I Bought The First 5 Things Instagram Recommended To Me


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +10920

    HAPPY FRIDAY, LOVES!!! you guys asked for it, here is my instagram ad haul! i wanna do youtube next but that damn adpocalypse... what do you guys wanna see?

    • Hailey DiGirolamo
      Hailey DiGirolamo 5 days ago

      Love you're videos saf and the new spider man is Tom Holland ik that cause my cousin and one of my friends are both obsessed with him XD

    • Raegan Booth
      Raegan Booth 10 days ago


    • Constance Stone
      Constance Stone 17 days ago


    • Ella Brown
      Ella Brown 26 days ago

      Can you make a video where you have to make an outfit only from boutiques that don’t have big chains? I saw a similar video on Ladylike and liked it

  • Katie Oshock
    Katie Oshock 3 days ago

    Is anyone but me noticing her amazing nails

  • Lauren Lai
    Lauren Lai 5 days ago

    I watch these videos to much. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • BatLady Katie
    BatLady Katie 5 days ago

    I wonder what would happen if you tried to buy anything from instagram now. The site is overrun with Chinese scam websites that pop up and take your money. It would be interesting to see you try a high risk store and see if anything even shows up in the mail.

  • Girl .A
    Girl .A 6 days ago

    Wow,those plastic jacket is so overpriced. I have one , and its only 7 dollars

  • Julia :D
    Julia :D 7 days ago

    I got a multi use stick for contour and lips (not from this site), I planned it to use it for contour but it's waaay to warm for me. At first, I was disappointed but then I tried it on my lips and it looked beautiful on me. :D

  • Brooklyn Makai
    Brooklyn Makai 7 days ago

    When she does these she always has the same time on her phone

  • Marci LK
    Marci LK 7 days ago

    I like the jacket on you. Tyler should give us a concert.

  • Jolts Animates
    Jolts Animates 8 days ago +1

    Del Taco?
    Did they have... fre sha vac a do?

  • Hannah
    Hannah 8 days ago

    I just decided to see what ads I got on Instagram for fun. I got 1. Lysol spray 2. Kellogg’s special K (cereal I’m assuming? Never eaten it) 3. Cesar Cuisine dog food 4. Canada Dry ginger ale and 5. Sensodyne tooth paste....my god Instagram must think I am THE most bland human ever to exist

  • Sreya's sparkling world

    It’s Tom Holland. Where my Hollanders at¿

  • 호르헤
    호르헤 8 days ago

    Freesh avoc a do!!!!!

  • Bella Nashx
    Bella Nashx 9 days ago


  • DarkRubberDucky
    DarkRubberDucky 9 days ago

    Can I ask about the guy in the room at the 2 minute mark? Is he hearing all of these? That is an echoy room.

  • emani chantel
    emani chantel 10 days ago

    Where’s the curology video?

  • 방탄소년단Godess of destruction

    Tom. Holland.


    It hurts my heart that she doesnt know who tom holland is 😣😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Isabella Morin
    Isabella Morin 11 days ago

    I wanted to hear "this is safiyas new introoo soooong!" For the intro, but this video is too old 😂😂

  • Maddy Howarth
    Maddy Howarth 11 days ago

    I coulda sworn I’d already watched this (I did) but I am watching again😂

  • Chinmayee Surve
    Chinmayee Surve 11 days ago

    Do next haul with Pinterest!

  • Random Vids
    Random Vids 13 days ago

    lol her starbucks tank top is awesome

  • JennySPlover
    JennySPlover 13 days ago

    Hey hey, where that curology review at :o

  • Kayla Baker
    Kayla Baker 13 days ago +1

    Tyler is so good at singing

  • A.J Ve
    A.J Ve 14 days ago


  • The Dd Show
    The Dd Show 15 days ago

    Why don't you do a tv ads 🙂🙂🙂

  • Carly Renee
    Carly Renee 15 days ago

    I just realized we have the same birthday! Lol!

  • Aleksa Rose
    Aleksa Rose 16 days ago

    Love ur shirt!!!
    (The first one, aka, humans don’t exist shirt...)

