The Disappointing Xbox One EXCLUSIVE Legacy | Worst Line-Up in Xbox History


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  • Praise The Game
    Praise The Game  4 months ago +73

    Since this video has gained more traction than I expected, I feel the need to rectify a couple of mistakes. While writing the script and editing the video I had to keep track of several hundred games. Naturally, the one or other mistake found its way into the video. That being said, if anything the mistakes I'm about to correct reinforce my argument even more.
    Remember, my underlying claim is this: The Xbox One exclusive line-up is the worst line-up in Xbox and PlayStation history AND the PS4 exclusive library is superior in terms of quantity, quality, and diversity (when I say diversity I'm referring to the amount of exclusives from Japanese developers).
    Despite having clarified it in the video, many still seem confused as to why I excluded PSVR exclusives, smaller PS4 exclusives (Concrete Genie, Bound, Project Judge, etc.), and games that are PS4 and PC only games. As some pointed out in the comments section that's unfair given the fact that Xbox One and PC only games were counted as true exclusives. Well, you're correct. It is unfair. But that was the point. I tilted the odds in Microsoft's favor for two reasons:
    1. Given the polarizing topic, I tried to choke off as many "you're just a biased PlayStation fanboy" comments as possible. By giving the PS4 a clear disadvantage such accusations don't hold any water. Of course, some angry Xbox devotees still called me a biased fanboy. Ah, the irony.
    2. Showing that the PS4 exclusive library still comes out on top despite discounting so many PS4 exclusives further strengthens the validity of my argument.
    In a fair comparison, the PS4 exclusive library would outnumber the Xbox One's by 20 to 1, probably even more. Long story short, my claim still stands.
    Quantity: PS4 wins by a mile
    Quality: This point is contestable of course. However, if we consider Metacritic as the only measurement body the PS4 is light years ahead again.
    Diversity: Also clear as day - the PS4 features far more exclusives from Japanese developers.
    So here are the most notable mistakes:
    - Gears Tactics is a PC exclusive, depriving the Xbox One of yet another exclusive game
    - Games like the original Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, and Silent Hill 2 eventually ended up on other platforms, meaning many franchises which used to be Xbox or PlayStation exclusive are now multi-plat. That's true, however, at the time those games were indeed exclusive to one platform.
    - I forgot to add Session to Microsoft's exclusive list. But I excluded tons of smaller PS4 exclusives from the get-go, so doesn't really change anything.
    - YES, I say FORTZA, not Forza. Another unfortunate result of my German accent.
    - Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black are the same game more or less

    • Carlos Vega
      Carlos Vega 2 days ago

      Time for an update, Crackdown 3 just released

    • Christopher Rivera
      Christopher Rivera Month ago

      Alex Kierkegaard: 38. Metacritic: the more critics you average over, the more the average tends towards the opinion of the average person in the street, and hence becomes superfluous, self-negating, since it is precisely the purpose of criticism to give you something more than the opinion of the average person in the street. Metacritic here works exactly like journalism, which in its more advanced stages tends towards simply reflecting the rabble's opinion back to it. The most successful journalist is he who has no ideas of his own, but best manages to predict how the rabble will feel, and serves its eventual opinion to it in advance. Even better, to be as average a man himself as possible so that no advanced inquiring, insight, dissimulation will be required on his part, but merely to write down his simple, average thoughts like the simple, average man that he is. The application of democracy to criticism and cultural analysis here has the same effect, tending to either cancel itself out or reinforce its own functioning, depending on how you see it. Metacritic then is no more really a critic than a democratic government is really a government (or public opinion is really an opinion) - and so it is with everything.

    • Reiko Ruffneck
      Reiko Ruffneck Month ago

      Eh it's pronounced Fortza, who told you otherwise?

    • Oh yeah yeah
      Oh yeah yeah Month ago

      Praise The Game honestly all about opinion and preference as I prefer halo, and gears of war instead of god of war and uncharted

    • Toshiro Kazi-san
      Toshiro Kazi-san 2 months ago +1

      I think you're correct however, I still find myself drawn to xbox out of curiosity i've started with ps2, went to xbox360, ended in ps4. My travel was great, my experience was strange. But I agree playstation is the better platform for exclusives, however the few games I can't get on ps4 are the few games that intrigue me the most halo and most zombie games like left 4 dead.

