The 'reset button' in Malaysia has been pressed, expert says | In The News

  • Published on May 10, 2018
  • Richard Harris, chief executive at Port Shelter Investment Management shares his thoughts on the market response to Malaysia's election.
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Comments • 214

  • Lam Par
    Lam Par 4 months ago +1

    Malaysian voters don't decide which or who deserve their votes base on market trend or what the investors want.

  • Ikmal Ahmad
    Ikmal Ahmad 11 months ago +1

    Malaysia back to business....

  • Irene Thomas
    Irene Thomas Year ago

    Whatever happens now can't be any worse than what has happened in the last 9 years. There's hope for Malaysians yet.

  • Kitty Love
    Kitty Love Year ago

    Hmm after this Malaysian has to be careful with this idk 'westerners news' we all know what will happen right? after all Tun M is against 'barat' and the westerners knew that very well, they will create this so called 'propaganda' and playing a hero in 'saving' Malaysian

    SHA SIKKANDAR Year ago +1

    Mashallah The tiger of Asia is back.

  • Queen ashlyy
    Queen ashlyy Year ago +1

    Tun M is a tiger from the east.

  • Chris Amoral Hakimi
    Chris Amoral Hakimi Year ago +1

    Otai masih berbisa...

  • Chris Amoral Hakimi
    Chris Amoral Hakimi Year ago +1

    I cried when he left and cried again when he came back.. I love u tun... U can make Malaysia better again

  • Mi Key
    Mi Key Year ago +1

    in the end.. the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia will get played out.. back to the drawing board bcos the a leopard never changes it's spots.

      SHA SIKKANDAR Year ago

      Mi Key migrat out from that country and sick refuge elsewhere.

  • Silent Gamer
    Silent Gamer Year ago +1

    God has answered our prayers.

  • Amadz Balboa
    Amadz Balboa Year ago

    At the end. Is she not wearing bra????????????l

  • Nur Qazirah
    Nur Qazirah Year ago


  • Gurmeet Sandhu
    Gurmeet Sandhu Year ago +1

    Has your so-called expert ever stepped in Malaysia? The ignoramus completely ignored the dynamic growth this country experienced under TUN DM.

  • Space Defender
    Space Defender Year ago +1

    Very innacurate, Mahathir was a great ruling prime minister, the one that fucked it up where Ahmad Badawi and Najib Razak... Mahathirs system was perfect. Nobody had any complaints

  • salam abdul
    salam abdul Year ago

    How i wish our media as frankly speaking as u guys r.

  • Hana Taheri
    Hana Taheri Year ago +6

    He maybe old but his mind is as sharp as katana!

  • YouTube Algorithm
    YouTube Algorithm Year ago +1

    It's not really a reset button. It's more of a stop button and then slowly resets. It would take a lot of time for tun M to fix the economy of our country but i'm sure he can do it.

    BE GOOD MAN Year ago +1

    Malaysia people hate when PM wife think that she got power same as his husband.

  • maddies85
    maddies85 Year ago +5

    Whenever I saw that "Unlikely Mahathir has the energy to change the system", I straight away laugh 😂. Boyyyy you legitimately don't know Mahathir. If he can tore down his own political party at this age, he can simply change the system in a blink of our eyes. He is Malaysia greatest Prime Minister for 22 years before he resigned and make a comeback. I don't think Malaysians can keep up with his pace 😂

  • Kafe Kopikarat
    Kafe Kopikarat Year ago +2

    Malaysia is back to the world. Dr Mahathir is the right leader to bring Malaysia to the business world. He stayed in his own class.

  • fadly A. Rahman
    fadly A. Rahman Year ago +2

    Never knew that Malaysia is such a big deal internationally. We've been on a front page news on many countries.

  • Mka Mka
    Mka Mka Year ago +1

    best wishes Malaysia. ...keep in mind it will take time to right the wrong .

