Who's the Best Kisser? #2 | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Nov 21, 2018
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    Who's the Best Kisser? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Comments • 4 065

  • Harrison Craig
    Harrison Craig Day ago

    Girl in the green is wifey material

    KAYLEE KUROWSKI 2 days ago

    yo when he said, "ah trin" had me geeked

  • Maxine Ortiz
    Maxine Ortiz 4 days ago

    5:12 omg the awkwardness is just-

  • Moraya 17
    Moraya 17 4 days ago

    **Bisexuality has entered the chat**

  • Well Guess What Mimi We Did

    Yall are real extra

  • I'm 365 so stressed
    I'm 365 so stressed 5 days ago +1

    The girl in the green jacket was so cute
    Also when the guy in the grey dropped the guy and fell on top of him lmao, I almost died laughing.

  • LDD
    LDD 5 days ago

    this comment section be horny af

  • Keeva Dangerfield
    Keeva Dangerfield 5 days ago

    Is it mean if I say it would be cool if it was straight people judging a group of homosexual people, I just think straight people are hilarious kissing the same gender

  • Shravya Mallya
    Shravya Mallya 6 days ago

    I loved the guy in the gray-green

  • YinChun
    YinChun 6 days ago

    The girl with the green jacket has a beautiful smile and she is cute omg

  • Ada John
    Ada John 6 days ago

    I think y'all should have a part 3

  • Jessi James
    Jessi James 7 days ago

    Again, insanely akward and amazingly beautiful to watch lol
    Where can i sign up to participate?😂

  • Mariya N
    Mariya N 7 days ago

    what song is playing at the end during the slow-motion kissing part?

  • Kimstanjoon
    Kimstanjoon 9 days ago

    3:15 im so dead the dude just-

  • weenis YOURboiSKINNY

    Who watches thisss !?!??!?!???

  • Monty Oxman
    Monty Oxman 10 days ago +2

    the indian guy is so painfully awkward lmao


    The girl in the green jacket is SO adorable

  • april guzman
    april guzman 10 days ago +1

    Did I forget to tell you I had herpes .......lol

  • Shelby Price
    Shelby Price 12 days ago

    This shit is a nightmare for anyone with misophonia/ mouth sounds....

    NORMAL BOY 13 days ago

    My producers fap

  • Iam Devonique
    Iam Devonique 13 days ago


  • Amber Hynes
    Amber Hynes 14 days ago

    Where do I sign up to make out with random attractive people

  • AllTimeFallOutAtTheChemicalDisco

    They just fell

  • AllTimeFallOutAtTheChemicalDisco

    This is such an odd show, I kinda love it

  • •Jelly Gianna•
    •Jelly Gianna• 14 days ago

    XD I'm making out with people xD

  • Loves Me Not
    Loves Me Not 14 days ago

    7:40 the excitement 😂💗

    KORI-LYNN GINTER 15 days ago

    I think my favourite part was when that to guy fell on the fool don’t ask why okay (raz your hand if you fan girdled or fan Boyer to this part it’s just AHHHHHHHHHHH SO GOD DAMN CUTEEEEEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEEEEHEEEE hehehe I did nothing okay so shhhhhh and be quiet or else 🤐 just kidding 😝

  • Kim Seokjin
    Kim Seokjin 15 days ago


    IM sorry 👁👅👁

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 15 days ago


  • 10000 subscriber without a video

    Not going to kiss a guy never

  • Leona
    Leona 16 days ago

    Isn't the dude Muslim?

  • Bandup Nate
    Bandup Nate 17 days ago

    “Ahh trin”😂😂

  • Evelyn DeBlasi
    Evelyn DeBlasi 17 days ago

    This makes me so uncomfortable

  • mia manning
    mia manning 17 days ago


  • mia manning
    mia manning 17 days ago

    I’m stressed

  • Kay Med
    Kay Med 18 days ago

    6:36 oof

  • Blue Animul
    Blue Animul 18 days ago +1

    Imagine realizing that you kissed three dudes

  • jblaze9462
    jblaze9462 18 days ago +1

    I like Tammy

  • Olivea Rodriguez
    Olivea Rodriguez 18 days ago

    That Guy who was blind folded does not know how to kiss lordtyyyy

  • Lay Critelli
    Lay Critelli 19 days ago

    I ship the girls a little too much... 🤭

  • ElizaStitch626 W.
    ElizaStitch626 W. 20 days ago

    "It sounds about in line with my shit." Me too dude me too 😂

  • sara andrea
    sara andrea 22 days ago

    this is kinda disgusting 😑

  • Littlebee 77
    Littlebee 77 23 days ago

    no one:

  • FlowerGaming
    FlowerGaming 24 days ago +2

    The tall guy in grey at 5:54 got me choking xD

  • FlowerGaming
    FlowerGaming 24 days ago +1

    I laughed so hard at the awkwardness at 5:11 xD

  • Brandon
    Brandon 25 days ago

    I feel very uncomfortable

  • Frank Harold
    Frank Harold 25 days ago

    That hug in the end. What was that.