  • Lando Robbins
    Lando Robbins 17 hours ago

    Obviously xbox is better, it has ROBLOX

  • Blaise
    Blaise 19 hours ago

    The Xbone has been an abject failure of a console. Whereas the PS3 had a rough start and eventually after years finally became a great console, microsoft's third console started off terribly and instead of trending upward has only been in decline since then. After all these years we are still asking the same question, "where are the games?"

  • Yerson Arias
    Yerson Arias 22 hours ago

    Always even from the start playstation is the gamers best friends games and only games.what? U want more diferent games here games booommmmm 😎

  • e2- woah
    e2- woah 2 days ago

    Bullet Witch 2 would save M$. The shit is GOAT!

  • We Are Legion
    We Are Legion 2 days ago

    Halo infinite isn't exclusive lmao its coming to pc and they even said they dedicating a lot of time towards the pc version vs the xbox one version. Xbox live is coming to switch. Xbox is dying people need to get over it

  • OldSchoolGenius
    OldSchoolGenius 4 days ago

    F u all for this console war bullshite. Im gonna get me a SOULJA BOY console. it gonna blows PS4 and X1 out of the water with it crispy high res 2bps and 4800 exclusive games.
    Edit: although most of the games seems to be made in the 1800s

  • Digbick
    Digbick 5 days ago

    The Xbox one x is powerful but what the fuck is the point of having the most powerful console but you can’t play anything on it?

  • Ыашро Хот
    Ыашро Хот 6 days ago

    I'm a big playstation fan but I feel bad for xbox.... I think one day xbox would make an outstanding comeback I feel it!!

  • Hynotama
    Hynotama 6 days ago

    Gears Tactics? Isn't that a Windows 10 exclusive? As in NOT ON XBOX?

  • Fabrício Reis
    Fabrício Reis 6 days ago

    Xbox one and future xbox iterations NEED to focus not only on good exclusives but stop focusing solely on shooters. Damn, that is infuriating to someone who sucks at aiming w a controller.

  • John Castiel
    John Castiel 7 days ago +2

    Xbox one has 1879 games (not counting the over 500 BC games)
    PS4 has 1878 games

  • Sacky 77
    Sacky 77 7 days ago

    I'm switching to ps4 cause all the Xbox one exclusives are so shit

  • Azmi Amy
    Azmi Amy 8 days ago


  • project awesome
    project awesome 8 days ago +1

    you know xbox is better when the only thing ps4 fanboys can trash xbox on is exclusives

  • saurabh dabhadkar
    saurabh dabhadkar 8 days ago

    And yes uncharted, the last of us, n god of war are itself a different level games

  • saurabh dabhadkar
    saurabh dabhadkar 8 days ago

    And still they managed to release x box one x, 12 teraflops what for, if no exclusives, while ps4 pro deserves a return to ps4 Slim with new exclusives

  • Gentleman Gamer
    Gentleman Gamer 9 days ago

    You forgot to mention other PlayStation exclusives like Medievil remake, Zanki Zero Last beginnings, Concrete Genie, Judgment, God Eater 3 and whatever SIE Japan studio and bluepoint games projects are

  • Kuroashi
    Kuroashi 10 days ago


  • Guchi Flipflops
    Guchi Flipflops 10 days ago +1

    Hah all of the dislikes are from xbox fangays

  • Vojta536
    Vojta536 12 days ago

    I really like forza and I don't care about ps exclusives

  • Peter Ro
    Peter Ro 13 days ago

    Correct, however one need to go back to the beginning about Titanfall is was a must have game.

  • IceFishyy
    IceFishyy 13 days ago

    Whenever you argue with an Xbot, their only comebacks are about how powerful their console is when 8k gaming isn’t even necessary like dude, we can just buy a PS4 with enough horsepower to run games, like as long as a console is powerful enough to run a game and about your “exclusives”, pretty sure the only good exclusive you have is Halo but again, you can play it on PC

  • Pugy 2000
    Pugy 2000 13 days ago

    I like x box 1 more than any playstation consel

  • peled1 gaming
    peled1 gaming 14 days ago

    update 2019 sea of thievs is now lit af this is coming from both a xbox and ps4 owner

  • שלומי יוחאי
    שלומי יוחאי 14 days ago

    You forgot battletoads in the video

  • Central Star Wars
    Central Star Wars 14 days ago

    I stopped when he said resident evil 1,2 and 3 were exclusives, could not continue with so much disinformation

  • Central Star Wars
    Central Star Wars 14 days ago

    It seems you had a lot of videos criticizing xbox. Why ? What's your gamertag ? Do you play xbox to be able to say all this ?

