THE UPSIDE Official Trailer (2019) Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston Movie HD

  • Published on Oct 3, 2018
  • THE UPSIDE Official Trailer (NEW 2019) Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston, Nicole Kidman Movie HD
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Comments • 6 763

  • skepmcpe
    skepmcpe 5 hours ago

    Look I love Kevin Hart so much bc he talented,funny and amazing but idk if am gonna watch this movie am sorry kev :/

  • MOHAMMED Aathif
    MOHAMMED Aathif 6 hours ago

    They copied the tamil movie "Oopiri"

  • 마이클한양조던
    마이클한양조던 6 hours ago

    Damn mr.white

  • Diana 7w7 RV
    Diana 7w7 RV 6 hours ago

    Cáncer :'v 💔

  • bhuvana kuts
    bhuvana kuts 6 hours ago

    WHAO, this is just like the telugu movie, Oopiri !

  • Ines Saou
    Ines Saou 7 hours ago

    It will never be like the French reproduction "intouchable "... Never 💓💓💓💓

  • crendon29
    crendon29 8 hours ago

    I understand why people would disagree with such movie. The original is an amazing film and as such it will be imitated, replicated, copied and remade. So what is the big deal? it is a lovely story told again with different actors who seem to be right for the role as well. Same story from the perspective of a different director. I've seen the original one quite a few times. It will be nice to see it again with some changes.

    • crendon29
      crendon29 7 hours ago

      And the assistant is still hot as hell!!!

  • TeternalGIone
    TeternalGIone 8 hours ago +1

    yeah its sweet and all but have to go with no the original is way better but also we can try and watch it as is not compare it :/

  • Lydia Amaka
    Lydia Amaka 8 hours ago

    I like what i see

  • Muzain Munavar
    Muzain Munavar 9 hours ago

    theres a tamil movie with the same story

  • Muzain Munavar
    Muzain Munavar 9 hours ago

    theres a tamil movie with the same story

  • Upaginit 101
    Upaginit 101 9 hours ago

    Anyone saying they won’t watch this, is their loss, best movie I’ve saw in a few years.. AWESOME MOVIE

  • first name
    first name 9 hours ago

    why do americans always have to ruin everything

  • Blake Elliott
    Blake Elliott 9 hours ago


  • Catarina Mangel
    Catarina Mangel 9 hours ago

    Nobody asked for this remake. The original is so much better. Hollywood is definitely running out of ideas

  • Isatis Rose
    Isatis Rose 10 hours ago +2

    C'est ridicule lol tellement nul désolé

  • Glenn Andersen
    Glenn Andersen 10 hours ago +1

    I too am offended by this remake. The intouchables (2011) Is my favourite and only DRAMA genre movie I can watch. Please USA. Stop with this atrocity. You have supplied us with good movies for years. Have you all stopped trying? What happened? Please dont ruin this one too... like you have done with so many other remakes.. I beg you.

  • Thiago Nogueira
    Thiago Nogueira 10 hours ago

    I have the feeling that i already watched this movie!!

  • l1998
    l1998 11 hours ago

    I've this the French one too, but I like this one more. Crazy!

  • RonTahan1
    RonTahan1 11 hours ago

    why would you show us the entire movie in a trailer?

  • Will _
    Will _ 13 hours ago

    I hate to be a film snob but I don't get the point of all these remakes. The Intouchables was an absolute perfect film and one where you really care about the characters. Now as fas those bitching about America...
    Hey, this is NOT an American problem. This is a Hollywood problem. And Hollywood does not speak for all of America, so they create whatever they can to make money off of those uncultured fools who don't like foreign films and prefer celebrity over originality. PERIOD. Stop being ass hats by shitting on all of America.

  • Denny Prastha
    Denny Prastha 14 hours ago

    I bet it can't go any higher than 6 stars rating on IMDB. Or even 5.

