US China Trade War Explained -Who Needs Who?

  • Published on May 28, 2019
  • Patrick Bet-David breaks down the US Trade War with China and what you can do about it. Don't forget to subscribe.
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Comments • 6 901

  • Sam W
    Sam W Hour ago

    China is like the early USA with great potential whereas USA is like the old Great Britain with glory quickly fading. I don't know about others but I put my bet on China.

  • Sam W
    Sam W Hour ago

    China needs US because of its buying power BUT that is about to be changed. If US economy collapses or dedollarisation is materialised, US will no longer enjoy the buying power it used to have. At the same time, the domestic demand of China is growing, the table will turn around and US will likely need China more in future.

  • Sam W
    Sam W Hour ago

    China migration rate is low for the following reasons: 1) very strict immigration rule. they have enough population, why should they embrace more? 2) very competitive environment. unless you are very capable, very talented and very hardworking, i doubt you want to compete with the chinese. 3) harsher living condition. unlike US where ppl live on borrowed money, life in china can be very challenging BUT if you can do well in China you will be very rich.

  • Alan
    Alan 4 hours ago

    He makes it sound like there's a "winning" side in a trade deficit. That's actually not true, there are advantages and disadvantages for both sides. China may be able to sell more, but they don't get a proportionate number of goods back; they have more employment, but less purchasing power than they otherwise would have. Misunderstanding such a fundamental aspect of trade deficits makes his expertise questionable.

  • Casey Rowe
    Casey Rowe 9 hours ago

    Thanks a bunch. :D

  • Abu Abraham
    Abu Abraham 18 hours ago

    Why doesn't this classic piece not have a million view? I am sure it would have if it showing a half dressed woman.
    Brilliant work boss.

  • Al Tay
    Al Tay 20 hours ago

    We have to collapse China's economy that is the Trump's administration goal that's why he is playing hardball with them because they are building up their military and they are becoming a superpower threat to the United Stateslook what China is doing to Africa look what they are doing to their neighbors in the spratly islands now they're trying to take over Europe their belt and road program is a trap

  • Jun Zhou
    Jun Zhou Day ago

    I could only laugh about your self enjoyment. Many of the things you pointed are not correct. We gonna see in 10~20 years that how China open its market and US close its border will end. China will no longer depend on US market in the future and that is what the Chinese communist party is working on.

  • Eduardo Montemayor
    Eduardo Montemayor Day ago +1

    American people must support their current government at all cost if... The American people who belongs to the enemy of this current government specially the Democrats---never allow them to the sit on the coming election in 2020...

  • Steve Gannon
    Steve Gannon Day ago

    What a mope... free speech and CNBC in the same breath. LMAO. The cabal owns both sides of this coin. The one who counterfeits the most wins is the game. Fascists not capitalism. The sheeple might listen to this BS but ask Julian about free press.not presstitutes and politicians

  • Mike Platts
    Mike Platts Day ago

    The Truth about why Trump is doing what he's doing now, minus all of the Liberal Propaganda! The man knows exactly what he's doing whether u want to believe it or not..

  • Oliver Phippen
    Oliver Phippen Day ago


  • Tenzi Tenzi
    Tenzi Tenzi 2 days ago +4

    American Gov: We must win the trade war, whatever the cost.
    American Farmers, Technological Enterprises:....
    America Gov: What are you looking at? You're the price.

  • riki rex
    riki rex 2 days ago

    Why warring now, after 30 years of making them rich by flooding your country (Europe-USA- Australia etc.)with their shit products just to make easy money on their shit that was cheap and lousy but the money you gave them was in good solid $$$ now they have the real valor and we have their rubbish to dispose of at our expense. I 'm not a finance expert but I was saying that in 1990.

  • roguemonk
    roguemonk 2 days ago +1

    The most simplest explanation in a complex issue. keep up the fight Mr prez!

  • Guy Kochlani
    Guy Kochlani 2 days ago

    Very educational. Thank you Pat!!

  • Marcela Reves
    Marcela Reves 2 days ago

    Thank u so much for the explanation

  • den dadadoe
    den dadadoe 2 days ago

    what a moron! China already changed their economy more to domestic intead of export and they are already ahead!!! in 5G ,AI and more! U.S. NEEDS CHINA! CHINA WILL SOON NOT!!!! NEED THE U.S. AT ALL! THAT IS REALITY!!!!

  • William James Rapp
    William James Rapp 2 days ago


  • Brian Buckner
    Brian Buckner 2 days ago

    The best video I’ve seen in an very long time

  • Instargo Technology
    Instargo Technology 2 days ago +1


  • vanesa zavala luna
    vanesa zavala luna 3 days ago

    I did not know situation from Jersey shore are talking politics and trade wars now 😂

  • Rick Lin
    Rick Lin 3 days ago +1

    "Androids are stealing our jobs!" -- Detroit: Become Human

    • JOE NICK
      JOE NICK Day ago

      Just get that game from PSN free games, very cool game.

