Why Chinese Manufacturing Wins

  • Published on Aug 8, 2017
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    Deng Xiaping footage courtesy Reagan Library
    Singapore historic photo courtesy Hiramatsu Kaxuhito
    Chinese bar photo courtesy Roman Boed
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  • Wendover Productions
    Wendover Productions  Year ago +3951

    I hope you enjoy this video!
    There's a bit of a unique situation in this video where the sponsor is partially the subject of the video as well. This is because they were able to give me a level of access that normally would not have been possible (Chinese factories are not easy to film in.) I want to stress that I did have creative control over the video but take my presentation with a grain of salt nonetheless. I visited a well-regarded, ethical factory which isn't necessarily a reflection of all factories in China, as you may know. I also didn't cover some of the issues with manufacturing in China and other less-developed countries since I was taking a more holistic, economic view rather than a person view.

    • TheNine AreMine
      TheNine AreMine Day ago

      Have to call "bullsh!t" on the play. LOL You may of had "creative control", but the factory was clearly staged. Anyone who's ever seen inside a Chinese factory, knows that the places are way over crowded. In the factory you visited there were no more then (4) people on the assembly line at any given time. *STAGED!* LOL

    • Pankaj Doharey
      Pankaj Doharey 23 days ago

      There is one thing that you are not considering that Chinese raw material is cheaper than anywhere in the world so those manufacturing may not move back top US because of robots alone.

    • Falun Gong BS Cult
      Falun Gong BS Cult Month ago

      DJ Lizzyb-Mixtress TM stupid Ignorant troll America doesn’t have factories like China to make everything dumbass.

    • Falun Gong BS Cult
      Falun Gong BS Cult Month ago

      khayle05 Troll.

    • Falun Gong BS Cult
      Falun Gong BS Cult Month ago

      khayle05 Go hide and Fuck yourself.

  • metalperslfx
    metalperslfx 58 minutes ago

    0:29 Deja Vu bottom right

  • Hortencio Rizo
    Hortencio Rizo 3 hours ago +1

    bendover productions!

  • Jason Liu
    Jason Liu 9 hours ago


  • Kk s
    Kk s 11 hours ago

    I guess if you have a billion slaves u have an edge

  • Quy Dang
    Quy Dang Day ago

    China is growing fast pace because USA give them tax free for 2 decades.

    • Dmeads 56
      Dmeads 56 22 hours ago

      That and they have a $400b trade surplus with the US.

  • 429np nile
    429np nile Day ago

    Why? Because the U.S. basically, for all intents and purposes, shut down our factories and moved them to China at U.S. expense.

  • Tristan
    Tristan Day ago

    China has polish the economic rules.. I appreciate the Ingenuity and hard work of the Chinese people, right or wrong, They have done it. The Chinese communist party had done something right here. But time will tell.

  • M home
    M home Day ago

    Made in japan has done

  • Freddy Flintstone


  • Don ta
    Don ta 2 days ago

    Xi jing ping win win ... winnie the pooh .. 😆

  • Sven Lima
    Sven Lima 2 days ago

    The video is very interesting. The background music is very disturbing - too high volume

  • Frederick Hall Jr
    Frederick Hall Jr 3 days ago

    Listen sir you can say Chinese manufacturing is good but I don't think so because all the chips that they make all of the stuff that they make brakes I got brand new truck that it's not acting right and these parts were made in China even though they have German names on them or they might have an American name on them there still were made in China it is not even that my cell phone which is a note 9 doesn't even work right because of that reason so I don't know what the hell you talkin about they win the manufacturing War not they don't not by fire we need to get rid of this s*** and take it back to the way it used to be like Trump says the way America used to be and not in the way of saying that they're going to get out here and make people go back to race Wars and on the other stuff but it's about us going back to the country we used to be the manufacturing country when we used to sell stuff to people people to say it was American-made so they know it was going to last when I had a frigerator before it lasted 30 years without quitting now frigerator doesn't last was 6 years same thing with washing machines Bass the last 30 years now you be lucky if it'll go 6 years without calling somebody to be fixed

  • Arthur Heidt
    Arthur Heidt 3 days ago

    because they currently have a lot of young proletarians to burn off

  • Lancelot Xavier
    Lancelot Xavier 3 days ago +2

    -Protectionism through tariffs.
    -Very little environmental regulations.
    -Low wages.
    -Gov. subsidies galore
    -Higher average I.Q. population.
    That last one is especially important for productivity.
    Not unusual for east Asian companies to have 5x to 17x the productivity per worker compared to the U.S.
    Especially so because most of our factory workers are from the bottom I.Q. portion of our population where theirs is mixed.