  • Lotta Orav
    Lotta Orav 16 days ago +1

    Every time she says buy one get one free I think of theodd1sout

  • Angela Retamoza
    Angela Retamoza 17 days ago

    omg! your cup! I am envious

  • Avissa A
    Avissa A 17 days ago

    10:25 it’s Tom Holland

  • around town productions

    He looks like a Korean pop star!!!😊

  • Kelsie Ivie
    Kelsie Ivie 17 days ago +1

    I have that Snow White mug!

  • Dani
    Dani 18 days ago

    what happened to the Cureology video? i would have really enjoyed it. just wondering though :)

  • *uwu intensifies*
    *uwu intensifies* 18 days ago +2

    When the Selena reference came up I kind of just smiled to myself. Rip Selena 😇💜💜

  • Triggered Dog
    Triggered Dog 19 days ago

    I have the same "Humans arent real" shirt...I'm honored

  • Emma Lee
    Emma Lee 19 days ago

    T OM H O L L A N D TOM HOLLAND TOKRSEOJFSDLFM HASODJLLDSANDFSD S P I D E Y you should dress as spidey and tyler should be Johnny or wade or mj but like a dude

  • zoe gymnastics
    zoe gymnastics 19 days ago

    I saw my school’s ad on Instagram before. I felt sorry that they wasted their money on ME. their student.

  • Lily Ramirez
    Lily Ramirez 20 days ago

    2:25 who is that in the background

  • Jess Vlogs
    Jess Vlogs 20 days ago

    I can't sleep😴😴

  • andrea collins
    andrea collins 20 days ago

    She is my new asmr ❤️❤️

  • Eclipse Langton
    Eclipse Langton 23 days ago

    I screamed when she tried to guess who the new spiderman was.

  • Audrey Kline
    Audrey Kline 23 days ago

    omg i realized that we have the same birthday!!!! i love you 100000 times more now... THIS IS SO COOL!!!!

  • Chloe Reyna
    Chloe Reyna 24 days ago


  • Carnivine is best pokemon

    Tyler looks like someone off of Pitch Perfect I didn't even question why he was in an accapella group in college I just accepted it as fact

  • bean man
    bean man 25 days ago

    Andrew Gargled?

  • girl23456 the Harry Potter fan

    Tyler can actually sing so well!

  • Ella Brown
    Ella Brown 26 days ago

    Can you do a thrift haul please? I really like those videos and could you also ask USclip/ Instagram to pick your haul because those look really cool as well.

  • Ella Brown
    Ella Brown 26 days ago

    Can you do a wig eBay/wish haul?

  • stacy Eggert
    stacy Eggert 27 days ago

    Tyler is a good singer

  • stacy Eggert
    stacy Eggert 27 days ago

    Its tom holland

  • Eva Mudro
    Eva Mudro 27 days ago

    Tom Holland is bae!!!!

  • Julia Echols
    Julia Echols 27 days ago

    Am I the only one who genuinely thinks she looks better without make up? But of course she looks beautiful with make up too! You do you! Love these vids

  • Gouri Maitra
    Gouri Maitra Month ago

    You are so beautiful....@_@

  • Vicky 4529
    Vicky 4529 Month ago

    So it’s actually NYX saying the word cause one of my family members work there

  • Macy Thompson
    Macy Thompson Month ago

    Toby miguier
    Andrew Garfield
    Tom stoperd

  • Natalia S
    Natalia S Month ago

    tom holland

  • Makayla Gregory
    Makayla Gregory Month ago

    11:44................I see why tyler and safiya are a couple

  • ItsMaleahA
    ItsMaleahA Month ago +1

    Watching this a year later ❤️

  • Rainbow Girl
    Rainbow Girl Month ago +1

    I know this is a year later but who cares it’s a good video!!! Anyway I saw a girl wearing that jacket 🤣🧥🥼

  • Zoe Kresha
    Zoe Kresha Month ago

    I love hush lmao

  • Natalia Chiappe
    Natalia Chiappe Month ago

    Tyler sings great. At minute 11:45

  • Mary Karam
    Mary Karam Month ago

    HAHAHHA got a wish ad before this video!!

  • Christye Lynn
    Christye Lynn Month ago

    I just looked at my ads. My first 5 were a watch, Birch Box, Ipsy, my job, and my job.

  • Christye Lynn
    Christye Lynn Month ago

    My Instagram ads are usually for my job and beauty subscription boxes.

