Top 10 Richest Caribbean Countries/island Of 2017

  • Published on Jul 4, 2017
  • Top 10 Richest Caribbean Countries/island Of 2017, this is the list of the richest countries based on their GDP.
    With summer approaching, many of us are dreaming of the soft sandy beaches and shining blue shallows promised by sunny Caribbean islands but for some lucky people, these exotic islands are home all year round. Made up of over 700 islands, reefs, islets and cays, the Caribbean promises a variety of treasures both on and off its shores.
    It seems that these islands are so relaxed their almost cut off from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world. This impression of seclusion is largely a tourist-friendly illusion, however; the Carribean plays more of a role on the world stage than holiday-goers may expect. So what boosts these island’s economies? What makes them crucial on the world stage?
    Historically, most Caribbean islands belonged to a variety of European colonies. However, since achieving independence and/or autonomy, many Caribbean islands have managed to establish themselves competitively in the world economy. Undeniably, tourism is the industry that has flourished the most in the region but many of these islands are also agricultural strongholds, or have opened up to manufacturing and financial industries.
    The following list has been drawn up according to data collected by the World Bank estimating the GDP per capita of each island between 2009 and 2013. It ranks the top ten richest Caribbean islands from lowest to highest. Although some of the GDP figures may seem low, they present promise for a region that has undergone huge development over the past two decades after a history of struggle.
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  • Chaddodon
    Chaddodon  8 months ago +3

    Up Dated Video 2019 : "List Of ALL Caribbean Countries From Poorest To Richest| 2018 - 2019"

  • Trinavara
    Trinavara 19 days ago

    Puerto Rico isn't a country.

  • Shemi Rama
    Shemi Rama 21 day ago

    If i wanted to read something w/ pictures - I'd open a damn book! SMH

  • Aminata Kamara
    Aminata Kamara Month ago

    it dose not matter which country Is rich or poor u all are one big Caribbean family

  • Aminata Kamara
    Aminata Kamara Month ago

    am not a Jamaicans am not even a caribbean but I love the life of the Jamaica I just love the way they live their lives very simply

  • Awa Cherif
    Awa Cherif 2 months ago


  • Fto Redz
    Fto Redz 2 months ago

    242 allday proud bahamian yall other nationals needs to chill man

  • Kendrick Zuo
    Kendrick Zuo 2 months ago

    As an American, I may attend a Carribean medical schools.

  • Iam_keitsha Murray
    Iam_keitsha Murray 3 months ago +2

    Wdf happen to Jamaica and Trinidad we rich no bloodclatttt to but you nuh Easy stupz every Caribbean rich stupz

  • Karima Williams
    Karima Williams 3 months ago

    What about U.S. Virgin Islands? Any information please?

  • OC SK
    OC SK 3 months ago

    Gringos are so fucking dumb, they all think like one track brains but I guess that's what happens when u still think the people control who becomes president lmaoo dumbasses everywhere in America

  • Carlos Baez
    Carlos Baez 3 months ago

    I love how Dominicanos always have a different history than the rest of us they're rich they don't immigrate his country is not in this list because they're more that everyone's else and can't be compared Jajajaja crazy people

  • Carlos Baez
    Carlos Baez 3 months ago

    People always hate on Puerto Rico but is ok we understand

  • Εժωιո Տօեօ
    Εժωιո Տօեօ 4 months ago

    T&T Should have been the #1...
    I live in the #2 List...

  • Anya Brown
    Anya Brown 5 months ago

    I'm a Bahamian... I love my country.

  • Manny Font
    Manny Font 5 months ago

    The Dominican Republic is an island too jjjajaja

  • Samuel Sepulveda
    Samuel Sepulveda 5 months ago +1

    stupid video, you forgot to mention Cuba, Jamaica, Dominican republic, this country's GDP are much larger than many of the country you mentioned

    • Murex X
      Murex X 2 months ago +1

      So true, most of these countries listed are tourism dependent, net importers and produce nothing. But because of their small population size and it being measured by per capita this creates an illusion of wealth

  • Kimarti Smith
    Kimarti Smith 5 months ago

    What about jamaica common people were always forgotten no one doesn't really know jamaica take your time to know about this country.