  • Johnny Rings
    Johnny Rings 26 days ago

    I loved all the kisser like kiss me please👄

  • Troy Leishman
    Troy Leishman 26 days ago

    5:12 I absolutely lost shit🤣🤣🤣

  • Jerry Smbxworld™
    Jerry Smbxworld™ 26 days ago

    Shahbaz is a losey kisser. Nothing intimate about his.

  • dUKAMi
    dUKAMi 28 days ago

    what the fuck is this song

  • jenna maria
    jenna maria Month ago


  • Insha And Neha Javed
    Insha And Neha Javed Month ago +1

    how is the girl in the green jacket related to the man

  • Ryan Mairan
    Ryan Mairan Month ago

    let me get this off my shoulder i love any sex orientation but i would be hella scared if a guy kissed me

  • CindyShapa59
    CindyShapa59 Month ago

    To those that take issue with al the noises, keep in mind that when you are doing it with someone who turns you on, noises are not an issue.

  • Lana Collins
    Lana Collins Month ago

    5:29 They had it good

  • Beira Milagros
    Beira Milagros Month ago

    Shabaz is super cute and good looking. I can't believe he kissed one person.

  • SyrupHead
    SyrupHead Month ago +1


  • SyrupHead
    SyrupHead Month ago +2

    The girl in plaid and the girl in green were SO ready to kiss again

  • Cedric Salinas
    Cedric Salinas Month ago

    I'm straight guy. But that guy with skinny jeans and that girl with green long sleeves. I give them a 11/10 so lit

  • Jar Of Jelli
    Jar Of Jelli Month ago


  • Berina Oručević
    Berina Oručević Month ago +1


  • Creative Mustard Seed

    The asian guy is FINE!

  • Lucas Williams
    Lucas Williams Month ago

    I really want a third of this 😂 love this so much lol

    IZABELLA NEAL Month ago +1

    *“Not enough ppl appreciate my butt!”*

  • Lala Raga
    Lala Raga Month ago

    AWWW tRiN !!

  • Jackie Cortez
    Jackie Cortez Month ago

    This is fucking amazing

  • Heller Ferr
    Heller Ferr Month ago

    *I hate the damn sounds*

  • Abby Huff
    Abby Huff Month ago

    The noise reeeeeeeeeee

  • araminta540
    araminta540 Month ago

    I will admit, I have a huge fucking crush on the green cardigan girl...

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi Month ago


  • Chilled Masochism
    Chilled Masochism Month ago

    i love the small asian girl she’s so sweet

  • Chana Liber
    Chana Liber Month ago

    Cute and funny 😂

  • Felicia A
    Felicia A Month ago

    I would wanna be the person getting kissed

  • Felicia A
    Felicia A Month ago

    5:11-5:15 was my favorite part

  • Jenaye Osteen
    Jenaye Osteen Month ago

    I think my insides shriveled up and died when that dude went in for the hug at the end.

  • Beautiz Choices
    Beautiz Choices Month ago

    Guy in the gray and girl in the green seem like the best kissers.

  • Floof
    Floof Month ago

    “It felt very secure”
    WhAT dOES tHaT eVeN mEAn?

  • Stay Dope
    Stay Dope Month ago

    ThIs DoeS NoT cOUnT aS a DiP

  • Belén Arancivia
    Belén Arancivia Month ago

    Why am I watching this 😂😂

  • popzoda
    popzoda Month ago

    I’m a whole ass lesbian but I would definitely be up to making out with the tall guy in grey.

  • Will Merwin
    Will Merwin Month ago +2

    My boy Shabaz has upped his game

  • hello izzzmee
    hello izzzmee Month ago

    Why do I find this so entertaining XD

  • Yizhi Liu
    Yizhi Liu Month ago

    I shouldn’t watch this while I’m eating😳🥶

  • Allana Robertha
    Allana Robertha Month ago

    The mouslim boy of the first kiss video OMG YAAAS KISS THEM BOY

  • b i x e n m a n
    b i x e n m a n Month ago

    0:29 girl me too

  • enalie e
    enalie e Month ago +1

    the asian girl with the dark green jacket is so cute

  • giooleah
    giooleah Month ago

    1:14 she’s so goddamn annoying jesus christ

  • May's Awkwardly Games

    I converted the screen of the people watching I did not want to feel weird

  • DlST4NT
    DlST4NT Month ago

    Who is the asian girl?

  • Anthony Galindo
    Anthony Galindo Month ago +1

    Hell nah that’s on some gay shit

  • Chiiva
    Chiiva Month ago

    Shabaz actually looks like a nice dude, and he isn't ugly either. I would probably date him if I was of age.

  • Kali Chance
    Kali Chance Month ago

    3:15 though😂😁😂😆

  • yusif Ben Bari
    yusif Ben Bari Month ago

    Cut can I have a kiss please

  • yusif Ben Bari
    yusif Ben Bari Month ago

    I have never kiss in my all life

  • invisible girl
    invisible girl Month ago

    8:12 im DEAD

  • Parrotprototype L
    Parrotprototype L Month ago

    Cut is weird

  • PanicSwitches
    PanicSwitches Month ago


  • Felicity Batho
    Felicity Batho Month ago

    shabaz realy anoys me