4 Levels of Hamburgers: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of a hamburger. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which hamburger was the best?
    Check out the professional's recipe here on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/frank-proto-cheeseburger-recipe
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    4 Levels of Hamburgers: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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  • Nico Christofi
    Nico Christofi 28 minutes ago +1

    Emily:This burger is a recipe I made
    Lorenzo:This recipe is a twisted version of my grandmas
    Frank:WhEn I wAs In FrAnCe...

  • Bankim Zaveri
    Bankim Zaveri 37 minutes ago

    The professionals burger doesn't even look good

  • Baljito The Dorito


  • Marcel Brawlt
    Marcel Brawlt 2 hours ago +1

    Frank is like spongebob

  • Lietuva Mapping
    Lietuva Mapping 4 hours ago

    You did'nt add gordon ramsay level

  • Xoxoruby Jonesxoxo
    Xoxoruby Jonesxoxo 6 hours ago

    Level one looks the best and level threes looks the worst 😂

  • Brave x Tekuma
    Brave x Tekuma 11 hours ago

    Lorenzo is a mood lol

    COL3 BOLT GAM3Z 18 hours ago

    Lmao didn’t know butter burned

  • Amelia Owens
    Amelia Owens 19 hours ago

    When that dude flipped his burger and laughed so weirdly, I, I just, idk. 😐

  • cRacKh3aD
    cRacKh3aD 19 hours ago

    “what i like abou this burger is, its not complicated”

    right so we gotta make our own pickles
    grind our own meat
    and buy bread that nobody ever knew was a thing until now

  • Nebula
    Nebula 20 hours ago

    I hate the food scientist

  • big boi dan
    big boi dan 20 hours ago

    Why Emily’s burger looking like a Krabby Patty

  • Aidan Acker
    Aidan Acker 21 hour ago

    When your eating a regular Emilie hamburger...

  • woah man
    woah man 22 hours ago

    “As a chef, I like to make my own pickles.”
    of course you do

  • The Creator
    The Creator Day ago

    who else doesn't watch level 4

  • Greg Yacyshyn
    Greg Yacyshyn Day ago

    What a joke.

  • Aristotle Bolisay

    In the philippines people make meatball burgers because we dont make pure beef pattys.

    I know this because i live in the philippines.

  • Cristian Carrasco


  • Cal Williams
    Cal Williams Day ago

    Seal the juices? Cheddar cheese old fashioned?


    6:52 The burgers juice off lorenzos burger is drooling off

  • Ashique Hoks
    Ashique Hoks Day ago

    Pro chef..he is stunning..absolutely a champ

  • xebache777
    xebache777 Day ago

    Wow - love your stuff but the food scientwist is a trip...... butter, bacon fat, and beef fat then cookware. It's meat - make fire " heat " apply meat. Use quality roll - fresh garnish. I prefer sharp american cheese, mustard, onion slice and dill pickle and always Cook a burger on charcoal.

  • Birb
    Birb Day ago

    It’s alright Frank, you’ll be as good as Emily one day

  • girl man
    girl man Day ago

    Lorenzo's burger reminds me of Gordon Ramsay

  • Baby Thanos
    Baby Thanos Day ago

    Lorenzo is a Level 100 chef

  • Anna Zays
    Anna Zays Day ago

    Frank: What I like most about this burger is that it's not complicated.

    Also Frank: *makes his own pickle*

  • Drink Bleach
    Drink Bleach Day ago

    Lorenzo: **Wheezes**
    Emily: ** Watches Hockey**

    THE GOAT Day ago

    *I LiKe tO maKE My OWn PiCKEls*

  • These Nades Only

    "Frank knows how to 𝘛𝘰𝘶𝘤𝘩 a burger"

  • Nguyen Design
    Nguyen Design Day ago

    To be honest the amateur one looks the best and most appetizing

  • kittens_Xx Kittycat

    You amateurs use a grill that's
    how you get the best taste out every Burger.

