How to Make a FLOATING Fountain


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  • Chinmay
    Chinmay Month ago +1905

    Woah awesome......when i first saw this thing i thought its a use of green screen 😂😂🤣🤣..... thanks for sharing this and i am definitely gonna make it

    • Jaya Jothi
      Jaya Jothi 9 days ago +1

      Sorry jetboard

    • Jaya Jothi
      Jaya Jothi 9 days ago

      Next it's keyboard dude

    • THE BOYz
      THE BOYz 10 days ago

      You sould make a floting waterfall

    • Kamill White
      Kamill White 10 days ago

      I wish I could get that hat but I’m not allowed to have Instagram

    • Webby _Gaming
      Webby _Gaming 11 days ago

      Anybody else not like the new host?

  • Brysen Gamer
    Brysen Gamer 5 hours ago

    Can you make a gigantic snake firework

  • Ristic
    Ristic 6 hours ago

    How do you design these things?

  • Kanon Fletcher
    Kanon Fletcher 8 hours ago


  • Deathstriker
    Deathstriker 12 hours ago

    Spider-man’s web shooters its DOPE

  • weird dog productions
    weird dog productions 12 hours ago

    You should make mini Grappling hook

  • Sebastian iacovino
    Sebastian iacovino 15 hours ago

    Aqualand Torremolinos

  • Raul Otto
    Raul Otto 15 hours ago

    When buy clear plastic piper?

  • Dannie Owens
    Dannie Owens 19 hours ago

    Make some gummy brass nuckles

  • Brianna Will
    Brianna Will 21 hour ago

    Can you make a gallium Pokeball

  • Colton Hoffmaster
    Colton Hoffmaster 23 hours ago

    can you make a jack o lantern that glows different colors and is suspended midair

  • TOPGUN787 Gaming

    I think Donald Duck was first in making this.

  • Boone Stinson
    Boone Stinson Day ago

    Correction: “Careful” and “Hacksaw” don’t fit in the same sentence. 😂

  • Fruit roll-ups Boi

    Blue tooth spigot

  • srijon roy chowdhury

    Try to make a small projector

  • Ben Tidiman
    Ben Tidiman Day ago

    It’s called a tap

  • darkwear gt growtopia

    just put ice

  • Patricio CA
    Patricio CA Day ago

    Can u guys make her love me😢😢😢

  • Itz Tfue
    Itz Tfue Day ago

    I thought this was going to be real!
    It’s a Shame that it’s just an optical illusion

  • Doritos Master Gamer MLG SHOW

    Oh i have seen that before

  • Eden Blanchard
    Eden Blanchard Day ago

    this is cool when is saw it on the screen i was like whhattttt

  • Assortedthegamer 201

    Who also saw that little pebble run away?
    He be all like


  • Justin Mayson
    Justin Mayson Day ago

    Can you build a guitar???

  • HotBeat BBX
    HotBeat BBX Day ago

    can you make powerful laser that burn things?


    How to make a floating tap: ...........
    IT'S SOOOOO EASY!!! All you need is a drill, sand paper, a pump....

  • Fnaf and Minecraft LOVER

    Make small floating jack-o'-lantern

  • PureRush94
    PureRush94 Day ago

    Duh you can just buy one of those wireless bluetooth hoses

  • Fans of science
    Fans of science Day ago

    Make 'Shocker' Gloves from spiderman Homecoming

  • Brandon MackDonald

    You should actually make a version with the laminar flow nozzle judging by the fact that the flow looks clear.

  • GRgamer2 l
    GRgamer2 l Day ago

    Thats cool

  • John #TDM
    John #TDM Day ago

    can u make a bouncy ball with clay?

  • Rebecca Hilton
    Rebecca Hilton Day ago

    Make a floating rc Truke

  • JamesLovesPenny,Tom&Sedrick

    blow up random stuff!

  • amos De Planter
    amos De Planter 2 days ago

    Why did’nt you use flex tape!?

  • Chad Rumsey
    Chad Rumsey 2 days ago

    I think you should do make thing float

  • Skwid Guy
    Skwid Guy 2 days ago

    Watch this when you’re high

  • TheFork 2
    TheFork 2 2 days ago

    It’s NOT floating

  • TheFork 2
    TheFork 2 2 days ago

    I have already seen it on tv

  • TheFork 2
    TheFork 2 2 days ago

    It’s just glass inside

  • Vulpes Productions
    Vulpes Productions 2 days ago

    Hacks on, Hack saw

  • TobbAnimations
    TobbAnimations 2 days ago



  • Sean Muffin
    Sean Muffin 2 days ago

    This video made me thirsty

  • Jay Son
    Jay Son 2 days ago

    # make a card thrower

  • R.I.P joaquin 1214
    R.I.P joaquin 1214 2 days ago

    Can you do a real thanos car

  • Shin Shijuro
    Shin Shijuro 3 days ago

    Ternado in a cup with water

  • Tomi Root
    Tomi Root 3 days ago

    Y’all should do orbees in a vacuum chamber!!

  • Max Jaquez
    Max Jaquez 3 days ago

    Make a super cool leprechaun trap and then test it out

  • I love Animals
    I love Animals 3 days ago

    I KNEW IT when i went to Hollywood i saw that i knew there was a clear tube

  • The Killmaster Gaming

    Make a sword cast from Aluminum and steel

  • Beth F
    Beth F 3 days ago

    Can you make this to where you can put your hand through the water

  • Will Polkinghorne
    Will Polkinghorne 3 days ago

    Make a lava lamp

  • NJ Lewy Productions
    NJ Lewy Productions 3 days ago

    Put A Mesh Squish Ball In A Vacuum Chamber!