  • Oh Yeah Yeah I slap ur Momma

    Atleast those exclusives are better than fortnite lol

  • Lanci Levi
    Lanci Levi 15 days ago

    Nothing elese matters

  • Leander Varma
    Leander Varma 16 days ago

    I was a Xbox fanboy . My first console was a 360 but bought a PS4 for tlou. Sadly X1 continues to disappoint because of lack good exclusives and bad marketing. Well they lost this generation.

  • Leander Varma
    Leander Varma 16 days ago

    I was a Xbox fanboy . My first console was a 360 but bought a PS4 for tlou. Sadly X1 continues to disappoint because of lack good exclusives and bad marketing. Well they lost this generation.

  • Lance Dela Cruz
    Lance Dela Cruz 17 days ago

  • Walker 0905
    Walker 0905 17 days ago +1

    The argument for everything
    Xbox fans:WE HAVE HALO!

  • dark 1s
    dark 1s 17 days ago

    All consoles are trash tf2 not on them

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 16 days ago

      pride the first homunculus Team Fortress 2 is on Xbox 360 and PS3 through the Orange Box.

  • 90s Papii
    90s Papii 17 days ago +2

    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!
    Halo, Gear and Forza!!

  • Fardad Hasanzadeh
    Fardad Hasanzadeh 17 days ago +1


  • Brayan S
    Brayan S 18 days ago

    Xbox better win next generation if not it will officially DIE

  • Syeda Morshed
    Syeda Morshed 18 days ago +1

    Switch exclusives:
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Splatoon 2
    Xenoblade Chronicles 2
    Fire Emblem Warriors
    Kirby Star Allies
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    Ps4 exclusives:
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Grand Turismo
    God Of War
    Ratchet and Clank
    Uncharted 4
    Detroit Become Human
    Xbox One:
    Forza... I guess?😂😂😂

  • Ewald Wip
    Ewald Wip 18 days ago

    Lol that game journalist cuphead clip.. 😅

  • Revelate D
    Revelate D 19 days ago +1

    Cup head, sea of thieves, Ryse, recore, are all worse than knack

  • Revelate D
    Revelate D 19 days ago

    I told people when they showed us all that cgi at e3 2014 I knew they had nothing but hype to sell us. The Xbots didn't listen they went along with it. Halo, Gears, and Forza is dead.

  • Postaratum YT
    Postaratum YT 20 days ago +1

    Iam buying A pc so I don’t buy a garbage console like Xbox

  • 18PANA
    18PANA 20 days ago

    We should all hope Xbox doesn't fade away. Imagine just PlayStation as the console leader we will have to pay a lot for it and it's games. Competition is what keeps these consoles in check. P.s this guy sounds like a femine Anorld Schwartznigger. Good video 👍

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 20 days ago

    Dont worry their are going to be some good xbox exclusives out soon

  • Day Duv Wally
    Day Duv Wally 20 days ago

    I sold my xbox one to buy a ps4. was it worth it?

  • Nikolai Belinski
    Nikolai Belinski 20 days ago

    PS4 Has Spider-Man
    We Have Nothing

  • EricJrTheRed
    EricJrTheRed 21 day ago +2

    But sadly, they have Cuphead :(

  • hellisfnboring
    hellisfnboring 22 days ago

    You forgot the BEST Xbox (khmm, Microsoft) exclusive game out man!!! KILLER G'''DDAMN F'''CKIN INSTINCT! I totally agreed you by the way about the lack of Xbox Exclusives. But leave Killer Instinct from the list... dude!

  • Karo Kratos
    Karo Kratos 22 days ago

    Greatness awaits.

