• Published on Aug 16, 2017
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    i like my first tattoo!
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  • Gabbie Hanna
    Gabbie Hanna  Year ago +4778

    if you're reading this, go tag a friend in my last IG pic & say "I WANT THIS TATTOO"

    • Timothy Rodriguez
      Timothy Rodriguez 3 months ago

      Gunna be 1000 percent honest, I think she should have put more pigment on the right eye.

    • Hailey C.
      Hailey C. 6 months ago

      Gabbie Hanna i am really thinking about microbalding my eyebrow but immm sooooo scared btw im 12 and i want to get them microbladed

    • Drew Welker
      Drew Welker 9 months ago +1

      Gabbie when you said it would feel like a mild annoyance and then put the "lol me" in the video it irked me so much. I especially love you and whenever I hear someone make fun of them self as a joke it upsets me because I think (excluding myself) everyone should love themselves, which is ironic because I absolutely hate myself and make fun of and put myself down all the time.

    • Dizzy and Lizzy
      Dizzy and Lizzy 10 months ago

      Gabbie Hanna v

    • Madison's world
      Madison's world 10 months ago

      Gabbie Hanna I would love to meet you when are you going on tour

  • Ryan Sorey
    Ryan Sorey Day ago

    6:51 When the teacher gives you an assignment right before the class lets out

  • Just a little human
    Just a little human 6 days ago

    Mykie is the cutest person ever

  • Gloomy Cloud.
    Gloomy Cloud. 17 days ago

    "looking GUD."

  • Emily Fitzpatrick
    Emily Fitzpatrick 18 days ago

    Ngl, Gabbie at 4:53 was literally what I looked like all through high school when I was overfilling my brows

  • rob roberts
    rob roberts 23 days ago

    Audrey+star wars shirt=awesome.
    Gabbie looks super cute.

  • wolf 123
    wolf 123 27 days ago

    At 4:03 I thought she was done I was about to say . But you didn't need to change them ur always great

  • Peyton Racette
    Peyton Racette Month ago +1

    3:55 James Charles sharpie brows

  • Caitlyn Parvin
    Caitlyn Parvin Month ago

    is it bad i want her body shape omg shes beautiful

  • Monique F
    Monique F Month ago

    I love my microbladed brows!!!


    You look great Gabbie! dont listen to the haters!

  • Dorothea Linnaeus
    Dorothea Linnaeus 2 months ago +1

    It's been two years, we need an update! Did they grow back??

  • The Memer
    The Memer 2 months ago

    6:20 the bottom one tho

  • layla g
    layla g 2 months ago

    if gabbie can do it anyone can

  • A.D.D. Crafting and other diy projects

    When the math question was asked lol

  • Sid Sid Vlogs
    Sid Sid Vlogs 2 months ago

    I chew on both sides lol

  • JessieLee
    JessieLee 2 months ago

    She looks way cooler with how her brows look before her getting this done

  • Cutie Sonya
    Cutie Sonya 2 months ago

    You are cute~

  • Presley Grace
    Presley Grace 3 months ago +1

    I only have three older brothers but they don't talk to me or care abt me enough to tell me not to do something 😂

  • Kiera Sullivan
    Kiera Sullivan 3 months ago

    body goals💓

  • Sky Warrior
    Sky Warrior 3 months ago +1

    Weeellll I don't have any sisters soooo......

  • Amara Berger
    Amara Berger 3 months ago

    wait why is she wearing the same outfit she did in her ear piercing video??
    Edit: nvm i figured it out

  • Dorothea Linnaeus
    Dorothea Linnaeus 3 months ago +1

    Plz post an eyebrow update! How many touch ups have you had? Did microblading stimulate the hair growth?

  • Jake_RED
    Jake_RED 3 months ago

    6:22 😂😂😂 the bottom

  • ArilovesP!ATD Gonzalez
    ArilovesP!ATD Gonzalez 4 months ago

    Gabi did you film this the same day you pierced your ears?? Cause I noticed that both you and Mikey were wearing the same thing as the other vid 😂

  • Pink Bear
    Pink Bear 4 months ago

    Your very beautiful Gabbie and I love you 💜💜💜

  • Hiba Jaghama
    Hiba Jaghama 4 months ago

    You are going to hell and I’m the big sis

  • Maddison Moser
    Maddison Moser 4 months ago

    Alexa, play careless whisper.

