Karl-Anthony Towns on Scouting Opponents with 2K & More! - NBA 2KTV S4. Ep.16

  • Published on Jan 13, 2018
  • We catch up with Karl-Anthony Towns on the road. He chats about his team, his friendship with KG, and we find out one way he scouts his opponents. Plus, are you going for NBA 2K League? We have Expert Tips to help you get those 50 Pro-Am wins! Then, MyTEAM updates and your Top Plays of the Week.
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    ESRB Rating: EVERYONE 10+
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  • lud_genesis
    lud_genesis 11 months ago

    omg ronnie would be a good mascot lmao

  • jcnba28
    jcnba28 Year ago

    Shirt is lit

  • The Basketball Head

    7:21 ✊🍆💦💦💦💦

  • Straight From Sol

    #2k draft me

  • Straight From Sol


  • Aubrey Graham
    Aubrey Graham Year ago +1

    Mike smashed

  • Frownz
    Frownz Year ago

    is it just me who is a 3 point shooter and playmaker archetype that misses the easiest shots ever!?

  • P T
    P T Year ago +2

    Towns gonna give her the D

  • Cadorien
    Cadorien Year ago


  • its_torian 2xx
    its_torian 2xx Year ago

    2k 15 service ain't working and I'm signed in the psn

  • Roman Abdel
    Roman Abdel Year ago

    i just wanted to let you know i just got dropped off by a slasher defender shooting and making 2 threes one for the win at that and he has 6 bars on 3pt shooting while my 92 pure sharp miss full white bars wide open... after this i think your game deserve to be sold back to game stop i am done with your trash ass brainless game its too frustrating

  • Bryce Crook
    Bryce Crook Year ago


  • Dwight Howard
    Dwight Howard Year ago +1

    Man take the fucking good timing shots outta the game and put back rookie mode in 2k🤦🏽‍♂️ broke ass game

  • King_Lil_ C
    King_Lil_ C Year ago +1

    Mike wang would you want Ronnie on your team? I don’t know if they have mascots in the League yet.
    The shade 😂😂😂🤫💀

  • TJM Matthews29
    TJM Matthews29 Year ago

    ok how do I play Solo walk-on games without a squad which i have been trying to get one? what button do i press to play solo games with randoms?

  • yyy yyy
    yyy yyy Year ago +2

    Fix your servers 2k!!!!

  • Maria Allen
    Maria Allen Year ago +2

    You guys need to add tattoos in create a player I’m talking about in the options menu

  • StromboliTV
    StromboliTV Year ago


  • brandonm 2018
    brandonm 2018 Year ago

    Boooooooo it's mike wang patch this

  • Mlijah Davis
    Mlijah Davis Year ago +1

    Youll need to come out with a college basketball game before ea i will be fine with generic ballers because we can just get roster please make a college basketball game

  • TristanGlow55
    TristanGlow55 Year ago

    you guys delited 2 of my players that were 85 orvaral😭😠😭😠😭😠😭😠😭😠

  • Jayway 21 YT
    Jayway 21 YT Year ago

    Sorry for the language

  • Jayway 21 YT
    Jayway 21 YT Year ago

    *so fuckin

  • Jayway 21 YT
    Jayway 21 YT Year ago +1

    Y’all should put bad and boujee on nba 2k19 bc it goes sofuckin hard

  • Luka Vidakovic
    Luka Vidakovic Year ago +2

    you ruined yo game its trash this year

  • Easyontheeyes
    Easyontheeyes Year ago

    Show us the pussy


    EveryTime I play a game in MyCareer in the HalfTime show NBA2K18 drop me out
    PLZ fixed it

  • Juho Bous
    Juho Bous Year ago

    Mike Wang looks so hot!!! :3

  • King Mari
    King Mari Year ago +1


  • T-Mac Highlights
    T-Mac Highlights Year ago +1

    Rache got em quadricep muscles juiced up dayum

  • Alex Gallifa
    Alex Gallifa Year ago +1

    I swear Mike Chang ruined this game.. I hope 2k19 is better than this

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson Year ago +5

    *2k should Bring Back 2k11*

  • Metro2k
    Metro2k Year ago

    Please sub im starting to do 2k videos

  • Max Atifi
    Max Atifi Year ago +1

    Do u know de wei 2k?

  • Jame5 T
    Jame5 T Year ago


  • LilPat1017
    LilPat1017 Year ago +1

    Its been many months into this game hearing multiple complaints over and over yet you still don’t fix your game. And can you stop with the slider bullshit when you get a lead? You miss every open shot while they make multiple contested layups and if they miss they’ll get the offensive rebound over 2 players and have someone wide open. Your my team gameplay is fucking ass!!!!!

  • KasheMoneyRemix
    KasheMoneyRemix Year ago +12

    Rachel with the high fives..

  • Itz Pawz
    Itz Pawz Year ago


  • Maegan Caouette
    Maegan Caouette Year ago

    Best video game

  • Eternal Star 2401
    Eternal Star 2401 Year ago +7

    KAT is my favorite NBA player when it comes to non-basketball activities. Wearing a Nintendo 64 shirt, talking about wanting to get a round of golf in. This dude is my hero!

