hour ago

    The food is actually good though

  • Cheese on Toast
    Cheese on Toast Day ago +1

    I'm about to throw up😫

  • Erika Garcia
    Erika Garcia Day ago +3

    Why do they hit so hard...like I thought it was a hospital
    If it is why do they hit people aren’t they sick?
    And why is it called heart attack?
    Is it because they die there
    How come they hit you not hard?

  • Erika Garcia
    Erika Garcia Day ago +1

    Sorry for who got recommenced I didn’t

  • Cooper Resture
    Cooper Resture Day ago +1

    No offense but this place promotes heart disease and diabetes therefore it gets it's name Heart Attack Grill so I do not recommend this restaurant for most people because it will make you die quickly🤐

    • Mayonice8
      Mayonice8 9 hours ago

      You can eat here but like for once a year 😂

    • Richie Cantos
      Richie Cantos 17 hours ago

      Thanks for the heads up! I'll be meeting may end soon at this place!

  • Queenie Girl Gacha :3

    Raphael no more at that place u can die and I don’t want u too bc we love chu

    • E
      E Day ago

      Lol hes eating beyond a cheat meal

  • Fire Spark
    Fire Spark 2 days ago +1

    It’s called the heart Attack

  • Lxmon-Jawz
    Lxmon-Jawz 2 days ago +1

    Yep you are insane

  • Yousef Shah
    Yousef Shah 2 days ago +2

    Eat heart attack grill food for one day

  • Gordon Ramsey
    Gordon Ramsey 2 days ago

    I really really really want to try this

  • Babba Gaming
    Babba Gaming 2 days ago +1

    Heart attack is really dangerou

  • eMmA tHoMfOrD
    eMmA tHoMfOrD 2 days ago +8

    You know that they dont use butter in their food..... They use animal lard

  • Mandie Reese
    Mandie Reese 3 days ago +9

    Eat all your food so you dont get spanked

  • cager-playz
    cager-playz 3 days ago +13

    Raphael NO!!!! do not eat there that is called the heart attack grill 6 people died there and there food is the worst place you can eat at in the whole world its named that because the people who ate there they had a heart attack and some died and honestly i do not want you to look like joeys world tour you will die do not i repeat do not go there ever again

    • Mayonice8
      Mayonice8 9 hours ago

      Dude chill!! You can eat here but only once! And the people who died here has obesity and diabetes 😅😂

    • Oscar Pelaez
      Oscar Pelaez 19 hours ago +1

      you'll only die if you have diabetes or overweight

    • trevor Cowden
      trevor Cowden Day ago

      Actally 7 peeps hace died

    • Queenie Girl Gacha :3
      Queenie Girl Gacha :3 Day ago

      Kayla Stephens you can die from eating too much food, especially burgers that big? If somebody doesn’t die from eating the whole 40,000 calorie burger, the kudos.

    • Kayla Stephens
      Kayla Stephens 2 days ago +1

      +cager-playz If they died then they was already well on their way to death as it is. a normally healthy person would not die I assure you. It takes years of plaque build up on the arteries before a heart attack can occur when it comes to food related. Dude here looks pretty healthy, worst he will get is the shits. Stick a 500lb person in there and the risk would definitely be likely. It all depends on your health at the time.

  • Sandy Kho
    Sandy Kho 4 days ago +1

    WTH is this

  • Twitch.Drizzalt
    Twitch.Drizzalt 4 days ago +14

    Imma starve myself for 2 days then go here

  • sophiie
    sophiie 4 days ago +6

    I wish I wasn't ill, I want KFC...

