Salt & Vinegar Snack Taste Test

  • Published on Oct 8, 2018
  • Today we're determining which tangy treat will be crowned the salt and the vinegar-iest snack around. GMM #1395
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  • Good Mythical Morning
    Good Mythical Morning  8 months ago +992

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    • KMichelle Argus
      KMichelle Argus 5 months ago

      @Laura Hales yes. You have to provide some effort.

    • Larissa Stevenson
      Larissa Stevenson 5 months ago

      I LOVE GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Virina music
      Virina music 6 months ago

      Good Mythical Morning j

    • Emely Fernandez
      Emely Fernandez 7 months ago

      Link! Seaweed is delicious!! And ABSOLUTELY good for you!! Lol

    • Nunya Bidness
      Nunya Bidness 7 months ago

      *FAIL* How could you forget the most realistic and delicious chip ever... *Mrs.Vickies SeaSalt & MaltVinegar Chips* ??? I say y'all need to have a Re-Do

  • SweetTooth
    SweetTooth 2 days ago

    Chicharon ni Mang Juan

  • Aries Fogleman
    Aries Fogleman 4 days ago

    I am a thoughtful guy I think about a lot of things

  • Katie Hay
    Katie Hay 5 days ago

    Why hasn't Link's name been permanently changed to "Lick-Daddy"? This is IMPORTANT.

  • omh20
    omh20 6 days ago

    Am I the only person who doesn’t like salt and vinegar snacks.

  • Jonathan Haro
    Jonathan Haro 6 days ago

    the seaweed definitely wins. the almonds are dope but definitely not as salt and vinegary tasting as Link’s bias would like for you to believe lol

  • Oddy 7
    Oddy 7 8 days ago


  • Burt Reynolds
    Burt Reynolds 9 days ago

    My favorite are Ms. Vickie’s salt n’ vinegar! What’s yalls?

  • Frosted_ Swizzer
    Frosted_ Swizzer 11 days ago

    I can’t believe they didn’t do freakin Pringle’s

  • Sxm Cxm
    Sxm Cxm 11 days ago

    Who’s eating salt and vinegar chipd

  • Scum Boi
    Scum Boi 12 days ago

    Salt and vi-

  • Sky
    Sky 12 days ago

    "Weight watchers: When you want to eat and then forget you ate" and "I feel like I'm eating a poker chip" are both weirdly passive agressive insults and idk which I like more

  • Isn’t Koroma
    Isn’t Koroma 13 days ago

    So we just going to speed past the fact that the almonds contain CRACK

  • Gaming With Mason
    Gaming With Mason 16 days ago

    Who was eating salt and vinegar chips. I did. like if you where eating salt and vinegar chips.

  • Kick N Alcoholz Ass ChuckToews

    The holy grail of all flavors

  • Melcurina
    Melcurina 20 days ago

    Am I the only one that finds salt and vinegar chips disgusting...?

  • TheBombShhh
    TheBombShhh 20 days ago +2

    i actually really like salt and vinegar pringles the most

  • TheShannonPrice
    TheShannonPrice 20 days ago

    Rhett looks so tired in this this episode

  • Saddam Hussein
    Saddam Hussein 22 days ago +1

    Red Rock Deli has the best salt and vinegar chip don't @ me.

  • lilly pad
    lilly pad 23 days ago

    They aint salty or vinegary unless they burn your mouth, or tounge. 😋

  • Hettie Pinchbeck
    Hettie Pinchbeck 28 days ago

    Anyone else’s mouth watering like crazy?

  • LilRhody Jay
    LilRhody Jay 29 days ago

    Best flavored chip💯 dont @ me

  • jkninja
    jkninja 29 days ago +1

    Tom's salt and vineger chips are where its at. you cant eat the whole bag b/c it hurts

  • Kris Rice
    Kris Rice Month ago

    I would 1000000% wear a shirt that says #lickdaddy

  • CaseyMs23
    CaseyMs23 Month ago

    You Remind me if someone 0

  • q Haven
    q Haven Month ago

    Why are these videos not 1080p 60fps

  • Cheifex
    Cheifex Month ago

    My uncle lives in Roanoke Virginia and I love crazy hot popchips

  • x2Kyaw
    x2Kyaw Month ago +1

    Links a seaweed hater I personally love seaweed

  • saelah
    saelah Month ago

    anyone eating them while watching it

  • Kiersten Bugaj
    Kiersten Bugaj Month ago +1

    Do cheddar and sour cream

  • Brason Denton
    Brason Denton Month ago

    I found Waldo on pg. 7

  • Emmanuel soria
    Emmanuel soria Month ago

    Update your store by putting a new gmm logo like a gmm gold small logo.

