Microconsoles - Scott The Woz


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  • Faethe
    Faethe 9 hours ago

    You covered the apple TV but not the Shield TV, which seems like an oversight.

  • S1lv3r1
    S1lv3r1 Day ago

    I kinda want a collab between scott and PBG

  • Sliver the Cardboard

    Madcatz? Dont you mean "Third Party Controller"?

  • Eeee Eeee
    Eeee Eeee 2 days ago

    Scott got s little to real a little to quickly

    MrSHURIKENCHO 2 days ago

    OnLive had soo much potential......

  • Legendary Swordsmen
    Legendary Swordsmen 3 days ago


  • Oxtailcamp22092
    Oxtailcamp22092 3 days ago

    *SPEECH 100*

  • Rod and Tin times AD
    Rod and Tin times AD 3 days ago +1

    Scott are you okay...... Don't scream at me I don't have the fault that microconsoles suck.

  • iDarkLinkGraal
    iDarkLinkGraal 5 days ago

    This is the angriest I've ever seen Scott and I'm scared.
    Impressed on that one take though

  • Spaceexplorer
    Spaceexplorer 6 days ago

    Well, there is two games that people DO waste time on playing it on a TV

    Minecraft and Fortnite

  • mrclidexx does games

    whos your friend

  • zackington
    zackington 6 days ago

    I use the ouya alot

  • Puggy Boi
    Puggy Boi 8 days ago +1

    Hey that’s mean I have scoliosis

  • sagich dirdochnicht
    sagich dirdochnicht 8 days ago

    I got a streaming Box (Xiaomi MiBox3). And for what it is, it's great. It is 99% of time just used to stream things, which is what it was supposed to be.
    But playing games on there is also pretty cool. The Keyword is Emulation. Runs anything till the PS1 flawlessly. Plus in addition, there are actually quite good games on Android, most of them being Indie or Ports of older games.
    Yes, I could play those games on another place. My Laptop, that serves me to play games. But on the TV it is just another thing.
    And controller wise... Yeah, those controllers of the Microconsoles suck, except the one of the Nvidia Shield. However it is fucking Android, and of course supports Bluetooth... Just get a proper controller.

  • Omninaut
    Omninaut 8 days ago

    Greatest ending to any video ever. Gold star champ



  • Moves Like Yeager
    Moves Like Yeager 9 days ago

    I dont see consoles I see Samsungs line of phones.

  • Aldebaran
    Aldebaran 9 days ago

    your channel is like heroin, I keep watching to chase that high of that one good video I watched. But Im just slowly dying inside

  • Aggelos Polykarpou
    Aggelos Polykarpou 11 days ago +1

    in my opinion microconsoles are good for me

    NYANWEEGEE 13 days ago

    I love my NVidia Shield TV, and I honestly think it's the only mini console that held it's torch

  • Knightmayor
    Knightmayor 13 days ago

    My microconsole is way better than all of these. It's a raspberry pi with totally legal roms.

  • Amadeo Dott
    Amadeo Dott 14 days ago

    I really don't know anyone irl who owns a microconsole. That's a very good description of how well they sold.

  • Hsien248
    Hsien248 14 days ago

    I own a ps TV and it's the only good microconsole, cause it doesnt do mobile games it does vita games,

  • bobbietuff
    bobbietuff 15 days ago

    Scott! I love this channel man, best thing I've come across on the tube in a long time.👍

  • Bird
    Bird 15 days ago

    Man I loved the ouya that was so fricken cool that was the way I could play smash 64 way back then because you could use it as an emulator

  • Clover
    Clover 16 days ago

    Lol I remember Onlive like it was yesterday.

  • MrcabooseVG
    MrcabooseVG 16 days ago

    Cheapest PSTV in the UK is £50 without cables or controllers, i don't know why they're holding any sort of value

  • Cory C
    Cory C 20 days ago

    I bet you have the best garage sales.

  • egap98
    egap98 21 day ago

    my local game store has an ouya for cheap.

  • Nathan Saldivar
    Nathan Saldivar 21 day ago

    Scott's legitimate cry for help

  • XColdHearted X
    XColdHearted X 21 day ago

    7:43 - 9:10 1 minute and 28 seconds of Scott Wozniak(hope I spelled that right) just literally blasting the truth about Microconsoles, kind of... Defended Mobile gamers and talking bout his health Issues about SCOLIOSIS!

