The 10 Tall Girl STRUGGLES


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  • Atomic Diamond
    Atomic Diamond 10 hours ago

    I'm tall and I suck at basketball

  • Rannon Moyer
    Rannon Moyer Day ago

    You talking about insecurities.... I grew 6 inchs in a year im 6'3 now. I was 5'9, fucking sophmore year fucked me up. Im 17 and the docs say im not done. Like fuck off docs im done going. A guy should not have to be mad about his height.

  • Taylor mathis
    Taylor mathis 2 days ago

    I'm 8'2 and get asked do you play basketball and i say no there like what you use your height for no reason

  • -Little Creative blogs-

    I’m 5,5 or 5,6 and I’m eleven :/ welp

  • Huff’le Puff
    Huff’le Puff 5 days ago +1

    My 11 year old classmate is 6 foot 3...

  • hdinen jeirbbebe
    hdinen jeirbbebe 5 days ago

    I am 14 and 5,5 and goshhhhhhh i hate it so much all people around me are like 5,2 people say things to me like gosh your really talll 😭😭i wish i was short

  • brunette linds
    brunette linds 6 days ago

    I like the way high heels look on your feet but I don't like how they make you taller. I don't care to wear them

  • Patrick Grinage
    Patrick Grinage 8 days ago

    How tall are you Jessie paege

  • ollie uwu
    ollie uwu 9 days ago

    5ft9 gal here wearing heels ✊😔

  • Junora Vagele
    Junora Vagele 9 days ago

    I’m 6.1 and only 14 years old! And i can say, i like it. 😍👍🏻

  • Lizard-The-MEME- Lord
    Lizard-The-MEME- Lord 12 days ago

    Literally 10 yep I’m 5 1

  • babygirllina
    babygirllina 14 days ago

    idky I'm here bruh I'm short

  • allie
    allie 15 days ago

    5’1 but still watching this bc y not

  • Mammonia
    Mammonia 15 days ago

    I'm 6'1 and I really like it, and I have a shorter boyfriend😄👫🏽

  • Mimi A
    Mimi A 18 days ago +1

    Tall commentary is the worst tho like I know am tall no need to tell me everything damn

  • SleepingWith!AndyVeilBrides!AtTheDisco

    Omg your as long as me i am around 5,9/6,0 not sure depends on if its morning ore evening (in my case that dous make a big diffrence)

  • Mango Jelly
    Mango Jelly 22 days ago +1

    when ur tall and u find the perfect dress but its too short -_-

  • Isabella Sardella
    Isabella Sardella 23 days ago

    I'm 5'7 so not really tall but taller then an average girl but I'm all leg so pants do not fit well at all

  • Likeable Stranger
    Likeable Stranger 24 days ago

    I wonder if she's gotten Grimes comparisons...

  • Odessa Niemi
    Odessa Niemi 24 days ago

    I am 12 and 5’7

  • ᵐᵉˡᵃⁿⁱᵉ ˢᵃʳᵃʰʸ

    Im in 7th grade bro... I'M 5'7.5!

  • ᵐᵉˡᵃⁿⁱᵉ ˢᵃʳᵃʰʸ

    Ugh I always slouch

  • ᵐᵉˡᵃⁿⁱᵉ ˢᵃʳᵃʰʸ

    Oh and you know how you can cross ur legs yeah well um...i can kinda cross em 3 times

  • ᵐᵉˡᵃⁿⁱᵉ ˢᵃʳᵃʰʸ

    Im 5'7.5 and im only 12 and I litteraly relate to all of these and it all because of my family!

  • fredrik . fridays
    fredrik . fridays 24 days ago

    My tall struggles :
    " wow ur so tall "
    me: oh I had no idea
    everyone is disappointed that I can't play sports...

    people thinks it's wrong for the girl to be taller...
    my long legs make me more
    awkward than I already am.
    I love being tall tho 😊

  • Kim Jisoo
    Kim Jisoo 26 days ago

    I can relate when people ask if I play basketball. P.S I’m 12 and 5”7 ( not that tall, but surprisingly I am for some people)

  • ElPapuGonza
    ElPapuGonza 28 days ago +1

    Mosku ?