  • norlela jaafar
    norlela jaafar Year ago +8

    Malaysia boleh!!! Tun mahathir is going to be okay👌kami percaya pada atuk mahathir kami😉

  • Mental Inlander
    Mental Inlander Year ago

    Those old man are just the same corrupt

  • Haizal Zain
    Haizal Zain Year ago +2

    Lets us all Malaysian support the new government...i believed Malaysia will continue to improved its economy to greater heights will the new leadership..

  • Eid_ WRLD
    Eid_ WRLD Year ago

    dammit titties🍒

  • Eid_ WRLD
    Eid_ WRLD Year ago +1

    Well said. I loved Malaysian baru(new)

  • Backup Boulanger
    Backup Boulanger Year ago

    For Sabahans, Mahathir still owns them, nothing has changed.

    • nick nick
      nick nick Year ago

      Backup Boulanger kenapa dia perlu majukan sabah sedangkan rakyat kau dari dulu berhasrat untuk keluar malaysia.Buat habis duit laa klau tolong sabah,then umum nak keluar malaysia.Ada kerajaan sendiri minta dekat kerajaan sendiri

  • AtomFusionz
    AtomFusionz Year ago

    The papa has come back to retrieve his son!! (If you know what i meant)

  • albert foo
    albert foo Year ago +5

    Malaysia was a sick tiger.....but the antidote has been administered

  • Anak Abu
    Anak Abu Year ago +1

    Literally - too many holes have been dug and dirt scatters all over. Now the new Ruling Party will have to clean up the mess. On the other hand, the new Ruling Party could bring in "HIM" in for interrogation which would make investigation a lot easier.

  • Anak Abu
    Anak Abu Year ago

    Normally when you pressed the RESET button, the numbers should show "0000". In this case it doesn't show "0000" but rather "RM-41.0Billion" - That's a BIG negative figure!!!!

  • pennson lee
    pennson lee Year ago +1

    Reset is right. And watch us grow.

  • Raymond Venice
    Raymond Venice Year ago +3

    Unlike Trump, Tun M will actually make Malaysia GREAT again!!!

  • amirol sufian
    amirol sufian Year ago

    We dont want americans news and media to come and interfere with our country. You americans media did not do anything to overthrow the ex prime minister and now suddenly saying that Tun M unlikely have the energy? Go suck Trump’s dick

  • AXL Law
    AXL Law Year ago

    Even though it will take years to repair all of the damages Najib and his lapdogs made, I hope that Malaysia will change for the better in the future, and maybe be even with Singapore.

  • Reizei Mako
    Reizei Mako Year ago +1

    King, Wake Up Still King!

  • Esther Cheah
    Esther Cheah Year ago +1

    Harris, it's Pakatan Harapan that has the energy to overthrow a 61 year old monopoly. Now THAT is energy!

  • aloha malayu
    aloha malayu Year ago +1

    The tittle..well ..not true at all

  • Judy Mckee
    Judy Mckee Year ago

    Bullshit, The manipulators of the currency market in 1997 by the likes of George Soros that tried to destroy the Malaysian economy, FAIL. It was stopped by the brilliant move of Dr Mahathir to stop the outflow of funds that gives time to stabilize the economy. The IMF was waiting to come in and RAPE the country. It is people like you Richard Harris, that still spread FAKE NEWS.

  • Chai Chris
    Chai Chris Year ago

    System hanged by a big bug called Najibai. Now reset.

  • YNWA96
    YNWA96 Year ago +1

    The only man that pegged the US dollar against the International Monetary Funds advise and still won is back. Love him or hate him, he is still right. Yet best of all, he is a doctor by trade. All you economists can shove your theories down your ***. You need some gumption to even imagine anything close to what this man has achieved.

    • YNWA96
      YNWA96 Year ago

      So basically you analysts are saying that after Tun Mahathir kicks out the most corrupt PM we've had come across, and then things are going to get worse? What are you smoking cause I want some. Total eggheads.

