Thrift Store Makeover

  • Published on Aug 4, 2018
  • Hey guys!! Sooo this is kind of a new idea. It's basically the same as my "squishy makeovers," minus the squishies haha.
    I love going thrift shopping and I often run across stuff like this that could use a little TLC. I decided to incoorporate one of my thrift store findings into my makeover series! A lot of people who love that series, aren't even squishy fans, so I thought maybe trying something that's not a squishy would
    If you love squishy makeover, you should love this too! It's still got paint, sprinkles, desserts, roasting, jokes, and it's a makeover. So very similar!
    This is just a way to switch it up every once in a while. I will still be posting a squishy makeover next Friday and that series is still going to live on! So please don't stress :) I just like to switch things up sometimes and try different things. Just keepin it fresh!
    If a lot of people happen to like this idea, I could definitely do more videos like this! I started with something very simple that I am familiar with (birdhouse) just as a test run, but I would definitely be up for more challenges in the future.
    Let me know if you wanna see more of this, and if you have any requests for things to makeover from thrift store!

    Every Friday: Alternating drawing videos (create this book & this is not a book) AND craft/DIY videos
    Some Mondays: Squishy Updates, mail openings, vlogs, announcements, unboxing videos, show and tell etc.

    PO BOX:
    NO LONGER ACCEPTING SQUISHY PACKAGES. (any packages sent are not guaranteed to be in any video)
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  • Debbie Ridgett
    Debbie Ridgett Hour ago

    I think it should be a ice cream sundae

  • Zylig
    Zylig 4 hours ago

    Dat detail tho

  • C&A Hintz
    C&A Hintz 4 hours ago

    Please buy a toy bird for the bird house

  • Jonna van der Velde
    Jonna van der Velde 4 hours ago

    We need more thrift store!♥❤♥

  • Lily flower 239 Vu
    Lily flower 239 Vu 6 hours ago

    That so cute 😍

  • Mandy Smith
    Mandy Smith 6 hours ago

    so cute!! loved this video

  • Olivia hall
    Olivia hall 7 hours ago

    Do a rainbow table

  • 14150 Adelaide
    14150 Adelaide 9 hours ago

    you suld put it out side

  • LPS kaeligryffindor
    LPS kaeligryffindor 9 hours ago

    *I am a new sub subscriber! And i already love your channel!! If we send you our squishies to fix, do we have to pay and will we get them back?*

  • Chanel Oliva
    Chanel Oliva 9 hours ago

    WHAT THE FREAK 72 HOURS??????????

  • creepypasta undertale
    creepypasta undertale 9 hours ago

    It looks so yummy

  • Korbyn Alexander
    Korbyn Alexander 10 hours ago

    I was hoping she wasn't going to add on those sprinkles.. birds might try to eat them !! 😣

  • Beverly Yu
    Beverly Yu 10 hours ago

    Lol I turned on the captions who did them

  • Nikki P.
    Nikki P. 11 hours ago

    I got her two days ago and I can’t stop smiling at you videos, I have never found a channel that made me smile this much! I love you so much you don’t even know!

  • Kudotokimi Sakura
    Kudotokimi Sakura 11 hours ago

    Is that paint is a slime OMG!!tell me what thet pait is!

  • Enchanted amethyst
    Enchanted amethyst 12 hours ago

    Can I ask my mom to buy dis?

  • Jaliyha roman
    Jaliyha roman 12 hours ago

    Omgg i love this soo much!!❤

  • Cory Briggs
    Cory Briggs 12 hours ago

    I subscribe

  • Taylor Romano
    Taylor Romano 13 hours ago

    You should totally do more players so cool and fun

  • ItzYoGirl Sarah
    ItzYoGirl Sarah 13 hours ago


  • Valerin World
    Valerin World 13 hours ago

    It’s called good will

  • Valerin World
    Valerin World 13 hours ago

    I go there

  • KipperKeeper
    KipperKeeper 13 hours ago

    This is great! I love how this turned out

  • octoling Scuba Steve
    octoling Scuba Steve 13 hours ago +1

    You should have 1 million subscribers

  • iconic qwinn
    iconic qwinn 14 hours ago +1


  • jose teixeira
    jose teixeira 14 hours ago

    I think you should start a series where you go to the thrift store and fix the thing you buy

  • Trixa Studios
    Trixa Studios 14 hours ago

    Stop giving the cherries crack!!!!!!!

  • Sarah Adams
    Sarah Adams 16 hours ago +1

    I like my own comment🦄🙁🦄

  • Deborah Tawadros
    Deborah Tawadros 16 hours ago

    I did the same thing years ago. Went to a thrift store and found a sorry looking bird house. Repainted it and brought it back to life. I have no idea what happened to it.

  • Maeve O'Donnell
    Maeve O'Donnell 16 hours ago

    Omg you can makeover anything and I wish I could be such an artist as you are

  • satisfactionstudio
    satisfactionstudio 16 hours ago

    How did you make the intro? It's amazing!

