Blind Girl Describes My Face to a Police Sketch Artist!

  • Published on May 30, 2018
  • I learned so much with Molly and made an amazing new friend! Who wants to see her take me shopping and style me?!
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Comments • 36 512

  • The Nickster
    The Nickster 2 days ago +1

    Couldn't he have just searched her up beforehand...?

  • Lost Soul
    Lost Soul 3 days ago

    this man is hot

  • Cliff Wessels
    Cliff Wessels 5 days ago

    molly is so much prettier than her

  • Eddie Laubach
    Eddie Laubach 5 days ago

    Y’all it’s the chin... that’s the big distinction. Everything else could be the same.

  • Lauren Ashby
    Lauren Ashby 5 days ago

    Am I the only person that thought she was kidding about being blind? She doesn’t seem blind at allll.

  • Liya Metlenko
    Liya Metlenko 6 days ago

    OHMYGOODNESS!!!YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL DONT LISEN TO PEOPLE WHO SAY UR NOSE IS A POTATO .honestly I have no words u are sooo preety and AMAZING!!!!👌👌👌🤪

  • Puffin Purple
    Puffin Purple 6 days ago

    Gabbie looks like Lois from family guy lol

  • Michael Johansen
    Michael Johansen 7 days ago

    Ehm! Her nose looks ok from the side... but not from the front! Gabby got it wrong.... strange she tyinks it looks better from the front

  • The Random gamer
    The Random gamer 7 days ago

    That looks nothing like her. Just because theres one little similarity it doesn’t make you look alike. People who say that are those types of people that say oh the baby looks just like its mom when the baby is newly born, doesn’t have hair or his faces structure hasn’t fully developed to how its gonna look

  • Shakiba Kiani
    Shakiba Kiani 7 days ago +2

    Am I the only girl who has a crush on this artist? He is cute tho:(

  • JustAylaJade
    JustAylaJade 7 days ago

    The picture looks nothing like her

  • Angelica Vaca
    Angelica Vaca 7 days ago

    Yessss! We will find you! 🤣😀

  • LectronCircuits
    LectronCircuits 7 days ago

    Amazingly good. Bonus Feature: Gabbie has an uncommonly high cuteness factor. Cheers!

  • Wild Muffin
    Wild Muffin 8 days ago

    He is Hot

  • Laura Erickson
    Laura Erickson 9 days ago

    When she had short hair she remembered she saw her like that? No lie she ain’t blind

  • Rosie Rosie
    Rosie Rosie 9 days ago

    I think the nose presents as large from every view.even if you met her for the first time front can tell she has a larger nose..not in a bad way..many people say I have a normal sized nose front on but it looks small on side too small for my face 😅 oh well what can you do.

  • Cole Kalman
    Cole Kalman 10 days ago

    Is she actually blind

  • morgan Marquedant
    morgan Marquedant 12 days ago

    do it

  • Lazy Potato
    Lazy Potato 14 days ago

    I thought her hair was wavy

  • Aphrodite
    Aphrodite 14 days ago

    Lol she said from the front, her nose looks pretty NorMaL

  • Aphrodite
    Aphrodite 14 days ago +1

    Lol is she really blind? Hmm? 🤔

  • Moona Ryynänen
    Moona Ryynänen 15 days ago

    But gappies nose is only big from the tip of her nose

  • Moona Ryynänen
    Moona Ryynänen 15 days ago

    I all ways some point in The video forget that she is blind becost she all ways looks at The people when they talk to her and she allways points the right way allmost like she sees where and what she is pointin on but i think see just knows and of course she hears where they are 😄

  • Me and other Youtubers

    I'm sorry but my pacer test voice is female... 📢🗯3.. 2.. 1.. GO!🗯

  • Chacha Bella
    Chacha Bella 17 days ago


  • Kiley Beissel
    Kiley Beissel 18 days ago +6

    The sketch artist minding his own business:

    Me: The fitness gram passer test is about to start

  • Kate Bader
    Kate Bader 18 days ago

    Molly looks so put together. I need to use my sense of vision to look more neat and cute like her! Sometimes disabled people just kill it at something you’d think they would struggle with. Def puts things into perspective for you & makes you realize where you can push yourself to grow.