  • Catherine Manning
    Catherine Manning Month ago

    To be honest I would take the balm and remelt it with a piece of lipstick to give it some pigment. Kind of like what people do to EOS.

  • I’m_That_ Slytherin

    Your lipstick in the beginning of the video reminds me of snape hehe.

  • I'm the weirdo
    I'm the weirdo Month ago

    I got buzzfeed ad after she left

  • Racheal Segal
    Racheal Segal Month ago

    sayfia, the stick is supposed to be a hydrating stick

  • starsonfire
    starsonfire Month ago

    I wonder if something made her toss out the curology video or she's just doing a really, REALLY longterm experiment with it...

  • funsizedaree
    funsizedaree Month ago

    I love that you follow Charlie (emergency awesome) on IG!

  • Isla McAVOY
    Isla McAVOY Month ago

    tom holland......

  • Ellie Coverdell
    Ellie Coverdell Month ago

    When she was talking about the new spiderman I was just screaming “TOM HOLLAND!!!!”😂😂😂

  • Vicki Vaeth
    Vicki Vaeth Month ago

    Hi Saf!! You should try Open Sky and Rosegal.

  • Anime Guru
    Anime Guru Month ago

    Next thing u know that there will be clear shoes and shirt

  • Baleigh Thiessen
    Baleigh Thiessen Month ago

    You should most definitely do a full face of Hush products. I'm curious to see the quality!

  • Zara Hoffman
    Zara Hoffman Month ago

    LOL. Tom Holland

  • HeyIt’sMariah
    HeyIt’sMariah Month ago

    11:00 plastic smells like plastic.

  • Butterflies and Angry Skulls

    I was wondering why Tyler had such a nice voice. Being in an cappella group definitely explains it.

  • Willing Lime
    Willing Lime Month ago

    Ahh Saf! When are you gonna do the Curology video? I really want to see it!

  • Jade Coy
    Jade Coy Month ago

    Your ads are great. All of mine are for creepy Chinese games with women in cages and I hate them so much. I don’t know why Instagram thought that was something I (or anybody) would want.

  • Sugerkat Burgess
    Sugerkat Burgess Month ago

    I don't think that it's a color. :)

  • Alyssabelle Sunthonphan

    I was gonna say Tyler has a good voice

  • nikkibellalover
    nikkibellalover Month ago

    Tom Holland is the new Spiderman ❤❤❤

  • Ascentivi
    Ascentivi Month ago

    Bold of u to assume they don't advertise desktop cases lol

  • Universe
    Universe Month ago


  • Persephone goddess of serotonin deficiency

    Am I the only one who understood the Acquainted reference from The Weeknd in one of the ad's captions???

  • Lina Mincova
    Lina Mincova Month ago +2


  • tryston sowell
    tryston sowell 2 months ago +2

    Does anyone else love her shirt?!

  • Gretchen Zita
    Gretchen Zita 2 months ago

    Saf, when is that curology vid coming??

  • Josue Montes
    Josue Montes 2 months ago

    Where is that curology video

  • Laura S
    Laura S 2 months ago

    Please do Pinterest or twitter

  • Erin Greeley
    Erin Greeley 2 months ago

    saf! wheres the curology video?? im super curious!

  • Heartless Bitch
    Heartless Bitch 2 months ago

    This is my first time watching this but the marvel references just killed me.

  • miacj.x
    miacj.x 2 months ago

    when you do these videos i always feel like when you say “next time you see me i’ll have my haul” i get dead upset cos i feel like i’ll have to wait 2 weeks with you😂

  • Em Renz
    Em Renz 2 months ago

    Tom Holland 🕷️ love you saf

  • Jasmine Lopez
    Jasmine Lopez 2 months ago

    11:44 - “oh wow, Tyler can sing”
    Saf: “Tyler wants everyone to know that he was in an acapella group in college”
    Me: Ahhhh....lol

  • Macy Pearson
    Macy Pearson 2 months ago

    I just got a bunch of stuff from Hush and I think you should do a review of the app and what it has to offer

  • Megan Mart-Kirven
    Megan Mart-Kirven 2 months ago +1

    Tyler has a good singing voice make him sing more

  • Edward Cayanga
    Edward Cayanga 2 months ago

    Bidi Bidi Balm Balm

  • Alex Aliona
    Alex Aliona 2 months ago

    safiya really got lucky with tyler ksldjfldskj