Does it Work?! Milk Makeup Blur Stick | Jackie Aina

  • Published on May 8, 2017
  • I've been constantly asked about the Milk Makeup Blur Stick and today I'll be sharing and reviewing it! The Blur Stick is supposed to be a silicone free primer. Will it hold the test of keeping me shine free all day?! Watch and find out!
    What I'm wearing!
    YSL Volupte Shine lipstick #9
    Kim Thai Lion Hearted Lashes
    NARS Loaded Eyeshadow Palette
    Danessa Myricks "Attraction" Enlight Powder
    P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D:
    Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation (Golden Almond)
    Milk Makeup Blur Stick

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  • SMU Reviews
    SMU Reviews Month ago

    Just started following. Love the honesty. Can't wait to watch more

  • Nerdy Panda
    Nerdy Panda 2 months ago

    I don’t understand this blur stick. I got it in boxy last month... and it’s so drying... and I have oily skin lol. I’m so confused cover fx blur primer actually blurs lol. This primer is so glittery and makes my pores bigger lol

  • D N
    D N 2 months ago

    What top is Jackie wearing?

  • Vaishnavi Tandra
    Vaishnavi Tandra 3 months ago

    It has fragrance, limonene and linalool dammit

  • Alexa Moonlight
    Alexa Moonlight 4 months ago

    What about dry skin....?

  • Chloe Eliza
    Chloe Eliza 7 months ago


  • Mariela Que
    Mariela Que 8 months ago

    Jackie, Jackie, Jackie

  • Nancy F
    Nancy F 10 months ago

    You look so pretty Jackie. Love the pastel green

  • Sarah Gbadebo
    Sarah Gbadebo 11 months ago

    Is this better than the Lancôme blur and go stick?

  • Alexa G
    Alexa G Year ago

    I want to use milk make up so bad but I am still VERY unsure if it’s made for dark skin tones and oily skin :(

  • Karina Herrera
    Karina Herrera Year ago

    is the benefit porefessional better or the milk blur stick?

  • jazzkitten
    jazzkitten Year ago

    Why was I not subscribed to you?! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • novababy
    novababy Year ago

    I’ve used this once before and LOVED it, but 1. it’s a teeeeeny bit pricey 2. I can never find the full size!
    does anyone who has used the actual milk product know of a good dupe? I’ve seen some popular ones but I like to hear from someone who has actually used both

  • Kara Marie
    Kara Marie Year ago

    I like this vid but the reason it has color is bc she put too much on

  • Arlem Delarosa
    Arlem Delarosa Year ago

    I saw this at the store and said I’m not buying it until I see what Jackie has to say about this 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Jelynn Harding
    Jelynn Harding Year ago

    Thanks for such a good review

    CARLENE RILEY Year ago +1

    Was this before you created the Jackie chant? Because it threw me off not being there. I thought I missed it and rewinded it five times. Lol love you Jackie!

  • Daphney Noel
    Daphney Noel Year ago

    Wait ... can we talk about how you wear that foundation from 8am-10pm without having to blot??!?!?!?

  • #IAmADirtyComputer WeisessXboymeetsevil

    “Invisible foundation” as a concept ... it’s so contradictory, and ngl a total waste of even a single dollar. I have a cushion (“ampoules”...thing...from Clio) that does nothing for me but transfer. Literally.

  • Lillian Garvin
    Lillian Garvin Year ago

    I tried bought the six kit set. I honestly like it because I don't wear makeup much. I would never wear foundation with these products because they will wipe off the foundation. You could use a brush to apply but that defeats the purpose of its design. And lets be honest we buy things because of its appeal. But if you don't wear much make-up then its for you.

  • juliettsstyleglam

    could you do a video on how you fix your nails. I want to transition from the long hours of doing my gel nails to the press ons and yours really seem well done. Thanks

  • DR Makeup Art
    DR Makeup Art Year ago

    Hi Jackie, I truly enjoyed your video! looking forward to watch more and learn. btw have you uploaded a video on what you are using for your skin care routine? Thanks

  • tjoseph151
    tjoseph151 Year ago

    Deets on this hair pretty please! 😍🙏

  • AJ The Fangirl
    AJ The Fangirl 2 years ago


  • Donna Ford
    Donna Ford 2 years ago

    Jackie have you tried the new Milk primer spray, not the blur stick? w
    Would love to get your opinion on it?

