Marvel Movies Scenes That Are Practically Flawless

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • While some moviegoers might argue that the perfect scene doesn't exist, quite a few Marvel movies come darn close to proving that argument wrong. Buckle up, because we're diving headfirst into the most memorable, iconic, and practically flawless scenes in the MCU.
    Iron Man is a masterpiece of a movie. Robert Downey Jr.'s performance as Tony Stark is exactly what the MCU needed to gain some momentum right out of the gate.
    While it's a great experience from one end to the other, though, there's one scene that stands out above the rest. We're talking about Stark's emergence from captivity, decked out in the towering first version of his Iron Man suit, the Mark I.
    The clunky armor is a rough start compared to the nanotech that Stark eventually creates. It gets stuck in the wall and requires a handmade spark to launch its missiles. And it's not exactly durable. But it's all he needs to blow that popsicle stand and then hightail it out of there, leaving the astonished survivors of the Ten Rings in the rearview mirror.
    The death of Yinsen adds some emotional fuel to the fire, too, as he implores Stark not to waste his life.
    The emergence of the MCU's first bona fide superhero was pulled off with a precision that simultaneously cut to the quick and had us on our feet cheering.
    Watch the video to see more Marvel movie scenes that are practically flawless!
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    Kicking things off with the Mark I | 0:17
    Taking one for the team | 1:25
    The Decimation | 2:33
    A super-duel | 3:52
    Come a little bit closer | 4:47
    Swinging into action | 5:51
    Gladiators extraordinaire | 7:14
    The first assembly | 8:23
    Thor's arrival in Wakanda | 9:31
    Rock, paper, scissors | 10:25
    Does anyone want to get out? | 11:35
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  • Looper
    Looper  14 days ago +36

    What's your all-time favorite scene in a Marvel movie?

    • Russell Mitchem
      Russell Mitchem 2 days ago

      Scarlett Johansson - Every. Scene. 😁

    • andallya
      andallya 6 days ago



    • Mystic Diamond
      Mystic Diamond 7 days ago

      Robotik I agree. The entire theater was quiet as hell leaving too. Infinity War' s Snap was this generations' Transforners Optimus Prime death

    • Mystic Diamond
      Mystic Diamond 7 days ago

      richard shelter holy shit, how did I forget that one! It IS greatness!!

    • thecplman1
      thecplman1 7 days ago +1

      @Mystic Diamond "You guys are so screwed!"-Bruce Banner.

  • Cam James
    Cam James 5 days ago

    "here's some things other people made, check it out"

  • Cam James
    Cam James 5 days ago

    *Turns on Looper video"

  • literallylex
    literallylex 5 days ago +1

    Marvel, Practically perfect in any way.

  • Joshua Berardelli
    Joshua Berardelli 6 days ago +1

    11:19 I just now realized that the line “I tried to start a revolution, but didn’t print enough Pamphlets” means that paper beat rock, going back to the Rock Paper Scissors Joke earlier 😂😂 sorry I’m slow

    • Karen Fahel
      Karen Fahel 4 days ago

      I'm even slower. It took this post for the realization to hit me. So, don't feel bad. :)

  • Rajab Alvarado
    Rajab Alvarado 6 days ago

    The best is when Tony says... "I'm am Ironman"

  • lucasbertuch
    lucasbertuch 7 days ago

    Nothing is flawless
    But this Video is bullshit

  • Mainak Mandal
    Mainak Mandal 7 days ago

    How is Avengers Assemble from Endgame not here?

  • Accipitri
    Accipitri 7 days ago

    Everybody complaining about the scene with cap lifting mjönir not being on the list... I'm just here missing Iron Man's last "I am Iron Man" ever

  • Alc Breland
    Alc Breland 7 days ago

    Thor Ragnarok, final battle, Thor basically going all "Raiden, thunder god" on the bridge is EPIC!!!
    First Avenger, the Capt. America transformation scene
    Iron Man 2, final battle, Iron Man and War Machine in the kill box vs the drones..... Loud, nasty, and just MEAN!
    The first time you see the nation of Wakanda in BLACK PANTHER (runner up scene: the "hey auntie" line by Killmonger)
    Endgame, Cap lifts Mjolnir.... Makes EVERY list!
    Endgame, the all girl line up protecting Peter Parker, SO inspiring!
    And last but NEVER least:
    Endgame final battle, the line up with the majority of every character, just before facing off against Thanos and his forces.... Makes me cry to this day!
    Bonus: Cap finally getting his girl at the end of Endgame.