  • Qu. Lisa Leeanne Lavish

    I dont care what anyone says this movie was amazing!

  • Ayomikun F
    Ayomikun F 15 hours ago +1

    I don't care if it's a remake they remade the classic (Big) movie the new one is coming out this year is called (little) I don't care about a remake as long as it's good.

  • Kevin Schneider
    Kevin Schneider 15 hours ago

    Why does Hollywood always steal good movies from france ?!?! I don't particularly like France or whatever but after Brick Mansion's.. i dunno its just massively shity. Fuck that movie.... what bums me out even more is that I bet my ass, that at least Cranston saw the original what means he had to know what a REAL great movie and what a great accomplishment it was and is over all.... now they rehash it bout 2 years later ?!?! SCREW YOU !!! Imma boycott this shit

  • Adadis
    Adadis 16 hours ago +1

    Hi, before you comment anything. Please remember that both French version and American version comes from the same story. So before you go off on your comment saying “oH tHiS iS a CoPy”. If you really think about it, the French version was a remake of the actual event that took place that inspire the movie.. so... :)

  • TVBalkan
    TVBalkan 16 hours ago

    Superhero movies, remakes, reboots... Yep, it's certain now. Hollywood is officially out of ideas.
    As for me, I'm switching to European cinematography, especially Russian. They have more and more awesome AAA production movies.

  • 🍀LuckyBih🍀
    🍀LuckyBih🍀 17 hours ago

    Stop remaking movies stop remaking movies stop remaking movies

  • superheronebil
    superheronebil 17 hours ago

    Secretly, they make meth together

  • Hermann Göbbels
    Hermann Göbbels 17 hours ago +1

    shouldnt have tried to copy the original movie. this remake is a shame!

  • rejoy joy
    rejoy joy 18 hours ago

    Its an indian movie remake.... "thozha"

  • nishad Savad
    nishad Savad 18 hours ago

    I think
    This movie is remake

  • Dario Boni
    Dario Boni 19 hours ago

    The French version is one of my favorite movies of all time. I hope this remake makes justice.

  • Sudev Vp
    Sudev Vp 20 hours ago


  • Mani Kumar
    Mani Kumar 21 hour ago

    In india...there was a movie name "oppiri" acted by nagarjuna & karthi

  • vijay singh
    vijay singh 21 hour ago

    Awesome film. Fuck all you cunts that’s are offended. Snowflakes motherfuckers

  • Chuck Taylor
    Chuck Taylor 21 hour ago

    Don't hate on the French. For it was a Frenchman who invented the blowjob.

  • Chuck Taylor
    Chuck Taylor 21 hour ago

    This maybe Kevin's break through film.

  • Milwaukee Brewers
    Milwaukee Brewers 21 hour ago

    The intouchables is from 2011, exact movie, exact intro to end, same white rich disabled man, black man takes the job, become friends and have some fun bro time. Smh

  • KillaCrossover318
    KillaCrossover318 21 hour ago

    Little black guy pushing an over privileged white man around on a wheel chair, give me a break

  • KillaCrossover318
    KillaCrossover318 21 hour ago


  • KillaCrossover318
    KillaCrossover318 21 hour ago

    This movie plays on the Race Card TOO MUCH off Top....anybody else notice this?????

  • Vlad Box
    Vlad Box 22 hours ago

    So they copy the French movie.

  • Coshcosh
    Coshcosh 22 hours ago +1

    Kryan cranston 🤔

  • Chavius Randall
    Chavius Randall 22 hours ago

    Jesus people it's a remake

  • William Tim
    William Tim 23 hours ago

    You cheapened a masterpiece Hollywood, you guys are lame!

  • Lilo Loli
    Lilo Loli 23 hours ago

    Si la película original es tan buena para que hicieron esto

  • Daniel Zapata
    Daniel Zapata 23 hours ago

    Shot 80% with a GoPro... nice

  • Wise Tiger
    Wise Tiger 23 hours ago

    I like Kenvin Hard but he's too small for this role. In the original movie you Driss lift Philippe many times, with Kevin that small it can't happen !!!

