4 Levels of Hamburgers: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of a hamburger. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which hamburger was the best?
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    4 Levels of Hamburgers: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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Comments • 24 821

  • Тодор Колев

    Proof that men men are better than women

  • Parris Turner
    Parris Turner Day ago

    Get her tf out of here😂

  • Jorinda Z
    Jorinda Z Day ago

    Frank be like:
    I like to season my wife before eating her

  • Loz
    Loz Day ago

    I’m about Lorenzo’s level

  • answer me pewdiepie

    Level 1 : presses it*

  • The Demoman
    The Demoman Day ago

    Sounds Like Lorenzo is a God damn Cannibal

  • Bilal Bicen
    Bilal Bicen Day ago

    not being weird or anything, but imaging having kids and she's cooking for them. lol

  • Shrek turds aka Leila

    Mmmm we got dat lean

  • Pugunicorn 777
    Pugunicorn 777 Day ago

    8:46 nobody get ok

  • Ryan Corrigan
    Ryan Corrigan Day ago

    Level 1: Amateur
    Level 2: Home Cook
    Level 3: Professional Chef
    Level 4: Food Scientist
    *Level 5: Gordon Ramsay*

  • Bryce Shortridge
    Bryce Shortridge Day ago +1

    frank: what i like about my burger, its not complicated
    also frank: so i like to make my own dill pickles..... leave these in the fridge for a week.
    Read More

  • xxxtoxicgamexxx
    xxxtoxicgamexxx Day ago

    i am 12 and im a guy and my burger looked better then the amateur one

  • Falcon 5031
    Falcon 5031 Day ago

    Why does Emily’s cheeseburger sorta resemble the krabby patty from spongebob

  • Massachusetts Mapping

    The food scientist didn't even eat the burgers, she should've actually tried the burgers for herself before judging how good they would be. Like, everything she said was right, but still, she should've at least tried them to really get an idea of what the chefs did.

  • Stock Brazen
    Stock Brazen Day ago

    Frank: hey you see that floor your standing on? I made that. That camera i made it too. A matter of fact as a professional chef i make everything around me.
    Camera guy: so im your...
    Frank: yes. Your my son

  • Grumpy Snail
    Grumpy Snail Day ago

    Level 1: meatball in a bun
    Level 2: haahhahaha iTs gOoD yOU gUyS hahahahhahahaha
    Level 3: I’vE kNoWn tHiS cOW siNcE vIEtNaM

  • Chance The KiTkAt WrApPeR

    8:46 ok, good advice

  • timshel11
    timshel11 Day ago +2

    Idk, I'd eat the lv. 1 and 2 burgers, but that lv. 3 burger looks like it enjoys the smell of it's own farts.

  • Seagull Boi
    Seagull Boi Day ago

    Lorenzo’s always looks the best

  • Cool Krass
    Cool Krass 2 days ago

    What was that??? 4:58 wtf???

  • Hanzo123
    Hanzo123 2 days ago

    Oh yeyeyeyeyey

  • sad bun with cinnamon

    3:15 OMG that guy has a really nice and cute laughter

  • Joshua Hagan
    Joshua Hagan 2 days ago

    My burger recipe is quite similar to the home made cheff but I include fried eggs in mine

  • Kyle Coonen
    Kyle Coonen 2 days ago

    Why the heck is he using ribs for a fricking hamburger

  • Voxized
    Voxized 2 days ago

    Lorenzo's plz.

  • 1234 •
    1234 • 2 days ago +1

    Emily used butter instead of oil and had way to much heat

  • Qu1xwave
    Qu1xwave 2 days ago

    You can truly tell that Lorenzo likes and enjoys cooking .

  • randall bollinger
    randall bollinger 2 days ago

    “As a chef I like to make my own pickles”... of course you do 🙄

  • C Tom
    C Tom 2 days ago +2

    Level 3 ain't a pro. Y know why? He didn't use the grill.

  • Chronic Mave
    Chronic Mave 2 days ago

    Where is grandpas kitchen

  • Animus Zero
    Animus Zero 2 days ago +1

    Frank getting meme'd in the comment section, but his burger is the only one that came out from his chef experience and love from his family and friends.

  • Clara Popa
    Clara Popa 2 days ago

    i cant imagine how good it smells in there

  • Dominic Catap
    Dominic Catap 2 days ago

    They just all disagreed with each other.

  • Erin Meow
    Erin Meow 2 days ago

    I don't understand how people can eat rare burgers, don't they understand basic food hygiene?!

  • HyperRyanツ
    HyperRyanツ 2 days ago

    Level 3: People tend to mess around with it, LEAVE IT ALONE
    Level 2:Do not press the burger down PLEASE
    Level 1: As you can see I’m pushing down the burger so it touches the pan

  • Randy Cooper
    Randy Cooper 2 days ago

    I know Emily is a amateur but has she ever made a burger before? 😂🤣

  • ashandtodd
    ashandtodd 2 days ago

    I want to taste test all of these

  • skeet man
    skeet man 2 days ago

    Another demonstration that women can co... _wait she did what?_ so what can women do?

