Blind Pickle Taste Test

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
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    What happens when you pickle a cucumber in more than just brine? Today we're blindly tasting mystery pickles to find out. GMM #1378

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Comments • 4 474

  • Charles Nichols
    Charles Nichols 5 months ago +4443

    Hahahahah I think this show is the real dill

  • Emo Priest
    Emo Priest 5 hours ago

    9:20 U have a spit puckett!! Lmfao

  • Aaron Gaming/vlogs
    Aaron Gaming/vlogs 7 hours ago

    "Stick your darkle in, oh never mind".

  • Vbastard
    Vbastard 12 hours ago

    school boy???? some one keep an eye on that dude .

  • Dennis Hillberg
    Dennis Hillberg 12 hours ago

    10:45 Links manliset voice

  • Dennis Hillberg
    Dennis Hillberg 12 hours ago

    10: Links manliest voice

  • Dennis Hillberg
    Dennis Hillberg 12 hours ago

    10:40 i'm swedish u r over reacting it does not smell or taste that bad

  • Dennis Hillberg
    Dennis Hillberg 13 hours ago

    anny other Rdr2 players getting a litte mad hearing Micah

  • Dennis Hillberg
    Dennis Hillberg 13 hours ago

    4:58 use my so called ´´noodle´´ in what way with this pickle.

  • Dennis Hillberg
    Dennis Hillberg 13 hours ago

    3:05 (Stevie) Okay you're both wrong and your hint is, it's a lmao

  • JuciyMiddle
    JuciyMiddle 14 hours ago

    Surströmming... svergies nationalmat... kill me

    WAT3RM3LON KING 16 hours ago

    It’s a dickle

  • Sir Galahad Of Daventry

    I thought link said the n-word at the very start of the episode and i had to rewind to the start and listen to it again to make sure

  • brianna
    brianna Day ago +1

    *"was it good though"*

  • Kaitlyn J.
    Kaitlyn J. Day ago

    "oof this smells like a school boy.."
    😂😂😂 Oh no Link

  • The Asshole Atheist
    The Asshole Atheist 3 days ago

    Flesh pickle

  • Stevie
    Stevie 3 days ago

    2:07 instant face change lmao

  • Lyra H
    Lyra H 3 days ago

    There’s an edit of this episode and it’s HILARIOUS

    • Dino H
      Dino H 3 days ago

      Nobody cares

    • Dino H
      Dino H 3 days ago

      Lyra H nobody cares

  • Ikol23
    Ikol23 3 days ago +1

    Yes Rhett, they liquefied and bottled a property of fabric

  • Chrisnia Y
    Chrisnia Y 3 days ago

    You guys should rig a games mostly toward Rhett’s favor because I like seeing him as an angry boi. Maybe in links favor because it makes Rhett feel really dumb

  • tinpot
    tinpot 4 days ago

    *_L I C K L E T H E D I C K L E_*

  • Ajda Poš
    Ajda Poš 4 days ago

    It says that it is a blind taste test but they are not blindfolded like usual

  • Hannah Lucas
    Hannah Lucas 5 days ago

    Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite gmm videos. it's so funny what the heck

  • Aidan O'Hara
    Aidan O'Hara 5 days ago

    12:03 best part watch link

  • Armando Blanco-Naranjo

    2:07 like a dickle XD

  • PyroFlame Gaming
    PyroFlame Gaming 6 days ago

    "Josh take it, take it back to your *lair* where you invent these crazy, stupid, insane, offensive concepts."

  • Proq
    Proq 7 days ago

    'This smells like a schoolboy!' Later in today's episode... *Link sings 'Schoolboy's pickle'

  • Ze Wize CaucAsian
    Ze Wize CaucAsian 7 days ago

    Poor Rhett looks like he is so heartbroken they ruined his favorite food lol

  • Jen Chan
    Jen Chan 7 days ago

    So they don't hand outside of the show anymore? Did they had a fight?

