FUNNIEST Bloopers 2018! | Wednesday Checkup

  • Published on Jan 3, 2019
  • Hey guys! Although I'm on vacation this week in Costa Rica, I compiled a bunch of my favorite bloopers from this past year for you! Ask and you shall receive!
    Let me know which was your favorite down in the comments :)

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Comments • 4 597

  • Dániel Hegedüs
    Dániel Hegedüs 18 hours ago

    When your brother is gonna tell your mom that you started a fire in the kitchen:

  • Amira Ezz
    Amira Ezz 2 days ago +1

    Love you

  • And I Boop
    And I Boop 3 days ago



  • nisqh _
    nisqh _ 4 days ago

    I dont know why this made my day better 😂

  • Hey it's me
    Hey it's me 4 days ago

    YoU'rE FiReD

  • Jamie Lindsay
    Jamie Lindsay 5 days ago

    Omg that tounge

  • pessimistic thing
    pessimistic thing 5 days ago

    go to **

  • Soc Butter
    Soc Butter 5 days ago

    Awww. Grumpy cat and two dogs! Okay, Dr. Mike is okay by me.

  • Aria Harrigan
    Aria Harrigan 6 days ago

    His sneeze was the cutest. Uwuuuu!

  • vada haglund
    vada haglund 6 days ago

    1:16 is literally my life

  • Clayton Straub
    Clayton Straub 7 days ago

    Does anyone else wanna be a professional sandwich technician

  • GLU
    GLU 7 days ago +1

    You sneeze so cute LOL love the videos keep up the good work and keep doing what you're doing

  • Brianna Kanable
    Brianna Kanable 8 days ago

    2:59 makes me laugh every time I watch this

  • Lazy Roll
    Lazy Roll 8 days ago

    "what do you think bio is?"
    - I don't know
    *"its bacteria farts"*
    - *_YuM_*

  • Shreyasi Chatterjee
    Shreyasi Chatterjee 9 days ago

    You hve gone crazy....cooooooool

  • Manuela Marins
    Manuela Marins 10 days ago

    4:29 you're welcome

  • Jean Gutierrez
    Jean Gutierrez 11 days ago

    This is hilarious. We need more of this for the better of the world. 😂😅😁

  • Roaming with Rover
    Roaming with Rover 11 days ago

    I need that PRN shirt!!

  • Nancy M
    Nancy M 12 days ago

    4:49 “professional sandwich technician” 🤣😂

  • cnx *-*
    cnx *-* 12 days ago

    Omg i need more Dr. Mike.1 isnt enough this world 😢

  • doggos and cattos
    doggos and cattos 13 days ago

    3:15 my favorite blooper: *" the cow goes **_moo_** "*

  • BurningYT -
    BurningYT - 14 days ago

    1:52 Someone animate this

  • •yamįleth •
    •yamįleth • 16 days ago

    when he winked I was like let’s watch that 10 more times

  • Jahanvi Mishra
    Jahanvi Mishra 18 days ago

    4:30 killed me. 😍😭

  • stesha sukesh
    stesha sukesh 20 days ago

    I honestly can’t even 😂😂😂😂

  • Johncie Clark
    Johncie Clark 21 day ago

    Questions questions questions

  • PureAsLewi
    PureAsLewi 21 day ago


  • holly hell
    holly hell 21 day ago

    “Bear I love you but right now I can’t do that”... am I the only one that imagined Dr Mike licking Bear back for a second when he said that? Lol

  • Grace Young
    Grace Young 21 day ago +1

    1:16 he so thiccccc his belt can't handle it🤣🔬🔬❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤩

  • TrueNathan
    TrueNathan 22 days ago

    what the hell? what was that noise?
    hello, yoshi.

  • Ffion Wall
    Ffion Wall 23 days ago +2


  • That Squid Kid
    That Squid Kid 24 days ago +8

    Mike: I’m a medical professional
    Also Mike: *doesn’t cover his mouth when he sneezes*

  • Maddie Donaghy
    Maddie Donaghy 25 days ago

    This whole thing just has me like: WHAT😂😂😂

  • Magicme79
    Magicme79 27 days ago +1

    “I say questions like 300 times” And then he casually grabs his crotch. Alrighty then ;P

  • CrimsonNi
    CrimsonNi 27 days ago +1


  • Leonie H.
    Leonie H. 28 days ago

    him: „Is it laying in bed or lying in bed?“
    me: *rubbing my hands as I prepare to fire off my knowledge from 10 years of English classes obtained through countless unnecessary tests and grammar lessons* Oh boy my time has come

  • G Scarlatti
    G Scarlatti 29 days ago

    Where’s the husky now? He just has bear.

  • Meghna ABC
    Meghna ABC Month ago

    the cow goes moo!

  • Kennedy526
    Kennedy526 Month ago +1

    Goodness, I just love him!!

  • Lina Buljugija
    Lina Buljugija Month ago +2

    *When my teacher is being mean and I respond:* 2:59

  • Meseret Gazahign
    Meseret Gazahign Month ago

    "That isn't the right terminology."

  • Gracen Ward
    Gracen Ward Month ago

    People always say that it’s bad to let dogs lick your face. Is that true? Because I see you let your dogs give you kisses

    • Lilinass Melinass
      Lilinass Melinass Month ago +1

      Look at the dog 😭😭😭😭 I want him by my side ohhh lalalala he is killing me melting my heart

  • Don't Worry be Happy

    Bear is so cute :-) Doctor Mike binge 2019 :-)

  • Patricia Katsman
    Patricia Katsman Month ago +1

    That was soooooo funny.

  • Eva Maria
    Eva Maria Month ago

    Thank you for sharing this video with us and make us laugh with it. It was really really funny! The alarm kitchen scene reminded me of something similar that happened to me in a rented apartment.. 😂😂

  • Kat Schuh
    Kat Schuh Month ago

    Mike is soooo adorable!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Irene is a hot vampire

    4:29 *I FEEL ATTACKED*

  • Emlah9081
    Emlah9081 Month ago

    What's your problem? 😂😂😂

  • Tiffany Pérez
    Tiffany Pérez Month ago

    4:30 your welcome 🥰🥰

  • Tiffany Pérez
    Tiffany Pérez Month ago

    1:54 aAAh!
    2:02 😬😂
    2:47 omg 🤣🤣

  • Anna Berkbigler
    Anna Berkbigler Month ago +1


  • sang01me
    sang01me Month ago

    Doctor Mike's bloopers are the best

  • Dhananjay Potdar
    Dhananjay Potdar Month ago

    Someone : Dr. Mike is overrated
    Me: 2:59

  • Hamas Murshad
    Hamas Murshad Month ago

    3:25 When doctors sneeze XD

  • mikayla cumming
    mikayla cumming Month ago

    You should do a house tour!!

  • TwentyØne Panics! At the YUNGBLUD

    Ohh I think I just ripped my pants
    I just broke my belt

  • DelfinVik1
    DelfinVik1 Month ago


  • Kalaisha K Totty
    Kalaisha K Totty 2 months ago

    This is too funny

  • Supah Banana
    Supah Banana 2 months ago

    *tHe cAoW gOeS mOo*

  • Lady DaVinci
    Lady DaVinci 2 months ago

    Professional sandwich technician is now one of my goals in life. hahahaha.