The Disappointing Xbox One EXCLUSIVE Legacy | Worst Line-Up in Xbox History


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  • Praise The Game
    Praise The Game  2 months ago +34

    Since this video has gained more traction than I expected, I feel the need to rectify a couple of mistakes. While writing the script and editing the video I had to keep track of several hundred games. Naturally, the one or other mistake found its way into the video. That being said, if anything the mistakes I'm about to correct reinforce my argument even more.
    Remember, my underlying claim is this: The Xbox One exclusive line-up is the worst line-up in Xbox and PlayStation history AND the PS4 exclusive library is superior in terms of quantity, quality, and diversity (when I say diversity I'm referring to the amount of exclusives from Japanese developers).
    Despite having clarified it in the video, many still seem confused as to why I excluded PSVR exclusives, smaller PS4 exclusives (Concrete Genie, Bound, Project Judge, etc.), and games that are PS4 and PC only games. As some pointed out in the comments section that's unfair given the fact that Xbox One and PC only games were counted as true exclusives. Well, you're correct. It is unfair. But that was the point. I tilted the odds in Microsoft's favor for two reasons:
    1. Given the polarizing topic, I tried to choke off as many "you're just a biased PlayStation fanboy" comments as possible. By giving the PS4 a clear disadvantage such accusations don't hold any water. Of course, some angry Xbox devotees still called me a biased fanboy. Ah, the irony.
    2. Showing that the PS4 exclusive library still comes out on top despite discounting so many PS4 exclusives further strengthens the validity of my argument.
    In a fair comparison, the PS4 exclusive library would outnumber the Xbox One's by 20 to 1, probably even more. Long story short, my claim still stands.
    Quantity: PS4 wins by a mile
    Quality: This point is contestable of course. However, if we consider Metacritic as the only measurement body the PS4 is light years ahead again.
    Diversity: Also clear as day - the PS4 features far more exclusives from Japanese developers.
    So here are the most notable mistakes:
    - Gears Tactics is a PC exclusive, depriving the Xbox One of yet another exclusive game
    - Games like the original Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, and Silent Hill 2 eventually ended up on other platforms, meaning many franchises which used to be Xbox or PlayStation exclusive are now multi-plat. That's true, however, at the time those games were indeed exclusive to one platform.
    - I forgot to add Session to Microsoft's exclusive list. But I excluded tons of smaller PS4 exclusives from the get-go, so doesn't really change anything.
    - YES, I say FORTZA, not Forza. Another unfortunate result of my German accent.
    - Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black are the same game more or less

      HALO SECRETS 9 days ago

      Sargent Johnson from HALO "Go out with a bang" Xbox hopefully releases a 10/10 Halo and Gears of war game.

    • Maciek Zieba
      Maciek Zieba Month ago


    • MacKenzie Prestage
      MacKenzie Prestage Month ago

      Don't quite yer day job

  • PinksheepYTmaste
    PinksheepYTmaste Hour ago

    Can I get 360 likes on this comment to buy an Xbox 360

  • Cruz Ramirez
    Cruz Ramirez 12 hours ago

    it really depends what people want, either of the 2.
    I picked Xbox one S cuz of Forza Horizon 4...why? i love cars, just driving while seeing the beauty of the scenery is enough for me
    i think that alone is enough for you people what to choose. ah yes, nier automata too :)

  • Black Rose Panther
    Black Rose Panther 18 hours ago

    You have dalid points. But you disqualifi the Xbox backwards compatible titels yet you count ps3 remasters as exclusive for the ps4! Sounds a little unfair to me

  • keith krazy
    keith krazy 20 hours ago

    Xbox lost this generation. Im from Kenya, East Africa and i can tell you guys that Noone buys an Xbox in my country or in africa.. Sony and Playstation totally control the African market and its mainly due to exclusive games TBH, games that immerse you..think of uncharted, God of War, spiderman and my personal best the last of us (though remastered).. I don't just want to play shooter games like halo and Gears all the time.. Give me a story, some exploration, a bit of variety.. And i played Xbox 360 more than ps3 so it's not about being a fan boy it's fact, ps4 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Xbox 1 this gen