  • BOSS17 sbsn
    BOSS17 sbsn 3 days ago

    Make a potato machine gun or some kind of boat

  • Michael Moerk
    Michael Moerk 3 days ago

    My water coming out doesn’t stick to the tube

  • blkpplcantberacist chinksaintsmart

    You gotta have steady, doctors' hands to do this stuff.

  • Rex Max
    Rex Max 3 days ago

    can you use glitter to make the flow more realistic ?

  • Sarves Eminem
    Sarves Eminem 3 days ago

    What happens when put Sodium Bocarbonate and Conc Acid and Liquid Nitrogen.

  • Michael Madrigal
    Michael Madrigal 4 days ago

    Make a fornite weapon

  • Datshon Lightner
    Datshon Lightner 4 days ago

    Make a fighter jet that can actually dog fight

  • ShakobaChloe
    ShakobaChloe 4 days ago

    Now here is a cool party decoration to trick my friends. >:)

  • Thicc Moth
    Thicc Moth 4 days ago +1

    You should make “Spider-Man globes” or just a sticky glove to carry something

    Like so he can see plzzz

  • dave oneil
    dave oneil 4 days ago

    All these instructional videos always say we want to or we are going to....we this we that. It bothers me. They should say i am going to do this and i am going to do this and you are going to watch this video wishing you were doing what im doing

  • Robert French
    Robert French 4 days ago

    I think you should do next is you should take a bunch of light bulbs and to see what happens when you put them in a pot of boiling water with nail polish

  • Martin Pham
    Martin Pham 5 days ago

    somebody touches the water WTH IS THAT is that a TUBE?!

  • jayden cummins
    jayden cummins 5 days ago

    try to make gasoline lamanar flow

  • jacqueline roach
    jacqueline roach 5 days ago

    Make homemade nitrogen liquid nitrogen

  • Forgiven_Light OFFICIAL

    drift trike

  • Charles Kim
    Charles Kim 5 days ago

    Can you use a world's strongest laser

  • HotDogu
    HotDogu 5 days ago

    You should make a dry ice chamber to show exploding atoms

  • Anime music ners
    Anime music ners 5 days ago

    can u build a floating cup?

  • Robert Latterman
    Robert Latterman 5 days ago

    WHERE did you get your tubing? ....thanks

  • 《 MaxVilocity 》
    《 MaxVilocity 》 5 days ago

    Now were gonna use a HACKSAW, to **CAREFULLY** Cut this off.

  • Dinosplostion 55
    Dinosplostion 55 5 days ago

    "mmm hose water"

  • Emma a Simon a
    Emma a Simon a 5 days ago

    Make magnetic sand

  • Nanobit 136
    Nanobit 136 6 days ago

    I saw this at a water park. Heheheh I knew the trick

  • chopped cherries
    chopped cherries 6 days ago

    Plz make a flouting faucet with lava

  • project pz4
    project pz4 6 days ago

    You should make a floating pop bottle

  • E Albert Johnson
    E Albert Johnson 6 days ago

    Make a lightsaber that can cut thing (no editing

  • Kadyn Ruis
    Kadyn Ruis 6 days ago

    You should make a magic waterfall fountain😁

  • Peter Timko
    Peter Timko 6 days ago

    infinity mirror, please :)

  • Christopher Rodriguez

    Can you make a rube Goldberg machine?

  • Mad Animals
    Mad Animals 6 days ago

    Make something

  • Eye Everything
    Eye Everything 6 days ago

    What does oobleck do in a vacuum chamber...? I think all of us want that question answered XD

  • IronChickenz
    IronChickenz 7 days ago


  • Reagan Hendricks
    Reagan Hendricks 7 days ago

    Can you make a floating coffee cup illusion.

  • thespyboy1234 Nosef
    thespyboy1234 Nosef 7 days ago

    Make a house float 😎😂

  • Mario Cabral
    Mario Cabral 7 days ago

    Try to make a glass bee hive

  • Scott King
    Scott King 7 days ago

    Interests me hoe Americans say “faucet” and “sodder” instead of “tap” and “solder”

  • EvenDoubleOseven 7
    EvenDoubleOseven 7 7 days ago

    A jell-OBluetooth speaker

  • Kevin Z
    Kevin Z 7 days ago

    I seen this type of fountain at a shopping center exceptninstead of a faucet it was a giant teapot pouring water into a giant teacup

  • Moose Cooper
    Moose Cooper 7 days ago

    You should get a pet

  • Sezim Taalaibekova
    Sezim Taalaibekova 7 days ago

    I have not watch the video yet but I think you just put clear tube

  • Joseph Kmetz
    Joseph Kmetz 7 days ago

    6:35 that hot glue gun is dirty af

  • Marcus Rios
    Marcus Rios 7 days ago

    Love you because you’re the best USclip or‘s that I know

  • Ben. T
    Ben. T 8 days ago

    That's so cool! I subscribed👌

  • Girish Chandra Sahu
    Girish Chandra Sahu 8 days ago

    Tricks and tips to decorate ur phone

  • VJ Gaming
    VJ Gaming 8 days ago

    Make a video showing continuous whirlpool

  • Nicolas Servos
    Nicolas Servos 8 days ago

    Make a fire version

  • Xatrix
    Xatrix 8 days ago

    Very cool guys! Very cool indeed!

  • TrueRedZ
    TrueRedZ 8 days ago

    Make a security cam that shoots water at intruders