  • yes yes
    yes yes 2 days ago

    best burger is a smashed burger

  • Jovie Cedar
    Jovie Cedar 2 days ago +2

    7:25 made me REALLY glad I’m vegetarian...😅🤣😂

    • Jovie Cedar
      Jovie Cedar 2 days ago +1

      Eric Copeland Well nobody asked you if anybody asked. 😂

    • Eric Copeland
      Eric Copeland 2 days ago +2

      Nobody asked

  • Jovie Cedar
    Jovie Cedar 2 days ago +11

    Emily’s first burger was still mooing. 😂🤣🐮🐄🍔

  • breakyyolk
    breakyyolk 2 days ago

    level 3: it's not complicated
    *makes own pickles and ground beef

  • BCG Jake
    BCG Jake 2 days ago

    *stares at cheese*

    Yeah a think that’s a cooked burger

  • Nxvazz
    Nxvazz 2 days ago

    i like how the woman is the ametur and the men are the pros.

    • C Tom
      C Tom 2 days ago

      Nxvazz not all, there's Beth and that lady in the brownie one.

  • Jelena Jeanine
    Jelena Jeanine 2 days ago

    They didn't even season their meat 🤭

  • Ari Elle
    Ari Elle 2 days ago

    Let’s be real everybody
    We all need a Lorenzo in our life

  • I LiKeChEeSe
    I LiKeChEeSe 2 days ago

    *When men are better at cooking food*
    Me:Omg.I can't cook anything.

  • Matthew Cruz
    Matthew Cruz 2 days ago

    Lorenzo is a great Filipino cook, I can tell.

  • Leslie Ducoing
    Leslie Ducoing 2 days ago

    Carmalization is not a color but a reaction the sugar is broken down by the heat

  • Split Brother
    Split Brother 2 days ago

    Lorenzo burger man the juices

  • XxSakura_bloomxX 12382
    XxSakura_bloomxX 12382 2 days ago +6

    I knew it burgurs have ketchup so of course Emily is here

  • It's yuh girl mikkeai8908

    The level 2’s burger looked the tastiest.
    Level 3’s looked alright. And level 1’s burger I wouldn’t trust that i end up with food poisoning.

  • Bilbosere
    Bilbosere 2 days ago

    The hell am I watching

  • PepePoot
    PepePoot 2 days ago

    Not sure they know how to count, that's 3 people not 4

  • S.A.Y White$Xo
    S.A.Y White$Xo 2 days ago

    Mane i swear woman is horrible nd retarted at everything they do🤣🤣

  • Evan G
    Evan G 3 days ago

    The second one was my guy bro

  • AAurora King Erra
    AAurora King Erra 3 days ago

    lowkey feel like Lorenzo grew up in the south.......

  • Fintile 2012
    Fintile 2012 3 days ago

    Wait, did Frank not make his own bun? I'm very disappointed Frank. Very disappointed.

  • The Moon
    The Moon 3 days ago +4

    Emily: I don't know I'm just gonna do this
    Everyone else: Noooo

  • Dragz Pro
    Dragz Pro 3 days ago

    Every time the women said patty it kept reminding me of spongebob

  • _Marie _
    _Marie _ 3 days ago

    Level 3:”So after you finished growing your cucumbers...”

  • VArsovski10
    VArsovski10 3 days ago

    Why didn't they shred the cheese though, it's super delicious when it's shredded and added in small puzzly little pieces all over the burger
    Never cooked but always like my cheeseburger best with shredded cheese :)

  • MarSprite
    MarSprite 3 days ago

    I feel like both of the first two are amateurs. How are you going to make a burger and not size it to your bread option. Plus the ridiculous thickness? The only person who made a reasonable thickness for their burger is the Pro, the other two had to overcook the burgers exterior to sufficiently cook the interior. Meatballs is a bit harsh of a critique for the first chef as well, I don't generally use any additives to my hamburger because I prefer the flavor to be purer, but it's still a hamburger if you do.
    The volcano shape is the only (potentially) useful thing I learned from this video. I'll give it a try later today.

  • Mees van de Burgt
    Mees van de Burgt 3 days ago


  • Selim Monir
    Selim Monir 3 days ago +1

    Frank: ”What I Like About This Burger Is It’s Not Complicated To Make”
    Also Frank: “So Make Your Own Pickles By Adding Ingredients And Leaving It In The Fridge For A Week”

  • TheFlyin enderman
    TheFlyin enderman 3 days ago

    Why in the thumbnail does the burger from the level 1 chef look the best?