  • Dan Lennon
    Dan Lennon Day ago

    who the fuck wants to play halo and gears 5
    uncharted and god of war 4 both breathed new life into the franchises they weren't the exact same games as their first iteration

  • The Golden Fox
    The Golden Fox Day ago

    naw m8 ms gonna make minecraft 3 xbox exclusive

  • RayddenPrimeTV
    RayddenPrimeTV Day ago

    Xbox cheated big time calling games that arent even xbox one exclusives, Exclusives. and still losses. lmao. at this point all you need is ps4 pro, pc and Nintendo switch. next gen if xbox still call games that are available on pc as well "exclusive" ..well you know the drill..:ps5, pc, and Nintendo switch..or Nintendo switch 2 if it comes out. the only thing xbox has to offer in 2019 is crackdown 3 ..and it looks to me like a game with a score of 65 maximum. one is trash. i mean i sold mine cuz it was just eating dust..pretty much it was just trash. i bought it only for scalebound but..idiots cancelled it so..lmao i sold their precious " plays best on xbox" BS

  • Hardcore Gamer
    Hardcore Gamer 2 days ago

    How many great PS4 exclusives came out this year? God of war, Spiderman, Detroit become human.
    How many Xbox exclusives came out this year? I don't fucking know

  • Tevita 25
    Tevita 25 2 days ago

    Actually xbox can never have an exclusive game, because there games go through xbox pc

  • stizz1982
    stizz1982 3 days ago

    What he mean that 5 are only actually exclusive for Xbox one? Is he saying that because some are on PC? It's still a freaking exclusive because it's under microsoft duh. Is it on Sony or Nintendo platform? No it's under microsoft so it's still an exclusive. He fails to realize that Microsoft and Sony are different. Microsoft is about 💰 Also you are going to see some console exclusives also on PC (which don't forget PC is windows and Microsoft owns windows) your going to see it on PC because also Microsoft wants Xbox gamers and also Xbox gamers who are on PC to do what ?👉 " To be able to play together".

  • stizz1982
    stizz1982 3 days ago

    PS3= Blue ray DVD player

  • stizz1982
    stizz1982 3 days ago

    What's a Zelda?

  • prince mehta
    prince mehta 3 days ago

    xbox is the reason i didn't bother playing last 2 tomb raider...i wasn't interested when the delayed the first game for xbox exclusive release

  • harjit singh
    harjit singh 3 days ago

    No point of owning a Xbox one you need a ps4 pro PC and switch
    ps4 for exclusives
    PC for graphics and if you want you can also play Xbox exclusives
    Switch because it is portable and you can carry it where you want.
    But with this I also own a ps3.

  • F1ni
    F1ni 4 days ago

    I've came here to decide wich one is best, I have a ps2, a 360, and a PC, but I think I might purchase a PS4...

  • Sebastian Flores Avila

    As someone who has played at least every console, I can say that the Wii U was better than the Xbox, and that’s saying a lot

  • enin dunson
    enin dunson 4 days ago

    you are a ps4 fan boy shut the fu*k up

  • famixrap
    famixrap 4 days ago +2

    The new Xbox should be called Halogearsforza-Box

  • Nazdain Karim
    Nazdain Karim 4 days ago +3

    I feel so sad for the xbox owners 😂😂 I'm happy to own a PS4 slim. I got my PS4 when I was 10! At that time I didn't know so much about consoles. My uncle bought me my PS4. He asked me first "Which one do you want? Xbox One or PS4?" I said "I don't know. Let me research first." Then I saw that both or better but at that time BY LUCK! I thought "No I'll get a PS4 as my dad had a PS1 and a PS2!" So I said "Bring me a PS4!" Then my uncle said "Brilliant choice!". And now see where the Playstation is! With amazing exclusives like Spider-man PS4, God of War, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Order 1886, Tekken 7 etc! A PC, PS4, and a Nintendo Switch is all you need to experience the love of gaming! No need to buy a Xbox!
    PC: Graphics
    PS4: Exclusives
    Nintendo Switch: More exclusives!