  • Zoey
    Zoey 2 years ago

    Is it just me or did the sound and video not match up at the end??

  • Vitamin H Caulfield
    Vitamin H Caulfield 2 years ago

    Hey! How was the coconut oil effect on the face long term? I don't think my face does well with coconut oil, that's why I'm afraid.

  • adriana
    adriana 2 years ago

    what lip was that??? i need to know

  • Shallom Tabib
    Shallom Tabib 2 years ago

    I usually don't care what she is reviewing but I watch cause I freaking love her personality and she makes me so happy

  • Lexi Scherzinger
    Lexi Scherzinger 2 years ago

    jackie is my violet hair queen right now im shook

  • Jasmine Q
    Jasmine Q 2 years ago

    I'm a new sub and I just want to come over your home and have you run a 5 min timer and I grab what I can 🤣😂

  • Chelsea Ellzey
    Chelsea Ellzey 2 years ago

    Jackie! I know very little about makeup but I really love your videos!! I have oily skin. What's the best foundation to start off with?

  • mz ovahness
    mz ovahness 2 years ago

    I tried to buy it through your link but it wouldn't let me put the item in the basket

  • orijinale
    orijinale 2 years ago

    Milk I'm looking atchu.....

  • Elisabethe O'Neil
    Elisabethe O'Neil 2 years ago

    You're so stunning. You make my heart hurt from all your makeup talent and beauty ❤️😭

  • Esmerelda Ramirez
    Esmerelda Ramirez 2 years ago

    When she said " I have reached my final form. " It made me think of dragon ball z! 😂

  • CallMeee Lexx
    CallMeee Lexx 2 years ago

    I Iove this look😍

  • Tabitha D.
    Tabitha D. 2 years ago

    Anyone know what brush that is she's blending her foundation in with??sigma too??

  • Rachel W
    Rachel W 2 years ago +1

    why does she keep checking her wrist for a watch that isn't there? 😂😂

  • NaturallyJem
    NaturallyJem 2 years ago

    I received this in my sephora box and I will try it today. I been waiting to try.

    • Shall*I*be*her
      Shall*I*be*her 2 years ago

      NaturallyJem ok thanks for responding!!!

    • NaturallyJem
      NaturallyJem 2 years ago

      Shall*I*be*her in my opinion is works well however I still favor the benefit pore perfect product. Good not great especially for the price

    • Shall*I*be*her
      Shall*I*be*her 2 years ago

      NaturallyJem do you feel like it blurs the pores for real, I guess I want to know if it's really worth the money

    • NaturallyJem
      NaturallyJem 2 years ago

      Shall*I*be*her I really like it. I have combination skin, it's feel great but it doesn't help to keep you matte all day.

    • Shall*I*be*her
      Shall*I*be*her 2 years ago

      NaturallyJem how did you like it ?

  • Kaitlen Kindle
    Kaitlen Kindle 2 years ago

    Your reviews are everything 💯💪🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  • Ja’tavia !
    Ja’tavia ! 2 years ago


  • Les Anderson
    Les Anderson 2 years ago

    Ugh I just love the thumbnail of this video. I think I'll invest and buy this stick. Milk seems super low maintenance and I'm in love 😍

  • JazzMeUp_98
    JazzMeUp_98 2 years ago

    What primer do you usually use with this foundation ?

  • Natalie B
    Natalie B 2 years ago

    Girl illy and idk of this is coincidental but under the video it says sponsored and then it says the product is MILK products lol

  • Indie West
    Indie West 2 years ago

    Jackie is so beautiful 😊😊

  • Abby Davis
    Abby Davis 2 years ago

    7:52 if you're saying that if we wash our faces properly we won't have to rely on blurring products, you're kinda wrong. sometimes it can just be hormones. Not that we are taking care of ourselves wrong.

  • miramask
    miramask 2 years ago

    for some reason you remind me of a mermaid in this video and I'm loving it so much

  • Wonderwall
    Wonderwall 2 years ago

    Hydroxystearic acid, made from stearic acid which is a fatty acid similar to those in coconut oil
    Limonene, found in the oils of citrus fruits

  • itstiarabro
    itstiarabro 2 years ago

    Pleaseee do a current skin care routine video! Your skin is GORGEOUS! I'm tryna get like you gurl lol

  • Katelyn Rather
    Katelyn Rather 2 years ago

    Just found you today and haven't stopped watching your videos for a solid two hours. You are gorgeous, informative and entertaining!! Can't wait to keep watching!!