  • carlgaming
    carlgaming 24 days ago

    Xbox one (shows up) Hey BITCH I got roblox hahahaha you cant beat me you su-
    Ps4 with his exclusive bois god of war, detroit become human, blood borne, death stranding, spiderman , horizon zero dawn , infamous second son , last of us remastered, the last of us part 2 , and finally uncharted 4

    Xbox: Halo series do something pokes with stick

    halo series: fuck off

    Xbox: gears of war do something

    gears of war: shut up

    Xbox: umm Shit (gets beat up)

    me: welp OOFFFFF rip roblox oh no the xbox fans are coming to get me fuck this shit im out

  • BLVDKillz
    BLVDKillz 26 days ago +1

    lmao you tried hard asf to save psnow going to pc and had the nerve to say "it doesn't count" lol overall we console gamers don't give a shit what comes to pc since we won't be playing it there anyway.

  • We Yor
    We Yor 26 days ago

    I don’t know who I should be mad at Xbox or PlayStation why can’t we have the same games it’s probably not either Xbox or PlayStation I have an Xbox

  • Raiden Kalisz
    Raiden Kalisz 26 days ago +3

    Console wars winners

  • K3nshi
    K3nshi 29 days ago

    Xbox fan: but my gwafix

  • Nor Azam
    Nor Azam 29 days ago +1

    I feel bad for Xbox One owners in denial saying that PS4 exclusives sucks or overrated. Likely never played GOW, Spidey, Bloodborne or Uncharted 4. They must have been playing too much bad games til their taste also going down the hill. PUBG? Puff

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson Month ago +1

    I mean you can take the piss out of the trifecta all you want that is Halo, Gears, Forza but Halo will always be a pull for the Xbox even as old as it is. I would still say it's in the top 3 largest exclusive pulls for any system, PS has lots of exclusives but I don't know anybody who owns a PlayStation just for God of War or The Last of Us. When i know a miriade of people who own an Xbox for Halo or Forza (granted you could say becuase their are a lot more Sony exclusives you can want them all instead of the small xbox exclusives).With Halo Infinte looking promising and could be a reawakening for the franchise and the Coalition pulling of a great entry in 2016 with gears of war 4. And Forza has been holding down the ship every year between the mainline Motorsport and the Horizon series since the launch of the Xbox One. On the other hand PS seems as if it might exhaust all it's exclusive pull on the last years of PS4 than focusing on the PS5 launch titles (which I can't deny is not a bad thing) but with Naughty Dog not making a game for next launch and Sony Santa Monica not releasing God of War 5 anytime soon and with Days Gone and Ghosts of Tushima coming out around the corner. The only PS studio I can think of that is free is the Devs of Horizon Zero Dawn Geurilla and there last game was 2017. On the other hand Microsoft acquired new studios which yes are not going to make new games ready for the launch window of "Xbox Scarlett" this will even the playing field for exclusives into mid next gen when Sony comes calling with God of War 5 Etc. And Mircosofts recent consumer friendly steps forward and with Phil Spencer as head of xbox I can see a potentially amazing start to the next generation. And Microsoft also seeming to be the market leader in terms of powerful consoles this might translate into a more powerful Xbox than PS which is exactly what got Sony ahead last time and with their possibility of pushing VR a feature at the minute that I don't think many people find interesting. I could see Sony blundering like Microsoft did with the 360 to One. But in all very excited to see how the next generation plays out competition is the best creation for better products so I believe it's in everybody's best interests that one company should completely dominate next gen nor do I think this will be the case.

  • stre2508
    stre2508 Month ago

    So not that I’m hating on ps4 because I own one but what exclusives does that ps4 have now compared to the ps3 to the people who says it’s because Xbox doesn’t have exclusives compared to the ps4 and yet all the franchises are back with a couple of new ones like horizon zero dawn which is great but could easily be overshadowed. I mean you have sequels to the uncharted series, last of us 2 coming out, god of war, grand turismo, metal gear, resistance, killzone that was thought of to be the “halo killer” for the most part. A lot of them are sequel to games on the ps3 and yet somehow Xbox 360 beat them last generation compared to there exclusives even though I could think of a handful of games that are relevant to Microsoft Xbox like halo, gears, forza etc. So what really was the selling point of games does ps4 have that the ps3 have that people leaned toward now that they didn’t before and went to Xbox 360 that also have the same exact game franchises other than graphics which isn’t really a huge difference between both consoles unless you own a pc in which the pc blows them both out of the water. I owned a Xbox 360 and I loved the gaming experience and I own a ps4 for now and although I love playing on it I can’t help but feel like something is missing, I’m not getting the same nostalgia I got from last gen and I had a ps2 before those which was great. I mean how many people really play only exclusive titles because I see no one play uncharted 4 over and over, god of war no one really plays a second or third time granted it was a great game, killzone?? Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man. A lot of them are single player games that are great but do people really want to take time and effort to play it multiple times

  • xDark
    xDark Month ago

    god of war?