  • timdivine
    timdivine 5 months ago

    Read this Trini haters. HAHAHA!
    Ranked at #69 globally, Trinidad and Tobago topped the list of Carribean countries.
    It ranked favourably in the HDI’s indices which include life expectancy (70.8 years), education (10.9 average years spent in school against 12.9 expected years) and standard of living ($28,622 gross national income per capita).
    The country was also ranked the happiest in the Caribbean region earlier in the year, thanks to its social economic standing. It also has one of the region’s powerful passports.

  • Lady Jessica
    Lady Jessica 6 months ago

    Tell yuh Jamaica poor.

    • Murex X
      Murex X 2 months ago

      Go and do some research before uttering nonsense

  • Haran larocque
    Haran larocque 6 months ago

    Straight from dominica the boss land

  • nelly Dka
    nelly Dka 7 months ago


  • Ravenerpo
    Ravenerpo 7 months ago

    Trinidad is the richest, by far. $37,000 GDP per capita.

  • Blacka Đøn
    Blacka Đøn 7 months ago +1

    Puerto Rico can't be the 3rd Richest Caribbean National became they are not independent they are colonial Territory of the United States of America

    • Carlos Baez
      Carlos Baez 3 months ago +1

      Nobody is independent in the Caribbean dude

  • timdivine
    timdivine 7 months ago +1

    Read these comments by Bahamians
    bloody1967 says...
    $21,000 in the Bahamas means you can buy a nice home in Pine wood gardens or some similar community r some govt low income home, YIPPE I cant wait , I RICHHHHHHHHH
    cause rent is 1,000 per mont , dam $12,000 gone
    bec , ma second land lord is , dam $450 per month , dats $5,400 gone
    gas , dat $260 per month so $3,120 gone and cant pay the car note
    ma Cellie , ring ring . dem cards get in me for one easy 30 a week , dat $1,560 gone
    oh lord I aint even eat yet or pay for ma ride and $22,080 done gone .......jeez I got to let ma sweet hearth dem go , cut back time ........and I hungry , a ya know she need dem nails and weave , dey aint put dat in the World Report Hey , who is compile dat anyway, POTCAKE HEY.......dont sound to dam rich to me ........ boy I know if we rich den lord help me , I aint want to be poor
    Posted 16 October 2013, 10:37 p.m. Suggest removal
    LexxBrown says...
    What about Cayman Island and Turks and Caicos
    Posted 17 October 2013, 12:15 a.m. Suggest removal
    banker says...
    Now couple it to the Cost of Living Index and you will have an accurate indicator of the true wealth of nations. Bahamas may be number one in gross national income per capita, but they are also number one in Cost of Living Index, so we are not the real number one in terms of disposable income after meeting the cost of living.
    But there is a more insidious side that is hidden in these numbers. They are calculated by taking the GDP or Gross Domestic Product (the entire economy) and dividing by the population. Here's the rub. There are 3 different ways of calculating GDP - by income, by expenditure and by production. So let's say Baha Mar add $2 billion through investment (it's not added all in one year, but for the sake of argument, suppose that it is). That money is direct foreign investment, but it is investment in tourism infrastructure owned by foreign corporations, and those foreign corporations repatriate their profits. So technically the $2 billion is added to the economy and it inflates the GDP and causes a big number when calculating gross income per capita. If the Value-Added approach is taken, the Value Added to the GDP is but a fraction of that $2 billion, and yet the $2 billion is used in 2 out of 3 calculations for the GDP.
    The same goes for second home sales in Lifeless (er Lyford) Cay, Ocean Club or Old Fort Bay. Some of the transactional elements get added to the GDP calculation, but it in no way benefits the actual person Over the Hill.
    So while the numbers may be used to suggest that the average person is richer than his neighbours in the Caribbean, it is not the case in reality.
    Posted 17 October 2013, 12:23

  • Kenlyn Kraft
    Kenlyn Kraft 8 months ago +3

    They are wrong trinidad and tobago is rich and also bless not even a earthquake or hurricane can touch us.