  • Jeremy Boutwell
    Jeremy Boutwell 3 days ago

    Yes China is making all the product and us is buying I

  • willysnowman
    willysnowman 4 days ago

    Notice. *They got better at manufacturing.* They didn't just elect an orange retard who lies to them.

  • Rapho Perleche
    Rapho Perleche 4 days ago

    Useful information delivered with well thought out distribution in so few minutes: that's everything I want from an educational video. Phenomenal work, folks!!

  • Craig Wolfe
    Craig Wolfe 5 days ago +1

    Who's chips are in your national defense?!

  • Craig Wolfe
    Craig Wolfe 5 days ago

    USA gave them the tools they needed to destroy us. World economy dumbass. All you college fags we're down. Bill Clinton! Remember? Retard

  • Todd Tamayo
    Todd Tamayo 5 days ago +9

    Not anymore, I buy everything made in the USA.

    • Kk s
      Kk s 10 hours ago

      I support slavery I buy chinese

    • 羿锋
      羿锋 Day ago

      you think you did,but actually not

    • 飞龙在天
      飞龙在天 2 days ago

      Then you spend much more

  • alex black
    alex black 5 days ago

    Chinese made goods are garbage in comparison to Americans, Europeans, and Canadian made products.

  • Aaron Thompson
    Aaron Thompson 6 days ago

    Tariffs: *Exist*
    Chinese Manufacturing: "plz no"

  • Zaptor
    Zaptor 6 days ago +7

    If taxes and income taxes were lower in the US, workers could work for less per hour and compete when factoring in logistics. But the folks want their free nanny state stuff hence the huge taxes and need for high uncompetitive income.

    • The_Mad_Alchemist
      The_Mad_Alchemist Day ago

      I had aggressive lymphoma in high school, without my "free nanny state stuff" I would probably not be alive because there is no way in hell my family could afford the treatment. The cost of living in developed countries gets you social security and quality of life, go ahead and move to china if you'd prefer it there.

  • Adriaan Cilliers
    Adriaan Cilliers 6 days ago

    Perhaps it time we start supporting local products rather than Chinese and give local companies a chance to grow our own economies and create jobs rather than consumers?

    • izdatsumcp
      izdatsumcp 5 days ago

      No, Americans should work better jobs than what the Chinese are working.

  • galina crites
    galina crites 7 days ago

    The air in China is awful, terrible place to live.

    • Zi Chen
      Zi Chen 7 days ago

      galina crites but American has more garbages, they sents the garbage to China for recycle. That y bruh

  • James Anagnos
    James Anagnos 7 days ago +1

    China makes junk and have become synonimous with poor quality, no one wants made in china goods ,they flooded the world with junk and counterfieght products

  • hello hun
    hello hun 8 days ago

    Yes , Africans while being a robust people, have no work ethic. This is why slavery was so successful. Forced labor provided products at a rapid rate. On average prove me wrong.

  • Nick Tiganus
    Nick Tiganus 8 days ago

    In America the lawyers wins

    NL- WARRIOR 8 days ago +7

    Here in India 90% of electronics products are made in china😁

    • Arthur Heidt
      Arthur Heidt 3 days ago

      that will change one day china has its aging population

  • 李林超
    李林超 8 days ago

    1:15 Taiwan is an inalienable part of Chinese territory!

  • scythermantis
    scythermantis 9 days ago

    Chinese don't care about worker's rights and abuse is rampant.
    They have little environmental regulations and are responsible for most of the pollution in the world.
    There are massive landfills and ghost cities.
    Conditions are so bad in factories that there are SUICIDE NETS because so many workers are trying to kill themselves by jumping out of windows.