  • Maddison Moser
    Maddison Moser 4 months ago

    I've had my lips tattooed. Just a filler color, but I absolutely loved it!!! Would recommend.

  • Magge y
    Magge y 4 months ago

    Honestly Gabbie if you ever needed a Boyfriend it would be me, I would be the most understanding and supportive Guy you ever met! Such a Shame i live in Germany!!

  • Jamie Boggs
    Jamie Boggs 4 months ago

    Where did you get that choker??? I want it so bad.

  • Caitlyn Todd
    Caitlyn Todd 5 months ago

    Who else loves the voice she does when she says "ow that one hurt"at 4:20

  • maryama deer
    maryama deer 5 months ago

    your ears are red af luv u

  • Abbey Mosteller
    Abbey Mosteller 5 months ago +1

    Mean while Mykie is standing there like a potato (she has no eye brown, if ya didn't know)... 😐

  • JustASmallOtter
    JustASmallOtter 5 months ago


  • jadyn gasaway
    jadyn gasaway 5 months ago


  • Mabby’s Vlogs
    Mabby’s Vlogs 5 months ago

    They don’t use numbing cream for piercings because it only numbs the first part of the skin while you’ll still feel the rest of the layers. Piercers would have to use an injection to numb it.

  • That one Stereotype
    That one Stereotype 5 months ago

    *Expects a cool wrist tattoo*...........*Goes to Jenna’s Ratchet Salon and undergoes eyebrows on fleek surgery.*

  • faith mcnulty
    faith mcnulty 5 months ago +1

    "What's 29+17?"
    "I don't know bitch. Get a calculator."

  • MTF Neko
    MTF Neko 6 months ago +1

    Girl you look good lol XD

  • MTF Neko
    MTF Neko 6 months ago

    HI MIKEY! :D

  • Sweepio & Evelyn
    Sweepio & Evelyn 6 months ago


  • payton layne
    payton layne 6 months ago

    lol ive had over a dozen brain surgeries and anesthesia doesn't fully work on me. i can hear everything while asleep.

  • Poppy Fields
    Poppy Fields 6 months ago

    Ooo good point about the chewing! Side sleeping does a similar thing, whatever side you sleep on gets more blood flow or some shit.

  • sunovia
    sunovia 6 months ago

    miley is always in the needle videos 😭💖

  • Kannika Suwannarat
    Kannika Suwannarat 6 months ago

    2:08Gabbie:my eyebrows are done
    *shows eyebrows*

  • Teku Amar
    Teku Amar 6 months ago

    I just got 2 piercings yesterday and they used numbing cream. And i didnt feel a thing. Im so sorry Gabbie😂

  • Hayley.louise
    Hayley.louise 7 months ago

    I love that my two favourite youtubers always collab😍😍😍❤❤❤

  • Shishter Emily
    Shishter Emily 7 months ago

    4:33 MOOOOD

  • Angelina Benbeneck
    Angelina Benbeneck 7 months ago

    Yassssssss Mykie. Hallo Zombaes

  • Crafting kid
    Crafting kid 7 months ago

    Me doing mental math 🤣🤣😖🤣🤣

  • Crafting kid
    Crafting kid 7 months ago

    Me doing mental math 🤣🤣😖🤣🤣

  • Noelle Alia
    Noelle Alia 7 months ago

    Lol if you want strong jawlines, *eat more*

  • Sydney Nguyen
    Sydney Nguyen 7 months ago

    i need mykie to be there with me all the time to distract me ahhsgs

  • Samantha Jane
    Samantha Jane 7 months ago

    6:45 I feel like there is a numbing cream for ear piercings, it's more like a spray though. idk I haven't done research into it but I think so

  • Sarah Beard
    Sarah Beard 7 months ago +1


  • Lexie Wilshere
    Lexie Wilshere 7 months ago

    Who else thought she started to sound like Carlos (one of Lisa's characters) in the showstopper of the week bit 😂😂😂😂

  • Creme Egg
    Creme Egg 7 months ago

    It Mikey from glam and gore ☺

  • The Chance Taker
    The Chance Taker 8 months ago +1

    lookin good Gabbie!