  • Dillon Brossart
    Dillon Brossart Year ago +19

    Rachel looks so hot

    • Righteous1
      Righteous1 Year ago

      Gia Paige(pornstar) looks like Rachel......if you want "research"

  • Muncho Taco Gaming
    Muncho Taco Gaming Year ago +4

    It takes too long to load the game. Please fix that next year!!! Please, 2k?!

    • TJM Matthews29
      TJM Matthews29 Year ago

      Muncho Taco Gaming yes ikr for a brand new game the loading time should be easier and quicker now come on 2K18.

  • A.E.norway2k19
    A.E.norway2k19 Year ago

    Sup nba2ktv

  • gay
    gay Year ago +1

    Is it me or does we sound British?

    JREEL Year ago +4

    Inb4 Mike Wang fucks up 2K18 even more with another patch.

  • gianne tortoza
    gianne tortoza Year ago

    fuck rachel demita in the ass

  • P4P Best.
    P4P Best. Year ago

    That girl is so fucking gorgeous.

  • GlizzysGalore
    GlizzysGalore Year ago +11

    Yooo they blurred my name out 😫🤣

    • That Record
      That Record Year ago

      I wonder why...

    • KDA
      KDA Year ago +3

      KkushedOutt Thats tuff

  • holland Lankford
    holland Lankford Year ago

    Y’all still do locker codes?

  • Calvin Jeffrey Brown


  • CookieTime__69
    CookieTime__69 Year ago

    PSN: CookieTime__69


    Rachel needs to go to ea 2k is fucking ass btw does any one know what to do when on the main menu it says downloading game updates

  • Frito_. Lay
    Frito_. Lay Year ago +2

    They on ps4

  • Shaneghoul
    Shaneghoul Year ago +23

    Does anyone actually play this game anymore?

    • Muncho Taco Gaming
      Muncho Taco Gaming Year ago

      Righteous1 How do you know she’s a pornstar?

    • Luka Vidakovic
      Luka Vidakovic Year ago

      now they say it was great coz this one is more trash and if by full of cheese amd stupid animations and illogical events you consider great then sure its goat of games and 2k

    • That Record
      That Record Year ago

      This game is great stop complaining, everybody said the same about 2k17 last year and now people say it was a great game, start using your head a little bit more

    • Luka Vidakovic
      Luka Vidakovic Year ago

      game showed off as trash

    • Jason Alade
      Jason Alade Year ago

      Everyone plays fortnite now

  • Caleb Wong
    Caleb Wong Year ago +32

    Rachel is drop dead gorgeous

    • P T
      P T Year ago

      Mia Khalifa too

    • Athletic Auba
      Athletic Auba Year ago +1

      RIley Reid too

    • Alex Gallifa
      Alex Gallifa Year ago

      Righteous1 Sommer Ray looks a bit like her as well

    • Righteous1
      Righteous1 Year ago +2

      Gia Paige(pornstar) looks like Rachel......if you want it for "research"

  • Jawbone1807
    Jawbone1807 Year ago


  • Blair Sutton
    Blair Sutton Year ago +48

    Rachel out here lookin like a snack 👀

    • dafuqawew
      dafuqawew Year ago +1

      gia doesnt look like her at all

    • Jason Alade
      Jason Alade Year ago

      Blair Sutton i remember

    • Jason Alade
      Jason Alade Year ago

      Blair Sutton U Saïd that about beija as well

    • Alex Gallifa
      Alex Gallifa Year ago

      Blair Sutton ikr imagine how lucky his boyfriend (if she has any) feels

    • Blair Sutton
      Blair Sutton Year ago

      Righteous1 cheers mate will “research”

  • Lil Skirty Purp
    Lil Skirty Purp Year ago

    21 views 3 likes?

    Looks like USclip is finally fixed

    • slatt
      slatt Year ago

      OfficialNbaEverything stop commenting this shit..

  • PrettyBoyYounq
    PrettyBoyYounq Year ago

    0 views omg 1st

  • LimitLess GoaT
    LimitLess GoaT Year ago +11

    Ronnie 2k should bring 2k16 back

    • Cole Man
      Cole Man Year ago +2

      Z Neion because he is not community managing shit

    • Zee Nee
      Zee Nee Year ago

      Why u guys always blaming ronnie he's just a community manager :/

    • LimitLess GoaT
      LimitLess GoaT Year ago

      Oren Talor that's a fact

    • Oren Talor
      Oren Talor Year ago +1

      Serigne Khadim Diaw
      I also hope for that.
      2k16 must back

  • SD_Baller 44
    SD_Baller 44 Year ago +1

    Go sub to me

  • Soopa Mario
    Soopa Mario Year ago +2

    Much love 2K :) Great episode

  • PrettyBoyYounq
    PrettyBoyYounq Year ago


  • LimitLess GoaT
    LimitLess GoaT Year ago


  • SD_Baller 44
    SD_Baller 44 Year ago +1


  • Sxucy
    Sxucy Year ago


  • x VenomZz
    x VenomZz Year ago


  • Krinne
    Krinne Year ago

    Stupid ass game

  • IsaacTheGamer TUT


  • G R E G
    G R E G Year ago +17

    Weak ass game 🤦‍♀️