  • Directioner Larry
    Directioner Larry 19 days ago

    I saw this wonderful woman on James Charles channel too and she’s so talented.

  • Abigail Grace
    Abigail Grace 20 days ago

    Wait how do you see the comments and watch her video ?

  • Kelsi-Rose McCallum
    Kelsi-Rose McCallum 21 day ago +4

    If you don’t think she is blind

  • Aidan B
    Aidan B 22 days ago

    Cute sweater

  • Dawn McNeely
    Dawn McNeely 22 days ago

    So, wait...Gabbie said she'd give us a link to Miles' (The sketch artist's) information. I can only find Molly's though! Anybody know who Miles is?

  • Maud Rusman
    Maud Rusman 23 days ago

    She clearly said full eyebrows and he drew thin ones...

  • Ilise Giersdorf
    Ilise Giersdorf 24 days ago


  • get shocked
    get shocked 25 days ago

    When people ask Molly what she sees do you think for fun she ever just says "a world on fire"

  • Lilly Seaborne
    Lilly Seaborne 26 days ago +3

    Wait gab is Lebanese wtw

  • Amsalton
    Amsalton 26 days ago

    It's surprising how dark colored and smooth moving her eyes are for a blind person.

  • Amsalton
    Amsalton 26 days ago

    When you think of a blind person they don't only see black. the way the world looks like to a blind person that's how the world would look like to a normal person who's closing their eyes.

  • Amsalton
    Amsalton 26 days ago

    Is she legally blind or fully blind???

  • Denise Schlup
    Denise Schlup 26 days ago

    Oh I'm checking out miles.

  • Jasmine Seavey
    Jasmine Seavey 29 days ago +1

    The dude’s voice sounds like...

    The fitness gram pacer test is a multi-stage...

  • Lauren Grace
    Lauren Grace Month ago

    Where did you get ur sweater!?

  • little vix Frost
    little vix Frost Month ago

    Gabbie it looks like you when you had your long hair and the red streak

  • Rod Martin
    Rod Martin Month ago

    I wouldn’t report gabby, I’d take he in because she’s gorgeous

  • tayleen panic
    tayleen panic Month ago

    “Blind girl” has a name

    Omg I’m so sorry I’m so mean it’s just that I get mad at the smallest things

  • Katt
    Katt Month ago

    Girl u got a big nose regardless. Work it you’re bomb as fuck

  • Mia Mateo
    Mia Mateo Month ago +1

    I go to a broken Keller camp bc I am blind tooooo

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee Month ago

    Your nose looks bigger from the front than as seenfrom the side, in profile.

  • Shooting star
    Shooting star Month ago

    I just saw her in a movie I think

  • Haleigh Noelle
    Haleigh Noelle Month ago +1

    Gabbie looks stunning in this video

  • Keegan Clark
    Keegan Clark Month ago

    The hair is what throws it off for me

  • To From
    To From Month ago +3

    How is she looking towards the camera every time she talks? Right at the camera!

    • Mia Donahue
      Mia Donahue Month ago

      She has light perception and there's lights behind the camera!

  • Asia Fulp
    Asia Fulp Month ago +3

    she might be lying...WHO KNOWS (no hate)

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago +1

    you have a bulbous nose, sowwy

  • Nik Tesano
    Nik Tesano Month ago

    And big nose

  • Bomb Berry
    Bomb Berry Month ago

    When blind people dream do they see it? If Cinderella’s shoe fit perfectly on her foot why did it fall off? When butterflies get nervous, are humans in there stomach?

    Idk if you can answer these questions....

  • El Ze
    El Ze Month ago

    The think I don't really understand is that since Molly is blind how does she knows what colours look like or how can she read the comments thats like the only think I don't really understand

  • abigail wolfley
    abigail wolfley Month ago +1


  • Cameron Thomas
    Cameron Thomas Month ago +1

    where are your pants from gabby!! i love distressed denim

    CHRIS_OOF OOFツ Month ago +78

    She's blind but always knows where the camera is. I'm fascinated.
    (No sarcasm btw I'm just curious on how she know where it is)

    • Pink Sparkly Batman
      Pink Sparkly Batman Month ago +16

      She has light perception and her camera has a light

    • Joanne Hite
      Joanne Hite Month ago +21

      Molly has mentioned in a video that she can see the camera because the lights are usually set up around it.