  • We r being Replaced
    We r being Replaced 9 days ago

    China will also steal your Intellectual products info n kick your company out n make your product still.look how they have a Chinese brand that's almost the same has a USA one

  • We r being Replaced
    We r being Replaced 9 days ago

    Companies get slave labor prices for manufacturing but there product is still overpriced. So the fat owners can get richer from the slaves

  • T Brown Records
    T Brown Records 9 days ago

    That's a place I need to visit over there and buy $600,000 worth of merchandise and put our brand on it and put it in retail stores for a good low price.

  • Lorry Camill
    Lorry Camill 9 days ago

    China has desert turned to farms and cities but the people gives 100% work towards there country and can’t risk to be corrupt or a traitor to your country because it will be the end

  • Lorry Camill
    Lorry Camill 9 days ago

    Amazing 80 dollars and still had change and 3 dollars meal and people work for 4 dollars an hour ,that’s why all factories moved there cheap labour ,and no one complains and China does it on there own with no one telling them what to do real amazzing

  • samtoo2010
    samtoo2010 9 days ago

    Anker make the best product in the market. The durability and reliability is better especially in charging cables. Their apple lightning cables have 10 times durabilities than the apple factory one

  • Randall Slaughter
    Randall Slaughter 10 days ago +3

    Thank Bill Clinton for giving China one-way tariff "free trade" in 2000, along with nukes.. He's a traitor and ought to hang for that.

    • Sean Delaney
      Sean Delaney 6 days ago

      You think the left is brainwashed yet you lack a full understanding. Clinton did indeed expand Free-trade, however this was more likely him "crossing the isle" for that is generally a conservative stance, which is how it passed, he was working with a Republican controlled house. But really it is American, for we hoped that would could influence their human rights. Now, partially thanks to Trump Americans are waking up to their mistakes that had continued to be promulgated under Republican Presidents.

      It was our country that was responsible, not one party and certainly not one person and it will take the Nation and World to fix it. As for your hatred of the Left, there are very few Marxists in this country or anything close to it, certainly not Bill Clinton. If you want to help enlighten the Left you'd have more luck with love than hate.

    • Randall Slaughter
      Randall Slaughter 6 days ago

      @Disc Jockey Disc Golf Oh I understand what it is completely. Government seizing control of the means of production - it's called _Communism._ What you don't seem to understand is that it always fails when tried (at least for the best interests of admitted have-nots like you). You laud government for setting policy that forces companies to offshore or go out of business, then blame the companies for making that choice, and you dismiss things you don't like the sound of as "weird conspiracies" without even looking into them because you don't like the sound of them... Yep, it's easy to see what kind of Kool-Aid you've been drinking. You're basically a caricature of everyone who gets brainwashed, and who has no life experience or whose life experience is tainted from having seen everything only through the beer goggles of Karl Marx. No understanding of the free market, no understanding of human nature, and oblivious of any solutions to problems that don't come from government. You make me glad I'm...not you.

    • Disc Jockey Disc Golf
      Disc Jockey Disc Golf 6 days ago

      Randall Slaughter lol, nah bro, I'm not going to look up weird conspiracies cuz China definitely had nukes way before the 90s. And I'm not sure why you think China is a problem. If Electronics had been manufactured in the US from early on then you and I would likely not be able to afford to communicate the way we are right now, because all of our computers and phones would be unaffordable, at least to someone like me. And like I was saying, it's not the fault of politicians or countries or anything like that for why these electronics cost as much as they do, its companies like Microsoft and Apple and all them paying shit wages overseas and selling them domestically for way more than they're worth. Since you want to get political, I would say we should at least in some form nationalize these businesses, which is quite a bit further left than you can likely understand.

    • Randall Slaughter
      Randall Slaughter 7 days ago

      @Disc Jockey Disc Golf Yes, Bill Clinton gave China nuclear missile technology in 1996 - look up "Chinagate". And as for your at-this-point remark, no, you can't start the story in the middle. It's Bill Clinton's fault that we're in this mess with China. He facilitated the building up of China into the problem they are now by allowing them to suck off of us like an economic parasite. It's hard to put all the blame on companies ([gasp] evil corporations!) for moving overseas when that's the only way that can compete. No, this is all a result of CLINTON DEMOCRAT POLICY.