  • Harry Jones
    Harry Jones 22 days ago

    Can someone give scott a shoutout

  • Charlie's Channel of FUN!

    Who else actually watched this in a trash can?😂

  • Student Zachary Torres

    Mobile games on phone are really just digital chunks of horrible tasting junk food.

  • not lilpcupp
    not lilpcupp 25 days ago

    Just buy an Alienware alpha

  • Raikou Master
    Raikou Master 25 days ago


  • john demetro
    john demetro 27 days ago

    Fucking Scoliosis😂😂😂

  • Dawn Dashi
    Dawn Dashi Month ago

    You went off at the end bro relax

  • MrMeowington
    MrMeowington Month ago

    2:34 I suggest cleaning that blood stain off of your carpet.

  • Jonathan Felix
    Jonathan Felix Month ago


  • Oscar Chavez
    Oscar Chavez Month ago +3

    You need to revisit this video with the Soulja console and Soulja handheld

  • Eury Masselle
    Eury Masselle Month ago

    Micro consoles failed because parents don’t want their kids to hate them

  • Kermitfrog04
    Kermitfrog04 Month ago +4


  • JackAllen Greenfield
    JackAllen Greenfield Month ago +3

    Soulja Boy console anyone?

  • FelixEA
    FelixEA Month ago +1

    Gosh, how many takes did that ending take you?

  • TheLonelyLion - Let's Play!

    8:57 - Same. Just freaking same.

  • TheSnakeGamer 77
    TheSnakeGamer 77 Month ago

    I was literally leaning on a trash can

  • "Punished" Venom Charlierw

    pstv looks pretty good tbh

  • Finalboss 711
    Finalboss 711 Month ago

    Every time I see how these buttons are labeled, I die inside.

  • fenhen
    fenhen Month ago

    I’m confused, does he like them or not?

    SDNOIRE Month ago

    Whats going on here? No time to explain! Ah someone normal... kaw. Phew ahaha. What is this place?

  • Xavier Blais
    Xavier Blais Month ago

    T H I S S M E L L S L I K E S C O L I O S I S

  • frank Liu
    frank Liu Month ago

    vita tv is amazing for virtual novel when you could understand japanese,funny thing is japan never release this device. It’s really nice just left a screen next to your laptop and play some VN on auto mode as an anime fan.

    • frank Liu
      frank Liu Month ago

      Ps: some foreign funny story, there is a Chinese console called Phoenix no1 is sold in China is designed for the mobile game don’t have controller support in the first place to be able to be played with game controller with a tv.pfft

  • Ruben Contreras
    Ruben Contreras Month ago

    Jesus Christ. Nice.

  • VGG Brayden
    VGG Brayden Month ago +1

    Flappy Bird is exclusive to the Fire TV now

  • Luther Campbell
    Luther Campbell Month ago

    I got a PSTV, but it wouldn't sign into my PSN account, so I returned it.

  • TaloNZillA Barrett
    TaloNZillA Barrett Month ago

    Man Scott really loves the two word "concrete" and "matter" even being sponsored by it once

  • ADudeWithALife 456
    ADudeWithALife 456 Month ago

    Well if you can play mobile games. Then that means fortnite and minecraft.

  • Cloudy And Cool
    Cloudy And Cool Month ago

    Go to hell

  • DripGxd_Cam
    DripGxd_Cam Month ago

    Any pc gamers here? Does anyone have an xfx r9 290x 8gb that they’re trying to sell? I’ve been looking all over the internet and can’t find one

  • Martin der Tolle
    Martin der Tolle Month ago

    Just buy the Nintendo Switch

  • Kevin Kwok
    Kevin Kwok Month ago

    “Television” - Ouya Lady

  • Luke Carlin
    Luke Carlin Month ago

    Pstv should be called PlayStation big life (vita means life)

  • the world is flat
    the world is flat Month ago

    they made under age frogs be legend dont eat this $$$$$$

  • MonsterDC
    MonsterDC Month ago

    Nintendo is the only company that can make a good microconsole and that’s because they’re the real consoles that are made even better (or worse) depending how you look at it but you really can’t beat that 60 dollar price tag on an nes classic to get some good games

  • fnaf dan
    fnaf dan Month ago

    I want to play fnaf on my TV

  • awesomecat
    awesomecat Month ago

    No Nvidia shield tv?