  • hey guys its me
    hey guys its me Day ago

    The holy trinity

  • Maya Napoli-Grover

    the most amazing trio

  • MindedRug4 HD
    MindedRug4 HD Day ago +1

    I don’t know man. Emily’s looked the best to me

  • I Finn
    I Finn Day ago

    Unless she has supreme skills in the bedroom. Emily husband should be filing for divorce ASAP.

  • ZNS splitZ
    ZNS splitZ Day ago

    The level 2 burger looks better and juicier not capping

  • Kimber Powers
    Kimber Powers Day ago

    80/20 ground beef from Safeway is literally the only kind I'll eat. Not sure where they source their cows, but it tastes like jesus made it himself.

  • Lilmanike
    Lilmanike 2 days ago

    I would consider myself to be in between 1 and 2.

  • arthur97ist
    arthur97ist 2 days ago +4

    The four levels with the 4 people we want in every episode.

  • sophie presseault
    sophie presseault 2 days ago

    I was surprised when they cooked their patties in fat. My mom always told me to never add fat to ground beef when cooking it because of the fat in the meat itself. Interesting! I think it comes back to Frank's technique, basically cooking your meat with its own fat

  • Anomalousian Buddha
    Anomalousian Buddha 2 days ago

    I'm only watching this because I have a fever and no apetite

  • momo jojo chef
    momo jojo chef 2 days ago

    Lvl 1 croock
    Lvl 2 hitman
    Lvl 3 boss

  • Jean
    Jean 2 days ago

    Disappointed none of them made unique burgers.

  • Lisa Tran
    Lisa Tran 2 days ago

    Lol @ the shade given by the food scientist about Emily's patty... But it is validating when the food scientist is on board with what the chefs decide to do, which is always with the level 3 obvs, and sometimes with the level 2, and on occasion with the level 1

  • Carrillofambam _
    Carrillofambam _ 2 days ago

    Who tf cares a burger is a burger

  • Mr. Biscuit
    Mr. Biscuit 2 days ago


  • Sad Potato
    Sad Potato 2 days ago

    Does anyone else hate Lorenzo...

  • Jorge Torres
    Jorge Torres 2 days ago

    Me: Can I speak to the chef? My 1lb burger seems to be a lot less
    Chef Emily: oh I burned the top and bottom so I had to cut them off. And the center as well because it was raw. Basically I cut off whatever was under and over cooked. Are you gonna eat that?

  • Game Busting
    Game Busting 3 days ago +3

    “What I like about this burger, is that its not complicated”

    *”Now we’re just gonna leave these pickles in the fridge for a week”*

    • WTFMANify
      WTFMANify 14 hours ago

      Game Busting that’s about as simple as it gets. Put in fridge. Do nothing

  • leon firer
    leon firer 3 days ago

    Emily is a level no chef

  • ATGamer
    ATGamer 3 days ago

    Level 2

  • Adin Karic
    Adin Karic 3 days ago

    Im sure Frank's burger is the tastiest but Emily's looks the best

  • 5cookiejo
    5cookiejo 3 days ago

    Why is it called 4 levels? You only see 3

  • Zuper Zuccer
    Zuper Zuccer 3 days ago +3

    3:14 when you boutta hit it from the back

    • kill me
      kill me 3 days ago

      Zuper Zuccer ...😂

  • Sondus Jabali
    Sondus Jabali 3 days ago +10

    Chef Lorenzo’s burger is the winner y’all
    Let’s say the truth

  • SSJPunchoutkid
    SSJPunchoutkid 4 days ago

    Frank: ThE ThiNg I LiKe AbOuT ThIS BuRGer iS ItS NoT ComPlicAtEd
    *Talks about carmilization and making homemade pickles with random toppings and uses a grinder and makes a volcano shape with the burger while creating the earth with his bare hands laying a homemade egg and using random meat*

  • Alexandre Lovato ferreira

    Frank: I like to season my cows before frying them.

  • vultum
    vultum 4 days ago +1

    lvl 2 best 100p

  • 『Ransom Videod』
    『Ransom Videod』 4 days ago

    0:45 when they ask me why is my local disk full.

  • Vincent Ress
    Vincent Ress 4 days ago

    i like lorenco