  • Pito ninjask
    Pito ninjask Year ago

    “adabi melazatkan…
    adabi menyelerakan…
    mengandungi pelbagai rempah…

  • Dodadeus
    Dodadeus Year ago +67

    Unlikely Mahathir has the energy to change the system!?!? LOl how clueless these people are.
    Did you guys kinda miss the HUGE MONUMENTAL EVENT that he literally brought down a 60 year old juggernaut coalition in one master stroke? He didnt do it in a couch at home by tapping on the smartphone!
    After a week of endless campaigning nearly everywhere, then literally zero sleep on election and post election, getting sworn in, did you know what Mahathir did the very next morning after? People saw him cycling around town doing his routine exercise!
    I was still in bed for staying up all night glued to tv and smartphone screens like the majority of the country are...and I'm not even half his age!
    In fact, the real question is, CAN THE COUNTRY KEEP UP WITH HIM?

  • Kron Hertz
    Kron Hertz Year ago +6

    White people always have something to say and criticize...
    No change in government = "This country is ran by dictators. Democracy is nonexistent. It is unsafe for investors"
    Change in government = "The new government is inexperience and therefore the economy and any investments are unstable due to policy change"
    You just can't win in life when white people are giving advice.

  • kakikrem
    kakikrem Year ago +1

    Not a reset button, it is called flushing the toilet haha

  • cico caca
    cico caca Year ago

    👀👂yeah it will difficult to New Prime Minister Malaysia to stabil ringgit and investment. but All already Know that he have credibility to do something because all know he have experience same thing that time he Prime Minister before he retired

  • Nu Rul
    Nu Rul Year ago +2

    I hate u Harris, sorry to say

  • theThingThat shouldNotBe

    Malaysia & Liverpool in the same situation....#yNWa

  • Fie loyalety
    Fie loyalety Year ago +6

    Tun M org paling genius politik dalam dunia bagi aq !

  • abudianto
    abudianto Year ago

    Mahathir unlikely to change the system? Wow I guess CNBC haven't learned anything from 2016 election huh?

  • Michelle Lilo
    Michelle Lilo Year ago

    We the citizens are elated!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aaap16 annuar
    aaap16 annuar Year ago

    U gonna eat ur words soon

  • Riza Aryandi
    Riza Aryandi Year ago +3

    Jangan suke cuti kerja. Kerja komitmen baru maju negara. Tun sendiri ckp. Jgn tgok video je. Pegi keje woi bangunkan negaraku !

  • Amir Ridhwan
    Amir Ridhwan Year ago +6

    Its time for us to step forward and become a great nation just like others...

  • NaNisa
    NaNisa Year ago +3

    Wish for the good change.

  • don don
    don don Year ago +49

    As a Malaysia I feel like we just gained independence

  • azim aysraf
    azim aysraf Year ago +12

    Just u wait ... tun mahathir will make malaysia great again . No more corruption

    • Frosted Dynamo
      Frosted Dynamo Year ago

      In America : trump make America great again . In Malaysia : mahathir make Malaysia great again

  • Hi all and lets talk

    ..the gst of just 6% will be cancelled, that pyramid system will release all 30 million malaysians of approximately rm120 million per day as tax from government, not including income tax and others. Currently in 2018 the normal salary as worker is rm1500+- depends on position, yes sales person...managers...etc will get more. But a big majority of below rm2000 is a fact.
    Before Tun Mahathir retires, Malaysia had subsidies from the government reliefing its citizens for petrols, flours, sugar, cooking oil etc. And controlled price for meats and rice. And maybe i missed somemore items.
    The outcome from Tun Mahathir was Malaysians flourished. Investors from countries gained.

  • DR Ir M
    DR Ir M Year ago +8

    Many people with ulterior motives have grossly underestimated the vigor and brilliance of Tun M. Just look at his track record during the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997. Many parties including the IMF call him an economic pariah for not taking a bail-out loan from IMF. But his own solution was the saviour for Malaysia. Just give him time and we'll see what he can do to pull Malaysia out of the financial crisis created by the corrupt and kleptocratic PM.
    The world stood in awe watching a 93 yo man defeated a 64 yo descendant of one of the country's PM. Changing of the 60 yr government with a bloodless and democratic process of election without foreign interference is exemplary. Even developed nations should learn from him. In fact, the world should heap praises on him and the country rather than express baseless and pre-mature opinion

  • I am luckygirlz
    I am luckygirlz Year ago +124

    I once read an article from Bosnia, 'If Malaysians do not want Mahathir anymore, give him to us. He was very good at us when he became the 4th prime minister.' Sorry, we will not give him to anyone. He belongs to the Malaysians. Thanks for saving Malaysia. We ❤️ you Tun....

