Conan Helps His Assistant Buy A New Car - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on Jul 13, 2018
  • Conan's assistant Sona is in dire need of a new car but thankfully Conan has offered to help her #ShopAllTheCars on Autotrader.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 11 875

  • edwin farias
    edwin farias Hour ago

    Thats messed up thought he would really buy her a better car

  • B MO
    B MO Hour ago

    Gawd she's gorgeous!!

  • sue she
    sue she 4 hours ago

    Wait. He didn't buy her a real car? Okay that was funny at the end.

  • JCarlos Quebrado
    JCarlos Quebrado 5 hours ago

    Great episode.
    “You’re rolling deep”.
    Sona, has eyes locked on cash ...the whole time.
    I have to say, I’m invested in this ...I need to see what car she gets.

  • Allison Simms
    Allison Simms 11 hours ago

    Go ahead and drive it to the crusher while it still runs, so you can make new cars. Any VW with more than 100k miles , get rid of it.

  • manobal bajwa
    manobal bajwa 15 hours ago

    looks like a real grudge there hmmmm i am reposting my comments after deleting two comments i posted before ..because what i felt conan was being a douche to her but why i thought later on why would he do that ??? he has been such a good guy and seems nice to all his other staff doing gags is part of his job but ... he really doesnt like his assistant I wonder why ... sorry for the monolougeish comment but yeah i wrote you look ugly but infact in beard you dont man you are a hero care to somehow tell me was it a skit or do you dont like her did she do something bad ?? ignore me but my gut still tells you are nice but not to her but there is a reason please do tell .

  • manobal bajwa
    manobal bajwa 15 hours ago

    Conan trying hard to be funny. Sad

  • midnight joey
    midnight joey 15 hours ago

    Mr.Blouth And Kitty LAMOOOOOOO

  • dan dolla
    dan dolla 17 hours ago

    ya she needed to change her oil lol

  • Jeff Jones
    Jeff Jones 20 hours ago

    love this. shes the best. conan is the best. please more

  • Jonathan Carr
    Jonathan Carr Day ago +1

    You need to pay your assistant more.

  • aaah tex
    aaah tex Day ago

    Sona = so good

  • LordOfDays
    LordOfDays Day ago

    I somehow forgot about this one but I am super excited to relive it because I remember laughing so hard the first time.

  • D S
    D S Day ago +1

    I believe, as many of the viewers, that he did buy a nice car to her, but doesn't need to have the "opera" moment on camera. I was expecting him to show the new car, but the fact he didn't just makes me respect him even more. Besides that, there's no need to have her reaction to a new car, given for free, on camera. I love Conan, and his assistant Sona has a really nice chemistry with him. :D

  • Mainsail Sound
    Mainsail Sound 2 days ago

    She's been his loyal assistant for 9 years. I was really hoping that this video would end in him buying her a nice car. This just seems kind of mean

  • Trip Dapperson Jr.
    Trip Dapperson Jr. 2 days ago

    if you fixed the handle and had it detailed that car would actually be pretty nice lol

  • xmrgx
    xmrgx 2 days ago

    i love Sona

  • The Treacherous Leech

    "Men want to be in me"

  • Curtis and FiZzO
    Curtis and FiZzO 2 days ago

    HAHAHAAA!! Wow, what a car!! Conan really shouldn't have!!

  • Khushboo Pidiyar
    Khushboo Pidiyar 2 days ago

    Aaaaand I don't feel bad for him anymore.

  • Helgali
    Helgali 2 days ago +1

    Sona deserves 3x whatever she's paid. 😂😂😂

  • Yurek Hunt
    Yurek Hunt 2 days ago


  • tomblaze2
    tomblaze2 2 days ago

    SOna almost as funny as COnan

  • Enrique Vergara
    Enrique Vergara 2 days ago

    Sona has a really good sense of humor and laughs very enthusiastically, love it!

  • Kris Grym
    Kris Grym 2 days ago

    Conan is a prick but I love him so much. best boss ever!

  • Leto2ndAtreides
    Leto2ndAtreides 2 days ago

    Naa... Needed to get her a nicer car, or clean that thing up (or dump vomit on it)

  • Dry English Salim
    Dry English Salim 2 days ago

    I feel like working for conan

  • Catherine Dang
    Catherine Dang 2 days ago

    So do they pay her like two cents an hour

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 2 days ago

    I'm going to Ellen's youtube channel, this is sad :( I am seriously sad :( &*^/#! Or drunk! Conan is so hot though! His hair Woooow!

  • caomhan84
    caomhan84 3 days ago

    She missed the opportunity for a Leno joke when Conan said he knew cars and she said "No you don't."

  • AshitaNoKanousei42
    AshitaNoKanousei42 3 days ago

    This is real life.

  • danchoni90
    danchoni90 3 days ago

    I really thought he was going to surprise her with an actuall car after this one but...