      Seriously, you people on the left are so damn dumb...I doubt you could find your ass with both hands if you think that one-way open trade with a communist country, where we pay tariffs and they don't, is a good idea for "da woykaz". You personally are profoundly misinformed. I hope you cried on election night...you deserve it.

  • ForThePeopleShow
    ForThePeopleShow 10 days ago

    Totally skipped over the Moors and Arabs who the Europeans got the math and ships from to enable the renaissance.

  • David Xu
    David Xu 10 days ago

    Very shallow video.

  • fladave99 Mills
    fladave99 Mills 10 days ago

    China uses slave labor

  • lass1234
    lass1234 11 days ago

    If Anker really sponsored this, they should pay a little extra more to have this subtitled in Chinese language. I think people from China should watch this and understand the world more, rather than just being a patriot blindly and blatantly.

  • Omar Jad Al Farid
    Omar Jad Al Farid 11 days ago

    China does not tax exports, US does not tax imports. I understand a company moving overseas does not pay US tax. Myself, an expat living in the Philippines has to pay tax.

  • Chris Saindon
    Chris Saindon 11 days ago

    It doesn't. Thanks for playing.

  • bejoy herculeus
    bejoy herculeus 12 days ago

    Noob tryin to rap: jonathan

  • Polaris Raven
    Polaris Raven 12 days ago +1

    Anker's awesome. 2017 I got one as my phone oftenkept dying 1/2 to 3/4 through my 12 hour shift (played a lot of games on the van ride to the field, blasted music out of an Altec Lansing Lifejacket 3 during the shift [combines/harvestors], played on my phone on the way back, something like 13 - 16 hours a day of use basically), found how much I was relying on it, 2018 it was my staple gift.

  • adam smith
    adam smith 12 days ago

    it's not winning now is it! Trumps sanctions have seen to that. China produces nothing of quality and really gives nothing to the world except misery. It's greed strips rain forrests of it's wood and the animal kingdom of many species for it's absured chinese medicine market. Horrible nation and Government.

  • Trenton Coop
    Trenton Coop 12 days ago

    Two reasons why China wins, one: because its people are willing to work for two dollars a day which is still the average pay for over 500 million of the Chinese people. 2: they dont care how much pollution they create or the harm it does to its people, a new study estimates in China 4,000 die every day due to pollution. China has already used up half of its 65,000 rivers and has polluted the remaining water so bad they're only estimated to have another 12 years of water left. China will collapse in the next 20 years guarenteed

  • Batman 2018
    Batman 2018 13 days ago

    Stealing intellectual property is cheap but corrupt and a dishonor Chinese ancestral tradition.
    Chinese Communist Party destroys human initiative and keeps its people in the slavery of poverty.

  • M vD
    M vD 13 days ago +1

    The world economy is amazingly out of balance today. Globalism was all spur no brake. When things go back to balance, everything will change again. Production will balance out.

  • backpackingonline
    backpackingonline 13 days ago

    Group Technology? U.S. manufacturers lured by cheap labor? China theft of our technology a condition for doing business in China? Devaluing their currency? Buying up raw materials worldwide?
    How great are empty cities? How great is the new Silk Road? How "great" is building out artificial islands for aggression to take the sea lanes to dominate SE Asia and the Indian Ocean?
    How great is TPP? How great is the attempt to create a new worldwide currency?
    The government pays the mailing costing for selling on eBay? Amazon?
    Shipping heavier exports, also? How are they selling prefab homes?
    China is not doing these things?
    I do film.
    I did not have to make a propaganda video to get my Anker charger, and I would not do a propaganda video to promote sales or push a brand name.

  • Dji nn
    Dji nn 14 days ago +1

    It's simply the turning point of Capitalism.
    capitalists took advantage of cheap labor and production costs in china. contrary to what they thought, china benefited from all of that.

  • Damien Runner
    Damien Runner 14 days ago

    uhm. chinese manufacturing had been winning. Automation will win. no people needed anymore. this video should be called why automation wins.

  • Michael Devaney
    Michael Devaney 15 days ago

    when people go to bars in china they just all stand around looking at their phones? people to that here too mate

  • Chia Lee
    Chia Lee 15 days ago

    Aye!!! I have Anker products! Lol

  • Frank Castellano
    Frank Castellano 15 days ago

    Superb video! Well done.