  • paul productions
    paul productions Month ago

    Sony is the winner

  • FBI Agent
    FBI Agent Month ago

    Xbox gay

  • 1 lira
    1 lira Month ago

    Cows: Moooo
    Flies: Zzzzzz
    Idiots: Xbox>Ps4

  • Masterplayr79
    Masterplayr79 Month ago

    fuck all you Sony fans. you all always bragging and shit. no one gives a FUCK about the playstation. you all keep hating on the xbox one x.

    • Syeda Morshed
      Syeda Morshed 18 days ago

      Stop being salty

    • Spartan003
      Spartan003 Month ago +1

      Im an xbox fan all the way, but dude you sound like a dumbass.

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham Month ago +1

      Masterplayr79 Yet you posted a comment, so you do care.

  • Force
    Force Month ago

    Wtf 😂😂 people : using pc with windows and ps4 saying xbox one is totally trash but yours pc's using windows so im saying that using windows is part of xbox same company so stfu saying garbage.

  • Force
    Force Month ago

    Fuck all xbox one haters 🖕

  • AndrewLuis CrespoDeMoura

    I know having their exclusives go to pc gives less reason to own an XB1, but it's better for consumers and also better for Microsoft. What Microsoft should do is figure out a different reason someone should own the Next Xbox system. Maybe they should follow Nintendo's idea of a hybrid console. Ok, I'm mostly saying this because I love the Switch, but I hope PS5 and Xbox Scarlet or whatever will be like the Switch

  • Heyitsmesans !
    Heyitsmesans ! Month ago

    Can someone tell me the first song he used ?

  • iHX
    iHX Month ago

    exlusives are defenetly bad for the customers

  • iHX
    iHX Month ago

    its not forzzzza its forsa

  • Opeth H
    Opeth H Month ago

    Wtf is that nasty “nothing else matters” cover at the 5 min mark?

  • Dreadpirate Blackfoot

    fuck halo fuck gears i bought an xbox one today used just for forza thats it. my ps4 is my home my switch and 3ds is my home away from home. and honestly i dont think forza is worth it when you can buy a copy of dirt rally and GT for cheaper then the price of a xbox and they are great games. i just dont like feeling left out in racing games.

  • thefirefridge
    thefirefridge Month ago +1

    The worst part is that even backwards compatibility, one of tge major points in xbox's favor, comes with certain caveats. I recently bought an Xbox One S for this very reason, because I just started becoming a game collector. Growing up I usually sold most of my games because I lacked money for new games. Now that I have a consistent income, I can new games when I want, so I'm collecting all the old games I played when I was a kid. I used to have an Xbox 360 and an Xbox One, and I LOVED Halo, one of my favorites. But when I bought an Xbox One S recently, I learned you can only save backwards compatible games to the cloud, which only gives you 2 GB of space for saves and can only be used if you have Xbox Live Gold (you can still access those old saves without gold membership, but without gold you can't make new ones and you need an internet connection to save). This was incredibly disappointing to me. I understand that the cloud works fine and 2GB is a lot for just saved, but I was buying this with the purpose of being a collector. If Microsoft decides to discontinue this cloud in the distant future, I'd lose all of those saves since I can't save locally, and if I have too many games, I may have to delete some save data to make room for more. Now if I truly want to preserve my Xbox 360 library with access to local save data, I need to buy an Xbox 360. This problem is so frustrating to me, especially since it is one of the main selling points I give Xbox over PS. It's such a simple fix given the amount of local memory space left unused on my Xbox One (since there are very few Xbox One exclusives worth collecting). So even with that point over PS, Xbox still runs into major problems. If I got anything wrong about this please let me know. If it is possible to make local saves for 360 games on the Xbox One I would LOVE to hear it, since I can't find a way.