  • Hannah Windle
    Hannah Windle 28 days ago

    I hate being tall. I’m 6’0 tall and I’m only 13 and it sucks

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen 28 days ago

    I'm 5'8 and 13, love my life! Lmao

  • blossombaek
    blossombaek Month ago

    5”11 les go

  • Sariah Renea
    Sariah Renea Month ago

    I relate to all of this thank you
    I’m 5’10 and 13

  • Pastel panda :3
    Pastel panda :3 Month ago

    I’m in really tall and I’m 11 in middle school about to turn 12, but still 5.2

  • Girl Power DIYs
    Girl Power DIYs Month ago

    People at my school call me beanstalk

  • Alyssa Lucero
    Alyssa Lucero Month ago

    hey every tall person , go get jeans at buckle , expensive but they workkkk

  • Alyssa Lucero
    Alyssa Lucero Month ago

    13 & 5’8 i’m so insecure brooo ☹️

  • Sophia _
    Sophia _ Month ago

    how tall are you?

  • Ally Girl
    Ally Girl Month ago

    Dress code is literally my whole struggle I can’t even wear dresses to school and the crop tops too omg relatable

  • dancingwithgenevieve

    I’m 11 and I’m 5’4

  • ashiya
    ashiya Month ago +1

    Yess same gurll
    I was extremelyyy short and now I'm the tallest from everyone💔

  • Beth Hulme
    Beth Hulme Month ago +1

    Video starts at 2:37 your welcome

  • Animal rescue and more Touri!

    I'm tall too loll😝but sad

  • Vcrrvivi Crumm
    Vcrrvivi Crumm Month ago

    Im 12 and 5’7 i hope i stop growing soon

  • antisty
    antisty Month ago +1

    Im 5,3 am i tall ?

    Btw im 12

  • Ruby Anderssen
    Ruby Anderssen Month ago

    I’m 6’2” and I get ALL of these 💖

  • KHmaster1
    KHmaster1 Month ago

    I'm always shorter than most of my friends

  • KittyRose 17
    KittyRose 17 Month ago


  • Kacey Dodd
    Kacey Dodd Month ago

    i’m 13 and i’m 5’8 and a half

    • Batman Bro
      Batman Bro Month ago

      Kacey Dodd hi are you a boy?

  • Statue_esq
    Statue_esq Month ago

    I HATE the basketball question. HATE it. I'm not athletic...ugh

  • Its LunarMayDay
    Its LunarMayDay Month ago

    I'm 5'4 and I'm 11

  • It’s_me 78910
    It’s_me 78910 Month ago

    Why am I here I am like the shortest

  • TayTay
    TayTay Month ago

    Im 5'5 so im kinda not short or tall lol

  • Ajax Cavaliere
    Ajax Cavaliere Month ago

    This video is bullshit. I’m 6’7 and have no problems with my height..... Door frames fit and I get no comments on my height. Height isn’t that important

  • Blue Saphire
    Blue Saphire Month ago

    Im 16 and 5'7 and quarters

  • mentally unstable
    mentally unstable Month ago

    I am 163cm :/ i rlly wanna be tall

  • 。 Hailey 。
    。 Hailey 。 Month ago

    I’m a 15 year old girl and i’m 5,7. I’m the tallest girl in my grade...
    I mean, it’s over average but not too much.

  • Qurba Khan
    Qurba Khan Month ago

    I m 5"6 and tbh i love my height

  • unpopular_opinion
    unpopular_opinion Month ago


  • r.i.p casey
    r.i.p casey Month ago

    “I’m just an awkward, lanky, string bean”

  • Arctic Warrior Gatcha and art

    I’m the tallest girl in my class and I think and in my grade also I’m 10 and I have really big feet I’m wearing 11s in women

  • Valerie Lopez
    Valerie Lopez Month ago

    Both of my parents are super short and I’m 12 y/o and 5”4’

  • swiftie swift
    swiftie swift Month ago

    lol im 5ft 6in and only 12

  • Trisan M
    Trisan M Month ago

    i wish i was short, i hate being tall. :((

  • Dolphin Girl
    Dolphin Girl Month ago

    We love a tall queen

  • May_does_msp
    May_does_msp Month ago

    I'm 5.8 and im yr 7 = im 13yrs old

  • imaginarylilia
    imaginarylilia Month ago

    I have an obsession where I want to be taller than everyone regardless gender, and I don’t know if I should pat myself on the back or book an appointment with a therapist

  • yeet
    yeet Month ago

    i’m 14 and 5’5 is that too tall? i feel so insecure :( ppl used to say i was cute but ever since i grew all ppl say is “wow you got so tall!”

    • 。 Hailey 。
      。 Hailey 。 Month ago

      Isabella Nope, that is very normal. I’m 15 and 5,7.