  • Kourosh Esfandiari
    Kourosh Esfandiari Month ago +1

    Ms. Vickies

  • Laura Crummey
    Laura Crummey Month ago +2

    @ 6:53 when he said “I’m just being honest” did anyone else go “honest-est-est honesty, honesty....”🤣

  • girl bye
    girl bye Month ago

    my favorite chip

  • shaquitha simpson
    shaquitha simpson Month ago

    Pork Daddy hahahahha

  • Yvette Knowles
    Yvette Knowles Month ago

    Almonds r my fav snack

  • Sr. Hagfish
    Sr. Hagfish Month ago

    Where were cape cod brand sea salt and vinegar

  • Jordona Campbell
    Jordona Campbell Month ago +3

    Anyone confused af about almonds ranking higher than Lay’s?

  • Shane
    Shane Month ago +2

    Next Dill pickle or Chedder and sour cream

  • Noah Miller
    Noah Miller Month ago

    Lays salt and vinagar are most popular in utah


    What was the point in you both doing the test if one of you is only ever gonna let of the products win. Should just been he likes these nuts see you next time.

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith Month ago

    Salt and vinegar usually uses malt vinegar in pretty sure no other vinegar

  • Magik Moose Man
    Magik Moose Man Month ago

    Did anyone ever end up winning that giveaway and go on good mythical more?

  • emo bish
    emo bish Month ago

    These guys are great to watch when drunk, but when having a hangover, not so much 😂😂 god my head hurts so much

  • NinjaVlog s
    NinjaVlog s Month ago

    Lays Salt And Vinegar kinda tastes like pizza tomatoe sauce

  • { d o g g o d r a p y }

    12:19 rhett sounded like my dad in that moment

    TRAM PHAN Month ago +1

    If you eat a whole bag of almonds you’re just asking for cyanide poisoning.

  • maddy stutting
    maddy stutting Month ago

    Poor's brothers is the best

  • Mathias Van Laere
    Mathias Van Laere 2 months ago

    I absolutely love salt and vinegar but they don't sell em that much here

  • Michael Inguanti
    Michael Inguanti 2 months ago

    You guys should do S'Mores taste test and try smores cereal, smores poptart, smores Hershey candy bar (my favorite growing up), smores ice cream, and guest appearance by Cotton Candy Randy!!!

    BAT-TALK! 2 months ago

    Link has a wife? I thought he had a husband?

  • Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond 2 months ago

    Wow yay i won

  • Moonbot 7
    Moonbot 7 2 months ago

    Pick me pick me...or I’ll just pick my nose

  • nicc
    nicc 2 months ago

    I actually like straight up vinegar with salt it's good

  • Kayla Dennis
    Kayla Dennis 2 months ago +1

    Anyone else mouth start watering when they brought the chips out 😅 getting that tingly feeling in the back of your throat 🤤

  • Reese Pattison
    Reese Pattison 2 months ago

    Here in Canada as have old Dutch salt ad vinegar chips and they are the best

  • Lolli Zee
    Lolli Zee 2 months ago

    ooh...sorry guys....salt and vinegar is just not my way of rollin...but it was still fun watchin yall eat

  • Lil Printer Paper
    Lil Printer Paper 2 months ago

    Salt and vinegar pop chips are amazing everyone should try them

  • Devin Evrard
    Devin Evrard 2 months ago

    There’s something about them licking there food with there tongue out as far as they can that kind of grosses me out a little bit

  • AnimeLover4Life3395
    AnimeLover4Life3395 2 months ago

    I think I'm the only one who hates salt and vinegar x,.x

  • chey cat
    chey cat 2 months ago

    How dare u not include salt and vinegar old Dutch kettle chips!!!