  • jackieboy johnson

    There is no upside, only a downside....that this was even considered being made.

  • Iam WhoIam
    Iam WhoIam Day ago

    The Blindside Part 2....

  • Laurent Froggy
    Laurent Froggy Day ago

    Quel domage :-(

  • Kornelija Šuminaitė

    I can't believe it...SERIOUSLY??? a remake? why? the french movie is amazing and in my top 3 and now there is an english version? for what reason? The original wasn't good enough for americans (not that i have something about America or it's people). But oh c'moon, its a disrespect to The Intouchables.... :(

  • Frank Rodriguez
    Frank Rodriguez Day ago

    How exactly is this remake gonna ruin the original? No one is going to destroy the original one. It is goona be there, unless you collect all the copies that people has of the movie around the world put them in a pile and burn them. So if you dont like a remake then just dont watch, dont spend your money on it and stop whining.

  • parrothead0333
    parrothead0333 Day ago

    Oh look at all the offended people! Be offended! Now go about your life

  • Cheryl Fernando
    Cheryl Fernando Day ago

    They did an adaption of The Intouchables in Tamil called 'Thozha' and it was such a good movie had comedy and feels was overall a good watch, so it's worth giving the Hollywood adaptation a try too, it could also be a good, can't wait to watch it

  • JayOneFour
    JayOneFour Day ago

    Fuck this movie, go watch the French original

  • hot coco
    hot coco Day ago

    I prefer the french version anyday.....but this is still a good watch coz I LOVE kevin hart😍

  • Ed Marston
    Ed Marston Day ago

    This movie came out in 2017 lmao

  • Russell Walton
    Russell Walton Day ago

    The original is much better unless you don’t know the story. Watch the original first

  • orlandobabe
    orlandobabe Day ago

    Seen it and guess what? I laughed a bit but STILL the original was way better then this.

  • Sam Adams
    Sam Adams Day ago +1

    I watch it at the theatre Saturday it's very nice I loooooooove it bad my money was well spent

  • Matthew Riva
    Matthew Riva Day ago

    This movie was already done recently, it’s in French, it’s a masterpiece... suck it Hollywood you guys are so lazy it’s laughable.

  • The Brown RAT
    The Brown RAT Day ago

    At least give the og film credit

  • Samin Ustiashvili

    OMG! even the scenes are the same as the original movie!!! they could have tried to make some changes... be creative!! just go see "The Intouchables" in english ...

  • Darth Rangus
    Darth Rangus Day ago +1

    Oh look.............More NAZI propaganda.
    Kevin Heart huh? Obvious LGBTQUEFGDJ hater.
    Bryan Cranston..PFFT.....who does he think he is, huh!? If he wanted to portray this role, he should have gotten into a serious car accident, and became a REAL paraplegic.
    This shit is just SO insensitive!
    Time to flee to Twitter, and express my recreational outrage!

    SCAR HEAD Day ago

    Lol no

  • Shawnda Johnson
    Shawnda Johnson Day ago +1

    Went to see this movie.. AWESOME.

  • albertvagyok
    albertvagyok Day ago

    Everything is a copy, of a copy, of a copy...

  • Mohamed Younis
    Mohamed Younis Day ago

    i think it is not gonna be as good as the french one (the untouchables ).... the french black guy was amazing in his dance

  • Shiroshika
    Shiroshika Day ago

    The original was already perfect.
    I feel like this will be just another Kevin Hart funny movie. American over-the-top humor.

  • Sebastian Smith
    Sebastian Smith Day ago

    This movie is a joke, they didn't even remake the Intouchables, they completely copied it, the only real difference is that it's in English. I'm really infuriated by this.

  • SeductionByKamal
    SeductionByKamal Day ago +1

    But why tho?

