Microconsoles - Scott The Woz

  • Published on Apr 9, 2017
  • Mobile games on the TV. I don't know about you but I'm sold.
    Consoles Covered:
    OnLive Microconsole
    PlayStation TV
    Mad Catz M.O.J.O.
    Apple TV
    Amazon Fire TV
    Music Used:
    "Flower Garden" from Yoshi's Island
    "Galaxy Man" from Mega Man 9
    "Episode 1, Page 1-1" from Comix Zone
    "Puzzle Plank Galaxy" from Super Mario Galaxy 2
    "Forest of Mystery" from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    "Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes
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  • Lil Cory
    Lil Cory 16 hours ago

    Chill out dude 7:42

  • Daood Zafar
    Daood Zafar Day ago

    Lol I remember in Christmas 2013 I got a gamestick, it was ok but there were some crappy ones

  • David Staffen
    David Staffen Day ago

    I actually want something like this so I can play my Mobile gta games without having to buy them again

  • Peter Karlos
    Peter Karlos 2 days ago

    Forgets nvidia shield

  • Fahrenheit Gaming
    Fahrenheit Gaming 2 days ago

    I got a T9. 4gb 64gb 2.4ghz processor. I'm gonna get Linux on it.

  • The SNES Man
    The SNES Man 2 days ago


  • Riah Reviews
    Riah Reviews 3 days ago

    Wow Scott went off at the end

  • Riah Reviews
    Riah Reviews 3 days ago

    Yeah like i bought a Wii for 70$ and I have a phone why would I need one of these lol

  • Da_Pikmin_Coder
    Da_Pikmin_Coder 3 days ago

    When that intro music started, I expected whatever upcoming punchline there was to happen when the music hits that one beat.
    But then a realized I can't expect a 2017 video to do a 2018 meme

  • Chris Estrada
    Chris Estrada 3 days ago

    I’m sorry but you need world record for funnest person on the planet 🤣

  • The man inside your couch

    Young fledgling me just did not get why people had faith in these blobs of plastic.
    I was right.

  • Marshmallow Zilla
    Marshmallow Zilla 3 days ago

    What if these things had good emulators would they be good then. Like say a playstation to DS emulator?

  • Evan Search
    Evan Search 4 days ago

    Is this your normal speaking voice? I dig it.

  • Lancer
    Lancer 5 days ago

    I went to a hotel and I shit you not, they had Angry Birds on the FUCKING TV

  • Me Me
    Me Me 6 days ago

    7:52 I got my phone to play mobile games!

  • Me Me
    Me Me 6 days ago

    Just get an Xbox 360 for £10.

  • Halo Sonic
    Halo Sonic 6 days ago +1

    It was always there...And we where BLIND!!!

  • Daniel Chaidez
    Daniel Chaidez 8 days ago

    Nvidia shield>

  • Cyan Dino
    Cyan Dino 8 days ago +1


  • Lego TheLameGuy
    Lego TheLameGuy 8 days ago +1


  • Gunnberg85
    Gunnberg85 9 days ago

    Two words: Nvidia Shield

  • Ded Ender 072
    Ded Ender 072 9 days ago

    EWWW mobile users who keep calling themselves gamers

  • MrManiac3
    MrManiac3 10 days ago +2

    Scott: a n g e r y

  • SkullyTheCreator
    SkullyTheCreator 10 days ago +3

    Who heard the beautiful zelda music? 🎶 😊7:02

  • swag yolo
    swag yolo 10 days ago

    You look like tom Holland

  • モゼ~Moze
    モゼ~Moze 12 days ago

    Clip your nails

  • eggwerd eggwerd
    eggwerd eggwerd 17 days ago

    nvidia shield

  • ImmortalInflames
    ImmortalInflames 18 days ago

    I love my Playstation TV !
    A very cheap way to enjoy Vita games (in 720p) on TV via HDMI
    Buy physical Vita games for the big games (eg Gravity Rush) and download the indie on the memory stick =)

  • Robert Adams
    Robert Adams 18 days ago

    Dan the man seems like a good mobile game to play on a big screen.

  • The110014
    The110014 19 days ago

    How do you afford all this stuff?

  • Pablo Raul
    Pablo Raul 21 day ago

    ur humor is literally awful no offense just start cutting out ur jokes ur not funny also ur lighting is trash and so is ur background like chipped paint.. really? thats the best u got? other than that, good video (:

  • Logan Wahl
    Logan Wahl 22 days ago

    is the on live controller compatible with PC?

  • Gold Justice
    Gold Justice 24 days ago

    *that one poor ass kid with a famiclone game console*

    SKEPTICAL S.M 24 days ago +2

    Everyone knows the Soulja boy console is one of the best consoles out there, it’s totally not a Chinese knockoff........wait a min 🧐

  • MrPritt420
    MrPritt420 24 days ago

    Nvidia shield tv laughs in geforce now

  • What am I doing?
    What am I doing? 25 days ago

    PSTV was literally just sony trying to sell off vita internals

    THE NUMB SKULL 26 days ago

    Angry Scott scares me

  • byw
    byw 26 days ago

    Dear scott, if you're going to do close ups of your not hand model tier hands, at least cut your nails. But the better solution would be to get a girl with nice hands to do your hand modeling for you.