  • stizz1982
    stizz1982 5 days ago +1

    Also Xbox one has a better online service

  • stizz1982
    stizz1982 5 days ago +1

    Microsoft acquired 6 developing teams and created one on their own

  • pk red
    pk red 5 days ago +1

    dude what about battletoads

  • McKenzie Elliott
    McKenzie Elliott 5 days ago

    I am so utterly disappointed that i purchased an xbox one instead of a playstation 4.... should have done my homework because I'm as so pissed off about the low offerings of good titles, just absolutely ridiculous step you game up Microsoft before i never give you a dollar of my money ever again, and honestly it looks like Microsoft is going down... like the company is imploding.

  • Allosaurus Rex
    Allosaurus Rex 5 days ago

    Don’t care about a few story exclusives. I’m gonna stick with the better console.

  • maxibus
    maxibus 5 days ago

    20:00 I don’t get what should be good about Sony locking their games behind buying a console. I think the way Microsoft handles this is better. It’s a fair concept. Buy the game and play it. Why the fuck people should buy a ps4 just to play on pc? That‘s like a scam. Just let people buy their games on pc if it’s playable anyways.

  • D1N0 ALG
    D1N0 ALG 6 days ago +2

    Man, Forza horizon is actually pretty good. Only exclusive I would consider decent on Xbox lmfao

  • Kris
    Kris 6 days ago

    The Xbox needs Viva Pinata 3 and Fable IV and it will be redeemd. I need those games.

  • EthanDraws
    EthanDraws 7 days ago

    As a Gamer of all platforms, I will admit that Xbox doesn't have that many exclusives in comparison. But when they release one, it's almost always well received. I guess Microsoft sees it as Quality over Quantity. But then these sane games release on Windows, so are they really exclusives?

  • Fluffy TheWolfKing115

    As long as we have Halo Xbox will live

  • The Nerd Dojo
    The Nerd Dojo 8 days ago

    Xbone in general is just a large disappointment imo.
    Only positive thing I can say is that their controllers are far more durable and services like game pass and backwards compatibility and their seemingly constant deals for them where as ps plus almost never has deals to get it cheaper

  • Farcasted
    Farcasted 8 days ago

    Metacritics said ea was the best game company NO JUST NO... NOOOOOO

  • Mario Sanmartini
    Mario Sanmartini 9 days ago +1

    LoL I'd play a switch before an Xbox one

  • Didier Drogba
    Didier Drogba 9 days ago

    As far as I am concerned, PS4 and Xbox One have BOTH been poor compared to PS3 and Xbox 360. I have so many more good memories playing those systems and the games stood out much more. Seriously, what truly generation defining game have these consoles given us? Remember uncharted, last of us, Halo 3, gears of war... just to name a few.

    • stizz1982
      stizz1982 4 days ago

      Nah PS3 was weak and PS4 is a step up

  • Ahmed Mahmoud
    Ahmed Mahmoud 9 days ago

    Another reason PS4 is better

  • Wolf Saints
    Wolf Saints 9 days ago

    You can change psn names next year

  • Plasma Gaming
    Plasma Gaming 9 days ago

    7 to 12 year olds be like BUt wE HAvE FOrTnITe ANd EVen pS4 HAs FOrTniTE oNly MaTTErS! ReSt GAmEs ArE trAsh SO wE AlSo HavE THe BeST ExClusIvES!