    • Colin Plummer
      Colin Plummer 5 months ago +1

      Kenlyn Kraft omg seems you are limited in your brains

    • 5k king ping
      5k king ping 7 months ago

      Telling me that is what we're talking about

  • Kee Zee
    Kee Zee 8 months ago

    Trinidad Honestly Can Be A Trillion Dollar Economy Easily. The Richness,The Versatility Of The Island ,The Creativity Of It's People, Plus The Practicality Of The Ideas In It's People Could Drive A Almost 2 Trillion $ Economy.. Easily. We Also Need A Creative, Non- Corrupt Leader.
    That'll Help 😂👍🇺🇸🇹🇹🇬🇧

    • Chaddodon
      Chaddodon  8 months ago

      Kee Zee watch the updated video

  • VI's Very Own
    VI's Very Own 8 months ago

    Puerto rico should'nt be on there it's not a country.

  • Alvin Sookdeo
    Alvin Sookdeo 8 months ago +2

    I don't know where you are getting your data from but there's no way Puerto Rico and the Bahamas is richer than Trinidad and Tobago.With there tourism Puerto Rico still cannot recover after a hurricane two years ago and the Bahamas is a u.s. territory that get federal funding from the U.S. Trinidad exports oil and gas to other parts of the world. 75% of the U.S comes from Trinidad and Tobago. Look at the end of year report for the world bank and you will see that Trinidad and Tobago economically surpass these other islands. Trinidad and Tobago yearly earnings is much more than Arkansas and Oklahoma combined. NOW PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT

  • Anthony Wilson
    Anthony Wilson 8 months ago

    Bermuda and Cayman Island have to be added to the list if Puerto Rico is there.

  • Mark Pinder
    Mark Pinder 8 months ago +1

    This week Bahamian

  • Jah Sun
    Jah Sun 8 months ago +1

    I am jamaican

    • Chaddodon
      Chaddodon  8 months ago

      Jah Sun cool be sure to subscribe and click the bell icon

  • Yvette elliott
    Yvette elliott 9 months ago

    Jamaica is not in the top ten so why do I see only the Jamaican flag? It is true we have hardship but we have done a lot with very little . So why use our flag. Why not The Dominican Republic

    • Kingston Pharaoh
      Kingston Pharaoh 2 months ago +2

      Because Jamaica is #1, are you blind ?

    • Chaddodon
      Chaddodon  9 months ago

      all the flags will soon be there when this channel reaches 3k subscribers

  • firebrain tv channel
    firebrain tv channel 9 months ago +1

    Keep in mind that Jamaica has over 3 million people most of the countries on the list don't have 200 thousand people , most of them not bigger than St Ann a parish in Jamaica so do the math people Jamaica is still the richest country in the Caribbean the culture alone is a cash cow just bad management and politics, Jamaica keep putting the region on the map in every way, love my Caribbean neighbors still