    • Cheese on Toast
      Cheese on Toast Day ago

      I'm ill too and I want ice cream so much but I can't go buy it cause I'm in bed and I doubt that my mum will go and buy me some 😫😁

    • E
      E Day ago

      Lol dont we all

  • tcg's with Josh
    tcg's with Josh 4 days ago +7

    If you don't finsh you meal you get spanked bruh I not going there and if they hit me im going. To grap the paddle and get it and start hitting them with it

    • Oscar Pelaez
      Oscar Pelaez 19 hours ago

      you can tell them you don't want to be spanked or if you want it mild

    • Elimental Flame
      Elimental Flame 3 days ago +1

      +tcg's with Josh true

    • tcg's with Josh
      tcg's with Josh 3 days ago +1

      +Elimental Flame or you could not go there and go to chipole instead

    • Elimental Flame
      Elimental Flame 3 days ago +1

      I mean you can tell them you don't want to get spanked or tell them to do it softly

  • neon -pelailua -vlogeja

    U gonna get spanked broh

    XX-TREMEGAIMER 2007 5 days ago +6

    Im hungry right now and i want to go there right now but im nit that rich to go to la and it will tame so long for me to go tk america cause im in the philippines :(

  • Kristen Cali
    Kristen Cali 5 days ago +4

    Apparently, they fry their fries, onion rings, etc with animal lard.

  • NJC_ 2005
    NJC_ 2005 5 days ago +5

    Is this place encouraging people to be fat, also are they trying to kill people

  • Michaela Dozier
    Michaela Dozier 5 days ago


  • Just kloutt
    Just kloutt 6 days ago +6

    I would literally he 3 of those onion rings and feel really sick that place is insane

  • Gamer Bro
    Gamer Bro 6 days ago +8

    You ACTUALLY visited the Heart Attack Grill... are you insane?!

  • chaeyoung willneverchaeold

    I used to watch you all the time and i watched one video about this early and this was recommended to me

    • Super Sem
      Super Sem 6 days ago

      chaeyoung willneverchaeold same

  • Suprem Leader
    Suprem Leader 7 days ago +9

    In the thumbnail he looks like my sister wtf 😤

  • Papyrus the great
    Papyrus the great 7 days ago +6

    Rip the video is copy righted

  • Papyrus the great
    Papyrus the great 7 days ago +8

    Rip the video is copy righted

  • GtaHelp051515/ Fortnite Master

    5:52 lol Xd it’s very big tho

  • Adrian Sanchez
    Adrian Sanchez 7 days ago +4

    If I went there and they had to spank me I would run away and yell you won't catch me alive and run away In a wheel chair and if they did and they ask for a hug I would say no smack yourself

  • DutchAngelDragonQue
    DutchAngelDragonQue 7 days ago +7

    Anyone notice the lady behind him staring at 9:52

    • Elimental Flame
      Elimental Flame 3 days ago

      She was staring at him when he picked up the hot dog

  • MeMe MaStEr Ok So DoNt AsK ForTnItE BaTtlE & SaVe

    It's not even a onion ring it's a onion butthole😄😁😁😁😁

  • Match Mallo
    Match Mallo 8 days ago +5

    Who would even work there!

  • Match Mallo
    Match Mallo 8 days ago +6

    I I got spanked oh I will hit them with my hand 10 times so hard

  • It’s me Amanda
    It’s me Amanda 8 days ago +7

    If I was being spanked I would be hell nah and take the spanker and spank them back really hard and leave without paying

    • chaeyoung willneverchaeold
      chaeyoung willneverchaeold 7 days ago

      You have a choice if you wanna get smacked hard mild or if you gonna be a little baby you can complain and not get hit at all

  • Carlos Bravo
    Carlos Bravo 8 days ago +2

    The Heart Attack Grill

    CUISINE KING l 8 days ago +4

    Louis Vuitton bracelet while eating junk King 👑

  • Emma Speck
    Emma Speck 8 days ago +6

    3:40 wtf did anyone else realize that the freaking beach boys were playing in the back round?!

  • superjairplush
    superjairplush 9 days ago +13

    How tf did this video get restricted

  • Can I get 1000 subs with no videos

    Imagine how many pounds he gained after this...