  • eighteen22s
    eighteen22s Day ago


  • Vidhi Shah
    Vidhi Shah Day ago

    Fuck anyone who say I am offended !

  • 0000 0000
    0000 0000 Day ago

    I think this movie will be beautiful. but I am annoyed because it's another black man portrayed as an ex-criminal. yall really are hating on Kevin hart. good lord

  • Sa yan
    Sa yan Day ago

    Copy and Paste.
    That’s what they did and the french movie is hundred times better!

  • Dr. William Pierce

    Yay, more (((Hollywood))) propaganda! Why would anyone want to waste their money on this crap?

  • K Etienne
    K Etienne Day ago

    I’m offended by this trailer with it’s (black men are criminals and can only succeed in life by serving Whites) narrative.

  • chris Bonsu Aniagyei

    Sorry guys! The cast is amazing!! But after seeing the French version, there is no match!! But it's cool!!

  • runman1271
    runman1271 Day ago

    Normally I would not see a movie like this, but since the leftists in the USA gave him a hard time, I will go watch it.

  • Ty Smith
    Ty Smith Day ago

    Will never watch a movie that this black homophobic man is in. He is a terrible role model.

  • M G
    M G Day ago

    French version was better....

  • Music
    Music Day ago


  • Music
    Music Day ago

    Well the original French movie is much better. But Americans can't handle the fact that sometimes, foreigners does better movies than them.

  • Картофель

    fucking americans need to remake everything because it just isn't american enough. and Kevin Hart represents everything that's wrong with american humor, loud =/= funny.

  • daquan94
    daquan94 Day ago

    Hmmmm not sure I’m feeling this... the French one didn’t need remaking

  • Invisible Doctor

    The movie's not as bad as this trailer makes it out to be. It's actually a bit entertaining. I just feel there's no point in complaining when you haven't even seen the movie. I get it, you guys don't want your previous Intouchables to be ruined but it's not. It's still going to be the Intouchables and the Upside is only complimenting it.

  • Simon Vs The World

    I thought both movies were equally charming. Sure, this remake might be a bit goofy at times but I thought the relationship between Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston was pretty tight. People need to lighten up.

  • Trish_ Army
    Trish_ Army Day ago +1

    Why so much hate to the movie? People worked hard to put this together, at least give them credit for that? You don’t have to watch it if you dont want to, just don’t hate it, cause some people might actually enjoy this

    Edit: Dont hate me for the comment either

  • Juan Stark
    Juan Stark Day ago

    The original - Intouchable, French film is much, much better

  • Anon
    Anon Day ago

    A lot of whiners... they didn't tell you to watch it, did they? You're the one making problems for your self. Just don't watch, that's it.

  • Nou_Nei for life

    so kev/Omar sy?

  • M
    M Day ago

    I'm not offended by this remake, I got to watch this and see what did they have adapted and changed to match through the cultural differences. Anyway, surprising to see all the contreversy about the characters of the movie in America

  • Captain FALKEN
    Captain FALKEN Day ago

    Who came here for Bryan Cranston and not Kevin?

  • Fatgaming katana

    I know this is a movie based on a real story but there is a very very similar Tamil movie which came out a few years ago

  • Govind Raju
    Govind Raju Day ago

    Original In French : Intouchables
    In Tamil : Thozha
    In Telugu : Oopiri
    In Spanish : Inseparables
    In Hindi : Not yet released
    now In English : The Upside

  • Brian Sounalath
    Brian Sounalath Day ago

    This cheesy AF and kinda like The Help and probably shoulda tanked but Cranston and Hart are so charming and for some reason work together. Kidman probably could have been recast with someone more character a Scottish woman or Bebe Rexha.

  • Kristjan Jonsson

    "Hey guys, #insert country name# made a hit movie, lets copy it to make some money and pretend that we are smart and creative"

  • Marcos Lopez Costal

    Intouchable but... Bad