    • Murex X
      Murex X 2 months ago +1

      +Natalie Wiltshire ​ *Correction* ,"Really", If you are taking about real GDP then Barbados is definitely not richer than Jamaica, are you crazy? Jamaica is the most developed country in Caricom and possess the second largest economy in the English speaking Caribbean and will be the largest in the years to come. So please go and do your homework about Jamaica. Barbados real GDP is 4.797 Billion USD compare to Jamaica's GDP of 14.77 Billion USD, which is higher than the country this list claims to be the richest. Which anybody who knows anything about economics knows The Bahamas is not the richest and GDP per capita can not accurately measure the real wealth of the population of a country. Believe it or not currently the Dominican Republic is the richest country in the Caribbean and they have one of the lowest GPD per capita because of their large population. Lets take China as an example. China has a lower GDP per capita than all the countries on the list, yet still China is the second richest country on the planet with the second largest economy and the largest middle class in the world. So comparing Jamaica which has a population in the Millions to Barbados with a population little over 200,000 is not a accurate comparison. That is like comparing China who has a population of 1.3 Billion to Jamaica and saying Jamaica is richer because it has a higher GDP per capita due to its small size. It makes no logical sense.

      - *These links will give you an idea of where Jamaica is heading* -

      - *GOLD & COPPER* -

      - *OIL* -


      And as far has Reggae Music goes, please go and get the facts. I have been hearing Trinidadians claiming Jamaica's music and musical success for years now without bringing fort any valid evidence or prove to this claim,*Lol*. They have gone as far has to create a Wikipedia account and put Reggae Music as their own. "Not because you can now publish *Fake News* on the web mean it has suddenly become *Real*". They have even gained access to edit Wikipedia's Reggae Music background history and put calypso as Reggae's parent genre, when they know well, that is not true. The two don't even have the slighted similarities which is so funny. That's like Jamaica claiming Soca Music because they believe the riddims sounds similar or because Soca artiste are using Patwah in their lyrics so now all of a sudden, it their music. That's craziness. Everybody knows Reggae was created and was evolved by the Jamaicans. But whatever makes the trini's feel good is fine by me, because Reggae Music is not the only thing that they have falsely claimed as there own. A simple google search will revealed that Carnival as well, has fallen victim to the false claimers. But unfortunately for them, Jamaica's Reggae Music has just being inscribed into the UNESESCO 2018 List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, following Kingston being designated a Creative City of Music in 2015. So the whole world had already known but now it is solidified and set in stone who the true creators are.

      *So you need to get your facts straight before taking "hear say" and running with it. Enlighten yourself about the real history and not that delusional nonsense that has spread within that country and has infected a lot of minds in the population*

      *Reggae Music*

    • Natalie Wiltshire
      Natalie Wiltshire 2 months ago

      Ammmmm it's GDP not culture being compared. Jamaica is poorer compared to Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago. And don't get started on culture, because the very thing Jamaica claims to have started in terms of music was brought to the island by another Caribbean person.

    • firebrain tv channel
      firebrain tv channel 9 months ago +1

      What makes no sense is what your just saying first of all, Cuba isn't on your list Haiti isn't on your list either plus Porto Rico shouldn't even be considered since it's basically apart of the United States spending us currency. and I wasn't comparing size with countries thats not even on your list, More people which means there are More mouths to feed, which is why those countries with high population is not on your list no amount banna planting could take care of all Jamaica or Cuba or Haiti, plus ur data is old 2.7 million I've heard of that number since kindergarten and I'm in my you gonna compare Dominica who don't have 80 thousand people to another with 10 million, ask yourself can what these small island makes take care of the bigger ones absolutely not, ok since you might know how to do maths reduce Jamaica population to that of Dominica of 80 thousand people and then devide the GDP across the population and see your answer, plus if you think your list makes sense why the Cayman islands not at number 1 then. oh it's so small you couldn't see it

    • Chaddodon
      Chaddodon  9 months ago +1

      sheldon hayles Cuba is the biggest , hati is bigger than Jamaica Dominican republic has more people , purto Rico has more people and Jamaica has 2.7 million people Cuba had 11.2 million Haiti has 10.9 million

    • Chaddodon
      Chaddodon  9 months ago

      sheldon hayles this makes no sense

  • Lorenzo Qobi
    Lorenzo Qobi 9 months ago +1

    Actually Trinidad and Tobago is the third richest country in the western hemisphere after USA and Canada. Don't know where you got this information , but it's inaccurate. TT is the richest Caribbean country as per GDP per capita.