  • rifen fenry
    rifen fenry 7 days ago +1

    In the title they say blind

  • Rosanna Redman
    Rosanna Redman 8 days ago

    "CLAAAAAAAAAAAAM" you just made me lose it

  • taccb09
    taccb09 10 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 A "Dickle"

  • KitteN MittenS
    KitteN MittenS 11 days ago

    "You're an evil person!" 🤣🤣🤣

  • What's up
    What's up 11 days ago +1

    It’s a dickle

  • Nate Kyng
    Nate Kyng 13 days ago

    lol Hella sounded like Link started the show with "N*ggggaaaa"

  • Freeze
    Freeze 13 days ago +1

    *School boy pickle*

  • Viktor Frost Vajhøj
    Viktor Frost Vajhøj 15 days ago

    Put your dickle in the middle of a burger that's covered in chocolate

  • Brittany Clark
    Brittany Clark 15 days ago

    I was eating pickles then y'all ruined it for me and I started eating strawberries instead

  • Kidlitwriter
    Kidlitwriter 15 days ago

    So many times when they are doing challenges, if Link could just not speak before the official guess, he would win. But he always says his thoughts aloud when Rhett still has no idea of the answer and gives it away. I've seen him do this over and over through the years.

  • Akira K
    Akira K 16 days ago

    You know in France they only drink this in the summer
    NOT ME

  • Jamie Cotter
    Jamie Cotter 16 days ago

    at the first link sounds like he saying n word

  • Megan Torres
    Megan Torres 16 days ago

    I love this show Link always gets his way

  • Jollyman83
    Jollyman83 16 days ago

    12:31 was it good, though?

  • CheshireCat 1015
    CheshireCat 1015 17 days ago

    Revisit please and do sprite

  • Temi Christine
    Temi Christine 17 days ago

    Why’s everyone overreacting about Rhett joking about not hanging out with Link offscreen after the schoolboy joke

  • mr. suicide goldfish gold

    Is nobody going to say anything about how link almost said the n-word in the beginning

  • Azei Alaiiya
    Azei Alaiiya 18 days ago

    Rhett is really a horrible person,Link should just leave him ...Rhett always took their friendship for granted

  • Tydus Rain
    Tydus Rain 18 days ago

    Links heaving sounds like vomiting, Rhetts heaving is just screaming

  • Carson Kurland
    Carson Kurland 18 days ago

    Tell me how Link was way better and still lost 😂

  • Joslyn Chandler
    Joslyn Chandler 18 days ago

    Flesh pickle
    School boy pickle
    Stinky pickle

  • Joslyn Chandler
    Joslyn Chandler 18 days ago


  • J. Landon Miller
    J. Landon Miller 19 days ago

    Schoolboy pickle 🤣🤣🤣

  • J. Landon Miller
    J. Landon Miller 19 days ago

    “Dark pickle. Like a dickle!”

  • Reina candycane
    Reina candycane 20 days ago +1

    You can drink the pickle wine

  • Dankious Memious
    Dankious Memious 20 days ago


  • DaleExe
    DaleExe 21 day ago

    Last one reminded me of Trailer Park Boys 😂

  • CosplayCuisine
    CosplayCuisine 22 days ago

    When Rhett guessed the final one, and sniffed his fingers I lost it😂- I think link is becoming more of a wuss with trying some of these things though 😅

  • Kellie Hand
    Kellie Hand 22 days ago

    Is it me or do they let Rhett get away with things that they would never let Link get away with. I don't think they treat Link fairly. It's like they want him to always lose.

  • MSH 9
    MSH 9 22 days ago

    Someone edit this video and just replace every time they say pickle replace it with dickle

  • The OV Skywatcher
    The OV Skywatcher 22 days ago

    Not sure this should be titled blind taste test, they are not blind.

  • Jade Nguyen
    Jade Nguyen 23 days ago +1

    Beyond this comment are lots of Stevie licking jokes 😉.

  • Jade Nguyen
    Jade Nguyen 23 days ago +1

    I bet Stevie's licked some things that have smelled fishy…
    If you know, you know.

  • Vadim G
    Vadim G 23 days ago

    0:12 ni**a mythical morning

  • lailinshale
    lailinshale 24 days ago

    Link being such a naieve and innocent child is HILARIOUS.

