Microconsoles - Scott The Woz

  • Published on Apr 9, 2017
  • Mobile games on the TV. I don't know about you but I'm sold.
    Consoles Covered:
    OnLive Microconsole
    PlayStation TV
    Mad Catz M.O.J.O.
    Apple TV
    Amazon Fire TV
    Music Used:
    "Flower Garden" from Yoshi's Island
    "Galaxy Man" from Mega Man 9
    "Episode 1, Page 1-1" from Comix Zone
    "Puzzle Plank Galaxy" from Super Mario Galaxy 2
    "Forest of Mystery" from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    "Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes
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  • Haven
    Haven 11 hours ago

    2:57 "It's broke after one hit."
    It was broken at launch.

  • Nathan
    Nathan Day ago

    This was definitely scott's best ending to a video

  • duckspacito
    duckspacito Day ago

    the ouya had one good exclusive: duck game. if the ouya had been more popular, we may not see it on the pc and switch, and we may not get the absolute god tier internet multiplayer on ps4

  • Lunarus
    Lunarus 3 days ago

    The Scott rant at the end was amazing

  • Coolwoobyër
    Coolwoobyër 3 days ago

    Mobile phones are mini-consoles as well
    they suck for mobile games.

  • Lil’ Idiot
    Lil’ Idiot 3 days ago

    Scotts pissed

    RV CRUZ PH 3 days ago

    Bluetooth controller

  • Filthy Franku
    Filthy Franku 3 days ago

    This comment by Scott The Woz that did not age well in the slightest is brought to you by the Nintendo Switch eShop

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  • TheVintageKing7
    TheVintageKing7 4 days ago


  • No No
    No No 4 days ago

    Five thousandth

  • 1K Productions
    1K Productions 4 days ago

    "I gave the free trial a spin years ago on my 2010 white MacBook. Of course, it ran as well as saint's row could run on a 2010 white MacBook, but it still worked."
    Doesn't...doesn't that mean it didn't work, if it ran just as well as running the game on the actual device?

  • Cody Kish
    Cody Kish 5 days ago

    Nice rant.

  • MyNameIsNothing 2
    MyNameIsNothing 2 5 days ago

    what about roku

  • Kall_Mii_ Kemo
    Kall_Mii_ Kemo 5 days ago

    This video is why all digital consoles are bad

  • Sutton Bergbower
    Sutton Bergbower 6 days ago

    7:44 and on is just like a sammyclassicsonicfan rant

  • The Extencions
    The Extencions 6 days ago

    Scott cut your fucking nails you virgin
    Edit: 2:39

  • Miguel Varela
    Miguel Varela 7 days ago

    Souljaboy has left the chat

  • Captain Oblivious
    Captain Oblivious 8 days ago

    But does the ooya have madden 08?

  • NostalgiaHD
    NostalgiaHD 8 days ago

    Has this guy heard of the Nvidia shield?

    • G2 LTT
      G2 LTT 3 days ago

      I wouldn't call that a micro console considering it cost 220$

  • Star Galaxy videos
    Star Galaxy videos 9 days ago

    2 years old today

  • Marty Vaneskahian
    Marty Vaneskahian 9 days ago

    9:10 This smells like scoliosis

  • Anggito Zahid Rabbani
    Anggito Zahid Rabbani 11 days ago

    Pubg mobile in TV?

  • InklingFan77 Mettaton1936

    7:43 the first time I saw this it scared me for The first time

  • Christian Wade
    Christian Wade 15 days ago

    the final part XD

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 15 days ago

    To be fair, OnLive was pretty damn good when it was going. It had tons of great games available, shame it didn’t stick around.

  • Daniel DeVor
    Daniel DeVor 15 days ago

    Why does your carpet look like ground beef?

    BEAU SMITH 16 days ago

    Have you seen the Nvidia Shield TV?

    • G2 LTT
      G2 LTT 3 days ago

      I wouldn't call that a micro console considering it cost 220$

  • Daniel Pan
    Daniel Pan 17 days ago

    Nice rant
    *Hits like button*

  • BigAnf
    BigAnf 19 days ago

    Why do I find Scott’s older videos to be more funny than his newer ones?

  • Hayden Eccleston
    Hayden Eccleston 20 days ago

    7:40 - End
    Me: Well ok then

  • freakjob0
    freakjob0 22 days ago

    Can't wait to see the Stadia on this as a revisited topic, in a couple years.