  • Gerasimos Rico
    Gerasimos Rico 9 days ago

    What the f you never mentioned gran Turismo

  • Gerasimos Rico
    Gerasimos Rico 9 days ago

    Gran Turismo alone is worth the PlayStation

  • neeshant jeyanthan
    neeshant jeyanthan 9 days ago

    Those who have xbox might want to think about making the switch to PlayStation

  • Moncaine Moncayo
    Moncaine Moncayo 9 days ago

    Poor Xbox bastards

  • Paul Michael Shields

    As a non zealot fanboy who buys " all console's " & doesn't believe in this irrational attitude & absolutism when it comes to only buying one certain console, I can honestly say that unfortunately with this gen war it was over for the Xbox One before it even started...
    Let's go back to the start & how Microsoft had every intention of having the Xbox One essentially spy on us, even when the console was switched off & many other law breaking privacy issues that they tried to sneak past us in the hope we wouldn't realise what was going on, but the big tell was the lack of Exclusives from the get go & Microsoft tried to constantly bypass this by more or less always speaking about how the Xbox One was more than just a Gaming Console...
    Excuse me Microsoft but this is what & why gamer's like myself & so many other's all over the world bought your machine from you for in the first place & that was to " Play Console Game's " & may be watch movies on the console also...
    But the nearer Xbox One got closer to the launch date everyone who came out and spoke on behalf of Microsoft about the console kept going on about how great the Xbox One was in relation to watching all sorts of Apps that stream Films & Music, but only very little was spoken about their game's & the games they predominately went on about were games that yes i loved but I had had enough of them on the Xbox 360...
    I like many Xbox owners wanted a whole slew of New IP games but all i/we got were more Gears Of War/Halo & Forza & though great games while they lasted, I had seen my fare share of them by the end of the original Xbox & the Xbox 360 reign on top of this...
    To only announce those 3 numerical follow up games thst had done well & had been out on the Xbox 360 too many times & along with Ryse Son Of Rome/Quantum Break/Sunset Overdrive & Rare Replay gave me a bad feeling in my stomach from release date that this new machine was not going to be for console gamers & im not including Crackdown 3 which I've lost count of how often that has been postponed...
    So all of this info before hand really didn't set the XboxOne up for me anyway as a console that was going to deliver game after game like the Xbox 360 & I'll say it again & that those at Microsoft HQ were only too interested with this idea of cornering the market with an
    " All In One " packaged unit that would play games & give you access to the latest Films/Tv shows & Music streaming as well...
    But didn't Microsoft realise that everyone these days has had these things for years either via Sky or Cable or they were already built into their Smart Tv's!..
    With the Xbox One & how Microsoft were, as I said earlier setting it up to monitor our daily viewing & to a lesser degree our gaming habits, to me showed me that they honestly were never truly that interested in building and releasing a Gaming Console first that had all these great games first then any Film/Drama & Music Apps as Extras, but instead did it was done the opposite way around & the game's were the extras as an after thought & were there if you so wish to buy them...
    I can't see any other way why Microsoft would want to throw away such a huge lead they hand in the console gaming department unless they hard their eyes firmly fixed elsewhere!..
    As the Xbox One whether you want to admit or believe it or not has been the worst released console for it's appauling lack of Quality Exclusives & New IP Games supposedly in the works!..
    Even though I knew this I bought one anyway in the hope that Microsoft would come good but they didn't & to make it worse they dangled like a carrot in front of us a slightly upgraded console in the form of Xbox One X, instead of concentrating on delivering us gamer's with more game's...
    As believe it or not the Xbox One X is & is not a truly Full 4K console for gaming & it's similar to the PS4 in that it will run games built in 4K & upscale the rest...
    And Microsoft's great answer to that question & answer to the ongoing debate of were are these new 4K Game's or just New Games was a feeble " oh they are coming in the forseeable future " Aye Right!..
    Not on this console they won't...
    It's too late and that ship has sailed & if they couldn't deliver Game's for the Xbox One original base console & Xbox Slim then are we meant to believe were are going to get them as this console war is dying down & will be over soon, as I don't think so...
    Look it's up to every one to have their opinion & right to continue to back & then buy the next Console from Microsoft & I respect that & I wish you well, but not I...
    Microsoft have shown their true colours again & set out with the Xbox One in mind to try & use this as an all in one unit as a means to cut into the action & get a portion of the profits from all these streaming Apps & it's backfired, as i dont know of anyone who actually using their Xbox One to watch these Films/Tv Dramas & Music on these Apps on their Xbox One, as I know i don't as I've already got them built into my Tv & Cable Box...
    If only they supported the Xbox One the way they did the Xbox 360 was, then it would have been an even out affair but as it stands with regards the Xbox One being a console it is long finished & all we are getting is third party scraps until the end of this consoles life cycle & I won't be buying another console from Microsoft...
    My take on all of this was not based on what Sony did with their PS4 console or Nintendo with the Switch but in fact it was what Microsoft didn't deliver & didn't do with their console, as it was Microsoft themselves thst ruined the Xbox as a gaming console & nothing to do with what Sony did or anyone else but themselves...
    Just look up the facts as they are out there & this Xbox One X was yet another way to sell more units that hopefully non gamers would buy it as an inexpensive way of owning a 4K Movie player...
    Such a sad ending to a once great developer of consoles & game's....

