I Bought The First 5 Things Instagram Recommended To Me

  • Published on May 20, 2017
  • I bought the first 5 things Instagram recommended to me! I did an ad haul with Facebook and you guys wanted to see more so I did it again with Instagram! I’ve never bought anything from Instagram so I decided to click some of the sponsored posts and buy some to see if I liked them and if they were any good! And then I did a massive Instagram haul... apparently Instagram thinks I work out regularly?
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    Mind The Gap
    Funked Out
    What’s Cookin
    Just One
    Take You Away
    Don’t Hold The Feeling
    Breath Of Fresh Air
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +11156

    HAPPY FRIDAY, LOVES!!! you guys asked for it, here is my instagram ad haul! i wanna do youtube next but that damn adpocalypse... what do you guys wanna see?

  • Spicy Apple
    Spicy Apple Day ago

    Omg i love that top 👌🏻👏😂

  • Ava Johnson
    Ava Johnson 2 days ago

    tom holland. the new spider man is tom holland

  • Megan Mart-Kirven
    Megan Mart-Kirven 4 days ago

    Tyler’s a good singer make him sing more often

  • Dragonator
    Dragonator 4 days ago +1

    no one:
    saf: so its 2:30 am and we’re stuck in the drive through at Del Taco

  • Happy Days
    Happy Days 5 days ago

    What happened to the curology vid???

  • Reese Gallinaro
    Reese Gallinaro 8 days ago

    You can put clear nail polish on the case to make it shine

  • Catherine Stone
    Catherine Stone 8 days ago

    I finally got Ad Blocker,,, cuz everything is such crap - I deactivated social media,,, You are my entertainment, with a few other UScliprs - Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :-)

  • Kenzie L
    Kenzie L 9 days ago


  • Rose Rider
    Rose Rider 10 days ago

    Tom Holand really?

  • justabluntgirl
    justabluntgirl 11 days ago

    This is the first time i hear someone pronounce NYX as one single word i always say N Y X

  • Grace Love u
    Grace Love u 13 days ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Zoe Stevenson
    Zoe Stevenson 13 days ago

    The new spider Man is Tom Holland ??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sandra Abramczuk
    Sandra Abramczuk 13 days ago

    Please do it again 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Amber Mariee
    Amber Mariee 14 days ago

    Need that "humans arent real" shirt like yesterday

  • Jayne Davis
    Jayne Davis 16 days ago

    So that’s where she got that, I’ve been wondering

  • flibbertygibbette
    flibbertygibbette 17 days ago

    The only thing I ever bought from an Instagram ad was terrible and super false advertising, so I resolved never to buy anything from Instagram again, and I don’t trust products advertised there. I’m also amazed it took so long for you to get five ads, I get ads every third post or so.

  • Sunita George
    Sunita George 18 days ago +1

    Tyler ur voice is amazing

  • Livia Berry
    Livia Berry 18 days ago

    I was just watching your video for the hundredth time: I was so concentrated that I got face soap in both my eyes... It burns😂😂

  • moped enthusiasm
    moped enthusiasm 19 days ago

    instagram only gives me anti smoking ads

  • Useless YouTube
    Useless YouTube 21 day ago

    Omg, anyone else love her shirt?!?😍🤤

  • Shimada Gaming
    Shimada Gaming 22 days ago

    Is she from Buzzfeed?

  • Gabriella Grace
    Gabriella Grace 23 days ago

    wheres the curology video? :(

  • Aubrie Ingles
    Aubrie Ingles 23 days ago +1

    I was yelling at Tue screen when she couldn't think of Tom hollands name I was like "TOM HOLLAND!!!"

  • it's blueconverseses
    it's blueconverseses 23 days ago

    Safiya your voice is sooooo satisfying btw love YOUU!!!!!

  • Cupid
    Cupid 23 days ago +3

    CeshsjTOM HOLLAND yanaiamkaka

  • Bear & Hare ASMR
    Bear & Hare ASMR 24 days ago +1

    The carbonated mask is AWESOME! I have it.

  • A Bean
    A Bean 26 days ago

    If I did this challenge, I would be buying a bunch of Romwe clothes, and other brands like Romwe, and Wag! Even tho I don’t have a dog and voodooo games

  • salahhe Sali
    salahhe Sali 26 days ago

    Holly shit you are so gorgeous, you should never use make up. Maybe fix the eyebrows, but defo no make up.

