Cameron Boyce

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • Rest in peace, dear friend. You’ll be in our hearts forever 💔
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  • Cindy The monster
    Cindy The monster 7 hours ago

    You....actually put this on TV...
    Ur not So bad Disney...

  • lina_ ajaj
    lina_ ajaj 10 hours ago

    I miss cameron but like why cant they put a song over the video not being disrespectful i love him and im sad i literaly cried 3-4 times

  • baby haz
    baby haz 10 hours ago

    It's so sad that he died

  • L-Series
    L-Series 10 hours ago

    He was my childhood.. But now hes in a beeter place..

  • saydee show
    saydee show 10 hours ago

    Why did he have to go he was so sweet and kind I just dont understand

  • Daniel José
    Daniel José 10 hours ago


  • April Perez
    April Perez 11 hours ago

    Rip cameron you will alway be in our heart🙏

  • Desu Chan
    Desu Chan 11 hours ago +1

    R.I.P Cameron Boyce.
    Our heart’s will forever be broken 💔

  • WhatsupElla
    WhatsupElla 11 hours ago

    Cameron Boyce may be gone but will never be gone in our hearts❤️

  • Deysi Valeria Vortazar Ovando

    Like si quisieras que siguiera vivo 😖😭😔😥😖😖😖😭😢

  • jigging jacy
    jigging jacy 12 hours ago

    I’m 20 almost 21 and I loved this dude. People have no respect. RIP beautiful soul.

  • Symtax
    Symtax 13 hours ago +1

    Wait what did he die? if he did how? i have never heard any of this he was like my favorite character..

  • Diego xD
    Diego xD 14 hours ago


  • It'sLeonardoMz
    It'sLeonardoMz 14 hours ago

    Alv un platano

  • Margaret Tejeda
    Margaret Tejeda 14 hours ago +1

    I'm regretting right now RIP Cameron Boyçe he was young and d handsome it is shocking to hear that he passed away he was on Jessie I'm very wised it deeply affected me.

  • Denise Flewellen
    Denise Flewellen 14 hours ago

    R I P Cameron Boyce😇🙏💗💖

  • David Kids
    David Kids 15 hours ago

    R.I.P Cameron you will always be missed

  • stacie taylor
    stacie taylor 16 hours ago

    When I saw this on my TV while I was literally watching Ariana grande I was like yes! Yes! I'm so glad they have this!

  • Mustafa İsmail DEMİR
    Mustafa İsmail DEMİR 16 hours ago

    Allah rahmet etsin

  • Levi Ackerman
    Levi Ackerman 16 hours ago

    No pusieron ni música, que sosos son

  • MissFluff
    MissFluff 16 hours ago

    Cameron Died on July 6, my birthday ...😭😭

  • Alesio Roel Ibarra Vega

    Quiero llorar

  • Patricia BAM
    Patricia BAM 18 hours ago +1

    Cameron Boyce i love you forever,my gorgeous,my love,my husband.😢😭💔😣😥😓🙁🤕😔😖😷🤒😯🤐😮🗡💉💊🔫🔪

  • ane holslien
    ane holslien 18 hours ago


  • Katherine Mendoza Ramirez

    Te vamos a extrañarT_T

  • herbiej3/Mike
    herbiej3/Mike 21 hour ago

    What I want to know is that kind of person would dislike this video

  • Hannah :P
    Hannah :P 21 hour ago

    rest easy baby boy ♡

  • frikininja
    frikininja 23 hours ago


  • Beatriz Sophia Santos Alves

    Rip Cameron YOU never Will be forget ↑_↑

  • Larry Chatanuggs

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜♋♋♋ 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💔🌎💔🌎🌀
    *Dios muestra su amor para con nosotros, enviando a su Hijo Jesucristo, muerto y resucitado de entre los muertos para darnos vida eterna.*
    *También se comprometió a sanar su cuerpo.*
    *(Sólo pídele)*

  • Davidson Roberts


  • zSolan Live
    zSolan Live Day ago

    1 like 1 R.i.p

  • Ignacio Castillo :D


  • TheMasterGamer
    TheMasterGamer Day ago +1

    Man this just broke my heart to see a Disney channel actor die like this,man it’s true what they say some have to go and some have to stay Rest In Peace Cameron Boyce 💔

  • Rodolfo Gonzalez
    Rodolfo Gonzalez Day ago +1


  • Girl Friend
    Girl Friend Day ago +1

    Rest in piece my sweet childhood crush, inspiration and favorite ❤️

  • o mais foda de todos

    it's funny 'cause he died of ligma.

  • Gonzalo Flores
    Gonzalo Flores Day ago


  • Electric
    Electric Day ago

    Luke is a part of the Ascendents now

  • Kimberly The Potato

    I miss him so much. I remember the first I watched him on Jessie,he's my childhood 😭😭♥️♥️💝

  • Livia Meira
    Livia Meira Day ago


  • Imasmoolbanana _playzroblox

    I hope there's no one gonna replace him

  • yeo jin kim
    yeo jin kim Day ago

    Its so sad that he has died,but like i just wonder... will the disney descendants

  • Silent Dreams Gaming

    Rest in paradise 😑😭💔

  • Silent Dreams Gaming


  • Camilla Martins
    Camilla Martins Day ago


  • Netherborn
    Netherborn Day ago

    I miss him

    GAME TWINS Day ago

    I miss him

  • Yennoo
    Yennoo Day ago

    I can’t explain how much this shocked me, such a young happy soul, rest in peace Cameron ❤️🙏🏼

  • Beemo :1
    Beemo :1 Day ago

    Jakjajaka y quien es ese?

