US China Trade War Explained -Who Needs Who?

  • Published on May 28, 2019
  • Patrick Bet-David breaks down the US Trade War with China and what you can do about it. Don't forget to subscribe.
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  • Geezy Chivo
    Geezy Chivo 7 hours ago

    Fuck all Deez mfz trump do yo thing make that money make us rich fuck if you dont fuck with blackz or other races like that I'm counting on you to keep it Patriot like George Washington or act selfish af like the original general of the south.....I'm black so the only word of advice I have for my people is get money an do you stick together an build up because the world tryna fuck the whole country not just white vs black it's the whole us vs the worlds money period fight or lay down I ain't quiting you I ain't leaving my four fathers build shit around here I know n love or grow up wanting to go see x, nip ,Martin ,pac ,big, w.e. Nate Turner n harriet Tubman put it down for us over here not ah boat or spear came over here to get us remember that period so if you black in America we all we got till they show us otherwise I can't stand how things are but if we keep this shit up won't b a place for you to change shit that's da only reason I ride with trump period if Hillary would have 1 I would have been down 2 I'm down with all the who get put in that chair rather I like em or not we are the red whit n blue.... army navy marines FBI CIA local law crips bloods kkk sure 13 nsm GDz Bdz n Lords put all that bullshit aside n Ride for The U.S.A. period but on my life it need to b along period of peace between us all straight like that fix us not everyone else we all we got I took shots for this as a baby I'm not giving this up I lost fights won em made love n played love got shot lived went to da pen all that in what I can honestly say I love this country period ride or die -Geez

  • JokerJen 28
    JokerJen 28 13 hours ago

    Well sorry to say but the economy growth is shifting to asia, USA is becoming weaker and weaker and china kept on rising so are the countries in asia.

  • mohammed samsaam
    mohammed samsaam 19 hours ago

    Hiking tariff on Chinese imports is not a proper solution . Should USA deal with China that there import should be on specific percentage . In case of much import by them should be seized the products ..

  • Lawrence L
    Lawrence L 20 hours ago

    Vote for andrew yang to save the USA !! He see the solutions for our future! #yang2020

  • Lawrence L
    Lawrence L 20 hours ago

    Manufacturing jobs ? They will be mostly automated within the next 20 to 30 years. Why do you think China is investing heavily in AI ?

  • Julio Andres Chavez Corredor

    not the entire world wants to be in the U.S. (not America, AMERICA is a fucking damn continent, not a country). I am Colombian, and i desire to be in Deutschland, Sweden, Norway, oder Finland, not definitely not the U.S.. You should as well highlight the part when you mention that there is "free press" in the U.S. when that essentially isn´t true. The descriptive video was good, but i can appreciate a clear inclination saying "the U.S. rules the world", which is not good, you know the actions and intervention of U.S. democracy in some countries around the world, most likely non developed and developing countries, like mine, and the results are, as expected, not the best.

  • sebastian Sm
    sebastian Sm Day ago

    Chinese sneaky lizzards

  • Discharge Summary

  • qihua sun
    qihua sun Day ago

    so bias. world has changed.

    • Mars Smith
      Mars Smith Day ago +1

      Chinese bot, the world will be changed again and again

  • Scooter2020 ___
    Scooter2020 ___ Day ago


  • Austin Ogah
    Austin Ogah 2 days ago +1


  • Edward A
    Edward A 3 days ago +1

    shows a Mercedes of the Russian police
    says "what a Camaro is for US a Mercedes is for Germany"

  • Robert Appel
    Robert Appel 3 days ago

    The only motivation of Trump to reduce the deficit with China imposing tariffs is to get out of the debt and improve the american economy. Besides, it it something completely normal to do, considering China had high tariffs for US products before.

  • 马云
    马云 4 days ago

    Rich Western Elites make war decisions, and their White Kids are learning Korean now

  • Tanmay Kulkarni
    Tanmay Kulkarni 4 days ago

    I have a lot of respect for pat and i can understand him taking an anti China stance as he doesn't want to be in the bad books of the ruling govt let alone the americ people because of his ethnicity but i whole heartedly disagree with all the assumptions he has made about China right from IP theft, lack of innovation etc. The us as an economy was built on IP theft. The Manhattan project, supersonic flight, space rockets, personal computers etc are all products of IP theft. Just because that happened some 50 to 75 years back and we don't talk about it doesn't mean it happened. Silicon valley is a prime example of IP theft. China lacking innovation? Now that's a first. The US is at least 10 to 15 years behind China in 5G, drone technology, robotics, AI, HMI etc. So if there is a lack of innovation then it is there in the US.

