FULL Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference


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  • Sam Rowell
    Sam Rowell 5 days ago

    We‘ll not forget how they tried to f*** us at the presentation of the original xbox one. No game sharing without extra paying, having that camera 24/7 connected, having the xbox online for 24/7 and „well if you cant have it online all time.. the xbox 360 is still a good console“.. yes here you go, worst selling console by far. Dont want to start with the exclusive games.. oh boy. Hope they are focusing on the players for the next generation from the beginning. A little bit competition wouldn’t be bad for the next PlayStation generation.

  • NamesNamesNamesLTD Company

    How-about that new truck though! {36:24}

  • Iggsy81
    Iggsy81 11 days ago

    Cyberpunk good stuff @ 1:33:45

  • Dark Sniper
    Dark Sniper 14 days ago

    Omg we don't need another console for now just keep it coming with more Xbox 1x games

  • Viruss
    Viruss 18 days ago

    *cough cough* Halo *cough cough*

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 19 days ago +1

    Pc gaming is a part of the xbox company

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel 19 days ago +1


  • ConsolePeasant 478
    ConsolePeasant 478 23 days ago

    Someone said animal battle royale at the halo trailer IM SO DONE

  • [GD] ottothegamer
    [GD] ottothegamer 25 days ago +1

    Im here for Dying Light 2!

  • Shaurya Bichu
    Shaurya Bichu 26 days ago

    if you like fh4 like
    if not then dislike lol

  • Herowebcomics
    Herowebcomics 28 days ago

    Robot samurai game looks ok too!
    ...But I like the other games more.

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson Month ago +1

    Every mother fucking ps fan was on Xboxs back saying the graphics where better comparing 900p to 1080p but now the tables have turned and they refuse to acknowledge the difference between checkerboard 4k and true 4k lol go home

  • Jayman493
    Jayman493 Month ago

    I hope microsoft uses the money they make off of Halo infinate to make a new Banjo & Kazooie game... our bring back Scale Bound

  • Usernametoolong Usernamealreadytaken

    Mr.Stark.... i don't feel so good.......... about this

  • BluPanda_97
    BluPanda_97 Month ago

    Is this minecraft 2!!!!!!!!!!!!111???

    KEN BEE Month ago

    Ah.... Todd Howard BEFORE he exposed himself as a ginormous D***

  • Allison Perez
    Allison Perez Month ago

    I just want a pair of the xbox one jordans

  • Element King
    Element King Month ago +1

    im excited for a lot of things, but the first two things i was excited for were : HALO IS BACK! and that i cant wait for Red Vs Blue to be animated in those graphics!

  • Joseph Bishop
    Joseph Bishop 2 months ago

    Fable 4 please mmo

  • Cecil Kent
    Cecil Kent 2 months ago

    No lie i was bored most time xbox game pass show games that been out over a year or more rest games look ok but they could do better all this money for a console i dont feel like gamers are getting there money worth games going from 59 to almost 100 for just the game is alot money and games dont look there best when they come out tired studios putting half a*s games out i want one you show in trailer not the oh we put out update in next few weeks game hope next E3 they up there game .

  • V. Project
    V. Project 2 months ago

    what the name of music here 1:20:19

    PRO MAN 2 months ago


  • Isabel flores garza
    Isabel flores garza 2 months ago

    será una nueva consola???

  • Kryptogen
    Kryptogen 2 months ago

    HALOOOOO!!!!! I never left any of the halo series, i'm so excited for the new one....Halo.... Halo : Infinite. I played everything, Halo : zero, Halo : Combat evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo 5, Halo wars, spartan strike, spartan assult, even the fan made halo games And now this one. Thank you XBOX, Bungie And Microsoft. (Excuse my english language, im weak in english)

  • rey dreem
    rey dreem 3 months ago +1

    phil helped kill xbox

  • Callum
    Callum 3 months ago +4

    Xbox KIIILLED e3 this year gud4u Phil

  • Sean Philip
    Sean Philip 3 months ago

    Microsoft please add a charging cable for the Xbox controllers.

  • Arthur nohchi
    Arthur nohchi 3 months ago +1

    The xbox games are realy cool

  • Zeton
    Zeton 3 months ago +2

    2:30 you know this is a good halo game cause of that reaction
    The audience stood up...

  • col403
    col403 3 months ago


  • JaleelLabratories JaleelLabs


  • Rosy Cheeks
    Rosy Cheeks 3 months ago +1

    Where is the halo infinite reveal?

  • Herowebcomics
    Herowebcomics 3 months ago +1

    Capitan Spirit is made by Square Enix?!
    Now I want to see him and some costumed friends fight monsters in real time like on Star Ocean!

  • Ernie Gutierrez
    Ernie Gutierrez 3 months ago +1

    Xbox One X is the best

  • brandon mora
    brandon mora 3 months ago +2

    i wish they’d make gears dark and gritty again like gears 2. i never even played 4’s campaign only multi player

  • Devashish Athawale
    Devashish Athawale 4 months ago

    Ayy new Halo! fuck yeah!