  • SYT94828 Gaming
    SYT94828 Gaming Month ago +1

    Xbox has graphics
    PlayStation has games
    PC has both
    Mobile has none 🙃

    • X Box and EA sucks Ass
      X Box and EA sucks Ass 12 days ago

      Nahhhh pc doesn't have God of war Bloodborne The last of us Detroit HZD

    • Griffin Peter
      Griffin Peter Month ago +1

      Boi mobile has that “on call duty sniping shooter game”

  • John Lydon
    John Lydon Month ago +1

    Xbox one=PS4. This whole console debate is completely opinion based and there is no right answer to which counsel is better. You all realize that right.

  • Muhammad Rahadiansyah

    Xbox One is garbage.
    I'm laughing my ass off while playing Spider-Man on my PS4 Pro

  • Dragomir Cosmin
    Dragomir Cosmin Month ago

    Fuck you ps4 *@*##*#:;&

  • timotee05
    timotee05 Month ago

    lol honestly xbox should be thankful they will have kingdom hearts 3 and devil may cry 5. At least xbox owners have something interesting to play and look forward to for this year.

  • Mr
    Mr Month ago

    Nice video bro. I started off with Xbox one with Kinect :( soon after PS4. Fallout 4 comes out. Sell both PS4 and Xbox One and Buy PC Rig. Rig only for couple years then buy Nintendo Switch. Beat a few exclusives on switch, enjoyed the novelty then trade Switch for PS4 pro during Black Friday promo. Bought backlog of PS4 exclusives missed and now it’s just PC and PS4. Feels good

  • Shrimp Dick willy
    Shrimp Dick willy Month ago

    Fuck ps

  • amir hossein ranjbar

    I want a link to the nothing else matters cover in the background

  • David Hujik
    David Hujik Month ago

    To play cross platform with xbox you need to stream your shitty xbox to your superior pc...fuck that.

  • Riven
    Riven Month ago +1

    No, you are just retardet

  • Loundsify
    Loundsify Month ago

    The reason PS1 had so many exclusives was because PC's weren't affordable to the masses, N64 was too expensive with the carts and Sega was too busy fighting itself. One thing for sure is everything consoles do now PC's have done for 15 years+

  • We're All Doomed
    We're All Doomed Month ago

    Have to agree as an Xbox owners since relatively early in the generation. Although later on is when I think I got the feeling MS didn’t care for exclusives anymore in the generation. Early on I was excited for Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, and Titanfall. I also know a lot of people were excited for Scalebound, but that got cancelled. Later on, and especially in 2018, I felt like there was no substantial Xbox game to buy. It was the first time I legitimately regretted getting the Xbox over the PS4. But thanks to some massive fuckups before launch, MS fucked themselves over with third party publishers. All that good work done by the Xbox 360 was basically undone within a couple of years of the Xbox One’s release and essentially gave Sony more leverage on third party exclusives.
    Next generation, I’m most likely siding with a Play Station. Right now, only reason to get a next gen Xbox is because they have a superior backwards compatibility system, but that’s only an argument for someone like me who has a bunch of Xbox games. Overall, the acquisition of new first party studios sounds great on the surface, but my question as a loyal Xbox customer is why wasn’t more than what was displayed within the Xbox One’s lifetime? And as a result I’m not holding my breath for the new Xbox, basically I have no prof that MS is going to put those studios to good use.

  • Scary Plutonium
    Scary Plutonium Month ago

    I love my xbox, I use it for all media consumption and multiplayer but I do still own a ps4 only for spiderman tbh. Xbox has good exclusives they just aren’t that memorable - Cuphead,Halo 5,Sea of thieves and a lot more but my favorite is quantom break it pushes the xbox way further than I have seen any ps4 game. Ps4 is great for me when it comes to games but everything else seems anti consumer.

  • - DrewBusters -
    - DrewBusters - Month ago

    In terms of quality, it’s just way too subjective. You can’t just definitively say one game is better than another.

  • Andrica Ion
    Andrica Ion Month ago

    Xbox had an amazing e3 in 2018.
    What exclusive can have Ps4 in this year to compare with GEARS 5 and maybe HALO INFINITE plus Forza 4 released already.
    Days Gone and Spidermen can t never compare with them so think about you say. The ps4 fanboys had luck with god of war which i can t say anithing about only that is amazing.
    Xbox had a bad period but from e3 everithing had changed. They presented to many games.