  • Freedom0103 Freedom0103

    Behind the Barbed Wire: China's Concentration Camps
    October 18, 2019

    By Tony Perkins
    "I had to be strong. Every day when I woke up, I thanked God that I was still alive." --Sayragul Sauytbay, Uyghur
    There are harrowing stories -- and then there are the stories that seep deep into our bones. Sayragul Sauytbay's is the kind you don't forget. Her survival in China's concentration camps isn't just a miracle -- it's a warning that true darkness has settled over parts of the East. The most excruciating forms of torture are happening behind barbed wire walls that Beijing has tried hiding. And for the million people trapped inside, the only hope they have to escape their tormentors is international attention and pressure.
    Kidnapped by state officials in the middle of the night, Sayragul remembers the terror of being taken -- her head covered in a black sack. Told she was being taken to a camp to "teach Chinese," she didn't know where she was -- only that she'd stepped into a living nightmare. Forbidden to cry or speak, she changed into prison clothes and watched her hair fall when her head was shaved. Cramped into a room with 20 others, she found out that her feet would be shackled from then on -- even in sleep. The punishment for even the smallest things, she says, was constant.
    "Torture -- metal nails, fingernails pulled out, electric shocks..." David Stavrou, who tells her story, writes that the camp's commanders set aside a room to inflict the worst kind of pain imaginable. The inmates called it the "black room," because they were forbidden from mentioning it. "There were all kinds of tortures there. Some prisoners were hung on the wall and beaten with electrified truncheons. There were prisoners who were made to sit on a chair of nails. I saw people return from that room covered in blood. Some came back without fingernails." Every prisoner was forced to take pills and get injections -- treatments they didn't realize were slowly sterilizing them. Others were the subject of gory human experiments.
    Every evening was devoted to the listing of sins, which the prison guards defined as everything from not learning Chinese properly to sleeping on the wrong side to refusing to sing propaganda songs. Stavrou pauses, watching the tears well up in Sayragul's eyes. They're in Sweden, where Sayragul was finally granted asylum after her escape. She starts to talk about the young girls, her voice breaking. The policemen, she explains, would take the pretty ones away with them, raping them until they couldn't sit down.
    "One day, the police told us they were going to check to see whether our reeducation was succeeding, whether we were developing properly. They took 200 inmates outside, men and women, and told one of the women to confess her sins. She stood before us and declared that she had been a bad person, but now that she had learned Chinese she had become a better person. When she was done speaking, the policemen ordered her to disrobe and raped her one after the other, in front of everyone. While they were raping her, they checked to see how we were reacting. People who turned their head or closed their eyes, and those who looked angry or shocked, were taken away -- we never saw them again. It was awful. I will never forget the feeling of helplessness, of not being able to help her."
    Sayragul didn't sleep much after that. Even now, she closes her eyes and sees their faces. "I will never forget the camp. I cannot forget [them]. They are innocent. I have to tell their story, to tell about the darkness they are in, about their suffering."
    Adrian Zenz is one of the few people who was determined to prove that this was happening. Working alone at a cramped desk, he has spent years combing through the data on the internet, trying to prove to the West that these camps exist. His research, a slow and tedious process, led him to a trail of bidding papers, budget plans, and satellite images that show the quiet construction of these torture chambers -- holding as many as a million and a half people just like Sayragul. "I feel very clearly led by God to do this... I'm not afraid to say that," Adrian insists.
    Thursday, on "Washington Watch," he explained how his work forced the Chinese to admit the camps exist. "I had felt leading from God to just keep doing that data search... Nobody else was interested. Nobody was publishing it. I never had a media request over it. I was just quietly slaving away -- and it was a huge amount of work... And then came the time when I clearly felt, 'I'm supposed to do this.' I felt God saying to me, 'You should stick out your head.'"
    He did, going public with thousands of pages of documents. Suddenly, the Chinese went into propaganda mode, "inviting the media and diplomats and visitors from overseas to visit these camps... We can see on satellite how they have taken away some of the watch towers. They have removed some of the barbed wire, some of the high walls and the cameras inside the classrooms, and they make people smile and dance." But the smiles are hollow -- like their hope that help will come.
    If they've lost faith, it's because some Americans haven't given them any. The NBA, Apple, Google, Hollywood, and countless others seem willing to do anything to protect their interests in China -- even if it means condoning a regime of unspeakable horrors. But make no mistake: every pair of shoes they sell, every iPhone, every Hollywood movie script written to gain approval of the communists' censors is facilitating the real-life horror that is playing right now in China. Until these companies find their voice, a million Sayraguls waste away -- casualties of cowardice we should all be ashamed of.