  • AwesomenessDude
    AwesomenessDude 4 months ago

    This is John Denver 👨
    He is 0 years old.
    Like to make him older

  • Early Earl
    Early Earl 4 months ago

    Good job Phil!

  • Omar H
    Omar H 4 months ago +5

    The only thing Xbox needs is more exclusive action-adventure, platform and survival games to compete with Playstation's Uncharted, Last of Us, Until Dawn, Yakuza, Horizon Zero Dawn, Infamous and Detroit: Become Human. Xbox gamers basically want games with amazing graphics, beautiful environments, epic realism and explosive action. Microsoft certainly has the potential and I'm confident that it can deliver.

  • NightfallIV
    NightfallIV 4 months ago

    "It's been 10 years since Devil May Cry 4 was released, and fans have been asking for a true sequel ever since"
    We have? I thought that's why we got the soft reboot?
    "So this is our response, loud and clear that we hear you, Devil may Cry and Hideaki Itsuno are back!
    I feel like this is seeing your coworker after a 4 days weekend, and they go: "Miss me?"

    • ZFF Railgun
      ZFF Railgun 2 months ago

      Fans have been asking for a sequel to DMC4 after its life cycle ended. Which was indeed 10 years ago. And I'll assure you, none of us and I mean noone asked for a reboot. And since we've been asking for a DMC5 even after the reboot, his statements are completely logical.

  • huzar237
    huzar237 4 months ago

    Electronic Arts? More like Electronic Arse

  • The Haven
    The Haven 4 months ago

    Excellent conference.

  • Bartosz Skorupa
    Bartosz Skorupa 4 months ago

    Why Microsoft thinks that people who spend shit ton of money on traveling and going to E3 care about mobile crap?

  • The Memer27
    The Memer27 4 months ago

    1:34:14 best part

  • Project Scorpio
    Project Scorpio 4 months ago +1

    Phil Spencer is a game changer for Xbox.
    The Future looks awesome with him as Head of Xbox, im 100% sure.

  • Blargenfladibblenohip !

    Those worthless mother fuckers are NEVER going to do what would guarantee them a TON of money...Halo MCC on PC

  • AJROSS80
    AJROSS80 4 months ago

    You just know Phil Spencer has a Stylist that he asks her to make him look 'Trendy' so that he comes off as a Gamer😂
    I can never shake the feeling when I see him on an E3 stage that he's an old guy wearing young guy clothes, Mutton dressed as Lamb.
    The whole Team Xbox wardrobe is the same. Leather Jackets, 'Trendy' teeshirts and worn washed Jeans lol

  • Cescolo
    Cescolo 4 months ago

    it's funny, "MS won", won what? i didn't see ms on stage this year, just a conference with so many reveals, reveals of games that will come out on every console/pc, ye maybe i've seen something from ms, forza, halo and a few indies.. let's just be honest, the "only" good news here was the 4 studios/SH that are now working with MS, stop.

  • This Guy Right Here
    This Guy Right Here 5 months ago

    So gassed up currently Microsoft you fucking smashed it
    And just when I thought I was losing all hope for Xbox too

  • Gaming With Dondoom
    Gaming With Dondoom 5 months ago

    Xbox is so OP

  • Nico Hamman
    Nico Hamman 5 months ago +1

    make a spiderman game

  • Shadow The Wolf
    Shadow The Wolf 5 months ago


  • IncomingPixels
    IncomingPixels 5 months ago +1

    Man this live chat replay...makes ya depressed looking at it.

  • ZeVio74
    ZeVio74 5 months ago

    God I love Itsuno!

  • C G
    C G 5 months ago

    Please microsoft, let Nintendo use Banjo and other Rare Ip’s in virtual console. Banjo, Conker, 007...64 and GBA games 😭😭

  • TheInvinsible
    TheInvinsible 5 months ago

    everyone in the live comments insulting Microsoft is obviously a ps4 fanboy

  • Chau Hien
    Chau Hien 5 months ago

    1:00:10 what the song is ?

    BLACKFOREST GMG 5 months ago

    PlayStation for life

  • miguel roman
    miguel roman 6 months ago

    dude, who talks like that! the Division 2 looks ok but not jaw dropping. who ever voiced that female was even worst than the guys talking. let's take the capital back! yeah ok 4 guys against an army? to me, the plot should have been about something else! who knows maybe it'll be good regardless of the setting. 🤔

  • Terry Tibbs
    Terry Tibbs 6 months ago +1

    What no sports and tv with Don mattrick?

  • Brain the Skeleten
    Brain the Skeleten 6 months ago


  • IttiOnYouTube
    IttiOnYouTube 6 months ago

    No new banjo Kazooie game. A LITTLE disappointed

  • effect.mp4 MORUQ
    effect.mp4 MORUQ 6 months ago

    Not Prince of Persia

  • VaporyGoose xbox gamer
    VaporyGoose xbox gamer 6 months ago

    I hate because xbox live gold

    • G2 LTT
      G2 LTT 4 months ago

      PlayStation plus and Nintendo online doesn't count?