  • Ashley Swendsen
    Ashley Swendsen 16 hours ago

    so funny

  • The A Zone world
    The A Zone world 16 hours ago +1

    Hi cool makeover

  • Naira Sharma
    Naira Sharma 17 hours ago +1

    its so good but the stem of the cherry is red not green :(

    • Gurl Bye
      Gurl Bye 11 hours ago


  • Αγγελίνα Τσέλλιου

    Hahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂you forgot to paint the 🍒 cherry’s leaf 🍃 green but it’s steal LOVLEY

    • Gurl Bye
      Gurl Bye 11 hours ago


  • Αγγελίνα Τσέλλιου

    Ok what thrift store has Christmas 🎄 section in August???????

  • Jon Clements
    Jon Clements 18 hours ago

    I might need to take the bus to school I hate buses😥😭

  • Jade Potter
    Jade Potter 18 hours ago

    Dident you do a milk carton and now they look the exact same

  • Lauren Lover
    Lauren Lover 18 hours ago

    The waffle roof looks like a kitkat 7:23

  • gksora
    gksora 18 hours ago

    yeeeeah, with my knowledge of a goodwill employee, it should be in the wares isle

  • TheMagical Patato
    TheMagical Patato 18 hours ago

    can you do more of these thirft store ones i really like them

  • Hope Rogers
    Hope Rogers 19 hours ago +1

    u should do more things like this!❤️

  • _A_yt_channel _
    _A_yt_channel _ 19 hours ago

    We need more of these there amazing

  • Pcc Volgs
    Pcc Volgs 19 hours ago

    Am I the only one who didn’t paint bird houses as a kid because I was worried about the birds eating the paint 🤣🤣

  • Emilia Urie
    Emilia Urie 19 hours ago

    Well, she usedE6000 on polymer clay. Can't do anything now

  • Daveed Diggs' Floofy Hair

    It cracked because you didn’t pray to the baking gods!
    Anyone who gets that reference I love you

  • simply jam1e
    simply jam1e 19 hours ago

    why does it look delicious i-

  • Nadia Bashier
    Nadia Bashier 19 hours ago +1

    That birdhouse is so adorable but the cherry stem was never painted green 😣

  • Hannah Clark
    Hannah Clark 21 hour ago

    This is so fun!

  • Natalia
    Natalia 21 hour ago

    I love you and your vids soooooooooooo much you make me lagh and wonder HOW IN THE WORLD CAN SHE DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Suresh Kulathumani
    Suresh Kulathumani 22 hours ago

    It's soooooo satisfying

  • At the Beach House
    At the Beach House 22 hours ago

    Omg!!!! You are so creative and just so joyful to watch!! Both my cousin and look up to you as a role model. I recently got her Create This Book 1 and she was over the moon because she knew you made it and completed it. I just wanted to tell you that you are an inspiration to so many people. Thank you!💕

  • Kiera Engler
    Kiera Engler Day ago

    you should make a seris ;)

  • Alma Fjäril Ekman Vangen

    Sprinkles I love those sprinkles😍💕🦄

  • AJ Squad
    AJ Squad Day ago


  • AJ Squad
    AJ Squad Day ago


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    Martin Torres Day ago

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    Emily Gigi Day ago

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    Park_LPS 95 Day ago

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  • Tauhida Ahamed
    Tauhida Ahamed Day ago

    You should have put hearts on the whole thing

  • Abia Worshiper
    Abia Worshiper Day ago

    As anArtist AHHHH ewww the chuckyness of that paint! XD

  • nichole moore
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  • Omq Creamq
    Omq Creamq Day ago

    I was waiting for what type of food it was before you painted any of it 😂

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    Dimple Wierdo Day ago


  • Mapleclaw46 Story time/gaming

    Maybe make a Squishy a bird to go with the house?

  • Mariana & Lana
    Mariana & Lana Day ago +1

    i literally watched this to satisfy my squishy needs😂💗

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    Avocado Day ago

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    Rylin Simpson Day ago

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  • XxGacha_Lover16xX 16

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  • Slime Reviews
    Slime Reviews Day ago

    Can we send you paper squishys or home made squishys

  • Amy Lawrence
    Amy Lawrence Day ago

    Me;The one DIY that isn't desert themed and therefore can't have sprinkles...

    It's a desert themed bird house.

  • Kyra Warrick
    Kyra Warrick Day ago

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  • Kyra Warrick
    Kyra Warrick Day ago

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    Kyra Warrick Day ago

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  • Kyra Warrick
    Kyra Warrick Day ago

    I hate you but I like your videos but you just ruin the squishy why don't you just make I'm the same just find the color and color them over so you don't ruin them!!!!!!!!-!!!

  • Lisa Muñiz
    Lisa Muñiz Day ago

    I loved it

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    Joan Hungalu Day ago

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  • Peyton Kathaleen


  • Harris Harris
    Harris Harris Day ago

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    Maddie L Day ago

    I’m not hating but the cake looked hairy 😅

  • Paradoxical Intention

    This is where the bird witch lives so they can lure hungry bird chicks into her birdhouse to eat them. :U

  • Alyssa Nikole
    Alyssa Nikole Day ago


  • milliemc_ 1008
    milliemc_ 1008 Day ago

    Hi Moriah, I sent you an email about a sketchbook that I am working on and would appreciate if you checked it out :)

  • JuStSuMgUy001 :p

    Make this a series! Thrifth store makeovers!

  • Cass Chrom
    Cass Chrom Day ago

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    Elena Campos Day ago

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  • Elena Campos
    Elena Campos Day ago

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