  • Sachin Mrig
    Sachin Mrig 4 days ago +2

    Very good, informative and precisely articulative

    • 马云
      马云 4 days ago

      Trade War started because China protects North Korean fresh pussies from American Rich Elites

  • Hinabi Chan
    Hinabi Chan 4 days ago

    american product came from your country. but they choose asian to do the monpower because of the low cost to cut from their pocket.. because us or western employees want biggest income than the owner

  • h smith
    h smith 4 days ago +1

    Never trust the Communist .. they are here in the US .. Americans are kind hearted, trustworthy and naive. College professors teach and give away trade secrets and new inventions. Foreign students should attend our universities and return to their countries. The universities will have vacant seats for American students. Example: the lady got her college degree and in fact a spy.
    We are NOT going to lose our #1spot to China. Let's all work and help this country I love.
    Thanks for the video. Great explanation.

  • samhouston2000
    samhouston2000 5 days ago

    Imagine CIA investing in Facebook, Yeah Imagine That Again. LOL. are you serious here buddy or are you trolling us?.

  • Kamel Kadri
    Kamel Kadri 5 days ago +1

    Says we're in war all poeple care about is CIA investing in Facebook, its like saying there's a nuclear missile coming to hit your town all you care about is hmm its gonna be cloudy, WAKE UP

    JONATAN BARRANG 5 days ago +2

    May God bless USA to win it

  • xinyue shang
    xinyue shang 5 days ago

    this is ridiculously BS on gov control, trade secret /IP, and freedom of speech. Have you been to China? Have you done business in/with China? So irresponsible to give those misleading information and talks. Please do some legit research and study about China and it's culture and history before you BS here!

  • Byron Soler
    Byron Soler 6 days ago +2

    China has the most leverage.. we need them more than need us

  • Edvin Saletovic
    Edvin Saletovic 6 days ago

    a very good interview to watch after you are done here

    China vs. the U.S. - Trade War to Cold War? (w/ Kyle Bass and Gen. Robert Spalding)

    • Edvin Saletovic
      Edvin Saletovic Day ago

      @Jonathan Fan since the 70s they grow 23fold that's quite a bit of expanding, how you ask ? Well check the numbers here
      They want to expand and grow, so does 195 other countries, I happen to live in USA and this country growth and expansion is my priority.
      Military wise they don't stand a chance, they know that and don't even try, only chance they got is wait out the president Trump, continue exporting 500 B (with a big B ) to USA and turn around and buy USA slowly with our money.
      Americans built China, and I think we expanded them enough.

    • Jonathan Fan
      Jonathan Fan 3 days ago

      US and China are frenemies, I said it is frenemy, not friend not enemy, frenemy

    • Jonathan Fan
      Jonathan Fan 3 days ago

      Edvin Saletovic do you know why China wants to expand? Because China has no choice but to expand. China has too many people, and all people want a good quality of life, Western countries want China to stay in a poverty country, but Chinese people want to live a better life and that population, it has to surpass the US economically, that is like the core of national interest. Will China become dominating in the world leadership stage? I don’t think so. If China really becomes aggressive politically and militarily, like the USSR back in the day, China’s power won’t last long, because many other countries will stand up against this absolute government even falling apart back home in mainland China. Across the history China has experienced that many times. Just know this: many people, high quality of life, it’s overall economical power has to be on top, no other way. It doesn’t mean at that moment China will be a perfect state, there will be problems existing as well, but it doesn’t compensate the quality of life of American people. In the future, USA should develop into more like a Scandinavian country, peaceful stable and high quality of life

    • Edvin Saletovic
      Edvin Saletovic 3 days ago

      @Jonathan Fan this time USA is against the globalists as well, on the flip side I think even tho some love to hate on USA none of them trust and want China to lead.
      The interview is quite good, check it out if you haven't.