    • Ahmad Amir
      Ahmad Amir Year ago

      Lol. Say it again bij

    • Kitty Love
      Kitty Love Year ago +1

      SammYongncf _ar lmao even aliens at mars don't want him 😂

    • SammYongncf _ar
      SammYongncf _ar Year ago +2

      We’re giving away Najib... who want?

    • Julian Dev
      Julian Dev Year ago +1

      I would say ur reply is one of nicest comment in toutube today..

    • michelle rebekah tham
      michelle rebekah tham Year ago +1

      i am luckygirlz yup, not giving away.

  • Parama 73
    Parama 73 Year ago

    Like if miss rosmah

  • Chris S.
    Chris S. Year ago +8

    Malaysia is a different country now. All Najib cared about was to amass power and wealth at the expense of the country. Mahathir has no such agenda; he just wants a better Malaysia.

  • EA
    EA Year ago +7

    Never underestimate what this guy can do. He is a brilliant strategist . With the help of his allies, they will strengthen the country's economy and put it back on the track. Knowing his track record, there is no doubt about it.

  • Colin Tan
    Colin Tan Year ago +1

    Najib is a neoliberalist championing the Rich stealing from the Poor. Basically, Najib is very good for businesses and infrastructure. In fact, Najib is more of the Alibaba Internet eCommerce honcho rather than an Alibaba with 40 thieves caricature his enemies has portrayed him.

  • Jonny Bravo
    Jonny Bravo Year ago

    Our economy is that bad bad huh

  • mdjqs
    mdjqs Year ago +9

    For your info, We do it our way!!!!

  • lumia lite
    lumia lite Year ago

    Become a prime minister for 20 years +. Leading the strongest political party in Asia then resign. Then lead opposition party against his own party ( former ) and win with EASE.... Dr. Mahathir


  • Doa Jibby Mati
    Doa Jibby Mati Year ago +1

    New KLCC Tower tallest building in the world next 2 years.

  • Arulapan Stephen
    Arulapan Stephen Year ago +4

    Is blessing by Gods grace n prayer the Lord give back to us,thank God,

    • Babai Lew
      Babai Lew Year ago

      Arulapan Stephen indeed.. By God grace!

  • Hizz Nim
    Hizz Nim Year ago +11

    Be careful people. Western media will be back with their ‘dictator’ propaganda and they’ll probably try to bring their ‘democracy’ to ‘save’ malaysia from whatever that is pentagon decides is ‘wrong’. Basically!

  • Take Two
    Take Two Year ago +7

    I don't know why they are Quoting Harris. Harris is a washed out politician.

  • Johnnie Tan
    Johnnie Tan Year ago +7

    Zaman TUN GDP +8% sepuluh tahun, dunia panggil Asian Tiger. Zaman Najib GDP 5+ % sahaja. IMF kata rasuahjatuhkan GDP 2%. Zaman Tun ASN (saham) dividen 14% rakyat terutama Melayu ada pendapatan bail dari saham, zaman Najib ASN dividn 7%, peneroka Felda dulu tak hutang, hilang RM10 billion dalam FGV, sekarang hutang, rugi saham. KWSP duit simpanan, Tabung Haji dan LTAT hilang beratus-ratus juta dari "projek pembangunan" FGV dan 1MDB. Kerajaan akan siasat dan rakyat boleh tahu apa belaku. Pelabur asing yang lari dari Malaysia kerana skandl 1MDB kerajaan Kleptrokasi akan pulang. Dengan penubahan kerajaan, dunia yang dulu kesian kita akan bermula berbangga Malaysia.

  • Azimin Tazilan
    Azimin Tazilan Year ago +15

    New History in the making, welcome back Tun M , now with best spirits and courage for future of Malaysia

  • Horvavant
    Horvavant Year ago

    Malaysian have no better choice