  • MKB 144p
    MKB 144p 9 days ago

    halo gears forza are not xbox exclusives i have them on my pc,and finally you guys have phones right

    • XxRec0nSilence r
      XxRec0nSilence r 4 days ago

      It's Microsoft bro, Microsoft is pc and Xbox, it's good that u can play it on both, how TF do people not see that Xbox is willing to make it where people can play however they want, but PS4 say no cause they gay

  • GoldenGaming070105
    GoldenGaming070105 10 days ago

    Dont forget about stuff like sea of thieves which is a great game

  • Kanivakil
    Kanivakil 10 days ago

    I don't think the next Xbox will be released in 2020; it might be announced in that year which is little over a year from today.

  • Kanivakil
    Kanivakil 10 days ago

    It's okay that it sucks in terms of exclusives; still cheaper than a dedicated 4K Blu-ray player and does more.

  • Shadab Drawings-Gaming-Vlogs

    I'm glad I grew up with PlayStation, I didn't realize how much better the PS4 was, cause of all of them exclusives! However when I was younger I really wanted an Xbox due to my friends bragging how much "better" Xboxes are. Now I'm wayyyyy more thankful I grew up with PlayStation
    Also who else is gonna watch Spider-Man far from home?

  • Shadab Drawings-Gaming-Vlogs

    PS4: Detroit become human, God Of War, Spider-Man, The Last Of Us and more
    Xbox: ROBLOX

    I think I just ticked off every Xbox player lol

  • ThomasEyeThink
    ThomasEyeThink 10 days ago

    PS4 and Switch have the Best Exclusives
    No offence to any Xbox Gamers, but the exclusives aren’t that great

  • SammySinOfficial
    SammySinOfficial 10 days ago

    warum deutsch reden wenn man einen grauslichen deutschen akzent in englisch hat .....

  • Shadicgunman
    Shadicgunman 11 days ago

    Sunset Overdrive has recently been put on Steam XD

  • Dr Dingostingo
    Dr Dingostingo 11 days ago

    The thing is PS4 players have always been salty because they couldn’t play halo and you my friend are one of them

    • Paulo Dybala
      Paulo Dybala 11 days ago

      Xbot fanboy are so sad and cringe 😂

  • demonic law
    demonic law 11 days ago

    i just want them all to link achis so i don't feel like i an chained

  • Rbgibbs
    Rbgibbs 11 days ago

    Why does everyone have to find something dumb to argue about this "console war" has been going on for 3 years like really?

    UNSTABLE GIT 11 days ago +1

    Fan boy trash fucking noob

  • JohnieBeGood12
    JohnieBeGood12 12 days ago +1

    Spiderman and God of War 4 is Up For GOTY While No XB1 EXCLUSIVES in Sight

  • Gordon Schnick
    Gordon Schnick 12 days ago

    I don't really care witch one has more exclusives, it's a console, I buy it, doesn't matter what console.

  • The Noob Gamer
    The Noob Gamer 12 days ago +1

    What are pc exclusive ?
    - Cs go

  • Sammy boy
    Sammy boy 13 days ago

    Ps5😍😍I think I peed a little ...

  • Julian Garcia
    Julian Garcia 15 days ago +2

    Nioohh, you forgot Nioohh!! Great PS4 exclusive!!