  • Mini Mixers
    Mini Mixers 9 days ago +3

    I’d get fries and onion rings lol I don’t like burgers

  • Ashley Williams
    Ashley Williams 9 days ago +1

    46 FOR THAT

  • Dhanaya Shane
    Dhanaya Shane 9 days ago +1

    I would get a smoothie, chilly French fries and onion rings that’s what I’ll get if I go there 🍟🌰⭕️🥤 the smoothie would be strawberry 🍓

  • Random Memes Weekly
    Random Memes Weekly 9 days ago +5

    i would rather go to applebees lol

  • Jagjeeven Kaur
    Jagjeeven Kaur 9 days ago +10

    The lady spanked the other customers extremely hardly and then she spanked you so softly but I guess it still hurt

  • Elizabeth Tate
    Elizabeth Tate 9 days ago +6

    If I were forced to go, I would get the chili cheese fries and I most likely wouldn’t finish 😅

  • when noobs did it
    when noobs did it 10 days ago +14

    Actually this restaurant meant to kill obese people the owner said it you're fat you're not interested in workout just die already the owner said that

  • Oren Gee
    Oren Gee 10 days ago +6

    Did you know the heart attack grill killed 1 person and gave around 5 heart attacks, also the owner has the dead guys ashes on his desk.

    • Oren Gee
      Oren Gee 6 days ago

      +Gachaboy _ the thing I watched was beasty reacts Heart attack grill thing, you'll see the actual video there

    • Gachaboy _
      Gachaboy _ 6 days ago

      Oren Gee what is the name of it

    • Oren Gee
      Oren Gee 6 days ago

      +Gachaboy _ and not lies, some reporter guy came to talk about the place to the owner. It was on TV and on USclip. Go look at the video right now

    • Oren Gee
      Oren Gee 6 days ago

      +when noobs did it lol

    • Gachaboy _
      Gachaboy _ 6 days ago


  • Paula Garduno
    Paula Garduno 10 days ago +3

    I would only order a milkshake. I'm a chubby chiken nugget

  • gone di
    gone di 10 days ago +7

    You look like a girl...

  • TheLegend27
    TheLegend27 10 days ago

    I was just watching a video about that wow

  • BlaseBasher 21
    BlaseBasher 21 10 days ago +4


  • Heather Rakestraw
    Heather Rakestraw 10 days ago +8

    you look like Justin bieber but you act nothing like him

  • GamingWolfz
    GamingWolfz 10 days ago +14

    Gordon Ramsey Tries The Burger


    • Callum Jerrison
      Callum Jerrison 7 days ago +3

      Gives Ramsey a burger*
      Ramsey:where's the lamb sauce
      Me:sorry sir you now have to get spanked
      Ramsey:I WANT MY LAMB SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Emma_ C
      Emma_ C 8 days ago +4

      *Can I at least get a cup of water?*
      * gives him a cup of water *
      *ITS DRY!*

    • Mr Awesome Gamer
      Mr Awesome Gamer 10 days ago +4


  • Danezy
    Danezy 10 days ago +17

    Its hospital themed because its where your next trip is after you eat there.

  • -Mike Mobile Gaming
    -Mike Mobile Gaming 10 days ago

    Why dis in my recommended

  • Fracisco Pacheco
    Fracisco Pacheco 10 days ago +2

    That what she said

  • Crazy
    Crazy 10 days ago +2

    Why... why did u go there?

  • hey there
    hey there 10 days ago +13

    Just imagine Gordon comes there

  • Emma_ C
    Emma_ C 11 days ago +8

    The girl in the back looks at him weird

    • Crazy
      Crazy 10 days ago +1

      Shes just a battygirl

  • Matthew Dela Merced
    Matthew Dela Merced 11 days ago +4

    I don’t mind to be spanked by a hot nurse here. 😂

  • Ruby Gacha
    Ruby Gacha 11 days ago +5

    You mean, the heart attack grill?

  • Insertnameherebecauseidkwhattonamemyself

    I was scared for you throughout this whole video tbh

    KITTY GAMER 11 days ago +2

    I can not wait for someone to tweet this video to Wendy's 😂

  • Jimmy Changa
    Jimmy Changa 12 days ago +1

    Looks at him 9:51-9:58

    • Crazy
      Crazy 10 days ago

      Nah. Shes just a battygirl

  • Kirsti xxx
    Kirsti xxx 12 days ago +5

    I really want gordan ramsay here

  • Fracisco Pacheco
    Fracisco Pacheco 12 days ago +1

    Thats what she said

  • MoChI's HeArTuE
    MoChI's HeArTuE 12 days ago +4

    Ur hair looks so perfect HOW TF?!