  • Tinynat Chamyuna
    Tinynat Chamyuna 8 days ago

    I am groot is the best.. End of argument

  • Ahsan Haider
    Ahsan Haider 8 days ago

    We need a non looper version of this video, where they actually show us the clips instead of commentary

  • Shubham Mandal
    Shubham Mandal 8 days ago

    And then he said
    "Don't waste your life"😭😭😭😭

  • Ze Yang Lim
    Ze Yang Lim 8 days ago

    I can watch this video all day

  • Thaddeus Oggh
    Thaddeus Oggh 8 days ago

    awe jeez now i wanna watch all the mcu movies again

  • Nick Meale
    Nick Meale 8 days ago

    The speaker just rambles the whole time

  • Ryan Aegis
    Ryan Aegis 8 days ago

    The only "perfect" scene I can think of without Iron Man or Cap is Thanos' destruction of the Asgaardian refugees. Thor was the weakest performance (hard to believe his anger or pain), but in the midst of everyone else, it is still one of the most powerful scenes in the series.

  • Ryan Aegis
    Ryan Aegis 8 days ago

    Ragnarok was an abomination. It undid every bit of character development set up by the first two Thor movies, as well as meaninglessly threw away good characters. It is full of deus ex machine, forced humor, and immature idiocy. The only actual good thing in the movie is Loki.

  • Matt Kiel
    Matt Kiel 8 days ago

    I can see absolutely no thought was put into this list

  • TlalocW
    TlalocW 8 days ago

    Hulk sharing tacos with Ant-Man is the best. It shows there are no hard feelings from a Coca-Cola commercial a couple years before where Ant-Man stole Bruce's last Coke causing him to Hulk out and chase after him.

  • kshitij saxena
    kshitij saxena 9 days ago

    Hella breaking Mjolnir?

  • cdwraw
    cdwraw 9 days ago

    My all time best scene which was done flawlessly was when Cap summoned Mjölnir

  • altair auditore
    altair auditore 9 days ago

    How does I AM IRONMAN not be mentioned?

  • Janko Komodo
    Janko Komodo 9 days ago

    what a bullshit you takling abaut ; one, in IM, taking this guy thrugh the wall will just if not 'rip' from a fleash or at least make him a mush, two, every impact on his armor will make tony experience schock wave through his flesh (and the fall in metel cage - even thor was at risk), three , steave jump on dummy when everybody are safe (sucide terrorist), ... i was more for groot , four , why every one like that egocentryc fool (so as batman t- hat tells a lot of a fans - dreamers with sefl-opssest personality - i'm cap team), five, why no one just shoot him - it's a joke till this moment, six airport battle hmmm ... who's speeking .... nothing from me - EPIC, seven , thor is a joke a god of thunder ; dark thor was the thor i remember, 888 , miss romanow is the sexiest ''' avenger'''' , with her pistol she is a most dangeres of a team, nine, emptiness of space would suck whole planet, ten thor might, - who made that suit that resit blast of the star?! , 1.1 korg as social democrat with boody of stote as waikiki (or something like that) hahahahaha , twelwet winter one is to this day my best of mcu. Thats my thoughts regardin this set - what's yours...?

  • Marshall Johnson
    Marshall Johnson 9 days ago +1

    “....I’m always angry”

  • Sonny
    Sonny 9 days ago +5

    _The perfect scene doesn't exis-_

    Looper: *Tf did you just say?*

  • Nikolai Orr
    Nikolai Orr 9 days ago

    iron man 1 got bad reviews and poor box office grosses when it came out i bet if people knew what it would have lead to it wouldn't have, judging a book by it's cover much, yea i know back then we all had no clue what was going to come of the movie, but still

  • Yodesla
    Yodesla 9 days ago

    I'm always angry

  • Willsy
    Willsy 9 days ago

    Iron man vs thanos on Titan is by far my favourite scene ever

  • Jimi Aromolaran
    Jimi Aromolaran 9 days ago +4

    Crazy how the scene in Black Panther when Killmknger sat on the throne for the first time didn’t make the list

  • Mark
    Mark 9 days ago

    One of my fav scenes is Odin banishment of Thor

  • Ethan Rohr
    Ethan Rohr 9 days ago +6

    Bruh the portals scene, avengers assemble, and cap wielding Thor’s hammer should have been on here, honestly.

  • michael palmer
    michael palmer 9 days ago

    it's not Shakespeare ffs!!

  • Samus Aran
    Samus Aran 9 days ago

    This video is a joke, Korg his bug friend on the list? Really?? BS

  • E
    E 9 days ago +1

    "Before we get started, does anyone wanna get out?" What I say everytime I know I'm about to fart in the elevator.