  • Haffner Twins
    Haffner Twins Day ago


  • •Wôlfiê• 199


  • midoriya shonen
    midoriya shonen Day ago

    Oof F :'v F F F F F



  • Benjamin Snyder
    Benjamin Snyder Day ago


  • Benjamin Snyder
    Benjamin Snyder Day ago


  • Stratos
    Stratos Day ago

    Nooooooo i loved all of his shows and he just standed out and was so special, but hes atleast in a better place now

  • Emma Giulvezan
    Emma Giulvezan Day ago

    RIP Camron Boyce😭

  • I king_ di_Foggia

    Ma sai che ce ne frega... Viva ✌️ la.... Completate voi!

  • I king_ di_Foggia

    Ma sai che ce ne frega... Viva ✌️ la.... Completate voi!

  • Lauren Mullins
    Lauren Mullins Day ago

    It's a little unfair that all Disney did to respect him was a silent cheesy slide show. Literally hozier did better. My neighbor did better. RIP Cameron

  • Cleaner ALPHA
    Cleaner ALPHA Day ago


  • Rotten Yogurt
    Rotten Yogurt Day ago

    Rip Cameron Boyce
    He never did what he was going to do doring his life

  • Connor Smith
    Connor Smith Day ago

    It's so sad hows debbey ryan

  • 사랑 Elmas KORE
    사랑 Elmas KORE Day ago +1


  • xpt0
    xpt0 Day ago +1

    Cameron Boyce
    We Love You 3000

  • Bauti_lol
    Bauti_lol Day ago

    He was part of my childhood R.I.P. Cameron Boyce 😭

  • Blaze Loops
    Blaze Loops Day ago

    Why u shouldent join Disney cuzz u die

  • Sandra Grønsberg
    Sandra Grønsberg 2 days ago

    I miss you

  • Dayofthedaleks 152
    Dayofthedaleks 152 2 days ago


  • TyPe_Rewind
    TyPe_Rewind 2 days ago +1

    it says entertainment :/

  • Ивана Сабева

    Cameron I love you R.I.P

  • Mew Mew POG
    Mew Mew POG 2 days ago

    Jesus loved you

  • Damien Does Stuff
    Damien Does Stuff 2 days ago

    sometimes people are just floppy bois

  • Alfredo Bernardo Flores Ramos

    My HEART ;~;

  • Deidre Moodley
    Deidre Moodley 2 days ago

    I can't believe Cameron boys was cremated but I will see him in heaven when I go there love u Cameron and all the other movie stars love Alysa one day I really want to become an actor in kiddies shows with dove cameron

  • Yoro Sonko
    Yoro Sonko 2 days ago


  • XxJordy_42 xX
    XxJordy_42 xX 2 days ago


  • MR Beef
    MR Beef 2 days ago +7

    I’ve always thought Cameron Boyce was my favorite actor yet he was the one to leave faster

    Rest In Peace

  • roze rizzo
    roze rizzo 2 days ago


  • Dak_ Ho97
    Dak_ Ho97 2 days ago

    I miss you cam

  • Mackenzie Montalvo
    Mackenzie Montalvo 2 days ago

    We miss you Cameron! Fly high baby❤️🤕 love you so much😭🤞🏻🕊

  • XxIsaiasxX ss
    XxIsaiasxX ss 2 days ago +1


  • Esteban Gonzalez
    Esteban Gonzalez 2 days ago

    U are a leyend cameron

  • hickory skip
    hickory skip 2 days ago

    Guys, he was such a important figure, yes, but think about it now, he’s not suffering from whatever caused his death. He’s peacefully resting in the life after death, or reincarnation. 💕

  • Nazgul_pt
    Nazgul_pt 2 days ago

    E difícil dizer adeus a Cameron Boice

  • Alisson Rivera
    Alisson Rivera 2 days ago

    Cuanto lo extraño😭

  • Toxic SkuzYT
    Toxic SkuzYT 2 days ago

    What happen??

  • Kim Namjoon
    Kim Namjoon 2 days ago


  • Melany Ramirez
    Melany Ramirez 2 days ago

    in every picture he looked happy

  • Iggy Spetrino
    Iggy Spetrino 2 days ago


  • El canal De LEO
    El canal De LEO 2 days ago

    YES :)

  • speechless ?
    speechless ? 2 days ago

    You guys better put at the end of descendents 3 "in loving memory of Cameron boyce"

  • maya lund
    maya lund 2 days ago


  • Bastian Xd
    Bastian Xd 2 days ago


  • Leo Stone
    Leo Stone 2 days ago


  • Luca Manelli
    Luca Manelli 2 days ago +1

    Love you forever bro

  • Христо бг
    Христо бг 2 days ago

    Камера 😭😭😭😭😔😔🇺🇲🇺🇲:-{