  • hot tea
    hot tea Month ago

    yea im tall and i was always taller than everyone until 6th grade

  • The Cat Lady
    The Cat Lady Month ago

    I’m about 5’5 but I’m one of the tallest girls at my high school

  • Simply Serina
    Simply Serina Month ago

    I’m freaking 13 and 5 foot 11🤯😒🧐😢

  • Kå Jacka Blacka
    Kå Jacka Blacka 2 months ago

    Why am I watching this? I'm 163 cm ☹but you're a good host😀

  • Jannie Sealy
    Jannie Sealy 2 months ago

    I am 13 and 4'11

  • wine tapper JACLYN GLENNER GANG

    Love the laugh thats all

  • wine tapper JACLYN GLENNER GANG

    Holy shit its bigfoot stay in the circus

  • Tina Lee
    Tina Lee 2 months ago

    how tall is she?

    • Aliyah Trice
      Aliyah Trice Month ago

      she said she’s 5’10 multiple times in the video

  • Niamh Connell
    Niamh Connell 2 months ago

    I’m 11 and I’m 5’6

  • Epic Lit Kid who is a Savage Channel

    im 12 and 5'7 i understand!!!!!!

  • Blue princess
    Blue princess 2 months ago

    My friend is 12 and is 6'2

  • Vixa
    Vixa 2 months ago

    I’m 5’7 so I’m stuck in the middle. Too tall to be short and not tall enough to be considered tall.

  • c can draw 11
    c can draw 11 2 months ago

    I'm almost 13 and I'm 5 6'

  • Piper Toys and me
    Piper Toys and me 2 months ago

    I am only eight and I’m about the size my mom..

  • Corinne But with a K
    Corinne But with a K 2 months ago

    I AM SO SHORT I’m 4’5!

  • Christopher Caplinger
    Christopher Caplinger 2 months ago +1

    My friend is taller than me but compared to my YOUNGER friends she is like the size of a baby mouse

  • MaisyEve
    MaisyEve 2 months ago

    So relatable 😂😂

  • Kelley Gibson
    Kelley Gibson 2 months ago

    I am only 5’8”, but besides everything being too short, dating is a pain, I specifically date men that are known for being shorter and even just wearing flats, they have commented that they feel I am too tall for them...

  • Katrina Ionin
    Katrina Ionin 2 months ago

    Anyone know what the background song is?

  • Daisy Jayde
    Daisy Jayde 2 months ago

    I'm 6'1 so it's nice having someone to relate to.

  • Mythic Dragon
    Mythic Dragon 2 months ago +1

    I love how you're so daddy wearing a t-shirt with our mother on it

  • Mythic Dragon
    Mythic Dragon 2 months ago +1

    I like how Miles does giveaways. Hey just do what hey want. "Giveaway? Here's a burnt paper towel."
    ...I kind of want a burnt paper towel from Miles now...

  • Jo Wells
    Jo Wells 2 months ago

    jessie's band is so good

  • Michelle The angel
    Michelle The angel 2 months ago +1

    I’m 5,8 and I’m 15. I hate when people tell me that I need to try out for basketball or volleyball 🙁

    • Nalita
      Nalita 26 days ago

      I am also 5'8 and I feel like the same 😒😂

  • Patty van Gelder
    Patty van Gelder 2 months ago

    I’m 6 ft so i can relate. My struggle are finding coats with the right arm length. CAUSE EVERY DAMN ONE OF THEM
    have short sleeves, wich results in having really cold arms in the winter.
    I’m from the Netherlands btw, we are the tallest people in the world! 😝

  • Yee Can’t think of a creative name tbh

    When I was 8 i was 5 foot 1 *im quite tall XD*

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith 2 months ago

    I'm 13 and 6'2

  • Josh Noonan
    Josh Noonan 2 months ago

    Likes are almost at 30K (29K)

  • Alyssa cathrall
    Alyssa cathrall 2 months ago

    I'm 4'9 and my best friend is 5'3

  • Krishna
    Krishna 2 months ago

    STAN!!!!!im 5'6 im 11

    • Krishna
      Krishna 2 months ago

      The tallest girl in my grade is 5'9 and 11

  • Gatcha_some Bread
    Gatcha_some Bread 2 months ago

    *I can’t touch my toes or feet*

    And I’m only 5’3 :|

    *AND 13!!!*

  • R.I.P. Neckless Johnny
    R.I.P. Neckless Johnny 2 months ago

    ITSA CURSE WITH BEINGA TALL CHILD OF THE BEST FATHER EVER! And we can be super skinny and it’s a blessing cause you can reach high places when you have short friends! You’re so inspiring Jessie, love you!

  • #leila’sWORLD !
    #leila’sWORLD ! 2 months ago

    boys these days grow 6 and over so im GLAD

  • Nour Olmi
    Nour Olmi 2 months ago

    I'm 14 and I'm 5,8
    Oh god