Omarion Breaks His Silence on B2K Groupmate Lil Fizz & Babymother Apryl Jones Relationship (Part 13)

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • part 12:
    part 1:
    In this clip, Omarion broke his silence on the Apryl and Fizz situation. Omarion said that he doesn't really feel any type of way about their relationship, he'd just prefer to be left out of the "narrative."
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  • Sean Ilenrey
    Sean Ilenrey 12 hours ago

    O’s media training is still paying dividends.

  • kendall
    kendall 12 hours ago

    there’s an icebox where his heart used to be. 😔

  • illwill718
    illwill718 12 hours ago

    This is a perfect example of the media training young artist no longer get. O is in complete control of the interview. Answering all Vlads hot take questions with just enough info to be engaging and not rude but at the same time not falling for Vlads bait. Master Class right here.

  • Max Moore
    Max Moore 12 hours ago

    Omarion is Scorpio.
    Scorpios spend a lot of time pretending to not care about shit they care about

  • Chubb Bankz
    Chubb Bankz 12 hours ago

    O got sauce... attention 💯💯💯

  • Nicole Coleman
    Nicole Coleman 12 hours ago

    Damn, I was 5 hours late for the tea lol 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Sabrena Lightbourne
    Sabrena Lightbourne 12 hours ago

    Omarion is letting them known...if they expose the relationship between Apryl and Fizz, they're pushing that man buttons to say something about their relationship which is he don't give a F.U.C.K. and i also agree about changing their narrative because he is recently saying "stop saying my name so much to expect me to respond about what Apryl and Fizz gpt going on...his kids is more important than anything"...that's how i see it.

    REELTRINI27 12 hours ago

    “When the hate don’t work they start tellin lies” respect to O for keepin it G fizz is a hoe for that but April ain’t no better

  • Gang Gang
    Gang Gang 12 hours ago

    Vlad tryna get a reaction lol not this time copper

  • Jasmine Hrtbrkr
    Jasmine Hrtbrkr 12 hours ago

    His body language was the epitome of "I don't care‼" 😂😂😂😂

  • TaNisha Jordan
    TaNisha Jordan 12 hours ago

    All that meditating he been doing paid 💯

  • bigcitymillionaire
    bigcitymillionaire 12 hours ago

    That’s fuck up u can feel his pain and the shit Fizz doin ain’t right ... smh

  • Searcher Yea
    Searcher Yea 12 hours ago

    The only reason Vladimir interviewed him in the first place smh 😂......and the only part I've been waiting on lol

  • Gloria Claybon
    Gloria Claybon 12 hours ago

    Apryl wants closure because he just left her. He didn't want to hurt her by telling her what the problem was, which was probably everything! Her mouth, the way she acts...that would affect his brand. And as hard as he worked to get there, I wouldn't let her ruin it for me, either.

  • Nell.W
    Nell.W 12 hours ago

    Fizz is the reason b2k will never get back together!!

  • El Torito
    El Torito 12 hours ago

    The video of him playing with her butt ...c'mon Vlod wtf

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee 12 hours ago

    Wish I had that level of unbotheredness. Lol

  • slylockdefox246
    slylockdefox246 12 hours ago

    Yo I have a new form of respect foe this dude. Wow Respect from. BARBADOS 🇧🇧

  • Angie Rodriguez
    Angie Rodriguez 12 hours ago

    He So Humble Bro His Baby Mom A Thot And Always Trying To Play Victim He Don’t Care About You Sis

  • Tasha Monique
    Tasha Monique 12 hours ago

    I am so proud of Omarion and how he is handling this situation. I admire how level headed he is being.

  • Ad Jb
    Ad Jb 12 hours ago

    April is so classless it’s saddddd

  • outlawzthuglife16
    outlawzthuglife16 12 hours ago

    That's right O! This just made him look even sexier to me. Shit he already fine. #GrownMan

  • Tamika S
    Tamika S 12 hours ago +1

    Somebody on twitter said that their mood for 2020 was: "Omarion to the bullshit". And I couldn't agree more

  • Michelle Lee
    Michelle Lee 12 hours ago

    This interviewer dude is always instigating like a silly little girl🙉

  • Nell.W
    Nell.W 12 hours ago +2

    Man still gotta be weird for omarion when he goes to see his kids, and fizz answers the door in his underwear...🙁

    • Melancholic Wallflower
      Melancholic Wallflower 12 hours ago

      Supposedly her and Fizz threw a birthday party for one of Omarions kids and they wouldnt let him come which is wrong. I'll have to look further into it to see if there's some truth to it but it sounds like something Apryl would do.

  • Puds Tangikau
    Puds Tangikau 12 hours ago

    I love you Omari 🥰❤

  • Don King
    Don King 12 hours ago

    Unbothered. He did that interview smooth as hell. Go Omarion.💯

  • BlackJohnnyCage
    BlackJohnnyCage 12 hours ago

    This Nigga power level is incredible!

