Who's the Best Kisser? #2 | Lineup | Cut


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  • Tiff owo
    Tiff owo Day ago

    best way to get herpes

  • Sparky The Wolf
    Sparky The Wolf Day ago

    KiSsInG sTrAnGeRs


  • Talveer Litt
    Talveer Litt Day ago +1

    that guy in the sweater reminds me of chidi from the good place

  • Denise_is_trashy

    This is the most *bisexual* video ive ever seen

  • Olivia Zenga
    Olivia Zenga Day ago

    the girl in the green jacket with glasses. what’s her ig?

  • Asma Qureshi
    Asma Qureshi 2 days ago

    Only Asians would understand why Shabaaz hasn't had much experience with kissing.

  • Dentist
    Dentist 2 days ago

    Oml that was actually the funniest thing “how many people have you kissed “
    “Before this “
    I’m not trying to make fu of him it’s just funny because the way he said it

  • The God Emperor of Mankind

    Comic book guy made an attempt to get out the friendzone but seems he failed. Rip my dude, she is a qt Asian

  • Alyssa Allen
    Alyssa Allen 2 days ago

    Make a part 3 ?!?!

  • Alyssa Allen
    Alyssa Allen 2 days ago

    They whole life fell aha

  • Isaac Razo
    Isaac Razo 2 days ago

    whats the girls name at 4:02

  • Yakelin García
    Yakelin García 2 days ago

    The very tall dude with sweater was hilarious 😂🤣

  • Harsh Doshi Visuals
    Harsh Doshi Visuals 2 days ago

    3:53 Should be a gif!

  • Megha Rathore
    Megha Rathore 3 days ago


  • Megha Rathore
    Megha Rathore 3 days ago

    Shabaz ammi will give you a thrashing

  • Vive La Baguette
    Vive La Baguette 3 days ago

    Why in the FOOK did you put the mic right next to the mouth. It just made it sound really bad.

    Just staph

  • Nenet Gvhnage
    Nenet Gvhnage 3 days ago

    4:03 the one in the red shoes is fine.

  • Nenet Gvhnage
    Nenet Gvhnage 3 days ago

    3:27 I think he may be my favorite lol

  • Nenet Gvhnage
    Nenet Gvhnage 3 days ago

    2:21 he cute

  • Nenet Gvhnage
    Nenet Gvhnage 3 days ago

    2:07 dame

  • Daniela Maria De Castro Nin

    so awkwardddddd

  • Devyn Sunshine
    Devyn Sunshine 4 days ago

    This made my bisexual soul so fucking happy 🌈

  • Sky
    Sky 4 days ago

    Shabaz is so cute his intro was so awkward

  • Dems s
    Dems s 4 days ago

    The gay dude🤮

  • Grey Galaxy
    Grey Galaxy 4 days ago

    Oh my god you smell so fucking good!
    Me: the hell?

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 4 days ago

    Wtf is this?

  • joe murrell
    joe murrell 4 days ago

    Motherfucker got judo thrown onto the floor, and no ones talking about that???

  • N21theboss
    N21theboss 4 days ago

    Kinda hot

  • AERO S.S
    AERO S.S 4 days ago

    Girl in green jacket so cute

  • Migg
    Migg 4 days ago

    I want to play this... I'm single btw

  • JesseCake Gaming
    JesseCake Gaming 5 days ago

    Why do I watch these

  • Nelly Furtenbach
    Nelly Furtenbach 6 days ago

    hahahahaha I'm really sorry but what is this lmao I just can't its tooo good

  • Lena Lin Meadows
    Lena Lin Meadows 6 days ago

    You start out slow, passionately, and gently, and increase drive as you warm up. Sharing minimal Saliva, and just relax and enjoy the contact.
    I would have been ranked at 20 out of 10
    And turned him on too. Lol 😆
    But I would never kiss more than one persons like that.
    That’s what makes it gross.

    FIREPHANTOM 115 6 days ago

    My reaction this video: ( . )_( . )

  • It's Arissa
    It's Arissa 6 days ago

    What is the man in the gray Instagram?

  • Koralivia Roth
    Koralivia Roth 7 days ago

    The tall skinny guy is making me laugh so hard when he does those ...."gay moves"...

  • yoon dowoon
    yoon dowoon 7 days ago

    the main dude gives me joe from "you" on netflix vibes EYE

  • Z Studios
    Z Studios 7 days ago

    6:34 ahh tren 😂

  • Kathleen H
    Kathleen H 7 days ago

    poor Shabahz maybe his mom still crying because of this video. 😂

  • Wimsem - Tekenen & Knutselen

    5:39 grey guy lol

  • Alondra Gonzalez
    Alondra Gonzalez 7 days ago

    It says Stangers instead of strangers😂🤦🏼‍♀️0:08

  • Ndinku N'Jadaka
    Ndinku N'Jadaka 7 days ago +4

    Okay, can we all just acknowledge how friggin' AWESOME Shabazz is?😁😵😂😮😍😳😌 👏 👏 👏

  • jacksonfan4life123
    jacksonfan4life123 7 days ago

    M O N O N U C L E O S I S

  • Lilly
    Lilly 8 days ago

    I seriously will never kiss anybody who's pierced their tongue😂😂😂

  • Blueface Mop
    Blueface Mop 8 days ago

    Oh thats gay

  • CrestToothpasted
    CrestToothpasted 8 days ago

    And that’s how you get mono

  • Judy And Amy
    Judy And Amy 8 days ago

    The sound is kinda cringe XD I’m sorry , but I’m a lesbian or bisexual XD , if I see girls kissing girls I am like ok that’s normal , XD if I see boy kiss boy I will be like.....aaaahhhhh omg so romantic!😂😂💖💖💖✨

  • Leeber Gruber
    Leeber Gruber 9 days ago +1

    WTF , who the hell turns his head to the left side during a kiss ?