  • Abe
    Abe Month ago

    Nvidia shield tho

  • Marvelousness !
    Marvelousness ! Month ago

    You bought an Ouya in 2017. Shame.

  • Michael Andrada
    Michael Andrada Month ago

    Great content dude. You remind me of my old nintendo days haha

  • Da Big Jacktus
    Da Big Jacktus Month ago


  • SwigtimeFoxy
    SwigtimeFoxy Month ago

    ouya i remember when that console failed

  • LowRidah 64
    LowRidah 64 Month ago +1

    Scott u forgot to put the best one of all........... the soulja boy line up of consoles

  • Max39
    Max39 Month ago

    You can play Crossy Road ... ON A TV!?

  • Seminole
    Seminole Month ago

    Onlive was the shit won't lie

  • Challengetube!
    Challengetube! Month ago

    I have an Activision Flashback Blast by ATGames.

  • Phillip Miller
    Phillip Miller Month ago

    I love my pstv but I also adore my vita so I mean I'm one of the ten Americans in that niche. The only other person I know who owns one is a huge JRPG fan and it was cheaper and easier than finding a vita

  • The Angry Nerd
    The Angry Nerd Month ago

    Borderlands 2. Hell yeah.

  • KCN
    KCN Month ago

    This video is incomplete
    Where's the zeebo console? 😔

  • Matthew Walsh
    Matthew Walsh Month ago

    Is...is that That's Awesome Baby!?

  • Ethan R
    Ethan R Month ago +2

    You forgot the best one.

    The Souljagame.

  • ItzBlitz Gaming
    ItzBlitz Gaming Month ago

    Microconsoles part 2??

  • Andy Rosebud
    Andy Rosebud 2 months ago

    You and your bf are adorable. I'm guessing you're a power bottom. Are you 18 yet? I cant tell. I'm straight but totally against pedophilia.... ;*

  • louella72
    louella72 2 months ago


  • Dawson Lee
    Dawson Lee 2 months ago

    Best ending segment of any Scott the Woz video ever

  • Dawson Lee
    Dawson Lee 2 months ago

    that earrape in the beginning

  • bonk brazool
    bonk brazool 2 months ago

    clip your nails

  • Brisk Guy
    Brisk Guy 2 months ago

    This video is good and all, but do you think he'll talk about that game in the Mega Drive?

  • Matt Ferrigno
    Matt Ferrigno 2 months ago

    1:02. Buy a wall plate for your outlet bud, very dangerous having wires exposed like that.

  • Owen West
    Owen West 2 months ago

    Now the pstv is 200 usd because of modders.

  • Jacob Stone
    Jacob Stone 2 months ago

    You forgot about the Nvidia shield tv

  • Joel Diekmann
    Joel Diekmann 2 months ago

    You look like the teenage version of skydoesminecraft

  • Austin Jack
    Austin Jack 2 months ago

    Apple TV is dead

  • cornelius castro
    cornelius castro 2 months ago

    HEY! U should update this with the SouljaBoyGame Console

  • Gabe Curtis
    Gabe Curtis 2 months ago

    Man at the end you LOOSES IT!!

  • PleaseSendSerotonin
    PleaseSendSerotonin 2 months ago

    Ouya lady looks like Lazarevic from Uncharted 2.

  • Jackson Eckendorf
    Jackson Eckendorf 2 months ago +1


  • Doctor Adventure
    Doctor Adventure 2 months ago

    I had a friend who got an ouya and kept bragging about how awesome it was but when I saw the games I realized he was just trying to justify that he wasted $100

  • Bri Angel
    Bri Angel 2 months ago

    my boyfriend and i found a steam link for super cheap so we bought it. the thing lags like hell so we never use it, but the included steam controller is awesome.

  • Umbreon25100
    Umbreon25100 2 months ago +2

    They're called mobile games, cuz they should go away.