  • John Alonzo
    John Alonzo 12 hours ago

    Lol he don't even give a fuck and everyone else is going crazy.

  • Against The Machine
    Against The Machine 12 hours ago

    Nah When He Heard Fizz Said They Only Had A Business Relationship Thats About The Only Part That Stung From What I Can Tell. Which Is Undersandable.

  • Nellie DiDon
    Nellie DiDon 12 hours ago

    Lots of respect to this man and it goes to show the type mother who raised him, she did a damn good job, true king 🙌🏼🙏🏼🖤🖤: and yes they should change their narrative (keep his name out their damn mouths) he’s hurt but he’s just not gonna show it, we are all humans we all feel pain

  • Ad Jb
    Ad Jb 12 hours ago

    He sounds and looks so sincere 😂😂😂😂 he knows he’s freeeeee of that crazy ass drama

  • Tupreme dot com
    Tupreme dot com 12 hours ago +2

    Omarion is mature beyond his years.

  • Press Woodard
    Press Woodard 12 hours ago

    This nigga is a zombie full of media training. All the women in the world and you mess with your homeboys lady or ex lady, you’re a sucker with flawed traits

  • Frank Vanegas
    Frank Vanegas 12 hours ago

    Well done Omarion

  • Rachel L.
    Rachel L. 12 hours ago

    Him and April look alike

  • Reesebutter Cup
    Reesebutter Cup 12 hours ago

    He understand he just dont give two fucks like everyone else shouldn't ok she did what other women did and doing NOW but because she got a little clout its a problem im sure some yall mommas including mines did this we never know...not saying it right but why does it has to be a topic or issue...js

  • Bic Jack
    Bic Jack 12 hours ago

    Damn. He’s a straight class act!
    Salute bro!

  • Nivia wit Da Curls
    Nivia wit Da Curls 12 hours ago

    Salute to O....... Like he’s so GROWN about the situation. 💯 I respect ✊🏽 YOU O too the fullest(.)

    COREY GRANDZ 12 hours ago

    Omarion is god-level unbothered

  • Brittany E.
    Brittany E. 12 hours ago

    Everyone wants him to be bothered by this situation & he really doesn’t care about it at all😩

  • Jor El
    Jor El 12 hours ago

    If my homie took my BM I'd have to lean his ass and have him leaking.... Ain't no way we could be cool ever again.

  • Kendra Harris
    Kendra Harris 12 hours ago

    Omarion’s attitude is truly creeping me out. PERIODT

  • Keila Vlogs
    Keila Vlogs 12 hours ago

    Dang he over her frfr when you don’t give a f what the other is doing it’s done

  • Jenny Rebecca
    Jenny Rebecca 12 hours ago

    She never deserved him.

  • Mike The Dancer24
    Mike The Dancer24 12 hours ago

    Why Don't Vlad Ever show his face Show ur face VLAD 😡

  • OShea Barber
    OShea Barber 12 hours ago

    Check out our review on this messy situation between Fizz and Omarion

  • elle
    elle 12 hours ago

    VLAD you're laughing about it like it's a joke...that man is probably hurting INSIDE...he handled himself like a G though. Don't come for him. It is what it IS.

  • Heather Rapana
    Heather Rapana 12 hours ago

    P Diddy 🥜 whr on his chin and the b2k boys

  • Quanyae J
    Quanyae J 12 hours ago

    Vlad is annoying & Omarion is THE GOAT 😂

  • Romane Goodlow
    Romane Goodlow 12 hours ago

    Petty petty petty. I love this interview

  • Eddie Santiago
    Eddie Santiago 12 hours ago

    He so unbothered 😂💯💯

  • Rance Rob
    Rance Rob 12 hours ago

    Even if this situation has a storm brewing on the inside of O about this situation, you will never know it. Dude has emotions made of steel.

  • Vega lee
    Vega lee 12 hours ago

    When Fizz drop her ass i bet she gonna beg Omarion for another chance😆

  • Bee Rush
    Bee Rush 12 hours ago

    And this is what not giving af looks like ladies and gents

  • chris meadows
    chris meadows 12 hours ago

    Vlad wasn’t ready for the level of intelligence Omarion has real men ain’t concerned bout no pussy that shit cone and go get to a bag and stay out the way 💯

  • Dekhary Cooper
    Dekhary Cooper 12 hours ago

    He will never be able to trust his friends around his girl again in that's fuck up cause of one clown ass nigga

  • Ty Hart
    Ty Hart 12 hours ago +1

    Apryl wants a reaction from him so bad Lol sheesh his responses were perfect

  • Wavy Romeo Prince
    Wavy Romeo Prince 12 hours ago

    Lol the one video literally everyone been waiting for

  • thatssopiff
    thatssopiff 12 hours ago +1

    👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 kudos to this man right here!!!