  • 猫gachaK.c 猫
    猫gachaK.c 猫 8 months ago

    Wow you look the same when you have no makeup on because your beautiful

  • Jessica Bammert
    Jessica Bammert 8 months ago

    4:13 her brows look great😂

  • CrinkleFry
    CrinkleFry 8 months ago

    “You know what Mikey that’s a really mean thing to say “
    “Idk bitch get a calculator”

  • Kayla Slone
    Kayla Slone 8 months ago

    Audrey:what’s 29+17
    Gabbie:I don’t know bitch get a calculator

  • Sarah Catherine
    Sarah Catherine 8 months ago

    They r wearing the exact same thing that they wore when gab is got 5 piercings in 1 day 😂🤗

  • Manaal Shariff
    Manaal Shariff 8 months ago

    Hey Gabbie! Are you aware that an anti-feminism ad was playing on this video? I absolutely love your content and your opinion won't change my mind about that

  • lena atasev
    lena atasev 8 months ago

    she should do more videos with mykie

  • The Johnson Kids
    The Johnson Kids 9 months ago

    Gabbie the needles don’t to bad

  • Strawberry Cake
    Strawberry Cake 9 months ago

    What’s 29+17?

  • melody bernard
    melody bernard 9 months ago

    SHE KNOWS glam and gore they need to do a video together

  • Yellow Dynamo
    Yellow Dynamo 9 months ago


  • Jessica Mattes
    Jessica Mattes 9 months ago +2

    4:33 is me during math class 😂😂

  • Joy Simmons
    Joy Simmons 9 months ago

    if she has a kid, she's gonna be like one of those angry labor moms.

  • AJ Network
    AJ Network 9 months ago

    Anybody else notice that Mikey has the blue hair on from the saw nurse blood drive shoot?

  • Eirin Myrhaugen
    Eirin Myrhaugen 9 months ago

    OMG mykieeee!!!

  • alina a
    alina a 9 months ago

    “What’s 29+17?”
    “I don’t know bitch, get a calculator”
    I died😂💀😭

  • Pénélope Roy
    Pénélope Roy 9 months ago

    Why does everytime that gabbie gets something painful done Mykie is there and gets tortured by her😂

  • Ellie Neko
    Ellie Neko 9 months ago +1

    I'm loving the constant presence of mykie

  • seth jack1316
    seth jack1316 9 months ago

    4:30-4:36 29+17 is 46

  • Little birdie
    Little birdie 9 months ago

    I wanna do it!

  • Turtle GamingYT
    Turtle GamingYT 10 months ago

    Love you gabbie

  • Jackie & tiara
    Jackie & tiara 10 months ago

    i need this gabby can you help me lol

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 10 months ago

    Math teacher: what's 29 + 17.
    Me: idk b*tch get a calculator.

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 10 months ago

    Lol gabbie DONT KICK MIKIE AGAIN actually DO IT FOR DA VIEWS!!

  • wild fire
    wild fire 10 months ago

    Eyebrows on fleek

  • Ike Lopez
    Ike Lopez 10 months ago

    if ur sister tells u not to do somthing don't do it
    me:.......I dont have a sister....-_-

  • Jayden Lynn
    Jayden Lynn 10 months ago

    1:37 lookin good sounds so cute

  • Hannah Conwell
    Hannah Conwell 10 months ago


  • Tinker Tulip
    Tinker Tulip 10 months ago

    4:23 😂

  • Madison's world
    Madison's world 10 months ago

    I LOVE you gabby your the best USclipR live yoooooou

  • Hayli Brynildsen
    Hayli Brynildsen 10 months ago

    AHH MYKIEE. You should Collab more

  • Unavailable 1
    Unavailable 1 10 months ago

    I love your lipstick what brand is it??!!😂😂😘😘

  • andi
    andi 10 months ago

    mikey is a snacc not gonna lie

  • kaitybell
    kaitybell 10 months ago

    I overplucked too... and I have blonde eyebrows... I'm seriously considering microblading to fix it

  • Grace warboys
    Grace warboys 10 months ago


  • lexi shade
    lexi shade 11 months ago

    ahhhhhhhh Mikey!!!!

  • andi g
    andi g 11 months ago

    0:28 spot the Mykie

  • GayAlex Gay
    GayAlex Gay 11 months ago

    You should get it smiley pierced 😂

  • Yeet It's Chloe
    Yeet It's Chloe 11 months ago

    Mykie senpai 😍 the queen of eyebrow moral support.

  • Savannah Gonzales
    Savannah Gonzales 11 months ago

    I'm pissed now cause I noticed my chewing side is more cut ! dammit now it's gonna drive me crazy lol. Time to start chewing on the other side..

  • KMichelle Argus
    KMichelle Argus 11 months ago