    • Alvin Sookdeo
      Alvin Sookdeo 8 months ago

      You put it in the best way you are absolutely correct Trinidad and Tobago is the third richest country in the western hemisphere after u.s and Canada

  • Sparren Burger
    Sparren Burger 9 months ago

    And the former Netherland Antilles - Curaçao and Aruba? I think Curaçao should be between place 8 - 4.

  • Garfton Mcleod
    Garfton Mcleod 9 months ago

    Where the fuck is Jamaica

  • Alexander Diaz-Rivera
    Alexander Diaz-Rivera 9 months ago

    Puerto Rico is not a country and it is totally broke.... many of these facts are wrong.....

    • Noel Rodriguez
      Noel Rodriguez 2 months ago

      Alexander Diaz-Rivera you mental?

    • Carlos Baez
      Carlos Baez 3 months ago

      Your country is a 3 world dude relax i understand your hate but is OK we still living 25 years at front of your people

  • Adrian Castillo
    Adrian Castillo 9 months ago

    The DR got to be close to 3th

  • Jonny Constantine
    Jonny Constantine 9 months ago

    I love my Caribbean life.

  • Reean Debellotte
    Reean Debellotte 9 months ago +20

    trinidad easily richest island

  • Dannavon Jones
    Dannavon Jones 10 months ago +1

    I am a Jamaican and I understand why weren't in it lol sick

  • J.J. Williams
    J.J. Williams 10 months ago

    Trinidad and Tobago, my home.

  • British Empire
    British Empire 10 months ago

    St.Vincent richer than Grenada?
    Dominica richer than St.Lucia?
    Is this a mistake or not

  • Marlon Abner
    Marlon Abner 10 months ago

    Reading these comments reminds me of a meme with two slaves on a boat. One was boasting about how his chain was shinier than the other. The other had to remind him that they were on the same boat. Point: Who gives a flying fuck who is richest??? In the big picture we are tiny islands trying to compete on a global stage individually, AND WE WILL NOT SUCCEED ALONE!!! The faster we realise that, the faster we take steps to pool resources, somewhat like the EU, the brighter the future will be for our islands. This my island your island bullshit is just a cacaphony of bullfuckery....

  • Marcel Stclair
    Marcel Stclair 10 months ago +1

    Fuck all y'all poor ass muhfukas. Especially Dipshit Dominican republic. FOH..

  • Darrel Jno baptiste
    Darrel Jno baptiste 10 months ago

    Puerto Rico is America it,s part of the U.S VIRGIN ISLANDS I'M FROM ST.THOMAS I CAN SEE PUERTO RICO

    • Noel Rodriguez
      Noel Rodriguez 2 months ago

      Darrel Jno baptiste america is a continent soo yes we are in america just like mexico cuba ect

  • Darrel Jno baptiste
    Darrel Jno baptiste 10 months ago +1

    PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN WAS Filmed in Dominica🇩🇲🇩🇲

  • Marie Campbell Dawson
    Marie Campbell Dawson 10 months ago

    Island always beautiful and expensive,.... Thanks

  • Jose Cardona
    Jose Cardona 10 months ago

    s top crying puerto rico is going to be great again thanks to the best presidente Trump $$$$$

  • game killer
    game killer 10 months ago

    This shytt is incorrect

  • Master ultra instinc Goku

    St maarten

  • Sherrdian Frederick
    Sherrdian Frederick 10 months ago

    Wow Grenada

  • Sandra Balistreri
    Sandra Balistreri 10 months ago

    This is a crock of bullshit

  • Denis Jules
    Denis Jules 10 months ago

    Some of them vex because their island rate low.