  • Sean Tricks
    Sean Tricks 12 days ago +11

    “Sour cream with herbs”... ya mean ranch??

  • Aiden Repp
    Aiden Repp 12 days ago +2


  • Jake Bravo
    Jake Bravo 12 days ago +1

    Butter fat milkshake

  • Belle Marfori
    Belle Marfori 13 days ago +5

    I would love to go there but I'll only order their onion rings. 😋

  • BlueJayStudioz
    BlueJayStudioz 13 days ago +5

    Imagine you having a girls butt in a video, and not using it as the thumbnail

  • Couch Potato
    Couch Potato 13 days ago +2

    If they will spank me i will call dr fil and gordon ramsay

  • Jitter blox
    Jitter blox 13 days ago

    I weigh more than u

    • Nothing
      Nothing 13 days ago +4

      What does that have to do with anything?

  • MatteGamer2
    MatteGamer2 14 days ago +1

    He took the spanks man he god

  • Boominations Animates
    Boominations Animates 14 days ago +1

    You know they deep fried those ring with lard

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 14 days ago +2

    *7:23** soose*

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 14 days ago +3

    I‘m gonna try the Onion Rings with the *sAuCe*

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 14 days ago +7

    Gordon Ramsay: *WHERE IS THE LAMB SAUCE?!*

  • Yasmin Lee Shin
    Yasmin Lee Shin 15 days ago +14

    If Gordon sees this automatic shut down

    • darknategamer _6
      darknategamer _6 14 days ago +2

      U copied this comment from a other video ABC news

  • Yasmin Lee Shin
    Yasmin Lee Shin 15 days ago +11

    Imagine how they’re toilets looks like 😂

    • the lily show!
      the lily show! 10 days ago

      It said there are none :/

    • darknategamer _6
      darknategamer _6 14 days ago +1

      U also copied this comment from the heart attack grill video from ABC news

  • Ahmed Doski
    Ahmed Doski 15 days ago +2

    u shouldn't have briinged ur app watch to a almost ghost pepper wings competition

  • rose family
    rose family 15 days ago +7

    Heart attack gril is fu*ked up

  • Oval Pandas
    Oval Pandas 15 days ago +13

    I’m going there for the last day of my life

    • Oval Pandas
      Oval Pandas 15 days ago

      Well if it’s the last day then I would be dead the next day and I want to have happiness

    • Pablo Hurtado
      Pablo Hurtado 15 days ago

      Dont its awful

  • Larissa
    Larissa 15 days ago +7

    Literally the whole time you were eating the hot dog all I could think of were that’s what she said jokes 😂

  • Spiderkid Gaming
    Spiderkid Gaming 15 days ago +8

    Worth it kinda but you might die

    • Pablo Hurtado
      Pablo Hurtado 15 days ago

      Yes I died on the inside when I went there. Dont ever go there

  • The Soviet Wonder
    The Soviet Wonder 16 days ago +4

    Just watched babble talk about this..

    Then this showed up..

  • JackDoesStuff :D
    JackDoesStuff :D 17 days ago +16

    I wanna see Matt Stoney

  • H4Z3
    H4Z3 17 days ago +13

    Watching from 2019

    • Smoke Elite
      Smoke Elite 15 days ago

      Are u stupid? This video posted not long ago

    • _Chols_
      _Chols_ 15 days ago


    • Saf
      Saf 16 days ago


  • I want to die -_-
    I want to die -_- 17 days ago +6

    Him: it’s so so big: random people watching that’s what she said

  • nutelaTM #4LIFE
    nutelaTM #4LIFE 17 days ago +3

    These spanks weren't bad though!

    • nutelaTM #4LIFE
      nutelaTM #4LIFE 15 days ago

      +Pablo Hurtado i think i couldn't be more far away from the heart attack grill.... Never going there.

    • Pablo Hurtado
      Pablo Hurtado 15 days ago

      It sounds hurtful though. Dont go there a lot of people get spanked because the food is awful