  • Daniel Gezalian
    Daniel Gezalian 25 days ago

    0:12 it sounds like he said the n word

  • Bart cabarrera
    Bart cabarrera 25 days ago

    its a dickle hahahahahha

  • Sarah Lawrence
    Sarah Lawrence 26 days ago

    HAHAHA!! I saw this when it first came out and since my puppy stepped on my phone and chose this episode I’m watching it again and totally had forgotten about Stevie’s first joke-hint “it’s a dickle” and I can’t stop laughing LOL!

  • Hazoish ?
    Hazoish ? 28 days ago

    Link trying to hide the pain at the end

  • Owen North
    Owen North 29 days ago


  • Whitcomb Family
    Whitcomb Family 29 days ago

    I am from Denver

  • Keith -Indy- Mossey
    Keith -Indy- Mossey 29 days ago

    Add it to the list link hates cucumbers lolol

  • Maxwell_ Edison
    Maxwell_ Edison 29 days ago +3

    The school boy's flesh pickle, otherwise known as a dickle.

  • Danni Andersen
    Danni Andersen Month ago

    My dickle smells of school boy!

  • jazzmin white
    jazzmin white Month ago

    At 9:03 pure laughter from rhett made me rewatch over and over. "smells like a school boy"

  • Alex's Garage
    Alex's Garage Month ago +9

    My main goal is to blow up, and then act like I don't know nobody 8:31

  • Courtney S
    Courtney S Month ago

    Is anyone else saddened by the subtle hints that they are no longer friends in rl? 😞

  • Snowman Gaming
    Snowman Gaming Month ago

    This should have been will it pickle it is very similar to a will it

  • bu tre
    bu tre Month ago

    i'll b a schoolboy for u link

  • filip isandre
    filip isandre Month ago

    the way rhett pronounces surströmming at 12:02 is literally how its said, thats a pretty perfect ö

  • Ovis Aries
    Ovis Aries Month ago

    Pickling a cucumber does not it a pickle, they are 2 different vegetables

  • Ovis Aries
    Ovis Aries Month ago

    Pickling a cucumber does not it a pickle, they are 2 different vegetables

  • MrQmb
    MrQmb Month ago

    Oh yea this is good

  • Oofer Luker
    Oofer Luker Month ago

    Pickled pickles

  • The funny Bros
    The funny Bros Month ago

    did anyone else hear link say niggamythical morning at the start

  • Yung Backwood
    Yung Backwood Month ago

    0:00 swear he said niggagoodmythicalmorning

  • katie msn
    katie msn Month ago +1

    I understand what he said was a joke...a funny one at that, however here LATELY on OTHER videos it does seem like they tolerant each other than anything else

  • Derek Witt
    Derek Witt Month ago

    Is this kosher and the real dill?

  • Nathan Chung
    Nathan Chung Month ago

    Just wanted to point out that as soon as they brought out the root beer pickle, i took my first sip of root beer. So weird 😂

  • Noah Ian
    Noah Ian Month ago

    Are they still friends?

  • NewMantis 730237
    NewMantis 730237 Month ago

    Not family friendly this time dickle is badd

  • Lucas Gill
    Lucas Gill Month ago

    Where are the blindfolds tho?

  • smallblock 830
    smallblock 830 Month ago

    You have a SPIT BUCKET lmao

  • Bill Stehn
    Bill Stehn Month ago


  • Heavenly Nocturne
    Heavenly Nocturne Month ago +1

    This whole show is what she said XD

  • SG Ferbs
    SG Ferbs Month ago +3

    When did Link obtain the n word pass? (0:12)

    • katie msn
      katie msn Month ago

      I laughed harder than I should've

  • RyanTheBeautiful
    RyanTheBeautiful Month ago

    Link is a pure chald

  • Benjamin 333
    Benjamin 333 Month ago

    funniest video of all

  • KristenLucasSoprano

    Lickle dat flesh dickle

  • Emily SparkleShine
    Emily SparkleShine Month ago

    The only thing I could think of while watching this video is “I got a pickle in the middle of my burger that’s covered in chocolate”