  • Jonathan Mason
    Jonathan Mason 10 months ago

    Not accurate

  • Kaiden Samuel
    Kaiden Samuel 10 months ago +1


  • Darryl Bass
    Darryl Bass 11 months ago

    1. Puerto Rico isn't a country, it's a US overseas territory and as such they get help.
    The Bahamas isn't in the Caribbean, it's in the Atlantic.
    Best part of this video was the music. 😆

    • Carlos Baez
      Carlos Baez 3 months ago

      All this island are French or UK sow learn more before talk shit

  • Oneil Green
    Oneil Green 11 months ago +3

    Jamaica good we are number one in the Caribbean in everything we do trend setter all wen we are broke we still Happy and having fun that's the greatest rich in love and joy

  • Miggi so bad
    Miggi so bad 11 months ago +4


  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez 11 months ago


    • Noel Rodriguez
      Noel Rodriguez 2 months ago

      Carlos Lopez fuck the usa gringos mamabicho PR for life

  • nasrick kelly
    nasrick kelly 11 months ago

    Big up the 242

  • Royal Caymanian
    Royal Caymanian 11 months ago

    LOL no Cayman Islands! Still funny how every single country/territory mentioned, except the Bahamas, have a sizeable presence where I’m from who work here sending money back home. Not hating, it’s just facts LOL. And I don’t blame them, money (mostly from foreign investment) has made my “people” lazy, ignorant and plain stupid. ie the place would sink without foreign labour!

  • Carole St. louis
    Carole St. louis 11 months ago

    What about Cayman Islands, Belize

    • Shaun Cameron
      Shaun Cameron 9 months ago

      Cayman Islands = British Territory
      Belize = mainland Latin American country

  • Indominus Void
    Indominus Void 11 months ago

    Wayyy trinidad i does live in trinidad dogg

  • Neg Ste. Lucie
    Neg Ste. Lucie 11 months ago

    I know many don't consider Bermuda a Caribbean state but it would certainly be top of the list if included.

  • Neg Ste. Lucie
    Neg Ste. Lucie 11 months ago

    Which are the happiest Caribbean islands? Dominica and Grenada must be near the top.

    • Neg Ste. Lucie
      Neg Ste. Lucie 9 months ago

      Evans Andall Yes, but does this voting reflect reality? What are the parameters? Why are people so easily deceived by polls? Are they looking at party culture? Alcohol consumption? Are they looking at health statistics? Crime rates? Drug abuse? Suicide rates? Many of those polls don't reflect reality at all.

    • factschecked #Dall#
      factschecked #Dall# 9 months ago +1

      Neg Ste. Lucie T&T is voted happiest Caribbean island three conservative years in a row Jamaica is second.

  • KiKi John
    KiKi John 11 months ago

    I now believe
    Bahamas is 1st
    Barbados 2nd
    Antigua and Barbuda 3rd
    Trinidad and Tobago 4th
    St. Martin 5th
    Dominica 6th
    St. Lucia 7th
    St. Kitts 8th
    St. Vincent and the Grenades 9th
    Grenada 10th

  • KiKi John
    KiKi John 11 months ago

    Please update your information.
    This is the 20th century. Not the 17s-18s

  • Ramon Payero
    Ramon Payero 11 months ago

    Dominican Republic top dog in the Caribbean!!!!!
    no matter what ya' little islands thing!!

    • Natalie Wiltshire
      Natalie Wiltshire 3 months ago

      You delusional.

    • Carlos Baez
      Carlos Baez 3 months ago

      +Ramon Payero who make you this history you guy's work for 1 dollar for hour

    • Carlos Baez
      Carlos Baez 3 months ago

      +Ramon Payero bruto 3.1extreme poverty and the rest normal poor Jajajaja only you guy's believe your bull shit

    • Ramon Payero
      Ramon Payero 9 months ago

      Out of 10 million plus population, that means that 7 million plus are living good. With the largest economy in the Caribbean
      and parts of Latin america that translates to things will only get better and better as the country keeps growing.