  • Ali T
    Ali T 16 days ago +2

    I knew this was more like a promotion for Anker rather than simply an analysis on why China is successful in manufacturing. I like Anker, but I feel cheated. lol

  • R E
    R E 16 days ago

    The WEST will equip other countries in Asia / SE Asia to manufacture. My company moved from China two years ago and now has plants in Cambodia and Vietnam. Best thing we ever did and much easier to work with. The quality quality assurance is just as good if not better.

  • Bruno Costa
    Bruno Costa 16 days ago

    its better because they hack everything from everybody.. cant be trusted.

  • chino cochino
    chino cochino 17 days ago

    Cheap shit copied from other develop countries?

  • enCODed3
    enCODed3 17 days ago +1

    slave wages, there i answered your question in 2 words

    • bandd1
      bandd1 17 days ago

      So so wrong

  • Airus Amall
    Airus Amall 17 days ago

    why did white america took the manufactories to china, they had to pay a wage system in america after the 1965 civil laws

  • holywells
    holywells 17 days ago +1

    Too bad they can't make any truly high-end audio products at a reasonable price. Oh well, top quality will always cost much more and perform so much better.

  • Rob W
    Rob W 17 days ago +2

    My mom use to work for a company that worked with white label "brands" and would have the products sold through Amazon in the US. She told me how stressful yet interesting it was because there are other countries competing for this market as well and other white label companies wanting in. She was a a global supply chain manager so she oversaw basically products going in and out of the country. It was really cool. But it is true though that sometimes the cultural differences do get in the way. That's why having a US based company help out with the design process is really key to having successful products sold here. Americans like brands, flashy boxes, a good logo, etc. All of that goes into how we buy things.

    As a side note, it was fun when she worked there because I got to try out prototype stuff and give my feedback on it since my Mom didn't really use consumer electronics like I did. So it was fun. Interesting video. The global economy is insane.

  • Craig M Anderson
    Craig M Anderson 18 days ago +3

    If things are made cheaper, why they still so expensive.

  • Business
    Business 18 days ago

    ChinaWorld.com is for sale. Start your startup today.

  • FreedomsDmocracy1st
    FreedomsDmocracy1st 18 days ago

    ....I am sorry to contradict you: ...true Deng Xiaoping took power of the People's Republic of China and did what you enumerated here but, he did so after United States of America President Richard Nixon visited the People's Republic of China and open US doors for them to make business with US and allowed US businesses to start investing in that Socialist region. US manufacturing did so, then Deng Xiaoping changed the Communist/Socialist system in order to permit, after 1978, private investment on their lands. Here a piece of history to refresh you mind:

    " Nixon, the 37th United States president, succeeded Lyndon B. Johnson, who had launched the Great Society, a set of domestic programs financed and run by the federal government. In contrast, Nixon advocated a "New Federalism" domestic program model, one in which certain powers would devolve back to the states. The creation of the EPA, passage of the Endangered Species Act, and the integration of Southern public schools happened during his presidency, as did the end of military draft and the Apollo program, which successfully landed Americans on the Moon. Nixon's primary focus while in office was on foreign affairs. His foreign policy agenda, known as the Nixon Doctrine, called for indirect assistance to American allies in the Cold War, with the "Vietnamization" of the Vietnam War being the most notable example of this policy. Nixon ended American involvement in the Vietnam War, and his administration succeeded in achieving a negotiated settlement. Nixon became the first U.S. president to visit the People's Republic of China, taking advantage of the Sino-Soviet split and significantly altering the nature of the Cold War. Nixon also pursued a strategy of detente with the Soviet Union, resulting in the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty and SALT I, the first two landmark arms control treaties of their kind. Beginning in 1973, Nixon was forced to devote increasing attention to the Watergate scandal that enveloped his administration. He resigned from office in the face of near-certain impeachment. He was succeeded by Vice President Gerald Ford, who had become vice president nine months earlier, following Spiro Agnew's resignation from office. While Nixon's premature departure from office tends to dominate contemporary assessments of his presidency - and Nixon's domestic and foreign policy accomplishments are largely overshadowed by the scandals that enveloped his administration - his legacy has undergone reevaluation in the more than 40 years since his resignation. Political historian and pollster Douglas Schoen argues that Nixon was the most important American figure in post-war U.S. politics, while constitutional law professor Cass Sunstein noted in 2017, "If you are listing the five most consequential Presidents in American history, you could make a good argument that Nixon belongs on the list."[1] "