  • • 89 Years Ago •
    • 89 Years Ago • 27 days ago

    Lmao Tyler does look like future Danny 😂

  • Cinema Knight
    Cinema Knight 28 days ago

    4:24 Tacos at 2 Am? I mean, I support it, but why?

  • Jordan Noel
    Jordan Noel 28 days ago

    NEVER BUY FROM INSTA ADS! Sorry I had to go all caps on you 😅but I seriously can’t stress this enough👏🏼👏🏼 your actually just promoting illegitimate businesses by doing so and your probably getting scammed... If any of you want to learn more you should really Check out my recent video on “InstaScams” talking more about this. Let’s spread the word together!!😘

  • Queen Perrie
    Queen Perrie 29 days ago

    How is plastic itchy?

  • Tiana Smith
    Tiana Smith 29 days ago

    Tom Holland is the new spider man

  • Roxanne Lacoursière
    Roxanne Lacoursière 29 days ago

    10:24, it's actually Tom Holland...

  • Nevada Horne
    Nevada Horne Month ago

    tyler sing moe

  • Claudia Trammell
    Claudia Trammell Month ago

    You describe item you get very well. I’ve looked at many of the things and sites that you talk about.

  • Cat Girl
    Cat Girl Month ago

    Could the clear jacket (along with the clear pants) could be used in place of an umbrella during a light rain?

  • Kim Barbeau
    Kim Barbeau Month ago +2

    11:53 You and Tyler are made for each other. Lol

  • Atalanta Sawdon
    Atalanta Sawdon Month ago +1

    I would love to see a comparison of the first five things that came up on one of your social medias, compared to the first five things that come up on Tyler's, to see just how much of it is personalised and how much is what that platform is pushing at that time.

  • Allyn Brewer
    Allyn Brewer Month ago

    I love the green lip. You look really good with it😊😊

  • Makayla Groves
    Makayla Groves Month ago +1

    Spider man: Tom Holland

  • momata monteha
    momata monteha Month ago

    Play sims4

  • Zayllyn 1D
    Zayllyn 1D Month ago

    Tom Holland is the Spiderman now 😂

  • Emma Marshall
    Emma Marshall Month ago

    You opening the box with the scissors 😂😂

  • Miyiel Jillian Baculod

    the new spiderman is tom holland

  • I3esc
    I3esc Month ago

    Sell instagram follower 1k for 2$ ( dm me @ohuae_store )

  • Briana Hunt
    Briana Hunt Month ago

    In the microwave is at 1 and you're ten feet away what do you do?
    A, run
    B.walk fast
    C. Get the heck beat out of you because you you let it be

  • Zoey Desmond
    Zoey Desmond Month ago

    Facebook is old people instagram. We all know it........

  • Otakugasm
    Otakugasm Month ago

    We never got that Curology video😞

  • Amie Parham
    Amie Parham Month ago

    I need a Tyler music video.

  • Danny De Vida
    Danny De Vida Month ago +1

    I always binch watch her vids when I can't sleep

  • Erica Enstrom
    Erica Enstrom Month ago

    I love how Safiya just was acting casual at 4:23 like thats something everyone does

  • Manisha
    Manisha Month ago

    He is a good singer

  • C Curtis
    C Curtis Month ago +2

    Hey mr. Tyler great singing voice😊😎👍👍💙

  • Pippa Doge
    Pippa Doge Month ago +1

    Tyler is a really good singer

  • Hockey Dinosaur
    Hockey Dinosaur Month ago

    This is were most of the clips in the intro come from

  • Matilda Cathcart
    Matilda Cathcart Month ago

    does any notice that the jacket is the same from one of cristine's video

  • Abigail Vieira
    Abigail Vieira Month ago

    I got really nervous when she stabbed through that case film thing

  • Merxela
    Merxela Month ago

    The Balm stick in Italian means: " Oil and bone" 🥜🍖🤣

  • Peter’s palace
    Peter’s palace Month ago

    I have the jacket I don’t wear it

  • Mickel Nembhard
    Mickel Nembhard 2 months ago

    Saf's eyebrows move so much. Lol. 😂 love your videos so much. They literally make my day.