  • Vladimir James
    Vladimir James 3 days ago

    Wheres the ham?

  • Benjamin the king Of Asgard

    No one
    Not a soul
    Top chef: So WeRe goNNa gROw oUr Own mEaT

    • Buzzer
      Buzzer 2 days ago

      dis comment deserves more likes lol

  • 12Damon3
    12Damon3 3 days ago

    I usually go with level 1 for these videos, but this time...I'll pass, thanks. I don't want to die.
    I'd like to try both Lorenzo's and Frank's, although I have a feeling that I'd like Lorenzo's more.

  • Morenob
    Morenob 3 days ago

    Emily your ordinary liberal

  • I AM 1/3 WANTED
    I AM 1/3 WANTED 3 days ago

    Level 2:I Should be level 3!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CrystalAsteroid 55
    CrystalAsteroid 55 3 days ago

    2:52 lol leave the burger alone lmao

  • Squizzy Taylor
    Squizzy Taylor 3 days ago

    6:41 *ItS NoT CoMPlICAteD*

  • Emman
    Emman 3 days ago +1

    It’s 3 am and here i am starving

  • Matt Bayley
    Matt Bayley 3 days ago

    How come the title say 4 levels and there are only 3 levels (burgers)??? my OCD can't handle this ahhhhh. Or is it to make sure people watch till the end for the illustrious "4th" burger? If so fair play Epicurious that's a whole new level of "watch baiting"....oh and f**k you

  • Two of Them
    Two of Them 3 days ago +2

    Emily: Whatever.
    Lorenzo: Let's be careful here.
    Frank: To be safe, I lived with cow 14 years.

  • John
    John 3 days ago

    I like how everything the level 1 chef said sounds like a question

  • T. Zappa
    T. Zappa 3 days ago

    "I like to grind my own meat"

  • ShaedFangGames
    ShaedFangGames 3 days ago

    I don't care what the judge says, *they all made me hungry at 1 am.* I wonder what Gordon Ramsay would say about these? Better not.

  • Pgfŕů
    Pgfŕů 3 days ago

    Honestly, home cook is always the best in my opinion.

    CHRISTOPHER CASSIDY 3 days ago +1

    Ron Swanson still would’ve won

  • Andre Lopez Suazo
    Andre Lopez Suazo 3 days ago

    that has 80% lean

  • John kimber
    John kimber 3 days ago

    A burger is a damp burger don't complain

  • Thanos
    Thanos 3 days ago +3

    Literally nobody:
    Gordon ramsay: ITS OVER COCKED

  • Thanos
    Thanos 3 days ago +1


  • Ashley
    Ashley 3 days ago

    Emily triggers me a lot 'cause it looks like a 3 year-old is cooking

    Like come on who doesn't at least knows how to Cook a burguer

  • James Bond
    James Bond 3 days ago

    whop else wanted to eat Lorenzo's burger most even though frank put in so much effort

  • J Bans
    J Bans 3 days ago

    Level 4: spongebob squarepants

  • _MAAAX_
    _MAAAX_ 3 days ago +3

    Frank be like:
    Ok, make yo own pickles, use the best beef, grind the meat, make a special cooking form for the pattie
    Use a cheese that *i* never even heard of
    Also frank be like:

  • Reddit sucks 9999
    Reddit sucks 9999 3 days ago

    wtf nobody used brioche

  • James Althoff
    James Althoff 3 days ago

    Emily: try my burger Gordon”
    Gordon: “why the f did u not season it!”

  • Pablo Arriaza
    Pablo Arriaza 3 days ago

    Emily it's like a lvl 0 chef, completely usseless in the kitchen!

  • kkaayycciiee
    kkaayycciiee 3 days ago

    I have a feeling that the level 2 cook is Filipino

  • BigBoiHalo
    BigBoiHalo 4 days ago

    The difference is not the chef levels instead the price of the ingredients 😂😂

  • Ballistic_mxk S
    Ballistic_mxk S 4 days ago

    Lorenzo Hahahahhahaah it looks good you guys

  • Stingy Gamer
    Stingy Gamer 4 days ago

    Lorenzo is charles boyle

    Ist just a fact

  • Potato King
    Potato King 4 days ago +31

    Level 1 Chef: *Mistakes galore*

    Level 2 Chef: *Some mistakes*

    Level 3 Chef: *Gordan Ramsay*

    • Kyla Harris
      Kyla Harris 2 days ago

      Level 3: *Gordon Ramsay level 100*

  • GrosMétalleuxSale
    GrosMétalleuxSale 4 days ago

    Don't forget the seasoning, SALT N' PEPPA 3Head

  • A Gamer 816
    A Gamer 816 4 days ago

    *he was making meatballs*

    *Im NoT mAkInG mEaTbAlLs*

  • james vincent
    james vincent 4 days ago

    Lorenzo is annoying af