    • factschecked #Dall#
      factschecked #Dall# 9 months ago +1

      Ramon Payero really well please explain why 1/3 of country in poverty? That would be something like 3.3 million poor.

  • Teo Martinez
    Teo Martinez 11 months ago +1

    That is all false where is dominican republic...

    • Carlos Baez
      Carlos Baez 3 months ago

      In the same place like always behind everyone only Dominicanos believe you guy's are good

  • Zachary Mclaughlin
    Zachary Mclaughlin 11 months ago

    Forgot about the Cayman islands....

  • Rat Bat Nuff Time
    Rat Bat Nuff Time 11 months ago +1

    I really thought Jamaica would have been here.

    • Murex X
      Murex X 2 months ago +2

      Jamaica population is to high, Didn't you realized that the larger and richer Islands are not on the list.

  • André Luis Marín
    André Luis Marín 11 months ago

    Where's Aruba, Curaçao or St. Maarten???????

  • troy whittaker
    troy whittaker 11 months ago

    I am surprised my little Island "Cayman Islands" is not on this list, our GDP IS 49,900 per capita the last time i checked. hmmmmm

  • Deepi Bubba Deepi Bubba
    Deepi Bubba Deepi Bubba 11 months ago

    Wrong information, get your facts right.

  • Amd fan boy Wiz
    Amd fan boy Wiz 11 months ago +2

    We know Jamaica is first😝

  • Johnny Rutz
    Johnny Rutz 11 months ago +9

    I'm from Puerto Rico and in my opinion Trinidad and Tobago should be in #1 since Petrol and oil refineries are in the island. Puerto Rico was good back then but the plan they have is to depopulate the Archipelago of Puerto Rico. And turned into a tax heaven for rich US citizens.

    • beltiboug
      beltiboug Month ago

      because it is a colony , it is same plan for Guadeloupe. the young don't work in Guadeloupe , they go to france , or canada etc ....

  • Lamar Thomas
    Lamar Thomas 11 months ago

    Puerto gets support from America the rest countries actually r on their own

    • Johnny Rutz
      Johnny Rutz 11 months ago +1

      MALCOM X better do some research Puerto Rico send 30 billions annually to the US Federal Reserve even under this situation. Why do you think US is not cutting off Puerto Rico???

  • Global bb3dmedia
    Global bb3dmedia 11 months ago

    I was surprised to see Barbados placed so high as its economy has been going through turmoil recently and was downgraded about 23 times by international rating agencies. However, the Bahamas did not suprised me. Even beforeI saw this posting I knew it was number one,in terms of econmic performance.. The Jamaican economy has been in the doldrums since the eighties and has not recovered since,so no suprise there.

  • avionics
    avionics Year ago

    Puerto rico is not a country

    • Noel Rodriguez
      Noel Rodriguez 2 months ago

      avionics yes it is...We have our own Olympic team our own lenguage our own flag our own fiba team our own culture our miss universe.

  • Avalon Alfea
    Avalon Alfea Year ago +1

    So...Why is the intro 2 Jamaican flags and an I.C.E. coloured Lion? Not everyone in the Caribbean is from Jamaican or is Rastafarian. :/

  • Jaleesa Moncur
    Jaleesa Moncur Year ago +38

    I’m Bahamian, and to be honest, I don’t care who is the richest or not. I love the Caribbean, Caribbean food, culture and Caribbean people. If we don’t have each other’s back no one will. All the countries and islands together make one rich damn Caribbean.

    • Kirk Punter
      Kirk Punter 3 months ago

      I'm a antiguan and Barbudan but I always say proud to be a west Indian Caribbean man...
      what I would like to see United Africa the richest continent on earth BUT it have the poorest race on earth

    • Ritzz 100
      Ritzz 100 4 months ago

      242 to the world

    • mark daniels
      mark daniels 8 months ago

      This channel is not about what you like or dislikes, it's about fuckijg facts

    • leonard lewis
      leonard lewis 8 months ago

      J.Mo, let the islands that hated and won't support CARICOM (Caribbean Community, Regional Integration) know how you feel. I agree with you totally.