  • Console Series Gamers

    "Well, that's my secret, Cap. I'm always angry."

  • jiiag A
    jiiag A 9 days ago

    Thor slo-mo landing with a bolt of lightning to immigrant song in ragnarok was, ultimately, a better scene than his entrance into infinity war imho, though they are pretty close in awesomeness.

  • Andrew Watson
    Andrew Watson 10 days ago

    Can't forget how Rhodes waited all those months to unleash the "fun-vee" zinger

  • MASTER 360
    MASTER 360 10 days ago

    Omg why people still explain things about avengers! All movies gone!!! What you want more?? Just shut up

  • Andreas Tropschug
    Andreas Tropschug 10 days ago

    Impressive! Haven't seen such high apm in a video for a long time !! (ads per minute)

  • Miscellaneous Mind
    Miscellaneous Mind 10 days ago +14

    TBH choosing one perfect scene in MCU is almost impossible...

  • Ishtiyaaq Jabobs
    Ishtiyaaq Jabobs 10 days ago +2

    the only one they missed out was "you have to keep both eyes open"

  • forgedude
    forgedude 10 days ago

    I sure like all of the marvel superheros but but my favorite marvel hero is Batman....oh!, wait...

  • RikkiTikkiTavi
    RikkiTikkiTavi 10 days ago +2

    Infinity War> Endgame. Happy those scenes the sheep loved weren't in this list.

    • Alec Rousseau
      Alec Rousseau 8 days ago

      i thought they were both great

    • JB
      JB 9 days ago

      Endgame was the better movie and it was because of scenes people don't bring up that much.

  • RikkiTikkiTavi
    RikkiTikkiTavi 10 days ago

    I love how you talked about the first scene but didn't actually show it

  • Matt Chew
    Matt Chew 10 days ago

    I can dig it...

  • Jerman Me
    Jerman Me 10 days ago

    I'm pissed cuz u didn't picked AVENGERS ASSEMBLE for #1 but the list is still ok

  • John Ede
    John Ede 10 days ago

    That scene in Thor the Dark World, where thor make the ultimate sacrifice and gains back his power and hammer is pretty picture perdect

  • Harper mcateer
    Harper mcateer 10 days ago

    If yondu was alive in Infinity war, he could've single handedly taken down Thanos' entire army.

  • Howard Beatman
    Howard Beatman 10 days ago

    In the Captain America scene, note that General Phillips tests Dr. Erskine's championing of Steve Rogers even as he appears to be dismissing it. And, after Steve proves his worthiness, Phillips tacitly accepts Erskine's choice even as he complains that Rogers is "still skinny".

  • BingCherry11
    BingCherry11 11 days ago

    Thanos is tough but from a totally safe distance trillions of light years away and in another dimension which Thanos could never reach ... The Watcher can easily see Thanos and even read his mind. Without even having to lift one finger the Watcher can extract the Life Force from Thanos' body and erase him from existence. Thanos would never even know what took place!!!!!! Lol!!!!! Now that ending would be super cool!!!!!!

  • James Huff
    James Huff 11 days ago

    Who writes this shit?? You are trying too hard.

  • harold reed-cobbold
    harold reed-cobbold 11 days ago

    No Thanos scene?? especially the part where he said "you couldnt live with your failure"

  • MrKai205
    MrKai205 11 days ago

    Black Panther's build up to the "Wakanda forever" line is not on here?

  • Romei1010
    Romei1010 11 days ago

    i knew these guys would mess this up "avengers assemble, no "I love you 3000" ...and my favorite ...when cap picks up the hammer!!! i mean come on son!

  • Kenny Mclemore
    Kenny Mclemore 11 days ago

    100% accurate

  • monkeymadness72
    monkeymadness72 11 days ago




  • Yvane Piper
    Yvane Piper 11 days ago

    Okay, seriously this has got to stop. Yes the Marvel films were very successful, and yes to many people they were entertaining. But come on. Flawless? No. Just stop. It's an insult to real cinema. Scenes that show depth and convey meaning, scenes that tell us something about ourselves, or depict ancient truths. Those are flawless scenes. Not this.

  • Tanmay Pandey
    Tanmay Pandey 11 days ago

    Yeah take this Scorsese and Coppola. Stop trying to act pissed of by good films nowadays just because they're overshadowing your work and people have stopped talking about your work now. Try appreciating good work

  • ollie love
    ollie love 11 days ago

    when life came back after the snap of thanos. omgg.