  • Meyer-Moore Fundoh
    Meyer-Moore Fundoh 3 days ago

    You said ''imagine the CIA invest in facebook''..They did.. But now China is building Islands in Africa, Eroupe and in south china.Why ? To be the most powerfull country in in the world'' But USA is not making profit in money because USA is owing china like billions of dollars

  • Socialist Communist
    Socialist Communist 3 days ago +1


  • Kenspiricy
    Kenspiricy 4 days ago

    “Will it happen 102030405060 years from now?” Lol btw thanks for posting

  • hyderbaba
    hyderbaba 4 days ago

    what the crap this moron nobody is talking about. Butt crack get lost!

  • Rafael Camilo
    Rafael Camilo 5 days ago

    The Chinese 35 years ago were eating soil for breakfast, now they save close to 60%. Who can hold the longer ? Experience tell me that they can hold lot longer. America is a capitalist society, China socialist and capitalist this combination had and will prove to be better. Why? Capitalist is too corrupt and socialism is unsustainable, but the combination is the solution.

  • 1006429
    1006429 5 days ago

    The IQ level is hopeless

  • yc
    yc 5 days ago

    Is this guy legal in this country?

  • Pece Pece
    Pece Pece 5 days ago +1

    Trump is doing excelent job. HE doesnt care about rich individuals, he knows that those money should go for the country not just in someones pocket !

  • Roger Wang
    Roger Wang 5 days ago +1

    2008 didn't hit China very hard, 1997 did.

    • Mike Platts
      Mike Platts Day ago

      It's been worse than ever over the past few years.. Which is actually why the President picked now to strike!

  • anamike gushue
    anamike gushue 5 days ago +1

    Russia said the same thing, back in a war called the Cold War, look what happen today,...

  • 王yufeng
    王yufeng 5 days ago +1

    The Chinese’s tolerance for humiliation is something that Western countries cannot understand.

    • Mr watcher
      Mr watcher 2 days ago

      China is dealing with beasts which only move on to kill for survival.

  • lee b
    lee b 5 days ago

    this dude is full of sh-t. the reason china even has an economy is nafta. thats when slick willie sold us out and all of our manufacturing jobs to china and mexico.

  • lee b
    lee b 5 days ago

    china couldnt survive without selling their junk products to the us.

  • Prabal Mitra
    Prabal Mitra 5 days ago

    Many doubts and questions were cleared after going through your video.

  • Mothupi Lekgau
    Mothupi Lekgau 5 days ago

    Every major economy wants to be the greatest, but it's better to copy a product then to put sanctions on a poor starving country in order to milk it out of its natural resources in the process of wanting to be great

  • Masaku Musyoka
    Masaku Musyoka 5 days ago +1

    67% of US trade deficit is due to China? America should be worried.

  • Joseph
    Joseph 6 days ago


  • Raymond Lee
    Raymond Lee 6 days ago

    Ridiculous with just one side perspective.

    • Charles Pidor
      Charles Pidor 6 days ago

      tell China to open their book so we can see also their side..ow wait! they don't allow it...that is the order side of the coin. ask your boss china. Good Luck to you.

  • chris wilson
    chris wilson 6 days ago

    Biggest dummy in the world.

  • herminio buen jr.
    herminio buen jr. 6 days ago


  • Ächang Wangsa
    Ächang Wangsa 6 days ago

    you are reallygood in your own field

  • mi_sally
    mi_sally 6 days ago

    what can you say about the tension in the south china sea? Will China fall if nations gang up on them? I love your piece on trade war, but how bout military war?

  • Hector Wei
    Hector Wei 7 days ago

    patriotism is nothing when there is a huge mountain of money in front of you.

  • Sture Åkersork
    Sture Åkersork 7 days ago

    "..we have freedom of speach.." blabla... Yeh, tell that to Snowden, Manning , Assange , stupid.. Not to mention 6 companys owns almost all media.

  • 何林鹏
    何林鹏 7 days ago


  • MY 1964 Lau
    MY 1964 Lau 7 days ago

    That's not US China trade war, only the war between Jesuit new world order and Skull & Bones globalism.

  • Rodrigo Ruiz
    Rodrigo Ruiz 8 days ago

    How big is your dick daddy?

  • AdN
    AdN 8 days ago

    hahahaha this dumb fucktard are making me laugh. wake up oldman you are a joke.