  • LLM Kursk
    LLM Kursk 27 days ago

    Wow. Angry Scott scares me.

  • Jacob Samuel
    Jacob Samuel 28 days ago

    What about Soulja boy

  • Cyanide
    Cyanide 29 days ago


  • noah_the ngr
    noah_the ngr Month ago

    Games are downloadable?! But Scott…

    d o w n l o a d i n g i s i l l e g a l

  • bane bruja
    bane bruja Month ago

    Finally! Someone remembers 3D cartoon land safari! My favorite game!

  • carvalhoo__
    carvalhoo__ Month ago

    this video smells like scoliosis

  • Breadit 404
    Breadit 404 Month ago +1

    They need to make a microconsole that exclusively plays wii play motion

  • Puppet Lad
    Puppet Lad Month ago +2

    Pixel gun 3D on the big screen would be epic

  • NewAgeDerpDerp
    NewAgeDerpDerp Month ago

    Can we see the smashed OUYA after you rekt it with a hammer?

  • TheMooskyFox
    TheMooskyFox Month ago +1

    If the OnLive controller is Bluetooth it can easily be used in modern games as it should input as an Xbox controller or just a generic Bluetooth controller which takes the control scheme of an Xbox controller

  • 8bitRetroTrackerBR
    8bitRetroTrackerBR Month ago

    you forgot zeebo

  • Noah Williams
    Noah Williams Month ago

    Iirc slashdot had an article about microconsoles and how they were meant for parties.

  • damek666
    damek666 Month ago

    You smoke... Loser

  • Loony Catbread
    Loony Catbread Month ago

    I would have liked to have a PlayStation tv knowing it could play all ps vita games including the physical ones, but the way I saw it in stores was similar to a Roku or a Chromecast. :-(

  • Mr Danny Lane
    Mr Danny Lane Month ago

    Ps tv... no longer cheap. Didn’t sell many and now you can do cool hacks on a Sony micro console that supports both ps3 and ps4 controllers. If you are into streaming ps4 and playing the vita library on a tv, plus ps1 classics it’s pretty cool. Just be prepared to know that it’s clunky and needs work arounds for compatibility.

  • Pikachu is Suprised at What You Have Done

    Scott really likes the word reek.

  • Rocket Leaves
    Rocket Leaves Month ago

    The only good one was the nvidia shield

  • Don Pepe
    Don Pepe Month ago +3

    You forgot to talk about Zeebo , I'm truly disappointed.

  • Joshua Vides
    Joshua Vides Month ago

    I don’t understand why he didn’t mention the Nvidia shield TV

  • Salty Mcjohnson
    Salty Mcjohnson Month ago +1

    I love my pstv

  • Blazeking 289
    Blazeking 289 Month ago

    But guys.....THE GAMEHEXAGON.

  • Femminism is for Poopyheads

    Speaking of the pstv I have a PlayStation 4 myself and when that thing breaks down I'm never getting another Sony console ever again yeah they should have stuck to DVD players

  • Jonas Boyd Dickens
    Jonas Boyd Dickens Month ago

    Hehs in Switch Lite

  • August West
    August West Month ago

    The PSTV actually sounded alright to me. After you said it was dirt cheap, I looked it up. The absolute cheapest a used one goes for is $145 and for a new one it's around 300 bucks. That is not dirt cheap.

    • Telos
      Telos Month ago

      It used to go for $99, wonder what happened.

  • Shuru
    Shuru Month ago

    Does anyone understand what he’s truly saying in the ending portion of the video?

  • Drift 435
    Drift 435 Month ago

    That rage at the the end tho

  • CheesyQuokka YT
    CheesyQuokka YT Month ago

    That rant at the end is sublime

  • aidansplat
    aidansplat Month ago +3

    7:41 jesus christ Scott snapped

  • NewAgeDerpDerp
    NewAgeDerpDerp Month ago +1

    I had a Fire TV.

    The GPU had a heart attack.
    It broke.
    Rest in pieces.

  • yumikio ?
    yumikio ? Month ago

    If you want a micro console then just buy a phone with snapdragon and throw a bunch of emulators on it

  • Zach Mueller
    Zach Mueller Month ago

    Best Micro Console: an android phone hooked up to the tv with samsung dex dock

  • TheMightyWumbo
    TheMightyWumbo Month ago

    Pstv 🔥🔥👀👌🏾

  • heywhatup games
    heywhatup games Month ago

    I actually have scoliosis, lol 😁

  • Pixel Ricky
    Pixel Ricky Month ago

    After seeing your videos in my recommended tab for weeks now, I finally decided to watch some. And on this video I decided to subscribe. Just as I hit the sub button, you began that screaming rant at the end, and I only wished I could subscribe again.

  • TheWitchPolyglot
    TheWitchPolyglot Month ago

    What about the Kinect and PS Move?

  • Andrew Vaughan
    Andrew Vaughan Month ago

    I wouldn't mind playing on the PSTV with certain games, because on the Vita they gave them really unnecessary touch and motion controls that made everything unenjoyable

  • the fox gaming
    the fox gaming Month ago

    The PlayStation tv is for about 200 dollars!!!!Is that Cheap For YOU SCOTT