  • Universe
    Universe 15 days ago

    The fact that ps4 players cant just be happy with the ps4 without thinking about an xbox is pretty sad.....all they talk about is "exclusive games", "graphics", "controllers" like fuck can you just be happy and play the fucking ps4 already, who cares for those small things.....ffs

    • Gordon Schnick
      Gordon Schnick 12 days ago

      I know, just play the game, it's just a console, not god.

  • Gaming 101
    Gaming 101 16 days ago

    I'm disappointed how short all the ps exclusives are. They really are not worth buying. Expensive for such little content. Least with the few xbox has they have replayablity unlike sony's one and done titles. Iv only play 4 games this whole gen not worth it really. I perfer mp gaming so xbox is better for me and more competitive gamers on xbox. Plus the xbox controller is so much nicer

    • Universe
      Universe 15 days ago

      I feel the same way for the ps exclusive, yes they have more but those games arent worth buying, i could sit and play through the *single* player story for a couple hours and finish the game, "oh what now after ive beaten the game", *Do side missions, find secrets.....* wtf is the point

  • Shahroz Sajjad
    Shahroz Sajjad 18 days ago

    Mother fucker xbox one is better fuck you idiot lol

  • Christof Roeyaert
    Christof Roeyaert 18 days ago

    About 'Play Anywhere' : the fact that you can play almost all Xbox One games on your Windows 10 PC only holds water when you've actually got a gaming PC. Most people don't have one, they have a simple laptop or mid-range PC to browse the web, do their banking stuff, and shop online (and watch youtube, I guess), or maybe even a Mac ; in both these cases, you cannot simply go out and buy Forza 4 and play it on your computer, can you ? So, I would say that you definitely need a Xbox One to play the 'exclusives', even if there aren't a lot of them...

  • NobleUnion
    NobleUnion 20 days ago

    lmao the comments are nothing but a playstation circlejerk.

  • Royalegamer290
    Royalegamer290 21 day ago

    You guys bully Xbox so hard, it’s not that bad of a console

  • MiksteR_RdY
    MiksteR_RdY 21 day ago

    You are German, aren't you?
    And Sea of Thieves damaged Rare's reputation? Have you seen what has become of the game? It's a great game now, fuck the beginning.

  • Jesse Timms
    Jesse Timms 22 days ago

    I have both consoles, and I stand by your opinion on the fact that Xbox is lacking on more exclusive games while ps4 remain victorious, however either consoles are versatile when we look at the specs of what each console have to offer. I’m simple, ps4 is more focus on games and Xbox has all the more convenience features with great apps,movies, and musics all in one ☝🏻.
    Plus you can expand up to 120hz for both Xbox one s/x where ps4 is cap to 60hz...

  • Luke Milbocker
    Luke Milbocker 22 days ago +1

    Microsoft's Xbox really needs to step up their game if they want to stay relevant in the gaming industry. PS4 and Nintendo Switch are seriously killing it with graphics, exclusives, and just overall being amazing and ahead compared to Xbox. Its a shame because my brothers and I actually grew up with the original Xbox and Xbox 360 which back then were top dog with graphics, exclusives (like Halo and Gears of War), and being the bad ass of gaming, but unfortunately now have fallen behind, hopefully they get back on track cause Sony and Nintendo are knocking it out of the park this generation (I once was an Xbox fanboy as a kid, but now I am officially a Playstation fan until Xbox gets back on top...).

  • GameplayBG
    GameplayBG 23 days ago

    Uncharted,the Last of us,God of war,spider man days gone,and many many more ps4 exclusive destroy Xbox hahha

  • Keith Deel
    Keith Deel 24 days ago

    Halo, gears, and forza are amazing tho

  • HatOfTricks
    HatOfTricks 24 days ago +1

    xbox always been shit

  • Elite_ P
    Elite_ P 26 days ago

    Xbox is Exclusive’s are like DC movies right now. And Play station is like Marvel right now 😂

    • Gordon Schnick
      Gordon Schnick 12 days ago

      +Nintendo Veteran before they were even. Now, yes DC comics are better then Marvel comics.