  • Mohammed Azeem
    Mohammed Azeem 9 days ago +1

    India could emerge as manufacturing hub with cheap labor supply (1.3b)
    But the idiots in india playing politics on religion rather than money and country

    • Mohammed Azeem
      Mohammed Azeem 2 days ago

      @The Sports Guy OK

    • The Sports Guy
      The Sports Guy 5 days ago

      Don't worry... India exports are rapidly increasing from the past few years and USA started a tariff on India soo India can team up with China and try to strengthen their economy

  • Tiger168
    Tiger168 9 days ago

    This video has so many misleading information, it is, unfortunately too biased.

  • smallkitty wood
    smallkitty wood 9 days ago

  • Rui Liu
    Rui Liu 9 days ago

    Good, who stole technology from England ?Who forced scientists from all over the world to servece for them ?who wanted to assassinate China's great scientist Qian Xuesen?

  • hfacclinks
    hfacclinks 9 days ago

    This person does not know what he is talking about. Has he ever visited China? I would suggest him to listen to the talks of Stephen Roach.

  • DawnCrystal tony
    DawnCrystal tony 9 days ago

    Trump knows leverage. Ah give me a break. Yes, he is definitely earning leverage in exchanging of losing global influence in nations such as Canada and Europe. Trump will definitely win short term, but it will damage US reputation in the long run which is bad for business generally. Btw, Trump loves using the bankrupt mechanic, and there is none in Government system unless you want to betray your nation.

  • Tiger
    Tiger 10 days ago

    I guess you have no clue how " forced technology transfer" worked in China

    • Charles Pidor
      Charles Pidor 6 days ago

      tell China to open their book so we can see also their side..ow wait! they don't allow it...that is the other side of the coin. ask your boss china. Good Luck to you.

  • Shiva.S from India
    Shiva.S from India 10 days ago

    You kno wht ...... ur video forced me to subscribe ur channel. Good Job.

  • TK Baha
    TK Baha 10 days ago

    USA-buy time, factories moved out of communist china, American merchants cut off from communist china and switch to other resource in asian countries. Communist chinese eat grass and soil.

  • Frog shit is real
    Frog shit is real 10 days ago

    If this ever happens I promise this will start the World War III.

  • smallkitty wood
    smallkitty wood 10 days ago

    This is definitely media totally represents for CCP

  • whousay Iam
    whousay Iam 10 days ago

    Capitalism is Communism for the Rich..

  • Karthik Settyy
    Karthik Settyy 10 days ago

    @Patrick: This is a wonderful analogy and you made it the best.

  • Pedro Gorosviba
    Pedro Gorosviba 11 days ago

    There is no freedom in America, just a perception. US needs China m,ore

  • Adrian Fonseca
    Adrian Fonseca 11 days ago

    So this is why nobody likes america ... cux people like this first of all not a 100% american talking about how only america can be number 1 give it a rest bro

  • frank li
    frank li 12 days ago +17

    Copy? According to WIPO report of 2018, China take No. 2 IP application globally and only 3000 pcs less than US. Do you still think China is copying? And guess who is the No.1 IP application owner on company? Huawei! US, the world has changed, you need wake up!

  • Marina Knife
    Marina Knife 12 days ago

    Excellent - only found your channel the other day - great output - proper discussions and considerations - thank you - contributes to raising the public discourse - greatly needed - infotainment media news and indoctrination can be blasted by real discussion.

  • Traveling hippie
    Traveling hippie 12 days ago

    One of China's key to be competitive & giving hard time to any countries to compete with lies in Reverse engineering over the course of years ,they mastered it. With cheap labour & Govt enforced labour policies ,they manipulate Manufacturing . Sometime China brings goods manufactured or produced from Vietnam & Taiwan ,label it & sell it to Western nations. Various course of years they mastered the art of manipulation ,copying & Reverse engineering. Moment some invention coming in the world from any part of the world ( ESpecially USA or West ) China already making it by copying or reverse engineering with out caring for patent issues or patent rights. By the law of trade ,copyright its massive crime. Currency manipulation is another way to keep up boosting their economy through Export ,giving them an unfair edge in world market. Not just China ,Like Donald Trump said InDia , Turkey, many other countries take unfair advantages laid out to help poor nations of developing third world countries 30-40 years ago. All these countries even like of India takes advantage and while impose high tariff or practice unfair trade . China is a big vast economy ,well made ,good potential it has but problem is it is no democracy like America. Like He said ,No one yet in the developing world or Asia has as much as fair free press , freedom of expression like USA ,Europe & West. Migration rate is much lower , China is cosmopolitan but not as accepting or craze for migration among people of world in china ,as compared to US & West. China has a ageing population , slowing down economy. Now USA should start taking steps to infringing the copy rights issues Reverse engineering & rectify the old policies of Trade blunders. Now Donald Trump is trying hard to do that or implement it. Many politicians & main stream media don't like Donald Trump as bizzare he sounds but most rational ,strategic ,good decesion he is taking for his country & it's people.

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