  • Olivia Carroll
    Olivia Carroll 2 months ago

    I love how I’m eating salt and vinegar almonds

  • Alex Spencer
    Alex Spencer 2 months ago

    “It’s a flaccid, green sheet from the ocean!” 😂😂

  • Jacob The fish
    Jacob The fish 2 months ago

    YASS MY FAVE FLAVOUR OF POPCORN AND CHIPS in fact I’m eating miss Vickie’s salt n vinegar chips rn

  • Kitsune-157
    Kitsune-157 2 months ago

    Love Salt and Vinegar McCoy's. Is that a thing in America?

  • Colton Stidham
    Colton Stidham 2 months ago

    no pringles?

  • mixedgas2
    mixedgas2 2 months ago

    Salt & vinegar anything is gross.

  • Avery MacDonald
    Avery MacDonald 2 months ago

    I’m from Canada and theres 2 things about this video, A) our lays salt and vinegar bags are teal with a potato fading to a chip on it and B) Ms Vickeys salt and conifer chips are the best and no one can convince me otherwise

  • sheldonwj sheldonwj
    sheldonwj sheldonwj 2 months ago

    “Handful of nuts is a healthy snack” if you know you know

  • Christian Otter
    Christian Otter 3 months ago

    Who ever won this contest?

  • MaxV 856
    MaxV 856 3 months ago

    Damn seed, link called me the N word not even a minute in.. vinigger..😁😁

  • Peter Westwood
    Peter Westwood 3 months ago

    miss vickies salt and vinegar chips are the best

  • Xavier Brenneman
    Xavier Brenneman 3 months ago

    You also missed popcorn

  • Xavier Brenneman
    Xavier Brenneman 3 months ago

    Best salt n vinegar snack are crispers

  • Leviathan Lamothe
    Leviathan Lamothe 3 months ago

    "a handful won't hurt 'cha"
    Applies to many situations.

  • Skeleton IO
    Skeleton IO 3 months ago

    No, Rhett there's only 170 calories in 28 of those almonds. it would take 18 more servings to get 3000 calories. What made you say 300? haha

  • hakeeemtv
    hakeeemtv 3 months ago

    bro.... what did i stumble upon?! lmmaooo this video is pure perfection

  • Steve Denny
    Steve Denny 3 months ago

    What's pork daddy

  • HolySKANTE
    HolySKANTE 3 months ago

    Honestly 711 brand of salt n vinegar is the best!! Its super sour

  • Gavin Ybarra
    Gavin Ybarra 3 months ago +1

    reads title
    **mouth waters**

  • iseeflowers
    iseeflowers 3 months ago

    I think Rhett eats more Asian food than Link and he is also not afraid to try different Asian food.

  • Heather Waggoner
    Heather Waggoner 3 months ago

    I LOOOVE seaweed! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • MeNamIsJif
    MeNamIsJif 3 months ago +2

    "I think a handful of nuts is a healthy snack"
    🎶I, am a thoughtful guy🎶

  • Baltimore Z-Wad
    Baltimore Z-Wad 3 months ago +1

    2:40. Link having problems speaking, lmao

  • Jc Foster
    Jc Foster 3 months ago

    They forgot pringles

  • kekes land sunny
    kekes land sunny 3 months ago +1

    I like lays salt and vinegar

  • demonsparkx
    demonsparkx 3 months ago

    I win

  • Brodie Henderson
    Brodie Henderson 3 months ago

    Henderson eh?

  • Thomas P
    Thomas P 3 months ago

    Seaweed! It's a flaccid green sheet from the Ocean!

  • 春海播磨Haru Harima

    Anyone else think that Rhett became Nick Offerman at 5:49

  • Jessica Darlin
    Jessica Darlin 3 months ago

    Salt N Vinegar is my life blood.........

  • ceci sanchez
    ceci sanchez 3 months ago


  • Tamer Bahy
    Tamer Bahy 3 months ago

    In my country pringles are the most chips that have that salt vinegar flavor

  • Lorraine Carroll
    Lorraine Carroll 3 months ago

    I wonder who won that sweepstakes thing?

  • Tyman101
    Tyman101 3 months ago

    Never watched this episode and I am about 4 months too late for the tickets. Sad about that 😪

  • Anipix
    Anipix 3 months ago

    Blue Diamond was my favourite she was so cute :)

  • caterina1523
    caterina1523 3 months ago

    HOW!? did they not do pringles...???

  • J Herbert
    J Herbert 3 months ago

    I. Am a thoughtful guy. I think about a lot of things.

  • Tanika Robinson
    Tanika Robinson 3 months ago