  • CritiCulture
    CritiCulture 22 days ago

    Nah, not even the GameCube holds a candle to

    The soujia game console

  • Pepijn Mommersteeg
    Pepijn Mommersteeg 22 days ago +1

    I thought you where going to talk about the nvidia shield. But amazon fire is idd also a good example(thought that nvidia had some exclusives)

  • Lucas Urquiza
    Lucas Urquiza 22 days ago

    “THIS SMELLS LIKE SCOLIOSIS!!” The quintessential Scott the Woz ending punch line!

  • William Benz
    William Benz 23 days ago

    Google has turned to the Microconsole side...

  • PuffFilms
    PuffFilms 24 days ago

    what about the Wii mini?

  • Waamy
    Waamy 26 days ago

    Scoliosis sure does suck amirite?

  • Sorurus
    Sorurus 26 days ago

    You okay, Scott?

  • Ace of Hearts
    Ace of Hearts 26 days ago

    I just got an OUYA in 2019!!!!!!! Having a lot of fun not gonna lie .

    • Ace of Hearts
      Ace of Hearts 24 days ago

      +G2 LTT lel playing a jank version of another world and loving it

    • G2 LTT
      G2 LTT 25 days ago

      Nah you are definitely lying, idk who having fun with an ouya, heck, connect a hdmi cable to my phone is better than the whole ouya library!

  • WizardPenguinTB
    WizardPenguinTB 28 days ago


  • Christopher Martinez

    Omg its flower garden right in the beginning

  • O R D E R
    O R D E R Month ago

    What about the Soulja Game Handheld

  • K P
    K P Month ago

    Does scot actually smoke?

  • TheEmbessyNetwork
    TheEmbessyNetwork Month ago +1

    "If you never heard of a microconsole, then please sit back in your trash can cause you don't deserve comfort" 😂😂😁😂😁😂😁😂🙉😂🙉😂🙉 that line alone made me sub to this channel!!

  • Kyle Gibbons
    Kyle Gibbons Month ago

    I actually really like the idea of the Gamestick.
    I know it’s been discontinued, but I think I could get an emulator or something on it. Does anyone know if there even IS a homebrewing community for the Gamestick?

  • Mike-Daddy
    Mike-Daddy Month ago +1

    There’s a joke to be made about the word “micro” but whatever ig

  • Fire Nut
    Fire Nut Month ago +2

    5:30 puzzle plank galaxy music from Mario galaxy 2

  • EnderEye
    EnderEye Month ago +1

    0:06 what the frick is THAT?

  • Daniel Miyahara
    Daniel Miyahara Month ago

    God, Scott makes me wish I was gay 😹

  • Bryan O'Leary
    Bryan O'Leary Month ago

    This guy has great content and goes in depth. But his voice causes me to skip so many of his videos

  • xXCoolbOiXx hayahay
    xXCoolbOiXx hayahay Month ago +1

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  • Dell12 16
    Dell12 16 Month ago

    I’m glad this micro-console craze died the fuck out

  • M A X
    M A X Month ago

    You can also get old console emulators on some of these I think so thats pretty neat

  • FIghtXeno
    FIghtXeno Month ago

    What about nvidia shield??

  • Ninja Guy
    Ninja Guy Month ago

    I call them kodi boxes

  • Malcolm  pseudonym
    Malcolm pseudonym Month ago

    Hey Scott how much did you spend in this shitty consoles?

  • Christopher Deane
    Christopher Deane Month ago

    You didn't talk about that one that has the tegra chip in it the green and black one that makes the get tablet the clamshell controller with the screen, and the set top box and controller one i can't remember the name at the moment but they are green and black and are like the best selling ones....update the shield brands, that's what i was looking for.

    COOL FILMS Month ago

    What's the game at 0:04

    • G2 LTT
      G2 LTT Month ago

      He just said it bruh "3d cartoon land safari"

  • Saw Noel
    Saw Noel Month ago +2

    Yoshi screaming

  • Haydos
    Haydos Month ago +1


  • Vidya Vlogs
    Vidya Vlogs Month ago

    The rant at the end though.

  • Magikarp Evolving
    Magikarp Evolving Month ago

    Your nails are fucking nasty

  • marscop 9013
    marscop 9013 Month ago

    Damn that ending tho

  • Ethan Dabs
    Ethan Dabs Month ago

    Homebrew ps tv beats all mini consoles.