    • Jonathan Fan
      Jonathan Fan 3 days ago

      Edvin Saletovic it is turning into a new Cold War

  • Walter Chernicki
    Walter Chernicki 6 days ago

    Cmon tell truth how we got there

  • Walter Chernicki
    Walter Chernicki 6 days ago +2

    Dude your rap should discuss how and when. Afraid to rip dems. Thought he was tougher he's not

  • andoverite
    andoverite 6 days ago


  • Zhongyang Lu
    Zhongyang Lu 6 days ago

    Can we found another way? We have so many smart people. In the end, we can only solve the problem through zero-sum game? You know, just stand there, you give me a punch, I will give you a punch, and then see who will fall first, this is obviously a silly behavior.

  • mann bansal
    mann bansal 7 days ago

    Speahk slowww

  • Tom Chen
    Tom Chen 7 days ago

    What a bunch of bullshit.
    China was and is one of the foremost idea leaders in the world.

  • SOG Dre
    SOG Dre 7 days ago +1

    Trump is protecting religious freedom and trump is handling the finances. Once trump leaves office and because America is turning from God watch America drop like a fly if we don't turn.

  • Emo And Proud
    Emo And Proud 8 days ago

    I hope China annihilates USA in the trade war.

  • Chris Albano
    Chris Albano 8 days ago +1

    China got the whole eastern continents in its hands. US is all talk when forming relationships with its allies, while China talks with money and that's all that matters. Too many countries are indebted to China and soon it will create a new world, one that is independent from western world. HK and Taiwan becoming china, Philippines aligning their alliance to China, Highways that give trade to both India and China, Australia trade to China. The US got to stick out for their boy Japan and other SEA countries like South Korea if they want to disrupt China's dominance.

    • Kamel Kadri
      Kamel Kadri 5 days ago

      Algeria is now China's Bt!tch, How many people you think are aware or awake to that fact 0.00000000000000001% the rest are cheering for china as it's Raping us, up infront of our eyes

  • Florian Pollard
    Florian Pollard 8 days ago

    I'm afraid this is way to easily put. These numbers explain only superficial things. Politics in China allow them to be very creative in replacing their dependency on the US. I'm afraid that the US is at a disadvantage. When both powers don't bend the US lacks China's ability to replace the others imports, while Tech that US produces is easily found in other countries.

  • Ralph Bantivoglio
    Ralph Bantivoglio 8 days ago

    US will win that fight all day long

  • Rara Zap
    Rara Zap 8 days ago

    What is this guy saying?! Hahaha

  • Jeff Chandler
    Jeff Chandler 8 days ago

    I wish you could have pointed out some of the ways China has suffered in the trade Wars. All indications are that their economy is way off and if they have taken it on the chin much worse than the US. Even Top China professors predicted the trade War would be much harder on China. Can you elaborate on that?

  • OdavidS
    OdavidS 8 days ago

    Why trade war? - bc we just found out China doesn't play fair. China wants to keep snaking around and we are like: "nope". There are many politicians connected to China's economy. [it's scary and you should research this]
    Who needs who? - we both need each other.
    Who will lose in this trade war? China. Although the US will lose jobs and money, China has billions of lower-class ppl in factories.

    We need this trade-war. Although we might lose money and jobs, the CCP is very dangerous for our future. It's not about jealousy, hate or discrimination. It's about their mentality. They are supremacists and that ain't good. oh, and they are also totalitarian.

  • 8 days ago

    Excellent economics video. Factual. Plenty of belt and road world domination... (power) inundatiing American's with exported stuff. Enough with the latter! Betting on our buying power is like betting on tourism. It's unsustainable in the long run. India has good cause not to open their whole market, yet they're in ours, too. China and the rest of the world are only doing what we allowed Japan to do for over 80 years. As a result, they want economic revenge!? Every US citizen is responsible for world trade. Yet, we are the most despised. Why should we bear this negative WT burden alone while communist China use our capitalist system for their geopolitical and economic expediency?