  • what will happen to the SLIME! Slime slime

    1:24 lol all I get in my Instagram ads are wish ads😂😂

    YOUR GIRL MADI M 2 months ago

    Tom Holland is the new Spiderman ...😂😂 love you sis❤️

  • Niamh Gibbons
    Niamh Gibbons 2 months ago

    I have that snow White mug 😍😍

  • kawaiiXpress
    kawaiiXpress 2 months ago +2

    TOM HOLLAND!!! ITS TOM HOLLAND!!! SAFIYA HOW COULD YOU FORGET THAT????!!!! Tom Holland is amazing!!😍😍😍😍😍

  • Goldblatt
    Goldblatt 2 months ago

    Good job on knowing the two past Spider-man😂❤️

  • Goldblatt
    Goldblatt 2 months ago

    “Tom Stoppard?” I was mad she didn’t know it was Tom Holland until I realized this was a video that was probably shot before he was that famous😂

  • Katie Kitten
    Katie Kitten 2 months ago

    I think the name she was looking for was Tom Holland 😂

  • Piper Allen
    Piper Allen 2 months ago


  • Avenger Shawarma Squad
    Avenger Shawarma Squad 2 months ago

    how could you forget tom holland's name?

  • bellarina b
    bellarina b 2 months ago

    Tom Holland and Zendaya have left the chat.

  • Rosie Miele
    Rosie Miele 2 months ago

    Omg Tyler your such a good singer wow!!

  • Bellas believers
    Bellas believers 2 months ago

    I love your shirt lol

  • sowsamsum
    sowsamsum 2 months ago +1

    ITS TOM HOLLAND!!!!!!!

  • Hardik Meckwan Blog
    Hardik Meckwan Blog 2 months ago

    Gorgeous Safiya!!

  • Abigail Thompson
    Abigail Thompson 2 months ago

    I love how no one else is mentioning his but Saf,it’s Tom Holland,and his Peter Parker is my little bean

  • Cadence
    Cadence 2 months ago

    Why are they at del taco at 2 in the morning

  • Aimee A
    Aimee A 2 months ago +1

    Your Haul videos are my favourite!

  • ArtGirl ASMR
    ArtGirl ASMR 2 months ago +4

    I CAN’T be the only one who wants to hear Tyler sing more ;)

  • Rachel E
    Rachel E 2 months ago

    Highlights: Zenon shoutout and tylers singing. Great vid

  • Eventyrpige
    Eventyrpige 3 months ago

    Instagram clearly don’t know me. It keeps advertising a monthly doggy treat box even though I don’t have a dog (nor have I ever had one) and a political party I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

  • Laughing Fox Studios
    Laughing Fox Studios 3 months ago +3


  • Cat Purrson
    Cat Purrson 3 months ago +2

    Her: who's the new one?
    Me: Tom Holland

  • Lorelei Van Tuyl
    Lorelei Van Tuyl 3 months ago

    I want to hear Tyler sing more he sounds so good

  • Katie G
    Katie G 3 months ago

    Get it Tyler 🤣

  • Jordie Hayes
    Jordie Hayes 3 months ago

    Tom Holland is the new spiderman

  • Karol
    Karol 3 months ago

    Is it me or her voice sounds a bit deeper here? Or maybe she's talking a little bit faster?

  • Zoë Thatcher
    Zoë Thatcher 3 months ago

    And now they are getting married

  • Siri Stroup
    Siri Stroup 3 months ago +1

    Tom Holland

  • Bayan’s Swag
    Bayan’s Swag 3 months ago

    who else sang with tyler💀

  • Alice Izzy
    Alice Izzy 3 months ago

    Tyler is is a pretty good singer

  • Yash Agarwal
    Yash Agarwal 3 months ago

    please try anything Indian

  • Shleb and Bex
    Shleb and Bex 3 months ago

    I think Tom,..Hollaannnddd????, is the new Spiderman

  • tired
    tired 3 months ago

    dagne dover is expensive but its worth. the neoprene bags are unique and beautiful! and slick case is gr8 too

  • Ket rin
    Ket rin 3 months ago

    Re the last product; Olio e osso means oil and bones

  • ang wise
    ang wise 3 months ago

    Lol all of my Instagram ads are wedding dresses/wedding stuff and tattoos/tattoo artists...and that’s it

  • Angie Briseno
    Angie Briseno 3 months ago +1

    *tom holland tom holland tom holland tom holland tom holland tom holland*
    i love him so much its not even funny

  • Zebras 724
    Zebras 724 3 months ago

    U went through my insta feed and If i bought all these ads I would end up with:
    •Sunbites ( crisps)
    • the post office ( it was about passport pictures so I guess I would have to get those)
    • corsodyl ( toothpaste)
    • PlayStation/ playstation games

    All random apart from the PlayStation as I follow Nintendo and google a lot about switch games

  • Alex Heywood
    Alex Heywood 3 months ago +1

    The next Spider-Man is Tom Holland!!?? How do you not know that!