  • SusloV GAME
    SusloV GAME 6 months ago

    Exclusive !!!!????)))))))))

  • オベ
    オベ 6 months ago +1

    Jump force
    Jump force

  • MP
    MP 6 months ago

    Best E3 conference right here. Microsoft did such a great job this year, great pacing (unlike sony, whos pacing was really awkward), Awesome games, and lots of them to boot (again unlike sony, who showed off less than ten games and out of all of them only KH3, RE2, Ghosts of tsushima, and spider man looked good), and it was just all around a great conference. This fully restored my faith in xbox. Can’t wait to see what they do next!

  • zaray
    zaray 6 months ago +1

    So we happy few is on the game pass?

  • DastardlyDude98
    DastardlyDude98 6 months ago

    Xbox 360 2?

  • Kk Kk
    Kk Kk 6 months ago

    helo microsoft.fortnait free LAIV FREE IOVE LOVE LOVE

  • pubghshsjsjsjs
    pubghshsjsjsjs 6 months ago

    Game xbox 360

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male 6 months ago +1

    Watching this straight from my Xbox One in 1080 60 Fps 🔥😎✌

  • CbbcFan 187
    CbbcFan 187 6 months ago


  • Stephen Mani
    Stephen Mani 6 months ago

    Nero back hooooooooo!!!😱😱

  • Azael Sanchez
    Azael Sanchez 6 months ago

    Me gusta mucho el Microsoft

  • Max Harrison
    Max Harrison 6 months ago


  • Diego Jesus Herrera Nieto

    Me gusta todo

  • 8-1 Reaper
    8-1 Reaper 7 months ago

    Fuckkkkkkkk DMC 🖕 bring back og Dante🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Marc Gzlz
    Marc Gzlz 7 months ago

    damn! 5 studios that's nice!!!

  • Andy Kaihuri
    Andy Kaihuri 7 months ago

    cross platforms

  • elige brown
    elige brown 7 months ago

    if they would put half the energy into games and the graphics as they do showcasing, the games would be epic. trailers look epic,games look like crap. we don't need new consoles, need to put power into currant consoles.

    OWOLAMP 7 months ago

    Should I upgrade to an S? Btw I am on a strict budget all i want to know is if the original Xbox 1 can still run 4K compatible games with okay graphics/framerate

  • sukerv
    sukerv 7 months ago

    jump force: naruto one peice dragon ball death note

  • Pranav Turlapati
    Pranav Turlapati 7 months ago

    I'm excited about Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Cyberpunk, Forza Horizon 4, Halo Infinite, and Fallout 76. They may be better than State of Decay 2 and Sea of Theives.

  • Banana Peel Gamer
    Banana Peel Gamer 7 months ago

    Not a racing fan but forza horizon 4 looks good

  • D Boy
    D Boy 7 months ago

    shit box one x really let me down aye spiderman alone on ps4 kill shit box

  • YouAreAllBots
    YouAreAllBots 7 months ago +1

    The amount of "L" spamming in the live chat is honestly stupid.

  • Sanjay Athawale
    Sanjay Athawale 7 months ago +9

    2 minutes 22 seconds in and this is already better than EA's and PS e3 conferences...

  • RedDevilRussell
    RedDevilRussell 7 months ago

    I just wanna play battletoads..

  • Nadia Kluger
    Nadia Kluger 7 months ago

    I don't trust microsoft

  • sir snake
    sir snake 7 months ago

    hey folks does anyone remember that game they talked about saying that you will play as 2 type of monsters the game name was project wight

  • Pastrano Mailbox
    Pastrano Mailbox 7 months ago

    I have the one x and this has disappointed me to the point of buying a PS4 Pro on Amazon. Games, exclusives, NEW CONTENT. Not this derivative BS.

  • FlashingBlueNeon
    FlashingBlueNeon 7 months ago

    Reading through the live chat for DMC5. I'm disappointed they didn't show this in the PS4 stage, Everyone would have lost their shit if it was on the PS4 stage
    Edit: it's at 1:08:00

  • Caio Mattos
    Caio Mattos 7 months ago

    Video game de retardado.

  • Ultrajack2208 Marachi
    Ultrajack2208 Marachi 7 months ago

    Halo Fricken Infinite'

  • Jhon Dumaop
    Jhon Dumaop 7 months ago

    How I wanted to attend e3 just to raise a banner against microsoft windows update.

  • Gabriel Skariah
    Gabriel Skariah 7 months ago

    awesome presentation

  • صلوح Xover
    صلوح Xover 7 months ago

    بس الموسيقى فخمة

  • صلوح Xover
    صلوح Xover 7 months ago

    والله ألعاب بيض😂😂😂