  • Olivia Manley
    Olivia Manley 9 days ago

    these are probably my favorite videos the cut does. The make me laugh, even when I'm alone. Please do more!!!

  • Florence Dizon
    Florence Dizon 9 days ago

    I never kissed someone, From EUNICE

  • wdasf gasbsdb
    wdasf gasbsdb 9 days ago

    What cult is this?

  • Cassie Cleland
    Cassie Cleland 9 days ago

    Why does the girl talk when ppl are kissing her i- sis u talk when they done SKSKSMKS

  • xd mcplayz ツ
    xd mcplayz ツ 9 days ago

    2:09 niggas never said no homo

  • phoebe nicole
    phoebe nicole 9 days ago +1

    “no thinking, just doing”
    “i uh, i think i need some water.”

  • Cerys Maskell
    Cerys Maskell 9 days ago

    I wish i was the person who was blindfolded

  • Sean _
    Sean _ 10 days ago +1

    The Guy who is getting kissed absolutly cringe me

  • Kenya McMath
    Kenya McMath 10 days ago


  • Yascara DB
    Yascara DB 10 days ago

    3:28 thoooo

  • FrOsTy
    FrOsTy 10 days ago


  • Aleya MC
    Aleya MC 10 days ago


  • Aleya MC
    Aleya MC 10 days ago

    I would question my sexuality.

  • Alaina Walsh
    Alaina Walsh 10 days ago

    Omg when the girl accidentally grabbed the other girls boob I was laughing so hard

  • puppystanly
    puppystanly 10 days ago

    They all better go check for STI LMAO

  • Shira Osher
    Shira Osher 11 days ago

    all of the girls in this are really pretty omg

  • Kristy Hope
    Kristy Hope 11 days ago

    I remember the guy with the black pants from beer pong, him and the other guy were too cute😫😭

  • Alhekis
    Alhekis 11 days ago


  • kaitlyn j
    kaitlyn j 11 days ago

    *herpes has entered the chat*

  • kaitlyn j
    kaitlyn j 11 days ago

    *mono has entered the chat*

  • William
    William 12 days ago

    The video is so good but so cringe haha

  • Staci Bryant
    Staci Bryant 12 days ago +3

    Def. The guy in gray & the chick with the dark green jacket & black tank top!! i'd to make out with both them too lol ❤

  • Staci Bryant
    Staci Bryant 12 days ago

    Wow. Kissing 5 strangers. Hot! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • SwankKappa
    SwankKappa 12 days ago

    1:16 actual sexual harassment

  • GoobyGlob
    GoobyGlob 12 days ago

    The gaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyys

  • Nyla K
    Nyla K 12 days ago

    Why does this video feel really different from the first Who’s The Best Kisser

  • Lendita Sallahi
    Lendita Sallahi 12 days ago

    Girl with the green jacket if you see this follow my Instagram I'm from Sweden but like I'm in love @sexitaj

  • Jacqueline R
    Jacqueline R 13 days ago

    Cringe! Lol

  • Darrel Cargill
    Darrel Cargill 13 days ago

    I loved 7:41 😭

  • Taylor Hudgins
    Taylor Hudgins 13 days ago

    And now I’m so excited I have school Tuesday cuz I wanna make out with my girlfriend

  • Lewis Clothier
    Lewis Clothier 13 days ago

    What makes for a good kiss? "You gotta have lips"

  • Vency Chen
    Vency Chen 14 days ago

    oh ! kissing with a lot of people at the same time . Gross !!

  • Fabian Ruiz
    Fabian Ruiz 14 days ago

    Bruh, I wanna be in this 😂😂😢

  • Sibidzol
    Sibidzol 14 days ago

    *That sounds disgusted me....maybe cuz I'm asexual*

  • Mighty Konan
    Mighty Konan 14 days ago

    Can I make out with shabaz?

  • Its Cam
    Its Cam 14 days ago

    5:12 literally choked I was laughing so hard 😂

    LUCAS HOMAN 14 days ago

    The gay guys shoes make my face look like a cold scrotum

  • Gracyann Ruegge
    Gracyann Ruegge 14 days ago


  • yasmin ;
    yasmin ; 14 days ago

    shabaz is so cute

  • Besicab
    Besicab 14 days ago

    This black girl is im every show m8

  • Methinks not Clouds
    Methinks not Clouds 14 days ago +1

    *watches while sadly makes out with my pillow*

  • Yasmin Goncalves
    Yasmin Goncalves 14 days ago


  • Özkan İmre
    Özkan İmre 15 days ago

    Wasn't that guy from Pakistan is Muslim.
    As far as I know muslim guys don't do such things.Please don't be mad at me , i am just curious

  • Dera The Rat
    Dera The Rat 15 days ago


  • Kyla Mitchell
    Kyla Mitchell 15 days ago

    Jake Paul who??

  • Maria Edits
    Maria Edits 15 days ago


  • Brandon Harms
    Brandon Harms 15 days ago

    The chick that wants to be slapped ...shes bad af

  • ahmad fahes
    ahmad fahes 15 days ago

    you need jesus

  • bee mov
    bee mov 15 days ago

    GIRL IN GREEN SWEATER HMU...I’m in tears.....

  • Dayton Daigle
    Dayton Daigle 15 days ago +1

    Hey its James Charles!

  • Asian Girl
    Asian Girl 15 days ago

    Tall guy in the gray? MmmmmmHHMM

  • chaoslover8893
    chaoslover8893 15 days ago

    Get Amalia outtta here.