    • Nintendo Veteran
      Nintendo Veteran 12 days ago

      but dc comics are better then marvel comics

  • cypher elite
    cypher elite 26 days ago

    I’m going to move to ps5 when it’s comes out I made a mistake and I ain’t going to make it again

  • frankyy
    frankyy 26 days ago +1

    Lol PC can play Xbox games we don't need an Xbox we need just PC and a PS4

  • Abel Alvarez
    Abel Alvarez 27 days ago

    This reminds me of SEGA during their run.
    Master system was a decent sell in the U.S. (like the original xbox)
    Genesis was the powerhouse against the SNES (like the X360 was to the ps3)
    Saturn was a major failure and had very few good games to play on it (like the xbox one but with exclusives issues)
    Dreamcast was an amazing system with great games,but sadly couldn't compete with the ps2 and thus it died as well as the company going full third party (i wonder if xbox is gonna go this route as well).

  • Senitha Dabare
    Senitha Dabare 27 days ago

    What about quantum break

  • Luke Watson
    Luke Watson 28 days ago

    for ps4 remote play yes you need a ps4 but if you have the ps4 slim and ps4 pro you can stream to your pc in 1080p but the normal ps4 can only do 720p

  • Tastet 55
    Tastet 55 28 days ago

    You hit the nail on the head. Microsoft didn’t invest in this area. Phil spencer said himself that games as a service and a netflix style approach are the future. This means the quality of games are going to be mediocre. But it won’t matter they will make money on people’s subscriptions and think they are getting a good deal. But in reality you are paying 120$ a year to play old games. I spent 40$ this year in total on old games that would be on game pass if I had an Xbox and I’m not tied down to a subscription. The studios Microsoft bought are just to make mediocre games for game pass. I could see the price of gamepass going up for new customers in the future but that is besides the point. Microsoft in a way has watered down the Xbox brand. They are targeting a broad scope of gamers that are mostly made up of casuals. This is their business model for the future. Hardcore gamers will continue to be pushed towards Sony as they continue to release high quality content

  • Hector Amador
    Hector Amador 29 days ago

    Also, Knack and Knack 2 are awesome! And Super Lucky's Tale! Why all the hate

  • Hector Amador
    Hector Amador 29 days ago

    I would have added Phantom Dust and Dead Rising 3 as Xbox One exclusives. Okami is in no way a PS2 exclusive.

  • josh 89023
    josh 89023 Month ago

    Why is god of war on title it should be spider-man

  • Daniel
    Daniel Month ago

    MS lost A LOT of fanbase and credibility this generation. They have a great console, excellent gamepad, very good services, you just need some exclusives... I think MS is really harmed for the next generation. I'm a Xbox one owner and i'm very dissapointed. I know a few Xbox one owners, and they are not going to buy any Xbox console in the future.

  • Mega zuna
    Mega zuna Month ago

    Great analysis. I 100% agree. I would also like to add some insight on their recent studio acquisitions: the results of which wont be felt until next gen. It takes around 4 years to make a game. And lets not forget that these devs they've bought aren't really known for making quality games in the first place. Next gen isn't going to be that different in terms of quality either.

  • Mad MoJo Moments
    Mad MoJo Moments Month ago

    Sony doesn't have an online store/in store where you can order a new console or a physical copy of a game. But Microsoft does, I'd rather not give my business to GameShit. And I won't.

  • Omeo Mahardad
    Omeo Mahardad Month ago +2

    Playstation 4 Pro is all time best.

  • CKA
    CKA Month ago +1

    Im personally an Xbox fan and i dont give a crap about exclusives i care how the console is and in my opinion xbox is the way to go but. Tbh i would rather have a PC than any console.