  • K M
    K M 8 days ago

    We're going to win if we're stop pumping money to UN, and other so called "allies" to reinvesting to ourselves then survive the longest out of this trade war.

  • Ramon Ng
    Ramon Ng 8 days ago

    You ask who needs who..China was already a world power 2,300 years ago..with over 5,000 years of history..waaay before there was an idea of a USA

  • Chris White
    Chris White 8 days ago +1

    Everyone and thing is the enemy to the elite.
    The day humanity emerges is the day we all heal and oust the elite.
    They need us we don't need them.
    I'll see y'all on the other side.

  • Nilton Dos Santos
    Nilton Dos Santos 8 days ago +1

    My opion no longer China will be win the World Trade....cause China have good exemple to their to doing easy Business and Produce New Billionaires.....

  • Nilton Dos Santos
    Nilton Dos Santos 8 days ago +1

    That,Right Brooo....👏👏👏...Balance of Exports&Imports Volume.....

    • 马云
      马云 4 days ago

      Check the timeline, North Korean pussies are the Key of Trade War
      Westrn Rich Elites are the ones who make war decision
      Many Rich White Kids are learning Korean Now

  • Kathy Zhao
    Kathy Zhao 8 days ago

    I'm curious who funded this guy. Thanks god he mentioned cheap labors in China. The workers are very cheap. They suffered a lot and get paid very little. They work for international enterprise owners who set up factories in China and import "Chinese goods" to sell in the US. That's part story of the numbers.

  • cassanoa
    cassanoa 9 days ago

    the customer is always right - America has the BEST customers - born consumers - trump understands that good consumers are a national asset that can be leveraged - the real question is - " if Trump succeeds in beating china down - what will china do then ? "

  • cassanoa
    cassanoa 9 days ago +1

    so basically china wants everyone to subvert themselves so china can replace them - Trump understands this and says no way - Trump 2020 !

  • jPatronMusic
    jPatronMusic 9 days ago +2

    I’m going to shoot my self if I hear that “ I’m in my super sick car I’m in my super sick mansion oh wait I’m an in alley in Pittsburgh” comercial one more time.

  • Cheetah Mum
    Cheetah Mum 9 days ago +6

    US is the country led everyone into the whole globalisation, when they thought that would benefit US, but now they realised it helped China to develop, they no longer happy.

    • Florian Pollard
      Florian Pollard 8 days ago

      Just not true. How did they lead the world into globalization if all the means of globalising came from Europe. Europe lead the US into industry and industry drives globalisation

  • 种花家兔子Yang Kexin

    A lot of information was phrased in a misleading way. We kinda getting over it.

  • Evaldo Carvalho Carvalho

    and the winner is: china!

  • EM Newman
    EM Newman 10 days ago

    Propaganda much?

  • Coolbread Rye
    Coolbread Rye 10 days ago

    Chinese workforce is getting more expensive and the chinese government could confiscate your technology or your assets. In the US you have Mexico which is getting superb access to natural gas, a biproduct of the american shale industry (research pipelines going from the US to Mexico) meanwhile their workforce is cheaper and better educated and their consumer market is going to grow a ton given their demographics. Mexico is the future for US manufacturing abroad, not China.

  • Hanuman Tork
    Hanuman Tork 10 days ago

    We didn’t give them that much money! We buy more & eat more than the Chinese.

  • Hasan Kachal
    Hasan Kachal 10 days ago

    here is another idiot out there justifying Trump"s stupidities.

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M 11 days ago

    Yeah what ever we did to help China wound up being war on the U.S.

  • henry chuah
    henry chuah 11 days ago

    China don't need USA.for sure.

  • john gr
    john gr 11 days ago +4

    too many speculations for attracting attention.

  • Nouman  Naeem
    Nouman Naeem 12 days ago

    Pulling soldiers back from Syria-Afghanistan and to put tariffs on chinese products to make America’s economy great again. So that our focus will be on countering BRI. Because this project and its outcomes for Chinese government, from different countries can make China 🇨🇳 Super Economic Power.