Conan Helps His Assistant Buy A New Car - CONAN on TBS

  • Published on Jul 13, 2018
  • Conan's assistant Sona is in dire need of a new car but thankfully Conan has offered to help her #ShopAllTheCars on Autotrader.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 12 457

  • Shau Snow
    Shau Snow Day ago +1

    I love Sonya but she seems lazy af 😂

  • Dom the Bomb
    Dom the Bomb Day ago

    This fresh good video belongs in the sewer. I'm gonna get it there.

  • jujitsujew23
    jujitsujew23 Day ago +1

    conan was meant to be on a sitcom

  • gurrigarri
    gurrigarri 5 days ago

    Sona is secretly a white supremacist
    Conan: can you please not buy a white car
    Sona: whats wrong with white its better than black.
    Am i the only on who hurd this

    • KurLz
      KurLz 3 days ago

      Is this supposed to be ironic lol

  • Daily Alex Vlogs
    Daily Alex Vlogs 5 days ago

    I hope he bought her a nice car after lol

  • YTisDangerous
    YTisDangerous 5 days ago +6

    This guy makes enough money in one show to buy a car.

  • Luiz Domingues
    Luiz Domingues 6 days ago

    omg i love sona lol

  • Jay McDanieL
    Jay McDanieL 7 days ago +3

    I need a Sona im my life.

  • faraz pc
    faraz pc 7 days ago

    Give that car to me I'll fix it for ya for a little price :)

  • leah michele
    leah michele 7 days ago

    I am in love with her!!!

  • Matthew Jones
    Matthew Jones 7 days ago

    “Alright, take the last three words off, and just put ‘F*ck you.’ “

  • Hoong hon seng
    Hoong hon seng 8 days ago

    They seem cute

  • Umair Kazi
    Umair Kazi 9 days ago

    Captions at 0:23 though 😁

  • Natalie S
    Natalie S 9 days ago

    David dobrick who

  • Heed My Warning
    Heed My Warning 9 days ago +3

    the horror! Don't look in the trunk, the CSI guys are on their way.

  • N. Joel
    N. Joel 11 days ago +2

    You know, Conan could host a game show called 'This Ol 'junk' to give these out to the grand prize winners and still be able to make them a happy motorist I betcha.

  • Chel DaBlue
    Chel DaBlue 12 days ago +2

    I'm positive that car is a "Soup Kitchen". ---The Other Guys

  • veggiesaremurder
    veggiesaremurder 13 days ago

    160K miles isn't a lot to poor people. Lol

  • Screw The Net
    Screw The Net 13 days ago

    Yall think anything under 200k miles is a lot? PFFt...I refer you to Chevy Chase Vacation movies. Cares die before even hittin' 400K *smfh *

  • MBHerbig
    MBHerbig 14 days ago +1

    that jetta is awesome... 160k miles wITHOUT ANY MAINTENANCE

  • betotrono
    betotrono 14 days ago +1

    Their chemistry is great

  • Ronin Waring
    Ronin Waring 15 days ago

    my car actually has 244,563 miles on it.

  • Bananas are awesome
    Bananas are awesome 15 days ago

    this shall be how Siona dies
    RIP Sona

  • Bananas are awesome
    Bananas are awesome 15 days ago

    Sona will now hunt Conan down because he just wrecked her car.

  • Алексей Егорушкин

    Ебать, ты-жлоб ! Чтоб ты сам на такой хуете на работу ездил

  • NQ
    NQ 16 days ago

    Sona has no neck

  • bassmaster117
    bassmaster117 16 days ago

    Conan always says he has no money. Mans worth $85 million

  • kds471
    kds471 16 days ago

    Sona is great. What’s also is great is the oil drip pan under the car.

  • I SSMDad
    I SSMDad 18 days ago +6

    6:24 "I'm a famous detective. I don't think so!"
    That one had me dying.

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby 20 days ago +1

    She is smoking hot.

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson 20 days ago

    Wait,was that a queen magazine?

  • TheBattProductions
    TheBattProductions 21 day ago +3

    Solid product placement for Autotrader

  • Pellet Tellep
    Pellet Tellep 21 day ago

    10.000 dislikes?? Whaaa....

  • Martin Lagos
    Martin Lagos 22 days ago +2

    Hey Conan, you could pay her a little bit better instead of mocking her for using coupons.

  • Jd B
    Jd B 23 days ago +2

    If that car runs. Thats a pretty sweet deal.

  • ewq
    ewq 24 days ago +1

    6:54 I’m so excited cause I grew up on a stupid farm eating moron seeds

  • ehlava
    ehlava 25 days ago +3

    8:33 uncomfortable contemporary boss hug. Back in the day they would have been sleeping together and both been happier for that and we would have seen a warm hug, lol.

  • Huaben Lim
    Huaben Lim 25 days ago

    Hes sruwing her... for sure

  • QueenieofHearts
    QueenieofHearts 25 days ago

    "I bought some Arabian race horses unfortunately they all had lupus" DEAD.

  • Black
    Black 25 days ago +2

    She should’ve just accepted before he got her that lol

  • Vince
    Vince 26 days ago

    I would love that car. Needs a thorough wash and shampoo. Top off the air pressure in the tires. Change all the fluids. New spark plugs. And some minor cosmetic parts. Maybe buff it out. Good to go.

    MOPAR MAN 26 days ago +5

    4:33 there’s a car right there

  • idonthaveacoolname1
    idonthaveacoolname1 27 days ago

    I'm so broke that I will take any car that anyone gets for me.

  • tmedocianis
    tmedocianis 27 days ago

    Bed Bath and Beyond does not mail that many coupons to you! She's been raiding somebody's mailboxes.

  • Esteban Kozak
    Esteban Kozak 27 days ago +2

    He is definitely banging her, and I don't blame him!!

  • Jason Higley
    Jason Higley 27 days ago

    I thought he'd get her a nice car.

  • Mathin3D
    Mathin3D 27 days ago

    It does not matter if the horn does not work. Whatmatters is that she is horn y

  • The best me
    The best me 28 days ago

    I’m sure he’s gonna buy her a car.

  • Die Potato
    Die Potato 28 days ago

    I have 450,000 miles on my truck, it still works.

    • Victor the Kid
      Victor the Kid 27 days ago

      If it's a diesel engine, let's say, a Duramax, it's going to comfortably get to 600.000 miles, man.

  • Zach Silkey
    Zach Silkey 28 days ago

    A hummer is deisel

    ROY GUN 28 days ago

    That awkwardly false hug. 🤣

  • Andrew Marshall
    Andrew Marshall 28 days ago

    Dang , you guys got ripped

  • xn0
    xn0 29 days ago

    Damn, Conan is getting fat...look at that chub.

  • 1f
    1f 29 days ago

    What’s the point of having Armenian partner?

  • Weave snatcher
    Weave snatcher 29 days ago

    They didn’t bleep the license plate

  • Jordan Moore
    Jordan Moore 29 days ago +2

    I have a huge crush on Sona. She seems like a genuinely fun person, and cute.

  • MTDfilms
    MTDfilms 29 days ago

    According to Canadian red book (apparently like blue book) my 1998 Toyota sienna does not exist

  • Sleepy Cobra
    Sleepy Cobra Month ago

    She is very rich

  • Quivy
    Quivy Month ago

    Conan: If I knew it was this bad I would have bought you one myself

    Buys Sona a even worse car

  • Hpa Pc
    Hpa Pc Month ago

    Sona is so preety...and fun seeing her laugh 😂