  • Counterclockwise Films

    The controller for the ouya makes me sad

  • sick
    sick Month ago

    Soulja console

  • sick
    sick Month ago

    Cut ur nails nigga

  • Doge Cunningham
    Doge Cunningham Month ago

    Man I need some pepto bismol

  • mohamed gamer
    mohamed gamer Month ago

    The ouya would be great with pubg mobile

    • mohamed gamer
      mohamed gamer Month ago

      +G2 LTT thanks mate

    • G2 LTT
      G2 LTT Month ago

      It not strong enough to play it so don't bother!

  • _CoolCode _
    _CoolCode _ Month ago

    Just get a micro USB to hdmi adapter and bam! Mobile games on tv.

  • NickTheQuick78 ._.
    NickTheQuick78 ._. Month ago +2

    That song is top tier

  • 93 Til Infinity Steez47

    Is it pretentious to use the word plethora?

  • Star Silver
    Star Silver Month ago

    The music in the background makes me not understand qhat hes saying

  • quarter beast
    quarter beast Month ago +1

    The first song he used is now a meme...

    • A Pointless Review
      A Pointless Review 14 days ago

      quarter beast A meme that goes rotten after the third time.

  • SpookyScarySkeletons

    How is he not at a milli subs yet

  • ale0606
    ale0606 Month ago

    i played crossy road on the fire stick tv *fucking phone and fucking corrector*

  • Faethe
    Faethe Month ago

    You covered the apple TV but not the Shield TV, which seems like an oversight.

  • S1lv3r1
    S1lv3r1 Month ago

    I kinda want a collab between scott and PBG

  • dolato
    dolato Month ago

    Madcatz? Dont you mean "Third Party Controller"?

  • Eeee Eeee
    Eeee Eeee Month ago

    Scott got s little to real a little to quickly

    MrSHURIKENCHO Month ago

    OnLive had soo much potential......

  • Legendary Swordsmen
    Legendary Swordsmen 2 months ago


  • Oxtailcamp22092
    Oxtailcamp22092 2 months ago

    *SPEECH 100*

  • Rod and Tin times AD
    Rod and Tin times AD 2 months ago +1

    Scott are you okay...... Don't scream at me I don't have the fault that microconsoles suck.

  • iDarkLinkGraal
    iDarkLinkGraal 2 months ago

    This is the angriest I've ever seen Scott and I'm scared.
    Impressed on that one take though

  • Spaceexplorer
    Spaceexplorer 2 months ago

    Well, there is two games that people DO waste time on playing it on a TV

    Minecraft and Fortnite

  • mrclidexx does games
    mrclidexx does games 2 months ago

    whos your friend

  • zackington
    zackington 2 months ago

    I use the ouya alot

  • Puggy Boi
    Puggy Boi 2 months ago +1

    Hey that’s mean I have scoliosis

  • sagich dirdochnicht
    sagich dirdochnicht 2 months ago

    I got a streaming Box (Xiaomi MiBox3). And for what it is, it's great. It is 99% of time just used to stream things, which is what it was supposed to be.
    But playing games on there is also pretty cool. The Keyword is Emulation. Runs anything till the PS1 flawlessly. Plus in addition, there are actually quite good games on Android, most of them being Indie or Ports of older games.
    Yes, I could play those games on another place. My Laptop, that serves me to play games. But on the TV it is just another thing.
    And controller wise... Yeah, those controllers of the Microconsoles suck, except the one of the Nvidia Shield. However it is fucking Android, and of course supports Bluetooth... Just get a proper controller.

  • Omninaut
    Omninaut 2 months ago

    Greatest ending to any video ever. Gold star champ

  • Kaiser Bigmac
    Kaiser Bigmac 2 months ago


  • Moves Like Yeager
    Moves Like Yeager 2 months ago

    I dont see consoles I see Samsungs line of phones.

  • Aldebaran
    Aldebaran 2 months ago

    your channel is like heroin, I keep watching to chase that high of that one good video I watched. But Im just slowly dying inside

  • Aggelos Polykarpou
    Aggelos Polykarpou 2 months ago +1

    in my opinion microconsoles are good for me

    NYANWEEGEE 2 months ago

    I love my NVidia Shield TV, and I honestly think it's the only mini console that held it's torch

  • Knightmayor
    Knightmayor 2 months ago

    My microconsole is way better than all of these. It's a raspberry pi with totally legal roms.

    • G2 LTT
      G2 LTT Month ago

      I don't think there is "legal roms"

  • DottoAnimations
    DottoAnimations 2 months ago

    I really don't know anyone irl who owns a microconsole. That's a very good description of how well they sold.

  • Hsien248
    Hsien248 2 months ago

    I own a ps TV and it's the only good microconsole, cause it doesnt do mobile games it does vita games,