  • Leanna Cherner
    Leanna Cherner 2 years ago

    You're so gorgeous omg but I think the foundation still was too yellow slightly, but I think it looks amazing otherwise. You are such an amazing person. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  • brooke morgan
    brooke morgan 2 years ago

    this is one of my favorite looks from you! idk just the hair and outfit and everything, but also you always slay 😭❤❤

  • Trashcan
    Trashcan 2 years ago

    They say that it's silicone free so it won't clog your pores but EVERYTIME I use it I break out and it clogs my pores. I don't believe the "silicone free" thing anymore. I do like it but I can't use it that much anymore which makes me salty.

  • fallen_star_2319
    fallen_star_2319 2 years ago

    The not completely matte looks amazing - your skin looks so moist and healthy with that smidge of shine

  • Monica Guevara
    Monica Guevara 2 years ago

    kyrah stewart loves her blur stick ! an she is a USclipr who loves you and she has talked about you and that's why I'm here😊 now I'm subscribed

  • c e
    c e 2 years ago +3

    What about trying it with a foundation that isn't so good?

  • Ozark Chinquapin
    Ozark Chinquapin 2 years ago

    I HATE the contrast and lighting you have your videos editited to look!! Turn down the contrast for crying out loud.

  • Sarah Vanderhoff
    Sarah Vanderhoff 2 years ago

    Obsessed with your reviews Jackie!!! So thorough and informative, fair but sassy! Love you girl

  • Sarah Solinger
    Sarah Solinger 2 years ago

    I think it's so weird when they label make up as gluten free haha like I genuinely don't understand can you be allergic to putting wheat on your face?

    • Samantha Robinson
      Samantha Robinson 2 years ago

      An allergy is an allergy. Not everyone reacts the same way and not all products are used as directed. It would be dangerous and irresponsible not to label products for such a prevalent allergen.

  • psychicoutlaw Chanel
    psychicoutlaw Chanel 2 years ago

    All weekend long I was researching the benefits of coconut oil for your skin etc. Curious to know why you dont like it. Will do a search on yr channel, maybe you made a video on that, I hope lol.

  • From Jasmine With Love

    I need to know how you did this eye!!!

  • Geraldine M
    Geraldine M 2 years ago

    You're so gorgeous and your makeup skills is 🙌🏼.

  • Monise L. Seward, Ed.S.

    I'm just now cracking the seal on mine...started looking for reviews. I should have known you had a review! lol Thank you!

  • Alondra Cuevas
    Alondra Cuevas 2 years ago

    This product did what the porefessional couldn't do for me

  • Amber Lillian
    Amber Lillian 2 years ago

    Have you ever thought of a chemical peel??

  • Cheyenne Rose
    Cheyenne Rose 2 years ago

    *opens tube* *immediatley sniffs*

  • Ashley Svehla
    Ashley Svehla 2 years ago

    This looks like a holy grail product 😍

  • The LyfeStylist
    The LyfeStylist 2 years ago

    Current favorites, and all time skin care favorites video please!!!! Your skin has certainly done a 180 and I'm trying to be like you sis. Love you much 💜😍💜

  • Leslie Edwards
    Leslie Edwards 2 years ago

    I was not a fan of the milk blur stick. It really did nothing and felt like nothing.

  • Amy Tanner
    Amy Tanner 2 years ago

    This came in Sephora PLAY BOX this month and now I'm excited to try it😃❤️

  • Autum Jordan
    Autum Jordan 2 years ago +4

    A Favorites and/or skin care routine video!!! 💖💖💖 I have combination oily skin too and I'm having a hard time finding good products to help moisturize and take care of my skin 🙁 if I'm being honest, I didn't even know I needed certain products like toners, serums, etc lol!! Sooooo maybe a "teach you how to skin care" vid?? 😂

  • SolelyVanessa
    SolelyVanessa 2 years ago

    Great review Jackie! :)

  • Cole
    Cole 2 years ago

    what brush are you using for your foundation?

  • Marlana N.
    Marlana N. 2 years ago +3

    Is anyone else praying that Jackie does a video on her skin care routine