    ...as readers and onlookers could notice, it was President Richard Nixon who open the doors to Socialist China to be what it is now, not Deng Xiaoping of China ...and here is where you are omitting the truth; therefore I conclude that your presentation is either false or misleading or does not honor the truth. It was United States of America "who" sold itself to the one now destroying the United States of America due to EXTREME CAPITALISM. Hope I made it clear. Watergate Scandal changed history for ever that to bring it back for the world to be freed from the new China Empire, either a Worldwide War must start being it nuclear or not or Extreme Capitalism must be cut its head off. Who would put the cascabel to the cat? President Donald J. Trump is trying to do that but, with wrong policies using wrong methods; at least trying.

  • Gilmore Underwood
    Gilmore Underwood 19 days ago

    This is something AMERICA and a lot in the FREE WORLD STARTED LOSING GROUND on not only to CHINA , but the REST of the FAR EAST in going back to LATE 1950's . A GENTLEMAN NAMED EDWARD DEMING came BEE MANUFACTING PROCESS for MASS PRODUCTION in this FIELD ,his IDEAS and PROCESSES where REVOLUTIONARY at rhar time but THEY PROVED PUT OUT in of PLACES the FAR EAST where they will to try them .AMERICA on the other HAND because of GRID LOCK between LABOR and MANAGERMENT was not willing to PUT in PLACE For about 40 TEARS we LAGGED behind in MANUFACTURING because it . We are still PLAYING CATCH in MANUFACTURING to day because it. The MASS PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES which are the INDUSTRY STANDARD in the FAE EAST are FINDING they into AMERICAN MASS PRODUCTION still today ,but we are BEHIND the 8 BALL in a little things . YOU have ADMIT HIS IDEAS where PRETTY GOOD for the most PRESTIGIOUS AWARD GIVEN MANUFACTURING in the FAR EAST is the EDWARD DEMING AWARD every YEAR in TOKYO, JAPAN .

  • Stepy
    Stepy 19 days ago

    You get what you pay for for Chinese products. Buy expensive, and get good quality.

  • Mika30041975
    Mika30041975 20 days ago


  • Panda Digital Love
    Panda Digital Love 21 day ago

    My opinion of China's strategy. 1st generation (20years) flood market at cost. (Put competitors out of business or take up all manufacturing contracts due to lowest cost.). 2nd generation which is where we are at now, focus on quality and supply chain/ self manufacture all as all parts are now made there. Next 10 years 3rd generation automation robots.

  • the1onlynoob
    the1onlynoob 21 day ago +3

    20 years ago, Chinese workers made textiles and plastic goods because they learned how to do that, and suddenly clothes became cheap.
    now, chinese workers learned how to make electronics and now they are producing it faster and cheaper than rest of the world.
    20 years in the future, who knows what they will be making, but it will dominate the world still.

  • Reecky Sao
    Reecky Sao 22 days ago

    Watching this on my 2 hour lunch break, sitting in one of Shenzhen's high tech companies' cushy workstations. :D

    • Reecky Sao
      Reecky Sao 20 days ago

      @Issa Draco You sound pretty bitter and petty for a guy who is supposedly living and enjoying the western lifestyle. Anyways, good luck my man.

    • Issa Draco
      Issa Draco 20 days ago

      haha, two hour lunch break..
      you mean like the giant chinese factories that employ tens of thousands and that have grown to the size of a small cities, with people living on the premises in giant commie-style apartment buildings owned by the company? born in some random rice village in the middle of nowhere? no problem, the one of the factories will take you.. all you have to do is leave your entire life behind and move two thousand miles away to their location and live there all year long. yay, you will now earn three dollars per hour assembling cheap coffeemakers and irons that will be sold at north american dollar stores.. you know, the type of shit that will break and completely fall apart within days because it was made using dirt cheap chinese plastic, dirt cheap chinese iron, and dirt cheap chinese electrical components. but that's good, because it means that mr. ka ching over at the procurement department is going to get a little bonus at the end of the week for helping the company lower their production costs by sourcing the shittiest raw materials and components that he could find. don't worry though, mr. ka ching is slightly higher up the food chain. your job will be much simpler... simple enough that most rice farmers that join the company are able to work on their own after only two or three hours of training. your task will be to use a power screwdriver to tighten four little screws on each coffeemaker... twelve hours per day, six days per week, with a quota of over four thousand units per day. that's about 16000 screws, or about two and a half seconds for each screw.