    • Vanessa Latiff
      Vanessa Latiff 9 months ago

      J Mo shot the fuck up!!!! Its just a video for some knowledge..... Who the fuck wants to know how u fell

  • francis Cheremond

    Saint-Barthélémy St Martin

  • phil5689
    phil5689 Year ago

    you forgot Aruba ITS GDP 25,324.72

  • Jasuwanna Black
    Jasuwanna Black Year ago +2


  • Aesthetica
    Aesthetica Year ago

    Saint Lucia is basically cool

  • Jan Jan
    Jan Jan Year ago +4

    As an analyst in the finance industry, overseeing reporting on our operations in 17 countries in the Caribbean, let me tell you this list is beyond wrong. Your title should have read "Top 10 GDP in the "Caribbean". The No. 1 economy and richest country in the Caribbean is Trinidad & Tobago. Full stop. In fact the only larger economy-per-capita in the western hemisphere are the US and Canada. As for these islands with greater GDP (which is a false indicator of country wealth) the cost of living in these countries is sky high and negates the higher GDP. Industry, exports, investments, cost of living and individual spending power must all be taken into consideration.

  • dreakceleb celebrity
    dreakceleb celebrity Year ago +11

    Trinidad and Tobago is richest country in caribbean please do your research before put things out they

  • Wahid John
    Wahid John Year ago

    I see 10-1 = naught is not there L.
    Good stats. Most honest, most beautiful, most sincere, NO fake news there.😁

  • Carlisle  C.
    Carlisle C. Year ago

    TNT was $32,000.

  • Jack the best
    Jack the best Year ago

    Bahamas Jamaica portorico ect... they still under control of the imperialism in Haitian Creole we call Jamaican TI SOUSOU LOL HAHAHA

    • Murex X
      Murex X 2 months ago

      In your mind? You need to get your head checked!!!

  • Jack the best
    Jack the best Year ago

    Where's Haiti the first black republic? don't let the white fuckers brainwashed you people Haiti is the best we kick em out ....

    CHARLIE BROWN Year ago +7

    To my fellow descendants from Africa... you mean we are so lost that we would sit here and argue with other about which country's government steals the most money from us.. because when you stop and think about it.. who really makes the most money in any Caribbean island.. who cares who has the highest GDP if you still cant afford to feed your family and pay your rent... wake up people..

  • Harrish Persad
    Harrish Persad Year ago

    Happy to see other islands doing well .now they can take more responsibility helping the less fortunate islands like trinidad did to all


  • Aneika Campbell
    Aneika Campbell Year ago

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  • Dominican Goat DJ
    Dominican Goat DJ Year ago +4

    Dominican Republic is bigger and the wealthiest with the limitation of their corrupt government. They have gold, oil, genuine stones ,huge agricultural , desert ,salt lakes , red rivers , the first colonial architectures in the American continent ,
    Very diverse culture, music,art , beautiful women, very warm people and the nature is a paradise all over , there is something amazing to see and learn every where you go quisqueya the way the taínos use to call it and Dominicans call it now means the mother of Earth and they still have a lot of taínos caves and art , is a paradise hopefully the Dominicans and the Haitians people can solve their differences and work together to fix those 2 very corrupt government

  • G Booze
    G Booze Year ago

    I dont get first we are told that our islands are too poor and now we have top 10 richest. I usually see Dominca come up in the poor category.

  • Danraj Lall
    Danraj Lall Year ago


    • Johnny Rutz
      Johnny Rutz 11 months ago

      Danraj Lall San Juan Puerto Rico was the #1 in the whole Latin America at some point. being displaced by Bahamas is a shame believe me.

  • Court Paul
    Court Paul Year ago +1

    All of that was before the hurricane, that hit all of the other islands....Trinidad & Tobago is #1