    • Andrica Ion
      Andrica Ion Month ago

      +Pains Champ I recently saw bro that cyberpunk will be release also on ps4, my fault.

    • Pains Champ
      Pains Champ Month ago

      +Andrica Ion
      Borderlands and cyberpunk are not Lbox exclusives

    • Andrica Ion
      Andrica Ion Month ago

      + Fable 4 Borderlands 3 Forza m 8 Cyberpunk 2077 and Crackdown 3

    • Andrica Ion
      Andrica Ion Month ago

      Gears of war was never downfalled it was the reason that xbox one s could be released, Halo did one mistake whit halo 5( personally i liked halo 5 more than the others, I dont know why but it s great)
      I know that recent years ps4 had more atractive games but that changed at e3.

    • Yannis Videogames
      Yannis Videogames Month ago

      +John Spirou Bungie had great Halos, 343 Industries just wrecked it.

  • Matthew L
    Matthew L Month ago

    So what console should I have if I don’t care about either of their exclusives

    • Matthew L
      Matthew L Month ago

      Pains Champ I care about the games, I just don’t like any of the exclusives

    • Pains Champ
      Pains Champ Month ago

      Then why are you buying a gaming console if you don't care about games

    • Yannis Videogames
      Yannis Videogames Month ago

      +Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform Of course, but XBox has slightly better specs :)

    • Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform
      Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform Month ago

      +Yannis Videogames You can still get PS4 for other games besides exclusives.

    • Yannis Videogames
      Yannis Videogames Month ago

      +Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform Bcz he said he doesn't cares about exclusives, so, XBox is better choice for him.

  • FA1A2
    FA1A2 Month ago

    Only way xBox bounce back is if they rival Sony and Marvel with DC and Microsoft.

  • unknown user off
    unknown user off Month ago

    The thumbnail mess up tho

  • Alif Farhim
    Alif Farhim Month ago

    Only 13 exclusive game on xbox😂😂😂😂.

  • Kisuke Urahara
    Kisuke Urahara Month ago


  • Mr. Ditkovich
    Mr. Ditkovich Month ago +1

    Yeah we have all those great exclusives...

    But they have ROBLOX☹️

  • Noah Collison
    Noah Collison Month ago

    l love Xbox but ps4 has better games

  • ??? ???
    ??? ??? Month ago

    Xbox: Sea of thieves
    ps4: Spiderman, God of war, bloodborne, horizon zero dawn, persona 5

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham Month ago

      Pains Champ But it does if you bothered to read the whole comment thread.

    • Pains Champ
      Pains Champ Month ago

      Xbox has no games

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham Month ago

      ??? ??? But PC isn't a console, alot of Xbox One and PS4 exclusives are on PC but they are still exclusives to that console.

    • ??? ???
      ??? ??? Month ago

      +Adam Cunningham No it isn't exclusive implies only on that console. Cuphead is on the pc hence its not exclusive.

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham Month ago

      ??? ??? "Cuphead is an Xbox console exclusive, and supports Xbox Play Anywhere" - Wikipedia

  • Griever X
    Griever X Month ago

    Du hast es perfekt auf den Punkt gebracht. Und ja man hört , dass du Deutscher bist xD
    Exclusives don't only matter, they are the console seller no.1. If you look back in gaming history, every generation was dominated by the console that had more and better exclusives. And every time it was the weaker console in terms of power. I dont care about streaming services, backwards comp. , or if i can change my PSN name. Every true Playstation Gamer has all PS consoles at home. I dont need to play ps2 games in 1080p , Hell playing ps1 orps2 games in HD makes themlook atually worse then before. Best example is Silent Hill 2 and 3.


    Why?! Why didn’t I buy a PS4?! 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • xbox has no games lol xbox sucks ass

    Ps4 has 34 exclusives then xbox 17 exclusives

  • joosep paarnamets
    joosep paarnamets Month ago

    Xbox is disapointed and i think that most xbox users undesthand that xbox is shit btw why they but all theyre exlcusives on pc i hate that

  • Uriel Hilzer
    Uriel Hilzer Month ago

    I have xone but i know ;( playstation have final fantasy,GOD OF WAR ;(
    im poor ;(