      how gratifying and fulfilling! what a nice repetitive soul-crushing wage slave position! but wait, they even have specific dates to allow the workers to get married with one another! and your new factory wife will be able to give birth at the local hospital. yes, the company has their own hospital! and their own supermarket and restaurants! and don't even worry about your kid! the company has their own daycare facilities and schools that will not only take care of your kid while you are busy assembling coffeemakers, but they will also provide them with all of the education that they will need in order to achieve great things in life.. firemen and astronauts? pffft, nah! your child will learn that he too can become a real life hero by following mommy and daddy's footsteps and serving his country by assembling coffeemakers for the chinese communist party in order to contribute to the economic growth of the motherland!
      yay, what an amazing life! forget the two hour lunch break.. that's nothing. the eight hour sleep break is much better! and then you even have another two hours left to relax and spend some time with your factory wife and factory kid! that's a full twelve hours of break! isn't it great to literally live at work? superior chinese lifestyle, with your employer controlling every single aspect of your life! ultimate chinese freedom, brought to you by the chinese communist party!

  • Sugarsail1
    Sugarsail1 22 days ago +1

    Embrace capitalism, and things get better, ignore environmental stewardship and worker safety laws and production gets more profitable. China is doing both.

  • william nicholson
    william nicholson 22 days ago

    Dont forget that china also steals tech and does not respect patent laws as well as illegaly subsidizes goods to sell to other countries to destroy their privately owned businesses to control the markets.

    JEFF JACK 23 days ago

    He said they would be happy to accept 3$ an hour....Who are you kidding bro.. They are forced to take 3$ an hour and i doubt Anyone is happy to make that.

      JEFF JACK 20 days ago

      @AntonioR Software You dont get it....The need for money makes you a slave to it...Its not hard to understand. They created a system so the slaves cant see they are slaves.. A slave who thinks he is free will not revolt. try looking up "Modern money mechanics" And central banking system... Maybe you will open your eyes to the bigger picture.

    • AntonioR Software
      AntonioR Software 20 days ago

      I worked in a market 10 years ago for even less and I'm from Europe. I was not a slave or was forced, the country is simply poor.

  • JJ Y
    JJ Y 23 days ago

    Shenzhen had the open market idea and had the advantage of being so close to one of the wealthiest cities in the world, Hongkong. I really don’t think Shenzhen would be where it is today without Hongkong/Macau

  • terriblelottery
    terriblelottery 23 days ago

    We, as Americans should aim to be the leaders in manufacturing.

    • solaroid55
      solaroid55 23 days ago

      @terriblelottery I am from the EU.

    • terriblelottery
      terriblelottery 23 days ago

      solaroid55 where are you from, sir?

    • solaroid55
      solaroid55 23 days ago

      The west is aiming to be the leader in debt spending and unfunded liabilities.

  • Unelected Leader
    Unelected Leader 24 days ago

    This video is embarrassing western propaganda. In reality, china’s success is thanks to our unique model way of implementation state ownership. Farms? The Party is only today gingerly expirementing with truly private farms. China’s state sector has grown, and has gone global.

  • snyder virgil
    snyder virgil 24 days ago +1

    More like 3D printing manufacturing wins

  • Isolde L
    Isolde L 24 days ago +5

    thank you for making the real unbiased video. Much better than western mainstream media.

  • Richard Daugherty
    Richard Daugherty 25 days ago

    China is communist. Communism has never worked. It won't work now. Nothing has changed.

  • joebridges187
    joebridges187 25 days ago

    If Mexico ran itself like a temp agency charged America for the labor they could do this in 6 years

  • Melina Mobley
    Melina Mobley 25 days ago +4

    Anker products were amazing...now I know where they came from.