    • Universe
      Universe 15 days ago

      Same, and the ps exclusive just die out for me after an hr or two, at least xb exclusives are replayable....multiplayer, even co-op campaign us xbox players dont need 400 single player exclusive tf

  • john zouboulakis
    john zouboulakis Month ago +4

    Halo fucks all your shitty ps exclusives

  • Andres Gonzalez
    Andres Gonzalez Month ago

    ... and is safe to asume (x game) will knock it out of the park as well, yeah it did :D

  • MTL Sniper
    MTL Sniper Month ago +6

    Xbox is better

    • XxRec0nSilence r
      XxRec0nSilence r 4 days ago +1

      +LJ 4 it's better to watch the game play anyways, I don't see u guys having multiplayer exclusives u lonely fuck

    • LJ 4
      LJ 4 4 days ago +1

      Salty about not having god of war or spiderman I guess😂

  • liam sheridan056
    liam sheridan056 Month ago

    RIP ah well

  • hamdadou cherif mourad

    i own a gaming PC, a PS4 and XBOX 360, the best tools for a modern gamers.....

  • Jack Moore
    Jack Moore Month ago

    I’ve had both Xbox One and PS4 since the beginning of this console generation, I in total bought around 1 Xbox game for 12 PlayStation games, I regret every Xbox game I got, yes including halo and gears, they were simply boring and shit. The only Xbox game I think was perfect was Ryse sun of Rome which came out with the release of the Xbox. PS4 had the best exclusives and best experiences. I Xbox One chances time and time again because I loved the 360 but it was a disappointment.

  • António Bernardo
    António Bernardo Month ago

    Nice to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger talking about Xbox's problems.

    VEL KOZBY Month ago

    Xbox does'nnt have spiderman oh so sad not really cause fuk microsoft i dont wanna buy a 500 console that doesnt have good gaames fuk your crappy shity games

  • SnyoR ™
    SnyoR ™ Month ago

    what is the game at 5:04 can anyone tell me please

    • Decima
      Decima Month ago

      Sunset overdrive

  • kees de groot
    kees de groot Month ago

    Lol what a nonsense this video. Just buy a PC. And just for your I formation, all the most played and best games are on all platforms. Like assassin's creed odyssey and red dead redemption 2 as best. And most played fortnite, destiny 2 and blackops 4.

    • Swift Lee
      Swift Lee Month ago

      Zezima Kaka RDR2 has a low user score as many gamers deemed it as boring so the hype surrounding that game will eventually fade out. Also, the games you named are either online (So of course people are still going to play them) or have mediocre user ratings like Destiny 2 and RDR2. Sony has proven that they're the best at making quality AAA exclusive that don't rely on multiplayer modes.

    • Zezima Kaka
      Zezima Kaka Month ago

      kees de groot Don’t mislead people about Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC. That game will not be released on PC for several years. You can go on google and check that out yourself.

  • This Guy Right Here

    It's actually funny to see deluded Sony fanboys constantly chatting shit saying Xbox has lost this generation when their shitty console is just starting to make a comeback after being shit on for years lmao

  • Conor O'neill
    Conor O'neill Month ago

    You forgot killer instinct, and persona 5 was on PS3 also. That said, I want the Xbox to have better games, I owned a 360 for all of last gen and a PS3 at the end. I waited and bought a PS4 in 2015 because it was the better deal. Xbox backwards compatibility was a good step for Microsoft, but the game prices are too high. Microsoft really fucked up by losing third party support due to poor platform performance, and by losing fable, scalebound, and phantom dust. Killer instinct is no replacement for dead or alive, Forza horizon is good, but is too much Forza, they needed project Gotham. Halo 5 was a shit version of star wars republic commando with a halo skin. Dead Rising and state of decay are boring ways to engage with zombies. Sea of Thieves is No mans Sea. Gears of War 4 was too little too late. Crackdown should have never had sequels, its dated, just like just cause and mercenaries. Halo Wars 2 was a stop gap for a lack of halo on the console and never managed to gain traction like the first due to the fanbase having moved on. Microsoft games cost more than Sony games and go on sale less often. The Xbox exclusives are available on PC. The Xbox One X was a great Idea, and if it means Microsoft is committed to keeping your library alive with each new console, then awesome, but they need to realize that they need to regrow the platform they destroyed, and that means deep deep sales on software.

  • Dave Gamlin
    Dave Gamlin Month ago

    Sea of Thieves is Fun
    But gets boring
    😢 I still love my XBOX