  • Vphiamer Adis Ogaarwa

    God this is great!

  • MurkysVideos
    MurkysVideos 3 days ago

    @2:06 omg this was the best!

  • Titan Titus
    Titan Titus 3 days ago

    Yo U realize this happened a year before she was the surprise guest on the show..... coincidence?...... I think not

  • Alexis Snyder
    Alexis Snyder 3 days ago +11

    Buy her a house! Buy her a house! Buy her a house! Buy her a house!

  • Assapopoulos Mariolis
    Assapopoulos Mariolis 3 days ago +1

    She reminds me of Judy Greer

  • Clarissa Fray
    Clarissa Fray 3 days ago

    Her car was not Conan-hair-friendly.

  • Ryan Kwissisens
    Ryan Kwissisens 3 days ago

    160k theres alot of life left

  • Edward Jam
    Edward Jam 3 days ago

    I would so eat her ass.

  • Luigi Ferretti
    Luigi Ferretti 3 days ago

    She is really hilarious! 😂

  • Omnipresent One
    Omnipresent One 3 days ago

    Conan, you son of a bitch. :/

  • ad soy
    ad soy 3 days ago +2

    But we’re the house at Conan trying to escape the giveaway cliche much 👀👀👀.

  • YouTube User
    YouTube User 3 days ago +1

    She’s so pretty 🥰

  • ad soy
    ad soy 3 days ago

    But we’re the house at Conan trying to escape the giveaway cliche much 👀👀👀.

  • h w a s a - e n t h u s i a s t

    Her laugh is everything!

  • Joannot Fampionona
    Joannot Fampionona 3 days ago

    She's like conan's version of kimmel's guillermo.

  • Mariah Shults
    Mariah Shults 3 days ago +2

    And I will eat another edible and watch this again, thank you very much 😂

  • Lalo
    Lalo 3 days ago +86

    Conan: *"160,000 miles?*
    Me: **Nervously owning a 2009 Mazda 3 with 195,000 miles**

    • Kýn Gaming
      Kýn Gaming 6 hours ago

      Meanwhile in Australia we have it's a still in amazing condition with 400,000+ kms

    • Smoked the last of my weed So I quit
      Smoked the last of my weed So I quit Day ago

      Connan is worth 90 mil, if she would have said 40k miles he would of thought that was a lot

  • Micro Penis
    Micro Penis 3 days ago

    I love her laugh

  • Ashley Sutherland
    Ashley Sutherland 3 days ago

    I wonder if her honda has a roof chamber

  • Dean Thurman
    Dean Thurman 3 days ago

    i’m glad i’m nit infected with greed

  • S K
    S K 3 days ago

    She looks quite a bit like simmi....

  • vegas valley
    vegas valley 3 days ago

    did he buy her a nice car or not???

  • Cajjdiem
    Cajjdiem 3 days ago +2

    Depression era burger stand lol that's pretty funny actually

  • Matteo Rinaldi
    Matteo Rinaldi 3 days ago +4

    I think I'm in love with Sona ahahahahah

  • Ivan Bryan
    Ivan Bryan 3 days ago +2

    That honda is really cool. Give it a wash, some new upholstery and new rims and it'll be sweet 😂

    • Dz Brnt
      Dz Brnt 3 days ago

      Engine blows up... NEW RIMS! FIXXED!

  • TheOrisya
    TheOrisya 3 days ago +10

    Over 4 years
    Over 6 years
    Over 9 years
    I hope shes not sign the contract with blood

  • imaginationscene
    imaginationscene 4 days ago

    C: 😎 Conan O'brien here 🙂
    Pretty cool huh? Was that cool?
    S: 😄 ... No.

  • Missy Lang
    Missy Lang 4 days ago

    I literally was drinking when 2:10 happened! I had a strong will not to spit my water all over my desk! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • It’s me Juntao
    It’s me Juntao 4 days ago

    Did he actually buy her a new car or what?
    I love him

  • Song prise
    Song prise 4 days ago

    Haha I'm like Oprah he said xDD

  • Red Tiger 12
    Red Tiger 12 4 days ago +4

    They can probably sell that car for more than it’s worth simply because it appeared on Conan.

  • tyler eric
    tyler eric 4 days ago +1

    sickle cell anemia really conan

  • tranche2pain
    tranche2pain 4 days ago +1

    She types very well !

  • Andres C
    Andres C 4 days ago +1

    She’s definitely mad faded from that edible 🤣

  • strawcastle
    strawcastle 4 days ago

    I'd love to hang out with these two

  • Ryan Hatton
    Ryan Hatton 4 days ago

    Well he owes her something nice for making her sit in that she probably got aids form it

  • REDRUM : l
    REDRUM : l 4 days ago

    She has a great laugh...

  • Mohammed Alsahli
    Mohammed Alsahli 4 days ago

    Now you should buy her a house!!!!