  • Hiep Nguyen
    Hiep Nguyen 25 days ago

    China win because of China products are cheaper. If TT DONALD TRUMP Bonus for China 300 billion tariffs China products Could not cheap anymore. If China products are expensive NO BODY buy them. China on the way go to the HELL.

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 26 days ago

    Made in China

  • Zob
    Zob 26 days ago

    this is easy to answer SLAVE LABOR, NO POLLUTION CONTROL. once all the people in china are dying of cancer there will be no china. hopefully the rest of the world don't pay the price for their polluting the water and air.

    • AntonioR Software
      AntonioR Software 20 days ago

      You talk against China, but USA is the one who doesn't want to follow Paris Agreement and fight pollution and global warning: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_withdrawal_from_the_Paris_Agreement

  • abmong
    abmong 26 days ago +2

    People are just repeating the same cycles... During ancient imperial China the people use to keep their trade craft secret to protect their monopoly and the Chinese economy began to stagnate. It was the same in the west until the west shot ahead when they began to industrialize and stole ideas from each other before patent and copyright laws were invented. Now the west are keeping things protected with patent, copyright and trade secrets laws and the western markets are beginning to stagnate. The newly risen China is rather lawless in terms of copyright laws and some are freely exchanging ideas, that's why they're now innovating faster than the west even though they are still playing catchup in many areas.

    The lesson is, protectionism is the enemy of innovation. crowd sourcing, the marketplace of ideas and sharing resources are the key to speeding up technogical advancements.

    • solaroid55
      solaroid55 23 days ago

      You need patent laws because otherwise nobody will invest in R&D and no progress would be made. China is innovating in a few key areas heavily subsidized by the government, otherwise it is all copying.
      Patenting does not mean something is kept secret, it means that if you want to use it in a commercial product you need to pay a fee to the inventor.
      It is true the west is stagnating heavily, but you are barking under the wrong tree here.

  • NUGT L
    NUGT L 27 days ago

    Slavery, polluting environment, communists abuse human rights, steal technology, force technology transfer are the key to succeed.

    • AntonioR Software
      AntonioR Software 20 days ago

      I see you are talking about USA; slavery of black people, genocide of Native Americans, stole technology from England during industrial revolution, then they captured German scientist after WW2 and taken them to USA...

  • B K
    B K 27 days ago

    No government interference only government help to produce work

  • Cruce Entertainment
    Cruce Entertainment 27 days ago +1

    And now Trump wants tariffs. That will change things.

  • le berger des photons
    le berger des photons 27 days ago

    why don't you know that Rothschild still owns china? That they kept them down when they were down, they built them up now under their own control and they maintain them in a precarity that they control?

  • Kinnish
    Kinnish 27 days ago

    Stealing other nation's technology, protecting their own industries and running dishonest trade practices with the USA. China is a cheater and a thief and thank God Trump is ending the theft.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 27 days ago

    You irritating bastard go shove this video straight up that ass of thine!

  • TK Baha
    TK Baha 27 days ago

    you got money rewards from communist china too.

  • Darrell Johnson
    Darrell Johnson 27 days ago

    Local manufacturing made USA rich now we lose daily to slave nations unpaid workers

    • Darrell Johnson
      Darrell Johnson 4 days ago

      @izdatsumcp foreign countries manufacturing we lose trillions in subsidies to evil nations Japan making trashy cars and taking the money home to emperor we keep losing losing losing we need American made we had in 60's no gforeign trash of third world nations we built with our money as our debt grows daily we die more each day subsidizing foreign enemies

    • izdatsumcp
      izdatsumcp 5 days ago

      There's more manufacturing in the US than there's ever been.

  • Darrell Johnson
    Darrell Johnson 27 days ago

    China rises on the backs of their poor slaves not paid in human history their economy is fiat fake until they pay their workers

  • Catch me if you can
    Catch me if you can 27 days ago

    My mobile phone battery is made in china😣

  • Raghu Reddy
    Raghu Reddy 27 days ago +1

    Sure, China wins .
    But China has benefitted immensely due to Globalisation created by West.
    While west Corporations became richer, products got cheaper , but middle class has vanished in USA and west rural areas.
    China subsidies hugely